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Rise of the Guardians is a 2012 American 3D computer-animated fantasy-adventure film based on William Joyce's The Guardians of Childhood book series and The Man in the Moon short film by Joyce and Reel FX. Peter Ramsey directed the film, while Joyce and Guillermo del Toro exec-produced. Produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures, it was released on November 21, 2012 to generally positive critical reception. This was the last DreamWorks Animation film to be distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Jack Frost[edit]

  • [From trailer; To Pitch] I am not afraid of you.
  • [From trailer] I love being on my own. No rules, no responsibilities... It's as good as it sounds.
  • [First lines] Darkness. That's the first thing I remember. It was dark, it was cold, and I was scared. But then... then I saw the Moon. It was so big, and it was so bright. It seemed to chase the darkness away. And when it did... I wasn't scared anymore. Why I was there and what I was meant to do, that I've never known, and a part of me wonders if I ever will.
  • My name is Jack Frost. How do I know that? The Moon told me so. But that was all he ever told me. And that was a long, long time ago.
  • SNOW DAY!!
  • [To the Man in the Moon] If there's something I'm doing wrong, can you... can you just tell me what it is? Because I've tried everything, and no one ever sees me! [receives no answer] You put me here! The least you can do is tell me... [almost tearfully] tell me why.
  • [After his prank causes everyone but Sandy to get knocked out] Whoops! [looks at the sleeping Guardians and their various dreams] Oh, I really wish I had a camera right now! [Sandy gives him a bemused look]
  • Pitch was right. I make a mess of everything.
  • [Has just remembered how he sacrificed his life for his sister as a human; to Baby Tooth] Did you - did you see that?! [Baby Tooth shakes negatively her head] It was - it was me! [picks her up excitedly] I had a family! I had a sister! I saved her! [laughs a little then looks up in awe at the moon; to the Man in the Moon] That's why you chose me. I'm... I'm a Guardian!
  • [Last lines] My name is Jack Frost, and I'm a Guardian. How do I know that? Because the Moon told me so. So when the Moon tells you something... believe it!


  • [To his elves] Still waiting for cookies!
  • [To the yeti who ruined his work] How many times have I told you to knock?
  • Now we are getting down to tacks of brass.
  • [To a yeti who's painting a toy robot blue] I don't like it. Paint it red.
  • [ To Jack and Bunny] Gentlemen, gentlemen. This is about Tooth. It's not a competition. But if it was... [He puts down his bag] I win!
  • [From trailer] We go by many names. And take many forms. We bring wonder and hope. We bring joy and dreams. We are the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy. We are the Easter Bunny and Santa. And our powers are greater than you ever imagined. It is our job to protect the children of the world. For as long as they believe in us, we will guard them with our lives...


  • [To Jack] Oh, you don't wanna race a rabbit, mate.
  • [To Jack] Oh, rack off, ya bloody show pony!
  • [In order to stop North from coming down a chimney, Bunny starts a fire] Ho, ho, ho!
  • [About Jamie] Sandy, knock him out. [Sandy makes a fist and Jamie looks worried] With the Dreamsand, y' gumbie!
  • [to Jack] Ya might wanna duck. [Jack ducks just as Bunny's boomerang passes where his head was]
  • [To yeti about the red eggs he's painting] Too Christmas-y, mate. Paint 'em blue. [the yeti groans as he has to repaint piles of red eggs]
  • [after he is not restored to his normal size and gets chased by Nightmares] I'm just a bunny!
  • [To two Nightmares chasing him] G'day, mate. [destroys them with his boomerangs]
  • [After Sandy is resurrected by the children's belief and saves the day] Mate, you are a sight for sore eyes!


  • [From trailer] Wings up, ladies, and take no prisoners!
  • [Admiring a girl's first lost tooth] Wait! It's her first tooth! Have you ever seen a more adorable lateral incisor in all of your life?! Look how she flossed!
  • [during North and Bunny's argument] Sorry. Not all of us get to work one night a year. Am I right, Sandy?
  • [Keeps Baby Tooth from beating up the Tooth mouse] Take it easy there, champ. He's one of us. Part of the European division.
  • [Jack, Bunny, North and Sandy show their respective bags of teeth] Wow! You guys collect teeth and leave gifts as fast as my fairies! [The boys suddenly look shocked] You guys have been leaving gifts, right? [Sandy begins nodding, then thinks, and shakes his head. The boys all share looks of embarrassment]

Pitch Black[edit]

  • [From trailer] It's time for fear to rule the world.
  • [Upon corrupting Cupcake's dream] What a pretty little nightmare!
  • [To the Man in the Moon] Don't look at me like that, old friend. You must have known this day would come. My nightmares are finally ready. Are your Guardians?
  • [Watching as Sandy is consumed by nightmares] I'd say "sweet dreams," but there aren't any left.
  • [After Jack destroys his tsunami of Nightmares and blasts him to the ground] Finally! Someone who knows how to have a little FUN!
  • We won't be needing any Christmas toys this year, thank you. Nor ever again! [a yeti groans as he has just finished repainting a giant stack of toys]
  • Maybe I want what you have. To be believed in. [Jack Looks up to Pitch] Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!


  • [When his friends stop believing] What's happened to you guys?
  • [To his toy rabbit, pretending it's the Easter Bunny] Okay, look. You and I are obviously at what they call "a crossroads". So, here's what's gonna happen. If it wasn't a dream, and if you are real, then you have to prove it. Like, right now. [doesn't get a response] I've believed in you for a long time, okay? Like, my whole life, in fact. [picks up the toy rabbit] So you kind of owe me now. You don't have to do much. Just a little sign so I know. [whispers] Anything. Anything at all. [Nothing happens] I knew it. [drops the toy rabbit dejectedly]
  • [Recalling to his sister Sophie the spectacle he made with his sled] ...I did this jump and it was amazing and I slide under a car and it was awesome! Then I was flying down this hill and I was like whoosh, whoosh, whoosh through all these cars, and then the sled hit this, this thing, and I was like way up in the air. [With his toy robot, he mimics flying in the air and crashes into his bed.] And then BAM! The sofa hit me, and, and see? [Opens his mouth; muffled, distorted] My tooth came out!


[Moonlight shines down on the Guardians, signifying the Man in the Moon's presence]
North: It's been a long time, old friend! What is big news?
[A silhouette of Pitch appears in the moonlight]
Bunny: It is Pitch!
[North pats his belly as if to say, "I told you so" to Bunny and turns his attention back to the Man in the Moon]
North: Manny, what must we do?
[Under the moonlight, a compartment opens to reveal a large crystal stand]
Tooth: Uh, guys, you know what this means?
North: He's choosing a new Guardian!
Bunny: What?! Why?!
North: Must be big deal. Manny thinks we need help.
Bunny: Since when do we need help?
Tooth: I wonder who it's gonna be. [Sandy conjures a sand four-leaf clover] Maybe the leprechaun?
Bunny: Please not the groundhog, please not the groundhog...
[Light from the crystal starts to take form, revealing the image of a young, hooded man carrying a staff.]
North: Jack Frost.
[Tooth's fairies swoon admiringly]
Bunny: Uh... I take it back, the groundhog's fine.
Tooth: [stares dreamily at the image, then quickly gathers herself] Well, as long as he helps to, uh, to protect the children, right?
Bunny: Jack Frost?! He doesn't care about children! All he does is freeze water pipes and mess with my egg hunts. Right? He's an irresponsible, selfish--
North: Guardian.
Bunny: Jack Frost is many things, but he is not a Guardian!

Mrs. Bennett: Jamie, hat! [Jamie stops, annoyed, as his mother puts a hat on his head] You don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose.
Jamie: Who's Jack Frost?
Mrs. Bennett: No one, honey. It's just an expression.
Jack: (indignant) Hey!

North: Hey, there he is! Jack Frost! [the guardians welcomingly look upon Jack Frost]
Jack: Wow. You gotta be kidding me. [the Yetis grab him] Hey, put me down.
North: [after Jack arrives at the North Pole] I hope the Yetis treated you well.
Jack: [sardonically] Oh, yeah. I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal.
North: Oh, good. That was my idea! You know Bunny, obviously.
Jack: Obviously.
North: [offscreen] And the Tooth Fairy.
Tooth: Hello, Jack. I've heard a lot about you. And your teeth!
Jack: My-my what?
Tooth: Open up! Are they really as wide as they say? Yes! [gasps] Oh, they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow. [the Tooth Fairies chitter enthused by Jack's presence] Girls, pull yourselves together. Let's not disgrace the uniform. [she and her Fairies fly off]
North: And Sandman. Sandy? [he doesn't wake up, he shoulder-bumps him] Sandy? WAKE UP! [he finally wakes up]
Jack: Hey, ho, anyone wanna tell me why I'm here? [Sandy raises his hand and tries to explain the situation using sand pictograms, leaving Jack confused] Uh, that's not really helping, but thanks, little man. [freezes an elf] I must've done something really bad to get you four together... [brightly] Am I on the naughty list?
North: Ha! On naughty list? You hold record. But no matter, we overlook. Now, we are wiping clean the slate.
Jack: How come?
Bunny: Ah, good question.
North: "How come?" I'll tell you how come. Because now, you are Guardian!
[An extravagant ceremony starts]
Jack: Hey, what are you doing? Get off me!
North: This is the best part!
[As the ceremony continues, a Yeti gives North the Ceremonial Book of Guardianship, then Jack looks on dumbstruck until he stops it with an icy strike of his staff]
Jack: What makes you think I want to be a Guardian?
[Beat, then North bursts into laughter]
North: Of course, you do. MUSIC!
[Elves begin playing a fanfare]
Jack: NO MUSIC! [An elf throws down its horn and stomps away. The Guardians stare at Jack in disbelief] This is all very flattering, but, uh, you don't want me. You're all hard work and deadlines, and I'm snowballs and fun times. I'm not a Guardian.
Bunny: Heh! Hey, that's exactly what I said!
Tooth: Jack, I don't think you understand what it is we do. [shows Jack the Globe of Belief] Each of those lights is a child.
North: A child who believes. And good or bad, naughty or nice, we protect them. [hears Tooth looking at Jack's mouth] Tooth! Fingers out of mouth.
Tooth: Oh, sorry. [to Jack, about his teeth] They're beautiful.
North: Okay. No more wishy-washy. Pitch is out there doing who knows what!
Jack: [laughs briefly] You mean the Boogeyman?
North: Yes! When Pitch threatens us, he threatens them as well.
Jack: All the more reason to pick someone more qualified.
North: "Pick"? You think we "pick"? No, you were chosen, like we were all chosen...by Man in Moon.
Jack: [looks at the Moon] What?
Tooth: Last night, Jack, he chose you.
Bunny: Maybe.
Jack: Man in the Moon? He talks to you?
North: You see, you cannot say "no", it is destiny.
Jack: W-Why wouldn't he tell me that himself? [pause] Oh, after 300 years, this is his answer? To spend eternity like you guys, cooped up in some...some hideout thinking of-of-of new ways to bride kids? No, no. That's NOT FOR ME!!! No offense.
Bunny: H-H-How is that not offensive?! Y'know what I think, I think we just dodged a bullet. I mean, what's this clown know about bringing joy to children, anyway?
Jack: Uh, ya ever hear of a snow day? I know it's no "hard-boiled egg," but kids like what I do.
Bunny: But none of 'em believe in you, do they? Y'see, you're invisible, mate. It's like you don't even exist.
Tooth: Bunny! Enough!
Jack: No. The kangaroo's right.
Bunny: The what? What did you call me? I'm not a kangaroo, mate!
Jack: [sarcastically] Oh, and this whole time I thought you were. If you're not a kangaroo, what are you?
Bunny: I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny! People believe in me.
[Sandy exhales and bumps North's leg with his hand]
North: Jack, walk with me.

[North is giving Jack a tour of his workshop]
Jack: Hey, slow down, would ya? I've been trying to bust in here for years, I want a good look!
North: (sternly yet amused) What do you mean "bust in"?
Jack: Oh, don't worry. I never got past the yetis. [to a yeti who is giving him a menacing look; casually] Oh, hey, Phil.
North: Keep up, Jack! Keep up!
Jack: [seeing all of North's yetis assembling toys] I always thought the elves made the toys.
North: (whispering) We just let them believe that. [to a group of elves, assembling a rickety toy] Very nice! Keep up good work!
[Jack gives an amused smile]

North: [claps his hands a few times, offers Jack fruitcake] Fruitcake?
Jack: Uh, no thanks.
North: [throws the dish away] Now we get down to tacks of brass.
Jack: "Tacks of..."? [the door locks behind him]
North: Who are you, Jack Frost? What is your center?
Jack: My "center"?
North: If Man in Moon chose you to be a Guardian, you must have something very special inside. Hmm. [he explains to Jack what a "center" is, using a Matryoshka doll] There. This is how you see me, no? Very big, intimidating. [laughs] But if you get to know me a little... [throws the doll the Jack] Well, go on.
Jack: [takes the doll apart] You are downright jolly?
North: Ah, but not just jolly! [as Jack takes the doll apart even further] I am also mysterious. And fearless. And caring. And at my center? [shows Jack the center of his doll]
Jack: [dryly] There's a tiny wooden baby.
North: Look closer. What do you see?
Jack: You have big eyes...
North: Yes! Big eyes, very big, because they are full of wonder. That is my center. It is what I was born with, eyes that have only seen the wonder in everything! Eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air. This wonder is what I put into the world! And what I protect in children. It is what makes me a Guardian. It is my center. What is yours?
Jack: I don't know.
[Jack tries to give back the doll but North signals him to keep it]

[North, Bunny and Sandy are taking Jack to Tooth's palace]
Jack: I told you, I'm not going with you guys! There is no way I'm climbing into some rickety, old... sleigh. [sees North's impressive sleigh] Okay. One ride, but that's it.
North: Everyone loves the sleigh. [everyone except Bunny climbs in] Bunny, what are you waiting for?
Bunny: (nervously) I think my tunnels might be faster, mate. And, uh... and safer.
North: Ach, get in! [grabs Bunny and puts him in the sleigh] Buckle up!
Bunny: (scared) Whoa, whoa, whoa! WHERE ARE THE BLOODY SEATBELTS?!
North: Ha! That was just expression!

Pitch: Hang on, is that... Jack Frost? Since when are you all so chummy?
Jack: We're not.
Pitch: Oh, good; a neutral party. Then, I'm going to ignore you. But, you must be used to that, by now...
Bunny: Pitch, you shadow-sneaking ratbag, come here! [Attacks, but Pitch moves]
[Tooth grabs one of Bunny's boomerangs and attacks at Pitch's new location, shouting in war cry, but a Nightmare appears and screeches at her]
Pitch: Whoa! Hey! Easy, girl, easy. Look familiar, Sandman? Took me a while to perfect this little trick. Turning dreams into Nightmares. [about his nightmares] Don't be nervous, it only riles them up more. They smell fear, you know.
Bunny: What fear? Of you? No one's been afraid of you since the Dark Ages!
Pitch: Oh, the Dark Ages. Everyone frightened. Miserable! Such happy times for me. Oh, the power I wielded! But then the Man in the Moon chose you to replace my fear with your wonder and light, lifting their hearts and giving them hope. Meanwhile, everyone wrote me off as... just a bad dream! "Oh, there's nothing to be afraid of!" "There's no such thing as the Boogeyman!" Well, that's all about to change! [Tooth's palace begins to slowly disintegrate] Oh, look. It's happening already.
Jack: What is?
[Tooth Gasps in Shock]
[at the Flashback]
Pitch: Children are waking up, [Sounds of children in the background] and realizing the Tooth Fairy never came. [Back in Tooth's Wide Eye in Shocked] It's such a little thing, but to a child...
Jack: [to Tooth] What's going on?
Tooth: (shocked) They... they don't believe in me anymore.
Pitch: Didn't they tell you, Jack? It's great being a Guardian, but there's a catch: If enough kids stop believing, everything your friends protect — wonder, hopes and dreams, it all goes away. And, little by little, so do they. No Christmas, or Easter, or little fairies that come in the night. There will be nothing but fear, and darkness... and me. It's your turn not to be believed in.

[Pitch and his nightmares have raided Tooth's palace, stealing the teeth and kidnapping all but one of her fairies]
Jack: I'm sorry about the fairies.
Tooth: You should have seen them. They put up such a fight...
Jack: Why would Pitch take the teeth?
Tooth: It's not the teeth he wanted. It's the memories inside them.
Jack: What do you mean?
Tooth: That's why we collect the teeth, Jack. They hold the most important memories of childhood. [leads Jack to a mural depicting her duties as the Tooth Fairy] My fairies and I watch over them, and when someone needs to remember what's important, we help them. We had everyone's here. [touches Jack's shoulder] Yours, too.
Jack: My memories?
Tooth: From when you were young; before you became Jack Frost.
Jack: But... I wasn't anyone before I was Jack Frost.
Tooth: [puzzled] Well, of course you were. We were all someone before we were chosen.
Jack: [shocked] What?
North: [chuckling] You should have seen Bunny. Ha ha!
Bunny: Hey, I told you never to mention that!
Jack: That night at the pond, I just-- I-I assumed... So you're saying, I had a life before that, with... with a home, and... and a family?!
Tooth: [surprised] You really don't remember?
Jack: All these years, the answers were right here. If I find my memories, then I'll know why I'm here. You have to show me!
Tooth: I-I can't Jack. Pitch has them.
Jack: [stops for a moment] Then we have to get them back!
Tooth: [notices her feathers falling off her body, then gasps] Oh no! The children. We're too late.
North: No! No! No such thing as "too late"! Hmm. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. wait. [points his sword at Bunny] Idea! Ha! We will collect the teeth!
Tooth: What?!
North: We collect teeth, children keep believing in you!
Tooth: We're talking 7 continents, millions of kids--!
North: Give me break. You know how many toys I deliver in one night?
Bunny: [steps up] And eggs I hide in one day?
North: And Jack, if you help we will get you your memories.
Jack: [after a moment's contemplation] I'm in!

[Jack and Tooth collect the tooth Jamie lost the other day]
Tooth: Left central incisor knocked out in a freak sledding accident. I wonder how that could've happened, Jack?
Jack: [looking at Jamie's drawing of his sledding adventure; embarrassed] Kids, huh?
Tooth: [gives Jack an amused smile and leaves a coin under Jamie's pillow] This was always the part I liked most - seeing the kids... Why did I ever stop doing this?
Jack: Hmm. It's a little different up close, huh?
Tooth: Thanks for being here, Jack. [touches his shoulder, looking guilty] I wish I'd know about your memory. I could have helped you...
Jack: Yeah, well... Look, let's just get you taken care of, then it's Pitch's turn.

[North's antics suddenly wake up Jamie]
Jamie: [shining his flashlight on each] Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? Sandman? The Tooth Fairy! I knew you'd come!
Tooth: Surprise! We came! [laughs awkwardly]
Jack: [stunned] He can see us?
Bunnymund: Most of us.
[Jamie looks around, seeing all but Jack, whose face falls as he realizes that he is still invisible]

[After Sandy's "funeral"]
North: Are you alright?
Jack: ...I just... I just wish I could have done something...
North: Done something? Jack, you stood up to Pitch! You saved us!
Jack: But... Sandy--
North: -Would be proud of what you did. [Jack stares up at him, then stands up, pulling his hood down] I don't know who you were in your past life, but in this life, you are Guardian.
Jack: How can I know who I am... until I find out who I was?
North: You will. I feel it. [pause] In my belly!
[Jack smiles]

[The Guardians find Jamie's toddler sister Sophie in Bunny's warren]
Bunny: What is SHE doing HERE?!
North: [feels around his coat] Uh, snow globe...
Bunny: Crikey! Somebody do something!
Jack: [holds hands up, amused] Don't look at me. I'm invisible, remember?
Sophie: [pulling an elf by its hat] Elf! Elf!
Tooth: Don't worry, Bunny. I bet she's a fairy fan. [strikes a pose in the air and approaches Sophie] It's okay, little one.
Sophie: Pretty!
Tooth: Aww. You know what? I've got something for you. Here it is! [holds out some teeth] Look at all the pretty teeth, with little blood and gum on them!
[Beat, then Sophie shrieks and runs away]
Jack: [laughing] Blood and gums? When was the last time any of you actually hung out with kids?
Sophie: [playing hide-and-go-seek with Bunny's eggs] PEEK-A-BOO!
North: We are very busy bringing joy to children. We don't have time... [realizes what he's saying] for children.
Jack: [creates a snowflake for Sophie to chase] If one little kid can ruin Easter, then we're in worse shape than I thought.

Jack: Look, I'm... I'm sorry. About... You know, the "Kangaroo" thing.
Bunny: It's the accent, isn't it?
[Jack chuckles]

[Jack and Baby Tooth follow a familiar voice to Pitch's lair]
Pitch: [from the shadows] Looking for something? [Jack shoots some ice at the voice, and flies around, looking for Pitch] Don't be afraid, Jack. [steps out from the shadows] I'm not gonna hurt you.
Jack: Afraid? I'm not afraid of you.
Pitch: Maybe not, but you are afraid of something.
Jack: You think so, huh?
Pitch: I know so. It's the one thing I always know: People's greatest fears. Yours is that no one will ever believe in you. [Pitch disappears again] And worst of all, you're afraid you'll never know why. Why you? Why were you chosen? To be like this? Well, fear not. For the answer to that is right here. [holds out the canister containing Jack's childhood teeth] Do you want them, Jack? Your memories? [Jack reaches for the canister, but withdraws his hand. Pitch disappears again] Everything you wanted to know, in this little box. Why did you end up like this? Unseen. Unable to reach out to anyone. You want the answers so badly. You want to grab them and fly off with them, but you're afraid of what the Guardians will think. You're afraid of disappointing them. Well, let me ease your mind about one thing: They'll never accept you. Not really.
Jack: Stop it! Stop it!
Pitch: After all, you're not one of them.
Jack: [firmly] You don't know what I am!
Pitch: Course I do! You're Jack Frost. You make a mess wherever you go. Why, you're doing it right now. [tosses Jack the canister]
Jack: What did you do?
Pitch: More to the point, Jack, what did you do?
[Pitch disappears, laughing. Furious, Jack lunges at him, but instead finds himself in a dark tunnel. He suddenly remembers that he left Baby Tooth behind. He tries to go back, but finds the tunnel blocked.]
Jack: Baby Tooth!
Pitch: [disembodied] Happy Easter, Jack.
[Jack turns around and discovers, to his horror, that Pitch destroyed Bunny's Easter eggs.]
Jack: No...

[Easter is late and children have stopped believing in Bunny]
Bunny: [heartbroken] They don't see me. They don't see me.
[As Tooth tries to console Bunny, Jack returns from his encounter with Pitch]
North: Jack! Where were you? The Nightmares attacked the tunnels. They smashed every egg, crushed every basket, NOTHING made it to the surface.
Tooth: [flies over to them] Jack! [notices the canister Jack is holding and gasps] Where did you get that?
Jack: [not sure how to explain] I was... It's...
Tooth: [worried] Where's Baby Tooth? [Jack looks away in guilt] [shocked] Oh, Jack. What have you done?
North: [also shocked] That is why you weren't here? You were with Pitch?!
Jack: No! Listen, listen. [sighs, on the verge of tears] I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen.
Bunny: [walks over; coldly] He has to go.
Jack: What?
Bunny: [furiously] WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE TRUSTED YOU! [prepares to punch Jack; Jack backs away in fear and shock; drops his arm, dejected] Easter is new beginnings. New life. Easter's about hope. Now it's gone. [walks away]
[Jack turns to North and Tooth, but they just turn their backs on him. Despondent, Jack drops North's nesting doll and flies away. No one stops him]

Pitch: [approaches Jack in Antarctica] I thought this might happen. They never really believed in you. I was just trying to show you that. [as he spoke, Jack got angry] But I understand.
Jack: [wheels around and shoots ice at Pitch with his staff, but he blocks it with his black sand] You don't understand anything! [shoots more ice at Pitch, but he also blocks it]
Pitch: No?! I don't know what it's like to be cast out! [shoots black sand at Jack, but he avoids it; Jack screams as he leaps into the air and shoots ice at him and their powers collide, causing snow to fly all over, then it clears] To not be believed in! [A rage-filled Jack aims his staff at him] To long for a family. [Jack lowers his staff] All those years in the shadows I thought, no one else knows what this feels like. But now I see I was wrong. We don't have to be alone, Jack. I believe in you. And I know children will too.
Jack: In me?
Pitch: Yes! Just look at what we can do! [gestures to the sculpture of ice and black sand during their fight] What goes better together than cold and dark? We can make them believe! We'll give them a world where everything, everything is--!
Jack: Pitch black?
Pitch: [beat] And Jack Frost, too. They'll believe in both us.
Jack: No, they'll fear both of us. And that's not what I want. Now, for the last time, leave me alone. [walks away from Pitch]
Pitch: [confused and hurt] Very well. You want to be left alone? Done! But first...
Jack: [turns and sees Pitch holding Baby Tooth] Baby Tooth! [aims his staff at Pitch again]
Pitch: The staff, Jack! You have a bad habit of interfering. Now hand it over, and I'll let her go.
[Baby Tooth desperately shakes her head as Jack kept his staff aimed at Pitch until he lowers it, then gives it to Pitch, who takes it from him.]
Jack: [holds out his hand] Alright, now let her go.
Pitch: [smirks] No. You said you wanted to be alone. So be alone!
[Baby Tooth pecks Pitch by his thumb with her beak, causing him to yell in pain and throw her into a chasm.]
Jack: No!
[Pitch breaks the staff. With a strangled cry, Jack feels pain in his chest, but before he could do anything, Pitch blasts him with black sand and Jack hits the wall of the chasm then falls into the hole. Pitch laughs evilly as he drops the broken staff into the hole.]

Jack: It's okay. It's okay. Don't look down. Just look at me.
Jack's sister: Jack, I'm scared. [the ice cracks under her feet]
Jack: I-I know, I know. [the ice cracks under his feet] But you're gonna be alright. You're not gonna fall in. Uh... We're gonna have a little fun instead.
Jack's sister: No we're not!
Jack: Would I trick you?
Jack's sister: Yes! You always play tricks!
Jack: [chuckles nervously] Well, not-not-not this time. I promise, I promise you're gonna be-you're gonna be fine. You have to believe in me [pause] You wanna play a game? We're gonna play hopscotch. Like we play every day. Uh, it's as easy as, uh, 1... [the ice cracks as he walks on it, his sister laughs] Whoa...2...3! [grabs his future staff] Alright, now it's your turn. 1... [the ice cracks as she tries to walk off] That's it, that's it. 2...3. [he reaches out and throws her sister off the cracks, then he falls to his death] WHOA!
Jack's sister: JACK!!!

[Pitch gleefully dances on the Globe of Belief at the North Pole, snuffing out lights]
Pitch: Only 6 left! Six precious children who still believe in the Guardians with all their hearts! Make that... [snuffs one out] 5! [snuffs out another one] 4! [snuffs out another one] 3! [snuffs out two at the same time, his ecstasy escalating] 2! [snaps his fingers three times, but the last light doesn't go out; cold and angry] 1!
Jack: [looks at Pitch's globe and excitedly realizes who it is] Jamie!

[The rabbit Jack conjured up explodes into snowflakes]
Jamie: Whoa! [laughs, then stops, confused] Snow...? [a snowflake lands on Jamie’s nose, and his eyes widen] ...Jack Frost!
Jack: Did he just say...?
Jamie: Jack Frost?
Jack: [gasps, shocked] He said it again! He said... You said...
Jamie: [finally turns around and gapes at Jack] Jack Frost!
Jack: That's right! But-but that's me! Jack Frost! That's my name! [looks at Jamie, amazed] You said my name! [Jamie continues to gape at him, which he slowly realizes] Wait, can... Can you hear me? [Jamie nods] Can you... [leans in closer] Can you see me? [Jamie nods again, beginning to smile. Jack chokes out a laugh] He sees me! He... HE SEES ME! [laughs, and back flips onto Jamie's desk]
Jamie: You just made it snow!
Jack: I know!
Jamie: In my room!
Jack: [excitedly] I KNOW! [leaps off the desk]
Jamie: You're real?!
Jack: Yeah, man! Who do you think brings you all the blizzards, and-and the snow days?! And you remember when you went flying on that sled the other day?
Jamie: That was you?!
Jack: That was me!
Jamie: Cool!
Jack: Right?!
Jamie: But... what about the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy? I mean, like, what about-?
Jack: Real! Real, real! [picks up Jamie's toy rabbit] Every one of us is real.
Jamie: I knew it!
Mrs. Bennett: [from downstairs] Jamie! Who are you talking to?
Jamie: Um... [looks at Jack, who smiles and nods, as if to say; "go ahead"] Jack Frost?
Mrs. Bennett: [laughs, exasperated] OK.
[Jack and Jamie laugh, but are then interrupted by a commotion outside]

[The sleigh crashes in the middle of the road in front of Jamie's house and the reindeer run off]
North: Ah, moi deti! Come back!
Tooth: North, are you okay?
North: Is official: my powers are kaput.
Tooth: [spots Jack flying down] Look! Jack! [climbs out of the sleigh and falls, unable to fly] Jack!
Jack: [helps her back up] You OK?
Tooth: [embarrassed] Mm-hmm.
North: What are you doing here?
Jack: Same as you.
[Jamie comes out of his house, looking at the Guardians in wonder]
North: The last light!
Jamie: Wow, it is you! I mean it is you! I knew it wasn't a dream! [beams at Jack]
North: [realizes what this means] Jack, he sees you!
Jack: [playfully nudges Jamie, but then realizes something] But... Where's Bunny?
North: Losing Easter took its toll upon all of us. Bunny most of all.
[Bunny, now shrunken down to the size of a real rabbit, emerges from the sleigh]
Jack: Oh, no...
Jamie: [giggles, unsure] That's the Easter Bunny?
Bunny: [frustrated] Now somebody sees me! I mean, where were you about an hour ago, mate?
Jamie: [to the Guardians] What happened to him? He used to be huge and cool, and now he's... cute. [tickles Bunny under his chin, who begins to respond, before shaking him off]
Bunny: [points to Jack] Did you tell him to say that? [attacks Jack's leg then takes up a fighting stance] That's it, let's go! Me and you, c'mon!
Jamie: No! Actually, he told me you were real. Just when I started to think maybe you weren't.
Bunny: [amazed] He made you believe? In me?
[Jamie nods and Bunny stares at Jack, touched]

[Pitch approaches the weakened Guardians and Jamie]
Jamie: Jack, I'm scared!
[Jack puts his hand on Jamie's shoulder and goes to reassure him, but flashes back to his sister on the pond]
Jack's sister: Jack, I'm scared!
Jack: I know, but you're gonna be alright, [returns to the present, to himself] we're gonna have a little fun instead! That's it, that's my center!
[Jamie looks confused]
Pitch: [taunting] So, what do you think Jamie? Do you believe in the Boogey-- [gets hit in the face by one of Jack's snowballs causing the Guardians and Jamie to laugh while the Nightmares look confused]
Jack: [spots some nearby trashcan lids, to Jamie] Now let's go get your friends.

[Jamie is floating outside Pippa's window trying to get her attention]
Pippa: Jamie, how are you doing that?!
Jamie: [gestures behind him] Jack Frost! Come on, we need your help! [flies off]
Pippa: [one of Jack's magic snowflakes lands on her nose and Jack becomes visible to her, flying off with Jamie] Hey, is that...?
Monty: [from next door] Jack Frost!

Jack: [to the scared kids] They're just bad dreams, Jamie.
Bunnymund: And we'll protect you, mate.
Pitch: Aw, you'll protect them? But who will protect you?
Jamie: [steps forward] I will.
Cupcake: I will.
Claude: I will!
Caleb: I will!
Pippa: And me.
Monty: [nervously but courageously] I'll try.
Pitch: [sends waves of nightmare sand at everyone from all sides] Still think there's no such thing as the Boogeyman?
Jamie: [steps forward determinedly] I do believe in you. I'm just not afraid of you!
[Jamie touches the Nightmare sand and it turns into Dreamsand, restoring the Guardians' powers]

North: [to Jack while watching the snowball fight he started] Your center?
Jack: Well, it took awhile, but I figured it out.
[North tosses a nesting doll of Jack to him and they share a smile before North is hit by a snowball. Both turn to see Claude and Caleb pointing at an elf desperately]
North: [laughs] You're all on Naughty List! Bunny, think fast! [hits Bunny in the face with a snowball]
Pitch: [regains consciousness and, seeing the guardians and the children having fun throwing snowballs, looks surprised and disgusted. He sees a dream sand manta ray flying over him and narrowly ducks and dodges it] You dare have fun in my presence?! I am the Boogeyman, and you will fear me! [Pitch runs at a laughing Jamie and ends up running right through him, making him realize he is invisible] NO! [gasps] No...!

North: [to Pitch after he tries to run, bumps into North, and gets knocked backward] Leaving the party so soon?
Tooth: You didn't even say goodbye. [tosses him a quarter]
Pitch: [disbelievingly] A quarter?
Tooth: [punches him, knocking out one of his teeth] And that's for my fairies! [the fairies chirp their approval]
Pitch: [gets up] You can't get rid of me. Not forever. There will always be fear.
North: [dismissively] So what? As long as one child believes, we will be here to fight fear.
Pitch: [gestures to his Nightmares who have just appeared] Really? Then what are they doing here?
[The Guardians look at the Nightmares milling all around them and feel no fear]
North: [laughs with no fear] They can't be my nightmares, I'm not afraid. [Pitch begins to look worried]
Jack: Looks like it's your fear they smell.
Pitch: [now terrified] No! [tries to run from his own pursuing Nightmares but gets caught and swarmed by them. The nightmares then drag a screaming Pitch under the broken bed and into the hole to his lair. The bed disintegrates as Pitch is dragged into the hole underneath it and the hole closes up.] NOOO!

[After the children's belief is restored and Pitch has been defeated]
North: Are you ready now, Jack? To make it official? [Jack smiles, yes. A yeti hands North the Guardian's book] Then is time you take oath. Will you, Jack Frost, vow to watch over the children of the world? To guard them with your life, their hopes, their wishes and their dreams, for they are all that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be?
Jack: [turns to Jamie, who nods, then turns back to North] I will.
North: Then congratulations, Jack Frost, for you are now, and forevermore, a Guardian.

Jamie: You're leaving? But what if Pitch comes back? What if we stop believing again? If I can't see you...
Jack: Hey, slow down, slow down. Are you telling me that you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up?
Jamie: No.
Jack: OK, well, do you stop believing in the sun when the clouds block it out?
Jamie: No.
Jack: We'll always be there, Jamie. And now we'll always be here. [points to Jamie's heart] Which kinda makes you a Guardian too. [walks away]
Jamie: Jack! [runs forward and hugs a stunned Jack who quickly returns the embrace]


  • This November, legends become heroes.
  • Naughty, nice. You better believe.
  • Legends unite.
  • When darkness falls, the Guardians will rise.
  • From the Creators of How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Jack Frost Is More Than A Myth.
  • Santa Claus Is More Than A Legend.
  • The Easter Bunny Is More Than A Fable.
  • The Sandman Is More Than A Dream.
  • The Tooth Fairy Is More Than A Fairy Tale.
  • Pitch Is More Than A Nightmare.


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