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A New Evil

  • This marks the debut appearance of Dartz and his henchmen Alister, Rafael and Valon.

Part 1

Rex Raptor: Ever hear of stepping aside?!
Weevil Underwood: Yeah! What's your problem?
Gurimo: The problem should be yours when I strip you two fools of your souls.
Rex Raptor: Does the Grim Reaper know you've raided his wardrobe?
Gurimo: [his eyes glow green, explaining the Orichalcos] Quod valedico vestrum animus.
Rex Raptor: Say what?!
Weevil Underwood: I-I think you just got him mad!
Gurimo: Rise on your feet and Duel! [activates his Chaos Duel Disk and Weevil and Rex scream in terror off-screen]

Dartz: Great deities of domination, i call upon thee. Use the pharaoh's force to penetrate the dominion of the beasts and liberate the fury of 10,000 years.

Gurimo: Your fate is now sealed.

Part 2

Alister: Looks like someone needs a rest.
Valon: The boss warned us that the Egyptian God Cards and the magic of the Orichalcos might not mix so well, didn't he?
Alister: I think that geezer's just getting too old for this.
Rafael: Well, that's why we made him Duel first, right? To test the Pharaoh's strength.

Joey: Now why does all these weird stuff always happen to us? [Yugi is silent] You've gotta admit, it's true.
[Rebecca runs up to meet Yugi]
Rebecca: Yugi! [Hugs Yugi]
Yugi: [Very surprised] Uh, hey....you!
Rebecca: Oh no, don't tell me you forgot about me already!
Tristan: Yet another weird event to add to the list.
Joey: And this one tops them all.
Tristan: It's probably best if we don't interfere!
Tea: [Leaning towards Yugi] Do you know this person, Yugi?
Yugi: Um, I don't think so.
Rebecca: Maybe this will refresh your memory! [Holds up a card]
Yugi: [After flashback] Ah, Rebecca!
Joey: It's that brat!
Rebecca: Hi! [Big smile; waves her hand]
Joey: Wait, she looks different. Did she get a haircut or something?
Tristan: No dude, she traded her teddy bear for glasses.
Rebecca: [Hugs Yugi] I don't need a bear... now that I've got a boyfriend to protect me!
Tea: Um, excuse me? A boyfriend!?
Rebecca: [Another hug] My grandpa is also really excited to see you Yugi!
Yugi: Professor Hawkins?
Rebecca: Yeah, he's waiting at the Museum.
Tea: Grrr... [Anime vein throb]

Arthur: Remarkable, Isn't it?
Solomon: That's my boy.
Yugi: Hey, guys!
Arthur: Yugi Muto. You're just the person i need to see. I have a theory that all of these monster sightings have something to do with you.
Yugi: Huh.

Valon: Here we are, gang, Home, sweet home.
Rafael: Wait til the boss hears we found the Pharaoh.

Legend of the Dragons


Rafael: We located the Pharaoh, Master. Unfortunately, we weren't able to capture his soul.
Dartz: I didn't expect you to defeat him this soon. We've just begun.
Rafael: But you know me, Master. I never come back empty handed. [walks forward with a small wooden box, and opens it to reveal the three Egyptian God Cards inside]
Dartz: Excellent, the Egyptian Gods. [reaches out and takes the three cards in his hand] At long last. I've waited an eternity to hold their power in my hands. [the cards begin glowing] I finally possess the supreme force necessary to awaken the Great Beast! [walks to the altar at the far end of the temple] Soon we shall rid the Earth of mankind, and rebuild civilization as it once was! [places the Egyptian God Cards in the mouths of three huge stone serpents, with Ra in the middle, Slifer on the right and Obelisk on the left] Serpents of the Orichalcos, please hear my call! [raises his hands in worship] I offer thee the Gods of Egypt! Use their divine might to unlock the sacred chamber of the Great Beast! Awaken him from his ancient slumber by accepting my offering!
[Dartz laughs evilly as the three cards emanate a powerful beam of energy, which then shoots up past the temple roof and into the sky, culminating in an explosion of white light which clears to reveal an array of multicoloured lights floating in the sky]
Dartz: The time has arrived, my friends. Finally, after ten thousand years, the Great Leviathan shall rise again!

Dark Magician Girl: We’ve only just begun. The great beast is still weak so he retreated for the moment. And for that my companions and I are truly my Pharaoh. But many of us remain prisoners on the other side.
Yugi: What’s next?
Dark Magician Girl: The great beast will return again… and his power will grow! He must be stopped before he is fully restored! Time is running out!

The Creator Returns

Dartz: Rafael!
Rafael: Yes, Master Dartz. [kneels before Dartz] I know what to do. I'll find the Pharaoh. And this time, I'll make sure we drain his power to feed the Great Beast, sir.
Dartz: Why don't you try listening? It's really a wonderful skill. [turns around] And when you master it, you'll realise that we need more than just the Pharaoh's soul!
Alister: Then we'll deal with the others too. I'll take Kaiba.
Valon: I got my eye on someone too. That feisty little bloke Joey Wheeler. [laughs] He should be fun to take apart.
Alister: I know why you're after Wheeler.
Valon: Mind your own business, Alister! What about you? Why the sudden interest in Kaiba?
Alister: Look, I have my reasons, Valon.
Valon: Really?!
Rafael: Knock it off! We're in the presence of Master Dartz!
Dartz: The Pharaoh and his friends are on his way to speak with the one we've been watching. Just make certain that you reach him before they do.
Rafael: Pegasus?
Dartz: And to think, I called you a bad listener. Now go see Pegasus at once!
[Alister and Valon join Rafael in kneeling before Dartz]

Maximillion Pegasus: I can’t believe the very monsters I made famous and now terrorising people around the world. Oh. Talk about bad publicity.
Mai Valentine: Do you always talk to yourself like that?
Maximillion Pegasus: [turns looks at the window shelf a strange figure is Mai Valentine] Huh?
Mai Valentine: You got to get yourself some friends, honey.
Maximillion Pegasus: But how did you get past my security?
Mai Valentine: I guess your office isn’t as secure as you think it is, money bags.
Maximillion Pegasus: I know you, you’re Mai Valentine. Tell me, why did you come here?
Mai Valentine: Good question. I came here to duel you. And to take your soul.
Maximillion Pegasus: NOOOOO!

Valon: Why the long face, Mai? You just accomplished your first mission with flying colors.
Mai Valentine: Yeah, i know, Valon. But defeating Maximilion Pegasus meant nothing to me.
Valon: Huh?
Mai Valentine: There's only one person out there i need to take apart, and that chump is Joey Wheeler.

[Yugi and his friends at the airport]
Yugi: I'll see you soon, Grandpa.
Solomon: Take care, Yugi. And don't forget to keep your seats upright during takeoff. And don't fill up on peanuts.
Yugi: Sure, bye, Grandpa.
Tea Gardner: Well, we're off.
Joey Wheeler: Thanks for the ride.
Solomon: You kids be careful, now!
[Weevil and Rex are sneaking to followed Yugi and his friends to hiding in the bag.]

Pegasus: Kaiba boy! I missed you!

Deja Duel!


Part 1

Mokuba: Seto, We're approaching Duelist Kingdom.
Seto: I'll try to make this quick. The less time i spend here, the better.
Mokuba: Me, too. This place has nothing but bad memories.
Seto: Initiate the landing sequence now.
Mokuba: You got it.

Pegasus: I just haven't been myself lately. in fact... [in Alister's voice] I mean that quite literally.
Mokuba: What's going on?
Alister: Surprise! [chuckling]
[he rips himself off, revealing Alister]
Alister: I've waited for this day for a long time, Kaiba-boy.
Seto: You're gonna pay for tricking me like that!
Alister: [as Pegasus' voice] Pretty good imitation, right?
Seto: Identify yourself.
Alister: Alister's the name, Kaiba boy! Now let's duel!!
Seto: [growl]
Alister: [draw the card] Hm. [holds up "The Seal of Orichalcos" card] This magic card is about to change everything. Activating the Seal of Orichalcos!
Seto: What's that?
Mokuba: This is nuts!
Seto: Explain yourself now!
Alister: Oh, as if you're gonna believe me?
Seto: Try me.
Alister: We're trapped in here till the duel's over. Then once i crush you, i'll be able to get out. Hmm. Of course, you on the other hand won't be quite as lucky as myself Kaiba boy.
Seto: What do you mean?
Alister: When you lose, your soul will be locked away for all eternity... But this time, you won't be set free!
[To Be Continued...]

Part 2

  • This marks the only appearance of Alister's brother Mikey in flashbacks.

An Unexpected Enemy

Rafael: Someone out there likes to crash parties. Let's find out who. [drives off]
Valon: I already know. And I know just where she's going too.

Mai: Alright, gang. [holds up the card is Maximillion Pegasus' soul is captured by the Seal of Orichalcos] Say hello to Pegasus.
Yami Yugi: [shocked] What?
Tristan: Whoa... Is that really him?
Tea: Ah... Question: Did you do that to him?
Joey: Look! You better start talking!
Valon: [offscreen] or else what!?
Joey: Huh?

[Joey, Yami Yugi, Tea and Tristan spots at Valon and Rafael on top]
Valon: What's the matter, Wheeler, did your little reunion with Mai not go as well as you expected it to? [to Mai] And you! Why are you keeping these guys all for yourself, Mai? Why don't you show some manners and share the fun with us?
Mai: Mind your own business, you lackey. These geeks are mine, so deal with it.
Joey: Geeks!? But we're your friends, Mai. [flashback to Joey and Mai after the battle city finals.] Please, Mai, tell me this is all a joke! You're on our side, remember?!
Tristan: Great. Mai totally sold us out!
Tea: No! Mai would never do that! Tell him. You're still our friend, right?
Yami-Yugi: Time to explain yourself.
Mai: I was never a part of your little playgroup. And now I'm gonna break you apart one-by-one. And Wheeler… I'm starting with you!
Joey: Fine!
Mai: It's payback time, and it all starts, now! And to think, I was once pathetic enough to call you my friend. But now I know the truth! You were holding me back from achieving true power! So say hello to my real friend… THE SEAL OF ORICHALCOS! This card's done for me than you losers ever could! [activates the card, sealing herself and Joey in it]
Yami-Yugi: No! Not this!
Mai: [chuckles sinisterly] If you're scared now, just wait till you lose.
Joey: Wake up, Mai! This thing's nothing but bad news! It's messing off your head, big time! Don't you remember everything we've been through together? Just ditch that freaky card, and things can be that way they use to be!

Yami-Yugi: It's exactly as I feared. The Orichalcos controls her! This duel must end.
Tea: Otherwise, she's gonna do the same thing to Joey that she did to Pegasus!

My Freaky Valentine


Part 1

Mai: What are you waiting for, Wheeler?
Joey: I'm waiting for you to come to your senses!
Tristan: She's lost it. How can she side with the enemy?!
Tea: It's all because of that Orichalcos thing!
Pharaoh: Now, one of them will lose their soul.
Tea: No, you can't do this! Don't you see you're letting that magic card control you, Mai! You're putting your own life in danger!
Yugi: They can't go through with this! We've got to do something!
Pharaoh: But the Puzzle is powerless against that seal.
Valon: Ey, Pharaoh! Quit mumblin' to yourself down there, will ya? In case you didn't realize this last time, nothing can break the Seal of Orichalcos! Once it appears, it doesn't disappear until a soul's been captured!
Rafael: And don't think you're off the hook, Pharaoh. As soon as the girl takes your friend's soul, I'm takin' yours.
Mai: Get back in your cage, gorilla boy! When I'm done with Wheeler… Yugi belongs to me!
Pharaoh: But why?
Tea: She's nuts!
Rafael: I never liked her. No respect. Any more lip from Mai and she's next.
Valon: Aw, give the girl a break, will ya? She's still new at all this, mate. Plus, she's kinda cute when she gets mad, don't ya think?
Rafael: Uh, no.
Mai: When are you gonna make your move, hotshot? This year would be nice.
Joey: What did I say?! I'm not gonna duel against you, Mai!
Mai: Afraid you're not good enough? Afraid you're gonna lose like you did in Battle City?! I shoulda known you'd back down!
Joey: Actually, I'm afraid I'm gonna win. 'Cause if I do… You're gonna pay for it by givin' up your soul!
Mai: I have no soul!
Tea: [shocked] You hear that?!

Mai: Now this is what I call, "girl power!" You're up against six Haripe Ladies all enhanced with the power of my magic card! I place one card facedown on the field. It was nice knowin' ya! I've got six Harpie Ladies and one big magic circle, and we all agree you're in over your head, Wheeler. Lucky for you, it's your move or I'd finish you off right now. So what's it gonna be?
Tristan: There's nothing he can do! Mai backed Joey into a corner and now he's stuck there!
Yugi: Tristan's got a point. If Joey doesn't do something quick, Mai is gonna win the duel!
Pharaoh: That's true. And as long as the Seal of Orichalcos is on the field, Mai has all sorts of advantages. It even seems as though there are certain magic and trap cards that only she is allowed to use.

Joey: I summon Panther Warrior in attack mode! Now, I sacrifice one scapegoat so my panther can attack!
Mai: I reveal my facedown card! Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation!
Joey: What?!
Mai: My Harpie Ladies have all joined forces to repel your attack!
Tristan: Mai didn't have that card back in Battle City.
Tea: You're right.
Pharaoh: It seems as though she's gone through more than a few changes since the last time we saw her-- including a stronger deck!
Joey: Look, Mai... I don't know what kind of spell these guys put on ya but you gotta wake up! Otherwise we're both gonna be in pretty big trouble!
Mai: What spell!? No one's controlling me! [looks up on Valon and Rafael] Those two lackeys up there couldn't control my left pinky. I was sick of my life... So I chose to change it!
[Tea, Tristan and the Pharaoh gasps]
Joey: [shocked] No way!
Tea: How could you!?
Mai: You guys wouldn't understand. You've never been an outsider like me... All alone. Duel monsters is all I have. And after the Battle City tournament I set out to become the best. I duel against chump after chump to improve my dueling skills. I needed to make a name for myself.

Mai: I stopped whining like a loser and started taking control! Now nothing can stop me!
Joey: I never knew you felt that way. Why didn't you tell us you were so unhappy? We could've helped you, Mai!
Mai: SAVE IT! I don't need your kind of help! All I need now is power! And I'm about to unleash all of it on you! [draws] I play Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation! Since I have six Harpies on the field, it lets me destroy up to six of your monsters!
Tristan: Hold on! Joey's only got three left!
Tea: That means once Mai's Harpie Ladies attack, he'll be defenseless!
Pharaoh: That's not all. Mai's magic card will also subtract the sum of Joey's monsters' attack points from his Life Points.
Mai: Now, Harpie Ladies… unite and destroy every one of his monsters! Say goodbye to your three monsters, Wheeler! Someone is one attack away from losing their soul and I don't think it's me, sweetheart. Any last requests?
Tristan: Mai's got 4000 points! She hasn't even lost one! And Joey's down to his last 200! Not to mention the fact that he's out of monsters!
Tea: If he doesn't think of something right now, he's gonna lose the duel!

Part 2

Yugi: There is a way for Joey to end this duel without someone getting hurt, isn't there?
Pharaoh: Yes, but it won't be easy. The Seal of Orichalcos is powerful. However, it does have limitations. It can only capture a soul when a duelist loses, and there it lies the secret to escaping its wrath.
Yugi: I don't get it.
Pharaoh: Let's hope Joey does.

[Joey picked his own trap card in the middle, canceling Mai's attack]
Tristan: I knew he could do it!
Tea: You go!
Weevil: Now that's luck.
Rex: Yeah, next time I play Bingo, I'm bringin' him!
Valon: Well, there goes your theory.
Joey: Looks like your last attack didn't work. So I'm still in the game!
Mai: For now, maybe.
Tea: That's cool. At least Joey bought himself a little time.
Pharaoh: Yes, but it did come with a price, Tea.
Mai: Impressive. But your little maneuver helped me out, too.
Joey: Yeah, I know. Now you get to put the two cards you picked at the top of your deck.
Tea: Oh, no! Now she can use those two cards again!
Pharaoh: Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation and Harpie Sparrow Formation. Those are two of Mai's most powerful cards!

Part 3

Rafael: Valon, what are you doing!?
Valon: With this fragment of the Orichalcos stone… I unlock the seal!

Yami Yugi: Joey, are you alright. Joey!
Tristan: Oh man.
Téa: Why did he do that?
Rafael: What were you thinking, Valon? You betrayed Master Dartz and risked your own soul! And you mean to tell me you did all that so you just saved some girl, Valon.
Valon: She's not just some girl, Rafael!
Rafael: Would you listen to yourself, Valon!? [growls] I’ll make up for this… By taken your soul, Pharaoh. The power around my neck puts your puzzle to shame.

Joey: Oh no, I was so close [groans] I'LL GET YOU BACK MAI!!

The Challenge

Seto Kaiba: No way! My mind must be playing tricks on me!
Joey Wheeler: I doubt that. My card seens to be doing the same thing, Kaiba!
Yami Yugi: It feels as though these three dragons are calling out to us.
All: Uhh!
Yami: I was told that fate had chosen three modern-day warriors to release these legendary beasts.
Kaiba: Chosen by fate? Get real. I'm the one who decides my fate, Yugi! Not some fairy tale about mythical dragons and giant man-eating monsters.
Yami: Be reasonable for once! The world needs us! We do this as a team!
Kaiba: Sorry... I don't do the teamwork thing.
Yami: Listen!
Kaiba: You geeks have wasted enough of my time already. I have a multi-million dollar company to run. Playtime's over.
Pharaoh: Kaiba!
Mokuba: Seto.... wait up!
Joey: We don't need him weighing us down anyway. With good old Hermos over here those hoodlums won't stand a chance.
Tristan: Someone's back to their old self again. About time.
Joey: It took me a while, but I realized being bummed out about Mai's not gonna bring her back.

Mai: What were you thinking?! I was just about to finish off Wheeler, and then you had butt in and ruin everything!
Rafael: You're a real piece a work. He saved your soul, and this is how you repay him?
Mai: Who asked to be saved?! Maybe next time, He'll learn to butt out!
Rafael: Next time... We'll just let you lose.
Valon: That's enough, mate. I'm fine.
Mai: Yeah, Clam up, or you'll end up just like your friend here.
Rafael: You have no idea the danger you were in.
Mai: Huh?
Rafael: Do you remember that Hermos card Wheeler played? It's an ancient dragon that can only be controlled by a chosen duelist.
Mai: Ha! Yeah, he was chosen all right! Chosen to have that scrawny butt of his kicked by a real duelist!! Humph. [hops on Valon's motorcycle] Later, losers! [droves off]
Valon: Hey, wait! That's mine! [coughs]
Mai: You won't escape me this time, Wheeler.
Valon: I can't let Mai get hurt. I gotta stop her.
Rafael: Forget about her let's focus on the Pharaoh.
Valon: But Master Dartz said to wait.
Rafael: Yeah, Well, Master Dartz doesn't always know what's best. We should take the strongest soul first. Once we get him out of the way, The others will fall right into our hands, one by one.
Valon: But how do you know the Pharaoh will duel?
Rafael: Because my plan is already in place. It's only a matter of time.

Joey: You sure this is the place?
Yugi: Professor Hawkins! Rebecca!
Rebecca: Yugi.
Yugi: Rebecca. What happened here?
Rebecca: [in tears] Yugi… they tooked him. [starts to cries] My poor Grandpa! [sobbing] It’s not fair! He didn’t hurt anyone!
Yugi: We’re gonna find him… I promise.
Rebecca: Thank you. Who would do something like this?!

Yugi: Ready, Copernicus.

Tristan: We’ll keep an eye out on Rex and Weevil, I don’t trust those two.

Weevil: We can't miss the showdown between Yugi and those guys. I have to find out how they made Mai into such a strong duelist.
Rex: Can't we take a quick snack break?
[Weevil and Rex spots Yami Yugi riding on Copernicus]
Weevil: It's Yugi, he's getting ahead!
Rex: No put the pedal to the metal!

Rebecca: [looks after her grandfather was asleep and holds Ties of Friendship card what Yugi gives her] Be careful, Yugi. Please.

Rafael: I'm ready for you, Pharaoh. Thanks to my deck... and the power it holds.

Fate of the Pharaoh


Part 1

  • This marks the only appearance of Rafael's family is Sonia, Julian, Dad and Mom in flashbacks.

Rafael: Very impressive, cowboy, But You'll need more than a few rodeo tricks to get yourself outta this. [Pharaoh crossing the bridge] You see, While my associates are satisfied with stealing the souls of your friends, I'm not.
Pharaoh: I did my part. Now you release the Professor Arthur Hawkins as you promised.
Rafael: He's already been set free, but since you've come all this way, you might as well stay awhile.

Rafael: So you're gonna stick around, right? 'Cause like i said before, Pharaoh, your friends aren't good enough. I need to capture the soul of the pharaoh himself so i can save the world.
Pharaoh: Save the world? Don't you see that what you're doing is going to destroy the world? or are you so insane that you can't tell the difference?
Rafael: I'm just fine. It's you who's blind to what's going on. You're fighting on the wrong side.
Pharaoh: Explain yourself.
Rafael: This world's a dark and lonely place to live. It's been poisoned by mankind. All i'm trying to do is fix what's been ruined by people like you, and I'll do it by locking your spirit away for good.
Pharaoh: Who do you think you are?
Rafael: Look, The name's Rafael, and i called you here to duel, not shoot the breeze. I've waited for this moment long enough and i have no intention of putting our fight off for another minute, so let's go.
Pharaoh: You've given me no choice. But know this, in the end righteousness will prevail and justice shall be served.
Rafael: That's just what I'm hoping for.
Pharaoh and Rafael: Let's duel!

Rex Raptor: Hey Weevil, Check it out.
Weevil Underwood: Yugi started dueling already.

Part 2

Rafael: Well, for starters, He's a better leader than you were. That's right Pharaoh. My master told me all about your history as the king of Eqypt; How you ruled as an evil dictator using the power of the shadow realm to control your subjects.
Pharaoh: Wake up. He lied.
Rafael: How would you know? You have no memory of your past. So isn't it possible that you're responsible for the destruction of Egypt?! Think about it!
Pharaoh: It can't be. I know i was a worthy pharaoh. I'm the one who locked the dark magic away!

Yugi: Pharaoh, no!
The Pharaoh: Let go!
Yugi: No! You don't know what you're doing!
Pharaoh: Let go!
Yugi: Listen to me! This card is affecting your mind!
Pharaoh: We're going to lose the duel! Can't you see?! Trust me! It's the only way, Yugi! We must do this! Now let me go!
Yugi: Please don't play that card!
Pharaoh: Now I activate the Seal of Orichalcos!
Rafael: (thinking) Excellent.
[The Pharaoh activates the card]
Pharaoh: What have I done?
Yugi: No!

Joey: Do you guys see what I see!?
Tristan: Is that light what I think it is!?
Joey: The Seal of Orichalcos!
Rafael: Nice work, Pharaoh. I knew you had it in you. Now, let's see what the Orichalcos reveals about you. Are you good or are you evil? So, tell me. How do ya feel? [laughing]
[To Be Continued...]

Part 3

Pharaoh: What have you done to my dragon!?
Rafael: It's not what I've done.... It's what you've done by playing that magic card. Guess I should warned ya. Timaeus and the Orichalcos don't mix. But at least your dark side's been set free.
Pharaoh: What have I unleashed? [screaming, ] You were a fool to hand me this card! For when you lose, you soul will be for all eternity where it belongs! Now I activate Hand Control! All I need to do is correctly guess the name of a card in your hand and i can activate it! And since I gave you the necromancy card, I know you're holding it! Now it's mine! Ha! Necromancy allows me to bring four monsters back from my graveyard! So return to me Big Shield Gardna... Berfomet... Gazelle the king of mythical beasts... and Kuribabylon! Next I'll sacrifice Gazelle and Berfomet so i can summon my Dark Magician! Then I'll separate my Kuribabylon into the five Kuriboh brothers I used to create it! Now my monsters, feel the power of the orichalcos!

Yugi: Hey, where am I? The Seal of Oricahlcos! No! He played it! What have you done, Pharaoh?

Joey: YUGI!
Tristan: No way, dude!
Joey: What's going on? Why's that oricahlcos thingy on Yugi's forehead.
[Joey, Tristan and Duke jumped in next Weevil and Rex.]
Rex: You guys just missed the best part.
Duke: Yeah? Then why don't you two fill us in.
Tristan: I don't trust these twerps as far as i can throw 'em.
Joey: Hey! [grubs Weevil] My best buddy's got that freaky ding on his head and i want answers now!
Weevil: Why don't you take your paws off of me and try asking nicely!
Joey: Wrong answer. Now it's go time!
Weevil: Don't hurt me, Don't hurt me...
Rex: It's the Seal of Oricahlcos!
Weevil: ...Don't hurt me, Don't hurt me...
Rex: Yugi got it from that big muscle guy and then activated it!
Weevil: ...Don't hurt me, Don't hurt me.
[Joey lets go off Weevil and he, Tristan and Duke gasps sees Yami Yugi faces Rafael and he using that evil spell card and Weevil panting.]
Joey: Yugi wouldn't do that! He knows that card is evil!
'[The Pharaoh anger growls the oricahlcos on forehead.]

Weevil: Alright, guys, If Yugi loses I call dibs on his Dark Magician.
Rex: That's not cool. Why don't you show some compassion for a change... and let me take his Dark Magician.
Joey: Watch it!

Joey: That doesn't sound like to Yugi I know. Come on pal... Snap out of it!

[In the far corners of Yugi's subconscious mind]
Yugi: Pharaoh, no! The Seal of Orichalcos is in play! So the monsters on the field are real! Please don't sacrifice the Dark Magician Girl!

Tristan: Earth to Joey, are you there, man?
Joey: I'm here, but Yug's not. he's brainwashed!
Tristan: Say what?!
[Duke gasps]
Joey: He's sacrificing his monsters left and right and talking about "power." That's not Yugi's style a duelin' at all! That oricahlcos ding is messin' with his head! Just like it did to Mai!
[In the far corners of Yugi's subconscious mind]
Yugi: [in tears] How could he do this? That card is evil. I warned him.

Rafael: You let your rage take over. Now look into the eyes of your monsters!
Pharaoh: Please forgive me for what I've done to you!

Pharaoh: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Rex: No way! Yugi actually lost!
Duke: This can't be!
Tristan: Oh man!
Joey: Yugi!
[In the far corners of Yugi's subconscious mind]
Yugi: If he lost the duel. Then he'll loses his soul!
Rafael: [laughing] Time for you to pay up, Pharaoh. The Seal of Oricahlcos never leaves the field without taking something along for the ride. And this time it's you, and you have yourself to blame 'cause you sealed your own fate when you played that card. Now your life-force will awaken the Great Beast.
[In the far corners of Yugi's subconscious mind]
Yugi: Not if I can help!! With all the power of the Millennium Puzzle, I break the Seal!!

Yugi: Pharaoh, I won't let his happen to you!!
Pharaoh: Yugi, no! What are you doing here!!?
Yugi: It only needs one of us. So I'm letting the Seal take ME instead.
Pharaoh: NO!! YUGI!!

Rafael: Adios, Your Highness.
[The Pharaoh collapses]
Joey: Hey! You alright pal!?
Weevil: I doubt it.
Rex: Yeah Ditto.
Duke: This is nuts.
Tristan: Come on, pal.
Joey: Yugi, Get up! Please, Yug!
Rafael: You won't be needing these anymore.

Weevil: Ha! Hey, Rex.
Rex: I know exactly what you're thinking.

[The Pharaoh wakes up]
Tristan: He's awake!
Joey: I knew you outsmart that big goon. So How'd ya Yug, How did you escape. [sees the Pharaoh crying] Everything alright pal?
Pharaoh: (in tears): No, Joey. It's far from alright. I didn't outsmart him. He succeeded. Yugi's gone.
Joey/Tristan/Duke: Whoa!

Dartz: Great Leviathan, Please accept my latest offering.

Joey: I don't get it. How can you be talkin' to us if he took your soul?
Pharaoh: (in tears): Not mine!! Yugi's!! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!! YUGI, COME BACK!! IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME, NOT HIM!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!

Trial by Stone

[Rex and Weevil followed Rafael on the helicopter]
Rex: He's getting away! We have to get our hands on one of those orichalcos magic cards. Just a little more!
Rex and Weevil: [screaming]
Rex: This is all your fault! Help! Mommy, I'm falling.
Rafael: Oh, great.

Tea: How'd it go? Is everything OK?
Joey: Not quite. We got a problem guys.
Tea: What do you mean?
Duke: Yugi didn't win.
Tristan: He's gone.
Tea: Wha-
Tristan: You heard me. Yugi got beat, Tea!
Tea: You're wrong! If Yugi really lost that duel, those creeps would have taken his soul with their freaky magic card, Tristan!!
Joey: So what's your point, Tea?
Tea: My point!? If he's lost how can he be standing right... [gasps and turns around looks at the Pharaoh] behind me? Oh no.
Rebecca: Yugi, talk to me. What's wrong!? Why are you acting so strange!?
Pharaoh: Rebecca, they got him.
Rebecca: Got who?
Pharaoh: Yugi. [Flashes back to their last duel as the Seal took Yugi instead] I know. This whole thing's my fault. I'm the one who unleashed the magic that took Yugi away.
Rebecca: You knew that card was evil and you still played it!? If you really were a brave pharaoh, you would never have done something like that to poor, little Yugi!!
Tea: Now hold on.
Rebecca: Oh, Tea!
Pharaoh: I'm afraid Rebecca's right.
Tea: Huh?
Joey: What's done is done.
Pharaoh: I let everyone down. Especially Yugi. He warned me not to play the Seal of Oricalcos card, but my rage took control. [Flashes back to their first duel, the Pharaoh activated The Seal of Oricalcos card.] He paid for my mistake.
Joey: You got to snap outta this!
Pharaoh: He's gone, and it's all my fault.
Joey: Get a grip, man!
Tristan: Joey!
Joey: If we're gonna rescue Yugi, We gotta move ahead, not look back, So pull yourself together. What we gotta do now is find out who this Dartz guy is and where he keeps all these souls.
Duke: I've been suggesting we do that since day one, but nobody listens to me.
Tristan: Stop thinking about yourself for once, Duke!
Duke: Down, boy. Heel!
Pharaoh: Let him go, Tristan!
Tristan: Huh?!
Pharaoh: This happened because I couldn't control my anger, and if we keep fighting amongst ourselves, the orichalcos will destroy us.

Rafael: You’re about to meet our master, so don’t anything to stupid.
Alister: Yeah, He doesn’t have as much patience as we do.
Rex and Weevil: gulped.
[They opened the door]
Rafael: Mission accomplished, Master.
Weevil: We're gonna become super villains.
[Rex and Weevil giggling]
Rafael: You'll be happy to know the strongest soul on Earth has been captured, Master Dartz.
Dartz: Ah, yes. The Pharaoh.
Weevil: Pharaoh?
Rex: What pharaoh?
Dartz: Unfortunately, you failed again. [chair turns around]
Valon: [walks in with an arm in sling] That's right. The soul of the Pharaoh is still out there, Rafael.
Rafael: [shocked] What?!
Alister: [shocked] Huh?!
Dartz: Now watch and learn.
Weevil: [whimping]
Rex: What's that?
Dartz: The Pharaoh's spirit inhabits the body of a young man. And what we have here is a clear case of mistaken identity.
[Camera zooming towards image of Yugi Muto in stone]
Rex: [shocked] No way!
Weevil: [shocked] Yugi?
Valon: Instead of the Pharaoh, you got the soul of some kid!
Rafael: I still don't understand.
Dartz: Then you need to clean out your ears, you oversized baboon. Both of their spirits inhabit one body! Get it!? You captured the wrong soul!
Rafael: But how!? I’m pretty sure I was dueling the Pharaoh! So the Orichcalos should have sealed him!
Dartz: Well, apparently you're not as perceptive as you think you are because he got away.
Rafael: That Punk!!
Dartz: There's no one to blame but yourself!
Rafael: I can fixed this, If you let me.
Weevil: Hey!
Valon, Dartz, Rafael and Alister: [spots at Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood] Huh?
Weevil: Let's go!
Rex: Go where?
[Rex and Weevil run to Valon, Dartz, Rafael and Alister and knees on]
Weevil: Might I suggest something, sir?
Rex: Like a better hideout?
Weevil: Quiet! [bangs Rex's head]
Rex: Ow! I'm just trying to be helpful.
Dartz: Who are these two?
Rex: Haven't you heard of us? Former regional duel monsters champions?
Rafael: They're just a couple of wanna-be duelists who followed us here. They probably never even played the game.
Weevil: Never played the game?!
Rex: Wanna-bes?! We're great duelists, but we came here to become even better.
Weevil: Yugi and his friends have been making fools of us for years. [flashbacks to Yugi and Weevil's duel with the Summoned Skull and The Great Moth in defeat, and then Joey and Rex's duel with a Time Wizard and Red Eyes Black Dragon in defeat at Duelist Kingdom.] Before they showed up, we ruled the duels. But lately it seems like we're just the butt of everyone's jokes.
Rex: And no one likes being a butt.
Weevil: Uh, What he means is, we want nothing more than to have our revenge. So, please, mister Dartz, sir, share your dueling secrets with us and we'll help you get what you want.
Rex: Please!
Dartz: It won't be easy. The Pharaoh and his little friends wield the power of the legendary dragons. How do you intend to fight against cards like those?
Weevil: That's exactly why we need your help, sir.
Rex: Yeah, Weevil and I need the seal of orichalcos.
Dartz: You know, Before I share my power with you, I have to make sure you're worthy.
Weevil: Give us a chance to prove it.
Rex: We'll do anything.
Dartz: Very well.

[Back inside the caravan]
Joey: So they wanna rule the world. We've dealt with that before.
Pharaoh: No, Joey, this time things are different.
Tristan: Yeah, They're not just talking about wiping out all life on earth, they're doing it!
Joey: But we know how to stop 'em.
Tristan: Huh?
Joey: We got to go straight to the source and destroy that secret weapon of theirs.
Tea: You mean that weird monster-zapper in the sky?
Tristan: Unfortunately, that thing's after more than just monsters. it's using human souls to power itself up so it can wipe out the rest of us.
Joey: Yeah, and right now that thing's got Yugi, so I don't know about you, but I'm not gonna stand here twiddling my thumbs. I'm gonna take action.
Tea: Look, Joey, I wanna help Yugi too, but we can't just fight this thing by ourselves. We need help.
Rebecca: No, Tea.
Tea: Huh?
Rebecca: In case you forgot, Those jerks burned down my grandpa's laboratory and destroyed all his research. And without any hard evidence, there's no way anyone's gonna believe our story.
Tea: But we have proof. It's all down in those underwater ruins.
Rebecca: Whatever was there won't be of any help to us now. The ruins are gone, guys.
Tea: Someone ruined the ruins?
Duke: They're one step ahead of us.
Arthur: [opens the door] Don't give up so easily.
Rebecca: Gramps, you're awake.
Tea: Yeah, shouldn't you be resting?
Arthur: I'll be fine. Anyway who could sleep with you kids chit chatting all day? Besides, I can help you find the information you need. You're right about looking to the ruins for answers.
Pharaoh: So did you discover anything more about these thugs?
Arthur: Well, I can't be sure, but based on the inscriptions i found, there's a good chance these fellows are descendants of Atlantis, an ancient continent said to have disappeared into the ocean thousands of years ago without a trace.
Tea: Are you sure?
Duke: Professor, If your hunch is right, Why would these people want to destroy what was left of their ancestors' city?
Arthur: They must be trying to hide something. Those ruins revealed the history of Atlantis, and it's not a pleasant one. They must what to keep it a secret.
Pharaoh: How much of this history do you know?
Arthur: Thousands of years ago, Atlantis was home to the most advanced civilization the world had ever known. It truly was a paradise on earth, a land of eternal tranquility where everyone lived in peace until one day, when a dreadful creature was called forth from the depths of the earth by an evil king.
Pharaoh: An evil king? Oh, no. [Flashes back to their first duel, Rafael told Pharaoh heard about the Pharaoh are the one responsible for the destroy Egypt.]
Tea: [worried] What's wrong? Are you OK?
Pharaoh: I'm fine.
Arthur: It seems this power hungry king drew his evil strength from a mysterious stone, and this stone drew it's strength from another world.
Joey: It's that rock they wear on their neck, Isn't it?
Arthur: I'm not sure. That's all i was able to translate.
Joey: NO!
Tristan: Chill out, man. you'll blow a gasket.
Joey: You guys don't get it, do you? Those Atlantis freaks are trying to cover something up about this ancient mega-monster.
Duke: Of course. There was probably something written in those ruins about how to destroy that thing before it destroys us.
Tristan: I get it. Hey, Joey, I guess you had your good idea for the year.
Arthur: The ruins may have been destroyed, but there are copies of the inscriptions at a museum. It's in Florida, where i was doing my underwater research.
Tea: Perfect. So all we have to do is go there and translate the rest.
Arthur: Mm-hmm.
Joey: What are we waiting for? Let's head to sunshine state and find out the secret to defeating these guys and saving Yugi, right?
Tristan: I'm right behind ya, man! Goodbye to Death Valley, Hello to fun in the sun.
Duke: That's great. Just one question: How are we supposed to get there?
Tristan: We're doomed.

Kaiba: [after hearing what happened to Yugi over the phone] YUGI LOST?! Yugi gave up his Duel Monsters crown to some nobody?! No one deserves that title but me!
Yami Yugi: [calmly] Hold on.
Kaiba: I don't wanna hear another word! You're a disgrace to the game, Yugi! [hangs up]

Rebecca: I'll book our flights and we'll take a train to the airport. I just hope we can save Yugi before it's too late.
Dartz: [to Rex and Weevil] Deliver to me the soul of the Pharaoh and his companion young Joseph Wheeler. The Orichcalos is with you.
Rex and Weevil: Yes, sir.

On the Wrong Track


Part 1

[at the train station]
Téa: How this train ride anyway?
Joey: Too long.
Téa: [sighs] Any chance you wanna go instead of me, Duke?
Duke: No can do, Téa. I gotta stick with Professor Hawkins in case those biker punks come back.
Tristan: Duke's right. Plus he's gonna keep an eye on Rebecca too.
[Flashback to Rebecca and Arthur see Pharaoh and his friends leaving]
Rebecca: I wanna go too! They need a brain like mine to figure out how to save Yugi! Please!?
Arthur: It's too dangerous. And the Pharaoh has enough on his mind already.
Rebecca: Huh?
Arthur: The last thing he needs is the responsibility of looking after you. His closest friend in the world's been taken from him.
Rebecca: [cries ran back to the caravan] You don't understand anything, Grandpa!
Arthur: Rebecca, wait! It's for your own good!
[the flashback ends]
Duke: You better get on the train before you miss your ride.
Joey: We got plenty of time.
Tristan: No, we don’t.
Joey: Like I said "All Aboard!"
Téa: Take care, Duke.
[Joey, Tristan, Pharaoh and Téa are onboard the train carriages as the train horns blares and the train departed from the station as Duke waves to them.]

[Téa watches the Pharaoh walked off alone feeling sad after he lost the duel with Rafael]
Tristan: Just let him go, Téa. I think he needs to be alone for a while you know?
Joey: He's already alone.

Pharaoh: How could I have been so selfish? I gave in to the darkness within my heart... and Yugi paid the price. [Flashback to their last duel with Rafael as the Seal took Yugi instead] I've lost him forever.

Tea: [sighs] He's been gone for a while.
Tristan: [notices the passengers are empty] Hey, Hold on. He's not the only one!
Joey: Huh?
Tristan: Call me crazy. But wasn't this train completely filled with passengers just a minute ago?! What's the deal!? How can a train full of people all of a sudden be empty!?
Joey: What?!
[Joey and Tea sees passengers are empty]
Tea: Alright. Now I'm officially freaked out!
[back at Dartz's lair]
Dartz: [evilly laughter] A vacant train is the least of your problems, my young friends. I'm just getting warmed up.

Tea: There you are.
Pharaoh: Huh?
Joey: 'Case you haven't noticed, Something weird's going on.
Tristan: If you asked me. I'd say this whole train ride is another trap.
Pharaoh: [gasp]
Joey: I'm sure those same slime balls are behind this. and i bet they're onboard.
Tristan: Well what are we standing here for? Let's get 'em!

Tristan: Pharaoh! Tea! Whatta we do now!?
Pharaoh: Get help!
Tea: Come on, we have to find a way to stop this train!
Tristan: Hey, we're slowing down! You heard 'em. we gotta get help.
Joey: I know... but there's a problem. [he and Tristan jumps off the rail coaches] We're in the middle of nowhere! and we don't even know those two are gonna end up. Bye, guys. Hang in there.
Tristan: I guess it's just you and me now.
Joey: Hmm [sees Rex appears snickers in the railcar.] Huh? Rex!? What are you doing here?
Rex Raptor: [jumps off the rail coaches and walks towards Joey and Tristan] I still have a score to settle with you, Wheeler. Remember? You tooked my Red Eyes Black Dragon.
Joey: Rex, This is not the time.
Rex: It’s the perfect time for revenge.

Yami Yugi: [sees Weevil appears on top of this train] Weevil Underwood! Are you behind this!? You'd better start explaining yourself!
Tea Gardner: Weevil? What are you what with us, worm boy!
Weevil Underwood: What are you think i what? A rematched with the king of games!
Tea Gardner: Are you nuts!?
Weevil Underwood: I'm just in the mood for a friendly duel.
Yami Yugi: Weevil, Who put you up to this?
Weevil Underwood: No one did. I figured this was a good time to test out my new secret weapon, that's all.
Tristan Taylor: Is that magic rock the professor told us about it! Where did you find that thing, Raptor!?
Joey Wheeler: I knew it! He's working for them!
[back on the train]
Pharaoh: You've been brainwashed, Weevil!
Téa: Wake up! Those guys are just using you!
Weevil: Who cares! as long as I have ultimate power!
Pharaoh: You're wrong.
Weevil: Then just duel me!
Téa: Wait a minute!
Pharaoh: Huh? Téa, no! It's too dangerous!
Téa: Weevil! Don't you realize that if you go through with this duel, one of you guys is gonna lose your soul forever!?
Pharaoh: Téa.
Weevil: Of course I do, Téa. That's the whole reason I'm here! To make him pay by sealing him away!
Téa: Oh!
Pharaoh: Oh no!
Weevil: Don't worry. Soon you'll be locked away with your friend Yugi, Pharaoh! [laughing]
Pharaoh: Where is he!? Tell me!
Weevil: I'm afraid the only way to find out is to duel me. so if you back down now, then you'll never see that little twerp again!
Pharaoh: Very well! Then let's duel!
Weevil: [laughing] Wise choice, Pharaoh!
Rex: I'm gonna enjoy this!

Joey Wheeler: What did you do to my friends!?
Rex Raptor: Nothing! Weevil's dealing with those two losers why I handled you two.
Tristan Taylor: Weevil? So he's in on this train too.
Joey: Rex, you guys pick the wrong side to join.
Rex: Oh really? Well, we'll just see about that won't we. I've been given more power then you ever dreamed of!
Joey: [growl] Look, Rex, not only can I duel circles around your sorry behind but you're half my size! So why don't you get out of my way before i step on you!
Rex: Sorry, pal. I'm not going anywhere till we duel! So draw your cards and let's get it on, chump! I've got a duel to win!
Tristan: Now what?
Joey: [sighs] I warned them. Now let's trample this geek and then go find Yugi and Téa.
Tristan: Good call.
Rex: Oh yeah? You'll change your mind when I activate this card!
Joey and Tristan: Huh?
Rex: [snickers and holds up "The Seal of Orichalcos" card] Look familiar!?
Tristan: The Seal of Orichalcos!
Joey: Drop the card! That thing is evil, Rex. I'm telling ya, you have no idea what you're doing!
Rex: You're not so tough now! Are you, Wheeler! :[laughs and activates the card]
Joey: He played it!!
[Joey and Tristan grunting and as Rex screams]
Tristan: Aah!
Joey: No, Tristan!
Rex: Ahh! Ha Ha Ha! Now... That's what i call power.
Joey: What was he thinking playing that!
Tristan: Be careful, man! He just raised the stakes a this duel big time! Now who ever loses the game, loses their soul!
Joey: Gee, Thanks for the reminder.
Rex: Let's do this. It's payback time!
Joey: Sorry, Rex. I won't duel you!
Rex: You don't have much choice!

Weevil Underwood: I won’t keep you in suspense any longer! [snickers] It’s my move! [holds up "The Seal of Orichalcos" card] And I think I’ll play the Seal of Orichalcos!
Yami Yugi: Weevil, don’t be a fool!
Weevil Underwood: What seems to be the problem, Pharaoh? You’ve played this card before, haven’t you? If I’m not mistaken, this is what you used to lock little Yugi away!

Dartz: Looks like the battles are underway.
Rafael: Yes, Master. And if all goes well, the soul of the Pharaoh will soon be yours. Of course, we win no matter what, because whatever the final outcome is, we get two souls.
Dartz: [evilly snickers]

Rex Raptor: Are you gonna duel, Wheeler? or just stand there like a loser while i take you apart?
Joey Wheeler: I got no choice. Alright I didn't wanna do this... But you got yourself a duel!
Tristan Taylor: Are you sure?
Joey Wheeler: It's the only way to save Yuge, so yes.
Rex Raptor: Good answer. I've been waiting for this moment for years.

Dartz: [evilly snickers] It won't be long now. The soul of the Pharaoh is nearly in my grasp. After all we have the perfect bait. [evilly laughter]
[To Be Continued...]

Part 2

[Joey and Rex were still dueling with Panther Warrior, the two Gilasaurus and Kaitoptera still on the field]
Tristan Taylor: Dude, you've got three dinos breathing down your neck! You better think of something before you're extinct!
Joey Wheeler: Gee, thanks.
Rex Raptor: You're in way over your head! Thanks to the Seal of Orichalcos, I can never be beat, but enough talk! On with the Duel! [draws Polymerization from his Deck] It's showtime. First, I'll use Polymerization to combine my Gilasaurus with my Kaitoptera to form Horned Saurus! [Horned Saurus appears on the field] But you ain't seen nothing yet! Next I'll play Giant Rex! [Giant Rex also appears on the field] And the Seal of Orichalcos gives my Jurassic giants a power boost! [Horned Saurus' and Giant Rex's eyes glow red as the Seal of Orichalcos raises their attack by 500] Time to get prehistoric on you, Wheeler, by letting my ravenous meat-eaters chow down on your Life Points! My Horned Saurus is up first! Now, attack Wheeler directly!
Tristan Taylor: How can he do that when you've got a monster on the field?
Rex Raptor: Easy, Horned Saurus has a special ability that lets him bypass your monsters and go straight for your Life Points! Tough break. [Horned Saurus fires a shockwave blast on top of Joey, making Joey's Life Points drop to 1500]
Tristan Taylor: That runt is kicking your butt!
Joey Wheeler: Thanks for the help. You're a real pal.
Rex Raptor: For my next trick, Giant Rex will make your Panther Warrior disappear! [Giant Rex attack and destroys Panther Warrior]

Part 3


Rex Raptor: Please Save me! [screaming as the Oricalchos claims Rex's soul]
Joey Wheeler: Sorry, Rex. It's the only way.
Tristan Taylor: Rex! Come on, man wake up! I know you're in there somewhere so snap out of it.
Joey Wheeler: It's no use, Tristan. The orichalcos has him now. But i promise we'll get him back. As soon as we find Pegasus and Yugi.
Tristan Taylor: Yeah, but how?
Joey Wheeler: But first we gotta figured out where this Dartz guy hangs out. Find him, and we'll find them. YOU HEAR ME, DARTZ?!! WE'RE COMING TO GET YOU!! AND WE'RE NOT LEAVING WITHOUT OUR FRIENDS!! [echoes]

[Yami Yugi and Weevil's Duel is still underway with Breaker the Magical Warrior, Poison Butterfly and Armored Centipede on the field]
Weevil Underwood: I'll tell you what. Because I feel sorry for you, I'd be willing to do you a little favor before you lose. I have a card in my pocket I think you'd like to see. I can't wait to see the look on your face! [laughs hysterically]
Yami Yugi: [snarls] Weevil!
Weevil Underwood: Relax, Pharaoh, I'm just trying to be nice. It's the least I can do to repay you for ruining my life. You wanna see Yugi, right? [the flashback cuts in] His spirit is trapped, deep in the caverns of Dartz's lair, and I know how to set him free! [cuts back to the present]
Yami Yugi: Tell me how to save him right now!
Weevil Underwood: [laughs] Very well. In order to release his soul, you'll need a special card. [takes out a Gokibore card out of his pocket] And I've got it right here.
Yami Yugi: What?! Then hand it to me now!
Weevil Underwood: That's not a nice way to ask! Why don't you try saying, "Pretty please, with sugar on top"? [Yami Yugi walks short, but realizes that Weevil was bluffing] Oh, well, too late! So it looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson in manners! Now say goodbye! [rips the Gokibore card in half] Yugi's gone FOREVER! [Yami Yugi, having witnessed Weevil rip the card, suddenly erupts into an uncontrollable rage]
Yami Yugi: [roars ferociously] NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Weevil Underwood: [laughing]
Tea Gardner: [in tears] No. Poor Yugi.
Yami Yugi: [furiously] You snake!
Weevil Underwood: [laughs] Don’t you know a joke when you hear one? I tore up a useless bug card.
Tea Gardner: Huh? Weevil, That’s not very funny!
Weevil Underwood: You people have no sense of humour!
Yami Yugi: You'll pay for that! You hear me, Weevil!?
Weevil Underwood: Ha! Huh?
Yami Yugi: You'll pay dearly!

Weevil Underwood: [thinking] Yugi's been planning this all along!
Yami Yugi: It's the beginning of the end for you! [draws a monster card from his Deck] I've drawn Queen's Knight! [discards Queen's Knight to the Graveyard] And since it's a monster, my warrior can attack! Go! [Breaker attacks Weevil's Life Points, making them go to 700] Now, for my next card! [draws Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts] Looks like you're out of luck. Attack again! [Breaker makes a second attack at Weevil, making Weevil's Life Points drop to 0] I draw again! [draws Big Shield Gardna] Another monster! [Breaker delivers the third blow to Weevil] This just isn't your day! [draws Alpha the Magnet Warrior and Breaker attacks Weevil while Tea tearfully witnesses the moment] Breaker, attack him again! [Breaker delivers the last blow to Weevil, just as the Oricalchos claims Weevil's soul] Let's see. [draws Dark Magician Girl] Oh, well...
Tea Gardner: [rushes to Yami Yugi in tears] Please, Pharaoh! No more!
Yami Yugi: Let me go!
Tea Gardner: You can stop now. It's over. You've already won the duel. The Seal of Oricalchos is gone. We have to put an end to all this.
Yami Yugi: Tea's right, [holds Dark Magician Girl card] I have a promise to keep.

Pharaoh: Tell me where Yugi is!
Tea Gardner: Pharaoh... It's no use. You won. So the Seal of Oricalcos took Weevil away. Pharaoh?
Dartz: No! I need him alive!

Self Destruction

  • This marks the debut appearance of Dartz's father Ironheart, his daughter and granddaughter Chris and their pet Skye.

[after the train derails and falling off the cliffs a passenger car on the river, at Dartz's lair Dartz not happy]
Dartz: [stands up] Somehow I've lost contact with the Pharaoh.
Rafael: Maybe he didn't survive the fall.
Dartz: He did. However, Something or someone is hiding him from my vision.
Rafael: Then let me be your eyes, Master. I'll track him down and make up for my failure.

Chris: [offscreen] Skye! Get back here! Skye! [appeared enter the tent] That's no way to treat our guests. [to Pharaoh and Téa] Sorry if she woke you up.
Pharaoh: Who are you?
Chris: You can call me Chris. [giggles] And you've already met Skye. She's the one that found you. She was sniffing around for food and ended up sniffing out you guys instead.

Ironheart: I see your strength is back.
Pharaoh: Yes, Thank you.
Ironheart: Pleased to hear it. You two had me worried. By the way, the name is Ironheart, and i believe this belongs to you. Pardon me for being intrusive... But i couldn't help noticing you possess the legendary Eye of Timaeus... The only one of it's kind.
Pharaoh: Take it. I'm not deserving of it's power.
Téa Gardner: That's not true.
Ironheart: I'll hold it until you're ready.
Téa Gardner: Did you find another kid? He had glasses and a bad haircut? He was on the train with us it crashed.
Ironheart: No, I'm afraid you were the only ones we found. Perhaps your friend was able to escape before the train fell off that cliff. I assure you, there wasn't another soul on board.
Pharaoh: I highly doubt Weevil was able to escape i tried to wake him up to snapped out of this but it was no use i won the duel and now the Seal of Orichalcos tooked his soul away. Not in the condition he was in. I'm afraid there's a greater power at work here.
Ironheart: I must say, young man. You seem to possess a wisdom that reaches far beyond your years. Now, I've encountered many people in my travels... but there's something about you i've never seen before... something in your eyes. I'm also sensing that you hold a great deal of loneliness in your heart.
Pharaoh: That's because i recently lost a very close friend of mine. His name is Yugi Muto. And now... I'm on a journey to find his soul.
Ironheart: What will you do if you find him?
Pharaoh: I’ll apologize for betraying his trust and abandoning him.
Ironheart: Hmm. I might just be able to help. Follow me.

[Rafael jumps on the rail carriage after the train falls off the cliff looking for the Pharaoh.]
Rafael: Hey, Pharaoh! You in there or not!? How did he escape? [looks at the mountain] I'LL FIND YOU, PHARAOH, WHEREVER YOU ARE!

Yugi: Is that really you?
Pharaoh: Yugi!
Tea: Hey, It's him!
Pharaoh: I've found you! [] Hmm?
Yugi: You came all this way just to see me?
Pharaoh: Yes of course, I just want you to say how sorry i am.
Yugi: I'm sorry too, I wish this whole thing never happened.
Pharaoh: It's my fault. i surrendered to my inner darkness. I allowed my anger to take over and you paid the price. But now that you're gone, The darkness is starting to grow without your light to keep me pure... I'm becoming evil, Yugi. I'm beginning to believe that what Rafael said about me is true. Perhaps i was a wicked pharaoh. [Flashes back to their first duel, Rafael told Pharaoh heard about the Pharaoh are the one responsible for the destroy Egypt.] What if i am the one responsible for the destruction of Egypt? If I'm capable of such horrific behavior then it's my soul that should be locked away.
Yugi: Well, What good is that now!? I'm the one who's been locked away forever, Not you!
Pharaoh: I'm sorry?
Yugi: Well, The last thing i need is your pity, Pharaoh! If You're really evil there's only thing to do.
Pharaoh: What are you saying?
Yugi: You said it yourself, Didn't you? Your spirit should be locked away with mine. And I'm gonna do it!
Pharaoh: Wait! You misunderstood me!
Yugi: Oh, So now you're taking back what you said!? Make up your mind! You don't deserve me to be a part of this world!
Pharaoh: [shocked] Yugi.
Yugi: It's about time you started taking some responsibility for what you've done! There's only one thing left to do and you know it! You need to be a man for once and face me in a duel now!
Pharaoh: No please.
Yugi: Too late! It's time for you to pay! If you're really sorry then you'll do this! It's time to duel!
Tea: Wait, So he's gonna duel himself. But why?
Ironheart: This is the only way.
Tea: Huh?
Chris: That's why we took you guys here. So the pharaoh can face his other half. He has to deal with what he did so he can put it all behind him and finally move on.
Tea: How do you know all this stuff?
Chris: We've always known this. We were taught that a warrior would come to save our world. And as soon as we found you guys, We knew that he was the one.
Tea: So, what's he supposed to do now?
Ironheart: His first step is to face his inner fears and conquer the darkness that lurks within his heart. But if he loses this battle, The pharaoh's spirit will remain here forever.

Pharaoh: Why are you acting like this?!
Yugi: I'm just a reflection of you!
Pharaoh: What do you mean, Yugi!?
Yugi: You don't get it, do you? You and i are exactly the same. So the darkness that's in your heart... is also inside my heart.
Pharaoh: Yugi, i wish i could take it back.
Yugi: Too late! You've already shown me who you really are an evil pharaoh who cares only about himself! Face the Facts! You didn't care what happened to me so long as you had power! Now it's my turn!
Pharaoh: Yugi, wait! Are you holding the card i think you are!?
Yugi: It's sounds like your starting to catch on aren't you, your highness? This duel is a chance for you to look at yourself from the outside. And there's only one card that can make that happen... The Seal of Orichalcos.
Pharaoh: Huh!? Yugi, no! [gasps]
Yugi: Now it's pay back time, For taken my soul!

Pharaoh: YUGI NO!!!!!! I won't let you do this! [screaming] STOP!!!!!! I ACTIVATE THE TRAP CARD... DIVINE WIND!
Yugi: He did it! He was able to reverse my attack and double its strength to win the duel!
[blast on Yugi and he screams and making his Life Points drop to 0]
Pharaoh: What have i done!? Yugi!
Yugi: [groaning]
Tea Gardner: Is he alright?
Pharaoh: Yugi! [running towards Yugi] Come on! [holds his body] Speak to me, Please!
Yugi: You passed the test, pal.
Pharaoh: What are you taking about? Did you plan this all along?
Yugi: It was the only way. By defeating me you were able to defeat the darkness that was inside your heart. It wasn’t easy, But you did what was best for me and for mankind. You acted like a true hero.
Pharaoh: [in tears] But now what? What can i do?
Yugi: Don't give up this fight. Remember... I'm aways with you. [disappears]
Pharaoh: [gasps see Yugi disappears] I'LL SAVE YOU! No matter what it takes.

Reliving the Past

Pharaoh: [cries in tears after the duel with Yugi] Yugi, If it weren’t for me, You'd still be here. I'll never forgive myself. [Flashes back to their last duel as the Seal took Yugi instead.] Mark my words! I won't rest you until i get you back! Uhh! It's not fair! I should be locked away! Not you!! I’m the one who played that evil card!!

Dartz: Meet Orichalcos Gigas! Attack the Pharaoh!

Dartz: I've got you right where i what you, Pharaoh. [evilly chuckle]
[Rafael watches the Pharaoh and the Orichalcos soldier were still dueling with Obnoxious Celtic Guardian and Orichalcos Gigas still on the field]
Rafael: Let's see you get yourself outta this.
Tea Gardner: He's about to lose!
Ironheart: There is but one thing that can save him.
Chris: The card he give you?
Ironheart: Mmm. [grabs the card] The Eye of Timaeus. The creature that fought by my side so long ago.

Rafael: [spots at Ironheart] Who is that?
Ironheart: Pharaoh! Take this card!
Pharaoh: Ironheart!?
Dartz: You've disrupted my plans for the last time, old man.
[lightning bolt strikes on Ironheart]
Ironheart: AAH!
Ironheart: [groaning and collapses and holds up "The Eye of Timaeus" card] Please take this card from me. It's the only way to defeat the beast.
[Orichalcos blocks the Pharaoh on the field]
Pharaoh: I can't get out!
Chris: Grandpa!
Ironheart: It's up to you.
Chris: What do you mean, Gramps?
Ironheart: [groaning] Take this... and bring it to the Pharaoh. Otherwise, All hope is lost. Good luck. [disappears]
Chris: [gasps, sees her grandfather disappears] No, Grandpa!

Pharaoh: Chris, No!
Chris: [gasping] Pharaoh... [holds up "The Eye of Timaeus" card] Take this... please.
Pharaoh: What is it?
Chris: [groaning] It's the only thing that can stop him. It saved us once... and with your help it can save us again.
Pharaoh: [grab and hold the card] The Eye of Timaeus.
Chris: I trust you, Pharaoh. Thank you. [disappears]
Pharaoh: [see Chris disappears] Hold on! Come back!

Pharaoh: There's only one thing left to do, [looks at "The Eye of Timaeus" card] I hope you deem me worthy of your power, [close his eyes] I’m truly sorry for having betrayed you. But the lives are so many innocent people are depending on you, So I asked you not for myself, But for all those at rusk. Please help me, Timaeus. The future of two worlds hangs in the balance, [open his eyes] we must win! No matter what. [draws Dark Magician Girl card] Now I sacrifice my Celtic Guardian in order to summon Dark Magician Girl! [summons Dark Magician Girl] Next I'll play... The legendary Eye of Timaeus!
Dartz: He'll never learn.
Rafael: [surprised] I don't believe it. He should never have been able to summon that dragon!
Pharaoh: Dark Magician Girl, fuse with Timaeus, forming Dark Magician Girl the dragon knight! [] Next, I'll enhance your strength with my Excalibur magic card! [] Attack! Destroy his creature of darkness!
Dartz: This isn't over, Pharaoh.

Joey Wheeler: I'm assuming you see that gigantic green sunset over there, right?
Tristan Taylor: What do you think it is?
Joey: Hmm? [holds "The Claw of Hermos" card glowing] I'm guessing it's got something to do with this. Let's just hope Téa and the Pharaoh are alright. Come on! [ran off]
Tristan: Hey, Wait! It's your turn to carry Rex! [ran off to followed Joey] I know you can hear me!

Pharaoh: [to Timaeus and Dark Magician Girl] Well done, my creatures. He's gone now. Thanks to you two. But i feel this is just the beginning.

Rafael: I have to say i'm glad you won Pharaoh. 'Cause now i can be the one who delivers your soul to Master Dartz. [walks away]
[Tea spots at Ironheart, Chris and Skye along with the three legendary dragons in stone]
Tea Gardner: Wait. That's a carving of Ironheart, Chris and Skye from 10,000 years ago?
Pharaoh: Yes.
Tea Gardner: So you mean to tell me that those guys were just ghosts or something?
Pharaoh: They're spirits who once fought a great war, and now they've been captured by Dartz. [Tea stands up then she and the Pharaoh turns around and walks away] This gives me three more reasons to hunt down this madman and bring peace to the world once again.

Deck of Armor

Pharaoh: Take my hand. We're back where we left off.
Téa: Nice. Now all we have to do is follow those railway tracks.
Pharaoh: That's right. If all goes well, they should lead us straight to Tristan and Joey. assuming they haven't wandered off.
Téa: They better be there. We have to do what we set out to do. Figure out where this Dartz creep hangs out so we can set free everyone he captured.
Pharaoh: Yes, Téa. I only wish it were that easy.
Téa: And remind me never to get on the train again.

[Inside Paradius headquarters Mai at the meeting room with Dartz, Valon, Rafael, and Alister after Joey defeats Rex Raptor at the middle of nowhere on the railway line]
Mai Valentine: Just leave Joey Wheeler to me.
Rafael: You'll do nothing until Master Dartz gives you an assignment.
Mai Valentine: What is this, Third grade? I decide who I'm gonna duel for myself. I don't wait for the homework assignment.
Rafael: Why don't you show a little respect?
Alister: Come on, Raf, as if little miss loud mouth knows respect?
Mai Valentine: What did you call me?
Rafael: Relax.
Mai Valentine: Look, I was doing perfectly fine until Johnny stuntman over there stepped in. If it wasn't for you, i would a won. As for you, i don't need some scrawny freak dictating my every move! I'm out of here, losers! [opens the door] Humph! [walks off alone]
Dartz: Just let her go, Valon.
Valon: Hmm?
Dartz: She can try to run away from fate, But in the end she'll get what she deserves.

Duke Devlin: [driving] Should we have left so soon?
Rebecca Hawkins: Of course. Time is running out. We have to catch up with the others now. [inside the caravan, Arthur was asleep] Besides, Gramps can get just as much rest on the road. Plus, we can't translate those ancient ruins without his help, Duke.
Duke: Huh? [spots at Valon with Mai Valentine] Hey Rebecca, look, It's Mai Valentine. But what's she doing here? Wait a sec! That guy... [Flashes back to Joey and Mai's first duel, Duke saw Valon next to Rafael watching Mai against Joey] I recognize him. He's one of those biker punks that brainwashed Mai. [cuts back to the present] He works for Dartz.
Rebecca: Stop the car, Duke!

[Valon defeats Rebecca Hawkins and Duke Devlin in their duel.]
Rebecca: Fine, You won. Now leave us alone.
Duke: Get lost.
Valon: Very well then, I gotta message for Joey Wheeler, tell that punk he's next. [laughing]

Flight of Fear


Part 1

Alister: As the challenger, I'll start! And I'll summon my Science Soldier in defense mode! That's all for now.
Seto: How pathetic. My move! I summon X-Head Cannon in attack mode! Now, X-Head Cannon, attack! Looks like you're defenseless.
Mokuba: [worried; thinking] If Alister plays that Seal of Orichalcos, Seto's in big trouble.
Alister: No big deal. Watch this! I play Cyber Soldier of Dark World. And next, I'll place one card facedown and end my turn.
Seto: What a joke! My move! I summon Y-Dragon Head in attack mode! Attack his Cyber Soldier of Dark World, now! And now, X-Head Cannon, attack his Life Points directly!
Mokuba: [thinking] Alister's making this too easy.
Seto: I think that's just about enough punishment for now. I end my turn. [sets a card facedown]
Alister: You sound pretty confident, Kaiba, but you'll change your tune. You've been so pretty occupied with your own monsters, you forgot what I have waiting in my deck. I guess I'll have to remind you. It's the card I used on you last time and it changes the entire playing field!
Seto: Hold it! Did you just draw what I think you did, Alister?! [turns to Mokuba] Mokuba, get back!
Alister: [raises the card up in his hand which is The Seal of Orichalcos] I activate the Seal of Orichalcos! [laughs as the Seal of Orichalcos grows the circle which engulfs the room and knocks Mokuba away from it's boundary]
Seto: Mokuba! [beams of green light shoot out of the plane and as Alister screams, the plane's controls end up being sabotaged, including the autopilot] This can't be real! [The Seal of Orichalcos rises Kaiba and Alister up to the top of the plane] What's going on, Alister?
Alister: [with his eyes glowing red] I just needed some air, that's all.

Part 2


Paradise Found

Rebecca: I got the images, And my grandpa's looking them over now.
Pharaoh: Good. Let's meet up as soon as possible. Oh, And one more thing. I'm sorry.
Arthur Hawkins: Rebecca, You can't blame the Pharaoh for what happened to Yugi.
Rebecca: [looks at her grandfather worried] Huh?
Arthur: There's far too much at stake for hurting his feelings. Right now, We're all fighting a common enemy. And this data may be our only hope.
Rebecca: [sadly] You're right.
Arthur: Pharaoh, The quality of the images is much worse then I thought. Unless we clear up these photos I won’t be able to read much at all.
Seto Kaiba: Set a course for Kaiba Corporation headquarters immediately.
Tristan: Dude, are you nuts.
Tea: Dartz and his gang must’ve taken over the place by now.
Seto Kaiba: The only way we can process these images fast enough is by using computer system, so we have no choice.
Joey: Say what?!
Pharaoh: Kaiba has a good point, Joey.
Joey: He does?
Pharaoh: First, they took Pegasus away… and now they’ve taken over Kaiba's company. Which means we've got to stop these criminals before they make their next move, and we have no time to lose!
Seto Kaiba: Wow… You're more hung ho than I expected. You know, since you lost your title and all.
Pharaoh: Kaiba, this fight is about so much more than a mere championship dueling title. Don’t you see!? People are getting hurt and the world's in danger!!
Seto Kaiba: Hmm. Blah, blah, blah. Don’t you get tired of making the same speech every time you’re faced with a challenge? Stop saving the world and get a hobby.
Pharaoh: Rebecca, we’ll meet you two at the pier.
Rebecca: 10-4 we’ll see you there.

Rafael: Master Dartz.
Dartz: Take a look, Rafael. Your friend wasn't careful.
Rafael: [spots at Alister in stone] Alister.
Dartz: Don't sound so displeased. He's better off where he is now. Alister's energy, along with our other prisoners', will fuel the great beast. The Pharaoh and his friends will be arriving shortly. I trust you'll give them a warm welcome, Hmm.
Rafael: He won't escaped me this time.

Seto Kaiba: [to Roland and Fuguta sent a soulless Alister and soulless Rex Raptor to the Hospital] Take those two to the medical center. I'm feeling generous.
Roland and Fuguta: Right.
[The helicopter takes off to take Alister and Rex to the Hospital.]
Mokuba Kaiba: Good luck, guys.
Joey Wheeler: Stay safe.
Pharaoh: Professor, I'm glad you're alright.
Joey: Me too. Hey, hows was the road trip, guys?
Duke: Could a been better. We hit a pretty big snag on the way.
Joey: Flat tire?
Duke: We ran into Mai and one of those freaks. The one that jumped in and ended your duel.
Joey: That jerk.
Duke: He's really got it in for you, man. and I'm afraid Mai's still on their side too.
Joey: Grr. Just wait until I find him!
Rebecca: Hey, any word yet on Yugi? We have to find him. If you don't get him back, I'll never forgive you. Plus we need him to fight these guys!
Pharaoh: I miss Yugi, too. and I promise I will rescue him. You have word. But I need to pay a little visit to KaibaCorp first.
Rebecca: Let me come with you! You'll need some tech support.
Seto Kaiba: Ha! This Isn't some kind of field trip, kid. But I guess you can tag along if you want.
Rebecca: I'm no kid!
Seto Kaiba: Whatever you say, kid. I don't know about you geeks. But I have a company to save. So whoever's coming with me, let's move.
Mokuba Kaiba: OK.
Tea: Good luck and be careful.
Pharaoh: Right.
Tristan: Alright, Tea. We better tell the police what's going on. The way this is heading we're gonna need all the help we can get.
Tea: Yeah, good point.

Policeman 1: Why don't you start over and this time try telling the truth?
Tea: Don't you understand? That is the truth. There's a motorcycle gang going around stealing people's souls with a magic card.
Policeman 1: Ha! You kids watched too many cartoons.
Tristan: We're serious. These guys are trying to take over the whole world.
Policeman 2: Really... Tell me something young man... this so called "gang"... do they wear a symbol like this!

Joey: Here i come you creeps!

Valon: This is Valon, Go ahead.
Rafael: [on radio] The Pharaoh's friends are heading your way.
Valon: Good, Then is time for me to show Joey Wheeler who's boss.
Rafael: Valon, wait!
[Valon turns off the radio and hops on the motorcycle droves off on the way]
Valon: I gotta prove me-self to Mai.
[Tristan and Tea saw Joey was running in the streets in the middle of the night]
Tristan: Look, Here comes Joey!
Tea: And there he goes.
Tristan: Hey! Come back! You're going the wrong way!
Tea: He's heading straight for the zombie patrol.
Tristan: Go warn the others, Tea! I gotta stop him! [rans off]
Tea: Tristan!
Joey: I'm coming for you, Dartz and I'm not leaving without Yugi and Mai!
[To Be Continued...]

Fighting for a Friend


Part 1

Tristan Taylor: Joey, Come back! I'm wearing the wrong shoes for this! Joey, stop!
Joey Wheeler: [stops and spots at the Orichalcos soldier] What's that?!
Tristan: Uh, Joey.
Joey: Yeah?
Tristan: Maybe we should start running again.
Joey and Tristan: [screaming]
Tristan: Hey, stop!
Young guy: You ever here looking both ways?! [droves off]
Tristan: Hey, Hold on!
Joey: You're going the wrong way!
Tristan: Turn back!
Young guy: [spots at the Orichalcos soldier] Whoa! Mommy! [falls off the motorcycle] It's just a dream... It's just a dream. [whimping and running away]
Joey: See ya! [he and Tristan runs off as the Orichalcos soldier chases them] We've never out run this thing!
Tristan: Joey! [Joey punches the Orichalcos soldier but then it shatters] You beat him.
Joey: [spots at Valon] Actually, I think he did. Hold on! I know you! You're the one that took Mai!
Valon: Right you are, mate! [droves turns around away]
Joey: Hey! Come back! [runs after Valon]
Tristan: Joey, Not again! Come back!
Joey: [notices a motorcycle] This will do the trick. [puts the helmet on] Now... [picks up the motorcycle and hops on] Time to chase him down and save Mai! [droves off to chase Valon.]
Tristan: Are you nuts?! [confused] I guess so. He's riding right into a trap.

[Meanwhile Tristan was running a middle of the streets looking for Joey.]
Tristan: Joey! Where are you?! [Mai’s motorcycle light appears towards him] Is that you Joey?
Mai Valentine: [takes her bike helmet off] Not quite but I am looking for him.
Tristan: Look, Mai…
Mai: Save it, Dweeb! I know you’re his babysitter so where is he?!
Tristan: How should I know?! One of your little pals forced him into a game of cat and mouse and now he’s gone!
Mai: [gasps] It’s Valon!
Tristan: This is all your fault, Mai! [Mai puts her helmet on] You’re the one who got Joey into this mess in the first place!
Mai: Out of my way! [drove off]
Tristan: Hey! Get back here! The last thing he needs right now is you!! [Mai ignores him and he growls]

Valon: Here we are, old chum. Glad you could make it. Now let's get down to business, shall we?
Joey Wheeler: Look, pal i want Mai back.
Valon: Then why chase me? She happens to have a mind of her own, you know.
Joey Wheeler: She did. At least... She did before you guys brainwashed her!
Valon: You don't get it, mate. No one was brainwashed!
Joey Wheeler: Huh?
Valon: Mai chose to join our side with her own free will. And do you know why? She was sick of taking a back seat while you got all the fame! Then i stepped in and changed all that.
Joey Wheeler: You messed with her head, that's what you did! She was the one of my best friends! But the last time i saw her she was saying things that Mai never would have said.

Valon: Wake up, Wheeler!
Joey Wheeler: Who do you think you are!? and what do you what with me? Explain yourself, now!?
Valon: Okay, look, the name's Valon, I led you here to get rid of you for good, 'cause Mai can't be happy with you around!
Joey Wheeler: Huh? and what does that mean?
Valon: You're a constant reminder of what here life used to be, and Mai whats to forget all that! But as long as you still exist in this world, she be never be able to forget! So, i'm here to erase you for good! [thinking] Plus, i know that deep down, Mai still loves you. and i can't have that! So, what do you say, Wheeler? Do we have ourselves a duel or not? Not that i'm giving you much of a choice!
Joey Wheeler: You know what, Valon, I never back down from a challenge especially when i'm fighting for a friend! Now let's duel!

Tristan: [panting] All right. I'm officially lost. [panting] Phew. I guess i can pretty much forget about finding Joey now. [but the Orichalcos soldier behind him] Huh? [Orichalcos soldier roaring] AHHH! YOU AGAIN?! [gulp] Hi, remember me?
Duke: Huh? [stop the car] Tristan!
Mokuba: What's going on?
Tea: Maybe we should get someone else behind the wheel.
Duke: Tristan needs our help, Look!
Tea: [looks at Tristan with Orichalcos soldier] Oh no!
Tristan: Come on! I’m taking whatever you got!
Pharaoh: Go, Celtic Guardian!
[Celtic Guardian attacks Orichalcos soldier]
Tristan: Huh?
Yami-Yugi/Téa/Rebecca: Tristan!
Duke: Hey! Are you alright?!
Tristan: Huh? [sees The Pharaoh, Téa, Duke and Rebecca running towards him] Thanks, Pharaoh. You came in the nick of time. Of course, I could have taken him myself.
Pharaoh: I'm afraid the only thing that would have been taken is your soul had we arrived any later.
Tristan: I know, so those things are working for Dartz.
Téa: Hey, Where's Joey? I thought you guys were together?
Tristan: We were, Until he decided to hop on some guy's motorcycle and take off after one of Dartz's little flunkies.
Duke: [shocked] You're kidding!
Rebecca: Oh no! Was it Valon?
Tristan: Who?
Duke: It's Valon. He's the young guy that Rebecca and i dueled.
Téa: Is that a bad thing?
Rebecca: Not only does Valon have a thing against Joey, but he's got a deck full of monsters I've never seen before.
Pharaoh: Let's go. We have to find Joey before it's too late.
Seto Kaiba: That chump's gonna have to wait 'cause we've got bigger problems.
Pharaoh: What do you mean?
Seto Kaiba: Look around you!

Part 2


Joey Wheeler: No, Not that!
Valon: Well, looks like you're starting to catch on, mate. I play the Seal of Orichalcos!

Valon: We’re just getting started. By the end of this duel, you’ll be begging for mercy. Then your old buddy Mai will see what a pathetic chump you really are, and hopefully she’ll realize why she walked out on you in the first place so she can move on already!
Joey: Watch it, Valon!
Valon: Look, mate… All I’m watching out for is myself! And right now, the best thing for me is to get rid of you! 'Cause as long as you’re around, Mai's gonna be obsessed with dueling you.
Joey: Hmm?
Valon: That’s right. Since your last duel, all she talks about is a rematch. But I can’t let Mai put herself in that kind of danger again… So I got to you first. You see Wheeler, I’m not such a bad guy. We both what the same thing. We want Mai to be happy.
Joey: Come on, Valon… Get real. Ha. If you really wanted Mai to be happy… You wouldn’t have brainwashed her in the first place!
Valon: I told you, She chose to join us!
Joey: No way! I know Mai, and she never would have walked out on us like that. Not unless someone messed with her head! And if you asked me, This Dartz guy is messing with all of your heads!
Valon: Hmm?
Joey: That orichalcos card he gave you has evil magic in it, and it makes everyone who holds it go nuts!
Valon: Are you done? If you are, then allow me to tell you the truth. That orichalcos card did more for Mai than you ever could. She was weak, and it made her strong! She was lost, and it showed her the way!

Mai: I know Valon's around here somewhere and I have to stop this duel now. I better be too late 'cause I’m gonna make Wheeler pay for what he did to me.

Rebecca: Let's try this again. [typing the laptop] Come on... [groans]
Tristan Taylor: Hey! Any luck in there, Rebecca?
Tea Gardner: You've asked five times. She's working as fast as she can.
Duke Devlin: Aren't you the one who told us to have faith?
Tristan Taylor: Why don't you get off my back, Duke! Joey's in trouble, and it we don't move fast things could get even worse!
Tea Gardner: Take it easy, Tristan.
Tristan Taylor: I can't, Tea! Don't you guys see that this whole thing is my fault!?
Pharaoh: No, Tristan.
Tristan Taylor: When Joey and I got separated from you guys, he told me about his plan, and i should have talked to him out of it then.
[Flashes back to Joey and Tristan carry Rex Raptor on the railway tracks to find Tea and the Pharaoh, but Joey feels down.]
Joey Wheeler: I just figured it all out.
Tristan Taylor: Figured what out? What are you talking about, Joey?
Joey Wheeler: Why Mai teamed up with those low-lives. It's 'cause i was a terrible friend. I let her down.
Tristan Taylor: That's crazy. She really got into you, man.
Joey Wheeler: No she’s not, But it's true. If Dartz my be the one that brainwashed her. But I'm the one that drove her away in the first place. Now I gotta go and set things straight by finding these guys and breaking that spell!
Tristan Taylor: But how? [confused] Aw, man.
[cuts back to the present]
Tristan Taylor: What was i thinking?! How could i let him do this?
Tea Gardner: Joey's got a mind of his own, Tristan.
Pharaoh: [thinking] Let's just hope he's using with his legendary dragon the Claw of Hermos.

Part 3

Rebecca: Hey, i did it! I finally found Joey. If this read out's right, Joey's not far, guys.
Pharaoh: All right, I'll takes this and track him down. You move the trailer to a safer place.
Tea: Not so fast Pharaoh. [Pharaoh stops and looks at Tea and Tristan] You're not going alone.
Tristan: That's right. We're all this together.
Pharaoh: I guess You've made up your minds. [smiles] Thank you. Now let's go.
Rebecca: Ahem.
Pharaoh: Rebecca, You stay here. Duke, can you keep an eye on them until we get back.
Duke: You got it.
Rebecca: No, I want to go, too. Come on, Grandpa.
Arthur: Mm-mmm We've got our own work to do. We need your talents back here.
[Rebecca sighs]
Pharaoh: Rebecca, as soon as Joey safe, we'll find Yugi.
Rebecca: Promise me he's all right.
Pharaoh: Yugi's going to be just fine. I promise. Please, trust me.
Duke: Come on, man, you don't have a second to lose, so go kick some butt and take names.
Pharaoh: Well, that's one way to put it.
Tristan: Let's chit-chat later, OK.
Rebecca: Good luck with everything.
Pharaoh: You, too.
Arthur: If you need us, just call.
Pharaoh: Right.
[They ran off together to find Joey]
Arthur: Don't worry, Rebecca. [Rebecca looks at her grandfather] Yugi will be back here safe and sound in no time at all.
Rebecca: But how do you know?
Arthur: Because I believe in the Pharaoh, and you should too.
Rebecca: Fine.

Mai: [thinking] You're mine, Wheeler.

[When Mai showed up and found Valon in the duel with Joey]
Valon: Hey, Mai! You're just in time to catch the end of the greatest duel ever played.
Mai: [takes off her helmet] You and i had a deal, remember!? Joey Wheeler's mine! [Orichalcos blocks her] Ah!
Joey: Mai, no!
Mai: Look, you've done enough, so why don't you take a hike and let me finish this!?
Valon: Sorry, no can do.
Mai: Huh?
Valon: I'm having way too much fun out here to stop now. Plus this duel is no place for you.
Mai: Why's that?
Valon: There's too much at stake. I won't let you risk losing everything you have. That's why i challenged Joey Wheeler in the first place to protect you. I wanted to get rid of him so you'd be able to move on with your life, and that's exactly what i'm gonna do.
Joey: Guess what, Mai. I'm fighting for same reason.
Valon: Then let's get on with it! Shall we? I can't wait to see what you play next.
Joey: You're gonna have to wait, Valon, 'cause i play one card face down and end my turn.
Valon: Big mistake, pal.

Part 4

[Joey and Valon were engaged in an armored standoff in the middle of the Oricalchos field]
Joey Wheeler: It's time to activate Big Bang Dragon Blow's special effect! [Joey tributes Red-Eyes Black Dragon to make Big Bang Dragon Blow supercharged] By sacrificing my Red-Eyes, I made my armored fist even more powerful! Now it's able to destroy all your monsters and subtract their strength from your Life Points! [Big Bang Dragon Blow builds up pressure against Valon and Joey sends Valon flying away from the center and destroying his Armor monsters]
Valon: [skids to a halt] You did it. You won. [panting and making his Life Points drop to 0] Congratulations. Goodbye.
Mai Valentine: [gasps] It's my fault.
Valon: Don't be silly, Mai. I caused my own downfall. I thought if i won i could make you forget about Joey Wheeler. But now i understand why he meant so much to you. The guy's got heart.
Mai Valentine: Valon, wait.
Valon: Hey Joey, It's up to you now, Saved Mai.
Mai Valentine: Valon!

Dartz: Great Leviathan... I sense the arrival of powerful soul. Let's see who, shall we? [spots at Valon in stone] Well... look what the orichalcos dragged in. My former employee. Now it's Miss Valentine's turn to send me a soul... or to give up her own. [evily laughter]

[Mai hold Valon's lifeless body, her eyes full of tears]
Mai Valentine: Valon. Come back... Valon.
Joey Wheeler: It's too late. The orichalcos has him now.
Joey Wheeler: Hey, Mai... We'll get him back.
Mai Valentine: How could he do this? Valon's the one who told me you have to duel for yourself. Then he turns around and fights you to protect me? How pathetic. Hmm. He deserved this.
Joey Wheeler: What? Look, Mai, Valon realized what he told you was wrong. He found out what dueling is really about determination and heart.
Mai Valentine: Hmm.
Joey Wheeler: He fought like a true duelist today.
Mai Valentine: I thought you wanted to destroy him.
Joey Wheeler: Hold on, Mai, Valon may have annoyed me... but no one deserves to have their soul taken away and then held captive by some power-hungry psychopath! I don't care who they are!
Mai Valentine: Ha.
Joey Wheeler: You know what, Mai... I realize something now. As long as that Orichalcos thing has control over your mind, I'll never be able to talk any sense into you! As a matter of fact, the only way I can save you at this point is to duel you! So, what do you say!?

Part 5


Joey: Congratulations. You win.
(Collapses from exhaustion)
Mai: Joey, no!! You're wrong. I never attacked so you didn't lose the duel.
Joey: But, I'm too exhausted... to finish.
Mai: I won't let the Orichalcos take you away, Joey.
Joey: It's too late for that. I already lost the duel, so there's no turnin' back. I'm just glad that if one of us had to lose our soul, it didn't have to be you, Mai.
Mai: Don't say that.
Joey: Hey, Mai, that was one of the greatest duels I ever fought. Thank you.
(His spirit is taken by the Seal, leaving Mai horrified)
Mai: Joey!! NO!!
(The fragment of the Orchicalcos on her choker shatters)
Dartz: She's been set free! [spots at Joey Wheeler in stone] Ah! But what's this? It seems miss Valentine has served her purpose.

(Mai hold Joey's lifeless body, her eyes full of tears)
Mai: Joey, wait! SNAP OUT OF IT! This is all my fault! I was angry and confused, and I blamed all my loneliness on you! So I tried to get rid of you. How could I be so selfish? You're the only one who ever cared about me. [sobbing] You're the closest friend I ever had, and how did I repay you? By leaving you for a madman who promised me power. [grabs the Claw of Hermos card] I'll make him regret the day he ever met Mai Valentine!! [she hops the motorcycle droves off back to Paradius leaving Joey behind next to Valon.] The only way to fix this is to meet Dartz face to face.

[Mai arriving back to Paradius headquarters and looks up]
Mai: Here goes nothing.
Mai: Hey Dartz! Is that you?
Rafael: Guess again, Mai.
Mai: Rafael! What do you want!?

[Pharaoh, Tristan and Tea arrives and they found a soulless Joey.]
Tristan: [shocked] No way!
Tea: What happened?
Pharaoh: He lost the duel.
Tea: Wait, Does that mean?
Pharaoh: Yes his soul belongs to Dartz now.

Grappling with a Guardian


Part 1

Tea: Joey, please say something?
Pharaoh: I don't think he can hear us.
Tea: Then it's true. The Orichalcos took his soul.
Tristan: When I get my hands on the person who did this to Joey, they're gonna wish they were never born! Wake up, man.
Tea: Who did do this? [she looks at the soulless Valon] 'Cause by the looks of Valon, I have to say it wasn't him. So Tristan what's going on here?
Tristan: Don't you see Tea? Joey must have defeated Valon and then Mai showed up. She did this to him. I'm sure of it!
Tea: How could she?
Tristan: Easily. She couldn't wait to get rid of Joey.
Pharaoh: That's true, Tristan, However, There's only one person we can really blame for all of this, and I think you know who I mean. He hides safely in his fortress while others do his dirty work. Well, not anymore. [rans off]
Tea: Pharaoh, Wait!
Pharaoh: (thinking) This all ends now, Dartz.

Dartz: [voice-over, evilly laughing] We've been expecting you, Pharaoh.

[Pharaoh looks at soulless Mai in the elevator]
Pharaoh: [gasps] Mai? Mai, say something. She must have been in a duel, and it appears she lost both the duel and her soul belongs to Dartz now. I must put an end to this.

Rafael: Well, It's about time you showed up for our rematch.
Pharaoh: This doesn't concern you, Rafael. I'm here to see Dartz. Is your master so much of a coward that he sent you to do his battles for him?
Rafael: Not quite. You owe me something. But first. [holds a card and he catches the card to the Pharaoh] Why don't you take this?
Pharaoh: [spots the Claw of Hermos card] It's the Claw of Hermos. Joey's card. So you're the one who defeated Joey, aren't you?
Rafael: Actually, Pharaoh, Mai beat Joey, then I defeated her.
Pharaoh: But why? Wasn't Mai on your side?
Rafael: Yes, I never trusted her, and turns out i was right all along.
[Flashes back to Mai and Rafael's duel inside Paradius]
Rafael: [voice-over] After she took Joey's soul, she turned on us.
Mai: I've had it with your ridiculous world domination mumbo jumbo and i want out! It's time for Dartz to answer for what he made me do to Joey. Let's see how he likes it when the orichalcos captures him!
Rafael: You sure you don't wanna take that back? Dartz isn't exactly known for his sense of humor.
Mai: So?
Rafael: Then you leave me no choice. It's my duty to protect him, so goodbye to your soul.
Rafael: [voice-over] Biggest mistake she ever made.
[Rafael defeats Mai and she screaming as the orichalcos claims her soul away.]
Mai: Joey! I'm sorry, I tried my best.
[she collapses]
Rafael: [voice-over] Unfortunately, her best wasn't good enough.
[the flashback ends]
Pharaoh: This madness has to stop. Just think of how many innocent lives have been destroyed. You may be next.
Rafael: Do you think i really care? I made a commitment to help Master Dartz save the planet from crumbling at the hands of people like you, and if keeping my promise means giving up my own soul, well, then so be it, 'cause even if i'm captured, i'll be doing my part by giving the Great Leviathan the strength it needs to restore peace to the world once again.
Pharaoh: Wake up, Rafael! Can't you see that your so-called Master Dartz is just using you to satisfy his own selfish needs? If you really what to save the world, then stop fighting me and join my side.
Rafael: As soon as the great beast is revived, I'm afraid your side will no longer exist, Pharaoh, and all it needs to get started is one more strong soul.
Pharaoh: Oh no. It's true.
Rafael: You better believe it. as we speak, the Great Leviathan lurks in the shadows all over the earth. And as soon as i defeat you, your life energy will be offered to the beast, giving it the strength it needs to fully cross over into our world.

[Tristan and Tea running the streets Tristan carried Joey]
Tristan: Why did the Pharaoh take off liked that?
Tea: He must've gone after Dartz for what happened to Yugi.

Rafael: As we speak, the most devastating creature that ever lived is waiting to rise again. All it needs now is your soul, and the Sacred Seal of Orichalcos will take care of that once I take you down. Of course, I already defeated you once, but somehow you were able to cheat me by switching places with someone else. [Flashes back to their last duel as the Seal took Yugi.] Don't even think about trying to pull a stunt like that gain, Pharaoh. I don't appreciate being lied to, and besides, there's no one for you to hide behind this time, 'cause now it's just you and me. The winner leaves a free man. The loser becomes a prisoner to the beast!
Pharaoh: You're on! If that's what it takes to set my friends free, then let's duel! And once you're out of my way, I can go straight for Dartz! It's just a shame that a duelist with your talents has to throw it all away by following a madman.
Rafael: Look, Master Dartz opened me up the truth and made me who I am today. You're just jealous because you don't have [holds up "the Seal of Orichalcos" card] one of these, right? Well, not anymore, anyway.
Pharaoh: You can't tempt me with that again, Rafael.
Rafael: I wasn't planning on it, but you can have one last look at it while you shuffle my deck… for old time's sake.
Pharaoh: I know what you're trying to do, and it won't work. I won't give in to my dark side!
Rafael: We'll see about that.
Pharaoh: (thinking) I must stay true to my heart, no matter what he tries to do.
[Pharaoh and Rafael shuffle their decks]
Rafael: May the best man win...and when I do, you'll be gone forever. I'm gonna enjoy this.
Pharaoh and Rafael: Time to Duel!

Rafael: Now I play Butterfly Dagger. This weapon gives my Backup Gardna 300 extra attack points. It also allows me to summon my Guardian Elma.
Pharaoh: I've never seen that Guardian monster.
Rafael: There are plenty of monsters in my deck you've never seen, and this one lets me bring my Guardian Shield back from the graveyard. And I'll give it to Guardian Elma. Plus, my Backup Gardna's special ability transfers my Butterfly Dagger to Guardian Elma. Now, Guardian Elma… attack his Queen's Knight! Guardian Grarl, it's your turn now! Attack his King's Knight with Gravity Axe! What now, Pharaoh? What puny knight stands between me and your Life Points?

Pharaoh: (thinking) He gave up his own strength to save his monster! I'll place two cards face down and end my turn. (thinking) I've never come across a duelist like him before. He refuses to let any of his monsters go to the card graveyard. He protects them at all costs! Why would a duelist like this hold a card like the Seal of Orichalcos? Rafael, don't you understand what's going on here? As long as you're loyal to Dartz, you'll never be true to yourself. You have too much respect for your cards to use them for such an evil purpose. But Dartz has brainwashed you into believing you're someone else!
Rafael: The only thing Master Dartz did was open my eyes to the truth.
Pharaoh: You're wrong!
Rafael: This world is an evil place, and you're part of the problem. So I'm here to fix that. And thanks to my master, I have just the tool to do it. Now, I play the Seal of Orichalcos!
Rafael: Sorry, Pharaoh, it's too late for that now. Your fate is sealed!

Téa: Hey look guys. It's Mai.
Mokuba: [looks at soulless Mai] Oh, man. Don't tell me you guys she lost her soul too.
Tristan: I don't mean to sound insensitive, but who's carrying her?
Pharaoh: You're making a mistake! RAFAEL! NO!

Part 2

Rafael: This time the Seal belongs to me!
Pharaoh: What were you thinking, Rafael? Now one of us is going to lose his soul.
Rafael: That's the whole point, Pharaoh. The Great Leviathan needs power, and once I take you down and capture your soul, that legendary creature will have the strength it needs to awaken.
Pharaoh: We'll see.
Tristan: That's the same guy who beat Yugi last time!
Seto Kaiba: [shocked] What?!

Rafael: It's time to bring out my ultimate monster, but first I'll play this card, Celestial Sword - Eatos!
Pharaoh: The Sword of Eatos? This can only mean one thing: he's about to summon Guardian Eatos!
Rafael: Now I'll draw two cards. The time has come to play the card that beat you last time. It's my Guardian Eatos! [summons Guardian Eatos]
Pharaoh: I have to act quickly! With 500 Life Points left, I don't have much time! [after Guardian Eatos is summoned and affected by the Seal of Orichalcos] Look what you've done to your Guardian! It's been consumed by darkness!
Rafael: Exactly, and it's more powerful than ever now. Nothing can stop it.

[Guardian Eatos tries to destroy Yugi's Dark Magician with her Celestial Sword and it breaks, cutting her attack points back to 3000]
Rafael: [shocked] Say what?!
Pharaoh: Allow me to clear things up for you. A few moments ago, I sent three monsters to my graveyard, one of which saved me. That card was this, my Electromagnetic Turtle! When this monster was destroyed, it created an electromagnetic barrier, shielding my magician from your attack.
Rafael: No way. He had that planned all along!
Tristan: In your face, meathead!
Rafael: (thinking) The Pharaoh's gonna pay for mocking the power of my Guardian Eatos. I END MY TURN!
Pharaoh: Perhaps you should've thought twice before you poisoned your own monsters with the dark powers of the Orichalcos. Take it from someone with experience. Betraying your monsters only backfires in the end.
Rafael: You played the Seal of Orichalcos once and all of a sudden you're an expert of the subject?

Rafael: You can't win a duel with defense, Pharaoh. All you're doing is stalling for time. Well, I'm afraid your time's just run out. Eatos, destroy his most valuable monster, the Dark Magician!
Tristan: Oh, no!
Tea: Pharaoh!
Mokuba: Do something!
Pharaoh: Magical Hats, activate! Hide my monsters!
Rafael: What's going on?!
Tristan: Awesome! Magical Hats shuffled Yugi's monsters so Blondie blasted the wrong one.
Mokuba: That's true, but he gets to attack again, so Yugi's magician's still in danger!
Pharaoh: All right, one of these three remaining hats is concealing my monster, so go ahead! Hit me with your best shot!
Rafael: (thinking) Three hats and one monster. I know what I have to do. I'll use Elma to improve my odds, then I'll send Grarl to finish things off. Go, Elma! Find his Dark Magician! [Guardian Elma strikes her butterfly dagger at the second hat] Now I have a 50-50 shot. Guardian Grarl, attack!
[Guardian Grarl punches the third hat with his fist, Dark Magician appears from the last hat]
Pharaoh: Wrong hat!
Rafael: Oh, no!
Pharaoh: What a shame. Looks like you used up all of your chances.
Rafael: (thinking) How could I have messed that up?! I was about to win the duel and capture the Pharaoh! My turn's not over yet! I activate my Rod of Silence! This lets me play another Guardian monster, my all-powerful Guardian Kay'est!

Pharaoh: [horrified shock] What's that?!
Tea: I've got one word: nasty!
Tristan: Here's four: I'm gonna be sick.
Pharaoh: For the last time, what is that thing?!
Rafael: I told you-- when Eatos goes to the graveyard, this monster is summoned to the field in its place. So say hello to my Guardian Dreadsycthe!
Pharaoh: Hello and goodbye. It's no match for my dragon!
Rafael: It will be. First, I'll boost its strength with my Reaper Scythe magic card. Now, for the best part, thanks to its new weapon, my Guardian of darkness gains 500 attack points for every monster in my graveyard.
Pharaoh: But why? I thought you despised having monsters in your graveyard!
Rafael: But I despise you even more, so what's a few monsters in the grave if it means destroying you forever? And with only 500 life points left, you won't last long.

Pharaoh: I know first-hand what the Oricalchos does to a person's heart and I can help you. Think, when Earls was destroyed, you released your anger on your other monsters. You left the Oricalchos feed on your rage like I did.
Rafael: So? What's your point?
Pharaoh: That this isn't who you really are. The darkness within you has taken control, and now you must face that darkness head on. It's the only way for you to save yourself.
Rafael: You need to be saved.
Pharaoh: If you don't believe my words, then maybe this will convince you!
Rafael: What are you holding?
Pharaoh: A card that forces you to take a closer look at yourself-- Underworld Circle!
Rafael: What on earth does that do?
Pharaoh: BEHOLD! It's time to take some responsibility for what you've done, Rafael! Underworld Circle, activate!

Part 3

Pharaoh: First, I'll use the magic of Underworld Circle to bring my Big Shield Gardna back from the graveyard! Then, I'll activate my Pot of Greed! This let me draw two cards. (thinking) Excellent. That's just the card I've been waiting for! Time to face what you did…when you betrayed your heart! For now, I activate the magic card, Spider Web, which let me use a card from your graveyard!
Rafael: What's the point of all this?
Pharaoh: I'm using my Spider Web to bring back your Monster Reborn card. And I'm planning on using it to save you by setting you free from the darkness!
Rafael: Yeah, whatever.
Pharaoh: I use Monster Reborn to revive a creature that once saved your life and that you in turn, deserted! [resurects Guardian Eatos]
Rafael: Eatos?!
Tea: What's he gonna do with that card?
Mokuba: Hopefully win.
Pharaoh: One more thing. (thinking) Joey… I can only accomplish this with your help. I summon The Claw of Hermos!
Tristan: Hey, Joey! Check it out, man! He just summoned your boy!
Pharaoh: And now, Hermos and Queen's Knight, combine together to form Goddess Bow! That doubles the attack points of Guardian Eatos! And since Eatos has been removed from your graveyard, your Dreadscythe gets weaker!
Rafael: What are you up to? Our monsters are even now. So if you attack, they're both destroyed. But mine comes back!
Pharaoh: We'll see about that! I have a few more surprises planned! Eatos attack his Dreadscythe, NOW! I activate the special ability of my Goddess Bow! Now every time your Dreadscythe revives itself, Eatos can attack again!
Rafael: No!
Pharaoh: And don't forget, with each attack, you lose another card!
Mokuba: Of course! If Rafael runs out of cards, his monster can't come back!
Pharaoh: The dark flame of your Dreadscythe is now extinguished.

A Duel with Dartz


Part 1

Tristan: Dude, what's with all these people chiseled in stone?
Tea: They're just any people! Take a look!
Pharaoh: [spots at Yugi, Joey, Mai, Pegasus, Weevil, Rex, Alister, Valon and all many people in stone] Oh, no! There's Mai and Weevil!
Tristan: This must be everyone who lost their soul!
Pharaoh: Yugi!
Dartz: [voice-over] What a touching reunion. Too bad your friends turned out to be a bunch of stiffs. [laughing evilly and reveals himself from fire]
Pharaoh: Dartz!
Dartz: You were expecting someone else? Well, due to the carelessness of my employees, I'm the only one left. You can't find good help these days.
Kaiba: Look, I want my company back, so can the small talk!
Dartz: Is that so? Well, guess what? We all want something. As for me, I want your souls for my wall. I even have the spot picked out.
Kaiba: Save it, Dartz! It'll take a lot more than a few party tricks to scare me!
Pharaoh: Now, for the last time, release our friends!!
Dartz: That's not possible.
Pharaoh: What do you mean?
Dartz: I mean they've already been put to use. As we speak, their life energy supplies to the most devastating creature that ever lived.
Tea: Oh, great. Now, what?
Dartz: My 10,000 year old collection is almost complete. Once I get you two, the beast can rise.
Pharaoh: Hold on! You've been collecting souls for all those years?! Do you know how many lives you've destroyed?!
Dartz: [snickers evilly] Millions! And each one of them deserved their fate! Take a moment to look around, won't you? Some of my favorite conquests are in this very room. And since it's taken me millennia to complete, it's quite the history lesson.
Tea: He's right. Look at the outfits on these guys.
Mokuba: So some of these people lived in the past?
Dartz: Now you're catching on. Ever since the Great Leviathan was laid to rest, I've been gathering the energy necessary to fuel its rebirth.
Kaiba: Come on, you expect us to believe that junk?
Dartz: Ye of little faith. Just duel me and I promise I'll make a believer out of you, For when you lose, there will be no denying my power.
Kaiba: Then let's stop talking and start dueling.
Pharaoh: You can't, Kaiba-- not alone. This lunatic is far too dangerous.
Dartz: So why don't you join him? And when I defeat you, I'll get two souls for the price of one!
Pharaoh: All right. Ready, Kaiba?
Kaiba: I'm way ahead of you.
[Meanwhile… Rafael puts a soulless Valon on the back of the jeep along a soulless Mai on front seat]
Rafael: Don't worry, I'll save you both. Mark my words, Dartz is gonna pay.

[After the Pharaoh and Kaiba summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Black Luster Soldier, both monsters with 3000 attack points]
Mokuba: All right! Dartz better watch out! They just summoned two major league monsters on their first turn!
Dartz: Those pathetic creatures may work in your little card tournaments, but I'm afraid I play a completely different game-- a game in which the winner takes ALL, and the loser pays the ultimate price! This card was born from the darkness itself! [echoes] Behold, a power that has existed since the dawn of time. The very power that shall strip you of your souls! [plays the Seal of Orichalcos]
Kaiba: Oh, no!
Pharaoh: The Seal of Orichalcos!
Mokuba: Whoa. Do you feel that?
Tristan: If you mean the sudden drop in temperature and that freaky evil vibe in the air, then yes, I do.
Téa: [worried] Me too.
Dartz: Now that I've set the tone for this duel, allow me to continue. Watch this. Arise, Orichalcos Gigas!
Pharaoh: I faced this beast before, and it was almost impossible to destroy, Kaiba.
Kaiba: That's 'cause last time you didn't have me to bail you out.
Dartz: Next, I'll sacrifice 500 of my Life Points. That let's me summon my Orichalcos Kyutora. And, thanks to the Seal, it gets an additional 500 points. All right. I guess that'll do for now.

Part 2

  • This marks the only appearance of Dartz's wife and Chris' mother Iona in flashbacks.

Dartz: And so the Battle of Atlantis began! You see my father had opened up a gateway to the Dominion of the Beasts and he used the monsters within to form an army of his own.
Pharaoh: Tell me, what was the battle's outcome?
Dartz: Neither side were victorious and Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the sea. My father's monster army were scattered around the world and sealed away until they be needed again. The Leviathan was drained of its power and also sealed away. It's taken me 10,000 years to gather the energy necessary to bring it back. All that's left of me to do is to defeat you two in this duel. Then your souls will awaken the Great Leviathan and my plan will finally come to pass.
Kaiba: Hold on! We already defeated you! Our Master of Dragon Soldier should've wipe out the rest of your life points.
Dartz: Perhaps it should have, but I'm afraid it didn't. Your pathetic attack failed short of its target. So this duel is still on.

Dartz: Orichalcos Gigas, return!
Pharaoh: I told you, Kaiba. Each time his Gigas is destroyed, it comes back even stronger!
Dartz: Face it, you'll never defeat me! The power of the Orichalcos will swallow you both! Now back to the duel. Since my Gigas returned to me, I can't draw a card. But no matter, everything I need is in my hand. So I'll enhance the power of the Seal with this-- the magic of Orichalcos Deuteros! [laughs evilly]
Kaiba: What's going on?!
Pharaoh: Somehow he's made the Seal of Orichalcos stronger!

[After Dartz activates the Orichalcos Deuteros spell card, adding another layer to the Seal of Orichalcos]
Dartz: Gentlemen, welcome to the second level of darkness!
Kaiba: The what?!
Pharaoh: I don't know how. But Dartz just added another layer to the Seal of Orichalcos!
Tea: Right! So what does that mean?
Dartz: The first benefit of my Orichalcos Deuteros, is the addition of 500 Life Points each turn for every monster I have on the field. Therefore, since I have two, that's 1,000 points!
Kaiba: What?! How are we supposed to wipe him out?!
Dartz: You're not. It makes me invincible! Next, I'll attack your Master of Dragon Soldier! Go, my Orichalcos Gigas!
Pharaoh: Nice try! But my dragon's too strong!
Dartz: Kyutora, absorb all the damage! [chuckles] My Life Points are safe. And now, my Gigas returns!
Tristan: That creep! He's letting his Orichalcos Gigas get its butt kicked on purpose, so it can come back stronger!
Pharaoh: [thinking] That can't be it. His monster would have to be destroyed seven times before it could defeat my dragon. So, there must be more to his plan. Perhaps the secret lies in his Kyutora, and its ability to absorb attack damage. Yes! That creature must have another special ability!
Kaiba: All right, Dartz, my move! [thinking] As long as that eyesore is on the field, it's pointless to attack his Orichalcos Gigas because Dartz won't lose any Life Points. Plus, Gigas will just come back stronger. But if I attack Dartz directly, I should be able to win the duel! I place one card facedown on the field! And next… I summon my Blade Knight! And since I have only one card left in my hand, Blade Knight gets another 400 attack points! I think that'll do for now.
Pharaoh: [thinking] He's setting himself up for something.
Kaiba: [thinking] Yugi better not screw this up for me.

Kaiba: Oh, no! That attack was supposed to hit Dartz, not his monster!
Pharaoh: It's a force field! But how did he create it?
Dartz: By using the second layer of the Seal, of course. Whenever my Life Points are targeted... My Orichalcos Deuteros steps in to defend me. It's simple. I make a sacrifice so that your monster takes the hit! You know what that means, right? Your dragon just attacked itself!

Part 3

Dartz: So tell me, Gentlemen, what do you think of my newest soldiers? I'm sure there's no need for any introductions.
Pharaoh: That's not funny, Dartz.
Dartz: Maybe not to you.
Pharaoh: That's enough.
Kaiba: Just drop the magic act and let's duel.
Dartz: But we are dueling, you insensible twit. We're just doing it by my rules, that's all. Since I now control the souls of your former friends, I thought it would be fun to let them play along with us.
Tea: Leave them alone!
Tristan: What did they do to you?!
Dartz: You should be thanking me.
Pharaoh: And why's that?
Dartz: I'm giving you one last chance to see your companions. Before their souls are gone forever.
Pharaoh: You'll never take them away from us, Dartz!
Dartz: That's right, Pharaoh. Let your anger consume you. Feel the darkness within you beginning to spread. The stronger your rage, the more powerful the Great Leviathan will be when it absorbs your soul. Now where we? Ah, yes. Mirror Knight Yugi. It's time to attack your other half.
Pharaoh: No, Yugi! Fight it! I know you can hear me!
[Yugi struggles to fight against Dartz's command]
Dartz: What's this? My soldier is still loyal to you? How touching. Even though you turned your back on him, he refuses to seek revenge. That will soon change.
Pharaoh: We'll see.

Pharaoh: Kaiba!
Kaiba: Just save it! That second-rate chump has held me back for the last time! Different Dimension Dragon Attack!
Pharaoh: No! Don't do this!
Kaiba: Too late!
(Knight Yugi's shield disintegrates)
Kaiba: No way!

Rafael: You don't look happy to see me, and after all we've been through. Where's the love? Don't answer that. I've heard enough lies from you. The Pharaoh opened me up to the truth.
Dartz: Really?
Rafael: Yeah, really. Thanks to him, I was able to escape the seal of orichalcos with my soul still intact unlike them and everyone else you used. Now set them free before you end up on that wall.
Dartz: Your soul may have been spared, but it sounds like the orichalcos took what was left of your brain.
Rafael: What's that supposed to mean?
Dartz: It means you're more gullible than ever. Do you honestly think the darkness that once controlled you is gone?
Rafael: Yes. The Pharaoh set me free.
Dartz: Did he... Hmm. Or did he just trick you the way you think I did?
Rafael: Stop it! You're messing with my head.

Pharaoh: Rafael, You mustn't listen to him.
Rafael: Everything is your fault. You took me from my family.
Dartz: I needed your anger, your thirst for revenge.

Part 4

Dartz: It's time to reinforce the sacred Seal with its most powerful layer thus far! Behold the ancient magic of my Orichalcos Tritos! [adds a third layer to the Seal of Orichalcos] Welcome to level 3, gentlemen.
Pharaoh: How can the Seal possibly get any stronger?!
Dartz: We're dealing with a force greater than the darkest shadows and older than time itself. Does that answer your question?
Mokuba: Whoa!
Tea: His Life Points are out of control!
Dartz: Orichalcos Malevolence, use your special ability to switch Kaiba's dragon into attack mode! So I'm afraid this is goodbye. With an attack strength of only 1400, your dragon is far too weak to defend your Life Points.
Kaiba: So that means…
Pharaoh: You lose!
Dartz: Now my beast, bring Kaiba's soul to me!
Kaiba: Wrong! I activate my Shrink card!
Dartz: [chuckles and the third layer of the Seal destroys Kaiba's magic card] Is it beginning to sink in yet? When used properly, the Seal of Orichalcos is unmatched by any other card in the game! And due to its third layer, your magic and trap cards are useless against me!

[Dartz's Kyutora is destroyed and evolves into Orichalcos Shunoros as it appears]
Pharaoh: Oh, no! What's going on?!
Kaiba: What is that?!
Dartz: My little friend is all grown up, so playtime's over! Gentlemen, I'd like you meet Orichalcos Shunoros!
Kaiba: Did you see what I see?!
Pharaoh: Unfortunately.
Tea: See what?
Tristan: That thing's got 20,000 points!
Dartz: Don't look so surprised. You're the ones who created this unstoppable beast! You may have destroyed my previous monsters, but you unleashed something far worse!
Pharaoh: It can wipe us out in one strike!
Dartz: You're absolutely right, but before I do that, I have some more bad news to share. Orichalcos Shunoros, activate your special ability! Release Orichalcos Dexia… and Orichalcos Aristeros!
Pharaoh: What's the meaning of this?!
Dartz: Allow me to clear things up. Shunoros just released two more creatures. The first one is known as Dexia, and its attack strength is always 300 points higher than the monster it's battling, making it the perfect sword! And the second one is just as strong. It will intercept every one of your attacks and retaliate with a blast that's 300 points greater than the one you fired, making Orichalcos Aristeros the perfect shield! You'll never get past my triple threat!
Pharaoh: [thinking] Not only is his monster more powerful than Kaiba's dragon… but with Dexia and Aristeros on the front line, our attacks won't even get through!
Dartz: I activate the trap card, Martyr Curse! This forces one of your monsters to engage in a battle with one of my monsters. And as a nasty little side effect, it cancels out any special abilities your creature may have. And since I don't seem to have much of a choice, I'll target your Mirror Force Dragon! Without its reflecting power, your dragon's completely defenseless, which means you're about to be out one soul! Orichalcos Shunoros, remove Kaiba's Life Points so the Orichalcos can remove his spirit!

[After Kaiba's Wish of Final Effort trap card increases Yugi's Life Points and loses his soul when his Life Points dropped down to zero…]
Dartz: Pharaoh, it looks like you're the soul survivor.
Pharaoh: You disgust me.
Dartz: I'll tell you what. Since I already have what I need... You can keep the rest of him!

Dartz: Don't worry, Pharaoh. Your friends are fine. I don't need weak souls. I just wanted to spend some quality time with you, one-on-one. Is that so wrong?
Pharaoh: That's enough!
Dartz: But there's something I think you'll want to know. You and I met 5,000 years ago when you were King of Egypt. We may not have been officially introduced, but I was there watching you.
Pharaoh: Go on.
Dartz: When the battle of Atlantis ended, I thought the Leviathan was gone forever. That is until I met you.
Pharaoh: Hold on! What does that evil creature of yours have to do with me!?
Dartz: I thought you'd never ask.

Part 5

Joey: Huh? I've had some weird dreams, but this one takes the cake. Wait, hold on. I remember being trapped in a duel, but... how did i end up floating around in here?
Yugi: [offscreen] Joey? Is that you?
Joey: Yugi! Long time no see!
Yugi: I'm glad you're all right!
Maximillion Pegasus: Please, bubble boy, you call this "all right"?
Yugi and Joey: Pegasus!
Pegasus: If we don't escape soon, we never will!
Joey: Hmm? Where exactly are we, anyway, Huh? [spots at Valon, Mai Valentine, Weevil Underwood, Rex Raptor, Alister, Rafael and Seto Kaiba] Wait! Everyone in here had their soul captured! This must be where the orichalcos spits you out after you lose a duel! Aah! Calm down. Maybe it is just a dream. Uh...
Yugi: It's no dream. And take a look, Joey. Things are about to get worse!
Joey: What's that!?
Pegasus: Don't you pay attention? That's the Great Leviathan, and it's using human souls for power.
Joey: It's doing what!? But i don't wanna be turned into soul food!
Yugi: We can still get out of this mess if the Pharaoh defeats Dartz!
Joey: Huh? But how see gonna do that? [looks at Seto Kaiba] Rich boy's with us now. That means.... The Pharaoh's facing Dartz alone out there!
Yugi: Wrong. Kaiba may have been knocked outta the fight... But the Pharaoh's not alone, Joey.
Joey: I'm afraid I don't follow, Yuge.
Yugi: He's still got all of us. Sure, we're not right there next to him, but we've never let that stop us before.
Joey: Yeah, but I don't know if that's gonna work this time, 'Cause Dartz is playin' by a whole new set a rules. and nothing can take down that orichalcos card.
Pegasus: There is one thing that can help.
Joey: Huh?
Pegasus: It's the card i gave him. And if the Pharaoh draws it, He'll be able to unleash a force like no other.
Joey: In this card can beat Dartz?
Pegasus: Yes. You see, it was during a trip to Egypt that i was inspired to create the game of duel monsters after making an astonishing discovery. Ancient kings and sorcerers once performed dark rituals to conjure real monsters. These creatures were believed to have lived in a universe parallel to ours, and guarding the gateway to this dominion of the beasts were three legendary dragons known as Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos. But you already know about them, right?
Joey: Right.
Pegasus: What you don't know is that these dragons aren't what they appear to be. They were buried with a dark secert. So i created a card that unlocks this mystery.
Yugi: I don't get it. What's the secret?
Pegasus: I spent many years scouring the globe trying to find an answer to that very question, Yugi boy. First i searched the microscopic world for the tiniest clues. then i scanned the vast reaches of the universe, and still nothing. Other than on stone tablet hidden deep beneath the sands of Egypt, there was no record of the existence of these dragons. Then it dawned on me. What if these dragons aren't dragons at all? What if they're humans!
Yugi: Humans!? But how is that possible, Pegasus? and what does it have to do with that mystery card you gave to the Pharaoh?
Pegasus: During the battle of Atlantis, Dartz transformed three brave knights into dragons in an effort to weaken them. Now the Pharaoh must restore them to thier original form... Before we disappear forever!

Dartz: Impossible! No one can overcome the power of the Orichalcos! You should have lost the duel! What's going on?! Why didn't the Seal take your soul?! Tell me!
Pharaoh: You forced me to gaze inside my heart, thinking I would find only darkness. But you were wrong.
Dartz: Then you gazed in the wrong place!
Pharaoh: Look, believe what you wish, but I know the truth. My heart is filled with the light of friendship, and no magic can take that away, no matter how strong it is. So, thank you. You reminded me that my friends are always with me. And we're going to win this fight and take you down together! Dartz… It all ends right now! [draws and gasps; thinking] It's the card Pegasus gave me! I can sense it!
Dartz: Well? Get on with it.
Pharaoh: Do you know what's in my hand? The key to unlocking the secret of the legendary dragons!
Dartz: [gasps] What?!
Pharaoh: You heard me. Legend of Heart! I give up 1,000 Life Points and remove my Obnoxious Celtic Guardian from the field! This lets me summon Critias, Hermos, and Timaeus in their true form!
Legendary Knight Timaeus: Finally! After 10 millennia in captivity, we've been set free!
Dartz: No! Not them!
[The three legendary knights appear in their true forms on Yugi's side of the field]
Legendary Knight Timaeus: I am he who is named Timaeus!
Legendary Knight Critias: And I am… Sir Critias!
Legendary Knight Hermos: I am known as… Sir Hermos!
Legendary Knights: In the name of Atlantis… we have been reborn!!!
Dartz: [shocked in disbelief] I thought I took care of you centuries ago! [The three knights destroy the Seal of Orichalcos with their swords] What have you done?! My precious Seal is gone!
Legendary Knight Hermos: Your ring of darkness is useless in our presence!
Legendary Knight Critias: Did you forget our last encounter?
Legendary Knight Timaeus: I certainly did not. And I've a score to settle with you!
Pharaoh: The time has come to weaken your defense!

Part 6

Tea: [in tears] It is you, Yugi!
Yugi: Tea?
Tea: I thought we'd never see you again.
Yugi: It's good to see you, too.
Joey: All right, Out of my way people. Where's my little buddy? Ha Ha! Yug! Man did i miss this spikey little head.
Yugi: Hey Joey.
Tea: The gang is back!
Tristan: Don't forget about me!

Rise of the Great Beast

  • This is the 2-part fourth season finale.

Part 1

Dark Magician Girl: Monsters, unite. Without us all hope is lost. We must join forces with the humans! And together we shall defeat the Great Beast. Now go!

Joey: That Leviathan's a goner! It's 3 on 1 up there!
Kaiba: I see you can count! Unfortunately, numbers aren't everything!
Yugi: You can do this, Pharaoh!

Dartz: My Leviathan is fueled by the darkness of my prisoners!!
The Pharaoh: Wrong, Dartz!! I was able to transform the darkness in their hearts to light! A light which now fuels MY beasts!!
Kaiba: Hey, look! I guess the Gods did pull through!
Joey: Told ya! That means everyone Dartz captured is free!

Rafael: I'm back.

Yugi: Look! It’s the portal that led us here!
Joey: Alright! Home sweet home here we come!

Part 2

Dartz: Great Leviathan, vanquish the Pharaoh's spirit for all eternity!
Yugi: Get out while you can!
Pharaoh: You must trust me!

[Back at Monument Valley, Duke Devlin, Rebecca and Professor Arthur Hawkins saw dark clouds are lifting out to the skylight.]
Arthur Hawkins: The Darkness is Lifting.

Yugi: You did it. [] Hey, are you all right?
Pharaoh: I'm fine, Yugi, The Great Leviathan is gone.
Yugi: Yeah. Thanks, pal. It's over now. [spots at Dartz] But what about Dartz?
Pharaoh: Yugi, Look it's Ironheart, and Chris.
Dartz: Father, Chris, It's you.
Chris: Dad, you're back!
Ironheart: My son, At long last. And you have the great pharaoh to thank. He drove out the evil force that controlled you.
Dartz: Oh.
Pharaoh: I knew it. Deep down you're a noble ruler, Dartz.
Chris: And a great father! I've missed you so much, Dad.
Ironheart: Your work here is now complete. You may go in place. Great things await you. So return now to your world by stepping through that portal.
Yugi: But what about you? Are you guys gonna be OK?
Ironheart: Yes, For the first time in centuries.
Pharaoh: Alright, Yugi let's go back home.
[Pharaoh and Yugi walked toward the portal and looks at Chris, Dartz, Ironheart and Skye and they walked off enter the portal and disappears Chris looks at her father.]
Chris: Hey, Dad. We should go too. After all this time, We have a lot of catching up to do.
[Dartz smiled agreed with his daughter now the Atlantis is going down to the ocean and splashed towards Dartz's lair.]
Seto Kaiba: Mokuba! Start the engines!
Mokuba Kaiba: Seto!
Seto: We have to get out of here.
Téa Gardner: Without Yugi? No way.
Joey Wheeler: Eh?
Téa: Don't you know where he is?
Joey: Don't tell me.
Téa: You mean he's still in there!?
Mokuba: Time's running out!
Seto: Mokuba's right. We can't wait.
Joey: Yugi!
Tristan Taylor: Are you nuts man!
Joey: Get your hands off of me Tristan! I’m not leaving here without Yugi!
Tristan: Joey!, we have to trust that he found the way out on his own!
Joey: YUGI!!!
[the gang hops in the KaibaCorp helicopter and takes off as Dartz's lair is washed down.]
Seto: Good riddance.
Mokuba: I just hope Yugi wasn't in there.
Téa: Me, too.

[At the Hospital Rex and Weevil wakes up was that a dream.]
Weevil Underwood: Where am i? Mommy?
Rex Raptor: Hey! Who's said that!?
Weevil/Rex: Huh! Oh!
Rex: What are you doing in my bedroom, Weevil!?
Weevil: Your bedroom!? You're in a hospital, You dimwit!
Rex: What happened!?
Weevil: I know who fault this is.
Rex: Joey's.
Weevil: Yugi's.

Alister: Mikey, I know you're out there somewhere, And I'm not gonna stop looking until i find you.

Valon: I'll never forget you. Thanks Mai.

Mai Valentine: I'm glad that mess is over. Now to pick up the pieces. [In Mai's flashbacks, it shows the beginning of how she entered the Doma organization, when she met Yugi's friends and running towards Joey before he became unconscious.] Sorry Joey. But i can't face you yet. So i'm gonna hit the road until i'm ready to own up to everything i've done. But i'll be back.

Dark Magician Girl: [voice-over] Yugi, Wake up.
Yugi: [wakes up and surprised on the beach and sees the sunset on the ocean.] Any idea where we are?
Pharaoh: It seems we've washed up on shore. But i wonder how. Someone must have guided us here. Hmm.
Yugi: Hey, look! [sees Dark Magician Girl along with Timaeus, Hermos and Critias appears] It's Dark Magician Girl!
Pharaoh: And she's brought with her the three legendary knights.
Dark Magician Girl: We four are forever in your debt. Not only have you rescued your own world, But you've saved the creatures of our world as well. Thanks to your fearlessness. The dominion of the beasts can once again flourish just as it did so many years ago. And by breaking the evil spell that imprisoned the legendary knights. They can continue to protect our land.
Yugi: I'm just glad we could help.
Legendary Knight Timaeus: Thank you both. You fought bravely. Farewell.
Legendary Knight Critias: You two well never be forgotten.
Legendary Knight Hermos: For as long as we reign.
Pharaoh: Well, We couldn't have done it without you. In the face of ultimate darkness, Your couragfousness sparked a light so incredibly strong it will burn for all eternity.
Legendary Knight Timaeus: Thank you, Pharaoh. We shall meet again.
[The legendary knights flying off together.]
Dark Magician Girl: The time may come that we need each other again. If so, You know where i'll be. Right there in your deck.
[she flying off with the legendary knights together]

Téa: Look, those weird lights are back.
Joey: Well, that explains why? It's Dark Magician Girl and the three legendary knights.
Téa: I guess they’re going home. Now that their world is safe again.
Yugi: [sees "The Eye of Timaeus" card disappears] Well, Pharaoh there goes our Timaeus.
Pharaoh: Yes Yugi, There goes Timaeus.
Joey: [sees "The Claw of Hermos" card disappears] Well, there goes Hermos.
Kaiba: [sees "The Fang of Critias" card disappears] Oh well... No big deal. My deck's still unstoppable.
Téa: I hope Yugi's all right. [spots Yugi on the island] Look!
Mokuba: Huh?
Joey: Eh?
Tristan: Huh? Hey! It's Yugi!
Yugi: Pharaoh! Over there! They made it out!
Pharaoh: You're right.
[KaibaCorp helicopter lands on the beach and the door open]
Joey: Yugi!
Tea: I knew we find you.
Tristan: Hey man!
Joey: [giggling] I'll never let this spikey head of yours is outta my sight.
Tea: Is it really all over?
Yugi: Yep, we're safe now.
Mokuba: Hey, Yugi!
Joey: Let's hit the high road folks, I'm sure there's someone else trying to taking over the world back home.
Tristan: You know the scary thing is he's probably right.
[The gang hops the KaibaCorp helicopter when Yugi sees the Pharaoh watches the sunsets down the ocean.]
Tea: [offscreen] Yugi, is something wrong?
Yugi: I'll be right there, Tea. [The Pharaoh and Yugi looked at each other as the sun going down the ocean.] [voice over] We may have stopped Dartz, but the Pharaoh's not done yet. Now he has to pick up where he left off before all this craziness started 'cause the biggest adventure of all is still ahead. And it won't be over till the pharaoh unlocks the secrets of his past. He needs to learn who he really is and why he was sent back here. Maybe then his spirit'll finally be able to rest. Well, no matter what happens, one thing's for sure... whatever he finds out there... and whatever he needs to face... he won't have to do it alone.








  • Arthur Hawkins - voiced by Mike Pollock
  • Rebecca Hawkins - voiced by Kerry Williams
  • Duke Devlin - voiced by Marc Thompson
  • Maximillion Pegasus - voiced by Darren Dunstan
  • Solomon Muto - voiced by Maddie Blaustein
  • Mai Valentine - voiced by Bella Hudson
  • Ironheart - voiced by Brian Maillard
  • Chris - voiced by Veronica Taylor
  • Dark Magician Girl - voiced by Bella Hudson
  • Timaeus - voiced by Dan Green
  • Critias - voiced by Eric Stuart
  • Hermos - voiced by Wayne Grayson


  • Iona - voiced by Bella Hudson
  • Gurimo - voiced by Mike Pollock
  • Pharaoh Atem - voiced by Dan Green
  • Yami Marilk - voiced by Brian Zimmerman
  • Mikey
  • Sonia
  • Julian
  • Paradox Brothers
  • Arkana
  • Bandit Keith
  • PaniK
  • Seeker
  • Yami Bakura
  • Gozaburo Kaiba