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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius is a show that ran on Nickelodeon from 2002–2006. The show follows the life of genius kid Jimmy Neutron and his friends and family. It is also based on the 2001 CGI film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Sorry, Wrong Era[edit]

Jimmy: Sorry, ladies, but I needed test subjects for my new Quantum Replay 9000.

Hugh Neutron: [low growling, slurping] Oh, Sam. I could eat your ice cream all day long. So I think I will. [rewinding]
All: Ew! That's disgusting! Horrible! Gross!
Sam: You've been re-eating the same ice cream for hours! It's disgusting-- you're out of here!
Hugh: [gasps] You're right Sam. Mustn't overdo a good thing. Well, I'll just be going. Just let me finish my Purple Flurp. [belches and repeats]
All: Gross. Stop.
[Hugh belches and repeats]
Sam: Sweet mercy. [Sam faints]

Jimmy: Watch out for its retractable claws... unless it spits venom, then watch out for having your eyes dissolved.
Sheen: Wha -- how can I watch if my eyes are dissolved?
Carl: No, watch before they're dissolved!
Sheen: Watch my eyes? That doesn't make any sense.
Jimmy: Guys, please!

[Judy walks to the front door and opens it, revealing the angry mob carrying Hugh home]
Hugh: Hi, Sugarbooger. [the angry mob set him down] Remember how I promised I'd never be brought home by an angry mob again?
Sam: He disgusted all my customers, yeah!
Libby: Earlier, he gave us both brain freeze!
Woman: He made me experience the miracle of birth again and again and again! [breaks down, sobbing]
Sam: Yeah, yeah, birth.
Judy: All right, everyone. I'll handle things from here.
Sam: Somebody give me a ride home now.
Hugh: Now, Sugarbooger, I know it looks like I may have misused the power to control time and space for my own advantage, but on the positive side...
Judy: Mm-hmm.
Hugh: Ow! Honey, that's my ear. I use it to listen with. Ow!

[Judy puts Hugh in a cage as punishment]
Judy: Sweetie, relax. I just put your father in there to keep him from annoying the townspeople. Now, you were saying Hugh?
Hugh: I'm sorry, honey. [Judy rewinds and stops] I'm sorry, honey. [Judy rewinds and stops again] I'm sorry, honey.

Jimmy: Whoa! Deja vu!

Beach Party Mummy[edit]

Miss Fowl: Butch, would you get the lights?
Butch: Sure thing, teach. [pulls out a slingshot and shatters the lights off]
Miss Fowl: [hand in face] Thank you.
Jimmy: I don't wanna see videos of mummies. I wanna see real mummies!
Carl: Oh, I don't. They might rise from the dead and attack us!

Jimmy: [looks at a colored drawing of Egypt] What am I doing sitting here? I'm a science genius. [to his friends] Who's up for a quick trip to Egypt?
Cindy: What could be more boring than going with you to Egypt? [after for a second; makes up her mind] Let’s roll.

Carl: Guys, we can't leave school! It's ditching, and it'll go on our permanent record!
Sheen: Carl, how many times do I have to tell you? Your permanent record is just a myth. Like the Loch Ness Monster or North Dakota.

Cindy: This better not be like the time you took us to the center of the earth and all we found was a bunch of hot dirt.
Jimmy: Oh, come on, guys. This is going to be a great adventure. We’re going to find the lost tomb of Queen Hazabataslapya.

Jimmy: I don't understand it. I can't seem to find the lost tomb.
Cindy: Duh! That's why the call it the "lost tomb," not the, here-it-is tomb: "come inside and have a milkshake."
Carl: Oh, Swimmy loved milkshakes.

Cindy: Okay Neutron, once again you blew it, big time... [Jimmy looks at something in surprise with his jaw dropped] Hey, Jumblehead, I'm yelling at you. [snaps her fingers] Pay attention. What are you looking at?
Jimmy: [turns her head] The entrance to the lost tomb of the Queen Hazabataslapya.
Sheen: You think there's a bathroom in there?

Carl: Okay, are things gonna like, jump out at us and scare us?
[Sheen jumps out from the side, scaring Carl as he screams]
Sheen: No, Carl. Everything here is dead.
Carl: Dead things?! [points to a skeleton] I'm allergic to dead things!
Jimmy: Don't worry, Carl. Nothing's going to hurt you.

Jimmy: It's Queen Hazabataslapya!
Sheen: Smokin'. I'd be her king in Retroville minute.
Cindy: She looks just like... [points to Libby]
Carl: Me?
Libby: No. Me.
Sheen: Wow, Libby. Maybe she's your great-great-great-great-great... [as time passes] great-great-great grandmother!
Libby: I’m royalty.
Cindy: Oh, boy, here we go. Queen Libby is in the house.
Libby: Hey. Maybe this whole place belongs to me. I can turn it into a hot little dance club/restaurant/boutique/water park...

Sheen: [reading] "The queen flew on the wings of an eagle. She had a VCR, but wanted a DVD, and the gods sent munchkins to hypnotize her water-skis. So she took her peanut butter sandwich for a walk." The end.
Carl: Wow, Sheen, that was amazing!
Cindy and Libby: Oh, boys.
Jimmy: Excuse me. My watch has a Sanskrit-to-English translator with a Rosetta stone upgrade. The queen was only 18 when she died.
Sheen: Why must the good die young?!
Jimmy: [reading] "Whosoever disturbs my resting place, shall endure eternal punishment, and pain shall erupt from every poor, and their screams shall be heard down the centuries and..."
Cindy: Get to the point, Doofus of Arabia.
Jimmy: It's just a silly curse. And there's no such thing as curses.
Carl: Oh, so they're like the Loch Ness Monster and North Dakota.

Sheen: Hey, guys-- I think I found the bathroom. It smells like a bathroom. I wish I had one of those deodorizer things you hang in the car from the mirror.
Carl: Lemon or strawberry?
Sheen: Thanks, Carl. Hey, why do you carry those around with you?
Carl: 'Cause.

Principal Willoughby: Wait a minute. We don't have a tanning salon!

Sheen: Where do you learn all this stuff, Jimmy?
Jimmy: That, I learned at the library.
Sheen: Ohh. And the library is a...?

Jimmy: Everybody, shh! Stand still, I'll find my torch. [accidentally touches Cindy]
Cindy: Ow! That's not your torch.
Jimmy: Sorry.

Libby: [to the mummies] Hey, guys, I'm related to your queen.

Sheen: I finally found the bathroom! [thump] Ow! Why must the good get hit on the head?!

Libby: You know, I think I'm down with this new look. I'm gonna keep it.
Cindy: So, do we have to address you as Queen Libby from now on?

The Retroville 9[edit]

[Sheen catches a ball Jimmy threw]
Ms. Fowl: Ball three!
Sheen: Ball!?! That was right down the middle. I've seen better calls at a square dance!
Ms. Fowl: Jimmy's throwing lollipops. The day he throws down Broadway is the day I dance on the moon!

Tremendous Jackson: Somewhere in the Rytridian Galaxy, Ultralord weeps.
Sheen: [Upon seeing Bonzilla] That's Bonzilla!? What a ripoff! He's only ten inches tall, he wouldn't hurt a fl-

[Bonzilla breathes fire at Sheen, causing him to scream in pain]

Sheen: Uh, Jimmy? What's the Japanese word for "ambulance"?

Grumpy Young Men[edit]

(Opening shot: Iris into a close up of a purple-yellow monster, cut to a terrified Carl, then a frightened lady, followed by a terrified Sheen, it is revealed to be a poster at a video store visited by Jimmy, Carl and Sheen)

Jimmy: I don't know, guys. $15 is a lot of money.
Carl: Well, Doombringer II is a lot of game, Jim.
Sheen: Now, remember (he takes hand of the said game) it's for mature players only, so act even more maturer-er than we usually do. I'll try and grow a mustache.

(He tries to do so, only to realize nothing happens)

Jimmy: My dad's over 18. I'll act like him.

(Cut to Doombringer II and three dollar bills and four grey coins being placed in the counter by Jimmy with Carl with ice cream in the background)

Jimmy: (mature-ish) Well, howdy there, Clerky Clerkotron.
Clerky Clerkotron: (hands the objects) Beat it kids, this game is for mature players only, due to violence, exaggerated mayhem and old lady kicking.
Sheen: That's not fair! We're highly mature. (pounds fist) I demand my constipational rights.

Sheen: [after being kicked out of the store] How dare he throw your father out of the store?
Jimmy: Come on guys, Let's go do something "age-appropriate."

(They leave the scene, except for Sheen who gets the rest of his body back to the scene. About to return to the store, with an evil grin on his face)

Sheen: Hey you! Check it out! I'm staring at it with both eyes, and you can't stop me!

(The clerk throws the ice cream onto Sheen's eye)

Sheen: (grunts) I stand corrected.

[Jimmy screams in the mirror after seeing he's old. Goddard screams like a teen girl after seeing Jimmy old. Doorbell rings. Cuts to Jimmy answering the door, only to scream again.]
Old Carl: Jimmy, is that you way over there?
Old Jimmy: Guys! Something went horribly wrong!
Old Sheen: Oh, gee you think? And another thing: kids today wear their pants too low! They're down under their stomachs, for cryin' out loud!

Old Sheen: Hey! I know what you're doing! You're trying to take me to the nursing home! [pounds on the car's window] Let me out! Let me out!
Old Carl: Sheen, careful! This car's going an excess of 7 miles.
[Old Sheen pants, checks his pulse, and faints. Old Jimmy parks into a Candy Bar parking lot.]
Old Sheen: You know, when I was a kid, the sky was bluer! And a quarter would buy you groceries for a week!
Old Jimmy: Gas planet. Does anyone remember what we drove down here to get?

Sam: Hey, Oldilocks, what's the big idea, you and your bingo buddy takin' all the rice pudding from the buffet?
Old Sheen: It says "Seniors Eat Dessert Free"!
Sam: You're supposed to buy an entree first!
Old Carl: We did. I had a hamburger in here yesterday.
[Carl and Sheen laugh.]
Old Carl: Oh, my spleen.

Old Jimmy: Now, what was it I wanted? Something starting with a "T." Tostadas, turpentine?
Hugh: Well, hey, old-timer. I like the way you're wearing your pants. I've been thinking of wearing mine more like that, maybe growing out my nose hair a little bit. You look familiar.
Old Jimmy: Oh, no, I'm just a strange old man, not your son after screwing up an experiment.
Hugh: [chuckles] I know. You remind me of my father, except you're not always saying, "Huey, I told you, toothpaste isn't food."
Old Jimmy: Not possible. I don't have any family.
Hugh: What? Oh, well, that's terrible. Come on. Come with me, I'll get you a nice home-cooked meal.
Old Jimmy: B-but I can't. I have to buy something with a "T."
Hugh: I'll get you a nice cup of tea.
Old Jimmy: Let go!
Hugh: Come on.
Old Jimmy: I said, let me go!

Judy: Here's your dinner. I put it in the blender first so the chewing doesn't tire you out.
Hugh: So what did you do before you retired, old-timer?
Old Jimmy: I can't even remember what I'm supposed to be doing now, but I think it's real important.
Hugh: Well, you know, maybe if we guess, it'll jog your memory. Let's see. Did it involve swinging heavy things?
Old Jimmy: N-No, I don't think so.
Hugh: Well, that eliminates lumberjack and executioner.

[last lines]
Carl: I stole Jimmy's toast the other day. Sometimes, I dream about girls.
Jimmy: Maybe we better go.
Carl: I don't think Ultralord exists…
Carl: My mom is really 42. I just ripped--

Nightmare in Retroville[edit]

Sam: I wish I was married.

Jimmy for President[edit]

Carl: AAAAH! Cindy gave me a dollar to vote for Libby, Sheen was blackmailing me with a photo, and Jimmy was playing the best friend card and using scantily clad women!
[Ms. Fowl angrily glares at Jimmy, Sheen, and Libby]
Ms. Fowl: It looks like some of our candidates have been found guilty of bribery, blackmail, and MURDER! [class screams] Sorry, not murder. I meant operating a zeppelin on school premises. Anyway, they're all illegal campaign activities, which means Jimmy, SHEEN and Libby have been disquaaaalified!

Love Potion 976/J[edit]

Carl: [singing] Oh, Judy, well you came and you make me some cookies? Will you- [sees Hugh is walking out, gasps] What we have is beautiful and you can't destroy it.
Hugh: Alrighty then.
[Carl dings the triangle 6 times.]

Britney & Libby: Ahh!
Jimmy: I can't talk, I can't think. Everywhere I go, you're there!
Cindy: What kind of sick joke is this?
Jimmy: Oh, you're gonna make me say it, aren't you? Alright then, I'll say it.....I love you Cindy Vortex! [echoes]
[Cindy, Britney and Libby gasp. They all laugh. Cindy splats ice cream in Jimmy's face. Sam stops laughing and mad walks to Jimmy.]
Jimmy: Mmm... pecan ripple your favorite.
Sam: You messy little hooligan. I was clean that floor 8 months ago. You're out of here! Yeah, yeah.

Sheen's Brain[edit]

Sheen: Hey, guys! Man, that test was cake! I didn't know whether to answer the questions to put frosting on 'em, am I right? Am I right?
Jimmy: Actually, Sheen, I thought it was fairly challenging.
Sheen: Challenging? My grandma's Chihuahua could've aced it. I thought connect-the-dots drawings that were harder.
(Miss Fowl sticks out the classroom door behind him)
Miss Fowl: SHEEN!!!
Sheen: Exqueeze me, Miss Fowl probably wants to congratulate me on a job well done.
[Changes to Sheen's history test which he now failed]
Jimmy and Carl: Quadruple F minus?
Sheen: Well, how's that supposed to know that Ultra Lord wasn't the father of our country? That's what it says on the Ultralord website!
Jimmy: W-w-wait, didn't you write the Ultra Lord website?
Sheen: Your point? (Jimmy rolls his eyes) Oh. Anyway Miss Fowl said if I don't pass tomorrow's math final, I'm gonna be left back!
Jimmy: Left back?! That's terrible!
Sheen: Tell me about it! I can't be in a class with a bunch of babies who wet their pants and cry for their mommies!

Jimmy: Sheen, the math test is over, so it's time to turn you back to normal.
Sheen: I don't want to go back! I'm seeing things clearly for the first time! Besides, everyone loves the new me!
Jimmy, Carl, Cindy, Libby, Nick, and Butch: NO WE DON'T!
Sheen: SILENCE!!!
[All the lights in the Candy Bar go out]
Jimmy: Trust me, Sheen. You don't want to be a genius, always having to help people with homework...
Libby: Always endangering the town with your stupid inventions...
Cindy: Always being a pain in the butt...
Jimmy: Nobody asked you! (to Sheen) So I'm just gonna put this helmet back on your head, and--
Sheen: [holds up his hand to Jimmy] Don't come any closer, Neutron!
Jimmy: Butch, Nick, grab him!
[Butch and Nick grab hold of him by one hand of the other]
Sheen: (maliciously) You disappoint me, Jimmy. [pushes Jimmy backwards across the floor as it breaks up in a line and starts laughing evilly with an evil grin]

[Jimmy's lab]
Jimmy: Vox, analyze Brain Gain helmet to determine maximum possible I.Q. increase.
Vox: Analyzing...
Jimmy: It's just like I feared! If left unchecked, Sheen's IQ will keep growing to infinity!
Carl: Wow, he'll be really good at board games.
Jimmy: No, Carl. You don't understand. Sheen's brain is programmed to keep growing. If we don't get that Brain Drain helmet on him soon, his head will explode.
Carl: (screams terrifyingly) Ewwwwww.

Jimmy: Hail, mighty overlord!
Sheen: What the...?
Jimmy: We have brought you a magnificent crown, crafted from the finest semiprecious metals, to celebrate your glorious reign.
Sheen: Hmm... It is rather fetching. Bestow it on my head! Not you... (points at Carl) Carl.
Carl: (thinking) Baby llamas in the meadow. Baby llamas in the meadow. Oh no. One of them's escaping! He's heading towards town! "Town" rhymes with "crown"! JIMMY AND I DISGUISED THE BRAIN DRAIN HELMET AS A CROWN!!!
Sheen: I heard that!

Sheen: I control the wind, and I shall rain fire down from the heavens! Goodbye, Sheen the overlord! Hello, Sheen the GOD!

Sheen: That's right! He said Ow! Yah!, you are Ultra Lord! Join me Ultra Lord, with my brains and your magma canon, well rule the universe!

Sheen: [loud booming voice; lividly] YOU DARE TO ORDER ME?! FEEL THE WRATH OF MY BRAIN BOLT!!!! [blasts a big electrical bolt at the Ultra Lord costume]

Maternotron Knows Best[edit]

[Neutron dining room, evening]
Hugh: So how's that week's worth of chores coming, Robo-Booger?
Maternotron: All chores were completed at seventeen hundred hours this evening.
Jimmy: Good work, Materno-Tron. Assume Sleep Mode until the next mealtime.
Maternotron: Negative. A mother's work is never done. A mother must Protect and Pamper,
Jimmy: Oh yeah. (clears throat) Override Maternal Chip directives until further notice.
Maternotron: Don't use that tone of voice with me young man. Now eat!
Jimmy: Leaping leptons! I said water the lawn, not cook it! what is this stuff?
Maternotron: Soy protein, kelp, tilapia oil, and spinach for flavor.
Hugh: Sugar-booger's dinners never smelled quite so... how do I put it? Disgusting.
Maternotron: [scoops up the kelp with a ladle] This is the train and your mouth is the tunnel.
Hugh: No thanks. See, my tunnel is temporarily closed for rep- [Maternotron stuffs the ladle in his mouth]
Jimmy: I must have set the autonomy parameter in the mothering chip too high. She really thinks she's Mom.
Maternotron: [stuffs another ladle in Jimmy's mouth] And after dinner... [takes out a scrubbing brush] YOUR BATHS. [Jimmy and Hugh react with horror; Hugh and Judy's master bathroom, she scrubs Hugh as he screams and moans; struggling] Hold still!
Hugh: [screaming and moaning] Not the face!

Maternotron: Where you going?
Jimmy: Oh. Um, well I left my homework in the lab.
Maternotron: Too many wires. You'll electrocute your eye out. Bedtime!
Jimmy: What? But it's only seven o'clock!
Maternotron: March!

Maternotron: [to Jimmy and Hugh] Where do you think you're going?
Jimmy: Outside?
Maternotron: Too dangerous! Outside is where the Civil War was held! [walks to front door, blocking their way] I'm placing you both on... [in malicous evil tone] LOCKDOWN!

Carl: [after circle fade-out] Uh, Sheen.
[Fades in to Carl and Sheen taking a survey near Jimmy's lab at night.]
Carl: What was the answer you chosen for question 319?
Sheen: C.: Lure the tiger away from Jimmy by imitating a chicken strip.
Carl: [smiles] Hmm! Works for me.

Send in the Clones[edit]

Jimmy: Today is the single greatest day in the history of the universe. Pluto is aligning with Neptune causing space snow flurries to create galactic ice crystals which keep ice cream at the perfect eating temperature! Yes.
Goddard: [Barks]

[One by one, the Jimmy clones emerge]
Positive Jimmy: Hi, everybody! Isn't it a super, amazing, great day?
Negative Jimmy: [stifled grunt] You call this a great day? [sniffs] I should have stayed in bed!
Romantic Jimmy: Ah, but romance is in ze air, eh? It is a beautiful day to fall in love, n'est-ce pas?
Funny Jimmy: [laughing] Hey, everybody! It's great to be here for Line-up Night! Hey, have you seen that Cindy Vortex? Talk about the Wicked Witch of the Elementary. [Laughs] Hey, but seriously, these are the jokes, folks, come on, laugh with me.
[Goddard plays a laugh track]
Macho Jimmy: Hey! Who's up for some football, huh?
Evil Jimmy: Nice place, kid. You know, I could have some serious fun with this stuff... [snickers]

[All clones watch Jimmy blast off outside]
Evil Jimmy: Hey, you heard the man: do your chores, boys.
Negative Jimmy: But I've never mailed a letter! What if I get my hand stuck in the box?!
Positive Jimmy: Hey, turn that frown upside down, Mr. Gloomy Gus! Everything's gonna be terrific!
Romantic Jimmy: [chuckles] Mais oui! Love is all around us.
Macho Jimmy: 'Ey! Let's do it to it!
Funny Jimmy: And awaaay we go!
[Cuts to Positive Jimmy arriving at the park, walking to his grandma sitting on a bench]
Positive Jimmy: Hello, Grandmother, dear.
Granny Neutron: Where have you been? This bench is too hard. These birds are getting too close. The sun hurts my eyes.
Positive Jimmy: Isn't it a beautiful day? Aren't these birds absolutely amazing? Isn't it great to be alive?!
[Cuts to Negative Jimmy at a mailbox with his hand stuck.]
Negative Jimmy: Ow...
Carl: Oh, hi, Jimmy. I have to do a report on snails or Napoleon. Can you help me?
Negative Jimmy: What's the point of doing homework? We do it and then what? Poof, We're gone. Nothingness, emptiness. We're all just dust in the wind.
Carl: Okay, I..I don't want to be dust in the wind.
[Cuts to Macho Jimmy walking downtown with Disco music playing]
Macho Jimmy: He shoots, he scores. Neutron is definitely on. Lookin' good. You the man, you the man. 'Ey, it's the Nicksta.
Nick: Neutron? What are you doing?!
Macho Jimmy: I'm walkin' here! You got a problem wit' dat, Skateboard Boy!?!
Nick: Uh, "Skateboard Boy"? [Macho Jimmy skates on Nick's skate board] Whoa, check it out! Neutron has the moves! [crunching, skateboard breaks in two]
Macho Jimmy: Well, how 'bout next time you get a board that can handle the Neutron style? Later, Nick-O-Rama.
[Nick looks angrily in Macho Jimmy's direction, cuts to Sheen playing with his action figures]
Sheen: "I am Ultra Lord, and I will swing my mighty bat of combat!" "You can't catch me!" "Yes, I can!" Hey, hey, Jimmy, want to see my new action figure?
Funny Jimmy: Do I? Come on, does Robin Hood wear a pantyhose? Hey, why did Ultra Lord cover himself with mayonnaise? [Sheen looks awkwardly at Funny Jimmy] He wanted to make a hero sandwich! [laughs] Hello! [knocking on Sheen's head] Anybody in there? Paging Mr. Sheen. The village called. They want their idiot back.
Sheen: Are you okay, Jimmy? 'Cause you seem really weird.
Funny Jimmy: I'm weird?! [laughing] Come o-o-o-o-on! You should see Ultra Lord's uncle Morris!
[Cuts to Romantic Jimmy walking to Cindy's house, smiling to the camera, and ringing Cindy's doorbell]
Cindy: [sighs] Whad'ya want, Neutron?
Romantic Jimmy: To return a book and to drink in your beauty, Miss Vortex.
Cindy: Very funny.
Romantic Jimmy: I jest not. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Not even Shakespeare seems inadequate to describe your perfection!
Cindy: Cut it out, Neutron, before I barf!
Romantic Jimmy: Ah, ah, ah! But before zat, would you favor me wiz a kiss?
[Romantic Jimmy tries to kiss Cindy, but has the door closed on him and faints.]
Cindy: Is he for real? And what's with the bad French accent? [opens door after hearing music]
Romantic Jimmy: [Guitar playing] [singing] Oh, Cindy, I love you, more than Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Oh, Cindy, ma cherie, [laughs] my little Cindy. Would you please come and kiss me? [Cindy faints to French Jimmy's surprise] Wait, why are you sleeping?
[Cuts to Evil Jimmy holding a pie as a man walks up to him]
Evil Jimmy: Hey, buddy, want a pie?
Man: Yeah!
Evil Jimmy: [splats pie in the man's face, snickers] You can't beat the classics!
Man: [licks face] Mmm... [gives Thumbs up] I'll say.
[Evil Jimmy looks at the camera, mouth open and smiling.]

[The citizens get mad at Hugh for what the clones did.]
Hugh: Calm down, folks. Now, just tell me, what did the Jimster do?
Nick: He busted my skateboard, dude!
Carl: He said I was gonna to be "dust in the wind".
Granny Neutron: He made me smile and my dentures fell out! [pulls out her dentures]
Sheen: He mocked Ultra Lord's family!
Cindy: He made my heart sing and-- I mean, he said things to me so vile and despicable I cannot repeat them in mixed company.
Pie-face Man: And, he threw a pie in my face!
Hugh: [Chuckles] You can't beat the classics. [Pie-face Man growls] I'm sure Jimmy had a good reason for doing all these admittedly strange, bizarre things, so...who wants pie?
[All growling]
Pie-face Man: [Spits] I'm good.
Jimmy: Oh no! It's those clones! I gotta find them. Goddard, activate clone locator!
(Goddard's chest show a map with Jimmy's head representing the clones, pinging)
(cuts the the clones walking slowly downtown)
Positive Jimmy: I had the most scrumptious day with my most wonderful Grandmama.
Romantic Jimmy: I fell in love with a beautiful mademoiselle.
Macho Jimmy: I did some cool moves on a dude's skateboard, but it couldn't take my awesome power, ya know what I'm sayin'?
(Jimmy's rocket lands)
Jimmy: There you are.
Jimmy's Clones: Hi, Jimmy!
Jimmy: Follow me back to my house so I can explain to everybody--- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... We're short one clone! We've got to find him, now!
Funny Jimmy: Oh, you know it's that evil one. He's so bad he makes Attila the Hun look like Bambi!
Negative Jimmy: We'll never find him! We're doomed!
Macho Jimmy: (pushes Negative Jimmy out of the way) 'Ey, I'll find 'im and take 'im down all by myself! Wit' my bare hands, look out!

[Jimmy uses the ice crystals on the clones, freezing them.]
Funny Jimmy: That's all, folks!
Romantic Jimmy: Adieu, mon ami! Parting is such sweet... Whoo, that is cold!
Macho Jimmy: Yo, give me your best shot, punk!
Negative Jimmy: Oh, this is how it ends... as ice cubes!
Positive Jimmy: I've always wanted to be frozen! This is a dream come true!

Carl: There he is!
Sheen: Get him!
Cindy: Let's teach him a lesson!
Nick: I'll hold him down, man!
Carl: Yeah! Come on!
Jimmy: WAIT, everyone! I can explain... (4 Hours Later)...and that's how it all happened.
Pie-face Man: Hmm, genetic replicants manifesting mutant side effects, eh?
Cindy: As long as you got rid of all the clones. One Jimmy Neutron in the world is bad enough, but six is blech!
Nick: Uh, dude, you did catch all of them, didn't you?
Jimmy: Uh... who would like some pie at my house?
Carl: Uh, okay.
Evil Jimmy: Here's Jimmy! (laughs evilly)
Everybody: [to Jimmy angrily] NEUTRON!
Jimmy: (nervously) So, uh, I take it that means no pie? [screams and he and Goddard make a run for it as they start chasing him]
Pie-face Man: Get him!
Cindy & Sheen: Yeah, get him!
Granny Neutron: Rip off his head!
[Evil Jimmy stares evilly at the viewers and throws a cherry pie at the camera, ending the episode]

The Great Egg Heist[edit]

The Feud[edit]

Ebenezer Wheezer: Hey, Neutron. Just trimming the old hedges before they start throwing off pollens for us.
Hugh Neutron: Wheezer, I'm going to need my Lawnlopper back.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Well, Gee, Neutron. I gave that thing back weeks ago. You must have forgot.
Hugh Neutron: Forgot about my Lawnlopper 300 Pro-Deluxe as seen on TV?! I don't think so.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Well, It's probably in your garage. Why don't you check?
Hugh Neutron: It's probably in your garage. I'll just go get it.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Hey! I already told you, I gave it back, you wingding.
Hugh Neutron: And I'm telling you you didn't, toolhog.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Cheese-brain!
Hugh Neutron: Sneeze-jockey!
Ebenezer Wheezer: Noodlehead!
Hugh Neutron: Just because my lawn is lush and silky while yours is limp and hard to manage...
Ebenezer Wheezer: What?! There's nothing wrong with my lawn.
Hugh Neutron: Oh, please! Dandelions, gopher holes, and these tacky ceramic lawn kitties-- please!
Ebenezer Wheezer: Oh, yeah?! Well, what about your stupid lawn ducks? They're the laughing stock of the entire neighborhood.
Hugh Neutron: No, you put that down right now!
Ebenezer Wheezer: Hey, look at me-- quack, quack, quack. I'm a stupid lawn duck-- quack, quack... whoops.
Hugh Neutron: Sir Quacksalot! [smash, screams]==
Ebenezer Wheezer: Oopsy.

Out, Darn Spotlight[edit]

Nick: [screams as he flies through the air] DUDE!! Oh, man, I broke my leg!
Sheen: All right! That's good luck! Way to go, Nick!

Carl: Uh, Jimmy, I thought we agreed that we didn't like girls.
Jimmy: We don't. Betty is a woman.
Sheen: Got it!

Carl: Hey, Jimmy, I just found out that the play Macbeth has a curse, and you're not supposed to say "Macbeth," 'cause if you say "Macbeth," bad things happen because you said "Macbeth," and we've been saying "Macbeth" a lot. And congratulations on getting the part of Macbeth! [gasps] I SAID "MACBETH"!!!

Mrs. Vortex: My daughter, Cynthia is the star of the show.
Hugh: She's Macbeth?
Mrs. Vortex: No, she's a witch.
Judy: [rolls her eyes] So I hear.

Hugh: Can I have a mocha espresso with plenty of sugar?
Cindy: Yeah, right.

The Junkman Cometh[edit]

Sheen: Hey, Jimmy, I've got something to ask you. How come whenever we're in outer space, we don't have to wear helmets?
Jimmy: Good question, Sheen, and the answer is quite interesting. You see --
[He starts explaining, but Carl's singing drowns it out.]
Carl: [singing over] Moon, moon, moon! Spoon, spoon, spoon! June, June, June! Spittoon, spittoon, spittoon!
Sheen: Uh, really?
Jimmy: Mm-hmm.
Sheen: But how come we don't need oxygen tanks?
Jimmy: Well --
Carl: [singing over] Star, star, star! You're so far, far, far! Can't go by car, car, car!
Sheen: Fascinating. Thanks.
Jimmy: Any other questions.
Sheen: No, I kinda got a headache.

Sheen: Uh, so, Jimmy, how come it takes astronauts days to go to and from the moon, when it only takes us a few minutes?
Jimmy: That's another good question. You see, it all has to do --
Carl: [singing over] Good-bye, Moon, I'll see you next June! Call the Milky for us soon, and --
Sheen: CARL! Enough with the song!

Foul Bull[edit]

The Science Fair Affair [edit]

Men At Work[edit]

Sheen: You mean this is all a crazy dream? All right! Bring on the dancing tubas!

Skeet: Picture of money... picture of money... Ha! Got you! Big McThankies from McSpanky's. Hey, dude, you missed a spot.

Skeet: No dude, i'm your higher up, and what I say, goes.

Skeet: You're quitting?! But dude, you're the first guy who fit in the costume.
Jimmy: I'm not quitting-- quite the opposite. I intend to show you all what I am capable of.

Jimmy: Easy, Goddard. It's just a giant mechanical Scotsman's head. But by tomorrow, it's going to be smarter than Skeet. Come to think it, it's smarter than Skeet now.

Carl: Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Neutron. i have crippling depression
Judy: My goodness! You boys have turned this place into quite the hot spot.
Carl: Yup-- hope you enjoy it. Um... hold up, Mr. Neutron.
Hugh: What... I'm with her.
Carl: Whoa, whoa, whoa-- back it up, chief. Hmm... yeah... nope, sorry, not feeling it.
Hugh: What do you mean?
Carl: Don't make me spell it out, Mr. N., but your outfit just isn't saying McSpanky's to me.
Hugh: Oh, really? Well, maybe because it's too busy saying, "Step aside, Mr... Sassymouth before I tell your parents!"
Carl: Go ahead-- I turned them away two hours ago.
Hugh: That's just terrible. How could you... Hey, look, a famous movie star!
Carl: Where? Where?
Hugh: [snickers] Sucker.
Carl: What, I don't see anybody... Oh, I see him! Hi! No, that's not him.

Sheen: A king Arthur with a hipper placement on a bed of coals?

The Mighty Wheezers[edit]

Sheen: Jimmy! I saw the whole thing! Carl and his folks have become Ultra-Wheezers! How cool is that?

Mrs. Wheezer: You boys sleep tight, now.
Jimmy: But it's only 7:30!
Mr. Wheezer: Now, Jimmy, early to bed, early to rise makes a man less prone to bronchial infection.

Mr. Wheezer: Come on, family! We're gonna climb Mt. Incredibly Unstable!
[Mrs. Wheezer and Carl look scared.]
Carl: No one's ever climbed Mt. Incredibly Unstable and lived! I'm in!
Mrs. Wheezer: Me too.
[The Wheezers run off, shouting.]

Billion Dollar Boy[edit]

[After Jimmy wins the kite-flying competition]
Hugh: Way to go, son! You made your ancestors proud.
Eustace: Yes, well done, Jimmy. Well done indeed. Listen, why don't you and your "people" pop over to the compound for a celebratory Flurp and ice cream banquet?
Jimmy: I think I'd rather gargle liquid Nitrogen!
Hugh: Jimbo, that was rude. Now your ancestors are ashamed again.

Eustace [to Jimmy]: Make ready, Neutron: you're about to face the ultimate triumph in expensive robot technology. Blix, bring out the RA multi-unit!
[Blix lets a small, cat-like robot into the arena]
Carl: Aw, it's adorable!
Sheen: They just don't make crazed, berserk robots like they used to.

Win, Lose and Kaboom![edit]

Jimmy: [votes off Cindy] I tried to be your friend, but I have a planet to save.
Cindy: [votes off Jimmy] Sorry, pally, the human race can’t afford another slip up.
Libby: [votes off Jimmy, as well] Bye bye, big head.
Bolbi: [to camera] Bolbi not wearing underpants. [votes himself off]

Jimmy: That’s it?! You kidnap us into space, threaten to blow up Earth, and you think you can make it right by giving us this stupid car?!

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