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  • What impressed me most? Her stamina, dedication and perfection. Her precision and respect for her body and the craft. What an icon! What a role model for women! I bow down to the one I truly serve!!"
  • "On the first date with my wife I said I'm going to marry you and she said "I know"".
  • "If you want me to be straight, gay, into monkeys, dating Kylie Minogue, whatever, I'm happy for people to project whatever on to me!"
  • "I know it's not very masculine to say the moon is beautiful - but it is!"
  • "I was the kid that noticed how some concrete sparkles because of the quartz. There's beauty in rock if you look for it."
  • "In fact, I met Britney Spears the other day at a party and I don't think she knew who I was. I was chatting away to her and I think she just thought I was some nutter. She seemed quite pleased when I told her I preferred her to Christina Aguilera, though..."
  • "When I realized I wasn't Michael Jackson and I was this 10 year old boy growing up in the suburbs, I was devastated."
  • "You're thin enough. You're beautiful enough."
  • "If you're straight, if you're gay - hey, if you're a horse - and I appeal to you, great!"