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Following is a collection of last words spoken by characters in all Kingdom Hearts series games.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep[edit]

  • Perhaps there is no one to blame but me for the darkness inside you. And now I've done worse. I raised my Keyblade against you and Ventus. My own heart is darkness!
    • Who: Master Eraqus
    • Notes: Fights Terra after he intervenes in Eraqus attacks Ven in the Land of Departure. After saying the words above, he is attacked by Master Xehenort and dies in Terra's arms. However, his heart still resides within Terra, so there is hope that he can come back.
  • Only now have I truly won...
    • Who: Master Xehanort
    • Notes: Terra giving in to the darkness in order to defeat Master Xehanort is what allows Xehanort to possess Terra's body, meaning that even after losing their battle he still achieved his goal.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • This is it! This- power! (laughs sinisterly) Darkness... THE TRUE DARKNESS!!
    • Who: Maleficent
    • Notes: After fighting Sora the first time, she is stabbed by Riku's Keyblade, that unlocks the darkness within people's hearts, and turns into a dragon to kill Sora. Sora slew her, and she was revealed to be controlled by the darkness of the Heartless. She came back to life in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • What is happening to me? Falling... falling... into darkness...
    • Who: Sora
    • Notes: Line is spoken when he briefly dies to release Kairi's heart using Riku's Keyblade. He is then revived from his Heartless from by the light in Kairi's heart.
  • Light! But why?
    • Who: Xehanort's Heartless
    • The character is destroyed by the light of Kingdom Hearts. However, a part of him remains in Riku.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[edit]

  • Mercy, Axel! I don't want to-
    • Who: Vexen
    • Notes: Character has been wounded by Axel, who then reveals that he is killing him for supposedly betraying Organization XIII. Axel then finishes him off.
  • No... Nooooo!! I refuse to lose to a bunch of losers! I... I'm fading?! NO...this isn't...the way I... I won't...ALLOW...
  • Are you kidding? (Sora: You're gonna be recompleted.) I didn't ask you for your garbage opinion. I lost! To a bunch of losers like you! But... could be worse. Become that geezer's heart tank? No thanks. (Sora: Then why help him?) Hmph! I was really just along for the ride. (Sora: With...?) My secret.
    • Who: Larxene
    • Notes: Character says this after being defeated by Sora and his friends. Larxene says this before fading into the darkness. The second quote comes from Kingdom Hearts III, where Larxene reappeared as a member of Master Xehanort's Organization XIII. When defeated, she says this before she fades away and becomes a complete person again as Elrena. The one she was going along with was later revealed in an interview with series director Tetsuya Nomura to be Marluxia/Laurium.
  • Drown in the heart-torn world of nothingness! I shall scatter your heart to the empty winds!
  • This... is the... heart... of a hero!
    • Who: Marluxia
    • Notes: Character says this before fighting Sora, who kills him. The first quote is his last line in the GBA version of the game, but in Re:Chain of Memories, the second quote is his last line. Marluxia is referring to Sora's ability to beat him.
  • I may perish, but all the darkness within me will billow forth and devour you!
  • Forgive me Zexion....This is a fight I should not have started
    • Who: Lexaeus
    • Note: Character loses to Riku, but before dying, unleashes the darkness within him in order to make Riku succumb to his own darkness. The second is from the altered version in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.
  • You can't do this!
    • Who: Zexion
    • Notes: The Riku Replica has been commanded to gain power from him; he walks toward Zexion, the screen fades to black and a sword slash is heard. Some suggest that he is not dead, however. In Re: Chain of Memories, Zexion has the life sucked out of him by the Rku Replica, under command of Axel.
  • Even what I'm feeling now is probably fake. (Riku:What are you feeling?) What happens when someone who's not real dies? Where will my heart go? That is, if it doesn't disappear completely... (Riku:It'll go somewhere. Probably the same place my heart will go.) Heh... How original. Oh, well.
  • I knew it. It's a replica. A soon to be empty vessel. I've been waiting for a chance like this. (Riku: Hey! What are you doing? Take the vessel!) No. The world already has you. There's someone else who needs the replica more. You know who I mean. (Riku: Naminé. You're saving her.) Good luck.
    • Who: Riku Replica
    • Note: Character lost against the real Riku. However, in the manga's "bonus ending," he had not really fought Riku and leaves with some Vexen replicas. He returns in spirit in Kingdom Hearts III and purges Dark Riku (a replica form of Riku created for Xehanort's Organization XIII) after Sora and Riku defeat the enemy, leaving the Replica vessel behind, insisting that it is meant for Naminé, before he fades out of existence alongside Dark Riku.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

    • Who: Demyx
    • Note: The character is beaten by Sora and company, he then disintegrates. His cry of despair and terror is possibly an attempt to cover up the fact that without a heart, he has no real emotion. He returns in Kingdom Hearts III as a double agent against Xehanort's Organization XIII, secretly acting with the Organization under Saix's orders to bring a replica body and Ansem the Wise back to Radiant Garden to bring back Roxas. His ultimate fate afterwards is unknown.
  • Is this the end?
    • Who: Xaldin
    • Note: The character says this after Sora and company (along with the Beast) defeat him in battle (unlike other members, he does not say anything in the after-battle cinematic). However, this has led to his revival as Dilan in Dream Drop Distance]].
  • That belongs to me!
    • Who: Ursula
    • Note: Character had been disarmed, and the trident that she had taken from King Triton fell into Prince Eric's boat. He then says "All right, then... you can have it!" and throws it through her chest, killing her. Note: Ursula dies in the original film a slightly different way, Eric uses a wrecked ship to impale her.
  • No! How could I be defeated again by a pack of filthy street rats?!
    • Who: Jafar
    • Note: After fighting Sora above Agrabah, he explodes and dies.
  • I wanted to see Roxas. He was the only one I liked. He made me feel like I had a heart. It's kind of... funny. You make me feel... the same... Kairi's in the castle dungeon. Now go.
    • Who: Axel
    • Note: The character depleted all of his life energy saving Sora from a large group of Nobodies. Roxas is Sora's Nobody, who merged with him near the beginning of the game, and whom Axel had befriended during his time in Organization XIII. However, his demise has led to his revival as Lea in Dream Drop Distance, in which he aids in saving Sora from a new Organization XIII.
  • [Sora: Why did you call me Roxas?] Heh...Wouldn't you like to know.
    • Who: Xigbar
    • Note: The character is defeated by Sora and company. He eventually returns in Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III as part of Master Xehanort's Organization XIII. He ends surviving against Sora by faking his death after he is defeated, and is later revealed to be a host body for the Foreteller Luxu.
  • How could you... Roxas.
    • Who: Luxord
    • Note: The character is beaten by Sora after he slices through his cards with his Keyblade after winning a "time battle." He is calling Sora "Roxas" because Roxas is Sora's Nobody, who was in Organization XIII.
  • Why...? Kingdom Hearts... where is my heart?
    • Who: Saïx
    • Note: The character is destroyed by Sora and company after realizing he would never have a heart.
  • Cursed... Keyblade.
  • Bested... yet again. (Sora: I know that you have a heart. What do you feel? Was it worth it?) I feel... the emptiness where my companions once stood. I took them for granted. And now, I have... nothing. My first surge of emotion in years... for as long as I can remember... and it's... loneliness. Do you see? A heart is just pain. (Sora: Pain is being human, Xemnas.) Really? It must take... incredible strength...
    • Who: Xemnas
    • Note: The character is defeated by Sora and Riku. Xemnas returns in Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III as part of Master Xehanort's Organization XIII, but is defeated by Sora, Riku and Mickey. As he begins to fade away, he laments in a moment of clarity that his search for a heart had only brought pain in the end, despite Sora trying to empathize with him.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • And He shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into the fiery pit...forever!
    • Vengenance is mine!
    • Who: Frollo
    • Note: First quote comes from Sora's story in La Cite des Cloches, as Frollo dies trying to kill Esmerelda (his death and last words mirror the events of his death in Hunchback of Notre Dame, with the addition of "Forever" at the end of his line). The second quote comes from Riku's story after Frollo summons the Wargoyle to defeat Riku, and he falls off the ledge to his death.
  • Goodbye, kiddo.
    • Who: Kevin Flynn
    • Note: Spoken during Riku's story in The Grid, as Kevin reassimilates CLU back into himself to buy Sam and Quorra time to escape.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • No! What have you done... what have you done?!
    • Who: Mother Gothel
  • Calypso...
    • Who: Davy Jones
  • What gives, Aqua?
    • Who: Ventus
  • Zettaflare!
    • Who: Donald Duck
  • No, we should all get to safety, while we still can.
    • Who: King Mickey Mouse
  • It can't be... No...
    • Who: Aqua
  • Sora, you don't believe that. I know you don't.
    • Who: Riku
  • I told you. There's a high price to pay for all of this. (Sora: And what price would that be?) I'll go back to my time, and live out my life. But Sora, you're done now. Your journey ends here. (Sora: What?) Goodbye, Sora. Your time... in this world is-
    • Who: Young Master Xehanort