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Bias refers to a point of view or disposition. All information and points of view represent some forms of bias. The term is often used interchangeably with prejudice and bigotry, which are normally reserved for those cases where a person's disposition is influenced by inner biases to the extent that their views are not subjectively considered neutral or objective, or actually seek to exclude or eliminate consideration or respect for all differing biases and dispositions.


  • Can science ever be immune from experiments conceived out of prejudices and stereotypes, conscious or not? (Which is not to suggest that it cannot in discrete areas identify and locate verifiable phenemonena in nature.) I await the study that says lesbians have a region of the hypothalamus that resembles straight men and I would not be surprised if, at this very moment, some scientist somewhere is studying brains of deceased Asians to see if they have an enlarged "math region" of the brain.
  • Both social and biosocial factors are necessary to interpret crosscultural studies, with the general proviso that one's research interest determines which elements, in what combinations, are significant for the provision of understanding.
    • Gilbert Herdt, "Bisexuality and the Causes of Homosexuality: The Case of the Sambia"

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