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Noah's Saga


A Virtual Nightmare

  • This marks the debut appearance of Noah Kaiba.

Kaiba: [shocked] But wait! It can’t be!
Gansley: You should have known we’d be back, Seto Kaiba… for revenge! Surprised to see us again, Kaiba?
Tristan: So you know these five suits, man? what’s going on here?
Duke: Suddenly I feel really underdressed.
Yugi: I can’t put my finger on it, but something about these guys seems really familiar to me.
Mokuba: These are the five creeps that tried to get rid of Seto and take over KaibaCorp! This is Gansley, Crump, Johnson, Nezbitt and Leichter, Also known as The Big Five!
Joey: That’s right, they trapped Kaiba in cyberland until we saved him.
Kaiba: Almost right. They were hired by my stepfather to serve as KaibaCorp‘s board of directors. But that wasn’t enough power for them, so they tried to destroy me using my own virtual technology and take over my company.

Gansley: Ta-ta, Virtual Kaiba. Soon that will happen to the real McCoy! You see, if your deck master is destroyed, you automatically lose the duel, regardless of life points. And when each of you loses a duel, one of us will be take over your body!

Isolated in Cyberspace


Part 1

Yugi: All this stuff looks pretty real. It's hard to believe that everything here is virtual.
Gansley: Well, you'd better get used to this place, because I'm going to make sure you never leave! [rises out from under the water in the form of Deepsea Warrior] Are you familiar with the phrase, "It's time to duel?" Well, this is the last time you're ever going to hear it! Why, you look as though you don't recognize me, boy. Now you've gone and hurt my feelings. Well, I'm Gansley! Former Vice President of Business Strategy at Kaiba Corp and a proud founding member of the Big Five! But for now, I've taken the form of the Deepsea Warrior.
Yugi: Big deal, Gansley! You don't scare me! I know that behind your virtual disguise is nothing but a feeble old man! You wouldn't stand a chance in a duel against me if your life depended on it!
Gansley: Did you say "my life?" Yugi… once I defeat you, I'll finally have a life again!

Yami-Yugi: Listen, Gansley, you and your partners won't succeed in trapping my friends here. Mark my words!
Gansley: Really? That's if you can keep up with the new rules.
Yami-Yugi: Just try me!
Gansley: Very well. You remember my demonstration of our patented Deck Master System of dueling, don't you? It begins with each upon us picking a monster to serve as our Deck Master for the duration of the duel. And since I've already taken the form of a monster, lucky me… I will serve as both the duelist and the Deck Master! Now, it's time for you to build your virtual deck.
Yami-Yugi: With what?
Gansley: With these. Your cards aren't valid in this world, so you'll have to build a new deck from our card database. When you see a card you desire, simply touch it. Choose wisely, for once you make contact with a card image, it's yours for the entire length of the duel. Careful. Don't let any gems slip by.
Yami-Yugi: All right, let's begin this duel.
Gansley: How quickly we forget. You still have to choose your Deck Master. Each monster card has its own Deck Master ability under our new system. Of course, I won't tell you what those abilities are. You'll have to figure that out for yourself.
Yugi: [thinking] What card should I choose to be my Deck Master? Without knowing all the new rules, it's hard to say. Well, my Dark Magician's never let me down!
[As Yami-Yugi is about to choose Dark Magician, Kuriboh appears, accidentally being chosen as his Deck Master]
Yami-Yugi: Huh? Kuriboh?
Gansley: Interesting choice.
Yami-Yugi: Hold on! I didn't choose him!
Gansley: Sorry, the rules state once a Deck Master is chosen, it cannot be changed.
Yami-Yugi: Great. I didn't choose you, but now we must win this together. Kuriboh is now my Deck Master!
Gansley: Suit yourself. As you know, I've chosen Deepsea Warrior. He's powerful and ruthless, like me. But enough chatting...let's get down to business! [Duel commences] I think I'll go first, if you don't mind. I summon a monster facedown in defense mode. And that's all for now. What fun would it be if I wiped out everything you own so soon? [thinking] Now, let's see if this slacker takes my bait. It's your move. But realize it's only a matter of time before I eliminate all your Life Points! Poor Yugi. You haven't the business skills necessary to wheel-and-deal with a mogul like me!
Yami-Yugi: Listen, Gansley… Duel Monsters is about honor, trust and respect. Not about business skills and making deals. So save your corporate speeches for the boardroom and stop wasting my time.
Gansley: Why worry about time? Once I defeat you, you'll have nothing but time, as you spend all of eternity trapped right here!

Part 2

Gansley: You've lost more than half your Life Points, Yugi. Soon I'll take over your body, leaving your mind trapped in this virtual abyss!
Yami-Yugi: You'll never get away with this, Gansley!
Gansley: Just watch me! [draws; thinking] Ahh, this will do nicely. I summon Yowie in attack mode! Of course, Yowie's arrival forbids you from drawing a card next turn-- making him a valuable asset! Now I'll play the magic card-- Premature Burial! All I have to do is invest a mere of my Life Points. This allows me to revive one of my former monsters! Ipiria, return! I told you I've employed an unlimited team of monsters, Yugi! My workforce already outnumbers your monsters to two, And my staff will continue to grow! So, why don't you go ahead and launch your attack. With my monsters on the front line, you'll never get to me!
Yami-Yugi: We'll see about that!

Part 3

Gansley: Let me guess, you've had enough suffering and you want to give up.
Yami-Yugi: Guess again, Gansley.
Gansley: Fine. You're only 500 Life Points away from annihilation, anyway.
Yami-Yugi: I've been in tougher spots, before. Now make your move.
Gansley: Very well. [draws; thinking] Excellent! Rainbow Snake Eingana. It could wipe him out right now with one strike, but what fun would that be? I need to drag this duel out a bit longer. So let's see… Ah, yes. I summon Melchid the Four-Face Beast in attack mode! My first order of business is to take down your Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. My Four-Face Beast should have enough power to crush it and take a bite out of your Life Points in the process! NOW! Melchid the Four-Face Beast, eliminate his Obnoxious Celtic Guardian with quadruple smash attack!

Freeze Play


Part 1

Tea: Hello?! Is anyone in there?
Crump: Of course. Open your eyes and look around, will ya? You're surrounded by my penguin army.
Tea: I know! I meant is there anyone in without feathers and a beak?
Crump: There's no one here but us penguins, Téa!
Tea: You know my name?
Crump: I know more than that, Téa Gardner… five-foot five, size six sneaker… I've got all the numbers in my report. And I'd say your number is up! Because I'm about to put the freeze on you!
Tea: Who are you? And what do you want from me, anyway?!
Crump: Don't tell me you forgot our last meeting. [reveals himself in the form of Nightmare Penguin]
Tea: I think I'd remember you.
Crump: Look, things are never what they appear to be here, so when we met earlier, I looked a bit different. Give up? I'm one of the Big Five! The name's Crump, former accountant of Kaiba Corp.
Tea: Disguised as a penguin?
Crump: Yes, and I'll explain all that soon. But for starters, let's do a quick run through your numbers.

Tea: This can't be good!
Crump: Nice try! Looks like my iceberg dueling field is about to leak you cold! Before we start, we'll have to choose our virtual decks from this card database. Not that it really matters what cards you decide to pick. The probability that you'll be victorious is slim to none!
Tea: How am I supposed to choose when I've never even seen most of these cards before? [realizes; thinking] Wait! That one actually looks sort of familiar! [starts selecting some cards] Good thing I've spent so many hours watching Yugi and Joey duel.
Crump: Okay. As per the rules, it's time to choose your Deck Master. It can be any monster in your deck.
Tea: I know exactly who I want to choose… So check it out! [chooses Dark Magician Girl] Dark Magician Girl's my Deck Master, who's yours?
Crump: I've already taken the form of a monster known as Nightmare Penguin, you fool! So I'm both the duelist and the Deck Master. Two threats in one! And once you're on ice, I'll be free to waddle my way to the real world!
Tea: Guess again, Crump! It's time to duel, shorty!

Tea: To begin, I'll place one card facedown…and then I'll summon Ancient Elf to the field! And that's all for now, Crump.
Crump: Now, the fun begins. Watch this. I'll start off by summoning my Giant Red Seasnake! And he gets a little power boost!
Tea: How did your snake get more attack points already?!
Crump: Well, my Deck Master's special ability increases the attack power of every water monster on my side of the dueling field. So now, my snake has 2,000 attack points and as a number you can't argue with!
Tea: That's what you think! So, are going to attack me or what?!

Part 2

Crump: Sudden'y, I'm in the mood for a cold ice glass tea!

Tea: You are weird little bird, Crump. [thinking] And I'm in the mood for a barbecue. [draws] What's this? Maha Vailo? No, he's not powerful enough! There's no way he'll beat Flying Penguin!
Dark Magician Girl: Téa, don't give up so fast. He has a secret skill that can help you.
Tea: Huh? What kind of a skill? Hold on, I remember this! Yugi once told me about this card.
[Flashback to that time]
Yugi: You wanna know which card is most like me?
Tea: Wait, I know. Well, I think I know. It's that purple guy with the big hat, right?
Yugi: Uh, big hat? Oh, you mean my Dark Magician card. Well, even though it's pretty great, I don't think it's the card that's most like me. Okay. Ah. This is the one. Pretty cool, right?
Tea: Maha Vailo?
Yugi: He may not be as strong as the Dark Magician, well. not when you first look at him anyway. But if you look closer, you'll see a hidden power deep inside.
[Flashback ends]
Tea: [thinking] Of course! It's hidden strength! I'm not done yet! Now, I summon Maha Vailo in attack mode!
Crump: That's weak!
Tea: Wait, I'm not done! Check this out! I activate Magic Formula, raising my monster's attack points by 500!
Crump: You must've failed all of your math forces, kid, because it's still too short on attack points to defeat my Flying Penguin!
Tea: I guess you don't know about Maha Vailo's hidden power. He gets 500 extra attack points for each one of my magic cards!
Crump: No fair!
Tea: Oh, it's fair! Go, Maha Vailo! Attack his Flying Penguin with Sacred Lightning! Add this up, Crump! Extra crispy fried penguin, anyone?

Courtroom Chaos


Part 1

Noah: So much for the Big Five. I should never have hired those corporate clowns!
Yugi: [on virtual screen] Excellent dueling, Téa!
Tea: [on virtual screen] Thanks, Yugi.
Noah: How could they be out-dueled by these two in a virtual world where I make all the rules? If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, so perhaps it's time for me to step in. I'll make sure they never leave this place!
Johnson: On behalf of myself and the Big Five, I want to offer your our most sincere apologies, Noah.
Noah: Johnson, please.
Johnson: Let me explain!
Noah: There's nothing to explain! You five failed me for the last time! Now you're all fired!
Johnson: Just hear me out, sir.
Noah: Your slick lawyer talk won't get you out of this one, Johnson, so don't even try it. So far your partners Gansley and Crump each suffered an embarrassing defeat. So why should I believe the rest of you won't fail? I have no choice, Johnson. I must dispose of you all!
Johnson: Please, Noah! Don't do it! We've analyzed our attack patterns and we come up with a solid dueling strategy that is guaranteed to bring success, sir! Understand our position. The Big Five are desperate to defeat these brats. It's the only way we can take over their bodies and leave the cyber world behind! We can't let them win!
Noah: Very well. I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Don't let me down.
Johnson: You won't be sorry.
Noah: No. 'Cause if they fail me again, he will be the sorry one. Their failures are a reflection of me. And I can't allow Yugi and his friends to make me look like a failure.

Johnson: Objection. Before we begin, you have to choose a monster from your deck to serve as your Deck Master.
Joey: Whatever. [looks through his cards] This shouldn't be too hard. Folks, we have a winner! So, meet my Deck Master, Flame Swordsman! As long as this guy's standing next to me, judge, there's no way I can possibly lose this duel!
Flame Swordsman: You have my word as your Deck Master that I will serve you well and guide you through this duel.
Joey: [thinking] Awesome! He talks!
Flame Swordsman: I assure you we shall defeat our opponent.
Johnson: As you know, I will be acting as my own Deck Master. So this court is now in session. [Duel begins] Since we're in my courtroom, I'll begin this duel. Watch and learn. Now, I call Hysteric Angel to the stand. She'll make sure you the maximum sentence.
Joey: [annoyingly unimpressed] That is the most annoying monster I have ever seen! She looks just like you do, Johnson!
Johnson: Silence. It's time to call out your first witness.
Joey: Yes, your Honor.

Johnson: I summon Curtain of the Dark Ones. Then, I reveal my facedown card-- activate Polymerization to fuse together my Mystical Elf and my Curtain of the Dark Ones.
Joey: [thinking] Whatever monster he's creating will get sucked right into my Bottomless Trap Hole!
Johnson: Meet Kamionwizard!
Joey: [disappointed; thinking] Aw, man. It's only got 1300 attack points!

Part 2

Johnson: [thinking] He can take all the risks he wants, but in my virtual courtroom, I control everything!

Johnson: This ought to do for starters. First, I play my Reinforcement of the Army magic card, allowing me to add a warrior to my hand. Then, I'll use Polymerization. Now I Joseph, to fuse together my Armaill warrior and my One-Eyed Shield Dragon. Meet Dragoness the Wicked Knight!
Joey: Wow. Big deal, Johnson. Your monster looks weak to me! [realizes while thinking] But wait! Thanks to that magic card of his, Johnson can increase the attack points of any monster that's made up of two other monsters fused together!
Johnson: Time for my Leading Question magic card to kick in!

Yugi: [thinking] There's something fishy about this Johnson guy. It seems like more than just bad luck that's holding Joey down.
Pharaoh: Yes, Yugi. I agree-- Much more. Johnson is controlling the outcome of Joey's moves. I've been sensing it since the beginning of this duel. This judge is cheating.
Yugi: I knew it! We've got to step in! Or Joey's mind will be trapped here!

[Noah arrives, interrupting the duel when he caught Johnson cheating]
Noah: TIME OUT! Stop the duel!
Tea: What's the deal?
Johnson: Noah… You can't, sir, please! I'm only a few moves away from taking over this fool's body!
Noah: You don't deserve that prize, Johnson! Not after what you just pulled!
Joey: So, he is a cheater.
Noah: Sad to say it's true. The honorable Judge Man is nothing but a fraud who's been cheating you from the very beginning. He's been using my virtual technology to tamper with your dice rolls.
Joey: [to Johnson; infuriated] How 'bout I tamper with your face?! Mr. So-Called-Man-Of-Justice, you big, fat fake!
Johnson: But, Noah, I couldn't risk losing this! Please, you must understand me! I can't take living in this virtual prison for one moment longer! It's torture!
Noah: Your excuses bore me! I brought you five into my virtual world with the understanding that under my leadership, you would defeat Seto Kaiba and his little friends. But if you cheat, I can't prove that I'm truly more deserving than him!
Kaiba: Than me?! More deserving of what?
Noah: For years, I've lived in Seto's shadow, always trying to prove that I'm the better one! I should be the president of Kaiba Corp, not him! And it's about time I've proven to Gozaburo Kaiba that he should have left the company to me!
Kaiba: What?! [thinking] But my stepfather, Gozaburo, has been missing without a trace for over five years! And why would Noah want to prove something to him, anyway?! This kid is not who he seems to be! But who is he?
Joey: Excuse me, boys. If I may interrupt this little quarrel for just a second, the defendant would like to speak. [thinking] If Johnson plays by the rules, I may still be able to win this!
Noah: Sorry, but this doesn't concern you. Johnson, it's time for me to do something that I should have done the day I met you!
Johnson: Noah, please, don't!

Joey: I'm not through yet! I still got this little number left! My Arduous Decision magic card!
Yugi: Talk about risk! If this doesn't work, he could lose the entire duel to Johnson right now, Tea!
Tea: But how, Yugi?
Yugi: Playing that card allows Joey to draw two more cards from his deck and that's when things get tough! 'Cause then Johnson has to pick one of those two cards. If it's a monster, Joey can summon it. But if he chooses a magic or trap card, it goes to the graveyard and Joey's turn is over!
Joey: Well… Your choice!

Mechanical Mayhem


Part 1

Duke: All right, my Deck Master is gonna be Strike Ninja!
Serenity: I pick… uh, Goddess with the Third Eye.
Tristan: I choose Super Roboyarou.
Nezbitt: And I'll be acting as my own Deck Master, Robotic Knight. And just to make this duel more interesting, we'll be battling above a sea of radioactive waste. Play by the rules and you won't fall in. There's one regulation in particular I'll be strictly enforcing. Under no circumstances are any of you to discuss your strategy with one another. Break this rule and you'll plummet into the toxic abyss below!
Serenity: Tristan, wait! How can I duel without your advice?
Tristan: You can do this! Just believe in yourself!
[Duel commences]
Nezbitt: The female shall begin this battle. Engage!
Serenity: Whatever you say. [draws] Here goes! Let's see. Which card should I play? Ahh, that's the one! Now, I'm going to summon Shadow Tamer, in attack mode!
Tristan: [speechless] Wait! In attack mode?!
Serenity: Oh, I didn't mess up already, did I?
Tristan: [thinking] That monster is too weak to play in attack mode!
Serenity: I'm terrible. Sorry.
Tristan: Nah, you did just fine. Really! You're a natural!
Duke: [thinking] Yeah, a natural disaster.
Serenity: I'll end my turn now.
Tristan: All right, Nezbitt! My move! [thinking] I've gotta lead this metal meathead away from Serenity's monster! So now I play Cyber Commander! Come and get me, punk!
Duke: [thinking] Tristan played a weaker monster than Serenity so Nezbitt will attack him instead! I guess it's up to me now! Let's see.
Tristan: [thinking] Come on, Duke. Use your head for once! Just play a lame monster so Robo-Geek will attack you instead of blasting for Serenity!
Duke: I summon The 13th Grave now, in defense mode!
Tristan: [thinking] Way to look out for your teammates, Duke.
Duke: I'll stop here.
Nezbitt: It's time for me to accelerate into high gear, with this! Giga-Tech Wolf! Attack the female's Shadow Tamer!
Tristan: Oh, no! He went after Serenity's monster!

Part 2

Serenity: This one's for Tristan! Now…
Nezbitt: Yes?
Serenity: [thinking] As Joey and Yugi would say, "I have to trust my cards."
Duke: Serenity, you already know everything you need to in order to beat this guy!
Serenity: Right! [thinking] I just have to remember everything Tristan taught me that day… [Flashback to her and Tristan's Duel Monsters strategy talk on the train] So I have to sacrifice my weak monster to summon a stronger one! Well… That means if I want to summon the strong monster in my hand, I have to get rid of my weaker Lady Panther, first! Maybe this game isn't so tough after all! So here goes… I sacrifice my Lady Panther so I can summon Marie the Fallen One! Good!
Duke: [thinking] I hope Serenity's getting the hang of this, 'cause if she messes this up now, Nezbitt will win the duel in his next turn!
Serenity: [thinking] I've got the monsters I want… Now I need that Polymerization card so I can fuse them together!
Goddess with the Third Eye: Serenity.
Serenity: Was that you?
Goddess with the Third Eye: Fear not, Serenity. As your Deck Master, I carry with me a very special ability. The power of fusion. I have the ability to combine two or more of your monsters together without the need for a Polymerization card. But, you must discard one magic card in order to activate my ability.
Serenity: Okay, now feast your eyes on this little number, Nezbitt! First I'll dispose of this magic card, so then I can activate the special ability of my Deck Master!
Goddess with the Third Eye: Fusion vision…go!
Serenity: Goddess with the Third Eye, fuse together Marie the Fallen One and The Forgiving Maiden to form… St. Joan!
Nezbitt: Impressive. But I'm afraid your monster isn't powerful enough to take me on. [Tristan's Command Angel glows, raising St. Joan's attack points by 400] What's going on? This can't be!
Duke: Awesome! Command Angel's special power kicked in! It raised the strength of every fairy monster on the field, including St. Joan!
Serenity: Thanks to Tristan's monster card, we can still do this!
Tea: Now her St. Joan has 3200 attack points.
Yugi: Yeah, but his Perfect Machine King still has more points. St. Joan needs another power boost!

Settling the Score


Part 1

Tristan: Oh no! They made a monkey out of me!!!

Mokuba: [waking up] Where am I?
Noah: You're with me. [steps out of the shadows]
Mokuba: Noah! Stay away from me! Wait till Seto finds out!
Noah: Seto? Ha! He won't be rescuing you any time soon!
Mokuba: That's not true! My brother would never let anything happen to me!
Noah: He's got his hands tied… see for yourself!
[Screen shows Kaiba facing off against Leichter]
Mokuba: Seto!
Noah: He'll have to make it past my associate to rescue you.
Mokuba: Is that one of the Big Five?
Leichter: Do you have any idea who you're dealing with?
Kaiba: Well, now I do. It took me a minute, but I recognize your voice… Leichter. So let's get this duel over with.
Leichter: [snaps fingers] My sentiments exactly. So go ahead and choose your deck from the virtual card database.
Kaiba: Gladly.
Leichter: Now choose a monster to act as your Deck Master.
Kaiba: This is a no-brainer, Leichter. I choose Lord of Dragons!
Leichter: And I have already taken the form of my Deck Master. Can you tell which monster I've become?
Kaiba: No and quite frankly, I don't care, Leichter! Because crushing you will be a simple task, regardless of your Deck Master! So let's begin!
Leichter: It's time to duel, as they say! Don't expect any courtesy from me. I'll go first. I play one monster in defense mode. Then I'll place two cards facedown and end my turn.

Leichter: Before I take my turn, I'll activate my trap card-- Solemn Wishes! Now, I'll draw. [draws; laughs] And since my turn has officially begun, my Life Points will increase. That's because my Solemn Wishes trap card boosts my power by 500 points with every card I draw.
Kaiba: [thinking] Enjoy it while you can, because your next turn will be your last. Then you'll all pay for taking my little brother!

Kaiba: [as Leichter destroys his Crush Card trap] It's destroyed! But how?! You have the power to destroy traps?! Now I know what monster you are, Leichter! The only monster I know with the power to destroy trap cards!
Leichter: Yes! I am Jinzo! And with a monster this powerful as my Deck Master, you don't stand a chance! So prepare to lose your body to me… FOREVER! I've been waiting for this moment for quite some time Mr. Kaiba. For years, I stood by and watched you rise to power, a power that should have been mine! As you stepfather's right hand man, I not only helped you run Kaiba Corp, I helped raise you. And how did you repay me?! By taking away every I worked so hard to gain!
Kaiba: How did I do that, Leichter?!
Leichter: I was next in line to run the company until you forced your way to the top! I'll never forgive you for that!

Leichter: With my help, you made ten times your money back in that one day. And you got all the credit!
Kaiba: Well, of course! It was my business skills that earned me that money, Leichter! All you did was follow orders. That's all you were good for. You never once had your own idea. You couldn't have run Kaiba Corp!
Leichter: Not only could I, but I will… Once I escape to the real world in your body!
Kaiba: Not quite. When my Giant Germ was destroyed, its special ability was activated allowing me to summon another one!
Leichter: You're just delaying your eventual destruction, Mr. Kaiba. Since I've assumed the form of Jinzo, all of your trap cards are useless! And you know as well as I do that no one wins a duel with monsters alone!
Kaiba: Leichter, I'll never lose this game to you!
Leichter: Oh, you'll lose so much more than just this game! Let the onslaught continue! Remember, I get 500 extra Life Points each draw thanks to my Solemn Wishes trap card. And now, I'll place two cards facedown.
Kaiba: Whatever! [draws] Spear Dragon, attack his facedown monster with cyclone blast!
Leichter: Nice try. But I'm afraid your attack is useless, because I activate Cyber Jar! Which destroys every monster on the field!
Kaiba: Oh, no!
Leichter: It may have cost me a few Life Points, but it cost you all of your monsters! Now, we draw five cards and summon any monsters we pick.
Kaiba: Vorse Raider and Twin-Headed Behemoth!
Leichter: Injection Fairy Lily!
Noah: So they both start over.
Mokuba: Go, Seto!
Leichter: And since it's my turn again, I gain another 500 Life Points thanks to my Solemn Wishes trap card! And now, I activate-- Watch Tranquilizer! This magic card equips me with an electronic device, that lowers the attack strength of your offensive monsters, Mr. Kaiba. Let's give it a test run, shall we? [fires at Kaiba's Vorse Raider] My Watch Tranquilizer is about to weaken your Vorse Raider! Since it's a level four monster, it will lose 400 attack points, bringing it down to total of 1500!
Kaiba: [thinking] That doesn't matter. His Fairy Lily is still weaker than my monster!
Leichter: Now it's time for you to experience my Fairy Lily's special ability. By giving up 2,000 Life Points, I can raise her power by 3,000, enough to wipe out your and then some! Lily, attack! And that's not all, Mr. Kaiba! Activate Sebek's Blessing! This magic card allows me to take the Life Points that you just lost, and add them to my own, reducing your chances of survival even more!

Part 2

Leichter: First, I'll activate my Fairy Lily's special ability. You remember… I give up 2,000 of my Life Points to boost her attack points by 3,000. Lily, attack and destroy his Behemoth!
Kaiba: You've overlooked my monster's special ability! It makes a quick recovery!
Leichter: Too bad I'm always one step ahead of you, Mr. Kaiba. First, I'll place this card facedown. Then I'll activate the magic card-- Emergency Provisions! By destroying my own facedown card, the Emergency Provisions magic card boosts my Life Points by 1,000! At this rate, wiping you out will be simple! And seizing control of your body will be even simpler!

Kaiba: [thinking] Leichter thinks he has me backed into a corner. But that old fool is in for quite a surprise! My move! [draws] Oh, well… it looks like there's bad weather ahead! 'Cause I activate this-- my Heavy Storm magic card! Time for my storm to blow away all of your magic and trap cards, Leichter! Which means you're done powering up your Life Points!
Leichter: As your stepfather's right hand man, I learned to anticipate his every move. And that's exactly what I've just done to you! For I activate Imperial Order!
Kaiba: Oh, no!
Leichter: Oh, yes, Mr. Kaiba! For a mere 700 Life Points per turn, this card cancels out all your magic cards. And you know what that means, don't you? Now you can't use any trap or magic cards for the duration of the duel!
Yugi: That's not good!
Joey: Oh, man! Talk about not playing with a full deck.

Leichter: You seem a little stunned to me, Mr. Kaiba.
Kaiba: How can I stop a weapon that's… up there?!
Leichter: You can't! Orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 240 miles, my Satellite Cannon is virtually unreachable!
Yugi: It can't be beat!
Joey: I never heard of a Duel Monster that can attack from outer space!
Leichter: Satellite Cannon is so high above the Earth's atmosphere that it's shielded from the attack of almost every monster!
Kaiba: Almost?! How do you know I don't have a monster in my deck that can reach it, Leichter?!
Leichter: Trust me, Mr. Kaiba. By the time you summon a monster with the ability to attack my Satellite, it will be too powerful to destroy! That's because it gain 1,000 attack points with each turn! At last, the mighty Seto Kaiba is about to lose everything that he has! And it serves you right, after destroying your own stepfather and betraying the Big Five! NOW it's time you paid the price for using others to get what you want! Even your own brother!
Yugi: What's he talking about?
Mokuba: No way! Seto and I are a team!
Noah: Not all the time. Mokuba, it's time you learned the harsh truth about your brother. Listen to what Leichter has to say.
Leichter: You'll stop at nothing to get what you want, Mr. Kaiba, even if it means deceiving those most loyal to you. Your treachery began when your stepfather, Gozaburo, gave you $10,000,000 to test your business skills. When you increased the cash by threatening a smaller company, he was impressed with your abilities and your cruelty. But that wasn't good enough for you, was it? You wanted more.

Leichter: By turning on your little brother, you forced Mokuba to run to your stepfather, Gozaburo, for comfort. Of course, Gozaburo had his own agenda. You see, Mokuba owned 2% of KaibaCorp, exactly what Gozaburo needed to stay in control.

Leichter: Gozaburo was so ashamed that he ran away, no one's heard from him since. So your cruel plan worked.
Kaiba: What's your point, Leichter?
Leichter: You played us like fools! Mokuba wasn't the snitch, now was he?! It was you, wasn't it, Mr. Kaiba?!
Mokuba: I don't believe it!
Leichter: You knew that your stepfather liked people to think they were winning, so when he beat them, they'd feel that much worse. So you used Mokuba as a pawn. You began leaking information about your plan to Gozaburo and made everyone, including him, think it was Mokuba. So your stepfather let you gain 49% of his company, thinking Mokuba would give him the 2% he needed to stay in control. But you know better didn't you, Mr. Kaiba? You knew that your little brother would be loyal to you…no matter how poorly you treated him!
Kaiba: You're wrong! Mokuba was the only one I trusted! I knew that together, he and I could take our stepfather down!
Leichter: You used him…to achieve your own selfish goals. You toyed with your brother's emotions and took advantage of his trust for you! Then you destroyed the very man who rescued you from that orphanage!
Mokuba: [snapping] I'VE HEARD ENOUGH! Seto would NEVER hurt me on purpose!
Leichter: You never intended to run KaibaCorp with us as a team, like you promised. When you became president, you took away our responsibilities! You used me, just like you used everyone, including your little brother!
Kaiba: Look, Leichter, life is a game and if you can't win it, then don't play! Now, let's duel! I summon Spirit Ryu!

Kaiba: First, I'll activate my Pot of Greed card! This let me draw two more cards! And then, I'll summon the monster Possessed Dark Soul! Now, Dark Soul! Attack Leichter's facedown monster!
Leichter: Stop right there! Reveal Dreamsprite! Attacking this activated its special power! It can redirect your attack to any of my other monsters! Just watch, Mr. Kaiba! So I'll transfer your attack to my Satellite Cannon!
Joey: Hold on! Kaiba's monster's not strong enough to reach that high!
Leichter: I'm untouchable! Just one more turn and my Satellite Cannon's attack points will be raised to 2,000…enough to wipe out your remaining Life Points, Mr. Kaiba! I'll take a Life Point boost from my trap card and end my turn!

Leichter: [defeated after Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon destroyed his Satellite Cannon] No! I was so close to finally escaping from this digital dungeon!

Noah's Secret


Noah: Don’t you remember? It was your ex employee Nezbitt disgusted as Tristan who took Mokuba. Maybe you should have been a better boss Seto… Anyway it was me who saved Mokuba from the Big Five. You should be thanking me.

Noah: Gozaburo Kaiba only had one son. That was me, Seto!

[Joey, Serenity and Duke had crashed after a harrowing chase from the four members of the Big Five]
Joey: [climbs out of the truck] Are you still in one piece, Duke?
Duke: [on the ground] I think so.
Joey: Serenity! [pulls his sister out of the truck]
Serenity: I'm okay.
Leichter: For now, maybe. But soon, all of your bodies will belong to us! Now, which one of you two should I take control of?
Crump: Hold on! I wanna have first choice, Leichter!
Leichter: We're going in size order, Crump, so you choose last.
Crump: That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! I'm choosing now!
Leichter: [hovers down and grabs Crump by the coat] Keep your wings to yourself until I say so!
Gansley: [arrives with Johnson, who tosses Duke to the ground] Stop it, fools! We don't have time for all this bickering! Choose a body and stick with it!
Crump: Then let me go first!
Gansley: Enough! Calm yourself! We have to act quickly if we want to escape to the real world!
Crump: What’s that!
Gansley: Huh?
Leichter: Huh?
Noah: Attention fools! This game is over!
Gansley: Master Noah! Is not what it looks like!
Noah: Really? So you’re not breaking my rules? What kind of fool do you take me for!?
Gansley: Please! I can explain, Noah!
Noah: I gave you all the chance to win your freedom and you’re all failed! Now you’ll pay the price!

Merger of the Big Five


Part 1

Yugi: Look guys, up there!
Tea: Tristan!
Joey: That's not Tristan, remember?
Duke: It's the techno geek of the Big Five, Nezbitt, even though he kicked his nerdy butt in that duel, he still took Tristan's body!
[Gansley laughs]
Nezbitt: I'm not alone in here!
Crump: Today's special is-- five for one!
Johnson: And the verdict is in.
Leichter: Our combined force will destroy you!
[The Big Five's Deck Masters appear]
Tea: They're all using Tristan's body!
Yugi: Give him back!
Gansley: Listen, Yugi! There's only one way we'll return your friend.
Crump: [laughs] But believe me, Junior, the odds are in our favor!
Tea: Hey, that's Crump! Sicko!
Yugi: All right! Tell us what we have to do to get Tristan back from your control!
Leichter: Why duel us! Win, and he's yours!
Nezbitt: Hold on! What's this about returning the body? We never discussed that! I'm the one who won this body and I won't give it up!
Leichter: Nezbitt, it belongs to all of us now, and this was a group decision!
Johnson: [chuckles] I can't believe you two are actually arguing as if we're going to keep our word.
Gansley: Now, let's duel, Yugi!
Yugi: You five are on!
[Pharaoh's spirit takes over]
Yami-Yugi: Let's do this… for Tristan!
Joey: Hold it right there! Your man's a little off if you get in my drift. Five on one's are even, so count me in!
Yami-Yugi: Are you sure?
Joey: Yeah. No question. The two of us are a team, Yugi. Now, let's waste these five suits!
Yami-Yugi: Yes, and together, we'll save Tristan.
Johnson: Fine, Yugi. Five on two.

Kaiba: [thinking] Yugi and his friends can deal with the Big Five… I've got bigger problems! Noah's story has to be a lie! He claims that the man who adopted me is his father! But based on his story, that would make Noah the same age as me! And he's clearly just a snot-nosed little kid! I wonder if the Big Five put that kid up to all this. Those corporate slime balls would do anything to take over KaibaCorp. But they're too dim-witted to come up with a scheme like this! There's a piece to this virtual puzzle that I still need to find! And when I do, all of this nonsense will be clear! But the first thing I have to do, is find Mokuba, and rescue him from Noah's control before that little punk completely brainwashes my brother! Then I'll show Noah that no one disrespects my family and gets away with it!

Part 2

Johnson: When you two lose this duel, you and your friends will be sentenced to an eternity in this digital dungeon!
Joey: You're the one who's going down, Johnson! I beat you once and I'll beat you again!
Yami-Yugi: Yes, but now we're up against all five of them!
Johnson: That's right, I'm not alone in here. Now then…
Tea: I can't believe the Big Five are all in Tristan's body!
Tristan: Those business geeks are sharing me like I'm a corporate condo!
Johnson: My first maneuver should seem familiar to you, Joseph. The move's called, Clear the Courtroom! It's Judge Man's Deck Master ability!
Joey: Oh, no! Not this move!
Johnson: Oh, yes! First, I'll give 1,000 my Life Points. Proceed, Your Honor. Prosecute all of their monsters to the full extent of the law!
Yami-Yugi: All four of our monsters are gone now.
Johnson: But that's not all I've done.
Joey: What?!
Johnson: Have you forgotten already, Joseph? Next, you'll both lose 500 Life Points for each monster that I've crushed.

Tristan: If they keep this up, I'll never get my body back!
Serenity: Don't worry, Tristan. Yugi and my brother are gonna win this!
Johnson: Now that I've cleared the field of all of your monsters, it's time to work on your Life Points! I call Hysteric Angel to the stand! And now, I think our spectators are really going to enjoy this next move. Especially that little monkey-boy up there. [Tristan shrieks angrily] Time to put this body to good use! Now, Hysteric Angel, attack Joseph's Life Points directly!
Joey: Well, now I remember why I love your lawyers so much.
Johnson: If you loved that one, just wait 'til my next move! Angel, use my Catapult Turtle's special ability to launch yourself at the defendant, Mr. Joseph Wheeler!

Johnson: I activate Revenge Sacrifice!
Joey: No!
Johnson: This card allows me to sacrifice the monster you just attacked me with! So consider your Rocket Warrior dismissed! And I'll use it to summon a new monster. [laughs] So please welcome to the stand, Machine King! [summons Machine King] This mechanical menace gains an additional 100 attack points for every machine monster in play, including itself! The decision is unanimous! You two don't stand a chance!
Joey: All right, Yuge! Finish this guy!
Yami-Yugi: I'll try. [thinking] All right, I need to play Des Volstgalph, but, in order to summon it the field, I need to sacrifice another monster first. And I have no other monsters! Not yet, anyway! It's my move, so here goes! [draws; thinking] This is just what I needed! It's The Rock Spirit monster card! But, in order to use it, I first have to take a monster out of my graveyard and remove it from the game. I was forced to send my Buster Blader to the graveyard before, so I guess I'll take him out of play. First, I'll remove my Buster Blader from the game in order to summon, The Rock Spirit! But I'm afraid that's not all, Johnson! Next, I'll sacrifice my Spirit to summon this, Des Voltsgalph!
Joey: [thinking] What? Is he serious?!
Yami-Yugi: And now I'll place a card facedown and end my turn.

Yami-Yugi: HA! You just played a magic card which triggers my Volstgalph's special ability! So it gains 200 attack points!
Leichter: Now is that so? He won't be around for much longer, anyway! For I summon my Fairy Lily! [summons Injection Fairy Lily]
Joey: Ha! Looks like she's only got 400 attack points, Leichter.
Yami-Yugi: Looks can be deceiving, Joey.
Leichter: I give up 2,000 Life Points to increase her power! Lily, destroy his Des Volstgalph!
Yami-Yugi: That maneuver cost you more Life Points than it cost me.
Leichter: Not exactly. 'Cause I'm about to restore mine with my Sebek's Blessing magic card!
Joey: What's the deal with that card?
Yami-Yugi: It increases Leichter's Life Points by the same number of Life Points I just lost.
Leichter: Exactly. And if my math is correct, that gives me 1,000 more Life Points! And finally I'll place one more card facedown. Soon, we'll claim four more of your bodies leaving your minds trapped here!
Joey: Yuge, we gotta do something and fast!

Leichter: Celebrating so soon?
Joey: Yeah, why?
Leichter: You may have destroyed my trap card, but my Fairy Lily is still the strongest monster on the field, Mr. Wheeler. Once I power her up again, she'll wipe out your Jinzo and your Life Points!
Yami-Yugi: Joey, Leichter is right! Her special ability allows him to raise her attack points higher than any other monster on the field!
Joey: Oh, yeah.
Yami-Yugi: But then again, attack points aren't everything, are they, Joey?

Part 3

Leichter: My five Deck Masters, come forth! I call you all to the field! First, the unstoppable Jinzo!
Gansley: Then, I summon the almighty Deepsea Warrior!
Crump: Followed by the cunning Nightmare Penguin!
Johnson: Next, I'll call Judge Man to the stand.
Nezbitt: And finally, I'll summon the superior Robotic Knight.
Leichter: Now listen to me, my five Deck Masters. I command all of you to join together to form a creature of unparalleled strength and supreme power! Behold, the ultimate monster, my Five-Headed Dragon!
Yami-Yugi: We've faced this beast, before!
Joey: I know! How could I forget?! It was the last time we fought the Cyber Creeps! That super dragon took out my monster, and me with it! Let's just hope my luck is better than it was last time.
Yami-Yugi: Well, the good news it, Leichter's dragon can't attack until his next turn.
Joey: That's a relief. We have one turn to stop it.
Leichter: Hold on, I forgot to mention... my dragon destroys every one of your magic, trap and monster cards as soon as it's summoned!

Leichter: Hey! What's going on?!
Noah: Breaking my rules again, are we?
Leichter: Noah!
Noah: You five fools have failed me for the last time!!
Yami-Yugi, Joey and Duke: What's going on?
Tea and Serenity: What's happening?
[The Big Five scream as they disappear]
Joey: They disappeared!
Tea: Oh no! They took Tristan's body away with them!

Leichter: Master Noah!
Noah: The five of you are pathetic! Right, Mokuba? I hired you to defeat Seto and his friends!
Gansley: Give us another chance! We'll put them out of business!
Noah: Too late for that, Gansley!
Leichter: Please, Noah! Help us! We need these bodies to escape!
Crump: We've been stuck in this virtual abyss for what seems like forever!
Gansley: You can save us. Give us those bodies and we'll help you take over Kaiba Corp!
Noah: [laughs] You help me? I’d be better off with five baboons than you fools. It’s time for you to leave for good! Is that clear?
Leichter: Leave for good? Please reconsider, sir!
Noah: As my father would say… Your work is unacceptable and therefore you must be eliminated now. [laughing] I think I’ll imprison each of you in a different corner of my world… forever!

Brothers in Arms


Part 1

Kaiba: You expect me to believe that? Noah, please. The only thing more ridiculous than that story is you outdueling me!
Noah: Then let's go. What better way to prove my power over you, than by defeating you at your own pathetic game, Seto?
Kaiba: I'VE HEARD ENOUGH! Is that clear?! I rebuilt KaibaCorp from the ground on my own terms with no help at all! That company is what it is because of me! No one else could run it! Especially not some kid!
Noah: Really?!
Kaiba: I'll show you REAL power! Let’s go!
Noah: All right. Then choose your cards, Seto.
Kaiba: I already have! And I've already chosen my deck master. Say hello to my friend, Kaiser Sea Horse!
Noah: You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this, Seto. Time to lose it all!
Both: Let's duel!

Kaiba: You'll never get away with this, Noah! I'd rather see my company crumble to the ground then fall into your grubby little hands! KaibaCorp is mine! You got that, punk?!
Noah: You stole it! I'm just taking back what belongs to me!
Kaiba: Keep dreaming, kid.

Part 2

[the setting changes to the Jurassic age]
Tea: Check it out! The whole virtual world is changing!
Noah: Quite impressive, isn't it? I command every part of this place. Welcome to the Dinosaur Age. [places Giant Rex in attack mode] I summon Giant Rex! [As a beam of blue light brings Giant Rex to the field, Giant Rex lets out a resonating roar] Your Spear Dragon is about to become extinct! Giant Rex, attack! [Yugi, Joey and the gang head for cover as Giant Rex attacks and destroys Spear Dragon by tossing it to the ground]

Noah: So, you think I'm insane for wanting to claim what's rightfully mine?
Kaiba: No, I think you're insane for trapping me in a virtual computer program and forcing me to duel you! Just to prove to your daddy that you're not the failure he thinks you are!! Well, I'm here to prove that you are!

Kaiba: Kaiba Corp is mine 'cause I earned it!! And if you think you can take it all away, just by winning one duel, proves what I thought about you from the start.
Noah: And what's that?
Kaiba: You're nuts!! You must have spent one too many years trapped in that bubble in the sky, Noah. I'm more fit to run that company than you'll ever be!! And deep down your father always knew that.

Part 3

Kaiba: Noah, I'm only gonna say this once: Release Mokuba now! This is our fight! Is that clear? He has nothing to do with this!
Noah: There you go disrespecting Mokuba again, acting like his opinion doesn't matter. Tell him, Mokie.

Joey: Kaiba! Oh man.
Yugi: They're statues! It can't be!
(His anger allows the spirit of the Pharaoh to take over)
Yami-Yugi: Noah, you think this proves you're the best!? I think it shows your father that you're a coward!
Noah: What are you talking about Yugi? I defeated Seto in this duel fair and square!
Yami-Yugi: Guess again, Noah! You think kidnapping Mokuba and using him as a shield is fair?!
Noah: You think I cheated?!
Yami-Yugi: I think you're guilty of the same foul play you once scolded the Big Five for! Something you said your father would never allow! Kaiba could've easily defeated you, Noah! But he chose the safety of his little brother over his victory. And that makes Kaiba a stronger person than you will ever be! All you've proven here today is that you're a weak little boy who needs to cheat to get his way. And as far as I'm concerned, you didn't win this duel! But I have a proposition for you. Kaiba has 400 Life Points left! Let me take his place, so we can finish this duel fair and square!
Noah: That could be the most foolish thing I've ever heard!

Noah's Final Threat


Part 1

Noah: That's enough out of you, Yugi! Watch this-- I activate my Next World magic card! Take a close look at this magic carpet, Yugi. You may recognize someone.
Yami-Yugi: My Dark Magician! What's going on here?
Noah: It chooses one of your monsters that allows me to summon one with the same number of stars! So I choose this, Yamata Dragon!
Yami-Yugi: Oh, no!

Yami-Yugi: You're nothing but a child. Six years may have passed, but I'm afraid you haven't matured at all. You're a weak boy!
Noah: I am strong!
Yami-Yugi: Well, not strong enough! Just look.
Joey: Come on! You can still beat this lame-o!
Tea: That's right, so don't you even think about giving up this fight, Yugi!
Noah: This can't be! They still have faith!
Yami-Yugi: Noah! You wouldn't be so surprised if you had been given the chance to experience true friendship! You're just bitter!
Noah: The only thing I need to know about friendship is how to destroy it! My move! And now, I activate my facedown trap card, Pyro Clock of Destiny!
Yami-Yugi: Oh, no! My swords of light! They're gone, but that's too soon!
Noa: True, but my Pyro Clock of Destiny trap card causes time to move faster. So they expire one turn sooner.

Part 2

Yami-Yugi: You have nothing to defend you! So your Life Points are wide open! And it's about time I turn this duel around! So stand back, Noah! [draws; thinking] Just what I needed! All right, prepare to release me and my friends from your twisted game, for I activate-- Dark Magic Ritual! This magic card allows me to summon a dark magical creature once I make a sacrifice! So, I'll sacrifice this card, my all-powerful Valkyrion the Magna Warrior! Valkyrion, be gone! Now I shall summon my third magician! The Magician of Black Chaos!
Noah: Oh, no!
Yami-Yugi: Oh, yes! This monster completes my trio of magical beasts that will combine forces to take you down! When added together, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and Magician of Black Chaos, have over 7000 attack points, almost enough to wipe you out!
Tea: He's got three dark magicians?
Joey: That's right, but he never had 'em all on the field at once! This is the break Yugi needed!
Yami-Yugi: Noah, this is for my friends! Combine forces my magicians, and STRIKE HIS LIFE POINTS DIRECTLY!!

So Close, Yet So Far

Yami-Yugi: You've been defeated, Noah, not just by me, but by all of us, for it was only with the support of my friends that I was able to win this duel. And the more you tried to destroy that friendship, the stronger it grew.
Noah: [falls on his knees in defeat; moaning] This isn't how it was supposed to happen at all.
Yami-Yugi: Listen to me, Noah. You've been all alone in this virtual world for six years, and it's distorted your mind.
Noah: He's right. I have been stuck in this digital wasteland for too long. Maybe the reason I despise Yugi and his friends so much is because they share a bond that I've never experienced. So I tried to eliminate their friendship to show them what it's like to be me. But they'll never understand. No one will. My life was ruined. After my accident, by brain was digitized into one of my father's supercomputers, only to be forgotten about. He promised me with everything and left me with nothing. It's not fair! I deserve to be the president of Kaiba Corp! And I would be if Seto hadn't robbed me of my life!

Joey: Now what!?
Kaiba: That voice! It can't be!
Noah: Father, no! Give me another chance!
Yami-Yugi: What's going on?!
[Gozaburo reveals himself in the purple clouds]
Mokuba: Gozaburo!
Noah: No, wait! Father, I need more time!

Kaiba: You snake!
Gozaburo: I can't believe that you had the nerve to call me a snake! I was the most powerful human being on the entire planet before you came along and stole that power away from me, Seto! Don't you realize that I treated you better than I even treated my own son?
Kaiba: Thanks...for nothing! And I'll make sure you never regain your power!
Gozaburo: You're too late!

Burying the Past


Part 1


Gozaburo: (Chuckles evilly) Well, someone's feeling a bit anxious. So feast your eyes on my cards. I have a strong feeling you've encountered them before! Take a close look. Do these five cards seem familiar to you??
Kaiba: It can't be!! Not those cards!! IT'S THE FIVE PIECES OF EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE!!

Noah: He's lied to me for the last time!

Part 2


Kaiba: Well, it looks like you have failed again. So, I guess there's one thing left to do.
Gozaburo: Yes! I guess there is! Escape from this place!

Enter the Shadow Realm


Back to Battle City


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


The Darkness Returns


Part 1

Yami-Marik: Our shadow game awaits. I hope you're prepared to be swallowed up by the darkness!
Joey: Keep dreaming, psycho!
Kaiba: [thinking] At last, I can defeat Yugi and reclaim my glory!
Yugi: [thinking] I have to crush Kaiba to get to Marik! It's the only way I can save the world from destruction!

Joey: [thinking] I gotta keep my cool, Kaiba's just playing mind games. I have to ignore him, and for us on taking down Marik. It'll be tough, but I didn't get where I am by taking it easy. I crushed some of the strongest duelists around to get to the Battle City finals. Besides, this is about more than just winning a duel, it's about keeping a promise to a friend!

Joey: [thinking] I'm off to a bad start. His Gil Garth has 1800 attack points and none of my cards can beat it… yet. I'll also place one card facedown. And then, I'll summon my Alligator's Sword in defense mode!
Yami-Marik: The time has come to take this duel to the next level!
Joey: Next level? I know where this is going.
[Shadow game blackness appears and surrounds the duel]
Yugi: I was afraid Marik would do this!
Tristan: Come on! Again?!
Tea: [worried] Joey!
Yami-Yugi: This duel's now…a shadow game!
Joey: Show some originality, Marik!
Yami-Marik: The shadow's hunger for your mind, and your soul!
Joey: You don't scare me!

Tristan: We can't let Joey go through with this duel! This is exactly what happened when Marik dueled Mai! It's too dangerous!
Duke: Let's step in!
Tea: Joey's already made up his mind. Didn't I tell you what he said to me?
Yami-Yugi: What's that?
Tea: Sorry, Yugi. I should have told you about this before. [Flashback to her and Joey's conversation] Joey and I had a conversation after Mai's duel with Marik.
Joey: I know if I beat that evil freak in a duel, I can get Mai back!
Tea: Are you sure about this, Joey?
Joey: I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I owe it to Mai and to myself to face Marik. If I back away from this fight now, I'll never be able to forgive myself. I've made up my mind. I gave Mai my word that I wouldn't let anything happen to her, and Joey Wheeler would never break a promise to a friend… So look out, Marik, 'cause here I come!
[Flashback ends]
Tea: So Joey's trying to rescue Mai out there, and nothing we say can stop him!
Yami-Yugi: I thought so!
Yugi: There's gotta be something we can do to save Joey! I know he promised to bring back Mai, but there has to be another way!
Yami-Yugi: Yugi… It's his fight. Just as Joey made a promise to Mai, we made a promise to Joey that we would stop protecting him. We must prove to Joey that we believe in him by letting him duel on his own.
Yugi: We can't!
Yami-Yugi: Trust him, Yugi! He can win, but he needs our faith and support.

Yami-Marik: You've had your fun, but now… [draws] It's time for me to end all that with this! My Tribute Burial card!
Joey: No way!
Yami-Marik: Now I can bring one monster back from each of our graveyards and sacrifice them to summon an even stronger creature to drain whatever's left of your strength, Wheeler! Alligator's Sword, Gil Garth, I sacrifice you to summon this: The mighty Helpoemer! And I can assure you that this new monster of mine is more than he appears to be!
Joey: [thinking] What does he mean by that?! It's got the same strength as my Panther Warrior, unless it has a hidden ability. I gotta find out, or I'm done!

Part 2

Yami-Marik: First, I'll place this card facedown on the field. And then, I'll activate this-- Premature Burial! This allows me to summon any monster that resides in the graveyard!
Joey: What are you bringin' back?!
Yami-Marik: Once I give up 800 of my Life Points, I shall revive Drillago from my card graveyard! But there's still more! Next, I sacrifice Drillago, so I can bring forth this card! [sacrifices Drillago and summons Legendary Fiend]
Joey: [horrified] What is that?!
Yami-Marik: I've summoned an unstoppable creature known as Legendary Fiend!
Joey: Wait, he's only got 1500 attack points!
Yami-Marik: You should know that things aren’t always what they appear to be!

Yami-Marik: My move! [draws] Just what I needed! I'm about to call forth an extremely powerful beast! It's an eight-star monster known as Lava Golem!
Joey: Slow down there, cowboy! You can't play a monster that strong without making a sacrifice first!
Yami-Marik: How perceptive of you! I have every intention of making a sacrifice! Lava Golem allows me to sacrifice two monsters on your side of the field!
Joey: You're kidding me!
Yami-Marik: Look on the bright side. I said Lava Golem stays on your side of the field!
[Lava Golem is summoned on Joey's side, destroying two of his monsters]
Joey: Marik! What's the deal?!
Yami-Marik: What's wrong? I thought you'd be pleased to receive a monster with 3000 attack points, little Joey!
Joey: You mean, this thing is mine now?
Yugi: [thinking] That monster may belong to Joey now, but it comes with a price!

Part 3

Tea: This isn't so bad. Now Joey's got a monster in his corner with 3,000 points. So if he attacks Marik directly, he'll win the duel.
Yami-Yugi: It's not that easy, Tea. Remember, Marik gave that monster to Joey, which can only mean one thing…Marik wants Joey to attack. It's all part of his strategy to eliminate Joey.

Part 4

Roland: Attention, everyone! In accordance with tournament rules, Joey is disqualified! So, the winner of this duel is Marik Ishtar!
[Mokuba and the others climb up on the dueling platform and circle around Joey]
Yami-Yugi: Joey!
Tristan: Are you alright, buddy?!
Serenity: MY BROTHER!
Mokuba: Let's get him downstairs right away! He needs to see a doctor now!
Roland: Yes, sir!
Kaiba: I never thought Wheeler could withstand an attack but the most powerful Egyptian God card!
Yami-Marik: There goes another soul into the dark abyss of the Shadow Realm to wander the emptiness for eternity!
Tristan: WAKE UP!
Tea: Joey! Come on, you gotta open your eyes!
Serenity: Joey! It's me, Serenity! Please! Tell me you can hear me!
Tristan: [shaking him in tears] YOU BETTER STOP KIDDING AROUND AND GET UP, MAN!

Kaiba: [thinking] I must admit, Wheeler's performance today was quite impressive. Perhaps he's not the third rate amateur I thought he was.

Roland: The next duel will begin in one hour! Yugi Muto will face Mr. Kaiba! The winner will duel Marik in the final round!
Kaiba: I've been waiting for this moment, Yugi! Victory will be mine!
Yami-Yugi: Right now, Joey needs me. Once I know he's alright, I'll deal with you, Kaiba.
Kaiba: I'll see you in one hour. [thinking] And I'll take you down, once and for all.

Tristan: What's the deal, Doc?
Doctor: His brain is functioning normally and his heart rate is fine.
Tea: He doesn't look fine! He hasn't moved or spoken in 20 minutes!

Ishizu: It's all right, Serenity.
Serenity: (in tears) I just want my brother back!
Ishizu: I understand. Both of our brothers must now battle the darkness.

Yami-Yugi: The reason I joined the Battle City tournament, was to fulfill Ishizu's prophecy and stop this great evil from endangering mankind. And when Joey found out, he vowed to help me no matter how tough the fight. And that's why I must press on. Otherwise not only would I be giving up on Joey I'd be giving up on the entire world! So you stay here and I'll deal with Kaiba.
Tristan: Yeah! CRUSH HIM!
Yami-Yugi: I will. There's too much at stake to lose.
Duke: We're right here!
Pharaoh: Good.
Tea: I know you can win this, Yugi! [thinking] Cause I don't want to think about what'll happen if you don't!

Clash in the Coliseum


Part 1

Kaiba: Well, well. Yugi. So, you decided to show up after all.
Yami-Yugi: Of course. To miss this duel is to deny my destiny.
Kaiba: Spare me the drama.
Roland: The second duel of the semifinals will now begin!
Kaiba: So, why didn't the nerd herd show up to cheer you on? Are they too busy trying to wake Wheeler up from his nap?
Yami-Yugi: Joey is in a great deal of danger now. More than you could ever know.
Kaiba: Wheeler shouldn't have been here in the first place. I warned him not to play with the big boys, and if you ask me, he got just what he deserved… A slap in the face by Ra! And if getting attacked by an Egyptian God card didn't knock any sense into that kid, then nothing will.
Yami-Yugi: That's enough, Kaiba! You have no idea how dangerous this Duel Monsters tournament of yours has become! The outcome of the Battle City finals could put the whole world at risk!
Kaiba: The only one at risk is you! For once I win, you won't be number one!
Yami-Yugi: Kaiba… It's not always about being number one. It's about dueling with bravery, honor and respect! And most importantly, putting the needs of others ahead of your own! And that's something Joey Wheeler did every day of his life. The reason he's in that hospital bed, is because he put himself in harm's way, just to keep a promise to a friend!
Kaiba: Pathetic. Listen, Wheeler can do whatever he wants, but I'm in this thing for one reason only! And that's to win the tournament and be recognized as the greatest duelist in the world! So why don't you save your Girl Scout speech for someone who actually cares. As far as I'm concerned, Wheeler never really belonged here in the first place.

Serenity: [sadly in tears] Come on, Joey. Keep fighting! I know you can get through this!

Yugi: [thinking] This is it! I have to win this duel! For the sake of Joey, and the entire world!
Kaiba: [thinking] Every duel I've fought in this tournament has led up to this moment. The moment I finally take down Yugi Muto, and regain my top dueling status!
Roland: The last semifinal duel will now begin! I repeat, this duel will end the semifinals!
Kaiba: All right! Now, get ready, Yugi! We're about to find out which one of our Egyptian God cards reign supreme! So let the epic battle begin!
Roland: The winner of this duel will advance to the championship round to face Marik Ishtar for the Battle City crown!
Kaiba: You're about to lose your Egyptian God card and your reputation! And a duel this momentous deserves an appropriate setting. Wouldn't you agree, Yugi? Observe the latest in holographic technology! I think you'll find this environment quite fitting.
Yami-Yugi: Huh? Explain!
Kaiba: I just wanna take you down in style, Yugi. So, observe! Welcome to Duelist Coliseum!
Crowd: [chanting] Go Kaiba! Go Kaiba! Go Kaiba! Go Kaiba! Go Kaiba! Go Kaiba!
Kaiba: Yugi, in ancient times, Roman gladiators would battle to their doom in order to prove who was strongest. Now, it's our turn to see which one of us deserves to call himself the greatest in the world! So draw your first card and let the battle begin!
Yami-Yugi: With pleasure, Kaiba! [draws; thinking] Everything is writing on this duel! I've got to stay focused and win this! Here we go!
Kaiba: All right. LET'S DUEL!
Yami-Yugi: I summon this! Queen's Knight in defense mode! Then I'll place one card facedown. And that's all.
Kaiba: Yeah, whatever. [draws Obelisk; thinking] I've drawn my Egyptian God card on my first turn! Crushing Yugi may be easier than I thought. All I have to do now is sacrifice three monsters!
Yugi: [thinking] I wonder if Kaiba is planning to use the same strategy he used against Ishizu in his last duel. [Flashback to Kaiba's last duel with Ishizu, when he used his Shrink and Crush Card Virus combo to destroy her Mudora and her deck] Kaiba may try to destroy my deck like he did to Ishizu's. But then again, knowing Kaiba, he's got a whole new strategy planned for me!

Yami-Marik: It won't be long, before I control the world! And the Pharaoh bows down before me!

Part 2

Yami-Yugi: Thank you, Kaiba. My Egyptian God card was buried deep in my deck, until your magic card brought it out. And now, Slifer the Sky Dragon is in my hand, waiting to be summoned to the field so it can destroy you!
Kaiba: [thinking] It may be in his possession for now. But, eventually, all three Egyptian God cards will belong to me! And speaking of Egyptian Gods, my Obelisk the Tormentor, will be free to grace this duel with its presence in two more turns, just as soon as Yugi's Lightforce Sword wears off. In the meantime, I'll use my XY-Dragon Cannon to destroy every one of Yugi's monsters! So he'll never get the three monsters he needs to sacrifice in order to summon Slifer. I, on the other hand, will be ready to call Obelisk to the field to finish Yugi off!
Yugi: [thinking] I'm in a tough spot. The good news is: I was able to get Slifer the Sky Dragon into my hand! The bad news is: I had to use my Exchange magic card, which helped Kaiba, also. It allowed him to pick any random card he wanted from my hand. And he chose my Life Shaver card! Now, Kaiba's holding a really dangerous trap card! When he plays it, depending on how many turns it stays facedown on the field, I could have to discard most of my hand! That would give Kaiba a serious advantage! Since Slifer's attack points depend on how many cards I'm holding. If he wipes out my hand, my Egyptian God card will be worthless!
Kaiba: Yugi, are you gonna stand there contemplating your next move all day? I'm getting bored, and so are my fans!

Yami-Marik: [thinking] I must say, this duel seems quite hopeless for the Pharaoh. Soon, Kaiba will be free to unleash Obelisk the Tormentor! And, unless the Pharaoh can bring forth Slifer the Sky Dragon, he'll be crushed by Obelisk's mighty fist of fate! And even if he is lucky enough to out duel Kaiba, the Pharaoh will have to face me! Giving me the pleasure of feeding his soul to the shadows!

Kaiba: Looks like I you got backed into a corner!
Yami-Yugi: Looks can be deceiving. Now make your move!
Kaiba: What's your hurry? Anxious to lose? Suit yourself! [draws Z-Metal Tank] (thinking) Excellent! This is exactly what I needed to complete my strategy and Yugi's annihilation!

Kaiba: You can't play your Egyptian God card before I play mine! I've been in control of this duel from the start!
Yami-Yugi: Not anymore. And now, I sacrifice all three of my monsters. Be gone, now! And next, I SUMMON MY EGYPTIAN GOD CARD, SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON!!! Stare into the face of defeat, Kaiba!
Tea: [looking out the window] Hey, guys, check it out!
Ishizu: Summoned by the hand of the Pharaoh, the first Egyptian God has arrived!
Yami-Marik: How unexpected. The Pharaoh brought forth Slifer before Kaiba summoned Obelisk!
Kaiba: I'm not impressed, Yugi.
Yami-Yugi: And why not? I managed to summon one of Duel Monsters' most powerful creatures.

Kaiba: [after summoning Obelisk the Tormentor] MY MIGHTY EGYPTIAN GOD CARD IS HERE AT LAST!
Yami-Marik: The battle of the gods has begun!

Part 3

Yami-Yugi: Now what was that you were saying about your Egyptian God card being stronger than mine? Take a close look, Kaiba. Our monsters are even now.
Kaiba: Too bad your monster's effect is only temporary, Yugi. Once this turn is over, Obelisk will have all of his power back!
Yami-Yugi: Perhaps, but I've still prevented you from attacking me this turn, Kaiba.
Kaiba: Stalling for time is a sign of weakness, Yugi! You're obviously desperate! Now it's my move! So stand back! I play two cards, both facedown! That ends my turn.
Yami-Yugi: Very well. It's my move! Sorry, Kaiba, but since I'm now holding three cards, Slifer's attack points rise to 3,000!
Kaiba: But now that your turn is over, Obelisk regains its full strength! So your monster is weaker again!
Yami-Yugi: Not quite, Kaiba! Observe my facedown card, Pot of Greed! Thanks to the effect of this magic card, I can now draw two more cards from my deck. And you know what that means, Slifer's attack points now rise to 5,000! More than enough to take down your Obelisk, and wipe out your Life Points, Kaiba! Now, my dragon, ATTACK!

Kaiba: Obelisk is losing his patience, Yugi. So finish your move!
Yami-Yugi: All right. I'll place two cards facedown on the field and end my turn. Now, feel free to attack me, Kaiba!
Kaiba: [thinking] What's he thinking?! He just weakened his monster by 2,000 points!
Yami-Yugi: What's wrong, Kaiba? Are you afraid of my two facedown cards?
Kaiba: It's my move! [draws]
Yami-Yugi: Hold on, Kaiba! I activate my magic card, Card Destruction! Now we must both discard every card in our hand. But that's not all. Next, we must replenish our hands, with the same number of cards!
Kaiba: Fine! [thinking] Now what's he doing?! He didn't change the number of cards in his hand, so his monster's attack points stay the same!
Yami-Yugi: Next, I reveal my trap card, Disgraceful Charity, GO! Kaiba, now we must re-draw the cards we just threw out, giving me a grand total of six cards in my hand!
Kaiba: Oh, no! This can't be!
Yami-Yugi: I think you know what happens now. My Slifer gains 3,000 points for a total of 6,000!
Kaiba: Impressive move, Yugi. But you'll have to do better than that to defeat me! Because that little stunt you just pulled with your facedown cards helped me out as well, by giving me just the cards I needed to win this duel!
Yami-Yugi: Explain!
Kaiba: Well, thanks to you, I was able to draw this magic card, Thirst for Compensation! It lets me summon two monsters from my hand directly to the field! Observe! [summons Blade Knight and Sword of Soul, both in defense mode] I play Sword of Soul! And Blade Knight!
Yami-Yugi: You're wasting your time. Those monsters are too weak to survive. Slifer automatically strikes every monster you summon. NOW, SLIFER, ATTACK!!!

Kaiba: Now, Obelisk, destroy his Slifer! It's over! Your Egyptian God card is ancient history! What?! Your Slifer should've been destroyed!
Yami-Yugi: Well, it would have been had I not stopped Obelisk from attacking, Kaiba.
Kaiba: What?!
Yami-Yugi: And I have you to thank for giving me the ability to protect my Egyptian God card from yours, for that task was only possible thanks to a trap card that you played! When you activated your Power Balance card, I had to place three cards in my graveyard… including this! Recognize it? It's a useful monster card known as Electromagnetic Turtle. And it has quite a unique special ability. When this monster is sent to the graveyard, it leaves a small electrode attached to one of my monsters, in this case, Slifer!
Kaiba: And it lets you stop our battle before Slifer was unlucky enough to collide with Obelisk?
Yami-Yugi: Well, I see you did your homework, Kaiba. Now I place this card facedown.

Tristan: I don't know what the deal is, but this doesn't look good!
Tea: Yugi! What could be going on, you guys?!
Tristan: I can't see a thing out there!
Ishizu: [thinking] The true power of Ancient Egypt is beginning to reveal itself, and I fear for us all!

Part 4

Yami-Yugi: The power of our Egyptian God monsters is equal! But neither one will give up this fight!
Kaiba: You're right! It must be a holographic malfunction!
Mokuba: Seto! Are you okay?!
Yami-Marik: [thinking] It's the ultimate power struggle! These two Egyptian Gods have been pushed to their limits!
Kaiba: [thinking] What's going on?! That light is stronger than anything my machinery could produce!

Part 5

Yami-Yugi: Your Egyptian God card won't be around for long, Kaiba!
Kaiba: That doesn't matter. Obelisk has served his purpose already. I won't be needing his services to finish you off.

Yugi: [thinking] It can't end like this! I have to defeat Kaiba to get to Marik! It's the only way to stop his evil plan! 'Cause if the three Egyptian God cards and my Millennium Puzzle fall into Marik's hands, the world could meet the same fate it did in the past!

Yami-Marik: This duel has grown tiresome. The outcome is of no consequence to me as long as a winner is declared soon, for no matter who wins this, I will be the ultimate victor!

Kaiba: This is where it all ends, Yugi! There's no way you can escape the devastation of my three Blue-Eyes! The moment I've been waiting for is finally here! [laughs]
Yugi: [thinking] I'm in major trouble! With three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, Kaiba could easily wipe out both of my monsters and the rest of my life points! What am I gonna do?!
Yami-Marik: [thinking] It looks like the end of the line for the Pharaoh. Which means Seto Kaiba will be the next casualty of the Shadow Realm!
Kaiba: Now, my three Blue-Eyes, attack! Finish him off and end this duel!
Yami-Yugi: Oh, no!
Kaiba: Once my dragons attack, this duel is over, Yugi!
Joey: Hold on, Yuge.
Yugi: Joey?
Joey: Yep. The one and only, pal.
Yugi: I'm about to loose this duel!
Joey: Guess again, Yuge. It's like you always tell me, look closely and consider all your options.
Yugi: All of my options?
Joey: Yup. I think you'll find a card that can save you.
Yugi: Let's see. He's right! There's still hope!
Kaiba: Nice try, Yugi, but you're no longer the top rank duelist! What?! It's Red-Eyes Black Dragon! Where did that come from?!
Yami-Yugi: If you recall, you used your Flute of Summoning Dragon to summon your Blue-Eyes to the field, but you may have forgotten that your flute works on my hand, as well! So, I owe you a thank you, for bringing out this card, which is a gift from a very close friend of mine, Kaiba!

Kaiba: [thinking] I must admit, Yugi's moves took me by surprise. But if he thinks this is the time to celebrate, he's sadly mistaken. Victory will be mine!
Yugi: [thinking] I have a long way to go. But as long as I have faith the heart of the cards, and in my friends, I know I can win this!

Part 6

Joey: [finally waking up] Serenity? What's going on? Is this a hospital? Did someone get hurt?
Tristan: Yeah, Joey, someone was knocked unconscious.
Joey: Wait a sec! Did I pass out? Is that why everyone's so happy to me?
Serenity: [tearing up with happiness] Oh, Joey! [hugs him]
Joey: Hey. Aw, Serenity.
Serenity: Joey! I'm so glad you're awake.
Joey: Me too.
Tea: Me three. You scared us!
Doctor: [surprised] This is impossible! You can't be awake. Someone in your condition could never recover this fast.
Tristan: [angrily grabs Joey by the shirt collar] Don't ever pull this again, you hear me?! [tearing up] I mean, you had the girls really worried. Of course I knew you'd make it all along.
Joey: Tristan? [realizes] Oh, wait! I think I remember! I was dueling! It was me against Marik! And I was fighting to save Mai! [turns around and sees Mai, still in the hospital bed] But why is she still sleeping? Mai, wake up! Come on! Your mind's supposed to be back from the Shadow Realm! I was sure that to beat Marik would save you! I did defeat Marik, didn't I? Didn't I?! Please. Just give it to me straight, guys! I remember! I had that weird old beat!
Serenity: Um… actually… Joey, I'm afraid you lost. Marik won.
Joey: There's no way! I know I won! I summoned Gearfried the Iron Knight and crushed him!
Serenity: Please, Joey! Just listen! You guys were playing a shadow game, and you almost won. But Marik was wearing you down by draining your energy. But then, with your last bit of strength, you were able to summon a monster, strong enough to beat Marik. But before you had a chance to call out your attack, you passed out.
Joey: I don't believe this. That psycho actually beat me? I gave in my all, Mai. I'm sorry. I tried. But this thing's far from over!

Kaiba: Sorry, Yugi, but you're still at a huge disadvantage in this duel!
Yami-Yugi: Really? It looks to me like we both have two monsters on the field.
Kaiba: Perhaps, but my two Blue-Eyes are more powerful than either of your creatures! Now, I'll place two cards facedown! Your move, Yugi! With these cards in place, Yugi will never escape!
Yami-Yugi: [thinking] Kaiba's definitely up to something! But what? We've got a long way to go, Kaiba! [draws Double Spell; thinking] This magic card could come in handy later, but for now, I have his two Blue-Eyes White Dragons to worry about! They could do some serious damage! So I have to protect my Life Points! I'll place this facedown, then I'll switch my Red-Eyes Black Dragon into defense mode!
Kaiba: Not quite! I activate my trap card! [reveals his Final Attack Orders trap]
Yami-Yugi: No, not that trap! It returns my Red-Eyes back to attack mode!
Kaiba: It's worse than that! As long as my Final Attack Orders trap card is in play, every monster on the field stays in attack mode! And next, we each choose any three cards we want in order to form a new deck, and the rest of our deck goes to the card graveyard!
Yami-Yugi: Our whole deck?!
Yami-Marik: [thinking] That means this duel comes to end in three more turns!
Kaiba: [thinking] These three cards are more than enough to ensure my victory! In a few short moments, I'll crush Yugi and reclaim my number one status! Now then, you may as well give up and accept defeat now, Yugi! 'Cause my strategy is unstoppable!
Yugi: [thinking] I can only choose three of these cards to hold onto, and everything else goes away! My faith depends on this choice!

Yami-Yugi: [thinking] Now, I can only keep three cards. I just wish I knew which three cards Kaiba chose. I need to figure out his strategy in order to come up with a way to stop him! Let's see… If I were Kaiba, what would I do? He's got two Blue-Eyes White Dragons on the field. So I bet he'll want to bring his third one back from the graveyard. For that, he'll need Monster Reborn. Then he'll probably want to fuse them all together to form Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! And for that, he'll need a Polymerization card. But who knows if that's really his plan? Oh, well, I have to do something, so I'll pick these three cards. [chooses three cards from his deck and sends the rest of his deck to the graveyard] And I'll hope for the best! It's all up to destiny, now! It's your move, Kaiba!
Kaiba: It took you long enough! Don't you realize that it doesn't matter what cards you're holding? This duel belongs to me! Now stand back! [draws] Ready? 'Cause it's time for the fun part. Enjoy.

Kaiba: I have exactly where I want you… trembling in fear before my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Yugi, I've played out this exact moment in my mind over and over and over again! And now, here we are at the top of my Duel Tower, face-to-face! And all you have to hang onto, is some rock from 5,000 years ago! But you're right, this duel is about the past.
Yami-Yugi: That's true.
Kaiba: I know. But it's not about some ancient battle you think we fought in another life, because you saw a picture on a stone. When I say this duel is about the past, I mean it's about burying the past for good! Yugi, once I defeat you and go on to win this tournament, I'll be number one, not you!
Yami-Yugi: I've heard.
Kaiba: Yes, but there's more. I'll also be closing the book on my past so I can concentrate on my future!

Kaiba: Face it, Yugi, your reign is over!
Yami-Yugi: You never cease to amaze me.
Kaiba: Why? Are you astounded by my superior dueling skills, Yugi?
Yami-Yugi: Not quite. It's your complete stubbornness and your lust for power that I fight so puzzling, Kaiba!
Kaiba: Why's that?
Yami-Yugi: IT HOLDS YOU BACK, that's why! You'll never defeat me with a heart full of hatred and mistrust!
Kaiba: Ha! You're just trying to distract me because you're scared of losing!
Yami-Yugi: Why don't I let my actions speak for me? Reveal facedown card! My Double Spell magic card!
Kaiba: Oh, no! Not Double Spell!
Yami-Yugi: That's right, this card duplicates the effects of every magic card you used on your last turn, Kaiba! That includes Monster Reborn and Polymerization! So first, I'll bring Buster Blader back from the graveyard. Now, I'll use Polymerization, fusing my Dark Magician with my Buster Blader!
Kaiba: Fuse whatever you want, my ultimate dragon is still stronger! Your magic card didn't help you at all!
Yami-Yugi: You're wrong, Kaiba, for my new fusion monster carries within every one of Buster Blader's special abilities! That means its attack strength increases by 500 points for every dragon on the field, that includes your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as well as my Red-Eyes Black Dragon! Now, behold the power of Dark Paladin, the ultimate magical swordsman!
Kaiba: Good move, Yugi, but not good enough. Sorry. Look closer.
Yami-Yugi: What's your point, Kaiba?
Kaiba: Your monster may be powerful, but it's still 600 attack points weaker than mine!
Yami-Yugi: We shall see.

Kaiba: I win!
Yami-Yugi: I wouldn't be so sure of that. Remember, I still have one facedown card left. Kaiba, you're done!
Kaiba: You LIE!
Yami-Yugi: As you will soon see, I've been destined to defeat you for 5,000 years!
Kaiba: Enough! My Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon cannot be stopped, Yugi!
Yami-Yugi: I'm afraid you're wrong! But I'll let my card speak for itself! So I play this, my De-Fusion card! This magic card splits up your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon into the three original dragons you fused to form it, thus stopping your attack!
Kaiba: No! I need my Ultimate Dragon to win the duel! This can't be happening!
Yami-Yugi: Now, Kaiba, you have three dragons on the field instead of one! And since my Dark Paladin receives 500 attack points for every dragon on the field, he's now the strongest monster in play! Now it's time for my final move!
Kaiba: Just go.
Yami-Yugi: With pleasure, Kaiba! All right, the card in my hand will conquer the darkness that now surrounds your heart! So I play my final magic card-- Diffusion Wave-Motion! You're finished! All I have to do is give up 1,000 Life Points and this magic card will enhance the attack capabilities of my Dark Paladin! Now my monster can attack all three of your Blue-Eyes White Dragons at once!
Kaiba: [thinking] His Dark Paladin has enough power to wipe out my dragons AND my Life Points!
Yami-Yugi: This duel is over!
Kaiba: Yugi, I will not be defeated at my own tournament!!!
Yami-Yugi: Kaiba, you're too late! Dark Paladin, ATTACK! [Dark Paladin attacks and destroys Kaiba's three dragons and his Life Points drop down to zero] You lose, Kaiba! I told you, your hatred and your lust for power would never prevail. [thinking] I did it! But my toughest battle is still ahead… when I face Marik in the final duel!

Battle for the Bronze


Part 1

Kaiba: [after he lost the duel; thinking] Battle City is my tournament! The entire event was designed so that I could be the ultimate victor! I wanted to put the memory of my stepfather behind me, and be crowned the world's best duelist atop my Duel Tower! But instead, it's Yugi who now stands victorious! I was close. Victory was in my grasp! But it somehow slipped away! Now, it's over. I'm nothing.
Roland: And the winner is… Yugi Muto, who now advances to the final round and faces Marik Ishtar for the Battle City crown!

Mokuba: Seto's out of the tournament, now. He's done, it's all over. But he came so far.
Kaiba: I don't get it. My deck was unbeatable! Where did I go wrong? I executed my strategy perfectly, carefully playing each card exactly as I planned!

Yami-Yugi: You we're doomed from the start. Fueled by your anger, your hate, your jealousy, your rage, and lastly, the denial of your past! I, on the other hand, was fueled by faith, faith in destiny, and in my friends! That's how I won!

Yami-Yugi: Kaiba, I didn't crush you on my own, Joey and I did it together, using the card he gave me. Red-Eyes is no ordinary card. Its strength comes from the bond of my friendship with Joey. That means I never duel alone, Kaiba.
Joey: That's right.
Kaiba: [fueling up, lividly] You never duel alone?! WAKE UP! Don't you realize that every single of us is alone in this world, Yugi?! Look at me! I've never had to ask for anyone's help!
Yami-Yugi: [thinking] That's not true. I've helped Kaiba plenty of times before and he's helped me, too! In fact, I wouldn't be the duelist I am today if he hadn't pushed me to be my best. He may be one of my toughest rivals, but I also consider him a friend. Deep down, I bet Kaiba feels the same way about me, he's just too caught up in his need for power to realize it! You don't consider anyone your friend, Kaiba?
Kaiba: Friendship is for fools. Didn't I tell you I duel alone?! Depending on others is for the weak, Yugi. My future is in my own two hands. So keep your friendships to yourself! I'm not interested in having any pals to slow me down.
Yami-Yugi: How sad.
Kaiba: The time has come to accept my defeat like a man, Yugi. Since there's no one else that I rely on, there's no one else that I can blame. As per the rules, take my rarest card! [gives Yami-Yugi his Obelisk the Tormentor card]

Kaiba: I'll destroy you even without my Egyptian God card, Wheeler!
Joey: Take your best shot, Kaiba!
Kaiba: Trust me, it won't take my best to defeat and amateur like you.
Joey: Then take your worst shot for all I care, tough guy! All right, let's do this! I got a duel to win!

[After Joey sends each one of his powerful monsters from his deck to his graveyard by Kaiba's Shrink and Crush Card combination, the same move he did while dueling Ishizu]
Joey: I don't believe this! Jinzo! Gilford! Every one of my powerful monsters is toast! Later, guys. Thanks a lot!
Kaiba: A weak duelist should have weak monsters, right? I told you you couldn't handle an opponent like me.
Joey: Zip it!
Kaiba: Why don't you just admit it over your head, Wheeler, and leave now before you hurt yourself?
Joey: Forget it, pal! This duel just started and I got strategies you never dreamed of!
Kaiba: Don't you know when it's time to quit? My move. Now, since you have monsters to protect you…well, you figure it out. I summon La Jinn! Meet the mystical genie of the lamp! [summons La Jinn]
Tristan: Aw, man! Joey's life points are wide open to an attack!
Duke: This could get ugly.
Kaiba: I'm afraid it's time to say goodbye to 1800 of your life points! Now, La Jinn, attack him directly!

Ishizu: Marik! It's been so long since you last appeared to me. I knew that your good half took shelter within Tea's mind, but I also knew you were weak. And couldn't hold on for long.
Marik: [speaking through Tea] That's true. As my dark side grows strong, I grow weak. But I've been in Tea's mind long enough to have learned the truth about our past. Through her ears, I listened to you tell the story of our family, and the emergence of the evil within me. I never knew that I was the one who sent Father to the Shadow Realm.
Ishizu: Yes, but--
Marik/Tea: I know. It was the evil force within me that committed the act, so you came here to save me from myself. Despite everything I've done in my quest for power, you've had faith. You knew there was still good within me. However, that good is almost completely extinguished now.
Ishizu: Oh, no! If the evil force defeats the Pharaoh in the final battle, you will be gone forever, and the entire planet will suffer greatly!
Marik/Tea: Well, I can't allow one duel to decide the fate of the whole world! The time has come for me to step in and reclaim my body, sister!
Ishizu: But how?
Marik/Tea: I don't know, but I must banish that evil before it's too late! There's just too much at risk.

Part 2

Yugi: [thinking] Joey's doing awesome against Kaiba! He's become one of the greatest duelists around! He could have won this whole tournament if it wasn't for Marik's shadow game. [Flashback to Joey's last duel with Marik as he passed out due to his energy being drained] All he had to do was yell "attack!" And Joey would have won the duel.
Yami-Yugi: Mmm. But in his heart, Joey knows that he's a great duelist, worthy of the Battle City crown.
Mokuba: Joey's dueling pretty well against Seto. But he'll have to better than that to beat him.
Kaiba: Hmm. Well, congratulations on making one good move. There is a first time for everything.
Joey: Watch it, pal!
Kaiba: I'm not your "pal", Wheeler. If I were, I'd be standing over there with the other geeks, cheering my pathetic heart out for the obvious loser of the duel! Did you forget that I destroyed every powerful monster in your deck?
Joey: [thinking] He's right! Thanks to his Crush Card, the only monsters I got left have less than 1,500 attack points! But I gotta keep fighting! If I let Kaiba get the best of me, he'll never let me live it down! And I gotta put that punk in his place!
Yami-Yugi: You can do this, Joey!
Joey: Thanks, Yuge. I needed that.
Kaiba: Ha! You don't have a clue, do you? Now, let's duel!

[As Yami-Marik walks to the top of the duel tower…]
Yami-Marik: I must discover what happened up here, today. When the two Egyptian Gods clashed, something was released! The force created by these two behemoths caused my Millennium Rod to activate! According to the Pharaoh, he and Kaiba were shown a vision of the past. But what did they see? And why is my Millennium item serving anyone but me?! Only I should control the Millennium Rod! I command you to obey me now! Hear me?! Show me the ancient images that you showed the Pharaoh and Kaiba! [growls angrily and throws the Millennium Rod on the ground as it slides in front of Tea (under the control of his good side)]
Marik: [speaking through Tea] You should be more careful with this! [picks up the Rod]
Yami-Marik: Pardon me?

Part 3

Kaiba: What do you want, Ishizu?
Ishizu: I would advise you to be present for the final duel of your tournament, Kaiba. Yugi will need your help to defeat Marik and fulfill his destiny.
Kaiba: No thanks, as far as I'm concerned, I'm done. Battle City's over for me, and the sooner I put this all behind me, the better. [starts to walk away again] I've had about all I can take of you people. So leave me alone and have a nice life.
Ishizu: Kaiba, wait! Walking away now is a huge mistake.
Kaiba: Really? And why is that, Ishizu? Let me guess, you read about it in on your ancient fairy tales? Come on, Mokuba!
Ishizu: Your future's at stake! And deep down, you know that as well as I do, right? I know you are able to read the ancient Egyptian text. And you're well aware of what is written on the stone. The sorcerer may have been the Pharaoh's rival, but he was also his friend! The sorcerer is you, Kaiba. And you must do for Yugi what you did for the Pharaoh 5,000 years ago--help your friend. Without you, he can't save the world from destruction!

The Final Face-off


Part 1

Kaiba: Yugi! If you want to win this duel, you'll use that card…instead of counting on the support of your little fan club.
Tristan: What does that mean?!
Tea: Doesn't he get that we're all fighting the same enemy?
Duke: He did give Yugi that card.
Joey: Yeah, but I don't trust him. If I were you, I'd toss that card right off the tower, Yug!
Kaiba: Look, Yugi. No one said you had to use that card, so feel free to give it back.
[Yami-Yugi shuffles the Fiend's Sanctuary magic card into his deck]
Joey: No! What are you doing, Yug?!
Yami-Yugi: Kaiba… We may not always agree, but I still trust you.
Roland: Attention! The last duel's about to begin! Duelists, prepare your cards! Marik Ishtar will face Yugi Muto, and the winner will receive the Battle City crown!
Yami-Marik: Pharaoh, I have been waiting for this moment for my entire life! Soon, your infinite power will be mine!
Yami-Yugi: Marik, not only will I defeat you… I'll free you from the darkness that controls you!
Yami-Marik: [evilly laughs] Now that I'd like to see, SO COME AND GET ME!!
Tea: He's gross.
Duke: Take him down, Yugi!
Tristan: Yeah, it's all you, man!

Ishizu: Thank you.
Kaiba: For what? Just because I gave Yugi a good card doesn't mean he'll win. He'll have to figure out how to use it. And even if he does, he'll probably lose, anyway. Maybe then, you'll stop believing that fairytales come true! Yugi is no pharaoh, Ishizu. And he's not destined to save the world. So, wake up and stop living in the past! I realized a long time ago that the only way to succeed, is to look ahead!
Ishizu: That is not true. Just watch. I assure you that before this duel is over you will believe me, Kaiba. Mark my words.
Kaiba: [thinking] Yugi thinks I gave him that card is an act of friendship! That's ridiculous! Friendship is for the weak!
Yami-Marik: Here's your deck, Pharaoh. Now it's time! Time for the shadows to consume your soul! [laughs deviously]
Yami-Yugi: Marik… destiny's on my side today! The whole world is counting on me!
Yami-Marik: Your foolish confidence shows me that you no comprehension of the true horror that awaits you in this duel.
Tea: Yugi, don't listen to him!
Tristan: Yeah, he's just trying to psych you out, Yugi!
Joey: Wipe the floor with him! And make him pay for everything he's done!
Roland: Duelists, take your places!
Ishizu: [thinking] The final battle is here, and the fate of mankind rests on your shoulders, my Pharaoh. The evil that now controls my brother must be expelled. And you are the only one capable of this task. If he prevails, the world as we know it will perish!
Yami-Yugi: I will defeat you, Marik!
Yami-Marik: I'd like to see you try!
Roland: Commence dueling!
Yami-Marik: Let the fun begin, NOW! [activates the Millennium Rod, emerging shadow game blackness to surround the area]
Tristan: I should have seen this coming!
Tea: Oh, no, it's another shadow game!
Joey: Hang in there, Yuge.
Yami-Marik: Now then… you've witnessed several of my shadow games before, but this one will be different! I've thrown in a few twists especially for you!

Yami-Marik: Meet my next victim!
Yami-Yugi: [shocked in horror] Oh, no!
Yugi: What?!
Yami-Yugi: Yugi!
Yami-Marik: Do you understand what's at stake here!? Lose the duel and Yugi goes to the Shadow Realm!
Yami-Yugi: Marik, this is about you and me, so leave him alone!
Yami-Marik: Not true. You're forgetting my weaker half. He's involved in this conflict as well, so if I lose the shadows will take him!
Yami-Yugi: No, you can't!
Yami-Marik: I just did! The Shadow Realm will claim an innocent soul no matter who wins!

Yami-Marik: You probably figured this out this, but my leech can attack instantly! You just lost five hundred of your life points, Pharaoh! And that's not all!
[Yugi groans in pain as small parts of his body fade away into the shadows]
Yami-Yugi: Yugi! What have you done, Marik?!
Yami-Marik: When you lose life points, your friend will lose a piece of himself to the darkness, and the same rule applies to my former self. The shadows will claim an innocent soul, no matter who wins.
Yami-Yugi: [enraged] You'll pay for what you've done!
Yami-Marik: I disagree! It's you who shall pay! [thinking] He may not realize this, but when Yugi's body is consumed by the darkness, the Pharaoh will cease to exist in this world. For without a body, he's nothing but a wandering spirit.

Yami-Yugi: I'll use Monster Reborn to bring back Queen's Knight! And then I shall summon my King's Knight! When King's and Queen's Knight are in play, their special ability allows me to summon this… Jack's Knight! Now I have three monsters on my side of the field, Marik! And you have only one!
Yami-Marik: I'm not impressed. You're planning to sacrifice all three of your monsters so you can summon Slifer! And when you do, I'll be ready!

Part 2

Yami-Yugi: All right, let the duel continue! I reveal…my magic card!
Yami-Marik: Oh, no, not Multiply!
Yami-Yugi: Yes. This card allows me to increase the number of metal fiend tokens I have on the field from one...to three!
Yami-Marik: Oh, no! He's going to sacrifice them!
Kaiba: Well, looks like Yugi did it. He figured out how to make the most of my magic card.
Ishizu: [thinking] Is the Pharaoh about to summon his second Egyptian God card?
Yami-Yugi: I sacrifice my three metal fiend tokens… to play this, OBELISK THE TORMENTOR! Behold, the Egyptian God card I won from Kaiba! [thinking] Summoned with the help of two of my friends. Stare into the face of defeat, Marik!
Tristan: This is awesome!
Duke: Obelisk will crush Marik!
Tea: I knew Yugi would turn things around!
Joey: Hey get a load of Marik, guys! He's so scared his hair's standing up! Oh wait, he always looks like that!
Yami-Marik: How could I let him do this?
Yami-Yugi: All right, my Egyptian God monster, attack Marik's Life Points now!
Yami-Marik: [thinking] I WILL NOT BE DESTROYED!!

Part 3

Yami-Yugi: My Obelisk the Tormentor has eliminated 4,000 of your Life Points! Now you're only one attack away from defeat! Marik, you shall never attain the power that you desire!
Tea: Nice one, Yugi!
Tristan: Yeah! Way to back that evil freak into a corner, dude!
Joey: See that? Marik didn't even know what hit him out there! He's in a complete daze!
Duke: Kinda like you are every day.
Mokuba: [amazed] Oh, that was so awesome!
Kaiba: [thinking] Something's not right. Why would Marik allow Obelisk to attack him so easily?!
Ishizu: [thinking] It seems as if Marik wanted this to happen! He must be planning to use his facedown card to somehow counterattack! Please be careful, my Pharaoh. My brother's evil side is extremely devious. He prefers to prolong his opponent's suffering for his own amusement, and the Pharaoh is no exception.
Tea: Hey, wait, Yugi's not looking so good, guys.
Joey: Yeah, you're right. But what does he have to worry about? He's one step away from defeating Marik and winning the Battle City Tournament!
Yami-Marik: [getting back up on his feet; groaning] Impressive, Pharaoh. But it will take more than that to keep me down! Perhaps you've forgotten who really suffers when I lose Life Points. Just look. [Marik's good side's body parts start fading away into the shadows] Thanks to you, my weaker side has almost completely lost himself to the Shadow Realm!
Yami-Yugi: Oh, no!
Yami-Marik: You're supposed to save mankind, but based on your actions in this duel, I'd say you're destroying it, and I'm sure my other half would agree with me… As he slowly slips away, thanks to you! And to think that poor soul was once your loyal servant! It's nice to see he's getting repaid by his exalted king! [evilly laughs] Feel free to attack us, Pharaoh, so my weak side can sacrifice more of himself!

Marik: [to Odion, still unconscious in his bed] Odion, can you hear me? It's me, Marik. My dark side grows stronger as I slip into the shadows, and before I'm gone forever, I wanted to say I'm sorry. You've done nothing to protect me since the day I was born, and I've repaid you with anger and disrespect. I wish I could take back everything, but now it's too late. The evil within me is about to prevail. The very evil I created out of my own hatred now threatens to destroy me! And once he gains the Pharaoh's power, the entire world will pay the price. You were there the day my dark side was born, the day I received the tomb-keeper's initiation. You were always loyal to me, Odion. Even when I betrayed the tomb-keepers and abused the ancient scriptures for my own selfish purposes, you never left my side. Now I understand why you stood by me, even though you knew what I was doing was wrong. It's because you were the only one who could control the evil within me. But when you were hurt, my wicked side took over. [slowly starts to vanish] Now there's nothing left for me to do. I'm drifting away while his power increases. Goodbye, Odion. I'll never be able to repay you for all you've done. I'm sorry. [disappears]

Yami-Yugi: You have nothing to protect you!
Yami-Marik: Ha! Is that so?! You seem to be forgetting about the facedown card that you activated with your last attack-- A TRAP WITH THE POWER TO STOP AN EGYPTIAN GOD!
Yami-Yugi: But how?! That's impossible!
Joey: Yeah, right! There's no way Marik has a trap card powerful enough to stop Obelisk!
Yami-Marik: It's time for me to unveil my secret weapon, Pharaoh! By causing me to lose more than half of my Life Points, you've allowed me to play this card! It's both a trap and a monster! Say hello to Metal Reflect Slime!
Yami-Yugi: What is that thing?
Yami-Marik: It's a creature made of plasma, giving it the ability to take on the shape of the monster that just attacked me! So my slime monster will now morph into the likeness of Obelisk the Tormentor!
Yami-Yugi: No! A clone of an Egyptian God?!
[Yami-Marik's trap starts morphing into the form of Egyptian God Slime]
Tea: Whatever it is, that thing is gross!
Joey: That thing's gonna be a big slimy Obelisk!
Tea: That giant booger's gonna become and Egyptian God?!
Duke: Hey, guys, don't look now, but I think it's working!
Yugi: That's Obelisk!
Yami-Yugi: It's true!
Yami-Marik: Pharaoh, meet my Egyptian God Slime! YOU'LL NEVER STOP HIM!
Duke: Marik made an exact copy of Yugi's Obelisk the Tormentor!
Tristan: Does that mean they're equal in strength?
Joey: No! Marik's is just a cheap copy of the original! His wannabe Obelisk only has 3,000 defense points, so the real Obelisk can knock it into next week with one blow!
Mokuba: Yugi's gonna destroy that fake next time he attacks, right, Seto?
Kaiba: Not quite. I'm sure there's more to Marik's monster than meets the eye, Mokuba. Just keep watching.
Yami-Yugi: Your carbon copy pales in comparison to the original, Marik!
Yami-Marik: My Egyptian God Slime is more powerful thank you think, Pharaoh, but you'll find that out soon enough. Now finish your move so my assault can continue!
Yami-Yugi: Fine, I'll place one card facedown. It's your move!
Yami-Marik: Very well, fool! [draws; thinking] That's the exact card I needed to make my Egyptian God Slime unstoppable. Nothing will be able to destroy it! My Life Points will be protected indefinitely! Not even the mighty Obelisk will get through! Pharaoh, it won't be long now. Soon, my Winged Dragon of Ra will return to the field and wipe you out! And in the meantime, I have my Egyptian God Slime to serve as a wall between you and my Life Points. And now for the card that will make that all possible-- the indestructible Revival Jam! I see you recall your last encounter with my Revival Jam, when you faced my mind slave, Strings! [Flashback to Yami-Yugi's duel with Strings] Now I have one more card to play-- Polymerization! This allows me to fuse my Egyptian God Slime with my Revival Jam!
Joey: So what do you think Marik is cooking up now, guys?
Tristan: Unfortunately, we're about to find out!
Yami-Marik: And now the fusion of my two creatures is complete!
Yami-Yugi: But it looks the same!
Yami-Marik: I assure you my Egyptian God Slime has transformed into a new more powerful beast. It's your move, so go ahead and attack it, if you dare!

Yami-Yugi: Marik's fusion monster is regenerating itself!
Yami-Marik: Precisely! That's because my monster has the combined power of Egyptian God Slime and Revival Jam! My plan's complete. Thanks to my invincible defense monster, my Life Points can no longer be damaged. Therefore, defeating me is impossible, Pharaoh! Don't you see? This was my plan from the start, and you fell for it! How naive of you!
Tristan: That's insane!
Joey: I'm not worried about a thing, Tristan. Yugi will figure out how to take that big slime ball down!
Duke: Well, it doesn't look too promising from where I'm standing!
Tea: Come on.
Mokuba: Now what?
Kaiba: [thinking] I knew this was all part of Marik's strategy all along! He let Yugi's Obelisk the Tormentor attack him on purpose! That allowed Marik to create an unstoppable Obelisk clone! Now whenever Yugi attacks it, Marik's Egyptian God Slime will absorb the blow and then regenerate itself!

Yami-Marik: All right! I place one card facedown, and then I summon Bowganian in defense mode!
Yami-Yugi: What is that?
Yami-Marik: A creature with the ability to remove 300 of your Life Points each turn, causing you-know-who to suffer!
Yami-Yugi: Yugi.
Yugi: I'll be fine, I promise.
Yami-Marik: How touching!
Yami-Yugi: All right, my move. I shall place one card facedown, and then I'll sacrifice my Big Shield Gardna in order to summon… Dark Magician Girl!
Yami-Marik: Summoning her was pointless, Pharaoh, and you'll understand why soon enough!
Yami-Yugi: We'll see about that!

Marik: Help me, Tea. [takes control of Tea's body]
Tristan: What's wrong?
Duke: You okay, Tea?
Marik: [speaking through Tea] Hold on. Listen, please. You must overpower my dark side at all costs, and don't worry about protecting me.
Joey: Say what? You're losing your marbles, Tea. Snap out of it!
Marik/Tea: There's no time. I have borrowed your friend's body in order to reason with you. Destroy my evil half and let the shadows take me!
Ishizu: Oh, no!
Mokuba: Seto? What's going on?
Yami-Marik: [thinking] It appears my weak side doesn't know when to give up. Well, soon he'll be out of my way for good.
Marik/Tea: Please forgive me, Pharaoh. My family and I were charged with protecting your tomb until your return. And I always resented this task. [points up to his dark half] So he was born as a result of my anger! Now, he must be destroyed, and I shall go with him!
Joey: You'll what? Is Tea home?
Yami-Marik: [chuckles sinisterly] What a pathetic sight! You've rejected the Pharaoh for your entire life and now you beg for his forgiveness? I'm afraid it's a little too late for that, you fool. You've already created me and now your body belongs to me, and you barely exist! Just look at yourself! You're a mere shadow of the person you once were. You can never stop me! So let me finish what you started!
Tristan: She's under Marik's control!
Joey: But she must be in there somewhere!
Duke: Earth to Tea!
Ishizu: Marik, don't do this! Please don't.
Marik/Tea: Do what?
Ishizu: Surrender your own life to stop him.
Marik/Tea: Sorry, sister, but there isn't another way. All right! You must take down the evil force that now controls my body, Pharaoh! And if destroying him means destroying me, then so be it!
Yami-Marik: Isn't that poetic? My weaker self would rather be swallowed by the shadows than see me win. However, I'm afraid this is all just a waste of time. There's no way I can lose! Now, then, let's get back to your defeat, shall we? My move! [draws] STAND BACK! [thinking] Now I can bring back Monster Reborn! Then Ra will follow! I activate the magic card, Mining for Magical Stones! That's right, Pharaoh! This card allows me to transfer any magic card from my graveyard to my hand, and all I have to do is discard two cards. Of course, I've chosen this card-- Monster Reborn! You know what's next. In just one more turn, I'll bring back my Winged Dragon of Ra!
Yugi: I thought so! But his Egyptian God card is impossible to destroy!
Yami-Yugi: No. There's one chance left, but it won't be easy.

Part 4

Yami-Marik: One more turn! That's all I need in order to activate my Monster Reborn card! I'm sure you're aware of what happens after that, isn't that right, Pharaoh? My Winged Dragon of Ra will return to the field. And once this Egyptian God card makes its appearance, you're done! My plan was foolproof!
Yami-Yugi: You may have build a powerful defense by creating a clone of my Obelisk the Tormentor, but I'll break through!
Yami-Marik: Really?!
Yami-Yugi: Yes! And not only will I defeat you, but I'll spare your good side from the Shadow Realm!
Yami-Marik: That's impossible! You know that when I lose Life Points, my weaker half loses a piece of himself to the darkness. I shall place one card facedown. Then…
Yami-Yugi: Go on!
Yami-Marik: I summon my Swallowtail Spike Lizard! [thinking] As long as it remains in defense mode, I receive 1,000 Life Points each turn! And since I plan to use my Life Points to strengthen my Winged Dragon of Ra, this is just the boost I need to crush his Obelisk the Tormentor! And once his Egyptian God card is gone, I'll use mine to finish him off!

Joey: Wait, hold on a sec. Can't you see guys see that Yugi's got himself a dilemma here?
Duke: Huh?
Joey: Just think, if Yugi beats Marik, then Marik's good side goes to the Shadow Realm. As if a creep like Marik can actually have a good side. [turns to Marik, still controlling Tea's body] This is all your fault!
Ishizu: Stop it!
Marik/Tea: It's all right. I've done nothing but cause them pain and they should be angry with me.
Joey: Got that right! You'd be nuts to think we trust you! Now, get out of my friend, Tea's head so Yugi can crush your evil butt once and for all, Marik!
Marik/Tea: I was trying to help Yugi defeat my dark side, and I needed Tea's body to speak to him because I'm unable to.
Joey: Haven't you done enough?! If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in this mess!
Marik/Tea: You're right, and for that, I am truly sorry. But there is still a way for Yugi to prevent my dark half from winning this duel. I hope he finds it.
Tristan: I know he will!
Duke: He better, or we're all gonna be heading to the Shadow Realm soon.

Yami-Marik: It's time for Ra to return to the graveyard! My great beast may be gone, however, I assure you he'll be back!
Yami-Yugi: We'll see.
Yami-Marik: Yes, we will! In fact, my Egyptian God card will return to the field sooner than you think! Watch. I'm about to give my dragon a second chance by turning back time and repeating my attack again. And it's all thanks to this magic card! Have you ever seen it?
Yami-Yugi: Surprise Attack from Beyond!
Yami-Marik: Well, I suppose I'll take your response as a "yes." This card allows me to replay the attack I just made against Obelisk!
Yami-Yugi: No.
Joey: Yugi already blocked that attack! That's a real cheat move, Marik!
Kaiba: [thinking] Now Marik has another chance to wipe out Yugi's defense with his Winged Dragon of Ra!

Yami-Marik: Prepare for my final assault! The moment is here! I shall finally drain you of your ancient powers… And I will rule as Pharaoh!
Yugi: This is our last chance to stop him!
Yami-Yugi: And save mankind from his evil!

Part 5

Odion: Release my master now!
Yami-Marik: Your master is almost gone! I'm afraid you've come too late. I've taken his body and the Shadow Realm is about to take his soul! The Marik you once knew will soon be extinct, Odion. He'll no longer be able to hold me back!
Odion: That's not true. I've returned to ensure that your gentle spirit prevails.
Yami-Marik: THAT'S ENOUGH! [takes out the Millennium Rod and aims a blast at Odion]
Ishizu: Odion!
Odion: [straining] Master Marik! Fight the evil within. We've conquered your wicked side before and we can do it again!
Yami-Marik: SILENCE!
Ishizu: Hold on!
Odion: I'm fine, Ishizu. Please, Master. You have the power to stop your dark side. Remember, you're the one that created him! And you can destroy him!
Marik: He's right! I can destroy him!
Yami-Marik: I've heard enough! Now take this! [screams as his good side starts regaining control]
Yugi: Hey, look, do you see what I see? Marik is freaking out up there!
Yami-Yugi: I see.
Yami-Marik: What is going on?!
Marik: I'm regaining control of my life!
Odion: Fight his evil with all your might, Master Marik! Let your Tomb-keeper's heritage give you strength!
Yami-Marik: [screaming] I've come too far to lose my grip now! I AM THE TRUE MARIK! And I will not be overpowered by my weak side!
Marik: If you can hear me, Pharaoh, attack now!
Yami-Yugi: No, Marik!
Marik: Please, Pharaoh! I can't hold on much longer! I need your help to banish my dark half forever! I'm sorry for everything I've done to you and your friends. As a Tomb-keeper, I was raised to serve you, but I always resented this task. This resentment turned to hatred and my dark half was born! What I did was wrong, but I'm ready to take responsibility for my actions and correct the wrongs I've committed!
Odion: [relieved] Well said, Master. I've waited so long to hear those words.
Marik: Please, Pharaoh! Attack! It's the only hope for my survival!
Yami-Marik: No, don't listen to him!
Marik: YES! You must attack me to save mankind! Please! But hurry, I can't hold him back much longer!
Yugi: [worried] We can't attack him! It's just too risky! The force of our attack could send him straight to the Shadow Realm!
Yami-Yugi: Yugi… we have no choice. We must trust him!

Yami-Yugi: I activate… my Ragnarok card!
Yami-Marik: NO!
Yami-Yugi: Yes! Since my Dark Magician and my Dark Magician Girl are both on the field, the unstoppable magic of Ragnarok can be released! But first, I must remove every monster in my hand, deck and graveyard!
Yami-Marik: [moaning] No! You're making a mistake!
Yami-Yugi: I'm afraid it's too late! Ragnarok is already infused with the power of every one of my monsters! Now, Dark Magicians… with the help of my entire army of monsters, unleash your incredible force!
Duke: Check it out, guys, it's Yugi's monsters on parade!
Mokuba: [amazed] Whoa! I've never seen anything like this.
Yami-Yugi: You and your Egyptian God card are through!
Yami-Marik: NO! STOP! Call these creatures off right now! No one can destroy my Winged Dragon of Ra! Release me, right now!
Yami-Yugi: It's pointless for you to resist my monsters. They have you trapped in their unbreakable grasp!
Yami-Yugi: Your reign of terror is finally over! The time has come for me to fulfill my destiny, and rid the world of your evil once and for all! May the magic of Ragnarok rid the field of your Winged Dragon of Ra, and swallow your dark side for all eternity!

Yami-Marik: What's going on?! No, this can't be happening!
Yugi: Marik's dark side is back in the field!
Yami-Yugi: Yes, but now the tables have turned. Marik's good side is in control and the evil has become the victim.
Yami-Marik: You can't do this, Marik! Listen, we can still crush the Pharaoh together! Remember how you wasted away you childhood serving this fool?! It's not too late to destroy him and take what you deserve! The infinite power of the Pharaoh could be yours! If we win this duel, you and I can claim the three Egyptian God cards and the Millennium Puzzle. We'll rule the world together! Don't be a fool, Marik! We've come so far. Don't throw away everything we've worked for. We can still win!
Yami-Yugi: Your move.
Marik: I'm sorry, Pharaoh. It was my duty to help you and instead I turned my back. I can't change the past, but I can start over by embracing my family legacy. I'm proud to be a tomb keeper and I'm proud of my sister and my brother.
Odion: Thank you, sir.
Marik: My family has waited 5,000 years for your return. Now, you're here. So I must fulfill my destiny, by letting you fulfill yours.
Yami-Marik: No! You can't do this!
Marik: I must. I hold the key to helping the Pharaoh unlock his true powers. The secret is imprinted on my back in an ancient Egyptian text. But before I reveal this mystery, the Pharaoh must be in possession of all three Egyptian God cards!
Yami-Marik: You're making a huge mistake!
Marik: No, for the first time in years, I'm making the right choice.
Yami-Marik: What are you doing?!
Marik: I'm honoring the Ishtar name…by surrendering the duel!
Yami-Yugi: Of course! By forfeiting the duel, his Life Points will drop down to zero, and his evil side will vanish into the Shadow Realm.
Yami-Marik: If you do this, you'll be sorry! YOU NEED ME!!
Marik: Be gone! I surrender this duel to the Pharaoh!
Yami-Marik: [vanishes] NOOOOOO!!!!!
Marik: It's finally over, my Pharaoh.
Yami-Yugi: Yes, and the darkness has lifted from your heart.
Yugi: [as his body parts return to normal] We won the duel!
Yami-Yugi: You're safe now.
Ishizu: Marik has overpowered the evil that controlled him for so long. My Pharaoh…thank you. You've saved mankind.
Yami-Yugi: We did. I wouldn't have been victorious had it not been for all of you.
Roland: And the winner of the Battle City championship crown is… Yugi Muto!

One for the Road

Mai: Forget it, Joey. You don’t have to say anything mushy. What you did for me back there said it all. You know… My favourite thing about this whole tournament was that I got know you.
Joey: [sighs] Thank you, Mai.
Mai: Right back at ya.

Moving Back and Moving Ahead