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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a 2008 video game based on Spider-Man, developed by Shaba Games and published by Activision. In the game, Spider-Man must face a symbiote invasion caused by his nemesis, Venom, while dealing with the violent impulses caused by his own symbiote suit. The choices made by Spider-Man will impact the direction of the story.


  • Sundown, eh? Well, you got it, sheriff Luke. Deputy Spider-Man will get that rascally varmint.
  • Well, now that's just mean.
  • You just said "My legions" with a straight face! You must be stopped!
  • Green Goblin is so six years ago! The kids, they like the Venom and the Sandman now!
  • By heavy, do you mean "serious", as in, "Oh that's heavy bro"? Or heavy, as in 'possessing a large mass'? Like a fat guy.
  • Hi, you're being evicted!
  • How do you make these, Venom? Urgh... you didn't somehow pass this thing, did you?


  • Hold on... Nice move, bringing your pals along.
  • If that thing gets control over you, gutting is still an option!
  • [after being taken over by the Symbiotes] Finally... biggest guy in the bar.


  • Where is she?! Why did you take her?!
  • Leave me alone! You can't stop me!
  • Stop following me, you arachnid pest!

Luke Cage[edit]

  • What was that? Do it again!
  • You're too late, fool!

Black Cat[edit]

  • I'm sorry, did the little kitty forget to retract her claws?
  • [While under the Symbiote's influence] Mean old Spider-Boy.
  • [While under the Symbiote's influence] You're a lousy boyfriend. I'd never try to change you.
  • [After receiving a Symbiote from Spider-Man] I knew it... I knew you loved me!


  • About time you idiots showed up! Engage him at once!
  • [As Symbiote Vulture] Attack them! Knock them out of the sky!
  • You really think this will stop Venom? He is far too powerful for the Tinkerer's little toy. Set it off, and your power will be gone! Gone forever! Remove the detonator. Embrace the power the Dark One gives you.


  • You dare to take the other from me... I will take the girl from you.
  • You'll like Parker. He's delicious.
  • Poor Parker... Did I break something?
  • I hope this pain lasts as long as possible for you, Parker.
  • Every minute that passes... there are more of us, Parker.
  • Make sure you hurt Parker, kids... he deserves it.
  • Be sure to tear Parker into tiny pieces.
  • [As Mega-Venom] We will have your power! We will have all!


Venom: I'm feeling hungry.
Spider-Man: No...Eddie! [Venom moves to eat Spider-Man part of the symbiote leaves Venom and attaches to him]
Venom: What? No! No! No! NO! [Spider-Man, thanks to the help of his new symbiote, frees himself from the grasp of Venom and jumps backwards]
Spider-Man: Venom...get ready for a world of pain!

Spider-Man: [at an unconscious Venom] Brock! Look at me when I talk to you!
Mary Jane: Peter?
Spider-Man: Mary Jane! [symbiote disappears] Thank God.

Spider-Man: Why are people always talking crap about my costume? It's iconic. It's a classic.
Luke Cage: I was unaware that one of "iconic"'s definitions was "ugly as hell".
Spider-Man: This coming from the man who used to wear a yellow puffy shirt and a silver tiara in his afro.
Cage: People dressed like you right now don't get to talk about how I used to dress.
Spider-Man: Still, you wore a tiara.
Cage: It was a head band. A head. Band.

Spider-Man: You just get into town, Logan? How was your trip?
Wolverine: You sound as irritating as Spider-Man. But you don't smell right. You're one of them.
Spider-Man: One of who? One of... wait, you can smell the...
Wolverine: Yeah, and you're one of 'em, bub!

Venom: I don't recall inviting you, Parker.
Spider-Man: What are you doing to these people?
Venom: Don't you believe in adoption, Parker? After all, you're the mommy. Kids, come meet Parker. Show him how much we love him.

Venom: Here we are, here we are. Here we are, here we are. Parker, you took away part of us but that just made us stronger. We shall grow-
Spider-Man: Eddie... that's not right!
Venom: Eddie? We don't listen to Eddie.

Wolverine: What're you doing back here, kid?
Spider-Man: So, what're you thoughts on the new duds?
Wolverine: This some kinda Super Hero Fashion Show? Cuz I got some orange and brown tights that put you to shame
Spider-Man: What, not a fan of the new me?
Wolverine: First off, you smell like death. Second, you look like one of those emo kiddies they got all over the internet, jabbering on how hard their life is when they've never known true pain.
Spider-Man: Oh my God... you have a MyFace page. Don't you... dork.
Wolverine: I do not!
Spider-Man: [laughs] You totally do!
Wolverine: Shut up, kid!
Spider-Man: Will you add me as a friend? I'll poke you and you poke me back!
Wolverine: I SAID SHUT UP!

Symbiote Electro: The pods, the pods give me power.
Spider-Man: Uh, you're giving away your evil plan.

Spider-Man: [black suit choice] Electro, you unbelievable loser! [starts punching him] Fight this thing! Reject it! Tell it to let go of you! Let it go! Let it go!
[The Symbiote leaves Electro]
Electro: What is that? WHAT IS THAT?
Spider-Man: That thing took your sister!
Electro: DIE, YOU FREAK! [fries the symbiote with lightning] I need some payback, man. Tell me when, tell me where, and I'll fry 'em. FRY 'EM ALL!
Spider-Man: Oh, you'll get your chance... soon.

Spider-Man: Kingpin...
Kingpin: Aaah, Spider-Man... how... wonderful.
Spider-Man: I can be nice if you can be nice.
Kingpin: One does not get where I am in life by being 'nice'.
Spider-Man: One does not get where are you in life without eating a few hundred donuts a week.
Kingpin: In the interest of personal gain, I can easily ignore your childish jokes.
Spider-Man: It's no secret that you are indeed a master at personal gain. A waistline like that's certainly an achievement.
Kingpin: Quite the hero, aren't you? Our city is being destroyed, and you save the day by insulting me!
Spider-Man: For all I know, the Tinkerer stopped cooperating because of you.
Kingpin: For all I know, you and your black suit are part of this alien invasion!

Spider-Man: I'm Laurel and you're Hardy.
Kingpin: Another fat joke! And a hopelessly dated one at that!
Spider-Man: You got it, and that's all that matters.
Kingpin: I suppose, from your childish point of view...
Spider-Man: So, what's the deal, Tubby? Why are you all humanitarian now? I've never known you to lend a helping hand unless you were gaining something from it.
Kingpin: When this is said and done, who will the people remember as their saviour?
Spider-Man: Me?
Kingpin: No, fool. Me. Wilson Fisk.
Spider-Man: Pfft, I don't believe that. Everybody knows you're a crime boss.
Kingpin: People love a story of redemption, boy! Maybe I'll run for mayor!
Spider-Man: You are so full of it. Really, really full.
Kingpin: This city is going to owe me, and I always collect on my debts.

Symbiote Wolverine: I'm gonna cut you to ribbons.
Spider-Man: Like pretty ribbons... for your hair? That kind of ribbons?

Symbiote Vulture: I'm sure all of you can see and hear me. I easily defeated your pathetic forces and have cut the data link to the Tinkerer's little toy.
Black Widow: Toomes... What do you want?
Symbiote Vulture: We are so much more than Adrian Toomes, and we have but one demand - Spider-Man, and he knows why. He carries part of us with him. In fact, he is the reason we are here at all. This one's no longer useful. Good day.

[Black suit path]
Spider-Man: You're right about one thing, old man. This is between me and him. [he pushes the sonic device off the top of the Trask Building]
Black Widow: Spider-Man! What are you doing?!
Spider-Man: I'm ending this once and for all. I spared him four days ago. But not today. Today, Venom dies!
Black Widow: Spider-Man, I knew all along that you could not... Venom?! He's on the helicarrier! He...
Spider-Man: Nice move, Eddie! All right, you old buzzard, get me up to that helicarrier right now!

Moon Knight: That's it. I'll pick you up... OH NO!

Vulture: Maybe I'll detonate the bombs with you on the ship.
Spider-Man: Don't you dare.

Venom: What are these pretty little things?
  • [Red Suit] You are in way over your multiple heads! You and this ship are going down!
  • [Black Suit] This ends here and now, Venom! I'm destroying this ship, and you along with it!
Venom: I think not. We cannot be stopped. We shall use this vessel to take this world.
  • [Red Suit] What about the innocent, Eddie? This is against everything you believe!
  • [Black Suit] That's not like you, Brock. You always swore you'd protect the innocent.
Venom: Eddie Brock is such a small part of what we are. But you? Your power will complete us.
  • [Red Suit] Over my dead body.
  • [Black Suit] You'll have to kill me first!
Venom: As you wish.

Spider-Man: Nice trick. It's not staying down. Maybe we can get some help from the inside. Brock! Eddie, I want to talk to you, the real Venom!
Venom: [Venom lunges] We do not listen to Brock.
Spider-Man: Come on, Eddie, look at what you've become! All that have suffered because of you!
Venom: [Venom tries to crush Spider-Man with its hands] We do not listen! No... more... Brock!
Spider-Man: Come on, Eddie! You want me, I'm right here! Come get me!
Venom (Eddie Brock): Parker, I'm... going... to...
Spider-Man: To what? Destroy every innocent life on Earth?!
Venom (Eddie Brock): I... can't... stop it!

Venom: So tired... help... me!
Spider-Man: Take my hand!

Spider-Man: [black suit choice] So long, Brock.

Venom (Eddie Brock): I can't... get rid of them!
Spider-Man: What are you doing?
Venom (Eddie Brock): Get out of here, Parker! [Venom punches Spider-Man off the helicarrier, webs to an engine and crawls towards it] That's right. My flesh. My mind. My heart. Time to die... like a man.

Kingpin: The Tinkerer says he is ready. And our delivery boy?
Black Widow: Here he comes. Are you in full control?
Symbiote Wolverine: Yeah, I'm dandy.
Black Widow: Bring me Spider-Man, dead or alive.
Symbiote Wolverine: I'm goin' with dead.

Spider-Man: MJ, she thinks she can just walk away. She never understood what it means to have power. Neither did I. But now... I understand what power really is. You'll be mine again, Mary Jane. Nobody will ever say no to me again.

Symbiote Queen Black Cat: Well darling, I promised you this city, and it's yours. What do you desire? We await your command, sir.
Spider-Man: I always believed that from great power comes great responsibility...
Symbiote Queen Black Cat: And nowʔ
Spider-Man: I never knew what power was.

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