Leaving Islam

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People who leave Islam are called as apostate or Murtad and whose faith is doubtful are called Munafiq and Zandaqa from within Islam, While non-Muslims and former Muslims refer atheist Muslims as ex-Muslims. Some atheist Muslims consider themselves as Cultural Muslims


  • "...I am a Muslim woman, yes I think myself as a Muslim, whether or not I believe in Islam. I did not choose to be a Muslim but it is not within my power to make myself anything else. Each one of us whoever she is persuaded to be in her early years. Each one of us has fallen into the trap set for him in childhood and rest of his life is no more than bitter struggle either to stay in that trap or leave it. Decision to stay or go is yours alone, and life challenges every one of us no matter what we do. If you decide to stay, life will present you with challenges which will drag you out of it, and if you decide to leave it will challenge you to remain. Staying is a challenge leaving is a challenge. One's freedom lies in your decision to stay or go.