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Moved unnotable quotation here. ~ MosheZadka (Talk) 09:05, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

  • "It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shakes, the shakes become a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion." - The Programmer's Mantra (parodied from the Mentat Mantra in David Lynch's Dune (film).)

More precisely Mentat Mantra as sourced from Frank Herbert's (1965) novel 'DUNE'

Actually, that mantra is attributed to David Lynch, the film's director, and never appears in the text of the original work.(Steamboat28 (talk) 19:31, 2 February 2016 (UTC))

NB: The above was originated by Mark Stein on Sunday morning at the Arisia science fiction conference in Boston, ca. 1993. And it's shakes, not shaking, to more closely parallel the original Mentat Mantra.


  • "Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love." - Turkish proverbs
  • "Noir comme le diable, chaud comme l'enfer, pur comme un ange, doux comme l'amour." Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, Recipe for Coffee
    • "Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love." Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord
  • "No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee's frothy goodness." - Sheik Abd al-Qadir
  • "Coffee leads men to trifle away their time, scald their chops, and spend their money, all for a little base, black, thick, nasty, bitter, stinking nauseous puddle water." -The Women's Petition Against Coffee (1674)
  • "Is it impossible to get a cup of coffee-flavoured coffee, anymore, in this country? What happened with the coffee? Did I miss a fucking meeting with the coffee, huh? You can get every other flavour except coffee-flavoured coffee!" - Denis Leary
  • "I like my coffee like i like my metal.....grim and frosty....." - Exordium
  • "I like my coffee like I like my women -- Black and Strong." - Paul Howell (2005)
  • "I like my coffee the way I like my women -- in a plastic cup." - Eddie Izzard
  • "I like my coffee the way I like my women -- covered in beeeeeeeeeeeees!" - Eddie Izzard again a couple of minutes later
  • "I like my coffee hot and strong, like I like my women; hot and strong...with a spoon in them." - Eddie Izzard
  • "I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee." -Flash Rosenberg
  • "Decaffeinated coffee is kind of like kissing your sister." -Bob Irwin
  • "Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank." -Alphonse Allais
  • "Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat." -Alex Levine
  • "He was my cream, and I was his coffee - And when you poured us together, it was something." - Josephine Baker
  • "When we drink coffee, ideas march in like the army" - Honore de Balzac
  • "simplicity and consistency makes perfect, think of coffee."lawrence cayao,filipino
  • "Life is just one cup of coffee after another, and don't look for anything else." - said to be Bertrand Russell's last words
  • "If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee." - attributed to Abraham Lincoln
  • "Sleep is just a symptom of caffeine lack" - Herman Friele
  • "I like my coffee black, just like my metal" - Mindless Self Indulgence Shut Me Up
  • "It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking is a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion." - Unknown (derived from Dune)
  • "I like my coffee strong and my women weak." - Alexander Pappas
  • "Coffee is to wake up, coffee is to work with, coffee is to live with, coffee is life" - Tim Parsons, Industrial Joe Coffee
  • "Blacker than a moonless night. Hotter and more bitter than Hell itself... That is coffee." - Godot, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
  • "Blacker than the blackest black.....times infinity..." - Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse
  • "I will finish my newest book, I will be again too hard for the spleen, in total serenity I will drink my third coffee so do not telephone me when I am old." - Grażyna Łobaszewska
  • "The capitalist machine would stop, if coffee was not drunk. It is a stimulant of this system" - Jorge Hurtado Gumucio
  • "Welcome, oh welcome fragrant cup of mocha!

I love your soul, oh liquid ebony, The clouds of your aromatic vapors, which burst in a embellished cruse, When boiling of your grains makes me a tenant of entire globe; Here you rest in white porcelain, Daughter of Arabic deserts, black coffee!" - Antoni Lange

  • "Most instructors use a clipboard. I don't believe in them. What I do believe in is my coffee. It is the only thing I cherish on this godforsaken mudball called Earth." -- Driving Instructor, Licence to Drive