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Spiral: From the Book of Saw is a 2021 film and the ninth film in the Saw series. Working in the shadow of his father, Detective Ezekiel "Zeke" Banks and his rookie partner take charge of an investigation into grisly murders that are eerily reminiscent of the city's gruesome past. Unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the killer's morbid game.

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. Written by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg.
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Ezekiel Banks

  • No backup, 'cause there's nobody on the force I can fuckin' trust!
  • Do I smell like jerk sauce and baby wipes?
  • Me no want no partner!
  • Twelve years ago, I turn in a dirty cop, I get a medal for it! Big fuckin' deal. I also got a bullet, and I got to look over my back for the rest of my career!
  • We're cops. This is the life we choose. Highest divorce rate, highest suicide rate. Highest rate of domestic violence. Yo, when you decided to become a cop, you pretty much assured yourself you were gonna die alone.
  • Dad... We live in the same building. I saw you out front the other day, you nodded at me like we were the only two black guys in the mall!
  • Baz was my friend! Fuck me? No. Fuck. You!

William Schenk / The Spiral Killer

  • Your dad's the reason for all of this. He's why I wanna do this in the first place.
  • You took a stand, Zeke, against a dirty cop, and what did it get you? A lifetime of watching your back, working alone... Getting a call from every homeless bum who turns up dead. I mean, let's be real, some of these motherfuckers are straight up evil.
  • John Kramer was right -- The Spiral: a symbol of change, evolution, progress. But why limit that to an individual when you can apply it to a whole system?
  • Let's face it, these cops, they're not gonna clean up on their own. But we take... a tongue here, a few bones there, they'll come around.
  • At the rate your old man's bleeding out, in just three minutes, those jars will be full and your dad will be dead. The only thing that can set him free is the bullet in your gun, fired at that target. That's the game. Shoot me, and you both lose. Shoot the target, and we both win. You wanna play?
  • You failed that test. Now I need you to choose who you're really with: the man who corrupted the force, or the one who's trying to save it.


  • [trailer only] Hello, Detective Banks. Do you know where your officers are?
  • [trailer only] Hello, Detective Banks. When was the last time you saw your father?
  • Hello, Detective Bozwick. I want to play a game. The Three Train is arriving in two minutes. It is up to you to decide if this will be your final stop. You have taken the witness stand many times and railroaded innocent people with your lies, putting them away in jail. Today, it is you who will be railroaded. You have one chance to live: tear from your mouth the tongue that has so often been used to lie and to deceive. Take a leap of faith, and you will live. Only your weight will rip away your lying tongue and save you. Live or die, make your choice.
  • Hello, Detective Banks. I'm here to help reform the Metro Police. To remind them of their oath to the people of this city. One officer from your station refused to be reformed. He will not be the last to play my game.
  • Hello, Detective Banks. Salvation was offered, but it was declined. I have a bone to pick with the Police Department, and if you're going to point fingers, you should start by pointing them at yourselves. Until you come clean, many more will die.
  • Hello, Detective Fitch. I want to play a game. The tide of justice is rising around you. In ninety seconds, the water will rise to the height of the copper wires, and if you are still in the tank, you will be electrocuted unless you make the sacrifice that will cleanse you. You murdered a man because he insulted you. Your finger pulled the trigger, and that cannot happen again. Survival is simple, but it comes with a sacrifice. Bite down on the device in your mouth, which will start the motor that will rip your fingers away, leaving your free to escape with your life. But if you don't act quickly, all that awaits you is this watery tomb. Live or die, make your choice.
  • Hello, Captain Garza. I want to play a game. You have covered up corruption in your Department, never sticking your neck out for the innocent. Now, the cover-up will be on you. In a few seconds, boiling hot wax will be coming out of the pipe above you. The only way to stop yourself from being suffocated is to sever your spinal cord with the blade beneath your neck, which will stop the wax. You cannot walk away, but you can survive. Live or die, make your choice.
  • Hello, Detective Banks. I want to play a game. When Peter Dunleavy murdered an innocent man, your career was shattered like glass. Can you stand on the sidelines while justice is finally served? There is a way to save him, or you can keep him locked up and throw away the key. The decision is yours.

Marcus Banks

  • Jigsaw Copycat... That could be difficult.
  • See? That right there. This ain't about you. You're always making shit about you!
  • Where the fuck were all of you, huh?! My son called for backup three times in eight minutes and none of you motherfuckers could get here?! Nobody! Nothing?! Crickets. Alright, this is what I'm gonna do: I'm gonna call Dispatch and find out who was closest available. And when I do, I'm gonna take this gun and shoot that motherfucker. We clear?
  • You wanna play games, motherfucker? Alright! I'll play.


Angie: Just because your dad is Chief Fucking Marcus Banks, that doesn't mean you get to crawl out of this shit!


Zeke: Where's Gump 2?

Angie: What the fuck is wrong with you? You're an undercover op! You don't clear it! There is no coronation! No backup! We are the homicide! We caught the drug dealers at a fucking hotel! I've got a dozen 911 calls from me! What someone got killed?
Zeke: Look, there were four people last week and we got 'em! And we couldn't gotten more if my cover wasn't blown!
Angie: Fuck your cover, Zeke! You are off on your own! As usual and with no backup!

(Angie pulls chair out of Zeke's feet)

Angie: Nothing!
Zeke: No backup?! Because there's nobody on the force I can fucking trust!
Angie: From now on, you're gonna learn to be a team player. You're getting a partner. Jeanie, send Schenk in!
Zeke: Do I look like a fucking Jamaican nanny?! Do I smell like Jerk Sauce and Baby Wipes?! No! Me no want no partner! I'm not babysitting some fucking rook!
Angie: Yes, you are! Just because your dad is Chief Fucking Marcus Banks that doesn't mean you get out of the shit!
Zeke: Stop making this about my father, okay? He's gone. You're the head of the department now.
Angie: It's been twelve years.
Zeke: Yes, twelve fucking years! Twelve years ago, I turned in a cop and I get a medal for it! Big fucking deal! But I also got a bullet and I got to look over my back for the rest of my career!
Angie: Shut up! It's too fucking hot in here to listen to this bullshit! I've got a heatwave going on and an entire city of rolling blackouts! This city is nuts! Stop!

Schenk: How do you take coffee in the morning?
Zeke: Alone.
Schenk: ...okay. Hey, man, I get it. I wouldn't wanna be stuck with some random kid, either.
Zeke: You don't wanna be my partner.
Schenk: You don't know that. Your dad's the reason for all of this. He's why I want to do this in the first place.
Zeke: And I'm not him. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Schenk: My wife and I, we’re doing this counseling. She’s got me, uh, working on, like, communication.
Zeke: Counseling? Yeah, that’s nice. Yeah, my wife fucked the counselor.

Fitch: If that spiral is what I think it is...
Zeke: Jigsaw?
Schenk: Wait, I thought the Jigsaw killer was dead.
Zeke: Yeah, but if it's another copycat...
Fitch: ...it's gonna be a shitshow.

Marcus: You pull a gun on your old man? You outta your fuckin' mind? I could've killed you!
Zeke: What are you talking about? I got the gun.
[Marcus pulls out his own revolver and cocks the hammer.]
Marcus: I could've killed you.

Schenk: You're different. You're Metro's finest. That's why I wanna team up with you on this. You find the dirty cops and I'll take care of the rest.
Zeke: You want me to help you kill cops?
Schenk: No, fuck no! Just the bad ones.



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