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ReBoot was a Canadian (CGI) animated series that was produced by Mainframe Entertainment, created by Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell and John Grace, with character designed by Brendan McCarthy and Ian Gibson. Originally it was aired from 1994 to 2001. It was credited with being the first full length, completely computer animated TV series. When the series debuted in 1994, the first computer-animated feature film, Toy Story, had not yet been released until 1995, created by Disney/Pixar. Originally made for children, the series attracted many older fans when it became thematically darker partway through its second season.

Season 1


Episode 01 - The Tearing


[opening monologue for season 1 and 2; episodes 1 through 23]

Bob: I come from the net. Through systems, peoples and cities to this place: Mainframe. My format: Guardian; to mend and defend. To defend my new-found friends, their hopes and dreams. To defend them from their enemies. They say the user lives outside the net and inputs games for pleasure. No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out. [pause] Reboot!
Bob: Stay frosty!

Bob: He's infecting the User. Bummer. Now we've got a Mega-User.

Episode 02 - Racing the Clock

Hexidecimal- I'll get Megabyte and his little delivery boy, too!

Enzo: Dot! You almost got us erased! Deleted! OFF-LINE! Can we do it again?

Mainframe Game Voice: Warning: Game Corruption.
Enzo: *Yes*! Bob! You're okay!
Bob: Not good! This is not good! It's an infinite data else-if loop.
Dot Matrix: What does that mean?
Bob: It means *run like you've never run before*!

Episode 03 - The Quick and the Fed

(Enzo gives a try to Bob's keytool Glitch)
Enzo: Glitch... uh... hammer. (Glitch transfroms into hammer)
Enzo: Uhh... Flashlight. (Glitch transforms into flashlight, and Enzo points glitch to Bob)
Enzo: Jackhammer! (Glitch transforms into jackhammer) Whooaa! Whooaa!! Whoa!!!
(All Binomes screams)
Bob: Glitch, stop!! (Glitch transforms back and it returns to Bob)
(The case is unbalanced ... it's almost falling ... then the case drops to the floor and the magnet hits Dot on her forehead)
Dot: Uhh!
Enzo: Sis!

Bob: And he knew a place that serves this kinda slow food: Al's Wait and eat, Level 31.
Enzo: (enthusiastic) Level 31? No way!
Dot: (stuttering) L-L-L-L-Level 3-31?! Y-Y-Y-You don't...can't go there, it's to-o-o-o-o-o da-a-a-a-aangerous!
Bob: Shh! Not to worry, I've got this all figured out.
Dot: (stuttering) Bob. but-but-but-but i-i-it's my pr-r-roblem too-o-o-o-o. Vid-Vid-Vid-Vid...use a window to call-all-c-c-call-call-call...
Bob: Not another word. You do the relaxing, I'll do the saving, OK? Man, she's really out of it.

(A viral binome walks by a Numeral 7, but stops short when it burps at him)
Bob: What's the deal with 7? Why's everybody afraid of him?
Toque Binome: Because 7-8-9!

(A nearby One Binome does a rimshot)

(Dot is already back to normal and they have just finished a Game)
Bob: All right, I give up. How did you get back to normal?
Dot: I was trying to tell you before. Al and I are partners in his business. I just VidWindowed for a delivery.
Bob: You and Al? Huh, so much for me being Mr. Save-The-Day. Care for some, uh, slightly used food?
Dot: No, but thanks for the thought.
(Megabyte has Enzo hostage)
Enzo: Bob!
(Dot gasps in horror)
Megabyte: It was quite difficult and time-consuming to process that magnet, Bob. I think I'd like it returned. And the sooner, the better.
Bob: Hey, no need to be so dramatic, *MB*. Glitch, tongs. I was just gonna toss it anyway. Here, catch!
(Glitch throws the magnet, and it lands on Megabyte's head)
Megabyte: AGH! HACK, SLASH! (falls off the ledge)
Hack: Coming...
Slash: ...boss!
(They dive down after Megabyte. Hack tries to tell Slash something, but they end up hitting the ground below)
Bob: They're not even close to Al's.
Dot: Nope.
Enzo: Not even.

Episode 04 - The Medusa Bug


Hexadecimal: My poor Medusa!

Hexadecimal: Happy, Happy, HAPPY!

Hexadecimal: MEGABYYYYEETE!!!!

Megabyte: Gentlemen, meet the Medusa.


Episode 05 - The TIFF


Episode 06 - In the Belly of the Beast


Episode 07 - The Crimson Binome


Episode 08 - Enzo the Smart


Episode 09 - Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor

Mike: IT SLICES! DICES! Cuts! Copies! Pastes! And even formats julienne fries! But wait there's more: act now and we'll port you the handy log-o-matic absolutely free for only 99.99.99!
Bob: Ahhh! Mike! For the 128 time, stop!
Enzo: Can't we just turn him off?
Bob: I can't. His remote control ran away.
Dot: Can you blame it?
Mike: It's Bucket-o-nothing! Surprise your friends, amaze your family, annoy perfect strangers! Free for only $99.99.99!
Bob: That's it! You're getting dismantled! Glitch, screwdriver. [Mike screams away]

Bob: Prepare to taste the blade of my... butterknife?

Bob: What?! A Thief?! I'm not the warrior? Haha. Ha. I'm always a warrior.
Enzo: Well, if you're not the warrior, but, who is?
Mike: Dun da da DUUUUUUUNNNNN!!! Mike The Mighty Warrior! Tonight at 8.
Bob: [Bob looks at Mike] This is bad. Very bad!

Mike: You're tuned to the commercial channel--all commercials, all the time! An eternity of useless products to rot your skeevy little mind... forever!

Mike: The LOOOOOOOVE Hospital. Your prescription for romance.

Bob: No, Not, Never, Nine, No way, Ixnay on the "S" part, Negatory!
[Mike looks even more disappointed. Dot looks at Bob and mouths "Please?"]
Bob: You can come with us on one condition: stay outta our way, OK?
Mike: (as John Wayne) Guaranteed to work behind the scenes, so you don't have to, pilgrim. (aside, to 4th wall) Outta sight or your money back!

Bob: Nice going, merlin.

Episode 10 - The Great Brain Robbery

Phong: Hack and Slash are inside of Enzo's head!

Mouse: (to Bob) You always were such an exciting date.

(Mouse, Hack and Slash have entered Enzo’s head by mistake, and he is spouting random quotes as a result of tampering with his nerve endings) Enzo: I’m sorry, Mrs. Dithers. My dog ate my homework. Slingshot? What slingshot? Dot: Enzo, what’s happening? Enzo: I don’t know, my life is reminding before my eyes. (has another spasm) BASIC?! I know you are, but what am I?

Mouse: Megabyte, honey, Rule No. 1, don't ever try to double cross the Mouse!

Episode 11 - Talent Night

Enzo: You're smoked, Bob!
Bob: In your dreams, birthday boy!

[After a freestyle guitar battle with Bob]
Megabyte: I've always wanted to do that... Haha...
Dot: Hahaha... Happy Birthday, Enzo!

[Megabyte's limo fliess of the talent night]

Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, Megabyte has left the building! [Elvis Binome hops on]

Episode 12 - Identity Crisis Part 1

Phong: (voiceover) What you are experiencing is a temporary distortion of reality.

Enzo: This game is too old! It's boring!
Bob: Come on, Enzo, you gotta takes games seriously. Who knows? One day you might end up in... The Fun House! (looks around nervously)
Enzo: There's no such thing as the Fun House. That's just a stupid story.
Bob: That's not true. I knew a sprite in the Supercomputer whose best friend's cousin got caught in the Fun House, and lived to tell about it.
Enzo: Sure, Bob, I believe you....
Bob: Oh yeah? Well, it's never too late to brush up on the basics.
Enzo: Speaking of basic, have you seen the User?
Bob: What's it doing?
Enzo: I don't think it's learned how to drive yet.
Bob: Well, would you please do everyone a favour and put it out of its misery? Come on, Enzo, show me your stuff!

Cecil: (to Dot) May I say, that all the staff and even some of the food items are rooting for you all the way.

Enzo: Goodbye!
Cecil: Au revoir!
Enzo: Good luck!
Cecil: Bonne chance! (Enzo gives him a look)

Megabyte: Attention, inhabitants of sector 1-0-0-0: Your struggle for independence is over. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank my friend, Dot Matrix, for delivering this sectors PID's to me with such a cunning and insightful plan. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.
Bob: In your dreams, Megadump! I think Megabyte's popped a motherboard, what's he talking about anyway?
Dot: Oh no... Oh no!
Bob: What is it? What's wrong? [sees flashing folder on Dot's organizer] File removed?! Thaty's impossible!
Dot: No... It's gone! Everything.... The PIDS, their lives, their dreams... All gone...
Bob: Oh boy... Phong, the PID file has been removed somehow!
Phong: ....Did you say removed, as in not erased?
Dot: That's right, Phong. Removed. Their lives are ruined and it's all my fault! It's all my fault... If only I knew what went wrong.
Megabyte: As for the rest of you, prepare yourselves for change. [chuckles] You're all mine now...

Bob: (To Dot) Come on, that's not Dot's talkin'!

Dot: (Dot is in a foul mood) Just leave me alone! I quit, okay?! Everybody will be better off without me!

Episode 11 - Identity Crisis Part 2

Dot: It's all up to me... Just like it was before and I blew it. I ruined it for everybody. (Phong startles her while he enters the game) Phong? What are you doing here?
Phong: I want to show you something. (earplugs Dot with a flashing device)
Dot: Phong? Phong? [Low pitching her voice] Phong? Phoooong...?
'Mainframe Game Voice: Game over, the user wins. Game over... [Low pitching its voice] User wins. Game over. [Low pitching into slow speed] Game over. (3x)

[Nullified Mainframe in reality]

Dot: (climbs up) What happened? This sectors been nullified! But, I'm still alive! I wonder how long it was down there. (Walks with her head down)

Dot: (looks at a diner, Dot's Diner renamed into Nibble's Diner) Nibble's?

Dot: Cecil!
Service Entry Unit 26: Logic error. My name is Service Entry Unit 2-6. Enter requested diner function.
Dot: What going on? Where's Cecil?
Service Entry Unit 26: She ran. Enter requested diner function... or I will alert security.
Dot: Don't boss me around, you! This is my diner! The best in all of Mainframe! (stares at the viral nullifed Binomes laughing at her angrily)
Service Entry Unit 26: Logic error. Logic error! This is not Mainframe, this is Megaframe.
Dot: Megaframe? (Teenage Enzo comes into the diner) Enzo?
Teenage Enzo: You! Give me those chips! (Grabs a bowls of chips from the defenseless binome when twisting around and fall off the counter and dumps onto the floor)
Dot: Enzo?
Teenage Enzo: Who wants to know...?
Dot: It's your sister, Dot.
Teenage Enzo: Huh! Listen, baby, I don't know you're trying to pull. But my sister's gone, blew it in a Gamecube got everybody nullified.
Dot: But, wait! It is me, Enzo! You've gotta believe me!
Teenage Enzo: Buzz off, Dame, I can tell you, you're nothing but trouble.
Dot: What do you mean?
Teenage Enzo: For starters, where's your barcode? What are ya? A convict? A drone?
Dot: No. No!

Teenage Enzo: (throws Dot out of the diner) Stay off my turf!

Dot: Phong, is that you?
Phong: Eh? Who's that?
Dot: It's me, Phong. It's Dot.
Phong: ....Ohhh yes! Welcome, welcome! Tell me, how is your president? I have a present for her! I know it's here somewhere...
Dot: Look, Phong, do you know where Bob is?
Phong: ......Bob? Oh... Oh yesyesyes, he is here too! (dives into his box and starts flinging junk out) Bob, where are you my little friend? Oh, here he is! You were hiding, weren't you? Bad Bob, bad Bob! (emerges with a blue Null in a cage) No one believes me, but truly, Bob here used to be a great Guardian! Ah, he was something back then... Ehh, but those times are gone. Cute little fellow, no?
Dot: No! No, that's not Bob! It can't be! Oh, what have I done? I lost the game and I destroyed Mainframe! I didn't even try. If only I could have another chance...
Phong: Chance has nothing to do with it, child. The future is not determined by a throw of the dice. It is determined by the conscious decisions of you and me.
Dot: What? What did you say?
Phong: Oh, would you like to see my windshield collection? I have many kinds!

[Dot has won the game, and Mainframe is in its normal state]
Phong: You look perplexed.
Dot: What did you do to me? Was that a dream?
Phong: It was, shall we say, a reflection of yourself. What did you see?
Dot: I saw someone who let everybody down because she gave up. She didn't even try. Only it was me.
Phong: You learn well, my child.
Bob: Nice going, Dot! You beat the Fun House! I knew you wouldn't let me down! Phong, what are you doing here?
Dot: It's a long story.

Herr Doktor: I'm not getting a response! Wait! Something is happening!
Megabyte: "Turn...around?" [a vidwindow pops up behind him]
Dot: Attention, inhabitants of Silicon Tor: Your struggle for dominance is now over. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my dear friend Cyrus for helping me out with such a cunning and insightful plan. And as for the rest of you, hah! Who cares? [blows a kiss before closing window]
Cyrus: [gulp]
Megabyte: Hack, Slash, take him to the PID extraction chamber. I need a new shoeshine droid...

Season 2


Episode 14 - Infected

Bob: Glitch! Uh... Anything!

Hexadecimal: Megabyte, what a delightful mess you're making!
Megabyte: Thank you, Hex. I thought you'd enjoy it.
Hexadecimal: Now you wouldn't be intending to erase me, would you?
Megabyte: Oh, come now. Would that be any way to treat family?

Phong: You have what you need. Now use his greed....

Episode 15 - High Code

Bob: Okay, mister, first thing's first, release my friend, now!
Lens: Very well.

[Codemaster Lens is destroying Mainframe bit by bit]
Dot: We need more transport! We've gotta get everyone out of here now!
CPU trooper: Everything that flies is in motion, Ms Matrix!
Dot: Not quite everything. Drastic times call for drastic measures. (calls Megabyte)
Megabyte: Ms Matrix, what a delightful...intrusion.
Dot: This is strictly business, Megabyte.
Megabyte: Oh really? Do tell. A partnership, perhaps?
Dot: Hardly. I need to rent some transport, now.
Megabyte: I do apologize, but this is not a taxi service. Especially under present circumstances.
Dot: But-!
Megabyte: Please, don't ask for any personal favors. Codemasters and viruses have a rather, how should I put this...unpleasant history? Good luck. (closes Dot's vidwindow) You'll need it.
Dot: Well, I guess it's all up to Bob now....

[Bob has arranged it so the User will win the game, nullifying him and Lens]
Bob: All that's left is to ride it out. You know, I'm gonna miss these games. And my friends.
Lens: You would give your own life for them?
Bob: Yeah. You know, tradition.

[Bob has stopped Lens crushing Old Man Pearson underfoot]
Lens: Out of my way, Guardian!
Bob: You'll have to take me first.
Dot: Copy that.
Enzo: And triple copy it!
Lens: You mean this old binome is so important that you would give up your very codes for him?
Bob: Yeah. Call it a Mainframe tradition.
Lens: Throughout the entire net, I have never witnessed such a blatant, contemptous display of-
Enzo: Friendship?
Lens: Honour.

Enzo: I knew you'd do it!
Dot: I can't believe you're-
Bob: Put it there, old man...
Old Man Pearson: What are you trying to do? Make an old man sick? GO WA-WAWAWAWAWA-AWAY! (Murmuring inaudibly himself with grumpiness)

Episode 16 - When Games Collide

(Arguing over each other at the controls of the Leech Command)
Slash: How do we turn this thing on?
Hack: What are you asking me for?
Slash: Well, because!
Hack: I thought- I don't remember. I- I used to know.
Slash: Is this it?
Hack: You made me forget!
Slash: Push the button!
Hack: Push the butt- D'oh, push the button!
Slash: No, you push it!
Hack: You push it!
Slash: Every time I push it, something bad happens!
Hack: It doesn't matter who pushes it!
Slash: OK, push it!
Hack: Alright, I'll push it.

Enzo: Hey Bob, what are games like in the supercomputer?
Bob: Huh. Well, they're a lot faster and a lot harder. Some games are networked too.
Enzo: You mean more than one Mainframe?
Bob: That's right, Enzo, there are more systems out there than you can imagine.

[Bob is just rescuing Enzo before Megabyte's portal is going to be destroyed]
Megabyte: My portal!
[Portal dropped and smashed]
Bob: Enzo, are you alright?
Enzo: Bob.... I saw the supercomputer!
Dot: Uh...guys? (is in Hack and Slash's clutches)
Bob: You owe me one, Megabyte.
Megabyte: ....Let them go.
Viral binome: But sir-!
Megabyte: I said let them go! [Bob, Enzo and Dot leave] Now we are even, Guardian. Now we are even...

Episode 17 - Bad Bob

[A game cube has landed on half of the Principal Office]
Captain Quirk: They finally, really did it! The maniacs...they blew it up!

Bob: Alright, Megatruck, let's get busy!

Slash: Bob! Hack is crying!

Phong: Principal Office airlines at your service. Please take your seats and fasten your safety belts!

Bob: Okay, Megatruck, it's time to on load. Pulling the horn to hunk

Episode 18 - Painted Windows

Megabyte: (bellowing) HEXADECIMAALLLLLL!!!
Hack, Slash: Oh...ah...uh, boss...
Hexadecimal: You called?
Megabyte: You destroyed my Tor! I *will* get you for this!
Hexadecimal: (teary face) Oh, but your sector was looking sooooo dreary, (open mouth smiley face) so I simply cheered it up a little bit. (angry face) There's no need to make such a long face about it! (stretches Megabyte's face)
Megabyte: Hexade--(gets a smile painted on his face) (muffled scream)
Hack: Holy...
Slash: ...moly!

Episode 19 - AndrAIa

Mike the TV: Next time on True Stories of Mainframe!
Captain Capacitor actor: Arrrrg, how do you know that then?
Bob actor: I'm a Gardener! I know everything!
Crew member: Psst! That's Guardian! Guardian!

[Bob storms into Dot's Diner with a pair of binomes]
Bob: You nearly got us nullified! I can't believe you did that!
Enzo: Bob!
[Enzo goes to jump on Bob, but Bob unknowingly dodges him and Enzo crashes into a table]
Dot: Hey, Bob. Problems?
Bob: You could say that. These two booted into the game and tried to win it by setting off an explosion capable of destroying a planet!
Dot: Bad idea.
Bob: Yes. Especially when you're INSIDE THE PLANET! Why'd you do it?
Captain Quirk: I had to, mister!
Bob: And all he did was keep saying "Make it so!"
Jean-Luc: And "engage!" I said "engage" more times than "make it so," actually.

[Discussing Enzo's loneliness]
Dot: We're both too busy running businesses or saving Mainframe to have time for him.
Bob: He hasn't got any friends because there aren't many small sprites left in Mainframe since the twin city was destroyed.
{Dot suddenly becomes unhappy):
Bob: Oh! I'm sorry, Dot, I didn't mean to-
Dot: No, I'm OK. It's just that talk of the other city reminds me of my father.
Bob: It wasn't his fault, Dot, the experiment just got out of control.
Dot: I know, I know, I- I just wish he were here now, I miss him....
Bob: C'mon, let's see if we can help Enzo.

Enzo: Everyone's having a better time than me! I've got no one to play with and it's all Dad's fault! If he hadn't deleted most of the other sprites, I'd have some friends!

Bob: Wow, Dot looks amazing! What a babe!
Dot: I heard that.
Bob: What? Did I say that or just think it?
Dot: You thought it. We're telepathic, it's part of our game character.
Bob: Ah, sorry. I'd better be more careful about what I say- uhh, think.
Dot: That'll be a first.

AndrAIa: I like you, Enzo.
Enzo: Uhh.... I like you too, AndrAIa.

Bob: It's a Game Sprite, outside of a game! I don't believe it! ...Hey, what does she mean by 'Guardian'?

Episode 20 - Nullzilla

(after a signal that makes the nulls go crazy)
Phong: Very strange...the signal is being emitted from Lost Angles!
Bob: Megabyte!
Enzo: Hexadecimal, Bob.
Bob: What? Right, Hexadecimal. Did I say Megabyte?

Hack: What a good boy. Look, now he's going for a walk.
Slash: Uh, what phase number is walking Nibbles?
Hack: Uhhh....There is no number for walking Nibbles.
Slash:Well, that means he just ran away.
Hack: Yup, that is right. He ran away, alright.
Slash: He's gone.
Hack: He is. Look at him go.
Hack & Slash: Ahhh!!

(after the nulls all cover Hexadecimal)
Mike the TV: It's coming! It's coming I tell ya! Backspace for your lives. Run, run, RUN! And when you're finished, run some more!
Hack: (searching for Megabyte's pet null Nibbles) Ahem. We're looking for a null.
Slash: That's right, uh, have you seen one?
Mike the TV: Have I seen one? HAVE I SEEN ONE?! ...that's a joke, right?
Hack: Hey, whaddaya mean "joke"?
Slash: Joke. Noun. Something said or done to cause laughter, something not in earnest, or ridiculous.
Hack and Mike: (look at him with surprise)
Mike the TV: Hack, Slash, it's your lucky day. You were looking for a single null. Well, what about two million? It's Nullzilla!

Bob: You're prepared for a monster made entirely out of nulls stomping around Mainframe?
Phong: That is correct!
Bob: ....How do you plan for that?
Phong: Uh... Lucky guess?

(Summoning attack vehicles to battle Nullzilla)
Bob: OK, let's do it. Black Beetle Turbo-Pincer Force.
Dot: Ladybird Accelerator Spotted-Carapace Force!
Enzo: Grasshopper Sync-Pulse Hopping Force!
Frisket: (barks and growls, summoning a wasp vehicle)
Mike the TV: ....Gnat Slightly Annoyed High-Pitched Buzzing Force.

Episode 21 - Gigabyte

Bob: Any sign of what attacked her?
Phong: No, my son. Whatever came out of her mirror has either gone or cannot be detected by my sensors.
Bob: Phong, this creature attacked Hexadecimal first. Maybe it preys on viruses.
Phong: Which could mean...
Hexadecimal: Megabyte....!
Bob: That's right.... I believe it may-
Hexadecimal: No! Megabyte! [pointing to a black and grey, totally feral Megabyte]

Bob: You'd better start talking, Hex. You and Megabyte started to merge back there!
Hexadecimal: Yes, Bob. We are from the same viral strain.
Bob: The same family?
Hexadecimal: Oh, much worse than that, Guardian. He's my BROTHER! HA HA HA HA HAAA!
Bob: But... But you're always trying to destroy each other!
Hexadecimal: Oh, that's just sibling rivalry.
Bob: What will happen if you two join?
Hexadecimal: The next generation! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Bob: Why don't I like the sound of that?

(After the web creature/Megabyte and Hexadecimal have merged)
Bob: Phong, I'm gonna try and talk to him. Maybe the transformation has created a benign virus.
Enzo: What? Benign? Sure. You can tell that just by looking at him.
AndrAIa: You can?
Phong: AndrAIa, Enzo was trying to be funny...

Bob: I am Guardian four five two. State your name and function.
Gigabyte: I am become Gigabyte, destroyer of Systems!
Bob: Not this System, bub.

Bob: It's working, Phong. In a few more nanos, he'll be too far from the city to get back, and there's nowhere left for him to get energy from-
Hack: [screams and gibbers as Gigabyte bleeds him dry]
Bob: Apart from us!!
Slash: Hack! Oh, Hack, speak to me! Wake up!...Drain my friend of energy?! I DON'T THINK SO! [uppercuts Gigabyte, knocking him back to Mainframe]
Bob: You IDIOT! Look what you've done!
Slash: What? He hurt my friend...
Bob: Phong? ...Cancel everything I just said. Gigabyte's back in town. I'm on my way. Slash!! C'mere!

Gigabyte: This is your last line of defence? Two small sprites?
Enzo: Two small sprites! That's right! A girl...
AndrAIa: A boy...
Enzo: And his dog!
AndrAIa: Get him, Frisket!

Episode 22 - Trust No One

Al: (repeated and only line) WHAT?!

Modem: When I was just a little node, I saw my sister taken by a strange creature. It had fangs...just like Mouse.
Bob: Excuse me, but is your partner completely random?
Nully: Not completely...
Bob: OK, why didn't it take you too then?
Modem: I don't know... I was reading comic bytes in bed. When I peeked out from under the covers I saw something hovering over my sister. And I pointed my flashlight at it and a moment later, it...and my sister...were gone. I'll never forget the noise it made.
Bob: I don't want to seem insensitive, but next you'll be telling me you've seen the User.
Modem: There is no User. That's just induced mass psychosis engineered by the Guardians.
Bob: What? But what about the games?
Modem: Sent by the Guardians to promote the User myth.
Nully: Another conspiracy theory, Modem?
Modem: One of many.
Bob: So let me get this straight... There's a web creature, posing as Mouse, loose in Mainframe, abducting sprites, for what purpose?
Modem: I haven't worked that out yet.
Bob: OK. And Guardians are control freaks willing to sacrifice the very people they're sworn to protect by dropping games on them?
Modem: That's correct.
Bob: Tell me, did Phong interview you personally for this job? Didn't think so.

Turbo: We're all agreed, then. Releasing codes, now. [Presses the trackball button to release]

[A holographic hourglass is counting down to Mouse's communicator exploding and destroying Mainframe]

Turbo: I'd like to be alone for this one. Bob and I go back a long way.
[After the other Guardians leave, Turbo resets the countdown]
Turbo: That's the best I can do. Good luck, Bob. I'm so sorry, Mouse...

[A massive portal to the web has opened over Mainframe]
Modem: You see, Nully, the web is out there.
Nully: No, Modem, it's here.

Bob: This is it, Phong. Prepare for war.

Episode 23 - Web World Wars

[Dot's new armour has an enormous cannon strapped onto it]
Dot: What do you think? Does it make me look too butch?
Mouse: Nah. Listen, while I'm workin' on the codes with'll watch my back, won't ya?
Dot: What do you think this is for?

Bob: Cadet Matrix!
Enzo: Bob?
Bob: Why aren't you in uniform? You know how serious things are. It's time you got suited up.
Enzo: What?!
Bob: (whispering) Just follow me on this one. *ahem* Due to the current crisis we're all facing, I am invoking emergency code 95-1-0. Enzo, give me your icon.
Enzo: Okay...
Bob: (downloads code from his own icon to Enzo's) Command line - icon. Download Guardian protocol to version 1.0. Enzo Matrix, there is a huge responsibility in taking the Guardian badge of office. Do you accept?
Enzo: Yes sir!
Bob: By the power vested in me, I give you a field commission as Guardian, first level.
Enzo: (taps his icon, changing his clothes to a Guardian uniform) Thanks, Bob!
Bob: No, Enzo. You've really earned this. You'll be transferred to the super computer to attend the academy and become a full-fledged Guardian like me. I know you'll make me proud.
Dot: (via communicator) Bob, we're at the Tor. Megabyte, Mouse, Hexadecimal and I are ready to go. ...I can't believe I just said that!
Bob: OK, let's do it. Guardian Enzo?
Enzo: Yes sir?
Bob: This is it. Should anything happen to me, I am charging you with defence of this system. (to AndrAIa) And look after him, will you? (flies off the Principal Office with the zip board)
AndrAIa: You look cool, Enzo!
Enzo: Awe... Thanks, AndrAIa. (to Bob) And thanks, Bob.

Megabyte: Mouse....
Mouse: I'm workin' as fast as I can! Just tell the witch to be ready.
Hexadecimal: I heard that! What a sweet thing to say! (charges the hardware up)
Bob: We've gotta do this now! What's taking so long?
Mouse: That's it! I've broken their code!
Hexadecimal: The hardware is fully charged!
Megabyte: Excellent. Now it's my turn.... (surreptitiously extends his claws)
Bob: Okay, everyone, get ready! We're going to shut the portal!
Megabyte: (Suddenly destroys Dot's cannon for his betrayal) Not just yet, Guardian.
Bob: Gli-! (Megabyte gagged Bob, takes Glitch and crushes Glitch)
Megabyte: Now! (Herr Doctor presses the button to initiate the missile and Megabyte flings Bob into the missile)
Bob: Megabyte, you won't get away with this!
Megabyte: No time to talk now, Bob. (To Herr Doctor) Launch!
[Mouse stops Herr Doctor and flung him away]
Mouse: (draws her katana at Megabyte) One more step and I'll subdivide you. (to Hexadecimal) (Hexadecimal knocks her out of the way) What?!
[Megabyte grins evilly at Bob, Bob fears and then presses the launch button]
Dot: BOB!!!!

Phong: Bob... Bob, come in!
Dot: He can't hear you, Phong.
Phong: Dot, Mouse, where is Bob? What is happened?!
Dot: It's bad, Phong, very bad. (give Glitch to Enzo) I'm sorry.
Enzo: No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (crying)

Megabyte: Phong. Drop all defences on the Principal Office, and welcome to Megaframe...
Hexadecimal: I love it when he talks like that.
Phong: We will fight you to the last, Megabyte!
Megabyte: You have no defences, you fools! Your Guardian is lost! Nothing can stand in our way. Mainframe is ours.
AndrAIa: WRONG! We do have a Guardian! Guardian, your keytool. Remember what Bob said.
Enzo: [attaches Glitch to arm] I am Guardian Matrix, charged with defending this system. Two viruses take over my home? I don't think so!

Season 3


Episode 24 - To Mend and Defend

[opening monologue for episodes 24, 25, and 27]
Megabyte: I come from the Net. Infecting systems, people, and cities, to this place—Megaframe, my domain. My format: Virus. To corrupt and conquer!

The User: Undead before i dawn! Undead before i dawn!

Deer head: (dodges the User's gun, which gets stuck in the wall; Scottish accent) It's only funny 'till someone loses an eye!

Episode 25 - Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place

Megabyte: Fire when ready!
Hexadecimal: Ready!
[Hexadecimal turns towards the energy cannon and Fires it at the Principle Office shields, the shield shimmer and weaken on impact]

Episode 26 - Firewall

Enzo: Wait - where are the recovery teams? We should have been picked up by now.
Megabyte: They have been... delayed.
[Enzo and AndrAIa turn to see Megabyte, along with Hack, Slash and a fleet of his forces]
Enzo: Megabyte! [AndrAIa stands in front of him protectively, aiming her wrist crossbow at Mebabyte]
Megabyte: There's no need for that, child. I only wish to talk to the boy.
Enzo: Then talk!
Megabyte: I have a message for your sister.
Enzo: I am a Guardian! I'm not your messenger!
Megabyte: You are what you have always been: a mere delivery boy. [grabs Enzo by the throat and lifts him to face level] Do not provoke me further; it is by my will alone you survive this encounter. Be well advised to remember that. [throws Enzo to the ground] Now listen carefully, boy...

Megabyte: Call off your dog, boy. [indicates Hexadecimal trapped in his machine] Now that I command Hexadecimal's power, none can stand against me!
Enzo: You did that?! To your own sister?!
Megabyte: [chuckling] Yes, yes, yes - it's rather good, isn't it?
Enzo: You're sick, Megabyte! I won't rest until I've stopped you!
Megabyte: I believe that's an idle threat. It ends now. [unsheathes his claws]

Episode 27 - Game Over

Slash: I cannot do this. It is bad!
Hack: What do you think you're doing?
Slash: I am saving the little fellow from what, to me, looks like certain death.
Hack: Yeah, that's right! And we're supposed to BE that certain death!
Slash: [encouragingly] Go, little fellow. Run! Be free!
[Cyrus runs for it]
Hack: Now you've done it. Megabyte's gonna be mad!
Slash: Oh, what's new?! I miss Bob!
Hack: WHAT?! [makes frantic shushing noises] You crazy?!
Slash: Bob always stopped us before we could do anything really bad. [Sniffs] Now nobody does...
Hack: Hey! I never thought of it like that before...
Slash: Let's get back to the Tor. I do not like it down here...
Hack: Okey dokey!
Slash: Are you gonna tell Megabyte what I did?
Hack: Yep!

Megabyte: I'm glad you find this amusing.
Hexadecimal: Oh, I was just picturing what I will do to you once I am free of your little toy. You have no idea of the power you try to control! Chaos will ALWAYS triumph over Order! It is the way of things.

Phong: What does someone have to do to get a cup of cocoa around here?!


Episode 28 - Icons

[opening monologue for episodes 28 through 31]
Enzo: I live in the games. I search through systems, peoples, and cities, for this place—Mainframe, my home. My format: I have no format. I am a renegade, lost on the net. [pause] Reboot!

Episode 29 - Where No Sprite Has Gone Before


Episode 30 - Number 7

Megabyte/Matrix: I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered! My life is my own! YOU WON'T HOLD ME!

Megabyte/Matrix: TELL ME! WHO IS NUMBER ONE?!
["For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" plays as a VidWindow pops up. Suddenly, Megabyte/Matrix's reflection moves on its own]
Megabyte: *I* am Number One. I am the driving force in your life. I am hatred! I drive you on and consume you.
Megabyte/Matrix: NOOOOOOOOOO!!
[Matrix smashes the Megabyte VidWindow, which turns him back to normal, but another one pops up, this time with his own reflection]
Reflection Matrix: *I* am Number One. I care for no one.
Matrix: That's not true, I love AndrAIa!
Reflection Matrix: No, you don't, you love only yourself. (mockingly) Just looking out for Number One.
[Matrix shoots his own reflection, but afterwards, he looks in horror]
Matrix: No, not you!
[Matrix's former self, Enzo, emerges from the darkness]
Enzo: *I* am Number One, the original. Do you think this is a game? DO YOU?!
Matrix: (confused) But how? You're me!
Enzo: But you hate me. You must! Look at what you've become!
Matrix: You're wrong! I had to become bigger! Tougher. I had to be ready for Megabyte, to survive the games!
Enzo: Did you like the games more than Mainframe? More than your family?
Matrix: No! No, I didn't! I was trapped in the games!
Enzo: Games, games, games. "It was only a game!" YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!
Matrix: *MY* FAMILY!
Enzo: YOU'VE FORGOTTEN YOUR FAMILY! You've let yourself become a prisoner of the games! What would Bob think of you now?
Matrix: [softly] Bob...
[Enzo holds up a golf ball.]
Enzo: There can be only one. [holds the ball in front of his right eye] Be seeing you.

Episode 31 - The Episode With No Name

Turbo: Where in the code have you been, Matrix?
Matrix: Game hopping. After Megabyte shot Bob into the Web, I was Mainframe's only hope. But I was only a little sprite. I played a game I couldn't win. Instead of being deleted, AndrAIa, Frisket, and I stayed with the game. We've been trying to get home ever since...
Turbo: You haven't been away for as long as you think. By my reckoning, you should only be 1-1.
Matrix: What?!
Turbo: Don't you know game time is accelerated? You compiled up faster in there relative to our time.
Matrix: Then there's still hope for all of them! Especially Bob!

Matrix: You were gonna warn me about something?
Turbo: (indicating glowing vein-like patterns on his temples and icon) This. It's the infection. But I'm strong, I can still fight it.
Matrix: Megabyte?
Turbo: No. Much worse. A super virus - Daemon. She's infected the entire Guardian collective, except for you...
Matrix: ...And Bob. But I'm only a cadet, version 1.
Turbo: Yeah. But you're clean.

Episode 32 - Return of The Crimson Binome

[opening monologue for episode 32]
Enzo: I come from the Net. I search through systems, peoples, and cities, for this sprite!—Bob, my friend. My format: I have no format. I am a renegade, lost in the Web.

Mr. Christopher: Maybe we should turn ourselves in. It could be our only chance to show a profit!

Capacitor: (Frisket just leapt toward the Captain and he froze him with his sword, Frisket's teeth showing) Glory be! I know those teeth! (Matrix and AndrAIa round the corner) Bail up, ye knave, or I'll-
Matrix: Gavin, wait!
Capacitor: How do ye know me true name?
Matrix: I'm Matrix. Enzo Matrix. Dot's brother?
Capacitor: Not little Enzo!
Matrix: Not any more... They call me Matrix.
Capacitor: OK, Matrix... Where's me dear friend, Dot? Is she with ye? By the code, how I've missed her!
Matrix: So have I...
Capacitor: And Bob?
Matrix: He's in the Web.
Capacitor: The Web?! He be done for!

Episode 33 - The Edge Of Beyond


Episode 34 - Web Riders On The Storm

Enzo: Bob! [starts to run over to tackle Bob]
Bob: Woah! [holds out his hands, causing Enzo to stop] I think you're a little too big for that!

Episode 35 - Mousetrap

[Matrix has pulled Gun on both Ray and the Web Riders]
Ray: (in the Riders' language) Handbag...teakettle....barbeque!
Tall Rider: What in the web is he talking about?
Short Rider: I think he wants us to calm down!

[The Saucy Mare is being attacked by huge bolts of energy and has powered down]
Matrix: I can see through the shielding. It's getting worse out there. The charges are increasing in frequency and strength. We're like rats caught in a trap.
Bob: Or mice. That's it! This is one of Mouse's traps! She's the only other sprite who knew Mainframe's address. She's sealed and protected the location.
Matrix: Mouse.... We might have stood a chance against the Guardians, but Mouse?
Bob: I know... This is bad. Very bad.

Episode 36 - Megaframe

[opening monologue for episodes 36 to 39]
Dot: I look to the net.I search through systems, peoples and cities, for these sprites: My family. My format: of what was once Mainframe. Reboot!

Slash: Bob, who is that big green fellow?
Bob: That's...Enzo.
Hack: Oh. Enzo. It is a good thing he is on our side.
Slash: You bet.
Both: ....ENZO?!
Slash: Oh my goodness.
Hack: Oh, boy, wait til she sees you!
Slash: Oh yeah!
Hack: She is gonna have a connection!
Slash: Come on, let's go see Dot!
Bob and Matrix: Dot?!
Hack: Yes, we have been taking very good care of Dot!
Slash: Oh yeah, very good.
Hack: Very good indeed!
Slash: Just like a baby in our arms.
Hack: Just like! Goodness, I wonder what happened to his eye.
Slash: Gee I dunno, but I wouldn't wanna see the other guy.

Hack: Dot, look!
Slash: We have brought you a surprise!
Hack: Yes, a very big surprise!
Slash: Huge! (they present Matrix, and Dot looks at him curiously)
Matrix: Uh- hi, sis...
Dot: Enzo...? Enzo... (hugs him while crying) Oh, Enzo! I thought you were nullified... I thought I'd lost everything...
Matrix: I had a promise to keep. I brought Bob home.
Dot: Bob's here?

(Bob is being passionately kissed by Mouse)

Bob: It's...nice to see you too, Mouse...

Episode 37 - Showdown

Megabyte: Why, yes, it is... Young Enzo Matrix, home from the games. My, how you've grown. And such toys... Does your sister know you're playing with them? Where is that annoying chatter of yours? "Megabreath" this and "Megabarf" that. Why don't you put that gun away, boy, and try fighting like a real sprite?

Megabyte: (about to fight Matrix) Still the pretender, aren't you, boy? Where's your sister to protect you now? Better yet, where's your firewall? I shall enjoy this...

Megabyte: You are become an annoyance, boy!
Matrix: Trust me, it gets worse!
Megabyte: IT DOES NOT! (punches the ceiling, releasing a block that sends Matrix sliding down the stairway)

[Matrix pins down Megabyte and aims his trident at his head]
Megabyte: You can't do this... It goes against everything you stand for...
Matrix: You took away my life, destroyed my home, caused nothing but pain and suffering to everyone I held dear! [strikes to the side of Megabyte's head, to his surprise] Surprised? Don't be. You're not worth it. Mainframe will always endure. Remember this defeat, this humiliation. Remember you can never win. [Makes Megabyte fall onto the beam]
Megabyte: No. YOU remember, boy. How I turned defeat into victory! How I left you with a dying system! (Activating the portal of the supercomputer, control it at the end of the beam, and walk with one leg to go near the portal of the supercomputer)
Mouse: (Watching Megabyte on the VidWindow) Oh, no you don't. (Hacking a small panel) One last double cross, sugar?! (Pressed the button for switching the portal of the supercomputer into the web portal by trapping Megabyte into the web, while Megabyte is touching the portal; the web creature tentacles came out of the portal and grab Megabyte into it)
Megabyte: NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!
Ray: (Gets out of the portal) Good day, mates! Who was that guy? He seemed to be miffed.
Matrix: Surfer! (Light glow teleported Bob in front of him) Bob!
Bob: So, what'd I miss? (Feeling Principal Office is shaking, look around and look at the city of Mainframe is falling) The System! It's shutting down! This is bad...
Matrix: Very bad.

Episode 38 - System Crash


Megabyte: I won't you...

Bob: Try and... stop me!

Mike Heeey! Is there rumor of this private show for cameo by everyone's favorite talking television?


Bob: Phong, how are we doing?
Phong: The news is not good, my son.
Bob: What do you mean?
Phong: We have survived Megabyte's bane, but Mainframe is still...doomed.

Episode 39 - End Prog

[Mainframe is being fully restored along with all deleted residents]
Phong: Oh thank the User! We are saved!

[Another Enzo, in his original appearance, has just knocked Bob down]
Little Enzo: Hey Bob, what happened to your hair? It's so cool! And your costume? Alphanumeric! Can I have a costume like that? Or is that just a Guardian thing? Well, one day I'm gonna be a Guardian too, and then you'll see! So are we going jet-balling again? You promised we would if I did my homework.
[Matrix and AndrAIa realise that Matrix still has his icon set to Game Sprite mode]
Little Enzo: Hey! Who's the big ugly green guy?

Mike the TV: This is Mike the TV coming to you live from the heart of downtown Mainframe! The city has been restored, and all our heroes can take a well-earned break. Soooooo, I guess that leaves me in charge! Ha ha ha ha! Hey! Hey, hey, where're you going? Wait, wait, there's more! A special offer! For those viewers out there who missed ReBoot season 3 and have no idea what's going on, we proudly present, for your appreciation, this cycle only, the marvellous, magnificent Mainframe Strolling Players!

Season 4


Episode 40 - Daemon Rising

[Nulls have completely covered a glowing Hexadecimal, and Nibbles has just joined the pile]
Nulls: I live, daughter... Help...!
Bob: Whoa. Now that's new.
Dot: Enzo..?
[Little Enzo looks as though he is about to cry]
Matrix: I- I can't believe it...
AndrAIa: What is it? You two look like you've seen a ghost.
Little Enzo: Sis...That's dad isn't it? That's our dad!
Bob: What?
Dot: Bob...that's our father. That thing is Welman Matrix.

Episode 41 - Cross Nodes

[opening monologue for episodes 41 through 44]
Daemon: I am Daemon. I am the Word. My format: Supervirus. My function: To bring unity to the Net. All must hear the Word.

Episode 42 - Whats Love Got To Do With It?

(AndrAIa is telling Daemon of her love for Matrix)
AndrAIa: You should have seen us fight that first game together. He was so brave. He said he was a Guardian! Showing off to impress the girl. I knew he wasn't a Guardian, of course, I could hear everything they said, but...I didn't care. I was in love. It was love at first sight.

[The newborn Hexadecimal and Megabyte gaze around Lost Angles, Mainframe's ruined twin city.]
Hexadecimal: I LIKE it here!

Dixon: One more virus for the deletion chamber.
Bob: He can hear you.
Dixon: So? Hey, Killabyte! Ready for oblivion?
Bob: Do you have to be so callous?
Dixon: It's a virus, cadet. A dirty, no-use virus.
Bob: Look, you don't know his story, what made him this way, how-
Dixon: A User made him this way. A User programmed him to destroy, to infect, to corrupt. Why a User does such a thing is beyond our capacity to understand, so there's no point trying.
Bob: I don't believe a User would knowingly release a virus on the net.
Dixon: Why, I forgot who I was talking to! I suppose you've written a readme on the psyche of Users?
Bob: Well, actually, I-
Dixon: You're never gonna pass the finals, kid.
Bob: What?
Dixon: Guardians are here to mend and defend, OK? Not sit around trying to work out the way a User thinks and why viruses are introduced into systems. I'm just glad the Prime Guardian hasn't read any of your works.
Bob: I had a meeting with Turbo just last second. He really thought my ideas to reprogram viruses for the good were radical.
Dixon: 'Radical.' He used the word 'radical' and you think- What-the?!
Killabyte: RAAAAAAGHH! [breaks free of his restraints]

Episode 43 - Sacrifice

Daemon: I am Daemon. I am not an entity - I am a time. My time is now. The word is Cron.

Phong: How is Enzo taking your transformation?
Welman: Well...
Enzo: Hi, Phong! Dad's a null monster now! It's so cool! He can change shape and things! Hey, there's Frisket! [runs off]
Welman: Quite well actually.

Hexadecimal: I infect the entire net. I have spread through systems, peoples and cities from this place: Mainframe. My format: Virus. The Queen...of...Chaos! HA HA HA HA HA!

Episode 44 - My Two Bobs

[opening monologue for episodes 44 through 47]
Bob: I come from the Net. Through systems, networks, and sprites, to this place: Mainframe. My format: Guardian. To mend and defend. To defend my friends, their hopes, and dreams. To defend them from all of their enemies.

Enzo: Hey, it's Cecil, our foreign stereotype comic relief!

[Matrix, Bob and Frisket have arrived in a fighting game]
Bob: [sighs] No Glitch, no game stats...
Matrix: No problem. This one was old when I was young. I can't believe the User still plays it.
Bob: You've played this one before?
Matrix: Oh yeah. Welcome to the dojo level of Pantsu Hebi... [strikes a few poses with requisite sounds] ...X! Basic multi-level fight game...with a twist.
Bob: Okay. What do we do?
Matrix: Wait.
Bob: What?
Matrix: This is the final level, Bob.
Bob: So, the User might not even get here?
Matrix: Maybe. The Game Sprites might defeat him.
Bob: This is good!
Matrix: But, if the User does make it this far, he's gonna have power-ups out the yin-yang.
Bob: This is not good.
Matrix: Let's see what we've got... C'mere, boy. Reboot! [reboots into a Son Gohan-esque boy, while Frisket turns into a small Pikachu-like creature] Oh no...
Frisket: Frisket! Frisket!
Bob: [sniggering] You were right though. Just like old times.
Matrix: Oh, you can laugh now. We know what you're gonna reboot as.
Bob: Okay... Reboot! [is trapped inside a small prism]
Matrix: Told you there was a twist.
Bob: This is bad.
Frisket: Frisket!

Bob: Frisket's really starting to freak me out now! Just tell me the point of this game. Why am I stuck in here?
Matrix: I'm a Pantsu Hebi trainer, you're a Pantsu Hebi X. A mutant creature. I keep you in that tiny container and release you to fight for me.
Bob: You keep creatures in cages and release them just to fight?
Matrix: Yeah.


Episode 45 - Lifes a Glitch

[In Rocky the Rabid Raccoon 2, Enzo has rebooted as a Anakin Skywalker-esque puppet]
Little Enzo: (speaking in a wooden, halting way) What are....these things??
Bob: You appear to be some sort of mannequin.
Little Enzo: Mannequin...? Badwalker??
Matrix: Oh, you aren't gonna be any help.
AndrAIa: Rocky's searching for a way in. It's time to do it, lover!
Matrix: Okay... Reboot! [he reboots as a Darth Vader-esque figure, while Bob and AndrAIa turn into a soldier and Barbie-style doll respectively]
Matrix: What happened to Phong and the idiots?
Phong: (in a Yoda voice) Yogurt, I am- *ahem!* (normal voice) I am.
Hack: *ahem* We're here.
Slash: Right in front of you. [they have rebooted as soda cans]
Hack: Yeah, and we heard the 'idiots' line.

[at the very edge of the game cube]
Phong: Perfect, this is!
AndrAIa: (putting down Phong and the game sampler) Good. You're certainly not low-fat yogurt.
Phong: The green button, you must press.
AndrAIa: (pushes it) We need to get back to the game!
Phong: Automatic, sampler is. Leave it, we can.
AndrAIa: Why are you talking like that?

Episode 46 - Null Bot of the Bride

[The wedding ceremony still hasn't started]
Bob: Is she here yet?
Matrix: Yeah.
Bob: Great.
Matrix: But we can't find Phong and Enzo.
Bob: What?
Matrix: Look, Bob, don't worry. We're on it. At least the bride showed up.
(Phong and Little Enzo arrive)
Bob: (pointedly) Go and get her.
Matrix: Oh. Uh... Yeah. Right.
Little Enzo: Wait. We've got someone else to do that.
(The music starts up and Dot arrives, led down the aisle by Welman in a robotic suit)
Matrix: Dad...?
Welman: You look beautiful, princess.
Dot: This is the happiest second of my life...

[Glitch Bob has returned to his original form, and the Bob Dot was marrying has transformed into a remodelled...]
Dot: M-Megabyte...?!
Megabyte: I see my charade is at an end. A pity... We would have made a perfect couple.
[Matrix looks frantically for Gun]
Mouse: Ugh, this dress don't come with a katana!
AndrAIa: I've got him.
Bob: No! He's mine!
Megabyte: I've missed you, Guardian. Welcome back.
Bob: Back and fully charged. Let's do it!

Episode 47 - Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus

[Megabyte has been captured and placed in a cell behind a firewall]
Megabyte: So I imagine the real Gateway command is in a safe place.
Bob: The safest.
Megabyte: Safer than the Archive? The Core room. [chuckles] Now why didn't I think of that?
Bob: You must be slipping, Megabyte.
Megabyte: You know, I really must congratulate you, Bob. It was the perfect trap.
Bob: Thank you, but I can't take the credit.
Megabyte: No, no, you never were the brains of the opposition, were you? I assume I have the lovely Dot Matrix to thank for my present circumstances.
Bob: Seems fair, after what you tried to do to her!
Megabyte: Oh, this must go a long way to satisfy your overactive sense of fair play.
[Bob and Matrix glare at him]
Matrix: Let's get this over with!
Megabyte: So what now? Deletion?
Bob: No. Just a scan. I don't believe in deletion.
Megabyte: You can't go against your code.
Bob: And neither can you. That's the problem. It's not your fault. You're programmed to be this way. We've just gotta work out a way to reprogram you.
Megabyte: So... I won't be a Virus?
Bob: That's the plan.
Megabyte: Ah... so, a fate worse than deletion. And they call me a monster.

Megabyte: Attention. As you are no doubt aware, the Principal Office is now under my complete control. You're probably looking forward to one of my erudite speeches about me, Megaframe, the new viral dawn, et cetera et cetera. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. There is no grand scheme here. This is about revenge. Viruses are predatory by design, and it is time for me to follow my function. Prepare yourselves... for the hunt!

Commercial Bumper


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TOM2: ReBoot will return in a moment.
TOM2: ReBoot now continues.
TOM2: That's It for ReBoot.....Sailor Moon is next.
SARA1: ReBoot will return in a moment.
SARA1: ReBoot now continues.
SARA1: That's It for ReBoot.....Sailor Moon is next.
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