Iran-Iraq War

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Iran-Iraq War (formerly known as the Gulf War) was an armed conflict between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ba'athist Iraq lasting from September 1980 to August 1988, making it the 20th century's longest conventional war.


  • A curious military force of professional soldiers, mullahs, neighborhood militiamen and schoolboys as young as 13, linked by an intense Islamic fervor, broke the long deadlock in the Persian Gulf war by routing entrenched Iraqi troops.
  • Why should we hate the people we once loved because of a war that mars even our memories?
    • Frouzanda Mahrad, an Arabic poem by Lamia Abbas Amara (translated by Mike Maggio in: Buckley, Jorunn Jacobsen (2002). The Mandaeans: ancient texts and modern people. New York: Oxford University Press.). This poetic line alludes to how the Mandaeans, an ethnoreligious group, were divided by the Iran-Iraq War.

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