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Mass expulsions[edit]

I see that someone has deleted the purported Netanyahu "mass expulsions" quote with the note "Quote is circularly referenced , secondary sources quoting non existant primary source".

I answered a question about this over at the reference desk, but I'll also put this information here with a little more detail.

Hotam may not exist now, but it definitely existed in 1989. It was published biweekly from 1964-1970, then weekly. It was associated with Mapam/Kibbutz Artzi/ʻAl ha-mishmar and it presumably ceased publication in 1995 when ʻAl ha-mishmar did.

I haven't seen the article that Hotam published and I don't know if those words are a direct (translated) quote, or just a paraphrase of what Netanyahu said.

There were two earlier articles in the Jerusalem Post. They are available on LexisNexis if you have access. They can also be purchased from the ProQuest Archiver (here and here).

The Jerusalem Post
November 19, 1989, Sunday
BYLINE: By MENACHEM SHALEV, Post Diplomatic Correspondent
HIGHLIGHT: Deputy Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called for Israel to exploit political opportunities in order to expel large numbers of Palestinians from the territories. Netanyahu made the remark in a speech to Bar-Ilan University students on Thursday. In a tape recording of a portion of Netanyahu's address obtained by The Jerusalem Post last night, the deputy foreign minister clearly states that "five, 50 or 500" inciters should have been expelled at various times since the start of the intifada.
Netanyahu told the students that the government had failed to exploit politically favourable situations in order to carry out "large-scale" expulsions at times when "the damage would have been relatively small.
"I still believe that there are opportunities to expel many people," Netanyahu said.
The Jerusalem Post
November 21, 1989, Tuesday
HIGHLIGHT: Deputy Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday denied that he had called for large-scale expulsions of Palestinians from the territories. Replying in the Knesset to a motion for the agenda by Tewfik Toubi, (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) which was struck off by a large majority, Netanyahu said that in his speech to students at Bar-Ilan University last Thursday he had referred to inciters and not to the general population.

KHirsch 05:31, 16 September 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This is quoted frequently, but the remarks are ambiguous. He may have been referring to the expulsions of 100s of protesters, or to a broader expulsion. But it was clearly more broad than the nine Palestinians the defense ministry supposedly recommended expelling at the time (the Jerusalem Post called that claim "patently absurd"). Proquest references to the Jerusalem Post articles quoted above, and to another in the Jewish Advocate follow.[1][2][3] --SubirGrewal (talk) 16:54, 6 November 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Neutrality Of Quotes.[edit]

I think someone that works for Wikipedia and is also UNBIAS needs to re-evaluate the quotes on Bibi's Wikiquote page. Most of them are negative. What about some positive ones?

—This unsigned comment is by (talkcontribs) .
This is Wikiquote, and if you believe there is an imbalance of too many quotes you consider negative, please feel free to correct that imbalance to the extent you can by adding quotes you consider positive. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 14:38, 28 November 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]


What about Questions . Questions are naturaly neutral.

"Who is the more dangerous player on the world stage right now, the supreme leader in Tehran or Bibi Netanyahu,” by Barnicle.

The logical binary question add double intellectual depth of usually unary come plicity.

Comix Ira WMD[edit]

Is it OK to quote comix pictures for Iraq WMD redlines ?

congratulations? to US[edit]

President Obama say in victory speach "Tonight, you voted for action, 'not politics as usual"[1]. The next day Natanyho argue 'business as usual' [2]

"The strategic alliance between Israel and the U.S. is stronger than ever. I will continue to work with President Obama in order to assure the interests that are vital to the security of the citizens of Israel,” Netanyahu said in a statement to reporters and a lot of MSM columnist worked this as congratulations to US and President Obama. Some MSM put phony[4] 'phone to Obama'. Later the day 11/7/12 Netanyahu summoned US Ambassador

  • Netanyahu:

I want to congratulate President Obama on his reelection, I think the United States of America again demonstrated why it's the greatest democracy on earth. The security relationship between the United States and Israel is rock-solid, and I look forward to working with President Obama to further strengthen this relationship. And I look forward to working with him to advance our goals of peace and security. ...(& some more)

  • The summoned ambassador Shapiro:

"The president has enjoyed the close security cooperation and the close coordination with you and your government in his first term and I know he looks forward to continuing it in his second term,"

  • Netanyahu:

"Now I'm going to offer you a hamburger.

  • Shapiro:

ha ha ha

Some call this summoned video awkward[3][4] e.g. on language as he think 'again' but 'why?'; on body language, when Natanyahu say he will work with US he clenches fists; on symbolism since ('best allay') offer carry sinister symbolism.

  • The related VOA statement has concluding sentence:

"They will say the relationship with the United States is important to Israel. And that Netanyahu would not be fit for the job because he clearly supported Romney and Romney lost." [5]

compare how other nations leaders congratulated to President Obama:

"I would like to congratulate re-elected President Barack Obama from the bottom of my heart," German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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see [6] etc. Pls help with adequate description language to quote his famous pix.

He went to the general assembly and came unto all of the people, he straightened himself and drew the line for sinners to throw the first

In those days msmedia thundered: Bushose in the law commanded us, axis of evil 'who not with us' such should be rocket: but what sayest thou? This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him very before election. But he stooped down, and with his finge[...] sent Perseus legion to Lydia and nuncius Clintonius to Judah