Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

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  • This movie takes place a few years after the four-part conclusion of the animated show, "The Final Duel".

KaibaCorp Manager: (giving the cloak man strict orders) For the last time, you’re behind schedule! Speed up your progress or we’ll find someone who can!
Worker: Yes, sir! Faster everyone!
KaibaCorp Manager: Hmm. I wonder... Is this thing really down here? We’re working as hard as we can! But, sir!

Joey: No way. You actually got in? That study abroad program's lucky to have you. But, aren't ya a little scared?
Tea: Well, to be a professional dancer, I can't be afraid to bite off more than I can chew.
Yugi: If you're as graceful as you are with those chopsticks, you'll get in for sure.
Bakura: I'm proud that you're following your dreams, Tea.
Tristan: At least some us are. My dad says after I graduate, I gotta work in his factory.
Tea: And you, Joey? You still plan to become a pro duelist after school's over?
Joey: You better believe it. I'll be champion of the world in no time. 'Cause no out there can stop me!
Tristan: Except our math teacher who confiscated your duel disk for polishing it in class this week.
Yugi: Least it worked during our final exam.
Tea: Your turn, Yugi. It's time to share. Tell the guys what's your game plan.
Yugi: Well, all right. I thought I'd continue helping Grandpa in the shop. And I'm gonna start creating my own games, too. I know it's really cheesy but maybe someday, we can all play together..
Joey: I'm there. Let's promise- When Yugi's game makes it big, we'll all be there.
Yugi: When you say "big"?
Tea: Don't worry. You'll do it. Remember- Your friends believe in you.
Yugi: Thank you. I...believe in you, too.

Joey: What you got your deck our for, Yuge? Wanna take me on in a duel?
Yugi: No. Just thinking back.
Joey: About what?
Yugi: About...him.
Tea: You mean Atem?
Yugi: Sorry. Forget that I even brought it up.
Joey: Yuge, it's OK. You guys shared a connection. It totally makes sense you miss him sometimes.
Yugi: Not just sometimes. All the time.
It's just that things ended so suddenly between us. You used to be a part of me. But then you weren't and we had to face each other in a duel. A duel to determine whether I was ready to stand on my own. And when I defeated you, you left us. You left me...forever. I know it was for the best, but I wish I had one more chance to let him know what he meant to me. But destiny had different plans for us.

Kaiba: Load it into the chopper at once. I plan to reassemble it today.
Man: Yes sir.
Mokuba: Reassemble it? You do realize it took Yugi eight years to complete the Puzzle, don't you?
Kaiba: That's because Yugi's a simple-minded child. Let's go!

Tea: Hey, what you looking at there, Yugi?
Yugi: This article. Says here that they all disappeared without a trace.
Tea: It's those bullies.
Yugi: Says there's been many of these cases all over the city.
Duke: Not just here- all over the world. I heard online, something about fifty people vanishing all at once. Anyway, enjoy your lunch.
Bakura: Thanks, Duke. We'll try. How can we when someone or something is making people vanish? That someone could be watching us right now.
Tea: True. But I think they're pretty harmless, Bakura.

Shadi: I bring you a warning:
When the seven treasures come together
The Pharaoh's soul will finally be able to move on
And the power of the Plana will be yours
But should he ever return
This power will be recanted

(Yugi looks as his Dark Magician card with pride)
Yugi: Now way could I build a deck without this card. You've gotten me out of more dueling jams than I can count.
Sera: It's lovely. That golden box. It has a kind of glow.
Yugi: Sorry. I didn't hear you come in. But you're right. This box is very special. You see, it's where I keep my duel cards. Not every one of them, of course, just those that are extra precious.
Sera: Of course. But I think you mean cards extra precious to you and extra precious to the Pharaoh.
Yugi (in surprise): Huh!?
Sera: I know, Yugi. I know of the Pharaoh because of my master Shin, Shadi Shin. Long ago, Master Shin bestowed upon myself and others a great power- the power of the Plana. This power is so strong, it can remake this world; turn it into some place beautiful: A Utopia. But if misused, this power could do the opposite.
Yugi: Where are we?
Sera: This is the gathering place of the Plana. We carry on the will of Master Shin. However, there is dissension among us, and it could mean trouble for all of mankind. I have no one else to turn to other than you, Yugi.
Yugi: Who are you?
Sera: I am Sera. Destiny has led me to you. So I will entrust you with my destiny.
(Yugi opens his eyes, to see that Sera has vanished)
Yugi: That was...so strange.
(Opens his golden box and is amazed to find a fragment of none other than the Millennium Puzzle inside)
Yugi: No way.

Sera: Deva. Deva. I'm told you battled against Kaiba.
Deva: Yes. I'm afraid he's located the Millennium Puzzle.
Sera: If he's able to reassemble it-
Deva: I know. The Pharaoh will rise. But don't worry. He won't reassemble the Puzzle. He can't. And even if he could, it would not matter.
Sera: What do you mean? We'll lose our powers when the Pharaoh resurrects in Yugi's body.
Deva: That won't be a problem if I get rid of the body.
Sera: You're going too far! You're blinded by hate, Brother. And if you don't stop, it will destroy you. I believe in you. Just consider what I've said, Brother. I beg you. (teleports away)
Deva: It's too late.

Kaiba: Good to see you, too.
Yugi: I have bigger issues to deal with!
(Kaiba reveals the nearly completed Millennium Puzzle)
Yugi: No way! The Millennium Puzzle?
Kaiba: Yes. Most of it, anyway. But you can be sure I'll have it in its entirely soon enough.
Yugi: How did you get it?
Kaiba: That's not important. What is important is that you will come to my tournament, Yugi. And bring the Puzzle piece you have.
Yugi: You know? But how could you...?
Kaiba: I know everything that goes on in Domino.
Yugi: What is it? What are you after?
Kaiba: What I've always been after: To show the Pharaoh that I am the greatest. You will wear the Puzzle again and summon him, Yugi. And I will duel him and I will defeat him!
Yugi: But...Kaiba.
Kaiba: Be honest, Yugi. I know you want to see him, too.

Deva: What! impossible! You should be nothing!
Joey: I'll tell you how. Some of my memories are forever. Like those of my three pals, right here.
Children of the Plana: Their friendship withstood the power of the Plana? How is that possible? Where did Deva go wrong?
(The incredible Children of the Plana start to vanish)
Joey: That's right! Go back to wherever you all came from! But not you, Aigami! Not 'till you hand over Bakura.
Deva: This changes nothing! You're fates are all still sealed, including Bakura's. 'Till next time.

Sera: The Pharaoh. He has not returned.
Yugi: He's gone, Kaiba. Gone forever. I've known it deep down in my heart since we said goodbye. It wasn't easy. It still isn't. But I had to let him go, and you have to as well. I'm sorry. But this was what destiny choose for us.
Kaiba: You lie!
Yugi: Huh?
Kaiba: He's just afraid! Scared to come out and face me! He knows he's no match for me!!

Joey: No way. You actually saw the Pharaoh?
Yugi: Yeah. And it was great seeing him again.
Tea: how's he doing?
Joey: So, be honest. He asked about me, didn't he?
Bakura: Of course he did.
Yugi: He wished us well.
Kaiba: I said he'd be back. Hate to say I told you so, but...told you so.
Yugi: You were right. I thought the Pharaoh would never return, but you never stopped believing.
Kaiba: You have your bond with him and I have mine. Take care, Yugi.
Yugi: 'Till next time. And thank you.