Psycho IV: The Beginning

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Psycho IV: The Beginning is a 1990 film, the third sequel to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho. Norman Bates phones a radio talk show host and recalls his life as a 1940s teenager warped by his mother.

Directed by Mick Garris. Written by Joseph Stefano.
You've met Norman... now meet Mother.

Norman Bates[edit]

  • I was practically running the motel single-handedly by the time I was 15. I was the man of the house, she used to call me that. She depended on me, especially when she was scared. She was scared to death of thunder and lightning.
  • Just me and my trusty umbrella.
  • All that faith and no potatoes.
  • You get in the car, I'm gonna get rid of the past for good.
  • Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!

Norma Bates[edit]

  • Don't you have any respect for the dead?
  • Let me out of here! Norman! Do you hear me, boy? Let me out!


  • Gloria: You've got a tongue like an elephant's memory.
  • Connie Bates: No, Norman. No more blood, please. No more blood.
  • Fran Ambrose: [on the lack of information of girls commiting matricide] Maybe girls are too smart to get caught.


Fran Ambrose: Are you there?
Norman Bates: I said yes.
Fran Ambrose: We didn't hear you.
Norman Bates: I nodded.
Fran Ambrose: [smiling] We can't hear nods.

Young Norman Bates: You take my father's robe off!
Chet Rudolph: [Holding half a piece of toasted bread and flailing it about Norman's face] Oh a... no underwear. You see Norman, you only want to be naked around a lady when you're having sex with her. Any other time, it just ain't respectful.

Chet Rudolph: You're not a girl, are you? You know, your mother swore to me you was a boy! You know, she said you wasn't too badly hung, either. Well, that's what she said!
Young Norman Bates: Shut up!

Chet Rudolph: Where does that boy get his ways?
Norma Bates: Not from me.

[Norma and Norman are on top of each other]
Norma Bates: Get off of me! You are going to learn to forget all about that filthy thing of yours! Here put this on! Girl! Yes, girl! Mama's little girl!
[Norma puts a dress and lipstick on Norman]
Young Norman Bates: No, I'm not a girl!
[Norma puts Norman in the closet and hands him an iced tea pitcher]
Norma Bates: Here get in there. You will stay locked in there until you learn to say "no" to your mother when she you you're a girl. And you'll probably have to make wee wee, and you'll squat over this! That's all that thing of yours is for, making wee wee! You clear on that! Answer me! You clear on that, Norma!
Young Norman Bates: Mother, please. Mother, please let me out! Please, mother!

[Norma starts to hit Norman]
Young Norman Bates: What... What did I do?
Norma Bates: Nothing, nothing, nothing!
Young Norman Bates: What's wrong!
Norma Bates: They're closing down the highway and building a new one. They couldn't build it closer to the motel because then the world could still see us! Oh, what am I going to do?! How am I going to live?! You! Just like my father, never a drop a sympathy! It's because of you, that I can't hold my water, that's why I'm always running to the toilet, did you know that?!
Young Norman Bates: Yes, I know.
Norma Bates: I regret the day that I ever had you! Not one thing you've ever said or done has been worth all this! Not one blasted thing! I should have killed you in my womb! You sure as hell tried to kill me getting out of it!

Norma Bates: Get that whore out of my house!
Young Norman Bates: She's not a whore, mother.
Norma Bates: I said get rid of her! Or do I have to do it myself?
Young Norman Bates: No mother, I'll get rid of her.
Norma Bates: Kill her!
Young Norman Bates: Kill her? I can't, no! No I can't!
Norma Bates: Alright, alright! Then I'll do it for you.

Norman Bates: Fran, if the doctor is trying to turn this into some incest tragedy, tell him to forget it.
Fran Ambrose: Forget it, doc.

[Norma finds pornography in Norman's bedroom]
Norma Bates: You dirty little bastard! Go out there and throw this in the garbage!
[Norman starts to put his clothes on]
Norma Bates: No! Go as you are! Maybe the rain will wash some of the dirt out of your system! Pig! Dirty little pig! Dirty as your whole whore-mongering sex!

Fran Ambrose: Well, we have to call you something.
Norman Bates: You can call me...Ed.

Norman Bates: I never wanted to kill her.
Dr. Leo Richmond: But you did kill her, and several others, and now you tell us you're going to kill again.
Norman Bates: Oh, I've killed before, and now I'm gonna have to do it again.

Main cast[edit]

Actor Role
Anthony Perkins Norman Bates
Henry Thomas Young Norman Bates
Olivia Hussey Norma Bates
CCH Pounder Fran Ambrose
Warren Frost Dr. Leo Richmond
Donna Mitchell Connie Bates
Thomas Schuster Chet Rudolph
Sharen Camille Holly Camille
Bobbi Evors Gloria Evors
John Landis Mike Calvecchio

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