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Jigsaw is a 2017 film and the eighth film in the Saw series. Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for over 10 years.

Directed by The Spierig Brothers. Written by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg.
A New Game Begins.(taglines)


  • Were it not for a careless mistake by a resident at the hospital I was in... my cancer could've been diagnosed a lot sooner. It was simply the wrong name on an x-ray. Would've saved me a whole lot of hardship.
  • We were neighbors. Anna and me.
  • Now, if you want to achieve your freedom, you have to learn. You have to realize that you've been doing it backwards. So, I'm gonna give you an opportunity to turn it all around. Here's your key to freedom. It's all up to you. Now, the game's simple. The best ones are. You have one shotgun. You have one shell. Like I said: it's up to you.
  • We can never come from anger or from vengeance. You taught me that.

Tapes / Video

  • I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. You deny culpability, no doubt, for the circumstances in which you find yourselves. Salvation can be yours if you cleanse yourselves of the habitual lies which have brought you here. Lies that you have told yourselves, lies which have brutalized others. Confess. The truth will set you free. But any attempt to violate my rules will kill you. I want to play a game... First, an offering of blood, no matter how little, will give you a green light to escape from this room with your lives. If you can release yourself from your demons, you can shed the chains that those demons bring with them. Make the simple blood sacrifice that I've requested, or face severe consequences. The choice is yours.
  • The games have begun again. And they will not stop until the sins against the innocent are atoned for. I will take care of the next four. You take care of the rest.
  • While I am certain there is a desire to point fingers at me for the blood that has been shed, unless you turn that finger inward, I assure you, more blood will be lost, and all will be judged. We will begin with one -- one who is not only a liar, but a thief. A purse snatcher. And when you had a chance to fix the harm that you had done, you chose to do nothing. Now it is you who could die without the right medication. While unconscious, this deceiver among you, this criminal, was injected with a poison. One of the syringes in front of you holds the antidote. One is a saline solution. The other? An acid that will cause an excruciating death. Inject the correct one, and your chains will be released. Failure to make the right choice could result in death for you all. I ask you: What is a life worth to you?
  • There are no shortcuts in life. Please forgive the rather crude example I will make of your decision to not follow the rules. Pull the handle, and you will be set free.
  • In the past, you have all put your own interests above others and then lied to others and decieved the world about your callousness, your larceny, your criminality. Now, you will look in the mirror, and you will face who you really are. The choices you have made may cost you your life. You cannot escape the truth. There is, however, one person who can help you: Ryan. If he pulls the lever before you're buried alive, you will live. William. Free yourself, to free them.
  • Hello, Mitch. You've admitted to selling a boy a motorcycle. But you've not told the entire story, have you? Six hundred dollars for a bike that you listed in 'excellent condition', even though you knew the brakes were faulty. You took his six hundred bucks... and in return, you delivered him to his end. He was my nephew, and he never hurt anyone. The device you see here has a unique power source: It has the same engine that graced the bike you sold my nephew. However, I assure you the brake lever for this one works perfectly. Avoid the dangers around you. Hit the motorcycle brake handle, and the motor will stop. Live or die, Mitch. The choice is yours.
  • Hello, Gentlemen. You came looking for the game. Congratulations: you've found it. You are the final two players. You may recognize the device around your collar, Doctor Nelson. These laser cutters slice through tissue and bone like butter. The most powerful blade on the planet. You both have an opportunity to live. All you need to do is confess. It's that easy. If you admit to the reason that you deserve to die, you can escape death. I will be listening. Make your choice. The game will select one of you to begin in sixty seconds. Unless, of course, someone chooses to go first.
  • Your turn, Detective.
  • Confess.
  • Hello, Edgar. You're about to play a game. Five lives are in your hands. Follow my instructions exactly.

Logan Nelson

  • Cell phone's off for a reason, Halloran.
  • (Looks at all of the games in Elanor's studio) A hobby? That's what you call it?
  • John decided I shouldn't have to die over an honest mistake; he gave me a second chance.
  • Jigsaw put five people in his game. I put in three; you and I are the last two. I wanted to see if I was as worthy as him. As... talented.
  • Some will think it's Jigsaw. Some will suspect you. But no one will suspect me.
  • Ten years ago, I came out of the war a broken man. Jigsaw put the pieces of my life back together again.
  • Now, I speak for the lives ruined by people like you. Murderers, rapists... their victims appear on my table, because of you.
  • I speak for the dead.

Detective Halloran

  • Okay, which one of you assholes shot him in the chest?
  • We're good friends. I've put him away twice.
  • Edgar Munson's in a fucking coma, how could he have just disappeared? He's still breathing.


'Edgar Munson: I gotta choose who lives or dies! I'm not fucking dying!
Elanor: Supposedly, John Kramer had designed to built this game that takes place before the others.



Halloran: Edgar, what the fuck are you doing? You put down that remote.
Edgar Munson: I can't!
Halloran: What's that for?
Edgar Munson: The game has just getting started
Halloran: What game?
Edgar Munson: His game! His rules! I gotta choose who lives or dies! THEM OR ME!
Halloran: (Pulls out a gun) Edgar, I don't wanna shoot you, but I will! Drop the remote
Keith Hunt: I got him! Should I take it?
Halloran: No, no, no, no! Target the remote. Because if he moves the trigger and it will blow up to shit.
Edgar Munson: I'm telling you they're five!
Halloran': EDGAR!
Edgar Munson: I'm not fucking dying! (Pulls the trigger)

(Halloran and Hunt fire their guns along with the police officers when Edgar's left arm is suddenly ripped off) (Then, Halloran and Hunt walked closer to the body as Edgar Munson moaned in pain)

Halloran: Okay, which one of you assholes shot him in the chest?

(Halloran looks at Hunt, who just raised his hands and makes a face saying don't look at me)

Edgar Munson: (Wheezes) The game! It's started!

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Anna: An offering of blood? (Touches sawblade and it cuts her. The buckethead comes off after it turns green. Then, she turns to Mitch) Cut yourself! You need to cut yourself! He wants blood, and you're free!

(Mitch uses his arms on the door)

Anna: (To Ryan) You need to cut yourself! He wants blood!

(Mitch tries to place his fingers on the sawblade, but accidentally slips in front of the door and slices his arms. Mitch takes the bucket off while Ryan does the same thing with his)

Anna: (To Carly) Cut yourself! You need to cut yourself!
Carly: I CAN'T!

(Anna pushes Carly to the door as the blades slices Carly's back and she takes the bucket off her head thus resulting only 4 doors to open)

Anna: (To the unconscious man who just finally woke up) CUT YOURSELF! YOU NEED TO CUT YOURSELF! CUT YOURSELF!

(The man turns around and was sliced to the back)

Keith Hunt: Why did he ask for you?
Halloran: We were good friends. I've put him away twice.

Keith Hunt: You started a suspect list with Munson's associates.
Halloran: This is not gonna end well. Hungry?

Logan Nelson: Cellphone's off for a reason, Halloran. (Halloran took one last breath of his cigarette and he motions Logan to come here.)

(In the Morgue, Logan and Elanor examine a body with a bucket on his head

Logan Nelson: What do you think, Elanor?
Elanor: I don't know. He looks a little pale.
Logan Nelson: Let's get this thing off

(Takes the bucket off of the victim's head and his face had been distorted) (Elanor saw a Jigsaw puzzle symbol that has been torn off of the man's neck)

Elanor: Someone must be studying up on John Kramer. Copycat?
Halloran: Hope not. Jigsaw's been dead for 10 years.

Anna: (To Ryan) What's your name?
Ryan: Ryan.
Anna: What's your sin, Ryan?
Ryan: I sold bad mortgages. I sold good coke, cheated on my taxes, cheated on my wife. Both of them. So you know, nothing that bad. What's your story, Lolipop?
Anna: (Pauses) It was my husband's fault.
Ryan: Oh bullshit!

(Mitch and Ryan think Anna's going bezerk)

Anna: If he hadn't fallen asleep, he wouldn't have rolled over and suffocated our baby.

(Flashes to Anna's husband sleeping in bed and crushes the baby)

Anna: But it wasn't my fault.

Eleanor': Supposedly, John Kramer have built this game that takes place before the others. They found the plans in his lab, (blows a cigarette) I built it myself. Got them from some guy on the internet. Rumor is, not only did John built this, he built one.
Logan Nelson: (Touches one of the machines) Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, but none of John Kramer's victims died by a machine like this. The wheels don't match the design.
Eleanor: Well maybe the bodies were never found.
Logan Nelson: Well maybe they never were. Maybe someone's playing games with you. What are you doing with all this stuff? You need to get rid of it now.

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Detective Halloran: John Kramer's been dead for 10 years, Enough of this John Kramer bullshit.
Detective Hunt: (Upon finding Edgar Munsen's body in John Kramer's casket) Uh you may wanna rethink that.
Detective Halloran: Why? What's going on?
Detective Hunt: Let's just say you can call of that hunt for Edgar Munsen

Logan: What kind of firearm do you use?
Hunt: Glock 22. Most cops do. Except Halloran. He's got a 17.
Logan: (Uses tongs in an alcohol bowl and examines it) 9x19 Parabellum. That's a Glock 17.

Ryan: What's going on?
John Kramer: You're about to play a game.
Anna: No, no! What are you doing, John, what are you doing?!
John Kramer: It's a final test.
Ryan: I already passed your test -- look at my fucking leg!
John Kramer: That wasn't your test, Ryan. And that wouldn't have been necessary if you'd simply played by the rules. But you don't like rules, do you?

(Ryan moans)

John Kramer: Do you want me to show mercy? Or whoever wouldn't want to take a single step towards confessing. You know, who's not responsible for one death, but for three? You've lied with wreck less deceit. You started with high school. But it only grew worse.

(Flashback shows a teenage Ryan hanging out with his 2 best friends until Ryan falls off the car and onto the ground where his friends were killed in the car collision)

John Kramer: You've lied to the authorities multiple times, Ryan, pinning the blame solemnly on the driver. Your deceit's best friend. You know what you did to his family? Hmmm? And you've only gotten worse over the years.
Ryan: Okay, I did it. Okay, I fucking did it! I did it but, it was so long ago. I wanna live... I wanna live!
John Kramer: As do I, Ryan. As do we all. But things happen.

(Flashback shows a unknown doctor switching X-Rays on John Kramer with someone else)

John Kramer: Were it not for a careless mistake by a resident at the hospital I was in... my cancer could've been diagnosed a lot sooner. It was simply the wrong name on an x-ray. Would've saved me a whole lot of hardship. And you, Anna?
Anna: Hey! Look at me, John! Look, you know me! Please, don't do this to me!
John Kramer: We were neighbors. Anna and I. My first chemo obsession became difficult at the least. Anna and her husband, Matthew we're so kind and so supportive. I thank you for that.
Anna: Why are you doing this to me?

(Flashback shows John Kramer in his house working on some designs and saw Anna and Matthew yelling at each other)

John Kramer': Those were better days for you, won't they, Anna. But your poor husband, Matthew... I know the two of you don't just get along. But after you endure that tragedy for the death of a child... It's one of life's greatest burdens, isn't it? Only if he hadn't fallen asleep that night, and he wouldn't have rolled over and uh suffocated your baby. That is what happened, right, Anna?

(Anna paused and remembered how she saved that baby's life and spared Matthew) (Flashback shows Matthew almost suffocating the baby but it vanishes as he sleeps) (Baby keeps on wailing) (Anna covers her ears)


(John Kramer is seen in his room when he heard Anna screaming while he was working) (Baby still keeps on wailing)

Anna: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! (Grabs the pillows and finally snapped)

(Shows Anna outside of her bedroom door and quietly entered the room with the dead baby on the bed thus resulting Matthew to suffocate him)

John Kramer: I mean, it's horrible. How horrible... to have to live with such a thing.

(Flashback shows Matthew being arrested and taken to jail as Anna watches him go) (Another flashback shows Matthew going into a mental institution and to where he committed suicide by hanging himself)

John Kramer: You could've make a person go mad, didn't it?
Ryan: What are you gonna do to us?
John Kramer: (Chuckles) Me? I'm not gonna do anything. You have to simply accept responsibility. (John opens a box to see a set of razor wire blades) For who you are.

John Kramer: Did you know that pigs are highly compassionate animals? They show distress if they see any other animal, including humans, suffering.
Anna: What about you, John? Where's your compassion?
John Kramer: We all have a thumb on the scale, Anna... For good or for evil. You've been weighing in on the wrong side of the scale. Both of you.

Halloran: Oh! Logan, have mercy.
Logan: Like you just had mercy on me, when you started our game just now? Pushing my button? Saving yourself.

Logan: Why was Edgar Munsen free? Because he was your criminal informant. And years ago, you let him walk free. Edgar Munsen killed my wife.
Halloran: You don't know that. It was never proven. This won't bring your family back. John Kramer gave people a chance to win the game. A choice.
[Halloran takes a swipe and misses.]
Halloran: Fuck! You fucker...
Logan: You have a choice: scream, or don't.
[Logan begins to walk away.]
Halloran: Hey, Logan, Logan, Logan, hey... Look, I can help you, I can... I-- I can do things for you...
[Logan returns and slams the walls beside Halloran, clearly enraged.]
Logan: Can you bring my wife back?
Halloran: ...doesn't matter what I say, does it?
Logan: I created a game that appeared to be bearable to Jigsaw. (Flashback shows Edgar Munsen waking up and Logan Nelson sitting on his desk and using John Kramer's voice on a computer)
John Kramer: Hello, Edgar. You're about to play a game. Five lives are in your hands. Follow my instructions exactly.
Edgar Munsen: I gotta choose who lives or dies! Them or me! I'M NOT FUCKING DYING!

(Halloran and his team fired at Edgar Munsen but Munsen's hand was ripped off. It shows Logan Nelson holding a sniper in his hands and fires it at Edgar Munson's chest)

Logan: What kind of firearm do you use?
Hunt: Glock 22? Most cops do. Except Halloran. He's got a 17.
Logan: Nine One Nineteen Parabellum. That's a Glock 17.
Nurse: The blood under the fingernail of our first victim. It's John Kramer's blood.

(Flashback shows that Logan Nelson is the one took John Kramer's blood from the freezer and puts it under the fingernail of the first Jigsaw victim)

Logan: Some would think it's Jigsaw. Some will suspect you. But no one will suspect me.

(Flashback shows Logan Nelson invading Halloran's house and put 4 pieces of Jigsaw puzzle piece skin in his refrigerator)

Hunt: Okay, we need to bring him in, now!

(Meanwhile, Eleanor kept running through the woods when she saw a car approaching and she flags down the driver to come pick her up)

Logan: Because Eleanor will provide my alibi. Ten years ago I came out of the war a broken man. Jigsaw put the pieces of my life back together again.

(Flashback shows John Kramer and Logan Nelson working together on the finishing touches on the Reverse Bear Trap. Logan pauses and gasps for a breath)

Logan: He gave my life purpose.
John Kramer: We can never come from anger, or from vengeance. You taught me that.
Logan: But then there will be no justice.
John Kramer: Ah, but there will. Because we'll speak for the dead.
Logan: Together, we built a legacy. Now I speak for the lives ruined by people like you. Murderers. Rapists. Their victims appear on my table because of you.

(Activates the remote and the laser collars kills Halloran in the process and slices his face open)

Logan: I speak for the dead. (Slams door shut)


  • Are You Worthy?
  • A New Game Begins
  • Make America Bleed Again
  • Become Jigsaw.
  • Let His Legacy Become Yours.
  • Let the Games Begin.
  • He's Everywhere.
  • He's Everyone.
  • He's Everything.
  • The Tradition Continues.



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