Samia Suluhu Hassan

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Samia Suluhu Hassan

Samia Suluhu Hassan (born 27 January 1960) is a Tanzanian politician. She is currently the 6th and current President of Tanzania since 19 March 2021. Previously, she served as the Vice President in 2015–2021 and Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment in 2005–2010.


  • We are friends with almost every country on the planet. We are not enemies with anybody. We respect the views of those we do not agree with, even as we continue to defend ours as a responsibility passed down from our forefathers.
  • "We're here everybody with masks on our faces - and when I see people with masks on faces it reminds me in our village, when we go and do the herding with the goats, we protect them [with a muzzle] from eating the crops on the way… so we cover them the same way we are doing today… we have to do it." [1]
  • "God has blessed these two countries to be neighbours. We have land and sea borders. And even our ecology is one. Even our animals are family and neighbours.[2]

"There are these animals wildebeests, that come to get pregnant in Kenya and deliver in Tanzania… Now, if the animals had citizenship, what nationality would they be?" [3]

  • "A woman is like a tea bag; you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water,” [1]
  • “We will continue the good work achieved during the previous administrations, change where necessary but with a view to promoting efficiency and productivity, guided by the national, regional and party manifestos,” [2]
  • “The level of vaccine inequity that we see is appalling. It is truly disheartening to see that most of the countries have inoculated less than 2 per cent of the populace and thus need to seek more vaccines for our people,” [3]
  • “After the onset of the pandemic, we in Tanzania, and I believe in many other developing countries, were stuck in the twilight of protecting lives and livelihoods. Measures advocated by the WHO were geared towards protecting lives, however, an economy like Tanzania, consists of a bigger proportion people living on subsistence economy whom we need to keep afloat,” [4]
  • “the burden of expectation to deliver gender equality is heavier on my shoulders.”[5]
  • "This is a time to bury our differences, and be one as a nation," [6]
  • "This is not a time for finger pointing, but it is a time to hold hands and move forward together. [7]
  • Our pride the Mount Kilimanjaro is drastically becoming bolt due to glacier melting and we experiencing unpredictable floods and droughts, we experience all this despite our resolve to dedicate 48 million hectares to forest conservation as global service carbon sequestration" [8]
  • "We all know that if the world will not act accordingly the countries like ours with lower adaptive capacity have no options" [9]
  • "Tanzania we have in place the National Climatic Response strategy and the national determine contribution and introducing green house gases emissions economy wide between 30-35 by 2030" [10]
  • “We cannot be reading about COVID-19 in the world and when you reach sections about Tanzania, one find[s] gaps. I think we need to be clearer whether we accept or not,” [11]
  • “We should not give any room to say that we are suppressing media freedom,” [12]
  • “Our regulations should also be clear for every offence and their punishment. We should not use force to ban media platforms.” [13]
  • “The money will be used to promote policy changes and industry growth in the blue economy, finance for growth, gender equity, green energy, and smart cities, as well as the renovation of rural roads in the southern highlands region.” [14]

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