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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius is a show that ran on Nickelodeon from 2002–2006. The show follows the life of genius kid Jimmy Neutron and his friends and family. It is also based on the 2001 CGI film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Attack of the Twonkies [3.1-2]

[Sheen volunteers for the school chorus]
Sheen: [singing badly] HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE-
Principal Willoughby: NEXT!
Sheen: Eh, pardon?
Principal Willoughby: Thank you. That's all I needed to hear.
Sheen: Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Now, let's talk rehearsal schedule, man. Tuesdays, I have my action figure support so that's no good for me. Mondays…
Principal Willoughby: Oh, dear. I better explain. Um, Sheen, amigo, I'm afraid you won't be joining the chorus.
Sheen: What?! You're rejecting me?!
Principal Willoughby: Now, now, now, don't take it personally. We needed an alto, and well, you're a… You're a…
Miss Fowl: You're a terrible singer!
Principal Willoughby: Miss Fowl! You see, Sheen, your voice… Um, how shall I put this?
Miss Fowl: Your voice scares small children!
Principal Willoughby: Miss Fowl, please! Look, Sheen, as chorus master, I know talent…
Miss Fowl: And that's what you have: no talent! [Principal Willougby is about to burst] I'm done.

[Sheen volunteers again disguised a with a mustache]
Sheen: [singing badly] HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE-
Principal Willoughby: NEXT!
Sheen: Please let me in the chorus! [Miss Fowl rips Sheen's fake mustache off his face] My voice grows on you!
Miss Fowl: So do liver spots, but they don't make you look at them! [cracks up laughing]
Principal Willoughby: Now, Miss Fowl, that's not funny. [begins laughing] Okay, that's a little funny, but you know…
Sheen: I've got half a mind to report you!
Principal Willoughby: Half a mind? No wonder you can't sing! [he and Miss Fowl burst out in laughter as Sheen storms out the auditorium] Oh, we are so fired. [Miss Fowl looks shocked]

[Cindy, Libby, Nick, Butch, and Miss Fowl all scold Carl after their Twonkies transformed into rampaging monsters and attacked any type of musical harmony]
Cindy: Your Twonkies attacked us in baby sized class!
Libby: They busted my boom box!
Miss Fowl: Those things are a menace!
Nick: Dude, my do is ruined!
Butch: Just when I was learning to love again!
Jimmy: Guys! This isn't the time for blame. If it were I'd be saying things like "I tried to tell you" and "Why didn't you jerks listen to me?" Now all your stories have a common theme.
Carl: Painful biting?
Butch: Massive blood loss?
Jimmy: No! Music! Harmonic patterns causes the Twonkies to morph into hostile beasts and attack the source of the sound. We've got to shut down all the music in town before the rest of the Twonkies hear.
Libby: You can't stop the music!
Jimmy: We've got to!

Principal Willoughby: Miss Vortex, thank you for joining us, you're 10 minutes late!
Cindy: Fellow choristers, due to a dangerous situation too complicated to go into now, this rehearsal is cancelled. Now I know how painful this must be for all of you…
[The choristers cheer, and leave the stand]

Jimmy: This isn't over, people! If we don't blast that monster back to the comet in the next ten minutes, he's stuck here for another year!
Sam: That's bad.
Sheen: I'll just sing to him every time he wakes up.
Miss Fowl: That's worse!
Sam: Yeah!

The N-Men [3.3]

[Outer Space; Jimmy and the gang are flying back home to Earth in their Astrocar after playing mini golf on Mercury]
Sheen: Engines down! Losing power! Abandon ship!
Libby: You're enjoyin' that massage chair a little too much.
Sheen: Set boosters on "Lower back"! Engage!
Carl: Thanks for taking us miniature golfing on Mercury, Jimmy. Hey, you want some of my extra orange juice my mom packed me?
Jimmy: Thanks, Carl… [drinks the whole bottle] but we're not home yet. I still have to steer us past the Van Patten Radiation Belt.
Cindy: Ha! Neutron probably thought the low gravity would throw off my backswing. Wrong! As usual.
Jimmy: Hey, hey, how about instead of bragging, you thank me for inviting you along at all?!
Cindy: You're right, Jimmy. Thank you… [pause] for letting me kick your butt on the back nine!
Jimmy: What is your problem, Vortex?!
Cindy: I don't have a problem! What's your problem?!
Jimmy: Oh, I think you do have a problem! [arguing in unison] You know what the problem is?!
Cindy: [arguing in unison] No, I'm not the one with the problem, Neutron!
Carl: [eating a sandwich while Jimmy and Cindy continue arguing] It's so hard to digest when they argue like that. [belches]
Libby: Oh, this space travel is giving me a zit! I need vanishing cream.
Cindy: You just can't admit that I smoke you in athletics.
Jimmy: Oh, oh, yeah? You wanna go right now? [holds his hand, challenging her to an arm wrestle]
Cindy: Bring it on, brain boy!

[After passing through the Van Patten Radiation Belt and crash landing back home to Earth, Jimmy and his friends have all been given superpowers]
Jimmy: I think I see what happened. You all got superpowers based on what you were doing when the Van Patten rays hit.
Cindy: And you just turned orange? How lame is that?
Jimmy: It's not lame! Maybe my cells store massive amounts of vitamin C or something.
Carl: [sniffs] Mmm. He does have a pleasing, fruity aroma. [laughs along with the girls, making Jimmy cringe angrily]
Sheen: Guys, get serious. We've all been endowed with incredible power. And I say we use that power to attack Tokyo! [runs to Tokyo and back] Guys, come on, pick up the pace.
Jimmy: Sheen's right! Except for the part about Tokyo- we have been given incredible power. But we should use it to fight crime.
Sheen: Why didn't I think of that?
Libby: You mean… become superheroes?
Cindy: I hate to admit it, but that would be cool.
Carl: I can fight crime, but I have to be home by 5:30.
Sheen: Stack hands, everyone. We need to make a solemn vow.
[All stack hands]
Sheen: Let those who do evil beware! From this day forth, we shall be known as: The Fantastic League of Justice-Bringing Avenging Men!
Libby: Excuse me?!
Sheen: And two girls.

[Jimmy's lab; Three days later…]
Jimmy: I know, Goddard, but I can't stop working. I'm still missing one last ingredient for my superpower antidote. If only this mutant gene wasn't so hard to crack. Maybe if I tried a submolecular scam. [Screen shows Fatal Gene countdown to six hours] No. It can't be! Their powers are burning up their metabolisms! Their life forces will be drained in six hours! [bangs on his keypad] GOTTA WORK FASTER! [accidentally spills some Purple Flurp on the keyboard] No, no, NO! Now I'll never find a cure in time! [becomes extremely furious while throwing a fit] Why do I even care?! All they did was mock me. Especially Cindy! She makes me so angry! [furiously throws a binocular box off-screen, crashing it] If only I'd gotten a cool superpower too, then I'd make her pay! I'd make 'em ALL pay! [camera zooms in on his eye; growls infuriated] What's wrong with me? [eye color changes burnt green; voice deepens] Feeling strange. [starts transforming into his huge hulk-like form as Goddard watches in fear] Thoughts, cloudy. Image of Cindy burning in my brain!
Hulk Jimmy: [bursts out through the door of his clubhouse, roaring with rage] JIMMY DID GET SUPERPOWER! NOW JIMMY STRONG! NOW JIMMY SMASH!

Mrs. Wheezer: Listen to me, people. We can't let the army keep our babies in that horrible Area 86.
Mr. Wheezer: Yeah, it's probably crawling with germs and all sorts of allergies.
Mrs. Vortex: My Cindy's too delicate. She can't do hard time.
Mrs. Folfax: And my poor Libby doesn't have a thing to wear.

Sam: [throwing an apple at Hulk Jimmy] Take that you misterable mistake of nature, yeah! [throws another at him]
Judy: [stepping in while trying to defend her hulk-like son] No, don't! You're only making him angry!

Cindy: Carl, why haven't you tried to perfect your super belches?
Carl: I'm scared to, for my burps are way to dangerous.
Sheen: But Carl, your destructive potential is part of the reason we love you.
Carl: DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?! No more spice food or carbonated beverages! I've got to guard against even the slightest hiccup!
Sheen: You mean no more chalupas? I feel your pain, dude.

Cindy: Guys, I think that orange-rampaging monster is Neutron!
Libby: Those rays must've had some kind of delayed reaction on him.
Carl: We gotta do something. The army might really hurt him!
Cindy: All I did was make fun of him and, he still promised to help us. We have to help him!

Lights! Camera! Danger! [3.4]

[repeated line]
Quentin Smithee: And action!

Butch: Mr. Smithee, uh…how do I start this thing?
Quentin Smithee: I have no idea. Just keep pushing buttons until something happens. And...

Quentin Smithee: [found out that Hugh sung the Donut Boy theme song in the alley] No. This is the scene where you [throws the box of donuts to the ground] get lost!

Fundemonium [3.5]

Baby Quackers: [repeated line] Gotta go potty! [puddle forms under her] Oopsie!

Stranded [3.6]

Jimmy: And I'm telling you that you can't see the equator!
Cindy: Just an unpopulated area like the Pacific Ocean!
Jimmy: WRONG! The equator's invisible and apparently so is your brain!
Cindy: Well, at least my head doesn't need no time zone!
Jimmy: Why'd you have to go there?!

Sheen: Ah the sea, who's water grows our gardens, who's electric eels light our homes, who's jellyfish fill our jelly donuts.
Libby: Sheen, none of those things do any of those things.
Sheen: Hey! You try staying awake staring at a stupid ocean!
[grumbling sound]
Libby: What's that sound? Carl, you're supposed to watch our readings.
Carl: I'am. Their fine.
Libby: Well, what does the fuel gauge say?
Carl: It's fine. It's on "E" for…"engored with gas"…? [motor stops and hover car falling]
[Everyone is screaming]
Libby: Assume crash positions!
Sheen: If you say so… [Carl and Sheen making faces]
Libby: You know what... just go back to the screaming. [Everyone screams again]
[Hover car splash in the ocean]
Carl: Is everybody okay?
Sheen: Well, I'am a little concerned that we're STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!
Carl: Calm down, Sheen.
Sheen: Don't tell me to calm down! This is all your fault! Anybody with a brain knows that "E" stands for... uh.... "elp yourself to some gas"!

Cindy: You know, I hate to say it Jimmy, but aside from the man-eating plants, giant spiders, and vicious snakes, um… this isn't so bad.
Jimmy: It seems like if we stay out of the denser parts of the jungle, we should be fi… [record scratches] Did you just call me Jimmy?
Cindy: Well, that is your name…
Jimmy: I know. I just didn't know that you knew. I thought you thought it was "Neutroid", or "Speutron", or "King Cranium" or "Frankenhead"...
Cindy: I know, I know. Jimmy, why do you think we always fight back home?
Jimmy: Oh, that's easy, because, well, uh... maybe because... uh... Huh... I don't remember.
Cindy: I don't either. I mean, I know I'm not supposed to like you, but being here on this island away from school and grades and peer pressure, it makes me realize how ridiculous that is. You're a really cool person.
Jimmy: R-really? [Cindy nods her head] I've sort of been thinking the same thing about you.
Cindy: Really? Jimmy, if I had to be stranded on a deserted island with anybody, I'm glad it's you.
Jimmy: Me, too. Um, Cindy, if you're not doing anything tomorrow, well, do you think you might want to... I don't know, hang out together?
Cindy: Hmm, I may have to move some appointments around, but what the heck, I accept.

Carl: I was going to share, and I ate one, but it was so good, so I ate four and I…I…I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON!
Sheen: YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! [throws the chocolate away] GET HIS LEGS, LIBBY! [he grabs Carl]
Libby: Sheen, you can't throw Carl overboard.
Sheen: [He halts] Why not?
Libby: Because he might have more FOOD ON HIM! [they start pulling Carl back in and they hear a horn blow] Guys, did you hear something?
Carl: It wasn't me.
Libby: [gasps] It's an ocean liner! Try to get their attention!
Carl: But they're so far away.
Libby: Jimmy must keep a flare in here look around! [sees an emergency button] I think this is it.
Carl: "For emergencies only."
[A light points towards the ship and explosion]
Passengers: We're okay!
Libby: Um… maybe we should just keep this to ourselves.

Sheen: I won't give up! Did Lewis and Clark give up?! Did Charles Lindbergh give up?! Did Saul Hoffnitz give up?!
Libby: Who's Saul Hoffnitz?
Sheen: I give up. The point is I'm not going back to Retroville without Jimmy and Cindy! I'm gonna find them even if I HAVE TO TEAR OUT EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT IN HERE!

Jimmy: Finished, now put your fuel ingredients into the gas tank.
[Libby and Carl put all the ingredients into the gas tank, but Sheen picks up some strange rocks and put them into the gas tank]
Jimmy: Sheen, what kind's of rocks are those?
Sheen: Well I didn't know what shale look like, but I found these cool rock deep in the jungle. Look!
[Sheen give the strange rock to Jimmy]
Jimmy: These don't feel like rocks at all. they feel like…
[Libby screamed and they saw a giant spider attack the hover car and they all are hiding in the rock]
Cindy: Jimmy, that's the spider that made the web we saw!
Jimmy: I think we put some of her eggs in the gas tank!
Carl: If it destroys the hover car, we'll be stranded here forev… [record stretches]
Sheen, Libby, and Carl: Did she just call you Jimmy?

Jimmy Goes to College [3.7]

Butch: Big words: they hurt, they hurt!

Butch: Big molecules: they hurt, they hurt!

The Tomorrow Boys [3.8]

Jimmy: [as Future Jimmy opens the door] Hi, um, are you… Jimmy Neutron?
Future Jimmy: Well, lookie here. Me, Carl and Sheen back in the day.

Future Cindy: NERDTRON! Nerdtron, what are you doing?! You're supposed to be soaking my mother's feet! And if it's not done every hour on the hour, she experiences severe flaking!
Future Jimmy: Cindy, can you not call me Nerdtron? [scoffs] Now that we're married?
[The word "married" repeats itself, slowing down each time.]
Jimmy: NO… [commercial break, after which Jimmy is still screaming.] …OOO!
Carl: Wow. You just screamed for four minutes, Jim.
Sheen: I'm both impressed and disturbed.

Future Carl: Yeah. I remember the first time I saw Mrs. V's feet.

Jimmy: Look, the birthday girl. Okay, I can explain. In the future, you're mad with power...
Libby: [enraged] Oh, I'm mad all right!
[Libby throws Jimmy, Carl and Sheen out of the house and slams the door.]
Jimmy: We'll explain all this to Libby after we save the future.
Sheen: Right. I won't let my dear, sweet Libby become a horrible dictator! Although if she wants to wear the outfit, that's cool.
Carl: Guys, look!
CopBot: Is this the place?
[The squirrel squeaks and CopBot interrupts the party but it stopped by Butch]
Kid: Hey!
Butch: Hey, Tin Man, this is a private party! [CopBot blasts Butch] Enjoy the punch...!
Jimmy: Okay, just stay low and maybe he won't...
CopBot: Oh, look! I am now authorized to use deadly force.
[Copbot uses the lasers to shoot the trio and gets hit by Goddard]
CopBot: Again, I fall.
Jimmy: Goddard! You saved us!
Libby: And take your dog, too! [slams the door]

Carl: Jimmy saved the future!
Sheen: That horrible dictator Libby will never plague us again! [they all look at Libby, whose looking extremely furious] Oh. Perhaps I'd better explain.
Libby: [incredibly enraged] You and your stupid robot broke my house!
Sheen: But…
Libby: Ruined my party and destroyed my gifts!
Sheen: But… but…
Libby: GET OUT!

Libby: [to Sheen] Meet me at the Candy Bar, Sheen… [throws the door open, revealing his friends cleaning up; angrily] AFTER YOU CLEAN MY HOUSE!

The League of Villains [3.9-10]

[Aboard the giant Yolkian chicken ship, King Goobot has gathered every villain Jimmy has defeated together for the first League of Villains meeting]
King Goobot: Welcome, fellow villains. I believe introductions are in order. I am King Goobot of Yolkus, and this is my assistant, Ooblar. Oh! Oopsy! [chuckles] I forgot- I traded Ooblar to the Bulgosians for some sulfur butter.
Beautiful Gorgeous: I'm Beautiful Gorgeous, and I broke out of prison for this, so it better be good. [to her father] Pop.
Professor Calamitous: Professor Finbarr Calamitous. I recently escaped, too. I used a…well, not a chisel, exactly, more of a long thingy with, uh, sort of forky prongs…
Baby Eddie: [annoyed] Tick-tock, baldy! Let's move on! I'm Baby Eddie. Yeah, I'm a baby- deal with it.
The Junkman: The Junkman, purveyor of fine refuse products throughout the galaxy. You trash it, I cash it.
Grandma Taters: I'm Grandma Taters, and I'm so happy to be here! Let's all sing "The Happy Song." [takes out her guitar and starts singing] ♪ Happy, happy, happy, happy… ♪
Zix: [whistles] That'll do, ancient one. We're the space bandits of the Dimdar Galaxy. I'm Zix, and this is Travoltron and Tee.
Tee: Why can't I introduce myself?!
Travoltron: 'Cause he already introduced you, bonehead.
Tee: You calling me a bonehead?! How'd you like to be a no-head?!
Eustace: If you gill breathers are done, I am Eustace Strych, and I could buy and sell you all!
The Junkman: Make me an offer.
King Goobot: Gentlemen, ladies, settle! I've called you here for a reason.

King Goobot: For years, that pesky little genius has defeated us, humiliated us, and almost destroyed us! None of us have been able to conquer Jimmy on our own, but if we band together, we can wipe him off the face of the galaxy and let evil triumph!

Jimmy: I'm serious! Oh, and what part of "Girls stay behind the yellow line" did you not understand?! Perhaps you recall Love Potion 976/J?
Carl: Oh, I do. It made you fall in love with the first person you saw. Sheen fell for Libby, Jimmy fell for Cindy, and I fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the… [gasps] Nothing.
Jimmy: And these are essence of N-Men. I synthesized them from your DNA after we achieved superpowers. Ingesting your packet will give you your powers back for 30 minutes.
Libby: Ooh, I want to be invisible again!
Cindy: I want to be Special Girl for my karate competition this weekend!
Sheen: I want to be Vibrating Sheen, so I can go to the bathroom all over the world!
Jimmy: No! Don't you guys remember what happened last time we were the N-Men?
Cindy: Yes.
Libby: Yes.
Carl: Yes.
Sheen: So, what if I don't? A lot's happened since then.
Jimmy: You couldn't control your powers. You got so out of control the town locked you up.
Cindy: Excuse me, wasn't there also a big orange monster who went crazy and almost destroyed Retroville? Oh, that's right- it was you!

King Goobot: In order to abduct Jimmy Neutron, you'll be split into teams. First team: Baby Eddie and Grandma Taters.
Grandma Taters: Ooh, we're going to have such a good time!
Baby Eddie: I've got to be with the old broad? This stinks!
Grandma Taters: [sweetly] I could just eat you up… [menacingly in her true self] and maybe I will!
King Goobot: Team two: Beautiful Gorgeous and the Junkman.
The Junkman: Yuck!
Beautiful Gorgeous: The feeling is mutual.
Baby Eddie: Hey, Junkster, I'll trade you Wrinkles for Dollface.
King Goobot: No trading! Team three: Eustace Strych and Professor Calamitous.
Eustace: What?! The guy who can't complete a sentence?! I can't work with that fool.
Professor Calamitous: Watch your tongue, sonny, or I'll… I'll… well, I'll…
Eustace: Yes, fine, get back to me on that before I go to college!

[Aboard The Junkman's ship, the villains circle around Jimmy as he wakes up]
Jimmy: [gasps in horror] King Goobot, Baby Eddie, Grandma Taters, The Junkman, Eustace, Professor Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, Zix, Travoltron, and Tee!
Tee: How come he said my name last?!
King Goobot: Hello, Jimmy. We were just in the neighborhood and thought we'd drop by. Care to go for a little ride? It will be your LAST!

[The League of Villains put Jimmy on trial]
King Goobot: Quiet! Quiet, I say! Quiet. Court is in session. The League of Villains vs. Jimmy Neutron. King Goobot presiding.
Jimmy: Wait- you're putting me on trial?!
King Goobot: Of course! We're doing things by the book.
Jimmy: What book?
King Goobot: "The Big Book of Sham Trials." Be seated, jury.
Beautiful Gorgeous: Do I have to sit next to stink boy here? I'm gonna throw up.
Professor Calamitous: He can't smell any worse than this baby.
Baby Eddie: Hey, I'm a baby. Babies poop! What? You didn't poop when you were a baby?
King Goobot: Order! Order! Bailiff, control the jury.
Tee: Man, why do I got to be the bailiff? I want to be on the jury!
Beautiful Gorgeous: Too late. We already voted.
Tee: How come I didn't get a vote?
Villains: 'Cause you're not on the jury. [laughing]
King Goobot: Order! Order, I say! James Isaac Neutron, you are charged with blocking the spread of evil, ruining diabolical plans and being an annoying pest. How do you plead?
Jimmy: Well, first I have to say…
King Goobot: Time's up. Thank you. The jury will now read the verdict.
Jimmy: I didn't even get to defend myself!
King Goobot: Hello! This is a League of Villains. What did you expect? Jury, how do you find the defendant?
Villains: Guilty!
Jimmy: What a shock.

King Goobot: Jimmy Neutron's sentence has been decided. We shall blast him and his annoying sidekick into deep space!
The Junkman: I still say we should eat him!
Beautiful Gorgeous: Mr. Noxious, would you mind staying a minimum of 20 feet away from me so that I don't get nauseous?
The Junkman: Gladly.
Baby Eddie: Hey, Gorgeous, after this is all over, you want to grab dinner and a movie?
Beautiful Gorgeous: Buzz off, baby.
[Baby Eddie blows raspberry at her in return]
Eustace: Can we wrap this up? I have a polo lesson in two hours.

Jimmy: I should be able to get us back to Retroville at light speed. Look for some sort of transmitter so I can contact Carl.
Sheen: I don't think that's necessary.
Jimmy: Why not?
Sheen: They're right there.
Jimmy: What?!
Sheen: That's them, all right. Carl's talking, Libby's drying her eyes, and Cindy's driving.
Jimmy: This is terrible! They're heading to save us and we're heading back to… [realizes; enraged] CINDY'S DRIVING MY ROCKET?!

Mrs. Vortex: I demand to know how this happened!
Hugh: Well, Judy was tinkering with Jimmy's stuff. I'd ask her.
Judy: [offended] Oh, really?! Well, Mr. Let's-Push-All-the-Buttons…
Hugh: Now, honey, name calling won't solve this mess you got us in. Besides, we may be here for a while. Look, some people seem to be adapting.
Miss Fowl: School is in session. Today's lesson is how to not get eaten by a giant fire ant. [squawks]
Butch: Miss Fowl, a raptor ate my homework.
Man: So, what do you got, Sam?
Sam: Rock burgers, rock dogs and rock lobster with a side of rocks.
Man: I'll just have soup.
Sam: One hot water! Hold the rocks!
Judy: Well, I guess we could live here. I could make curtains and paint the walls with some berry juice.
Hugh: Now, that's the spirit, Sugar. Maybe it will distract you from thinking about our missing Jimbo.
Judy: [weeping] My baby!
Hugh: Oopsy. There, Sugarbooger. Remember, we're in the Cretaceous Era. We've got millions of years to come up with a plan to save him.
Judy: Hugh, are you aware that most of the things you say make no sense?

Cindy: Neutron, what's going on? Who's after you?
Jimmy: Every villain I've ever defeated has banded together to get rid of me for good!
Sheen: Well, maybe if you'd gone along with my plan to come rescue you…
Jimmy: What plan?!
Sheen: Oh, right.
Jimmy: Almost there!
[The League of Villains emerge from the Junkman's ship and block their way]
Carl: Bad people! Lots of bad people!
King Goobot: Isn't this lovely? Now, you all get to be blasted into deep space with your good friend, Jimmy!

[As Carl confusingly mixes up the N-Men packets, and gives Jimmy the love potion instead, he, Sheen, Cindy, and Libby have been given the wrong powers]
Jimmy: You took all the wrong packets!
Cindy: We were given the wrong packets!
Jimmy: Sheen, you have super strength! Sock somebody!
[Sheen starts charging towards the Junkman to sock him, but misses]
Libby: Carl, you're in big trouble! [punches Carl in the gut, whose invisible]
Carl: Ow! I'm right next to you!

[Jimmy pours the love potion into a hollow stalagmite as a blowgun and blows it on The Junkman and Beautiful Gorgeous, making them fall in love with each other]
The Junkman: You're beautiful!
Beautiful Gorgeous: Kiss me, you fool!

Jimmy: Gotta hide somewhere so the villains don't find us.
Libby: There's the moon- we can hide there!
Jimmy: Good idea.
Brobot: Hi, Jimmy! I missed you! Want to play a game? I can make moon castles! Want to hear a song I wrote? It's called, "I Love Jimmy." ♪ I love Jimmy, I love Jimmy, I love Jimmy, I love Jimmy… ♪
Jimmy: I'd rather take my chances with the villains.
Sheen: Good call.
Cindy: Agreed.
Carl: Can't blame you.
Libby: Word.

Grandma Taters: I'm going to take a little nappy. [snores loudly]

Cindy: Uh, Neutron? We wanted Retroville, not Jungleville.
Sheen: I think the gardeners went on strike.
Sam: [while being chased by a raptor] HELP! Yeah, yeah. HELP!
Miss Fowl: [while being chased by a giant black snake] Bad snake! Bad snake!
Jimmy: This is Retroville. Based on the flora and fauna, I'd say that wormhole transported the town 75 million years in the past.
Sheen: Awesome! Now I don't have to go to the dentist on Thursday!

Sam: I just saw an egg, a baby, a granny, a rich kid, and two lizard guys- yeah.
Sheen: Oh, wait, wait- I know this joke!
Cindy: It's not a joke, you nimrod! It's the League of Villains!

Cindy: I'd like to see Betty Quinlan do that!

Cindy: So, what'll happen to Goobot and the other villains?
Jimmy: I programmed the force field to wear off after a few minutes. I'm guessing the League of Villains will have their hands full for quite a while.

Who's Your Mommy? [3.11a]

Jimmy: Welcome to Planet Schmangy! …Again.

Jimmy: The strange appetite, the mood swings, the glowing buldges… Carl, I don't know how to say this, so I'll whisper it in Sheen's ear and he'll blurt it out in astonishment. [whispers into Sheen's ear]
Sheen: Carl is PREGNANT?!
Carl: [jumps in shock] What!?

Jimmy: Good news, Carl. I have an idea how to solve this without harming you, or the creature, [Carl shakes his head no] and, why are you nodding no?
Carl: I thought about it, Jim. If it's a boy, I'll name him, Shmengo, and if it's a girl Shmengeta, I want to retain its alien heritage.
Jimmy: WHAT?!

Jimmy: Carl, why aren't you more worried? This thing might feed off your insides, or electrocute you, or grow until it splits you in half!
Carl: Yeah, kids can be a handful.

Clash of the Cousins [3.11b]

[Jimmy and his parents showing up in the backyard to celebrate Great Aunt Amanda's birthday]
Jimmy: [carrying her present] Happy Birthday, Great Aunt Amanda! You're looking more beautiful and less wrinkly every year.
Aunt Amanda: No thanks to you, young man, your gadgets and gewgaws have taken ten years off my life!
Judy: But, Aunt Amanda, how can you say that? Jimmy's gadgets have saved the town dozens of times.
Aunt Kari: Sure. After he brought down a giant meteor to destroy us all.
Uncle Newt: Or those evil rotting aliens.
Cousin Gomer: Which cousin are you again?
Hugh: Now, now, now. Newt, Kari, Cousin Gomer, Cousin Annabelle… [Baby Eddie babbles] and little Eddie, let's not fight. We're gathered together because we love our dear Aunt Amanda and not because her fabulous wealth controls our very destiny.
Jimmy: Yeah, can't we all just get along and be a family?
Aunt Amanda: NO! Because of you, the Neutron name isn't respectable anymore. Why can't you be nice like your two young friends?
Sheen: Mmm! I've been waiting all year to eat Aunt Kari's salt patties.
Carl: And this 147 bean salad is the best one yet.

[While Jimmy is punished and not being allowed out of the house after the presents "exploded"…]
Carl: Hey, Jimmy, are you okay?
Sheen: Cheer up, Jimmy. We brought you some of Aunt Kari's world-famous, migraine-inducing desserts.
Jimmy: Guys, we have a situation. There's no reason those presents should have exploded. Someone bombarded the spatula with delta waves. Only a genius could come up with a plan like that. And the delta waves came from the backyard. Do you realize what that means?
Sheen: Uh, Jimmy, do you mind if we just keep eating?
Jimmy: It means that there's another genius in my family besides me. An evil genius.
Carl: That's horrible! Hey, Sheen, are you gonna finish that death-by gelato?
Jimmy: Okay, stop eating.
Sheen: Sorry.
Carl: Sorry.
Jimmy: Goddard, isolate the Neutron genius gene. Now, compare the gene against DNA profiles of all adult family members. Hmm. The two most likely suspects would be… Cousin Gomer or Cousin Annabelle.
Carl: Okay, so what you're saying is that one of them must only be acting dumb.
Sheen: [belches] Or crazy.
Jimmy: We gotta find out which one before they make another attempt on my family's lives!
Carl: Right. To the buffet! What? I'm still hungry.

Carl: Hey, Cousin Annabelle.
Carl: Uh, I'm allergic to wheat.
Cousin Annabelle: Oh, really? GO AWAY!

Baby Eddie: [laughing wickedly] Haven't you figured it out yet, Jimmy?
Jimmy: [shocked] Cousin Eddie!
Baby Eddie: I had you barking up the wrong tree. You know, maybe you ain't as bright as everybody thinks.
Jimmy: How can I be so naive? I only checked the DNA of adult Neutrons. I never guessed that…
Baby Eddie: A baby could be as smart as you? Heck, I'm smarter. And, I'm only 17 1/2 months old. Wait till I hit puberty- bah-bing!
Sheen: Why'd you do it, Cousin Eddie?! WHY?!
Jimmy: For Aunt Amanda's money, Sheen.
Baby Eddie: Ding! We got a winner! Now, think fast, nimrods! [traps the boys and Cousin Gomer in his unbreakable fun rings] Don't waste your time. Nothing can escape my unbreakable fun rings.
Jimmy: You're a bad baby, Eddie, and you got a diaper full of evil!

Jimmy: [facing Baby Eddie] Too bad you didn't know about Goddard's backup battery. It's all over, Eddie! Oh, you're going down, baby.

Aunt Amanda: This is the child you raised?! A vicious, rotten baby mauler?!
Jimmy: It's not what you think, Aunt Amanda! Eddie's an evil genius! He was trying to blow everyone up so he could get your fortune!
Baby Eddie: [in baby voice] Goo.
Hugh: He takes after her side of the family! [gestures to Judy, pointing at her]
Judy: Hugh!
Hugh: He may be adopted. It looks nothing like me.
[A high-pitched whirring sound is heard]
Aunt Kari: Wait. There's that horrible noise again!
Jimmy: I know, Aunt Kari. I reset Eddie's rattle during our struggle. It's programmed to overload.
[The sound is shown coming from Baby Eddie's rattle]
Baby Eddie: Oh, poopy! [throws his rattle into the air and it explodes] You broke my rattle! You dweeby, no-good, pointy-headed, weasel-faced freak! [The adult Neutrons are shocked as he accidentally reveals his true colors while Jimmy grins smugly] Uh, I mean… [in baby voice] Goo?
Aunt Amanda: That baby's a bad seed! [to Jimmy] It's Jimmy who's the good nephew!
[The adult Neutrons cheer for Jimmy as Sheen, Carl, and Cousin Gomer exit the house]
Aunt Kari: I'm so sorry little Eddie tried to destroy us all.
Jimmy: If I were you Aunt Kari, I'd keep him on a baby leash.
Baby Eddie: Oh, no, not the leash! I'll get you for this, Cousin Jimmy, you hear me?! This ain't finished, not by a long shot! Hey, where's my juicy cup? Where is the cup that I can spill without spilling?
Jimmy: Dad, our family is very weird.
Hugh: It sure is, son. It sure is.

My Big Fat Spy Wedding [3.12]


Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen [3.13]

Jimmy: [in trying to find a way to help Sheen defeat a zealous karate practioner who wants to ursurp Sheen's position as "The Chosen One"] There's only one way to help Sheen train.
Sheen: [in front of a dojo] A tutor?
Jimmy: We have no other choice!
Sheen: Why don't you just make me take piano lessons while I'm at it?
[The Dojo head, Master Hong, answers the door]
Master Hong: Yes?
Jimmy: Master Hong?
Sheen: Dude, aren't you a little old to teach kung-fu?
Master Hong: [calmly, holding out a pebble] Snatch this pebble from my hand.
Sheen: [sarcastically] Snatch the pebble… too easy! [gets slammed around by Master Hong] You're hired!

Lead Shangri-Llama Monk: [of Sheen] To the Chosen One! Long may he put his leg behind his head!

The Incredible Shrinking Town [3.14]

Sheen: Aw, cheer up, Jimmy. Hey, after the game, you wanna come over to watch Wizard of Oz? I love those little monkeys. [Jimmy glares at him] What? What'd I say? Man, you dinky guys are so touchy.
Jimmy: You guys have no idea what it's like to be the short guy. It's like…it's like…
Sheen: Uh, you're not gonna sing, are you?

Sheen: [Reading a message about the Vomitorium] Do not go on this ride if you have a bad back, bad neck, or hate puking.

Judy: This is a nightmare. How am I going to clean this house if I'm six inches tall?
Hugh: I know, these are dark times, Sugarbooger. But look on the bright side. We finally got a jumbo-sized TV!
[Goddard flies into the living room]
Judy: [to Jimmy; sharply] James Issac Neutron, are you responsible for this?
Jimmy: You know, Mom, we could waste precious time assigning blame.
Judy: [still sharped] Jimmy!
Jimmy: [guilty] Kind of.
Judy: Hugh, speak to your son.

Cindy: Now, listen Neutron, you'd better…
Carl: [impersonating Mrs. Vortex] Cynthia Vortex! Come over here and help your mother clean up Humphrey's extremely large poopy poo-poo!
Cindy: Oh, just make us big, Neutron!

[The space bandits have captured the citizens and are taking them on the McSpanky's ship]
Cindy: Well, we can all thank our favorite boy genius for getting us into mortal danger - again!
Libby: At least we can say we had an exciting childhood.
Carl: [sees the ship] Hey, look, it's the old McSpanky's burger joint that we used to work at till you shot it at the sun, Jimmy.
Jimmy: They've turned it into a spaceship.
Sheen: [opens a fake treasure chest] It's okay, our worries are over! We're rich! [hugs it]
[Jimmy rolls his eyes]

[After returning home to Earth and Jimmy returning all the citizens back to their normal size…]
Jimmy: [standing on a podium] Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've all learned something in the past few days. Size is not important. It doesn't matter if you're big or if you're small. So be happy with who you are.
Mayor Quadar: For saving the citizens of Retroville from a life as toys, we award the Retroville trophy of honor to James Isaac Neutron. [gives Jimmy the trophy]
Cindy: [pulls Jimmy down from the podium and stands on it] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out! May I just remind everybody this was ALL Neutron's fault?!
Mayor Quadar: Oh, the loud girl has a point. [takes the trophy away from Jimmy] Chainsaw! [A man cuts the trophy in half with a chainsaw] For reminding us that this was all Jimmy's fault, we present half of the Retroville Trophy of Honor to Cindy Vortex.
[The crowd cheers as Cindy is presented the main body of the trophy while Jimmy receives the legs, to his dismay]

One of Us [3.15a]

Jimmy: [narrating] There we were, running for our lives from our best friends and family. How did this happen? It all began on a normal day at school.

Jimmy: Libby, did you just turn some music off?
Libby: [turns slowly to Jimmy; also smiling creepily] Hello, Jimmy, I'm happy to see you. Did you watch "The Happy Show Show" last night?

Sheen: Hi, Jimmy. You watched "The Happy Show Show?"
Jimmy: Yes, and it was the worst show ever! It was obnoxious, idiotic, silly, infantile, inane, vapid… Shall I go on?
Libby: You need to watch it again.
Jimmy: Again?! I could barely watch the first 30 seconds! I thought my TV would explode! I thought I might faint from the fumes of the show's supreme stinkiness!
Carl: You should give it another chance.

Jimmy: [narrating] The show was hypnotizing people and turning them into mindless zombies! It didn't effect me because I was only watching the reflection. [bursts the door open and enters] Betty, snap out of it! You've been hypnotized! Stop watching the TV!
Betty: But I must watch, and you must watch, too.
Jimmy: [runs away, screaming as he makes it back to his house] Mom, Dad, we've gotta call someone! There's a TV show that's turning everyone into… [enters the living room, only to see his parents have been hypnotized too]
Judy and Hugh: Hello, Jimmy, we're happy to see you.
Jimmy: You too?
Judy: Come sit here and we'll be happy together.
Jimmy: [quickly runs out of the house] NO!
Judy: Shall we chase him?
Hugh: Nothing would make me happier.

Jimmy: Grandma Taters, I presume!
Grandma Taters: Well, hello, honey, come on in. Would you like some hard candy?
Jimmy: I know what you're up to, lady.
Grandma Taters: [pinches Jimmy's cheek] Well, aren't you a smart little boy?

Grandma Taters: Restraints!
Jimmy: Mom, Dad, you can't do this to me!
Judy: Oh, we're happy to do it.
Hugh: Positively ecstatic.
Jimmy: But you're not supposed to be happy all the time! You have to be sad sometimes!
Hugh: Happily, that's no longer true.
Jimmy: But don't you see? Grandma Taters' show has stolen your emotions and caused you to lose your humanity! Soon, the whole world will be pack of soulless, mindless zombies!
Sheen: Wondering if I care…still wondering… NOPE!

Grandma Taters: I'm sorry, girls. I failed.
Grandma Clones: That's alright, honey. Come in for some muffins. And bran juice.
Grandma Taters: [to Jimmy and Cindy] We'll be… [lifts up her glasses, revealing her dark evil alien eyes; in a malicious tone] back!

Vanishing Act [3.15b]


The Trouble with Clones [3.16]

Evil Jimmy: [hijacking into the communication satellite phone in Earth's orbit, making prank calls] Yeah, hi, is the U.N. Security Council? I'm looking for Ambassador Shake My Booty, first name Ivanna.
Man: [on satellite phone] Hold on. Guys! Ivanna Shake My Booty. You heard me: Ivanna Shake My Booty!
[Laughter is heard through the phone]
Evil Jimmy: [laughing evilly] Oh, mercy!

Evil Jimmy: I hate that little dweeb.

Evil Jimmy: While the dork's away, the clones will play, eh, pooch?
[Goddard whimpers and nods yes]
Jimmy: You're in big trouble, clone! Step away from that duplicator!
Evil Jimmy: Sorry, no can do, bro. This goodie-two-shoes town of yours ain't big enough for the both of us.
Jimmy: Wait- you don't know how dangerous that thing is!
Evil Jimmy: Oh, I think I do. [starts up his rocket and flies away] Hasta la vista, big-head!
Jimmy: Don't worry, Goddard. He forgot about my rocket. [jumps in his rocket but as he starts it up, he notices a watermelon clogging up the engine] I really hate that clone.
[Later outside, Jimmy is scrubbing the watermelon off in his rocket's engine]
Hugh: Hi, Jim-Jam, gettin' ready to visit that new planet in the sky?
Jimmy: New planet? What new planet? [Hugh points to the planet up in the sky; gasps]
Hugh: Sure is pretty. In a creepy, steaming kind of way.
Jimmy: Goddard, deploy telescope. [Goddard activate his telescope and analyzes the planet, revealed to be a cloned Earth; horrified] Oh, no-- he's cloned another Earth! [cut to commercial break and back] My evil clone must've used the Flux Field to clone a duplicate Earth.

Jimmy: Leaping leptons! Evil Jimmy somehow made his cloned Earth just as evil as he is. Better blend in. [makes his hair and eyebrows to look like his evil clone] Oh, yeah, I'm evil. Oh, yeah, I'm bad.

Evil Health Inspector: Well, this place is unsafe, unsanitary, and crawling with vermins. Congratulations. You passed your health inspection.
Evil Sam: I am so displeased, yeah!

Evil Miss Fowl: Take your seats, maggots. Evil Cindy and Evil Libby will now give a presentation on wedgies.
Evil Cindy: Thank you, ugly. Class, nothing hurts like a wedgie, and yet few people understand the proper technique.
Evil Libby: May we have a volunteer, NICK?!
Evil Nick: No, you can't! [as Evil Butch forces him out of his desk seat and shoves him to the girls] I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!
Evil Libby: Assume the position!
Evil Cindy: Simply reach, grab, and give a forceful 90-degree tug. [pulls Evil Nick's underwear harder as he screams in pain]
Evil Libby: Note the beads of pain-induced sweat.

Evil Miss Fowl: After him! Fly, my pretties, FLY!

Evil Judy: Hello, sweetie, home so soon? [cutting roses into a bucket] I'm just dirtying up the house before dinner.
Evil Hugh: We're having duck again. I must have bagged over 87 bubbleheads this morning. Oh, they quacked for mercy, but I just laughed and laughed. [he and Evil Judy both laugh evilly]
Jimmy: This is going to scar me for life. Mom, Dad, I know helping is good, and I know that you're evil, but I'm still your son, right?
Evil Hugh: Yep-a-roonie, [combs Jimmy's hair to his normal style] our very, very good son.
Evil Judy: Our evil son has ordered us to capture you for experimentation. [presses a button on a remote, letting a cage fall in on Jimmy, trapping him]
Evil Jimmy: [appearing] Well, well, well, if it isn't the wimpy dip-headed freak. Hey, nice of you to drop by. I see you met the folks.
[They all chuckle evilly; Later, Evil Jimmy escorts Jimmy to his lab with Evil Goddard behind, pointing his gun at him]
Evil Jimmy: So, what do you think of my little world, doc?
Jimmy: It's sick twisted and smells like old socks! How'd you make this duplicate Earth evil?!
Evil Jimmy: With a dark matter power chip. Yeah, I know, feel free to applaud.

Hugh: Ah, goodbye mild backache. [the world returns to normal and falls to the ground] Hello, blindingly, painful backache.

Jimmy: Clone, no! If you break that chip, the whole planet will get sucked into the dark-matter dimension!
Evil Jimmy: And you'll be trapped with us! [breaks the chip into two pieces] Catch you on the flip side, wimpy dip!

Jimmy: At least my evil clone is gone for good. No one has ever come back from my dark-matter dimension.
Evil Jimmy: [chuckles] You're not gonna get away with this, wimpy dip! You can't keep that an evil clone down! I'll be back! [laughs evilly]

Paul the Three-Eyed Monkey: (DNA Productions logo) Now what do you want me to say now?

Who Framed Jimmy Neutron? [3.18a]


Flippy [3.18b]


How to Sink a Sub [3.19a]

Principal Willoughby: Heavens to Harvey Fierstein! This isn't the Pomona bypass.
Coach Grubber: Willoughby, you dink! I told you turn left at the Pants Outlet!
Hilgo: I'm frightened and nauseated. Where are we?
Miss Fowl: We're in hyperspace, where no teacher has gone before. I've got a good idea who's responsible for this!

Jimmy: Spread the word, people! School's out!
[they throw a party]
Sheen: I'm the king of the world! [gets hit]
Jimmy: [flying around the hallway with a rocket board] Coming through, watch it! [his rocket board gets magnitized] Hey, what's wrong with my rocket board?! [screams as he's pulled by his displeased mother; shocked] Mom?!
Judy: You are so grounded, mister!
Hugh: [pops out of a trash can] She's right, Jimbo. I'm afraid your senseless reign of carnage is over.
Carl: Hi, Jimmy. You said to spread the word, so I told our parents.
Judy: You bring your teachers back, this instant.
Jimmy: I can't! They're programmed to come back in a week.
Mr. Estevez: Then, we'll have to round these children up ourselves. Kids? Oh, kids!
Mrs. Wheezer: Allow me, hon. [loudly] QUIET!
[The students all stop partying]
Judy: Children, please go to your classrooms. Until Miss Fowl and the others return, we parents will be filling in as substitute teachers.
[The students all groan and complain in dismay]
Jimmy: [speechless] Substitute teachers?
Mr. Wheezer: Good idea, Judy. The kids shouldn't miss one precious day of education.
Jimmy: Mom, Dad, you can't do this! It'll be totally embarrassing!
Hugh: Don't be silly, Jimbo. Your mother would never dream of embarrassing you.

Mrs. Wheezer: What's wrong, Carl? Is my seven-layer soy mulch too tough? Let Mommy pre-chew it for you.
Carl: Mmm! [sees Jimmy and Sheen reacting with disgust] I mean, gross!
Mrs. Wheezer: You boys enjoy!
Jimmy: I can't take it anymore! I actually wish we had our old teachers back!
Carl: Are you gonna finish your soy mulch?
Jimmy: Parents want to be substitute teachers, huh? Well, I say, it's time to sink some subs.

Sheen: Dad, I'm warning you! Behave yourself!
Mr. Estevez: [riding on a motorcycle with Mrs. Wheezer holding on] You can't tell me what to do!
Mrs. Wheezer: Stop trying to ruin my life!

Miss Fowl: Double time, Neutron!

Lady Sings The News [3.19b]

[Everyone walks away, and Jimmy kisses Cindy.]
Carl: Hey, Guys! Okay, you're coming back right? Right? Guys! My scapula!

Butch: Jimmy and Cindy sitting in a-
[Cindy forcefully punches him squarely in the stomach.]
Butch: [panting on the floor] ...tree.

King of Mars [3.20]

Libby: Wow, the universe is so vast and intricate. I'm bored.
Cindy: Hmm, Libs, keep an eye on Mars for me. It's been acting weird all night.
Libby: [sniffing] Is that… Eau d'Amino Acid? Girl, you brought us here so you could flirt with Jimmy.
Cindy: Did not! I'm here because Jimmy values my scientific input.
Libby: Why don't those two just get a lab?
Cindy: Hey, Neutron, have you checked out Mars?
Jimmy: Huh? Mars is old news. I'm spotting comets.
Cindy: But it's been showing huge fluctuations in brightness. Definitely worth a good long look.
Jimmy: What's that bewitching scent?
Cindy: You mean my perfume? I just splashed this on when I don't care what I smell like.

Cindy: When a colleague suggests that you look at Mars, it's polite to look at Mars!

Eustace: Hello, Neutron!
Libby: [to Cindy] It's that spoiled rich kid who has it in for Jimmy!
Jimmy: Eustace Strych. I thought you were grounded for life.
Eustace: Yes, well, my daddy's will is easily manipulated. So, Jimmy, did you forget that I'd sworn everlasting vengeance against you?
Jimmy: Hmm, it sort of slipped my mind because I have a life, you loser!
Eustace: Don't get saucy with me.

Cindy: Well, it's your fault! [points to Jimmy]
Jimmy: What?!
Cindy: Oh, don't act dumb! At least Eustace treated me like an equal. You act like I don't even exist!
Jimmy: You are so clueless, Vortex! Of course I know you exist, that’s why I pretend to ignore you!

El Magnifico [3.21a]


Best in Show [3.21b]

Jimmy: Goddard? [finds Goddard's note next to him in his bed] He left me a note in binary code. Better translate. [gets up from his bed and inserts the note into his computer] "Dear, Master. Sorry I let you down. You'd be better off with a real dog like everyone says. Your ex-pet, Goddard." He ran away! [typing on the computer] Access Goddard tracking device. [an "ACCESS DENIED" error appears on the screen; groans] He decommissioned his tracking device! [yelling from the window] GODDARD!!!