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Arthur Christmas is a 2011 3-D computer animated Christmas fantasy comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation and Aardman Animations and distributed by Columbia Pictures. It was released on November 11, 2011, in the UK and on November 23, 2011, in the USA. The film was directed by Sarah Smith. Set in the North Pole, the plot tells about Santa's son Arthur Christmas, who must complete a mission to deliver a missed gift before Christmas morning. It is Aardman Animations' first computer-animated cinema feature with Sony Pictures Animation.


  • [cycling through Trelew] Happy Christmas, cows!
  • [trying to paddle a rowboat 3000 miles to Trelew] Jingle Bells, this boat smells, 3000 miles to go!
  • [repeated line] A child's been missed!
  • It doesn't matter how we got here. The sleigh on the roof, the-the jingle bells, the 8 reindeer. Gwen would never seen that.


  • [using the Earth itself as a map after losing all the other ones] Biggest map in the world!
  • [after making the sleigh look like a UFO] Take us to your leader!
  • [as Arthur parachutes away] In Santa we believe!
  • [as he prepares to abandon EVIE he speaks to his old reindeer] Well, this is it old fella! Maybe the next Santa never sat in my EVIE, but Arthur did, and he's as good a man as any Santa there's ever been! Goodbye EVIE. [jumps off at the last second as missiles destroy the sleigh]


  • No one gets an unwrapped present on my watch!
  • [bravely faces the man-eating lions] Only children get to tear the wrapping!
  • There's always time for a bow!
  • [picks up Gwen's letter] Can I burn this?


  • Steve: How many times, Arthur? It's the North Pole. [turns around and walks away] Shut the doors!
  • Santa: Dear Arthur, what a puzzle.
  • Peter: [after learning about Arthur being the new Santa] You know, I've always liked Arthur. Ya think he likes espresso?
  • North Pole Computer: [before the closing credits roll] And may 100% of your Christmases be white!


Grandsanta: We've got to get you down there, lad!
Arthur: They'll see us! We'll be stopped!
Grandsanta: [takes the slipper] Give me that!
Arthur: What are you doing?
Grandsanta: It's EVIE they're after. She doesn't fit this world, Arthur. She's a relic.
Arthur: [surprised] EVIE?!
Grandsanta: I always knew she'd be needed one more time. You go on! We'll let them have her.
Bryony: You're coming too?
Grandsanta: You were right, Arthur. It doesn't matter how Santa's gift gets there. [referring to Steve and the S-1] Doesn't even matter if it's Mr. Postman in his spaceship.
Arthur: [smiles with confidence] As long as it gets there.
Grandsanta: You made it happen, lad. No one got left out. [Arthur hugs him, laughing] Get off! Now, do as I say.

Grandsanta: [referring to Steve] Tell him I'm not here!
Bryony: Grandsanta says he's not here.
Steve: Hi, I'm looking for a missing relic.
Grandsanta: Steve, 3 words.
Steve: Is the first one "help"?
Arthur: Yes. You can help us, Steve!
Grandsanta: It was him! Frosty the Madman, he forced me to come! [to Bryony] Elf, back me up if you want a career.
Arthur: I forced you?
Grandsanta: Ya see?! Look!
Steve: What did you want, Grandsanta? Let me guess. Hmm, a picture of you in the sleigh delivering the gift to show me how it's really done?
Grandsanta: [puts away camera] No.
Steve: You know the picture they'll have tomorrow? You lead away in handcuffs! The Santa who was seen by everybody on Earth. The Santa who ruined Christmas.
Peter: [tauntingly] Ruined it!
Grandsanta: We'll fix this, Steve. We'll be back home in a wobble of a reindeer's buttocks. A-And EVIE can go back in mothballs. You can forget she ever existed.
Arthur: You can't just go home! [pulls away the reins] What about Gwen?!
Steve: Gwen? For that you threaten my whole operation?
Arthur: Steve, you said if there was any way to get there, you would. Well, this is it! Look, the old sleigh's perfect! [a piece broke off] Oh, right. Well, anyway, it goes really fast, even with bits missing, and we've got quite a few reindeer left. And if I'm sick again, I can be sick in a bag.
Bryony: I'll wrap him one!
Elf 1: We can help them, sir!
Elf 2: No one missed, sir!
Elf 3: All correct presents, present and correct, sir!
[the elves set up to deliver Gwen's present]
Arthur: If you'd help us, Steve, we can do it.
[Steve considers helping Arthur and Grandsanta while Peter offers him a drink]
Elf 4: Grandsanta and Arthur would be the heroes of the night, sir! [Peter drops the drink in shock]
Steve: [quickly] Come home now! If we all just gave in to Christmas spirit, there'd be chaos.
Grandsanta: [pulls the reins toward him] We're on our way, Steve!
Arthur: [pulls the reins away again] NO! Santa would want us to get to Gwen. Ask him! Please!
Steve: Arthur, this is Dad we're talking about. There was a time when he cared about every last gift tag, but now he just wants to be loved and get some rest.
Arthur: No! He's-He's lying awake worrying his beard off about Gwen.
[Steve presses a button on his HOHO, revealing a voicemail]
Santa: [in the voicemail] Ho-ho-ho! Off to the land of nod. Please do not disturb until December 26. Is that it, dear?
Margaret: [in the voicemail] Yes, Malcolm. Press the red... [voicemail ends]
Arthur: [after learning Santa has gone to bed without caring about Gwen] No. Santa's the most caring man in the world.
Bryony: So why are you here and not him?
[Grandsanta pulls the reins really hard, causing EVIE to turn upside, then he, Arthur, and Bryony fall onto a island and Gwen's gift falls near Arthur, who walks away in disappointment]
Grandsanta: Don't leave me, Arthur! Poor old man and his reindeer on our own at Christmas? At least have the decency to finish us off with a rock!
[Arthur stops, then walks away again]

[Santa, Steve and Grandsanta argue over who gets to deliver the present before Arthur interrupts them as Gwen wakes up]
Arthur: Please! Gwen just has to have a present from Santa.
Santa: [hands Arthur the present] You do it, Arthur. [Arthur delivers the present]

[The elves run around panicking as the North Pole melts down. The giant Santa ice sculpture crashes down behind Ernie Clicker]
Ernie Clicker: What the…? [turns around and spots Arthur cycling through Trelew on Gwen's bike] Look, everyone! It's Arthur! He's delivering the present!
Elves: It's Arthur!
North Pole Computer: MELTDOWN PAUSED.

[Steve accidentally delivers the new gift to the wrong child in Mexico rather than England]
Steve: [enters the S-1] Okay, so I'm not great with children. Does that make me a bad Santa? You're hardly perfect. Let me guess - you put in the address, saw a list of Trelews and clicked on the first one? You're just like Arthur!
Santa: [stunned] Am I?

[Grandsanta, Santa and Steve start to leave while Arthur turns back to watch Gwen open her gift]
Arthur: Dad, wait! Please, let's... [gestures to the door]
Santa: [joins Arthur] Oh. In all my years, I've never actually... Always so busy. [Steve comes up beside them] Too busy. I'm not good at... [pats his sons on the back, they both look at him] In my day, a pat on the back and a walnut went a long way.
Gwen: Come on! It's downstairs! [she runs down the stairs] I think it's under the tree. [her parents follow, she tears the wrapping] I can see pink. [Santa, Grandsanta, Steve and Arthur watch as Gwen opens her present] It's a BIKE! Santa brought me the bike I wanted! Can I have a go? Please, please, please?
[Santa looks from the beaming Arthur to Steve]
Santa: Steve, you deserve to be Santa. [Steve gasps and looks at the Santa figure Arthur earlier gave him] But Steve, I wonder...if Gwen is right. [looks at Arthur]
Gwen: [as she rides her bike] Careful, I'm gonna bump into you!
Steve: [considers for a moment then holds out the figure to Arthur] I'll be the candle, eh? [Arthur gasps as he realizes the implications]
Grandsanta: [quietly] Whoppee!
Santa: You're better men than... [sniffles] Both of you.
Gwen: A bike and... A squirrel?! Oh! [the squirrel runs away]
[The Clauses exit the house and Bryony picks up Steve's dropped HOHO to report in]
Bryony: Drop complete! [the number of children without a gift changes from 1 to 0] And we have a new Santa! [pans the HOHO to show Arthur climbing out the window. Everyone cheers]

Steve: [watches the footage] The old sleigh? What is happening here?! It was supposed to be chopped up for firewood decades ago. How on earth did that devious...?
Peter: [interrupts Steve] Old people, sir. Shall I get you your stress ball?
Steve: We have a finer comms array than the Pentagon, and you're saying we can't contact them unless by some crazy, ancient... [interrupted once again]
Ernie: [offscreen] Toodle-ooh! Here comes the cavalry!
Peter: Ernie Clicker, sir.
Ernie: Head of Polar Communications for 46 missions. Oh crikey-blikey! Me and your granddad saw some times. I remember once...
Steve: [interrupts Ernie and puts him in the chair] Wow, must catch up soon. Now.
Ernie: Oh, you're in a hurry. I can tell.
[Ernie blows the dust off the Signalator, Peter plugs the cord in]
Steve: Oh, this is ridiculous. Could we hurry this?
Ernie: Oh, you can't rush the Signalator. Gotta play her gentle. [unhurriedly tries to communicate with Grandsanta and Arthur] So, what do you wish to say? I wouldn't worry. It's not like they're surrounded by man-eating lions.
[cut to Arthur, Grandsanta and Bryony surronded by 7 man-eating lions]
Arthur: [desperately serenading man-eating lions] Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is right!
I realize this is mental, but it's all that I know!
It's Christmas, nice kitties, so please let us go! [it starts working]
Bryony and Grandsanta: [shrug and join Arthur] Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace!
[The lions fall asleep and the 3 escape, but a bang from the sleigh wakes the lions again]

[The elves panic at the thought of the Santas abandoning them]
Old Elf: It's like 1816!
[The elves gasp and run around in horror]
Elf: Abandon the North Pole!
[One elf activates a switch labeled In Case of Being Like 1816]
Computer: Are you sure you want to delete Christmas? [elf hits "yes" and a ten minute countdown starts to meltdown]

Bryony: [overdramatically talking about Gwen while trying to "worry" Arthur] She runs away, alcoholic by the age of 9, dead before she's even...! [Grandsanta quickly covers her mouth]
Grandsanta: She may never build a snowman again!

[Grandsanta and Bryony are left in an awkward silence while Arthur tries a dangerous stunt to get the sleigh back]
Grandsanta: Elf, how do you fancy being the one to tell his parents about all this? [Bryony looks horrified at the thought]

Grandsanta: [hiding] It's like that terrible night all over again!
Arthur: What night?
Grandsanta: The last time I took EVIE out for a spin! I didn't know it was the Cuban Missile Crisis! I nearly started World War 3!

Arthur: [parachuting away, to Grandsanta] Happy Christmas!
Grandsanta: In Santa we believe! [to Bryony] Go on, elf, you too!
Bryony: [she kisses Grandsanta in the cheek, as if to say "Thank you", then jumps off] Hi-yah!
Chief De Silva: [amplified through drone] Fire missiles. [drone prepares to launch its missiles]
Grandsanta: [prepares to abandon EVIE, to his old reindeer] This is it, old fella! Maybe the next Santa never sat in my EVIE, but Arthur did, and he's as good a man as any Santa there's ever been! [releases the reindeer and stands on the top of EVIE as missiles head towards it, saluting] Goodbye, EVIE. [jumps off at the last second as the missiles destroy the sleigh]
Chief De Silva: Good work everyone. You just saved Christmas!

Computer: Christmas accomplished.

Bryony: When you put the address in the HOHO, what did you see?
Arthur: [realizing they are in Mexico after seeing a poster saying "El Burrito de Mexico" and seeing everything written in Spanish] A list of Trelews. I just clicked on the first one!
Bryony: Which was not Trelew, England! We're in the wrong Trelew!

Steve: This is Germany, Father. They drive on the right. National dish, sausage. Okay, let's show them, people. Operation: Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Grandsanta: [at the tractor dealership in Idaho, Arthur is trying to remove a golden reindeer from the "Leaping Deer Auto's sign] Bash it with a brick, Arthur! Go on!
Arthur: [struggling to remove the reindeer on top of the roof] It just won't...
Grandsanta: Grab its antlers and tug!
Bryony: I may just be a wrapping operative, sir, but this contravenes [her HOHO says "17"] specific mission regulations.
Grandsanta: I'm in charge here, not Billy the Bureaucratic!
Arthur: [almost removing the reindeer] It's stuck!
Grandsanta: Shh...! [hears Bryony's HOHO say "18", then turns to Bryony] Elf, wrap your head!
Bryony: Sir! [wraps her head]
Grandsanta: [to Arthur] Come on, Lad. You're as much use as a cheese chopstick!
Arthur: Got it! Oh, no! [gasps]
Grandsanta: Oh my big Aunt Betty. It will have to do! Pass it down! [turns to Bryony] What?
Bryony: [whimpering] Permission to breathe, sir?! I have about 9 seconds left before I black out!
Grandsanta: 1 breath.
Bryony: [seeing the lights in the tractor dealership owner's house switch on] Sir!
Grandsanta: [to Bryony] I said 1! [to Arthur] Hurry up, Arthur!
Arthur: But don't we need a whole one? You know, to balance the sleigh?
Grandsanta: Oh, it won't balance the sleigh! If anything, it will only slow us down.
Arthur: So why are we taking it?
Grandsanta: It's for Gwen! 8 beautiful reindeer! That is what she is dreaming of - the jingly bells, the sleigh on the roof...
Arthur: Yeah, but...
Grandsanta: That's what the kids want, not some spaceship. We're giving her the star treatment! [to Bryony] What now?
Bryony: [she whimpers through the wrapping and opens it] We have a waker, sir, with a gun!
[the gun fires and the ladder falls]
Grandsanta: That's it, lad! You distract him!
Arthur: Grandsanta!
Tractor Dealership Owner: Who's there?
Arthur: [dressed up as an alien speaking to the owner of the tractor dealership in Idaho] We come in peace! Our craft has to travel around the world in less than an hour! We need a sign of our sle--, craft! Sorry I can't pay you. Where I come from, we don't have money!

Arthur: [the sleigh is flying across Toronto, it traverses across a curved building and people inside see it] They can see us!
Grandsanta: Well, pull the camouflage lever! Now, we better draw in a few of these sky scratchers... [Arthur pulls the wrong lever and the sleigh transforms into something that looks like a steam locomotive] Not that one, that's a steam train, ya ninny!

Steve: [gets a phone call on his HOHO, it wakes him up] Hello? What elf?
Peter: Bryony Shelfley, sir! The crazy wrapping elf, you know? Security tracked her to Sector 19. And we think Arthur was here.
Steve: Arthur?
Peter: Who else leaves the door open, huh, sir?
Steve: The old sleigh barn? That was sealed up decades ago. After that terrible night, Grandsanta sneaked out and... Thank goodness he is too old these days to get into trouble.

About Arthur Christmas[edit]

  • My aspiration for the character design was, yes, not going the “Flushed Away” route of trying to copy the stop-frame look. That was my choice. I think that Nick [Park] is one of the best character designers in the world. People don’t think of him like that, but I think he is. I think one of the things that makes his movies spectacular is his characters are fantastic. But, to me, they totally belong to Nick and they belong to stop-frame. So, in the end, I wanted them to still look like they could have only come from Aardman and that they belonged to the family. I think they do. I don’t think they look like CG human characters from other studios. We didn’t try to make any of them cute, particularly. They weren’t trying to look appealing. They are themselves. They have a slightly rough and ready look to them.


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