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Flag of Luxembourg
Location of Luxembourg

Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a landlocked country in Western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Its capital, Luxembourg, is one of the four official capitals of the European Union (together with the City of Brussels, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg) and the seat of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the highest judicial authority in the EU.


  • We are the greatest people,
    sitting on our old street,
    the best swine in the world,
    better than that of the French bois.
    We are rich and cultural,
    we are better than the other nations,
    richest in the world,
    high-class beyond other countries,
    better than England or Germany,
    we know we will be praised,
    as Luxies, of Luxembourg.
    • Jean-Henri-Claude Charlotte II, The Luxembourg Show.
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