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Escape from Planet Earth is a 2013 computer-animated sci-fi adventure comedy film about two alien brothers named Scorch and Gary, who get locked up in Area 51 when Scorch answered a SOS from Earth what turned out to be a trap.

Directed by Cal Brunker. Written by Brunker & Bob Barlen. Story by Tony Leech & Cory Edwards.
Earth's greatest secrets are about to break out! (taglines)

Gary Supernova[edit]

  • [to Scorch] I'm the brains, and you're the brawn.
  • [repeated line to Barry] Sorry, Barry!
  • Well, better have another kid. [Kira: Gary!] Just what every father wants to hear. My son wants to be like my dim-witted brother.
  • [to Shanker] I thought I told you: "We come in PEACE!" [punches Shanker hard in the face, knocking him out] Ouch! Oh, wow!

Scorch Supernova[edit]

  • No questions, just pictures.
  • Nothing can stop Scorch Supernova! [falls unconcious]
  • [repeated line] Scorch me, baby!

Kira Supernova[edit]

  • [wearing the rocket boots] Gary, turn off your brain and hang on!
  • [to Lena, angrily] You betrayed your people, you betrayed your planet, and you're not fit to wear this uniform! [rips patch off of Lena's dress]
  • [to Lena, who is unconscious] What? Just cause you think a chick has kids she can't dish it out?


  • [to Gary] We've received an uncharted sector of the Galaxy. Prepare for Scorch's next mission. [Gary: Copy that, boss. Where we headed?] He's going to the dark planet.


  • [to Gary] This is Area 51, man. [whispers] There's no way out.
  • You gotta forgive those guys. They have no manners. [swallows some food whole, then burps]
  • We got lots of Alien Delicacies. Blorm, Phrebbish, Zumft, Diet Zumft, Free-range Zumft, Non-dairy gluten-free Zumft, And if you're looking for something a bit more refined, we got fresh plarbe.
  • [to Gary about the Peace Shield] It's overkill if you ask me, but it's America. They supersize everything.


  • Hey, are you finished with the toilet?
  • Try breathing through your nose.


  • Keep it down, I'm trying to get some shut eye!
  • I don't fly well. Mbbb, Bleeahh!


Gary Supernova: [hastily] Kira, Kip's gone! Kip's gone!
Kira Supernova: What?
Gary Supernova: The rescue pod!
Kira Supernova: [shocked; lets the plates drop] We gotta get to BASA before he does!
Gary Supernova: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?
Kira Supernova: We're using the rocket boots.
Gary Supernova: Are you crazy? The gyroscope is off. The thrust mechanism is broken. They're not ready to fly.
Kira Supernova: I've spent 15 years as a BASA test pilot. It's not rocket science.
Gary Supernova: That's exactly what it is! They're rocket boots!
Kira Supernova: [turns on the rocket boots] Gary, turn off your brain and hang on!

[At a Drive In, a teenage couple are watching It Came from Outer Space]
3D Movie Girl: Ugh! [takes 3D glasses off in exasperation] I thought this was supposed to be in 3D!
3D Movie Guy: Shh! It is in 3D!
[The Rocket with Gary on board suddenly bursts through the screen. The Male Teen ducks as the Female Teen stands there impressed.]
3D Movie Girl: Okay, that's better!

Io: Keep it down, I'm trying to get some shut eye!
Gary Supernova: Ah, I get it, because you only have one eye...
Io: Are you making fun of my one eye? [roars angrily]


  • Earth's greatest secret's are about to break out!


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