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Escape from Planet Earth is a 2013 computer-animated sci-fi adventure comedy film about two alien brothers named Scorch and Gary, two of Baab's greatest heroes, who get locked up in Area 51 when Scorch answered a SOS from Earth what turned out to be a trap.

Directed by Cal Brunker. Written by Bob Barlen.
Earth's greatest secrets are about to break out! (taglines)

Gary Supernova[edit]

  • [to Scorch] I'm the brains, and you're the brawn.

Scorch Supernova[edit]

  • No questions, just pictures.
  • Nothing can stop Scorch Supernova! [falls unconcious]
  • [repeated line] Scorch me, baby!

Kira Supernova[edit]

  • [wearing the rocket boots] Gary, turn off your brain and hang on!
  • [to Lena, angrily] You betrayed your people, you betrayed your planet, and you're not fit to wear this uniform! [rips patch off of Lena's dress]
  • [to Lena, who is unconscious] What? Just cause you think a chick has kids she can't dish it out?


  • [to Scorch] We received an SOS from the Dark Planet!


  • [to Gary] This is Area 51, man. [whispers] There's no way out.
  • You gotta forgive those guys. They have no manners. [swallows some food whole, then burps]


  • Hey, are you finished with the toilet?
  • Try breathing through your nose.


  • Keep it down, I'm trying to get some shut eye!
  • I don't fly well. Mbbb, Bleeahh!


Gary Supernova: [hastily] Kira, Kip's gone! Kip's gone!
Kira Supernova: What?
Gary Supernova: The rescue pod!
Kira Supernova: [shocked; lets the plates drop] We gotta get to BASA before he does!
Gary Supernova: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?
Kira Supernova: We're using the rocket boots.
Gary Supernova: Are you crazy? The gyroscope is off. The thrust mechanism is broken. They're not ready to fly.
Kira Supernova: I've spent 15 years as a BASA test pilot. It's not rocket science.
Gary Supernova: That's exactly what it is! They're rocket boots!
Kira Supernova: [turns on the rocket boots] Gary, turn off your brain and hang on!

Io: Keep it down, I'm trying to get some shut eye!
Gary Supernova: Ah, I get it, because you only have one eye...
Io: Are you making fun of my 1-eye? RAWR!

About Escape From Planet Earth[edit]

  • No, this was a project that was at the Weinstein Company in development for several years, and they’ve gone down paths and tested out things that they wanted to do and didn’t want to do. When we came on, they wanted to take the story in a new direction. And so, we did a page one rewrite of what they had at the time and went from there which is becoming more and more common in animation these days. You’re hearing about the kind of journey that these things go through.
  • I think it was interesting for her in animation. That’s one of the nice things about animation. It’s not your face up there. It’s your performance up there. I think she enjoyed the chance to do something that she wouldn’t normally do as an actress. That was fun. She had a lot of fun with it for sure. I really enjoyed working with her.
  • It was wonderful when he said yes. He brought a bunch of comedy to the villain which was lovely, because he could have very easily just become a straight-laced Army general. In the cadence and the way he speaks, he’s got an eye for comedy, and anywhere there’s a little gap, he’ll tuck something in, in just the way he delivers a line or where he pauses. He brought that character to life in a really unique way and certainly surprised us with a lot of his takes which was fun. As a director, that’s my favorite thing. I try right out of the gate to stay out of the way. I’ll talk about what the scene needs to do but try and get out of the way and be surprised. And then, if it doesn’t seem to line up with what you think the scene needs to be, then you try and bring it back on track. I think creating room for those surprises is important because you get the best out of everybody as well as what you can bring to the table. Shatner was great from that perspective.
    • Callan Brunker [1]
  • We really wanted to make and create female characters who would kick butt and who were not just damsels in distress and that type of thing. Certainly we love strong women in our lives and that’s something that’s important for us, especially for something that kids will be watching, but just in general, that’s the type of movie I want to watch. I don’t want to see something where women are diminished and for us to get a chance to do that in animation was great.
    • Bob Barlen [2]


  • Earth's greatest secret's are about to break out!


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