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Saw X is a 2023 American horror film. Hoping for a miraculous cure, John Kramer travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure, only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer uses deranged and ingenious traps to turn the tables on the con artists.

Directed by Kevin Greutert. Written by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg.
Witness the Return of Jigsaw.(taglines)


  • I still have a lot of work that needs to be done.
  • [to Valentina] The wire saw inside of that box was invented by an Italian physician. Leonardo Gigli. It creates an extraordinarily clean-cut to the bone.
  • [from a deleted scene] When I was a kid, my uncle used to take me fishing. Each lure attracted a different kind of fish. You went fishing too, didn't you, Cecelia? Phishing with a "ph". It's the same concept: you trick your prey. You target the weak. What was the lure that you used to hook me? It was my life... My life. My desire to live another day.
  • All of you. All of you... All of you. You promised dying people -- [at the top of his lungs] DYING PEOPLE!!! -- that you could save their lives. And in doing so, you took advantage of the only thing... that they still possessed: Hope.
  • Valentina, follow my instructions if you want to live. There are more than five pounds of marrow in the human body. All you need is three ounces. There’s more than enough in your femur. Just suction it out, it’ll be transferred to that device right there and it will deactivate the saw around your neck. Don’t hesitate, because your time is prescribed.
  • What's your life really mean to you, Parker? Have you ever thought about that? Because if you find the meaning of your life... what you've found is your soul.
  • I promise you, Amanda, one way or another, it's all gonna work out according to plan.
  • [in a deleted scene] You know, I really should've seen you coming. I've played so many games, and here I got played. Played!
  • [to Gabriela who stopped John's audio tape] I'm afraid that's not going to work. You're going to have to play the game.
  • [to Gabriela giving instructions to her game] Although you all pretended to cure my cancer, I have spent years in treatment. Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation. Radiation machines are not to be trifled with. So, follow my instructions carefully, Gabriela.
  • [to Gabriela] Broken bones heal. Flesh can be grafted. This will not be easy, but then, nothing worth having, like life, ever is.
  • [to Carlos] You are a warrior, my boy. A warrior.


  • [Promotional tape] Hello there. Thank you for reaching out. A very brave thing to do... I hear that, uh, you're looking for a restart -- a cleanse. But I must ask, are you sure this is the right path for you? What you are about to experience will truly put you to the test, a test unlike any other that you've faced before. If you'd still like to proceed... Simply text 'I want to play a game' to this phone number for your first challenge. Good luck.
  • I'd like to play a game. Perhaps one that addresses those sticky fingers of yours. I've had my eyes on you. And I do not like what I see. Your job as a custodian is a noble one: sanitizing and sterilizing the hospital. Helping patients avoid sickness. But there is a sickness inside you that needs to be excised. You have the ability to not only save your soul today... but your sight. All you have to do is click the dial across the five positions and you will live to see another day. You have sixty seconds.
  • Hello, Diego. Or should I call you Doctor Cortez? I'd like to play a game. Attached to your arms are two explosive devices—pipe bombs. Think of the explosives as a sort of.. cancer; a malignancy that must be cut out for you to survive. The blades cannot cut through the galvanized cable, but they can slice through flesh and muscle, allowing you to cut the cancer away. Live or die; the choice is yours.
  • Hello, Mateo. It's time to play a game. The rules are simple: place a big enough piece of your cerebral tissue into the glass enzyme tank, and you win. If you complete your task in less than three minutes, the enzymes will dissolve the tissue, and close a circuit. This will save your life. But know this: the brain is a remarkably resilient organ. There have been accounts of people undergoing complete anatomical hemispherectomies—half their brain removed—only to have it rewire itself, so that the patient not only survives, but thrives. The only thing I have not provided is your anesthetic. But trust me, you will want to remain alert. If you fail to act, the consequences will not go well for you. Do not waste time. Live or die; the choice is yours.
  • Cecilia Pederson, Parker Sears. You've each been working a grift. Playing a role, working together. Continuing to play out your scam, never realizing that you have been the marks all night long. You were given a chance for redemption. But at every turn, you chose death instead of life. You have played your last con game, but not your last game. The two of you have worked together to destroy others. Now you'll work against... each other. Only one can survive. And the choice is yours.

Amanda Young

  • [To Valentina] You'll make it, so long as you keep your head.
  • Walk in with a gun, get treated like a criminal.

Cecilia Pederson

  • My father, Dr. Finn Pederson, was forced into hiding by corrupt governments and their relationship to Big Pharma. Why? Because my father was on the cusp of curing dozens of diseases, which means no more need for lifelong medication. Can you imagine what that implies? Well, the big drug companies certainly can.
  • [after pulling out Valentina's intestines] We have a rope.
  • [in a deleted scene] You're right about me: I'm a huge disappointment to my father. Great scientist, horrible dad. I grifted off his name. Shitting on his legacy was just a bonus, I'll admit that. I rob, and I steal, and I cheat. Money that's about to go to some government or someone's poor children, I don't care. I admit it. Why can't you admit to what you really are?
  • [in a deleted scene] I once told you we're not so different, you and I, John, and I was right. We are liars, both of us. The only difference? I'm... I'm not a psychopath. Take a look around the fucking room, John! It's a slaughterhouse in here! How can you justify this?
  • New game! It's called "We Live, You Die, Fuck You". Simple enough.
  • For a guy as smart as you are, John, you kind of overplayed your hand here, wouldn't you say?
  • You wanna know what I thought, while I watched them each die? "One less person to split the money with."
  • God. Is that really all you've got left, John? When I realized who you really were... Jig-fucking-saw! I got a bit worried. God's honest. And now, the great John Kramer is gonna die in one of his own traps. There's some wicked irony. And the crazy thing is, that you could've just walked away! Acknowledge that you got beat. Got conned. But no... you just had to come back, didn't you?


  • Parker Sears: You guys are fucking sick.
  • Mark Hoffman: Out of all the men to cheat, you pick John Kramer? I mean, I'd call that... epic bad luck.


Parker Sears: Thyroid cancer. Advanced. You?
John Kramer: Uh, brain.
Sears: Ah. You win.

John Kramer: I, uh... I help people overcome inner obstacles. Help them make positive changes in their lives.
Cecilia Pederson: Like a life coach, yeah?
John Kramer: Something like that.

Cecilia Pederson: John! What is this? We were only trying to help you.
John Kramer: That game is over. And a new game is about to begin. [approaches Valentina] Valentina…, did my blood ever make it to the lab? Or… did you just suck it out and flush it down the drain somewhere?
[Valentina whimpers]
Mateo: Mr. Kramer, Mr. Kramer!
[John turns to Mateo]
Mateo: [pleading] Please, listen to me. I beg you. I beg you, please. Please.
[John approaches Mateo]
Mateo: We have nothing to do with this. We didn’t know what was going on. [points to Cecilia] It was all her. She planned the whole thing.
John Kramer: Mateo, I don’t even know if that’s your real name.
Mateo: It is my real name.
John Kramer: [sarcastically] It is, oh? ‘Cause they have never heard of you at the hospital.
Mateo: She told me to say that I worked there. But I don’t. I’m sorry.
John Kramer: Mm-hm. [ignoring Mateo]
Mateo: Please wait. Let me explain.
Gabriela: [calling out] Mr. Kramer!
[John turns to Gabriela]
Gabriela: [sincerely] I-I meant no harm...
John Kramer: I would really like to believe you, Gabriela...
[Gabriela sobs]
John Kramer: ...You'll have a chance to prove yourself.
Gabriela: [sobbing] Por favor, por favor

[John sets up Valentina's game, revealing a wire saw inside the box]
John Kramer: The key to your freedom is inside that box.
Valentina: What the hell is that?
John Kramer: It’s a Gigli saw.
Valentina: I thought you said there was a key?
Amanda Young: He was speaking metaphorically, He does that a lot.
Valentina: [glares at Amanda] When I get out of here, I’m gonna kill both of you motherfuckers!
Amanda Young: That’s a good plan. You’re gonna wanna really listen carefully to the rules in order to pull that off.
Valentina: [lunges at Amanda] Fuck you!

[John and Amanda continue their instructions to Valentina's game]
Amanda Young: The dotted line on your leg marks the spot.
Valentina: Are you fucking crazy? What makes you think I’d fucking cut off my own leg?
John Kramer: Because if you don’t, the wire saw that’s wrapped around your neck will first cut into your skin, then your vertebral ligaments and finally, it’ll sever your spinal cord.
Valentina: [whimpering] No!
Amanda Young: The CliffsNotes version? [whispering to Valentina] It’s gonna cut your head off.

Valentina: Please... Please don't do this. Please-- Please help me! Please...
John Kramer: That's exactly what we are doing, Valentina. This is not retribution. It's a reawakening.

Cecilia Pederson: Please, John! This is not right...
John Kramer: "Not right"? A lecture in moral decency? From you?

Amanda Young: Sometimes, we get sucked into things that... are against our nature. Drugs are as vicious as they are powerful.
John Kramer: We all have free will. Gabriela had her own free will. And if you can't handle this, how will you handle the rest of our work?

John Kramer: Right now, Amanda, these people deserve to be tested.
Amanda Young: That lady doctor? Deserves nothing.
John Kramer: Everyone deserves a chance. An opportunity to redeem themselves. You should know that more than anyone.

Gabriela: Help me! Help me, help me, help me--
Amanda Young: Believe it or not? I just did. You were next.
Gabriela: He's a monster, he's gonna kill you the same way he's gonna kill all of us, please.
Amanda Young: You don't know John. If you want any more of my help, keep your mouth shut about that.

[from a deleted scene]
Cecilia Pederson: Is this madness?!
John Kramer: Perhaps. But in it, there is method.

Mateo: I don't know what the fuck all of these things are! Medical supplies, I think, and-- And there's a fucking bonecutter?
Cecilia Pederson: The craniotome...
Mateo: I don't care what the fucking thing is called, Cecilia!

Amanda Young: What if there is something her [Cecelia's] father can do to help you?
John Kramer: Amanda, you know as well as I do, people will say almost anything to save their own life.
Amanda Young: Yeah, but her father's real. We both know that.
John Kramer: Amanda, the reality is... I'm dying. I am dying. You have to face that. But our work's not gonna end. And I'm just... trusting you... to carry on.

[from a deleted scene]
John Kramer: I'm just a healer.
Cecilia Pederson: [she laughs] Right. And John Wayne Gacy was just a clown?

Cecilia Pederson: So tell me, John: You've been doing this for a very long time, haven't you? How did I stop you? Am I just that good?
John Kramer: Don't flatter yourself.

[While Cecelia puts Carlos in the trap.]
John Kramer: This is not right! It's not right...
Cecilia Pederson: Oh, really? A lecture on moral decency from you?

Amanda Young: Are you okay?
John Kramer: Not exactly as we planned it, but...

Henry Kessler: Please... John, please. Please don't kill me!
John Kramer: That's the last thing that you should be worried about. Now... I want to play a game.


  • Witness the Return of Jigsaw.
  • The Tenth Chapter Cuts Through Time.



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