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Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated comic science fiction film based on the characters from the TV series of the same name.

Directed by Rob Minkoff. Written by Craig Wright.

Mr. Peabody[edit]

  • [first lines; voiceover] Our story begins high over New York City in this luxurious penthouse apartment of perhaps the most unlikely genius in the world ever known. [to the viewers] Oh, sorry. You caught me doing my yoga. You were expecting a downward dog, perhaps? Heh-heh. [stands up] My name is Mr. Peabody.
  • [after Sherman breaks the arm of a mummy] That's disarming.
  • [after Sherman steps on the wrong tile, which sets off the booby trap] Oh, my.
  • [after doing a pratfall to entertain Mona Lisa] Is everyone amused? [He notices no one is amused, gets puzzled] Hmm. The data was so clear.
  • [Toga Peabody unexpectedly arrives] Nobody move! Sherman, I've got to get you out of here before you touch yourself!
  • Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, they get married too young in Ancient Egypt - or perhaps I'm just some old Giza. [Sherman and Penny stare at him blankly] Huh?
  • [after saving Sherman from a Trojan] Well, that's cutting it close.
  • [thinking in Sherman's eye with a mind] But don't tell her about the WABAC.
  • [as Past Peabody, after Toga Peabody explains how he got back from Troy] You know what they say: If, at first, you don't succeed, troy, troy again.
  • The boat of Ra sails straight today, take the wrong boat, man will pay.
  • [as Toga Peabody, to Past Peabody, who made a pun] This is no time for puns! Even good ones.
  • [after he bit Grunion's wrist, Sherman asks him what to do] RUN!!!!
  • [after Sherman made a brilliant plan on fixing the rip] Sherman... you're a genius.
  • [from the trailer, after flying out of the Sphinx's butt] It looks like we were the butt of that joke.
  • [from the trailer] You used time-travel improperly... we must rewrite history in order to save the universe!
  • [last line, to the viewers] No doubt about it: every dog should have a boy.


  • [repeated line] Ha-ha-ha... I don't get it.
  • Is the President coming over for dinner again?
  • So who's coming to dinner, Mr. Peabody?
  • [muttering under his breath, softly and sarcastic] Yeah, we're interested in what's going on, that's for sure.
  • [Showing Penny the WABAC] He calls it the WABAC.
  • [To Penny, who's being dragged into Tut's palace; valiantly] Don't worry, Penny, we'll save you! [He and Peabody are, later, thrown into the sphinx; To the guards who are sealing them in] Hey, wait! You can't just... [The Sphinx is sealed shut, and everything's pitch black] ...leave us here.
  • [To Peabody, who claims that Sherman's jealous of Tut and Penny] You think I LIKE Penny?! [Peabody: Mmm-hm.] Give me a break! It's not like I want to hold her hand or go to the park with her or... [Dreamily] Watch her while she brushes her hair... [Notices that Peabody's giving him a dumbfounded look] Or anything.
  • [Goes through the puzzle room in a quick pace; quickly] The boat of Ra sails straight today. [Sputters] Play! [Steps on the wrong tile and it falls down] Uh, I mean "pay." [Steps on the right tile] Uh-oh.
  • [after crashing the Flying Machine] That was pretty fantastic!
  • [After He and Penny are saved from falling in the Trojan Horse by Peabody; Slurred] Mr. Peabody? [Recovers] Mr. Peabody? [He and Penny go to the cliff to observe the wreck]
  • Mr. Peabody? Mr. Peabody!! [No answer] DAD!! [Still no answer; Sherman desperately breathes, then he cries] Oh, Mr. Peabody. What should I do, what should I do?
  • [Ms. Grunion is forcibly grabbing his arm to take him out of the penthouse] Ow, ow! You're hurting me!
  • The only mistake Mr. Peabody ever made... was me.
  • If being a dog means you're like Mr. Peabody, who never turns his back on you and who's always there to pick you up when you fall and loves you no matter how many times you mess up; if that's what it means to be a dog, then yeah! [Proudly] I'm a dog, too!


  • [meets Sherman at lunch] What do you got there, Sherman? Kibbles or Bits?
  • [swats Sherman's Tuna sandwich away] Fetch! [Mockingly] Go on, doggy, go get your lunch. [impatient] Go on, go get it.
  • [to Sherman, who's about to say something to her] Don't even think about it.
  • [sees the WABAC for the first time] Wow!
  • [to Peabody, who's trying to take her home from Ancient Egypt] Who died and made you Pharaoh?
  • [being dragged to Tut's palace] Mr. Peabody! Sherman! Do something!
  • [Sherman is rescuing her; happily] Sherman! [she runs toward him]
  • [after crashing the Flying Machine, she notices that Sherman's unconscious; gasps] Sherman! Sherman, are you okay?!
  • [to Miss Grunion, who's trying to take Sherman away from Peabody] No, don't, Ms. Grunion! Please! This is all my fault. I started it. [to Toga Sherman] Sorry, Sherman.
  • [to Sherman, after he proclaims that he's a dog, along with everyone else] I'm a dog, too. [Hugs Sherman passionately]
  • [as Peabody and Sherman race to the rip to fix it by traveling to the future] Come on, Sherman, I know you can do it.
  • [after Sherman and Peabody fix the rip, they still haven't returned. Almost in tears] Come on, Sherman, come on! [nothing happens, she starts weeping in her mother's arms]

The Judge[edit]

  • If a boy can adopt a dog, I see no reason why a dog cannot adopt a boy.


Robespiere: A cantaloupe? The lowest of the fruits! WHO DARES TO INSULT ME WITH THIS MELON?!

Judge: Mr. Peabody, you're a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a world-renowned explorer, an advisor to heads of state, a captain of industry. Why would you want to adopt a boy?
Mr. Peabody: Because, your honor, when I found Sherman, it reminded me of how I started out in life. And now, I am going to give him the one thing I always wanted: a home.
Judge: And you're sure you're capable of meeting all the challenges of raising a human boy?
Mr. Peabody: With all due respect, how hard could it be?
Judge: [lowers his glasses] Very well then. If a boy can adopt a dog, I see no reason why a dog cannot adopt a boy.
[The Judge bangs his gavel and an off screen person hands Baby Sherman to Peabody and hugs him]
Baby Sherman: Dada!
Mr. Peabody: No, Sherman, not "Dada". You shall call me "Mr. Peabody", or in less formal moments, simply "Peabody".
Baby Sherman: Mr. Pea-baba?
Mr. Peabody: That's right. Mr. Pea-baba. [hugs Sherman and holds him up for a photoshoot]

[as Mr. Peabody heads for Sherman's door to let him sleep.]
Sherman: I love you, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: [brief pause] I have a deep regard for you, as well, Sherman. [turns off the light and leaves the room]

[Mr. Peabody comes to check on Sherman and Penny]
Sherman: [angrily] Why didn't you tell me she was coming over here?!
Mr. Peabody: Because I didn't want you to worry. [Sherman groans with annoyance] Okay, because I didn't want to listen to your bellyaching!
Sherman: [sticks his tongue through his gritted teeth, softly and furiously] Thank you for your honesty!
Mr. Peabody: You're welcome.
Sherman: [angrily] I don't know what you think we're supposed to do in here anyway! She hates me!
Mr. Peabody: Share your interests. Tell her a witty anecdote.
Sherman: Mr. Peabody, I... hate... her.
Mr. Peabody: Sherman, every great relationship starts from a place of conflict, and evolves into something richer. [A dumbstruck Sherman stares at him blankly] Bonne chance. [closes the door, but comes back in] Make it work. [closes it, but comes back in again] But don’t tell her about the WABAC. [closes it and leaves]

Sherman: You know, Penny, Sigmund Freud says if you don't like a person, it's because they remind you of something you don't like about yourself.
Penny: [annoyed] What do you know about Sigmund Freud?
Sherman: More than you think.
Penny: [faces Sherman; sarcastically] Sure. Just like you knew all that stuff about George Washington not really cutting down a cherry tree. [stands up from a chair] Ugh! What a crock!
Sherman: [defensively] But it's true!
Penny: How do you know?
Sherman: I just know!
Penny: Did you read it in a book?
Sherman: No.
Penny: See it in a movie?
Sherman: No.
Penny: Did your brainiac dad tell you?
Sherman: No!
Penny: [advances toward Sherman, pointing a threatening finger at him] Then how do you know, Sherman? How... do... you... know?
Sherman: He told me!
Penny: Who told you?
Sherman: George Washington! [gasps, putting his hand over his mouth]
Penny: [in disbelief] George Washington?
Sherman: Yeah. [covers his mouth again]
Penny: [scoffs] Liar.
[Sherman pauses for a minute after he accidentally told Penny, as he remembers what Peabody told him.]
Mr. Peabody: [in Sherman's mind] Don't tell her about the WABAC.

Mr. Peabody: [To Sherman, who just returned from the WABAC room] I've really hit off with Penny's parents. I think we can file this night under "Unqualified Success".
Sherman: I'd hold off filing it just yet.
Mr. Peabody: What do you mean? [looks around] Where's Penny?
Sherman: [guiltily] Um... Ancient Egypt?
Mr. Peabody: [gasps in shock] You used the WABAC?! [growls in frustration]
Paul Peterson: What's happening, big guy? We're a little low.
Mr. Peabody: [continues growling in frustration, then turns to the Petersons] I'll be right there, Paul. [to Sherman; softly and angry] How could you do such a thing?!
Sherman: She called me a liar for saying George Washington never cut down a cherry tree!
Mr. Peabody: So you took her to see George Washington?!
Sherman: Yeah... She was into it.

Sherman: No, I'm not.

[King Tut announces his engagement with Penny.]
Sherman: What?! You can't marry this guy!
Penny: Why not?
Sherman: Well, for 1 - his name rhymes with butt!
Penny: I don't care. I going to have a big fat Egyptian wedding!
Mr. Peabody: Spoiler alert - King Tut dies young. Are you sure you've thought this through?
Penny: Oh, trust me, I've thought it through. I'm getting everything.

[Ay, the Grand Vizier, arrives.]
Sherman: Who is he?
Mr. Peabody: He is Ay.
Sherman: He is you?
Ay: I am Ay, the Grand Vizier.
Mr. Peabody: Yeah, that's his name.
Sherman: Oh.

[Mr. Peabody and Sherman are sealed up in a dark tomb.]
Sherman: Mr. Peabody?
Mr. Peabody: Yes, Sherman?
Sherman: Can I hold your hand?
Mr. Peabody: Of course, you can.
Sherman: [brief pause] Boy, your hand's cold, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: Sherman?
Sherman: Yeah?
Mr. Peabody: [ignites a torch] That's not my hand.
Sherman: [notices that he's holding a mummified hand] Ahhh! [Jerks away the hand and the arm dislocates and falls to the ground] Ahhhhhh! [jumps into Peabody's empty arm]
Mr. Peabody: That's disarming.

[Peabody and Sherman are escaping the tomb, but they ran into a puzzle room.]
Mr. Peabody: Ah, ah, ah! Careful, Sherman. It's a booby trap. [Sherman laughs] What's so funny?
Sherman: You said "booby"! [Continues laughing, but suddenly stops as he notices Peabody's glare]
Mr. Peabody: One wrong step and we're done for.

[Mr. Peabody and Sherman are inside the mouth of the statue of Anubis, impersonating him to call off the wedding.]
Ay: But Anubis, the sun god Ra has decreed that this girl is to be the boy king's wife!
Mr. Peabody [as Anubis]: That's so funny. I was talking to the sun god Ra just the other day, and he told me he'd changed his mind. "Old Flip-Flop Ra", we call him here in the Underworld.
Ay: Really? But it's too late! We've already paid for the catering!
Mr. Peabody: [as he spits alchohol through a flame, spewing fire out of the statue's mouth] Too bad, you're going to lose your deposit!

Leonardo Da Vinci: [trying to get Mona Lisa to smile] Think of all the beautiful things Italy has. The Sistine Chapel, Florence, Venice, the countryside...
Mona Lisa: [angrily stands up from her chair] All these things I have not seen, because you keep me here all day seated on my abbondanza!
Sherman: [shocked; to Mr. Peabody] I don't think that means "chair" in Italian.

Sherman: [he and Penny discover Da Vinci's Workshop] It's like a museum.
Penny: It's like a toy store!
[They smile at each other.]

[Sherman explains how Da Vinci's flying machine works.]
Penny: But how do you get it to go?
Sherman: Huh?
Penny: How do you take off?
Sherman: Oh, you just pull down that lever. [points at a lever]
Penny: [takes a hold of the lever, mischievously] This one?
Sherman: [regretful] Oh, boy. [Penny launches the machine with him and herself on board] Aah!

Mr. Peabody: [to Leonardo; about Sherman] Why can't children be simple?
Leonardo: Children are not machines, Peabody. I tried to build one... It was creepy. [sputters at the thought]

Da Vinci: [spots his flying machine] Hey, look-a, Peabody! It's my flying machi–! My flying machine?!
Mr. Peabody: [notices that Sherman and Penny are on board] Sherman, Sherman!? Sherman, what are you doing up there?!
Sherman: [excitedly] I'm flying!
Mr. Peabody: But Sherman, you don't know how to fly!
Sherman: [confused] I don't?
Mr. Peabody: No!

Sherman: Sorry I broke the plane, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: [angrily] Well, you should be! You could've been killed!
Penny: [outraged] What are you talking about?! Sherman flew a plane. [happily] He was amazing!
Mr. Peabody: Sherman destroyed a priceless historical artifact.
Penny: Whatever. You should be happy. Turns out that Sherman's not a complete and total loser after all.
Sherman: Yeah, Mr. Peabody! Turns out I'm not a complete and total loser after all. [stands up proudly]
Mr. Peabody: [gives a firm look at Sherman, who shrinks back into his seat; to Penny] Miss Peterson, stop turning my son into a hooligan!
Penny: It's not my fault he's a hooligan.
Sherman: Yeah, it's not her fault I'm a hooligan.
Mr. Peabody: [raising his voice] Well, its certainly not my fault! I've spent the last 7 years teaching Sherman good judgment!
Penny: If you're such a great parent, why is Miss Grunion trying to take Sherman away from you?
[Mr. Peabody shrinks back and looks down sadly as Sherman goes into a deep shock.]
Sherman: [gets up from his chair] Is that true? Is somebody gonna take me away from you?
Mr. Peabody: [regains composure] No, Sherman. I'll never let that happen. You just need to trust me. Oh dear. A blackhole.

[Peabody, Penny and an angry Sherman are trying to evade a black hole in the WABAC.]
Sherman: Why didn't you tell me?!
Mr. Peabody: [concentrating on the controls] Tell you what?!
Sherman: [stands up] Why didn't you tell me Miss Grunion was trying to take me away from you?!
Mr. Peabody: It's not your job to worry about these things!
Sherman: [angrily] You just didn't think I could handle it!
Mr. Peabody: You'll discuss it later. Now, sit down.
Sherman: [angrily grabs Peabody to make eye contact with him] I DON'T WANNA DISCUSS IT LATER!
Mr. Peabody: [firmly] Sherman, sit.
Sherman: [muttering, sits back in his seat and turns away] You can't talk to me like that. I'm not a dog.
Mr. Peabody: [shocked] What did you say?
Sherman: [finally loses his temper] I SAID I'M NOT A DOG!!
Mr. Peabody: [hurt] You're right, Sherman! You're not! [angrily] You're just a very bad boy!

[Odysseus arrives at the the hatch.]
Agamemnon: Odysseus, what news do you bring?
Odysseus: [holds a mini figure of the Trojan Horse] Someone left this for us!
Agamemnon: A present. Nice! It looks just like our horse.
Odysseus: [pause] Should I bring it inside?
Agamemnon: [thinks about it for a second] It'd be rude not to.
[Odysseus brings the horse inside and Peabody pops out of it.]
Greek Soldiers: Ahhh!
Agamemnon: [laughs] I did not see that coming!
Penny: [pops out of the horse and sniffs] Ugh! Jeez-Louise! What is that smell?
Agamemnon: [Sniffs his armpit] That is the smell of victory! [Greeks cheer]
Mr. Peabody: [he and Penny hop out of the horse] Greetings men of Sparta, Athens and Thebes, Peabody here. I've come for Sherman.
Agamemnon: [to Sherman] You know this guy?
Sherman: [Unhappily] I thought I did, but now, I'm not so sure.
Agamemnon: Then he must be a spy. [to his men] KILL HIM!
[The Greeks draw their swords.]
Sherman: [stops the Greeks] No, no! He's... [embarrassed] my dad.
Greek: [confused] Your dad?
Penny: It's an adoptive relationship (but the opposite).
Agamemnon: Awww!

Mr. Peabody: Thank you for taking care of my son, Agamemnon, but it is time for him to come home.
Sherman: Sorry, Mr. Peabody. I've joined the Greek Army.
Agamemnon: [lifts Sherman up to his shoulder] Shermanus is one of us, now. He's a brother.
Shermanus: I'm his brother.
Mr. Peabody: [protesting] He is my son.
Agamemnon: He took an oath!
Shermanus: I took an oath.
Mr. Peabody: He's 7!
Agamemnon: [Sherman whispers into his ear] And a half!

[Agamemnon and his men are preparing to ambush the Trojans; Sherman tries to join up with him, but Peabody and Penny get in his way.]
Agamemnon: Zeus on 3! 1...
Mr. Peabody: [desperately] Sherman, I absolutely forbid you to fight in the Trojan War!
Sherman/Shermanus: [defiantly] It's not fair! [walks beside them] All my friends are fighting in the Trojan War.
Agamemnon: 2...
Mr. Peabody: Sherman, it's dangerous!
Sherman/Shermanus: I'm wearing a helmet!
Agamemnon: 3...!
Mr. Peabody: You're not going!
Shermanus: Oh, yes, I am!
Agamemnon: Zeus! [he, Sherman, and the Greeks begin to ambush the Trojans]

Grunion: I don't know what just happened, but I know it was wrong! This boy is coming with me! [grabs Sherman by his arm]
Sherman: Mr. Peabody!
Mr. Peabody: No, Ms. Grunion!
Sherman: Ow! Let me go! [brakes free from Grunion's grasp]
Grunion: Get back here!
[Sherman reaches for his father, but Grunion grabs his arm again]
Sherman: Ow! Ow! You're hurting me!
[The camera zooms in on Peabody's eyes as he growls angrily. The camera shares his point of view as he races toward Grunion]
Grunion: Huh? Aah!
[The camera flashes white then fades as Grunion, Penny, and her parents gasp at something. Grunion's wrist has teeth marks]
Grunion: He bit me! [Peabody looks wide-eyed] He bit me! [pulls out her phone and starts calling] Yes, hello, police. I'd like to report an assault. A bite!
Sherman: Mr. Peabody, what are we gonna do?
Grunion: Yes, that's right. Get here as soon as possible!
Mr. Peabody: [thinks] RUN!!!!

[Peabody, Sherman, and Penny are fleeing to the WABAC after Peabody bit Miss Grunion.]
Sherman: I can't believe you bit her, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: I know, Sherman. It was wrong.
Sherman: Wrong? It was awesome!

Da Vinci: [falls into the WABAC windshield] Hey-a, Peabody! [falls off]
Sherman: [shocked] Looks like the past is coming to us!
Robespierre: [falls into the windshield] I will get you, dog, and your little boy too! [falls off]
King Tut: [falls into the windshield] Penny, my bride! [A jealous Sherman uses windshield wipers to chuck him off] Ahhh!
[Peabody glares at Sherman, as Penny looks at Sherman, lovingly]
Sherman: [notices Peabody's glare] What?

Agamemnon: [falls from the hole into a cop car with Grunion and the Petersons in it; spots Grunion] What sort of creature are you?!
Miss Grunion: The name's Grunion! [The car takes off]
Agamemnon: I'm in love!

[The Cops surround the WABAC and the historical figures, including Robespierre and Agamemnon.]
Cop: [to Robespierre] Drop the saber and step away from the futuristic orb!
Robespierre: [defiantly] I take orders from no man! Liberte! Fraternite! Egalite! [Cop tases him] Ooh-la-la! [collapses]
Agamemnon: [chuckles nervously] Don't tase me, bro. [he and other historical figures back away]

[George Washington arrives to assist Mr. Peabody, who's about to be taken to the pound.]
George Washington: [clears his throat] We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men, and some dogs, are created equal. I hereby award Mr. Peabody a Presidential pardon.
Abraham Lincoln: [Suddenly appears] Me, too!
Bill Clinton: [Suddenly appears] I've done worse.

[As Sherman heads for school]
Mr. Peabody: Sherman, wait!
Sherman: Yes, Mr. Peabody?
Mr. Peabody: I... I love you, Sherman. (And I'm sorry I called you a bad boy.)
Sherman: [smiles] I have a deep regard for you, as well, Mr. Peabody.
[He and his father hug as his tail wags]



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