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Marúaweka! (Greetings!)

Phaedriel, born Sharon K., will be your hostess while you visit this excuse of a user page. Please make yourself comfortable, and while you look around, allow me to quote the memorable words of Dr. Hannibal Lecter as reminder of the conduct I expect my visitors to observe: Discourtesy is - unspeakably ugly to me. Like my beloved grandpa once told me, a grain of kindness is all it takes to turn thorns into flowers.

I was born somewhere in the late 1970s, with a mixed descent composing of a quarter Finnish, a Irish and half Comanche. After a quiet and lovely childhood spent at a sleepy, yet beautiful town in the great state of Oklahoma where my folks still live, I moved to Oklahoma City, where I currently live and work. Before you ask me, like many people do every now and then - yes, I do have a Comanche name. But please, even if you're curious, I'd prefer not to be requested to say it. Some things, especially very intimate ones, are better left unsaid. Thank you so much for understanding, my friends!

What I'm up to

I focus mostly on 19th & 20th century poets and writers. Lately, I've also expanded my activity beyond this scope, and I'm trying to create entries for social activists and journalists, as you may see at the list below. Of course, these are not my only interests - but hey, we all have our fields, don't we? ;)

Besides from a passionate Wikiquoter, I am also an administrator at English and Simple English Wikipedias, and an active editor at English Wikisource. Don't hesitate to contact me at my userpages there if you need help at any of these projects. Thank you!

Some of my creations

Abercrombie, Lascelles ~ Abish, Walter ~ Acton, Eliza ~ Addleshaw, Percy ~ Aguilar, Grace ~ Allen, Frederick Lewis ~ An Inconvenient Truth ~ Anderson, Margaret Caroline ~ Antin, Mary ~ Arnold, Edwin ~ Ayres, Pam ~ Baring, Maurice ~ Barker, George ~ Barker, Jane ~ Cleaver, Eldridge ~ Barlas, John Evelyn ~ Barnes, William ~ Barnfield, Richard ~ Bashford, Henry Howarth ~ Bath, Elizabeth ~ Beddoes, Thomas Lovell ~ Beeching, Henry Charles ~ Bellah, Robert ~ Benson, A. C. ~ Bentley, Edmund Clerihew ~ Bentley, Elizabeth ~ Bigg, John Stanyan ~ Blackmore, Richard ~ Bleecker, Ann Eliza ~ Bloom, Allan ~ Bloomfield, Robert ~ Blunden, Edmund Charles ~ Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen ~ Bowles, William Lisle ~ Brontë, Anne ~ Brontë, Branwell ~ Brodie, Fawn ~ Brownjohn, Alan ~ Bunting, Basil Cheesman ~ Burney, Frances ~ Calverley, Charles Stuart ~ Campion, Thomas ~ Carter, Angela ~ Cartland, Barbara ~ Chapman, John Jay ~ Cudworth, Ralph ~ Cunninghame-Grahame of Gartmore, Robert ~ Dangerous Liaisons ~ DeLillo, Don ~ Doolittle, Hilda ~ Duras, Marguerite ~ Evans, Edith ~ Fallows, James ~ Foster, Stephen ~ Fuller, J. F. C. ~ Gerould, Katharine Fullerton ~ Greville, Fulke ~ Grillparzer, Franz ~ Gunn, Thom ~ Hamer, Fannie Lou ~ Hampton, Christopher ~ Harrington, Michael ~ Hayden, Robert ~ Huizinga, Johan ~ Jamison, Judith ~ Johnson, Lionel ~ Jordan, June ~ Kemble, Fanny ~ Kinell, Galway ~ Klein, A.M. ~ Layton, Irving ~ MacDonogh, Patrick ~ MacLeish, Archibald ~ Malone, Michael ~ Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso ~ Martineau, Harriet ~ Mikes, George ~ Moore, Marianne ~ Muir, Edwin ~ O'Hara, Frank ~ Pittman, Frank ~ Pogrebin, Letty Cottin ~ Quindlen, Anna ~ Reston, James ~ Rich, Adrienne ~ Robinson, Edwin Arlington ~ Rowland, Helen ~ Sampson, Anthony ~ Silliphant, Stirling ~ Simpson, Louis ~ Suckling, John ~ Snyder, Gary ~ Tate, Allen ~ Taylor, Laurette ~ Thompson, William Irwin ~ Toomer, Jean ~ Tsvetaeva, Marina ~ Tuan, Yi-Fu ~ Walcott, Derek ~ West, Jessamyn ~ West, Paul ~ Wever, Robert ~ Whitehorn, Katharine ~ Winters, Yvor ~ Wright, Frances ~ Yezierska, Anzia ~ Zangwill, Israel

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