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Proverbs from all Neapolitan speaking parts of the world.


  • Chi la dura la vence.
    • English equivalent: God is with those who persevere; Persevere and never fear.
    • Strauss, Emanuel (1994). "130". Dictionary of European Proverbs. I. Routledge. p. 126. ISBN 978-1-134-86460-7. 


  • Meglio sulo ca male accompagnato.
    • Translation: It is better to be alone than to be in bad company.
    • English equivalent: Better be alone than in bad company.
    • Source for proverb: Strauss, Emanuel (1994). Dictionary of European proverbs (Volume 2 ed.). Routledge. p. 572. ISBN 0415096243. 


  • n' Casa de mpiso non nommenare chiappe.
    • English equivalent: In the house of the hanged man, mention not the rope.
    • von Reinsberg-Düringsfeld, Ida; von Reinsberg-Düringsfeld, Otto (1875). "405, Strick" (in German). Sprichwörter der germanischen und romanischen Sprachen. II. p. 225. 


  • Se s abbruscia la casa de lo vecino curre, co si l acqua a la casa toja.
    • ̽English equivalentː When thy neighbour s house doth burn (is on fire) be careful (beware) of thine own.
    • von Düringsfeld, Ida; von Reinsberg-Düringsfeld, Otto (1875). "Nachbarn, 127" (in German). Sprichwörter der germanishcen und romanischen Sprachen Vergleichend. p. 73. 

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