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Psycho III is a 1986 film, the second sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho. A failed nun and a sleazy musician run into the old desert motel run by Norman Bates, who is still dominated by his mother.

Directed by Anthony Perkins. Written by Charles Edward Pogue.
Norman Bates is back to normal. But Mother's off her rocker again! Taglines

Norman Bates

  • Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!
  • The past is never really the past. It stays with me all the time.
  • She can't help it. She can't help the things she does. She's just an old lady. A sick old lady.
  • You! You made me do this, your tainted blood in me! [A cartoon laughs from the TV] Don't laugh at me, mother! Don't laugh at me!

Duane Duke

  • [repeated line] Watch the guitar.
  • Stupid bitch! You could have been comin' instead of goin'!

Sheriff John Hurt

  • Norman! What the hell's the matter with you?
  • I've had enough of this Nancy Drew horseshit from you.


  • Nun: Wasn't you own sin red enough? You'll burn in hell for this! You'll burn in hell!
  • Mother: Why can't you leave my poor son, my poor Norman alone?
  • Tracy Venable: She was crazy, Norman, but she wasn't your mother... Neither are you!


Mother: Put me closer to the window.
Norman Bates: Someone will see you, mother.
Mother: Are you ashamed of me?
Norman Bates: You know why, mother. They've even written about you in the newspapers.
Mother: Stop your whining, boy. All this fuss over nothing.
Norman Bates: Not nothing. I-I saw her. Even the initials on her suitcase, "M.C." Marion Crane.
Mother: Another of your cheap erotic illusions, out of your cheap erotic imagination. You killed her. The slut deserved it. But she's dead, and the dead don't come back.
Norman Bates: Y-Y-You came back.
Mother: I never went away, don't you know that by now? You can't get rid of me. I'll always be with you, Norman. Always. Stand up straight and wipe your snotty little nose. If the disgusting little whore is going to upset you so much, just get rid of her.
Norman Bates: No!
Mother: Then maybe I will.

Red: Mmm.. Oh, God, don't tell me you're one of those guys who farts, rolls over, and then goes to sleep.
Duane Duke: I picked you up in a bar, after one lousy drink! Whaddya want, to get married?
Red: You shit-heel! [slaps him]
Duane Duke: Look! I gotta get up for work soon, so why you don't just go home, huh?
Red: How? You brought me out here.
Duane Duke: Here's cab fare. Phone book's on the table.
Red: Jesus, you make it all sound so cheap.
Duane Duke: It is! But it beats a good vibrator.
Red: Yeah? Well, at least a vibrator get me off! [gives Duke the finger]
Duane Duke: [grabs Red] Use the payphone, bitch!

Mother: You dirty, dirty boy.
Norman Bates: But I... I didn't do anything, mother... I didn't do anything, mother. She a nice girl.
Mother: She's a whore.
Norman Bates: But we didn't do anything.
Mother: You let her come between us.
Norman Bates: But this... It isn't right. It isn't natural.
Mother: It's perfectly natural for a son to love his mother.
Norman Bates: God, will you leave me alone, mother? Will you leave me alone?!

Duane Duke: Doesn't scan, does it, Norman? But... a lot of shit here doesn't.
Norman Bates: What are you doing with my mother?
Duane Duke: Don't you mean mummy? You did a nice job on her, Norman. Fresh as the day she was croaked.

Norman Bates: I just want my mother back.
Duane Duke: Take her. But you know what I want in return, and you know what i'll do if I don't get it.
Norman Bates: I know what you'll do...

Mother: Get that whore out of my house! Throw her down in the muck and filth where she belongs!
Norman Bates: I'll get you for this, mother. I'll get you for this.
Mother: You haven't got the guts, boy!

Maureen Coyle: You must think I've gone mad.
Norman Bates: Oh, no... no. We all go a little mad sometimes.

Norman: You were down there, weren't you mother? Weren't you? I'm glad she didn't die! I'm glad!
Mother: She will.

Mother: It's lies. It's all lies. Norman, she's a lying whore.
Tracy Venable: Norman! Norman, where are you?
Mother: She's a slut!
Tracy Venable: Norman!
Mother: Don't let her talk about me like that!
Tracy Venable: Norman! Please, Norman, please listen to me! Norman, Mrs. Bates, whoever your are, damn it, doesn't it make any difference in that demented brain of yours?
Mother: Kill her, boy! Get her! Just like the others! Get her!
Tracy Venable: Oh! No! Don't! No! Please! Norman, no!
Mother: [Norman stabs mother] Norman! Can't you do anything right? How dare you treat your mother in such... a... way... Norman...
Norman Bates: So I don't have the guts, huh?

Sheriff John Hurt: Jesus, Norman. I wanted to believe it wasn't you. This time, they'll lock you up forever!
Norman Bates: But I'll be free. I'll finally be free.


  • Unlock the terror. Unlock the fear. And enter into the all new nightmare of...
  • Norman Bates is back to normal. But Mother's off her rocker again!
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the shower!
  • Norman Bates is back home with Mother again!
  • The most shocking of them all.

Main cast

Actor Role
Anthony Perkins Norman Bates
Diana Scarwid Maureen Coyle
Jeff Fahey Duane Duke
Roberta Maxwell Tracy Venable
Hugh Gillin Sheriff John Hurt
Robert Alan Browne Ralph Starler
Lee Garlington Mryna Garlington
Janet Leigh Marion Crane (flashback)
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Emma Spool (flashback)

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