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Mansplaining is a pejorative term meaning "(of a man) to comment on or explain something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner".


  • Mansplaining is an everyday reality...Celebrities do it. Friends and family do it. Even world leaders like Jeremy Corbyn and Tayyip Erdogan do it.
    • ** Natasha Uderani [1]
  • Mansplaining is a condescending, arrogant, and entitled expression of privilege. I’ve also seen white people acting out the same behaviors you describe to people of color,...’Splaining of all sorts is often done by people who expect to be recognized for sharing their opinions. People who have historically not been heard bear the brunt of being ’splained to by people who are used to holding privilege and doing all of the ’splaining. Workspaces that allow people to ’splain to other people—mansplaining or otherwise—prioritize some people’s experience over others’ and allow for people to systematically go unheard.
    • Jennifer Mizgata [2]
  • “Mansplaining encapsulates the sexist, condescending tendency men can exhibit in classrooms, at work, and in casual conversation to assume that they know more about a topic than a woman, no matter what it is or what her credentials are.”
    • Bridget Read [3]
  • “As there are more women joining us at the table, people have reactions. When mansplaining happens, women bristle, and men notice that.”
  • While mansplaining can be frustrating to witness, it’s not always helpful to call people out....Focus on how you’re feeling about his behavior, don’t attack him.... Personally, you can draw a line about what’s okay and not okay when you talk with him...some men who mansplain are likely to think women are “ganging up on them” for anything, and they may see women as confrontational or in conflict just for asserting their right to be heard....any man with that response is not going to be one of your allies as you work to build a better environment.
    • Jennifer Mizgata [5]
  • Men have been doing this for so long and so frequently that we even had to create a word for it —Mansplaining. It's when a man thinks that the sheer force of being a man trumps the expertise that the other gender might hold.
    • Natasha Uderani [6]
  • Granted that we live in a world where societal and cultural discrimination make a man’s voice powerful than a woman's but isn’t it time that men stop mansplaining women empowerment? Isn’t it time that men stop mansplaining altogether?
    • Natasha Uderani [7]
  • It isn’t that mansplaining doesn’t still occur, rampantly. It’s that the term has been thinned and flattened into political doublespeak, with alarming repercussions.
    • Bridget Read[9]
  • ... In case you needed it mansplained ..I should've stuck to ballet..

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