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Psycho II is a 1983 film, the long awaited sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho. After 22 years in an insane asylum, Norman Bates returns home and plans to renovate and reopen the old desert motel for business.

Directed by Richard Franklin. Written by Tom Holland.
It's 22 years later, and Norman Bates is coming home. Taglines
  • I don't kill people anymore.
  • Just don't let them take me back to the institution.


  • Warren Toomey: At least, my customers have a good time! What do yours get, Bates, huh? Dead, that's what they got! Dead, murdered by you, you loony!
  • Sheriff John Hurt: If you'd seen Mary Loomis at the end, you'd understand. She'd gone mad, even dressed up like Norman's mother. And right up until the end, she was saying Norman was the one who's crazy!


Lila Loomis: Are you satisfied, Doctor? Turning a murderer loose on an innocent public!
Dr. Bill Raymond: Mrs. Loomis, Norman was not convicted of murder, he was found not guilty by reasons of insanity. And since he is no longer insane, he has the right to live a normal life like you and I.
Lila Loomis: That is legal hocus pocus! And when he murders again, you will be directly responsible!

Norman Bates: Uh, I saw someone!
Dr. Bill Raymond: Where?
Norman Bates: Up there! In that window!
Dr. Bill Raymond: I haven't had a tenant in the house for years.
Norman Bates: I guess I'm just nervous!
Dr. Bill Raymond: Well, that's understandable under the circumstances.
Norman Bates: Yeah.

Mary Loomis: Can I use your phone again?
Norman Bates: Sure. Who you're gonna call?
Mary Loomis: Uh, I just remembered of a girl friend I have in town, well, she's sort of a girl friend, but maybe she'll let me spend the night at her place.
Norman Bates: I thought you were going to stay here. You're more than welcome stay, there's a free room upstairs.
Mary Loomis: I don't think that's a good idea.
Norman Bates: Why?
Mary Loomis: Look, I don't wanna hurt your feelings or anything, but Myrna talked about you on the diner today. Mrs. Spool told her to shut up but she didn't. She said you've been locked up.
Norman Bates: [upset] Did she tell you why? [Mary nods no] Well, I'll tell you. When I was little, I had a fight with my mother, so I put some poison in her tea, you know. But I'm all right now.
Mary Loomis: You sure?
Norman Bates: Sure! Otherwise, they wouldn't give me a job on a diner, would they?
Mary Loomis: I don't know, it takes a nut to work there.

Mary Loomis: Do you have any idea what it's like trying to sleep with a couple making love five feet away from you?
Norman Bates: Noisy?

[Mary fishes out a blood-soaked towel from the toilet that overflows with blood]
Mary Loomis: Jesus! How'd that get in there!
Norman Bates: After I killed that kid, I used that towel to clean up the mess, and then I stuffed it down there.
Mary Loomis: Norman, you couldn't have killed that kid. You were locked in the attic.
Norman Bates: It wasn't locked! You said so yourself.
Mary Loomis: Norman, stop talking nonsense! I'm telling you, you did not kill anyone.
Norman Bates: Then how do you explain all this blood?
[Mary does not reply]
Norman Bates: [shouts] Well?!
Mary Loomis: I can't. I mean... I don't know.

Mary Loomis: You could stop stuffing bloody towels in toilets and peering through peep-holes in the wall.
Lila Loomis: What are you talking about?
Mary Loomis: The things you're doing to Norman.

Norman Bates: Mary, I'm becoming confused again, aren't I?
Mary Loomis: Of course not.
Norman Bates: [holding the knife] Don't lie to me! Not you!
Mary Loomis: Yes, Norman... you are becoming confused again.

Norman Bates: Where did you get that gun?
Mary Loomis: Uh... my mother gave it to me.

Mary Loomis: Norman, what's wrong?
Norman Bates: It's starting again.

Mary Loomis: I think there's someone else in the house.
Lila Loomis: Don't be stupid. It's just Bates up to his old tricks again.

Mary Loomis: Then who did it?
Norman Bates: My mother did, she told me herself.
Mary Loomis: Oh, Norman... You're mad, don't you know that? You're mad as a hatter. [the telephone rings]
Norman Bates: Should I answer it?
Mary Loomis: Why bother? It's only my mother. She shouldn't be calling, she should be sitting back and gloating.
Norman Bates: I better answer it.

Norman Bates: Would you care to share my toasted cheese sandwich?
Mrs. Emma Spool: No, thank you. You were expecting me.
Norman Bates: I was expecting someone. I just wasn't sure who.

Mother: I'm not sleepy. Put in me in my chair.
Norman Bates: Yes, Mother.
Mother: Put me closer to the window, I want to keep my eyes on you. Make sure you don't start playing with filthy girls again.
Norman Bates: Yes, Mother.
Mother: Good. Well what are you gawking at? Go down stairs and open the motel! What do you expect us to live on, hope?!
Norman Bates: No, Mother.
Mother: Remember, Norman. I'm the only one who loves you. Only your mother truly loves you.


  • It's 22 years later, and Norman Bates is finally coming home.
  • Norman Bates is back. Coming home was a bad mistake!
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the shower!
  • It's 22 years later, and Norman Bates is coming home.
  • The Bates Motel is back in business!

Main cast

Actor Role
Anthony Perkins Norman Bates
Vera Miles Lila Loomis
Robert Loggia Dr. Bill Raymond
Meg Tilly Mary Loomis
Dennis Franz Warren Toomey
Hugh Gillin Sheriff John Hurt
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Emma Spool
Robert Alan Browne Ralph Statler
Lee Garlington Myrna Garlington
Janet Leigh Marion Crane (flashback)

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