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Hi Recoome. Welcome to English Wikiquote.

Enjoy! —LrdChaos (talk) 16:13, 3 October 2006 (UTC)

Unblock notice & some suggestions[edit]

Recoome, please note that I have unblocked your account after a thorough analysis, including a CheckUser report, suggested that you have nothing but an unfortunate topical connection to the established anime-editing disrupters and sockpuppets. Please accept my apology for the implications of bad-faith editing and the frustration of having to wait for this analysis to have your username cleared.

For future reference, please note that some of your actions during this situation made it quite difficult for us to distinguish you from the battling sockpuppets. Some of these actions, like reverting unwise edits and posting repeated complaints, are logical for any conscientious editor, so sysops will try to dismiss these as reasonable responses. But a few raised suspicions:

  • Your choice of a name banned at Wikipedia is unfortunate. Since you had this long before the WP situation came about, you can't be faulted for it, of course. But it made you a suspect for cross-project abuse.
  • Editing under an IP but changing the signature to reflect your username, especially while your username is blocked, is a very common vandal tactic. Even sysops cannot clearly distinguish legitimate and vandal posts in this form without a CheckUser check, which no one at Wikiquote currently can do. This further increased suspicions.
  • Accusatory and inflammatory dialog with other editors, like your "What The Hell Have I Done?" posts to my talk page, often sets off alarm bells for sysops. Civility and staying cool are critical practices on wikis, where few of us have any contact with our fellow highly-opinionated editors outside the talk pages. Sysops, who are volunteers just like all other editors, have only a limited set of tools and considerable rules to follow to stop disruptions, so they must make frequent judgment calls that cause occasional over- and under-reacting to daily problems. Vandals, knowing the natural anger that innocent editors feel when sysops take actions that affect them, frequently pose as irate innocents to further muddy the waters. Given your username's history at Wikipedia and the raging battle here over articles you were working on, your posts basically elevated you to the level of near-certain Zarbon/Wiki-star sockpuppet in my mind (as well as others, I'm sure). The best way to deal with these kinds of problems is through patience and civility, which is rarely shown by vandals and therefore is a good indicator of a reasonable editor.

Some of this might seem unfair, but please understand that we try very hard to stop the "bad guys" without causing harm to the "good guys", and we can't always do this perfectly. en:Wikiquote is perhaps unusual in that we often allow editors who have been banned or otherwise tied to frequent bad-faith editing on other projects, to continue to work here based solely on their Wikiquote activity. Even though this is our principle, we must sometimes go with the evidence provided by other projects in the short term in order to stem the flow of bad-faith editing here.

I hope that you will consider resuming your Wikiquote work, and that your future work here will help you establish a reputation for good-faith editing that will help you on other projects, including Wikipedia if you eventually choose to appeal your block there. Let me know if you have any questions about this situation. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 15:30, 9 July 2007 (UTC)

Frieza Force[edit]

No. I no go back for Freiza Force. It make to much time in my life. Bien, y Shane, what is the namie of you account on Narutopedia? I forget all the time. Ivan, 24/12/09

Shane, is that yu?[edit]

User:IDENTITYCONFIRM. At the time being i am 27 years old.