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Sinatra is a 1992 biographical mini-series about the life of singer Frank Sinatra.

Directed by James Steven Sadwith. Written by William Mastrosimone and Abby Mann.
The True Story Of The Man And The Legend. (taglines)


Dolly Sinatra: Just what the world needs, another punch-drunk palooka.

Marty Sinatra: Frankie! Hey, Frankie! Frankie! Come on, wake up! Hey! [Frank wakes up] C'mon. Why aren't you at work?
Frank Sinatra: Cuz I didn't go.
Marty Sinatra: What, first you quit your school, now you quit your job?
Frank Sinatra: Yeah.
Marty Sinatra: [short pause] Dolly! Hey, Dolly! Kid can't stick to anything! He's a quitter!
[Frank gets out of bed, takes out a pint of milk from the fridge]
Dolly Sinatra: [to Frank] What the hell's going on?
Frank Sinatra: Mom, pop. I made a decision. I can't do that work no more. I'm gonna find me work being a singer like - like Bing Crosby.
Dolly Sinatra: Forget Bing Crosby! Get your job back!
Marty Sinatra: You listen to your mother.
Frank Sinatra: No, I'm telling you! I'm going to be a singer. It's all I do in my free time and free time's not enough no more!
Marty Sinatra: Frankie. You work hard, then you go to college, otherwise your gonna end up like me, a guy that can't even read or write his own name!
Frank Sinatra: I'm not gonna end up like you, pop. I gotta do this.
Marty Sinatra: Than I don't gotta support you! You don't work! You don't live here! [takes the apple out of his hand] And I'll tell you somethin' else! [smashes the apple on the kitchen table] You don't eat here!
Frank Sinatra: Ma, tell him. I can do this. I - I can be someone.
Dolly Sinatra: You are someone. Your Frankie Sinatra--
Marty Sinatra: [angrily] He's not! [to Frank] I'll tell you... You pack your bags! Hit the bricks! Out! Cuz I didn't raise no kid to be no freeloader!
Frank Sinatra: Fine! [throws and smashes the pint of milk at the sink]
[Frank walks out]

Dolly Sinatra: [shouts] You get a good look around this country! People are starving, mister big shot! Our neighbours! And they can't feed the seven kids they've got! Never mind a new one on the way! You know most people in this world today! They'll make $75 a week like you, mister big shot! Most people don't make $75 a month and if they did, they wouldn't quit!
[Marty walks in]
Frank Sinatra: Hi, pop.
Marty Sinatra: I don't get it.
Frank Sinatra: Pop, I've learned a lot while I was on the road, but I'm a soloist.
Marty Sinatra: You couldn't be a soloist in a relief line. You're nothing but a quitter.
Frank Sinatra: Pop, I'm better than those bums. You don't know, you weren't there.
Marty Sinatra: Do you know what happens when cocky kids are in the ring? They go down. Down! Every time, down.
[walks away]
Frank Sinatra: Ma, I met a guy. Hank Sanicola, he's gonna manage me.
Dolly Sinatra: Your gonna kill us both if you don't straighten out.
Frank Sinatra: Ma, pop's wrong! I'm not going down! I'm going up!

Tommy Dorsey: So, what's your signature song gonna be?
Frank Sinatra: I don't want a song, I want a sound. You see, TD, if I can do with my voice what you can do with a trombone, I can knock the whole gang right off the charts.

Tommy Dorsey: When an entertainer is at the birth of his children, it means he's not working. You are!

Frank Sinatra: You have no right to stop me!
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: I don't want to stop you. I want you to be the greatest singer there is. I just don't want to lose you.

Tommy Dorsey: You know, not everyone thinks you are as talented as you do. Personally? I hope you fall flat on your face.

Bob Weitman: Okay, now lets cut through all the crap, boys. I'm still nervous about this. Frank, I think your a very talented singer but you got a soft voice. I can't see it coming up the Paramount.
George Evans: Don't worry about his voice filling up your Theatre, Bob. The girls will fill up your Theatre. [laughs]
Bob Weitman: I can't gamble on that.
Frank Sinatra: I filled the Mosque. I can fill the Paramount.
Bob Weitman: The Mosque is a small Theatre in Newark. We're talking about the Paramount.
Frank Sinatra: Exactly.

[during a New Year's Eve party, Nancy suddenly notices a heart shaped bracelet on Marilyn Maxwell's arm]
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Marilyn, I couldn't help but notice your bracelet. Where did you get it?
Frank Sinatra: [nervously] Hey, come on. We're gonna miss the new year.
Marilyn Maxwell: [to Nancy] From an old dear friend.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Did Frank give that to you?
[Marilyn tries to say something, but nervously looks over at Frank]
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: [angrily to Marilyn] I want you out of my house. Get out!

Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Maybe we should go away together. Just the two of us. No friends. No company. We'll send the kids to my parents house.
Frank Sinatra: Nance, I've got another picture.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Well, then when you come home at night we could spend our nights together.
Frank Sinatra: It shoots in New York.

[after Frank sings "That Old Black Magic"]
Ava Gardner: Surprise.
Frank Sinatra: Where's Howard?
Ava Gardner: Oh shut up.
[while their walking]
Ava Gardner: Are you showing me off, Francis?
Frank Sinatra: Damn right. Give me a kiss.
Ava Gardner: No, everybody's looking.
Frank Sinatra: You know why?
Ava Gardner: No.
Frank Sinatra: Every cat in here wants to be me and every chick wants to be you. [kisses her on the cheek]

Frank Sinatra: You think you, sweetheart, we'd give you permission to come to Houston with me?
Ava Gardner: I don't need permission. What's Houston?
Frank Sinatra: I'm open in a hotel there.
Ava Gardner: A hotel?
Frank Sinatra: Yeah. The breads good.
Ava Gardner: [sarcastically] Awwww, poor Francis, they got you opening hotels now?
Frank Sinatra: [angrily grabs Ava] What is it with you? It's not enough for you to have a guy, you have to screw with his head too?
[pause, they kiss]
Ava Gardner: Goodbye, Francis.
Frank Sinatra: Ava, for God's sake, what are you doing?
Ava Gardner: [shouts] Don't you ever grab me like that again!
Frank Sinatra: All right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Come on, your breaking my heart here.
Ava Gardner: Go home to your wife and kids. I'm not a home wrecker.
Frank Sinatra: You're not a home wrecker. It was over before New York.
Ava Gardner: Oh sure, does she know that?
Frank Sinatra: I never figured out how to tell her.
Ava Gardner: Take a lesson from me: Goodbye, Francis.
Frank Sinatra: Ava.
Ava Gardner: It's never gonna work between us.

Frank Sinatra: Nancy, don't you understand? It doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Nothing does.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Nothing?
Frank Sinatra: Except being with her [Ava].
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: [tearfully] You son of a bitch. You come in here and you cry on my shoulder about her?
Frank Sinatra: She's my whole life.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: [shouts] You're my whole life! And you're children's!
Frank Sinatra: I have to let go.
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: I can't.
Frank Sinatra: Nancy, why do you want to hold on to me if I don't want to be here?
Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Because I love you. Frank, you've done this before and you've always come back.
Frank Sinatra: Nancy, for God's sake. This is different.

Ava Gardner: This is torture, Frank. It's wrecking my career. I can't do this anymore.
Frank Sinatra: Two minutes ago, we were happy. What happened?
Ava Gardner: I was being a sap. I want you to go home and get a divorce.

Nancy Barbato Sinatra: Come home, Frank. You belong here.
Frank Sinatra: Then why don't I feel it?

[on the set of Mogambo in Africa]
Frank Sinatra: [fixing Ava a drink] Probably just the heat.
Ava Gardner: Yeah... [hands her the drink]
Ava Gardner: Thanks. [sits down. Pause] It's not just the heat, Frank. Uh, I think maybe I'm pregnant.
Frank Sinatra: Are you kidding? Baby, that's terrific.
Ava Gardner: Look, you can't tell anyone or I might be kicked off this film.
Frank Sinatra: You're the star, they can't do that--
Ava Gardner: Frank.
Frank Sinatra: Our baby is more important than any movie.
Ava Gardner: Listen. I know how much you want this kid, but it happens to come at the worst possible moment in my life.
Frank Sinatra: I understand. [passively] You're a rising star, you're carrying the baby of a has-been.
[Ava hits him on the leg]
Ava Gardner: [pause] Sometimes I hate you.
Frank Sinatra: That's great. Perfect. [gets up from his seat] You don't want our baby and you hate me.
Ava Gardner: Would you listen to me. It's a steam bath out there. There's ants, mosquitos and flies in my face! I have to puke every ten seconds! I'm up against a legendary actor! And this is supposed to be the performance of my life! Now, would you give up the role that you'd kill for, for a baby?
Frank Sinatra: I don't have that role.
Ava Gardner: Right. If you did.

[Frank is on-set screen testing alongside actors Montgomery Clift and Donna Reed for From Here to Eternity, while director Fred Zinnemann watches]
Frank Sinatra: Where's the dice?
Fred Zinnemann: Cut!
Frank Sinatra: There's no dice!
Fred Zinnemann: Frank, we really have to move on.
Frank Sinatra: No, wait a second! May I talk to you a moment. [walks over to Zinnemann] No, no, no, no, excuse me, Mr. Zinnemann. I respect that your a very busy man and I know that your not too thrilled that I'm here. But I've flown all the way from Africa to test for this part because I believe like I have never believed in anything else before that I understand this character Maggio. I grew up with a hundred Maggio's in my neighbourhood! I am Maggio! And all I ask for is a little respect that I might demonstrate this to you.
Fred Zinnemann: Whenever your ready.
[pause. Walks back to the set]

Frank Sinatra: [to Ava as she is about to leave for a New Years Eve party] Walk out that door, and you walk out of my life!

Frank Sinatra: [to Peter Lawford] You got no loyalty! You got no guts!

About Sinatra (TV miniseries)[edit]

  • Dad had no interest in writing a memoir: "What good would that do?" he'd say. "My life and music are the whole of me." Of course, he was right. Film was the only way to go. His music transcends time and intensifies what the screenplay reveals in words. Enjoy.


  • The True Story Of The Man And The Legend.
  • The Music Was Just The Beginning.
  • His Life Story And All His Music Together For The First Time.
  • You've read the books. You've heard the rumors. But, you haven't seen the truth. Until now...


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