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Ben 10: Alien Force continues where the original Ben 10 series has left off. But this time; Kevin, a former enemy of Ben, now joins with Ben and Gwen to battle new monsters that await them. Monsters known as; DNAliens and the HighBreed race. Along with the new enemies, Ben also gets to call upon the help of 10 brand new aliens as well, aliens such as; Swampfire, Chromastone, Humongousaur etc.... The show now airs every Friday at 9:30pm and re-broadcasts the same episode every Saturday at 10am

Now, having saved the Earth once again. Ben and gang return for an all new threat. That's right, the return of Vilgax and many others that will follow him in their quest for domination of Earth. The 3rd season airs at 8:30 pm on Friday's block; You Are Here. And re-broadcasts the same episode on Saturday's Crunch Zone at 11:30 am Ben Tennyson Voice Yuri Lowenthal Gwen Tennyson Voice Ashley Johnson Rocka Voice Tom Kenny Beast Boy Voice Greg Cipes Starfire Voice Hynden Walch Raven Voice Tara Strong Cyborg Voice Khary Payton Kevin Levin Voice Greg Cipes Robin Voice Scott Menville.


Season 1[edit]

Ben 10 Returns Part One [1.01][edit]

  • Ben: Um...I wasn't showing off. I mean, I'm going to show it to my Grandpa, I guess that is sort of showing off.

  • Swampfire: I forgot how much fun this is.
  • Swampfire: *chuckles* Cut it out, that tickles

  • Ben: Maybe you should have brought a shopping cart.
[Referring to the scene where Ben sees Kevin steal some artifacts]

Ben 10 Returns Part Two [1.02][edit]

Ben: Previously on Ben 10: Alien Force.

Forever Knight: Nobody move! Hands on your head!
Kevin: Make me!

Forever Knight: Oh you're not gonna...
Kevin: Yeah, I am!

  • Echo Echo: Got him, got him, got him...Don't got him.

Ben: I thought I destroyed all of those things?
Kevin: I kept one as a souvenir. Lucky, huh?

Gwen: Follow me.
Kevin: I will follow you anywhere...except there. Come on Gwen! Paint job!

[In Highbreed's ship]
Ben: How do I look?
Kevin: About the same...taller...

  • Ben: [Disguised as DNAlien, trying to appear casual] Hey, how's it goin'? What's up! I owe you a call!
  • Kevin: I owe you a call?

Kevin: Save some for me, those creeps cost me a major payday...also, they're evil, and we're against that.

Kevin: We kick butt!
Humongousaur: So far.

Kevin: Did he just call me a lower life-form?
Humongousaur I'm pretty sure he did.
Gwen: And while he may have a point... it's rude to say so.

  • Humongousaur I mock anybody that uses the word "Mock".

Everybody Talks About the Weather [1.03][edit]

  • Ranger I am SO fired.

  • Gwen: Phone call for Mr. Rogueish charm.

  • Ben: That's what you get for trying to act cool all the time.

  • Kevin: Want me to kick his butt for ya? It'll be like old times *smiles*.

Kevin's Big Score [1.05][edit]

Kevin: I hear you're looking for me, Vulcanus...well here I am.
Vulcanus: Kevin Levin! I can't decide whether to trade with you or tear you to pieces. Remember that Counterfeit Isotope Scam a few years back?
Kevin: Yeah... sorry 'bout that...
Vulcanus: You left me holding the bag and at the mercy of the Plumbers. I escaped, but now I'm stuck on Earth swapping level 3 tech to get by! Thanks to you!
Kevin: Ancient history.

Big Chill: He would be if he were alone. But, he's with us.
Kevin: You followed me?
Big Chill: That whole; "Get mad and storm off" act...please!

All That Glitters [1.05][edit]

Kevin: Don't you think we should get to know him a little more?
Ben: What's to know? He's got the powers, he's got the gear-
Kevin: He's got a sparkly trail when he flies.

  • Ben: (Kevin attempts to pick the lock on Michael Morningstar's door) This is why you changed your mind about Gwen going out with Michael? So we can spy on him?
  • Kevin: Yep.
  • Ben: Well, then stop!
  • Kevin: He ain't right, Ben. And if you're not gonna check him out, then I am.
  • Ben: You're doing the wrong thing. The old Kevin thing. Step away from the door.
  • Kevin: You really want to fight me over some new guy? That's how you're gonna build a team? (opens door) And they said I didn't learn anything in the Null Void.

  • Kevin: (Takes Morningstar's Plumber badge after Gwen defeated him) You don't deserve this. (Crushes the badge)

Max Out [1.06][edit]

Gwen: You're sweet to do this Kevin. Ken is-
Kevin: [chuckles] What? Ken?! Your brother's name is Ken?! Gwen and Ken Tennyson. What are your folks' names, Sven and Jen? I'm talking to you, Ben.
Ben: [sarcastic] Yes, our names rhyme and you noticed, good for you.

  • Kevin: For a guy who's so cool, he sure picked a lame spot to have spring break.
  • Gwen: Ken IS totally cool. And he didn't pick where the awesome-mobile broke down.
  • Kevin: "Awesome-mobile"?
  • Ben: His car... I told you he's cool.
  • Kevin: *sarcastic* Oh yeah, who could doubt it.

  • Kevin: That's a work-related accident. You can sue.

  • Ben: We are not stealthy.
  • Kevin: But we kick much butt.

  • Big Chill: Thought you guys liked it cold.

  • Kevin: So, was I right?
  • Ben: Yeah, worst road trip ever.

Pier Pressure [1.07][edit]

[At Ben's house]
Ben: Has anyone told you you're a strange and dangerous person?
Kevin: Constantly...but enough about me. Gwen says that you need a favor.
Ben: Uh, yeah. See, I wanna go to the pier tonight with Julie.
Kevin: I bet you do.
Ben: And, since I don't have a car,
Kevin: Or a license.
Ben: Or a license. I was wondering if you could give us a ride.
Kevin: OK.
Ben: No jokes, no insults, no blackmail?
Kevin: Nope.
Ben: Wow, thanks.'re gonna wait til we're in the car and you're gonna make my life miserable, aren't you?
Kevin: [smiles, then slams door] Knobs broken

[Driving scene]
Kevin: Now remember Benny-boy. Your mother and I want you back by 10-O'clock sharp, or you can't go to the disco.
Julie: Disco?
Ben: He watches a lot of reruns.
Gwen: Give'em a break, Kevin.
Kevin: Gosh, pumpkin, what do you mean?
Gwen: [ticked off] You know exactly what I mean. At least when Ben likes a girl, he lets her know. He asks her out, maturely. Isn't that a novel approach?

What Are Little Girls Made Of? [1.08][edit]

Kevin: I dunno what you just said...but CANNONBALL!
Brainstorm: Oh, attempting to short me out hmm?
Kevin: Okay, you got me that time.

[In the car]
Kevin: This is crazy. She didn't show up yesterday, and she's not gonna show tonight.
Gwen: Humor me.[Kevin sighs]
Ben: [fools around with the door opener]
Kevin: [ticked at Ben] Does it look like I'm kidding, Tennyson?

  • Kevin: (referring to Gwen leaving) No! Why would you even think about it? I want you around. The whole thing's lame.
  • Gwen: (Kisses Kevin on the cheek and walks away)
  • Kevin (yelling after Gwen): Lame. Lame. LAME!

  • Spidermonkey: Check it out...hands free!

Spidermonkey: Why Grandma...what big trouble you have.

Kevin: Dude, I don't know if I can pound your grandma!
Spidermonkey: That's okay. We're teaching her to mind her Mana!
Verdona: [laughs] Good one, Ben.

Verdona: Don't forget to have some fun, kiddo. Grandma's going to drop in now and again to see how you're doing.
Gwen's Mother: [sarcastically] Oh, Joy...

The Gauntlet [1.09][edit]

  • Ben You know who would be perfect for this?
  • Kevin: The suspense is killin' me!
  • Goop:[After Ben changes into Goop] Goop!
  • Kevin and Gwen: EW!
  • Goop: You know this is cool!

  • Gwen:Ben, get off of us!
  • Goop:Sorry!

[at Ben's house]

  • Ben: Want some help?
  • Kevin: You wanna help me? Go away!
  • Ben: Fine by me. (puts 2 juice cups down and walks away angrily)
  • Ben: [Walks back to drinks and grabs one] No juice for you! [walks away again]

Paradox [1.10][edit]

  • Ben: I need to put on a little weight.

Old Kevin: What do you think you're doing?
Ben: Driving.
Old Kevin: Don't even think about it. You don't have a license.
Ben: Grandpa Max taught me, and it's an emergency. You're near-sighted, arthritic, your reflexes are shot... and you're trying to unlock a cactus.

  • Kevin: *shouts* Oh and uh, thanks for stranding us the middle of nowhere!

Ben: [Reads Paradox' note] "Kevin, try to keep in mind that if this car comes into contact with anything else from will explode like anti-matter. Enjoy! Paradox."
Kevin: He's kidding right? That some kind of "time travel" joke right? Isn't it, guys?

Old Kevin: You should've gone out with me when I was young and handsome.
Gwen: Too immature.
Old Kevin: How 'bout now?
Gwen: Too old.

Paradox: I'll tell you my story in a way that you can understand. With a beginning, middle and end. We'll start in the middle. Los Solidad was built entirely because of my ingenious theory. A time tunnel utilizing properties which I discovered in quartz crystals. Which allows us access past and future events.
Kevin: Well for a genius it looks like you blew it.
Paradox: You don't know the half of it. So some tiny miscalculation on my part destabilized the experiment and ripped a hole in the fabric of reality. I was hurled into the event horizon. I must have spent 100,000 years there. I didn't age, or need to sleep or eat. Just exist.
Kevin heh, Sounds pretty boring.
Paradox At first, I went mad of course, but after a few millennia, I got bored with that too, and went sane. Very Sane. I began to learn. I now have total understanding of the space/time continuum, allowing me to travel anywhere and anywhen I want. Within reason of course.

Be-Knighted [1.11][edit]

  • Ben: Good idea, headbutt!

  • Gwen: Wait a minute, they paid you to bring Ben to them, didn't they?
  • Kevin: That hurts. Don't you think I ever do anything of the goodness of my heart?
  • Gwen: How... much?
  • Kevin: I cut him a deal.

  • Kevin: It's not just you, Ben does sort of favor a monkey. Smells like one too.

Plumber's Helpers [1.12][edit]

  • Kevin: Monsters?!...That's a laugh coming from a Halloween reject like you.
  • Kevin: How come I always get the easy jobs?

  • Kevin: Let me out of this bubble...then we'll see what you got!

  • Kevin: And you...are a pinhead.

  • Kevin: Nothing like a little iron in your diet to perk you right up.

  • Ben: I've got to start wearing a helmet.

[Arguing scene]

  • Manny: Think you're funny?
  • Kevin: Hey, you're the comedian. At least you got the face for it.
  • Kevin: I'm begging for it! Who's gonna give it to me?
  • Helen: (to Gwen) Tell your boyfriend to back off
  • Gwen: No you tell yours...whoa, he's not my boyfriend.

[Null Void portal closes]

  • Kevin: That is SO not gonna go well.
  • Ben: I don't know...on paper we don't look like such a great team either.
  • Kevin: There is that... now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna swipe some of their equipment.
  • Gwen: Kevin?!
  • Ben: SO not cool man!

X = Ben + 2 [1.13][edit]

Alien X: Alien X! Seconded! "Water stopping"-motion: carried!

Ben: This is awesome! Quick, how do I make something else happen?
Serena: You are one of three.
Bellicus: Weren't you listening?
Ben: Yeah, whatever. Okay, team Alien X! Let's move! [Starts flying away from Serena and Bellicus, but stops when he realizes they aren't doing anything]
Serena: We are one of the most powerfull beings in the universe.
Bellicus: Because we are the most deliberative.
Ben: Huh? You mean the Earth is safe?
Bellicus: No. How did you get that? [Ben flies back to them]
Serena: I am Serena, the voice of love and compassion.
Bellicus: And I'm Bellicus, the voice of rage and aggression. You're supposed to be the voice of reason!
Serena: Bellicus and I have been locked in eternal argument.
Ben: Yeah, that's great, but the Earth is going to be destroyed any minute!
Serena: [Sad] I feel sorrow. Billions of lives will be lost.
Bellicus: Nah, they probably had it coming. [To Ben] Get it, genius? We deliberate. Now you try it.
Ben: I wanna know what happend to my friends.
Serena: Seconded!
Bellicus: Motion carried. [A glowing window appears, allowing them to see Gwen and Kevin]

Gwen: [Referring to Alien X] You can't just stuff him in the trunk.
Kevin: You're right...he doesn't fit.
Gwen: I'm serious, he hasn't moved since he fixed the dam. Maybe he's hurt or...
Kevin: Nah, he's warm. Maybe he's resting.

Ben: He destroyed planet Pluto!
Bellicus: Pluto wasn't a planet. It was a dwarf-planet.
Serena: I think it should have been a planet.

Bellicus: Alien X doesn't do anything unless it's put to a vote. We already cut you some slack 'cause you're new. But that's the procedure.
Ben: Okay, I move that you let me use the Omnitrix.
Bellicus: [pause] Is there a second? [looks at Serena, both stay silent] Motion defeated.
Bellicus& Serena: Good vote.

Kevin: [About Pluto's destruction] Look on the bright side, this should smooth out Neptune's orbit.

Ben: I propose we come to a vote on saving the world.
Bellicus: That's new business, kid. We still got old business from before you showed up.
Ben: [annoyed] Well hurry!
Bellicus: Of course. I would like to vote on table-motion number eigty-billion and three: to save the dinosaurs from extinction. [Ben looks at him in disbelief]
Serena: [Whispers to Ben] He's against it.
Bellicus: [to Ben] Just listen, I'm sure I could win you over.

Kevin: Pew! burnin' rubber!

[Princess Attea has just overthrown Emperor Milleous]
Princess Attea: Sentimental old fool. Seeing you paid my ransom, I paid SevenSeven twice as much to overthrow you.
Emperor Milleous: Actually, I have to respect that.

Ben: [To Serena] You! You're supposed to be love and compassion! How can you let an entire world die!? [To Bellicus] And you! You're supposed to be anger and aggression! How can you let bad stuff go unpunished!? How can you both be so useless!?
Bellicus: [Outraged] Useless!?
Serena: We're the most powerful being in the universe. We change the very nature of space and time.
Ben: You don't do anything! Billions of lives are at stake and you're like "Oh the procedure". [Serena starts crying]
Bellicus: Now look at what you did! Alright, I move that we save the Earth! Happy!?
Ben: No! Just let me out of here! I've got nine other guys who can do it better.
Serena: That's hurtful.

Swampfire: [An Incursion soldier smells Swampfire's smell, coughs for a moment, then faints] Now that's just rude. I don't smell that bad, do I? [Smells his armpit; four more soldiers faint because of Swampfire's stink] Hmph. Fine!

Season 2[edit]

Darkstar Rising [2.01][edit]

[At some warehouse]

  • Kevin: Forever Knights.
  • Gwen: Up to no good as usual.

  • Kevin: Sounds bad.
  • Officer: If I were you, I'd keep my mouth in check.
  • Kevin: If I were you, I wouldn't threat a guy who can kick your can halfway up the street and back.
  • Plumber officer: Feeling froggy son? Then jump.
  • Gwen: And if you're feeling smart...don't.
  • Kevin: Ribbit.

  • Kevin: I don't see why we got to talk to him.
  • Plumber officer: Because I'm the plumber officer in charge of this whole place.
  • Ben: And you know we're the good guys.

  • Kevin: Ugh, how does turnip and wheatgrass make anything better? *a little ticked*

  • Kevin: Oh, ginger. That solves our problems *sarcasm*
  • Ben: Badges, We don't need any stinking badges.

[In some lab]

Plumber officer: I don't understand what's going on. That's the guy who tipped me off that you were impersonating plumbers.
Kevin: And he scammed Big Ugly too. [Highbreed growls at Kevin] Well he did. Don't snarl at me.
Ben: I know who he is.
Darkstar: Do you really?
Ben: You had to be somebody who knows all the Plumbers and the Highbreed. But most importantly, you had to be someone with a grudge against us. Why don't you take off the dopey mask, Michael?
Kevin: Wait, that's Michael Morningstar? The creep who tried to steal Gwen from... Who, who stole all those powers from those girls at his prep school?
Darkstar: When you ruined my plan, you nearly destroyed me. But over the weeks, my power returned. Stronger than ever. And so did my hunger. My old method of feeding is no longer sufficient.
Ben High school girls too tough for you huh?
Darkstar To the contrary. I need more power than they can supply. Michael Morningstar no longer exists.

[Darkstar lifts his mask]

  • Darkstar: I am Darkstar.
  • Ben and Kevin: Eww.

  • Gwen: I swear, you were better looking when we used to go out.

Alone Together [2.02][edit]

[In a warehouse]
Kevin: Nice goin, Mr "I got it covered".

Ben: My name is Ben, Ben Tennyson. What's yours?
Reinassic III: I am known as Corine Reinassic III, seventh son of the noble Highbreed house of Dirassa, direct descendant of the High Order of Raseckt, heir to the--
Ben: I'm gonna call you Reiny.
Reinassic III: That is disrespectful, Ben-Ben Tennyson!

Ben: (hearing a rumbling in the background) Did you hear something?
Reinassic III: I heard nothing except you, human - which is the same as nothing.
Ben: (dryly) Ha-ha.
Reinassic III: I believe I'm beginning to grasp your concept of humour.

Good Copy, Bad Copy [2.03][edit]

  • Kevin: Your cousin took out a whole hive? Come on, he doesn't have the guts.
  • Gwen: You mean it's not like Ben to go on a mission like that alone.
Kevin: OKAY.
Gwen: Why he's keeping secret from us?

[At Ben's house]

  • Kevin: Congratulations Tennyson, you're finally putting the Omnitrix to maximum use.

Ben: I swear, I've been calculating the angular momentum. If I don't pass, my mom will ground me, which means minimal hero time and zero Julie time. You do the math, because apparently I can't.
Kevin: I believe him. When you lie, your left eye twitches. But who knows, maybe you've been blackin' out and sleep fighting.

  • Ben: (looking at Albedo's left eye twitching) It really does twitch when I lie.
  • Kevin: Told ya.

Albedo: This human body is unbearable!
Kevin: I get that, and the face is even worse.

  • Albedo: But some day I will be free, then they will all suffer, starting with Ben Tennyson,until that day . . . BRING ME CHILLI FRIES!!

Save the Last Dance [2.04][edit]

[At Ben's home]

  • Gwen *annoyed and sighs again, magically pulls Kevin away from fixing his car*
  • Kevin HEY!
  • Kevin What?!
  • Gwen Oh, look! They're having a formal dance at my school on Friday!
  • Kevin What? You want me to take you to the dance?
  • Gwen Great! Pick me up at 7!
  • Kevin What?! *shocked*

  • Ben: I cannot stress enough the importance of flossing.
  • Kevin: Uh huh.
  • Ben: I found this in my teeth. I think something may be going wrong with my powers.
  • Kevin: Uh huh *curious* What do you know about girls?
  • Ben: ...Okay that has nothing to do with my problem. What do you want to know?
  • Kevin: Gwen's school is having some dance.
  • Ben: And?
  • Kevin: I think she might expect me to take her.
  • Ben: So take her.
  • Kevin: But the dance is at Gwen's fancy prep school...with a sit down dinner and everything. What if she expects me to waltz. What if I use the incorrect finger fork.
  • Ben:If she wants you to dance, dance.
  • Kevin: *cuts ben off* But, I don't know how...
  • Ben: *cuts Kevin off* And, there's no such thing as a finger fork.
  • Kevin: See, if I was a preppy guy, I'd know stuff like that.
  • Ben: You've saved the world, been to the null void and back. I'm sure you can handle the spring formal. But I'm having problems...
  • Kevin: *cut's Ben off* I should go rent a video on dancing, and maybe one on forks. Just to be safe.

[At Gwen's house]

  • Kevin: It's just a dance right? Nothing to worry about.
  • Kevin: I look pretty good.

[In Kevin's Car]

  • Gwen: Yellow Roses - how did you know?
  • Kevin: I'm a sensitive guy with an eye for what the ladies like.
  • Gwen: Really?!
  • Kevin: No, acually Ben told me. He was really cool about it. He gave me a lot of good advice.
  • Gwen; Ben?
  • Kevin: Yeah, he even tied my tie.
  • Gwen: Ben, tied your tie and gave you dating tips?
  • Kevin: It could happen.

Kevin: [showing Ben the video of Big Chill babies] Yep. Those are your kids.
Ben: How!?
Kevin: According to this, Necrofriggian, that's Big Chill's race, lays eggs once every eighty years or so. They'll live in space where it's cold, feeding on solar plasma. I doubt you'll ever see them again... mommy.
Ben: Cut it out!

Undercover [2.05][edit]

[In a lab]

  • Ben: Everyone all right?
  • Kevin: Forget that, what about the teleporter pad?
  • Gwen: Deep down, he's really glad we're okay.

[At Cooper's house]

  • Kevin: So Gwen, decided to see your ex?
  • Gwen: Zip it. *getting a little ticked*

  • Ben: There you go, signs of a struggle.
  • Kevin: Smart kid. Left a message in a bottle so someone would see what happened to him.

  • Kevin: In other're attracted to him.

[At Los Solidad]

  • Kevin: Why don't we yell out; "Hey Cooper"
  • Ben: And have 4000 DNAliens crawling up our butts, good plan.
  • Kevin: And if there's 4000 DNAliens behind that door...good plan.

  • Kevin: Calvary's here....not that you uh, need it or anything.

  • Kevin: Yeah Gwen *smiles*. And your powers being +3 nerd bait.

  • Kevin: Hey Coop, the damsel rescues you. Now you get to be the knight that saves the day.
  • Gwen: Jealous much Kevin?
  • Kevin: I'm not.

Pet Project [2.06][edit]

  • Kevin: Okay, no shrieking in the car.
  • Gwen: No promises, sometimes we're gonna shriek.
  • Kevin: WE DO NOT SHRIEK, I mean shriek.

  • Kevin: Nice kinetic face shield. What model's that? The pluster 3?

  • Swampfire: Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it?
  • Kevin: It was a suggestion.

  • Sir Morton: Run away, run away!

(This quote may or may not be a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

Grounded [2.07][edit]

Sandra: He's such a good boy.
Carl: Ben Tennyson is NOT a good boy. He's a GREAT boy. I don't know if it's bad karma to pat ourselves on the back Sandra, but we did a pretty good job as parents.

  • Kevin: If you're saying you're uglier then you got no argument here.

  • Kevin: Nice to see ya. You working flex hours now?

  • Kevin: *laughs* Aww man. *laughs*
  • Ben: What?
  • Kevin: *laughs* Highbreed gave you a black eye. I like him better already. *joking*

  • Ben: We'll meet after dinner and homework.
  • Kevin: Should I floss too?

  • Carl: (has used a variety of tools to get the Omnitrix off, but none of them are working) Okay, it's not coming off.
  • Ben: I tried to tell you.
  • Carl: (looks at the Omnitrix) Not a scratch.
  • Ben: Sorry about your saw blades.
  • Carl: In any case, you're forbidden from using the Omnitrix, understand?

  • Sandra: Do you really think we're that gullible? We were teenagers once too, you know.
  • Carl: I really don't know what to say.
  • Sandra: Well, I do. Benjamin Tennyson, you are grounded!
  • Ben (as Echo Echo): What!? You can't ground me! I'm a super-powered alien!
  • Sandra: You're a super-powered alien who's about five minutes from forcing me to reconsider a lifelong disbelief in corporal punishment!
  • Carl: Up the stairs, young man!

  • (Ben as Echo Echo is sitting on his bed, shaking his legs. Ben's phone rings.)
  • Echo Echo: (answers the phone) Hello?
  • Gwen: Where are you?! We have a situation here! (camera moves to show that Gwen and Kevin are being chased by numerous DNAliens)
  • Kevin: And a lot of DNAliens.
  • Echo Echo: Okay! Aim the phone at them! (Gwen points her phone at the DNAliens. Echo Echo fires a sonic blast through the phone and sends the DNAliens flying. Carl and Sandra enter. Sandra snatches Ben's phone.)
  • Sandra: Who is this?!

  • Kevin: Ugh, what stinks in here? Guess that's for Gwen to find out.

  • Humongousaur: Handle the rest!
  • Kevin: Do your thang.

  • Sandra: Good shot honey!
  • Carl: Like my dad always said...the right tool for the right job.

  • Sandra: (looking at Ben as Humongousaur) I'm sure you would've found a way out even if your father hadn't shot the big alien with his giant space bazooka."

  • Carl: Ben, you're on punishment! Get off the phone.
  • Ben: One minute, Dad.

  • Ben: Dad, no!
  • Carl: Oh, don't you "no" me, Ben Tennyson! You have defied us for the last time!
  • Ben: You've got to listen. My friend is in trouble. I gotta go help him.
  • Sandra:I don't want to hear another word! You are not leaving this room. You are not calling anyone, you are not IMing anyone, you are not texting anyone, you are not Myfacing anyone!
  • Bem: Myfacing?
  • Carl: You will sit here alone until we tell you otherwise. Understood?

  • Ben: You don't understand, this is a matter of life and death.
  • Carl: The only life we're concerned about is yours. You're staying right here.
  • Sandra: Don't look out there, look at us.

  • (Sandra puts Ben's cellphone in her bag)
  • Ben: That's my phone!
  • Carl: A cellphone is a privilege, not a right. You'll get it back when you prove and we can trust you.

Voided [2.08][edit]

[In Ben's house]

  • Ben: Last time when I went in the Null Void I didn't need all this junk.
  • Kevin: Last time you had a motor home full of state-of-the-art Plumber gear.
  • Ben: Which you sold.

  • Ben: Aww, you'd miss me.

  • Ben (As Brainstorm): That isn't how to tell a joke, miscreant! First I say; "knock knock". Then you say; "who dares?".

Inside Man [2.09][edit]

  • Kevin: Nice job parking, slick!
  • Tyler: You can't see it from the road. Driving a truck isn't easy.
  • Gwen: Neither is keeping a piece of equipment this size from aliens.

  • Ben: Chromastone!
  • Tyler: What are you people?
  • Kevin: Get used to it.

  • Chromastone: Now let's have a look at this Oscillator key *shines light* ...Aw man!

(Referring to DNAliens showing up)

  • DNAlien: We are stronger than you, human. Much...much stronger.
  • Gwen: Well, body odor isn't everything.

Birds of a Feather [2.10][edit]

  • Ben: Spidermonkey!

  • Kevin: What are we supposed to do with the extra arms in the suit?
  • Ben: You've never had trouble figuring out what to do with your arms before. At least that's what the girls say.
  • Kevin: Which girls?

Unearthed [2.11][edit]

[ In the desert out side of Bellwood, fighting Tiny]

  • Ben: Her? How do you it's a girl?
  • Kevin: Yeah, if it was a girl,shouldn't it have a bow on it's head, or something?
  • Gwen: You didn't pay any attention in health class, did you?

War of the Worlds Part One [2.12][edit]

Paradox: [to Azmuth, referring to the Highbreed warship's beam reaching them] I sincerely think that you should reconsider in the next three seconds or so.

Kevin: What's so important that I have to miss the Auto Show?
Azmuth: The imminent destruction of your primitive world and all who live here.
Gwen: But if you'd rather go look at a new convertable, by all means.

Kevin: ...Riiiight, like I'm gonna miss this!
Gwen: Kevin Ethan Levin, you're coming with us!
Kevin: Hey!
Ben: Ethan? Your name is Kevin E. Levin? You just lost all remaining pretense of cool.
Kevin: You promised you never tell!

  • Alan: Yeah whatever. So, you wanna go a couple rounds?

  • Kevin: (referring to Cooper, teasing) You hear that, Gwen? "Anything."

Azmuth:Very well. If you insist on this foolishness perhaps it is best if you have the full power of the Omnitrix. Access master control
Omntrix: Master control unlocked.
Ben: Everything's unlocked! How may aliens can I turn into?
Omntrix: 1,000,903 genetic samples available.

War of the Worlds Part Two [2.13][edit]

Azmuth: Are you inferring that you're smarter than me, because your head is bigger?
Brainstorm: No. I'm implying that I'm smarter than you, because my brain is bigger.

Ben: New plan. [Ben looks up at his teammates and thinks] Working on it!
Kevin: That's reassuring.
Ben: I got it! We break into the Highbreed Command Center and force the head Highbreed to retreat.
Darkstar: That's your plan?
Ben: Hey! How many times have I beaten you?
Darkstar: Twice. But at this moment I can't imagine how.

[In Kevin's car]

  • Ben: When did you get all this stuff?
  • Kevin: When didn't I? Everytime we found some alien tech, I tossed it in the truck and whenever I had free time-
  • Gwen: You work on the car!
  • Kevin: Yep.

[Kevin's car heads towards the truck]

  • Ben: You're not gonna stop are you?
  • Kevin: Nope. *smiles*
  • Ben: And this is why we always wear our seat belts.
  • Kevin: Nobody likes a backseat driver!

Season 3[edit]

Vengeance of Vilgax Part One [3.01][edit]

[a commercial announces a "Sumo Slammers" movie]
Ben: [In a girlish voice] AAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH! [Covers mouth in embarressment]

Ben: [Referring to Max's team] Those are the rookies! We're the A-team! We defeated the Highbreed and-
Kevin and Gwen: [Annoyed] -Saved the whole entire universe!
Gwen: We know!

Vengeance of Vilgax Part Two [3.02][edit]

Gwen: You sure Goop's down there?
Ben: It's a sewer. Of course there's goop down there.
Gwen: So not in the mood!

[Down in the sewer]
Ben: Phew! Smells like a sewer down here!
Gwen: I'm not kidding, Ben! No more sewer jokes!
Ben: Smells like a plan to me. [Gwen hits him] OW! Hey, I wonder if there are any alligators down here.
Kevin: Alligators?
Ben: Yeah. I heard that people get baby alligators as pets, and flush them down the toilet. They grow gigantic in the sewers!
Kevin: Maybe I should go up and guard the exit.
Ben: Ooooohhhh! Big tough Kevin is scared of alligators!
Gwen: There are no alligators. That's just an urban myth.
Kevin: Yeah, and we're supposed to be an urban myth too. And anyway, you're scared of spiders.
Gwen: [Frightened] Are there spiders down here?

Inferno [3.03][edit]

Ben: The car won't fit. We'll have to go on foot.
Gwen: There must be another way.
Kevin: What are you? Claustrophobic?
Gwen: I am so not claustrophobic! I just can't stand being in very tight enclosed spaces, okay! You got a problem with that?!
Ben: I'll go first.

Max: Those are Pyroxivores. I haven't seen one in years.
Kevin: How come we've never heard of 'em?
Max: Kid, there's lots of species here on Earth you won't find in any book. That's where fairy tales come from. Unicorns, Trolls, Pixies, they're all real.
Kevin: Even Bigfoot?
Max: [laughs] Don't be ridiculous. That's a guy in a suit!

Ben: Dark.
Kevin: No problem. [strikes match; reading] T...N...T... [Gwen realizes what Kevin just said, and blows out the match] What did you do that for? [strikes another match, but Ben blows the other match out] Cut it out!
Ben: You cut it out! The room's filled with dynamite! You almost blew us up!
Kevin: How was I supposed to know?
Ben: [sarcastically] I don't know. Reading?

Fool's Gold [3.04][edit]

Ben: Alien Spring Break!
Max: Right...but this time one of the aliens has gone missing. I need you three to find him.

  • Kevin: Hooligans. Heh, and from the looks of it...amateurs.

  • Ben: Look at this place [noting the abandoned city]
  • Kevin: Sure, these farmers must be rollin' in-
  • Gwen: Kevin! [a little ticked]
  • Kevin: I was gonna say dough.

One of the aliens: I...have much popcorn...

  • Kevin: I've seen alot of strange and messed up things. [wiping popcorn off his shoulder]
  • Ben: How does this rank?
  • Kevin: It's up there.

  • Kevin: Busted at Spring Break. Yeah, I've been there.

  • Mayor: Our entire economy is based on-
  • Kevin: *cough* Poop.
  • Gwen: Wrong on so many levels.

  • Kevin: See?! This is why everbody hates Politicians!

Kevin: Got greedy huh? Decided to have your own personal Goldmaker? *laughs* Make...*chuckles* I'm funny.
Gwen: I don't get it.
Kevin: Like make a #2?

  • Gwen: Are you hurt?
  • Kevin: *sarcastic* No, I like being blown up.

Simple [3.05][edit]

Gwen: We know, we got the 50 messages you left.
Ben: It wasn't 50!
Kevin: It was 50 each.

Kevin: Not that I'm even considering it, but how do you plan to stop a war?

Kevin:I can't believe we're doing this! Everybody hates war, but nobody ever does anything about it.
Ben: Maybe that's because there's never been anybody like me before.

Kevin: [sarcastic] Oh right! The great Ben 10 is going to solve everything in one weekend.
Ben: It's a three-day weekend!

Argit: Hey! Finders keepers. Let go of my- Kevin! Long time no see, you look different. Did you cut your hair?
Kevin: ...No.

[Kevin is crying because he lost the money of his and Argit's scam]
Gwen: Kevin, are you crying? Oh, you do have a heart!
Kevin: [sobbing] Yeah, that's what poor people have instead of money.

Vreedle, Vreedle [3.06][edit]

Octagon: What do I keep telling you, Boid, if we destroy it we won't get paid. And that would be...?
Rhomboid: ...Bad?
Octagon: That is correct.

Octagon: We're the Vreedle brothers ma'am, providing quality service for all reposession needs throughout the galaxy. No questions asked.
Rhomboid: Mmhmm, because we're what you call, "Uncurious".

Ben: [about the court order] Just a bunch of alien mumbo jumbo.
Kevin: No, it's legit alright. [Ben looks at Kevin] What? I used to do alot of repo work back in the Null Void.

Ben: This looks like that spaceship we borrowed from that guy on the moon that time.
Kevin: Yeah...
Ben: You told him you were gonna give it back!
Kevin: And I will...eventually.

[in the borrowed spaceship]
Ben: What's this button for?
Kevin: Did I not mention this' a rental?
Ben: [Sees asteroids in front of them] Incoming!
Kevin: [tries to dodge them] Now what you wanna do is- [Ben presses the button, the ship fires at the asteroids] That?

[At Bellwood, Mr. Smoothie]
Gwen: Of course he does! You heard him. Ship's a powerful weapon.
[Back in the spaceship]
Ben: What is it with her and that "dog" anyway?
Kevin: You guys found it on your first date right?
Ben: I don't think that has anything to do with it.
Kevin: [smiles] Yeah? Keep thinking. You get better with practice
[Back at Bellwood, Mr Smoothie]
Gwen: Kevin? [chuckles] Oh please! If it isn't about his car... excuse me, his "ride", or some alien tech, he's pretty much oblivious.
[Back in the spaceship]
Kevin: Nah, Gwen's cool. On your left! [Ben destroys another asteroid]
Ben: Complicated?
[Back at Bellwood, Mr. Smoothie]
[Back the spaceship]
Ben & Kevin: Girls!

[Gwen has blasted the Vreedles]
Octagon: She has painfully set us on our backside, Boid.
Rhomboid: Mmhmm, she most certainly needs aggressive blowin' up.

Octagon: Now, I'm gonna ask again nicely: everyone back away from the glob! [Rhomboid backs away] Not you!

Kevin: Okay, here's how it's gonna go down. I've got loads of experience in a courtroom setting.
Ben: As a defendant.
Kevin: So just follow my lead.
Ben: Who's the hero here? Hello! Omnitrix bearer. They'll listen to me before they listen to criminal mastermind Kevin Levin.
Kevin: Mastermind? [turns his face and smirks at Ben]

Judge Domsdle: You do not eat children! Yes, they're delicious, but we have laws.

Baz-El: Once the word spread about my property's participation in nothing less but saving the entire universe from eradication from the uncouth, foul smelling Highbreed-
Highbreed bailiff: HEY! [Bangs the judge's desk] OBJECTION!

Judge Domsdle ...And where is the property now?
Baz-El: The uh, Vreedle brothers are in the process of retrieving it for me, your honor.
Judge Domsdle: The Vreedle brothers?! Who in their right mind would hire the Vreedle brothers to bring somebody back alive?!

Gwen: You're sure you don't want to shoot them? [Julie nods] Then we need a distraction. [Starts popping bubble wrap]
Octagon & Rhomboid: [distracted] Ooh...

Judge Domsdle: Don't I know you, son?
Kevin: Don't think so sir.
Judge Domsdle: You're Kevin Levin! Didn't I tell you the next time I see you in my court room, I'd chuck you in the Null Void?!
Kevin: I can explain!
Judge Domsdle: That's what you always say!

Kevin: Your honor. Baz-El basically hired a couple of dog catchers to take away a poor kid's dog. I mean, who does that?
Ben: [Walks in front of Kevin] Let me handle this.
Kevin: No! I'm handing it, we agreed!

Judge Domsdle: Never in all my days-
Kevin: We are so, so sorry, your honor. Your excellency, your-. Quick, Tennyson. W-what's another big word?

Judge Domsdle: The court rules in favor of... [camera zooms in on Kevin, Ben and BaZ-El] Ben Tennyson!
Baz-El: What?
Kevin: WHAT?!
Judge Domsdle: There is no reason the wielder of the Omnitrix should have to bother himself with petty matters such as this.

Baz-El: Cease and desist! You are no longer in my employ.
Rhomboid: Huh?
Kevin: He's not gonna pay you.
Rhomboid: Not! Gonna!! PAY US?!!! [blasts Baz-El]
Octagon: [sighs] Remember what we talked about you overreacting? Well, one could consider this particular occasion also qualifying as such!!

Ben Yeah, thanks. But you know it kinda feels like you're putting a lot of pressure on our relationship.
Kevin: It's just a dog, Ben.

Singlehanded [3.07][edit]

Kevin: Sorry, sorry. Okay. [sees Ben's hand move, starts laughing again]

Kevin: See that energy surge? Classic sign of dimensional displacement.
Kevin: Ben's fine! The rest of him's just somewhere else. Had the samething happen to me when I tried to use a Personal Refurbished Forcefield Belt, spend three hours with my nose in another dimension. Aren't you gonna ask me how I smelled?
Gwen: Terrible. Just like your joke.
Kevin: Relax! I got some stuff in here I can cludge into a retrieval beacon generator. Shouldn't take a second.
Gwen: [sees Sunder] I don't think we have that long.

Gwen: Kevin! Can you work a little faster?
Kevin: I can help buy a little time! [left arm grows, charges at Sunder and punches him]
Kevin: Not for long. And I can't build this thing and project you ladies at the same time.
Gwen: This "lady" can protect herself thank you very much!
Kevin: But she needs a weapon.
Kevin: So you're saying you wanna hold Ben's hand.
Gwen: That's not funny.
Kevin: It can come in handy.
Gwen: [annoyed] Done?
Kevin: Yeah, I'm out.

Gwen: Quick! Turn into Humungousaur.
Kevin: Are you crazy? Swampfire!
Gwen: [Shields Julie and Kevin] Humungousaur!
Kevin: Swampfire!
Gwen: Humungousaur!

Gwen: She meant the other one!

Ben: Mind telling me what's going on here?
Kevin: Short answer, Energy Axe plus Omnitrix equals dimensional displacement. Which means your hand is probably wherever you just were.
Ben: My hand is in the Null Void?!
Kevin: Simple, all we have to do is reverse the polarity of the thing that displaced it in the first place.
Ben: The axe?
Kevin:I said it was simple, not easy.

Humungousaur: I could beat you with one hand tied behind another dimension.

Kevin: Keep the beam fixed on Ben's arm.
Ben: What are you doing?
Kevin: This shot has to be just right.
Ben: And if it's not?
Kevin: Then bits of you gets scattered across multiple dimensions. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I can do this.
Ben: Pretty sure?

If All Else Fails [3.08][edit]

Gwen: Having fun?
Kevin: Pros of campouts? Fresh air, barbeque burgers. Cons of campouts? Your Grandpa Max's old plumber stories we've heard 10 times before.

Kevin: [about Max' burgers] Squid? I thought those were hamburgers.
Ben: [looks at it] That would explain the tentacles.

Kevin: [recieves a hamburger] These are regular burgers, right?
Ben: [looks at it] I see eyes and a beak in there.

Max: That was the last of my ground squid too. I have some hamburger meat in the freezer, though. I guess we could eat that.
Kevin: Well, if we're out of squid, what can we do?

Kevin: [wakes up] I'll get the chow, last time Max made breakfast. We had scrambled eggs and eyeballs.

Kevin: No dinner last night, no breakfast this morning. What are we, on a diet?

Kevin: Usually I'm murder on house plants.

Kevin: Come on. We'll follow in my car.
Ben: Forget the car. I've got a better idea. [selects Way Big, but becomes Humungousaur] Way Big- Aw, man! Humungousaur. I wonder if the Omnitrix is still under warranty.

[Gwen grabs Kevin and throws him into the weapon. He falls back out and looks at her reproachfully]
Gwen: Just thought I'd try something.

Highbreed: Who are you?
Ben: He is Reinrassic III, Seventh son of the Noble Highbreed House of Derazza, Direct descendant of the Pure Blooded High Order of Rarsect and personal friend of mine.
Reinrassic III: I am the Higbreed Supreme.
Highbreed: Impossible! You are impure! Look at your hand!
Reinrassic III: [Shows his hand, revealing an insigna] Yes, look at it!
Highbreed: You wear the Imperial Seal! [bows] My apolagies, Higbreed Supreme.

Kevin: [to Highbreed] Here to finish the job, huh?
Highbreed: As a matter of fact, insect, that is precisely why I am here.
Swampfire: We'll fight you!
Highbreed: You understand nothing. My orders were to destroy you, so I unleashed this weapon. Now my orders are to stop it, and so I shall.
Gwen: This place is coming apart! If you stay here-
Highbreed: All the more reason for you to gather the other humans and leave this place. Go!

Gwen: Just tell us... Are there any more Highbreed doomsday plans left on Earth we should know about?
Reinrassic III: Absolutely not! [pauses] Um, I will... check the records.

In Charm's Way [3.09][edit]

  • On the beach, Kevin bursts a kid's ball*

Ben: Nice, Kevin. What's next? Kicking puppies?

Kevin: This little outing was your idea. So just lay there and work on your Ben tan.

Goop: [melting one of Charmcaster's rock minions] Hey, Gwen! Check it out! Acid rock!

Kevin: *About Charmcaster's plan to take Gwen's powers* She probably won't come when I tell her that.

Charmcaster: Don't tell her that, you simpleton!

Kevin: Hey, give me a break. My mind's a blank.

Charmcaster: [about to get sucked into a portal] Help! [She grabs onto her rock minion's leg who hangs onto a pole] Don't let go, you brainless boob! You useless lump! [Her minion glares at her & lets go. They both get sucked into the portal.] YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!

Ghost Town [3.10][edit]

Kevin: Whatever. Scariest thing so far is how bored I'm getting.

Kevin: [While fighting a mole-like creature on a miniature-golf course] I don't like golf, but I'm a fan of Whack-a-Mole.

Kevin: This couldn't be a more obvious trap if there was a sign that read "free cookies"!
Ben: Probably... but I really like cookies.

Vilgax: [about Ghostfreak] He tried to possess me.
Ben: He always was the possessive type.

Ben: You are so leaving your evil cred.
Vilgax: Watch your tone, Ben Tennyson! If I didn't need your help...!
Ben: [smiles] There's the bad guy we all love to hate!

Vilgax: This is not over, Ben Tennyson. In fact, now that the secrets of the Omnitrix are mine, and there are none left to stop me, I'd say it's a rather auspicious beginning...

Trade-Off [3.11][edit]

Darkstar: Do you like being trapped in your current hideous form?
Kevin: About as much as you like being a butt-ugly energy sucking vampire. No offense.
Darkstar: None taken.

Kevin: So where are we? Easter Island?
Darkstar: Actually Roponui is several hundred miles from here. This island has been submerged for centuries. A recent undersea upheaval brought it to the surface.
Kevin: Oh, so it's more like Groundhog Day island. [refers to the statues] Ugly suckers aren't they?

Darkstar: Can't you feel it? The Librium is transferring your excess power into me.
Kevin: It... hurts!
Darkstar: Nothing... worth having is gained... without effort!

[back at Ben's house]
Kevin: Hey, what can I say? I uh, wished upon a star last night and woke up this morning my gorgeous self.
Kevin: See? No transformation, no powers, no nothing.
Gwen: Really?
Kevin: What else matters?
Gwen: And that black eye you're sporting?
Kevin: Oh that? I was so excited to be human again that I uh, run smack into an open door.

Ben: Then I guess it's time for...[Tries to transform into Humongosaur, but becomes Big Chill] Big! Chill? Never get what I ask for, never!

Ben: Fastest way to track her is as Jetray! [Transforms into Echo-Echo] Echo-Echo!?
Kevin: That's getting old, Ben. Seriously.
Echo-Echo: Tell me about it!

Busy Box [3.12][edit]

Ben: Anything?
Kevin: Not yet. But the scanner detected level 20 alien technology somewhere near here.
Gwen: Level 20? But the only level 20 technology in the whole galaxy is-
Ben: The Omnitrix! Maybe you found a spare.
Kevin: Actually, whatever we're detecting is level 20+. The scale on this thing doesn't go any higher.
Ben: This is stupid, we've been driving around all night.
Gwen: Before we give up, pull over, I wanna try something. [They get out of the car] You know how my powers have trouble with technology? I'm thinking, maybe it works the other way around. [Makes ball of mana and throws it unto the ground making it spread throughout the area]
Ben: So if your mana hits something super high-tech- [sees large glow in the distance] ...that!

Gwen: Careful, Ben.
Kevin: Two words that contradict each other.
Gwen: You mean it's an oxymoron?
Kevin: Some kind of moron.

Kevin: I think we should get in the car. [Referring to the box transforming into a copy of Ben]
Ben: And run away?
Kevin: And run it over.
Ben copy: Run away.
Ben: Woah!
Ben copy: Woah!
Ben: What are you? Where did you come from?
Ben copy: What are you? Where did you come from?
Ben: Cut it out!
Ben copy: Cut it out!

Kevin: Huh, I bet people will put up some serious cash for a robot version of themself.

Kevin: What do you say we load this hansome devil into the car, take him home and see what makes him tick?
Kevin copy: What do you say we load this hansome devil into the car, take him home and see what makes him tick?
Kevin: Okay, that's getting a little annoying.
Kevin copy: Okay, that's getting a little annoying.
Kevin: Knock it off!
Kevin copy: Knock it off!

Ben: Okay, this is a job for... Humongousaur! [accidentally becomes Lodestar] Or Lodestar. He's good, too.

Kevin: What do you mean "wait"? That thing's determined to wreck my ride!
Ben: He sort of already wrecked it.
Gwen: She's.
Ben: Are we doing this again?

Gwen: What are you gonna do with it?
Rhomboid: Why, auction it off to the highest bidder.
Octagon: Not that our business is any of

Con of Rath [3.13][edit]

Rath: YOU WANNA FIGHT ME, KEVIN LEVIN?! [Throws Kevin at the wall] LET'S GO!!!
Gwen: Someone needs a time out! [puts a mana sphere over Rath's head]
Rath: [Tries to get the sphere off his head] TIME OUT?! IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO LEARN THAT NOBODY CAN BEAT ME AT-!!! Did I just use up all my air? [hangs his tongue out of his mouth and falls unconscious]
[Rath regains consciousness, Gwen and Kevin walk up to Rath]
Gwen: Ben, can you understand me?
Rath: 'Course I can, Gwen Tennyson!! You think I'm stupid?!!
Kevin: Yep, thick as a brick.
Rath: [stands up] YOU WANNA FIGHT?! YOU WANNA FIGHT?!! DAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!! [attempts to attack, but cannot because Gwen has used her mana to restrain him]
Gwen: Not helping, Kevin. [turns back to Rath] Calm down, Ben! We need you to listen. You've become something callad an Appoplexian. We looked it up in the ALDB.
Rath: Huh?
Gwen: Alien Lifeform DataBase.
Kevin: Appoplexians are powerful, argumentative and extremely aggressive. They believe any problem can be solved by hitting it.
Rath: Not true! Sometimes you have to hit things a LOT!
Kevin: It also says they're not too bright. [crosses his arms. Rath growls at him] Dude, did you just growl at me?
Gwen: OK, Ben, I'm going to let you go, but you have to stay calm. Control your anger. No stomping! [lets Rath go]
Kevin: Maybe you wanna reboot the Omnitrix and get back to normal?
Rath: OK, but not 'cause you told me to!
Kevin: Nope. It was your idea.
Rath: OK. Here we go. Changing back. [slaps the Omnitrix symbol, but doesn't change back and the Omnitrix symbol makes a 'powering down' noise] Wha'? It's busted! [whacks the Omnitrix symbol repeatedly, but still doesn't change back] Come... OFF ME! [starts to pull at the Omnitrix symbol, obviously generating a lot of pain]
Gwen: Stop! Ben!
Rath: [still yanking at the Omnitrix symbol, eventually flings himself onto the ground. Gwen, Kevin and the Tiffin go over. Rath sits up, suprising the others] Anybody hungry?!

Gwen: [about Argit] He's a conman, who would sell his own mother for lunch money.
Kevin: I happen to know he got top dollar for his mom.

Rhomboid: [Sees Rath] Is that an Appoplexian?
Octagon: Yep, and they're even dumber and meaner than we are!

Rath: [After Octagon blows up his plate of food] LEMME TELL YA SOMETHIN', OCTAGON VREEDLE!!!! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR!!! A MAN'S FOOD IS HIS CASTLE!!!
Octagon: [confused] I believe what you've done there is mixing what-ya-might-call-it,... methaphors!

Sang-Froid: Greetings, Earthlings. This is commander Sang-Froid.
Kevin: You're an Incursion.
Sang-Froid: Yeah, I am. Now, as you know, we Incursions love war. Can't get enough of this stuff. Its what we live for.
Gwen: Aha... And your point is...?
Sang-Froid: This peace-mission your on,... we're against it. So prepare to be boarded, then killed. Nothing personal.
Gwen: You're gonna need a Space Suit!
Rath: Whatever!

Rath: (to Vulkanus) C’mon, that’s a great deal! Considering every time we run up against you, WE KICK YOUR BUTT!!
Vulkanus: What... did you say?
Rath: I should have said SPANK your butt, since you’re just a little BABY IN THAT BIG, MECHANICAL SUIT!!!
Kevin: Er, Ben, I got this one.
Rath: I’m gonna call you BABYMAN, Babyman!

[Vulkanus orders his pickaxe minions to attack Rath, Gwen, and Kevin]
Kevin: Hey, I was negotiating!
Rath: No! THIS is negotiating! (bashes two Pickaxe aliens together)

[Rath, Gwen, & Kevin bring the Tiffin to a large temple where a huge, red Jarret is sitting on a throne]
Jarret: I am Jarret, King of the Pantophage.
Rath: [snatches the Tiffin's egg from Kevin] Let's get it over with. We brought you the Tiffin!
Jarret: And, I thank you for your trouble.
[He takes hold of the egg. The Tiffin squeaks sadly]
Rath: Sorry, little guy.
[He lets go of the egg. Jarret places the Tiffin on top of a yellow cake]
Jarret: There. Isn't that... lovely? [Quickly picks up the Tiffin and eats him, then rubs his stomach] Ah...
[Rath, Gwen and Kevin stare in disbelief and shock. Kevin faints]
Jarret: Ah, yes. I did.
Jarret: Yes, well, he was all at. Plus a rare delicacy. That's what a peace offering is, here on my planet.
Rath: Eating! BABIES! IS NOT! COOL!!!! [He jumps down Jarret's throat, wriggles around in his stomach, and bursts through Jarret's front teeth, holding the Tiffin. The Tiffin squeaks.] Yeah, I know. Same here.
Jarret: [feels the gap in his teeth with his tongue] How dare you! Certainly you realise that this means war!

[The Tiffin reunites with Sicily]:
Sicily: My son! Alive! It's a miracle!
Kevin: Glad to help. Now, about our fee-[Gwen elbows him]
Gwen: We're happy it all worked out.
Zaw-Veenul: As am I. On behalf of Luoda, let me to offer our sincere gratitude to you, for negotiating with the Pantophage, who otherwise would have-
Rath: [confronts him] Did you know Jarret was gonna eat the baby?!
Zaw-Veenul: Er, well, I wasn't sure exactly, but-
Rath: [Points his claw at Zaw-Veenul's face] Never! Talk to me! Again!! [Zaw-Veenul backs away as Rath retracts his claw]
Cecily: Thank you, Ben Tennyson. Thank you all!
[Rath turns back into Ben as Zaw-Veenul, Sicily, and the Tiffin leave]
Gwen: Ben, you're back!
Ben: Yeah! As soon as the Tiffin left, I went back to normal.
Gwen: That baby must have sent out some sort of interference that messed with the Omnitrix.
Kevin: Good guess.
Ben: You KNEW?!
Kevin: Well, I wasn't sure exactly, but...
Ben: [Angry] Kevin... Rath would like a word with you. [turns into Rath] LEMME TELL YA SOMETHIN', KEVIN E. LEVIN!
Kevin: [squeaks] Please don't.

Primus [3.14][edit]

Azmuth Rath: Let me tell you something, Vilgax, conquerer of ten worlds!! Azmuth will defeat you!! Azmuth will hunt you down even though you're standing right there!! You are no match for the awesomness of Azmuth!!!

Ben: Azmuth!
Kevin: Quick! Chew through our chains!
Azmuth: I am not a rodent!
Kevin: Coul'da fooled me...

Way Big: [grabs Vilgax's hand, whacking his face repeatedly with it] Stop punching yourself, stop punching yourself, stop punching yourself!
Kevin: Heh heh heh heh... Classic...

Time Heals [3.15][edit]

Paradox: There's an old saying; Time travel is only for immortals and fools. And I speak from experience.
Gwen: Professor Paradox?
Paradox: Hello, Gwen.
Gwen: What are you doing here?
Paradox: I'm about to warn you not to go through with this plan of yours. [Looks at his pocket watch] See, I just did. Now comes the part where you tell me...
Gwen: This spell can send me back in time! Back when Ben and Kevin tried to hack the Omnitrix!
Paradox: Yes, and you think if you can stop them there won't be any explosion and Kevin won't be transformed into a monster. And everything will be wonderfull again!
Gwen: Yes!
Paradox: No! Generally, 2 out of 3 isn't bad, but in this case... Trust me, Gwendolyn. Don't do this!
Gwen: But I haven't been able to cure Kevin with my magic. It's the only way.
Paradox: There's always another way. In fact, sometimes to do something, all you need to do is nothing.
Gwen: [starts crying] You're not making any sense.
Paradox: I'm often accused of that, but I'm the time walker and I'm generally quite well informed on these matters.
Gwen: I have to do this.
Paradox: I suppose you do. But mark my words, Gwen Tennyson. You are about to unleash forces that you can neither comprehend nor control. Toodle-oo.

Paradox: Has been quite a day, hasn't it?
Gwen: [startled] Would you stop doing that!
Paradox: Oh. Very well, of I go. [walks away]
Gwen: No! Please, don't go anywhere!
Paradox: Actually, in my case, it's less of a "where" than it is a "when".
Gwen: You know what happened here?
Paradox: You happened. When you went back in time, and kept Kevin from mutating.
Gwen: But that was the plan.
Paradox: And every plan has unintended consequenses. For instance, Hex and Charmcaster tried to take over the world, as is their want. You, Ben and Kevin swung into action, you were humanity's last line of defense. Only, there was a weak link.
Gwen: Me?
Paradox: Oh no, dear. Not you. Kevin. Because you went into the past and undid that explosion, you kept him from mutating. Ergo, the new kevin, or, eh, the old Kevin, lacked the powers that would have allowed him to stop Hex. And so, the bad guys won.
Gwen: I didn't know.
Paradox: I warned you that time travel is for immortals and fools. I'm the only immortal hereabouts. You do the math.

Gwen: I'll save you, Kevin! I promise.
Paradox: That's the sort of thing that got you in trouble in the first place.
Gwen: And Ben?
Paradox: He fought bravely, but eventually, they caught him too. Pity. After you died, he was the planet's last hope.
Gwen: No! Dead?! Me?!
Paradox: Yes! Dead! You! Why are we talking this way?

The Secret of Chromastone [3.15][edit]

Kevin: [on the road, Kevin driving fast as usual, suddenly sees a truck in front of him and horns] C'mon, C'mon, move it! [sees that the truck does not move] Oh! Is that how it's gonna be! [Kevin's car forms missile launchers to blast the truck off]
Gwen: Kevin!
Kevin: What?
Gwen: Anger management! Appropriate response!
Kevin: Yeah, ok, no missiles. We're goin' off-road! [takes the shortcut and manages to overtake the truck)]
Ben: [Gwen turns around as Ben coughs and then says in a weak voice while laying down on the backseat] I dont think I'm gonna make it...
Kevin: Hang in there, hero! We're almost there!
Gwen: Look! There it is!
Kevin: [reaches Mr.Smoothies] One mango blueberry with extra lemon stat.
Ben: [sits up and sneezes] ... Better make it a double.
Gwen: [Seeing that Ben is overacting, like he is going to die] Ok Ben, it's just a common cold.
Ben: There's nothing common about this cold, Gwen. It's epic. [blows his nose with his hand]
Gwen: (disgusted by Ben's act) You are completely disgusting Ben, use a tissue. [hands him a tissue]
Ben: I was gonna wipe my hand on my pants.
Gwen: I swear, Ben, you're gonna make all of us sick!
Kevin: (handing the prepared smoothie to Ben in the backseat) Here you go, Tennyson, the old Levin family cure.
Ben: Really? Smoothies?
Kevin: Nah, [pours a yellowish-brown color medicine in it] the smoothies's just so that you can gulp down the real cure. It's bitteroot.[as Ben takes a sip] They call it that because-
Ben: [makes a vomitting sound and his mouth get's stuck to the straw as he stops drinking]
Kevin: Anyway, its good for a cold. Drink up... [Ben mutters something which is not understandable] What?
Gwen: He says he can't, his lips are puckered shut.
Kevin: You can understand that? You should be a dentist!

Ben: [Talking about Vilgax] I'll handle him! [Attempts to turn into Way Big, but ends up as Humungousaur] WAY BIG! Oh man... Stupid Omnitrix. [Pulls a street lamp out of the ground] Get ready to rumble, Vilgax, 'cause Humungousaur is gonna...gonna...gonna...
Kevin: He's gonna blow! [dives out of the way while Tetrax runs for cover. Humungousaur sneezes out a pile of snot which lands on Kevin's car]
Gwen: Uggh, gesundheit!
Kevin: You are so washing that.

Vilgax: Any last words?
Sugilite: I must protect my people...have mercy!
Vilgax: Mercy? Never heard of it! [takes the crystal]

Kevin: [After Ben starts to show off after he brings the Petrosapiens back to life] We're never going to hear the end of this, are we?
Gwen: Nope, not ever.

Above and Beyond [3.17][edit]

Pierce: [while fighting Ben, gaining some time to speak to Ben] Ben, whatever's controlling you, you have to fight it!
Goop: [putting up an act] Help me, Pierce. I can't stop myself! You're my only hope!
Pierce: What can I do to help? [suddenly Goop throws some goo on Pierce's face]
Goop:[laughs] "What can I do to help?" You're pathetic!

Ben:[Transforms into Rath] RATH!
Manny: I always wanted a piece of you anyway.
Manny: That made no sense!
Rath: [Angry] ... I know!!!
Manny: Is that all you got? 'cause that was weak. [Continues fighting Rath, gets Rath in headlock] You're not so tough! I don't know why everyone's so scared of you!
Manny: So, is that "Sirius" like the star, or "serious" like important?
Rath: Like the star!
Manny: Just... wondering. [passes out]
Rath: So are you scared yet?!

Helen: Ben did this to you?
Manny: Lucky punch. Followed by a lucky hammer lock, lucky kick, another lucky punch...
Helen: I see.
Manny: Then it all starts to get a little fuzzy. But there were several more pieces of luck involved.

Ben: [trying to make himself warm] I can't believe you guys ejected me into space! [shivering] That's-that's just wrong!
Pierce: [shocked with the other's to see Ben alive] What's going on over here?
Max: Let me use the emergency thrusters to put us back into a safe orbit and then I'll explain.
Ben: This satellite isn't a storage facility. It's a training station.
Pierce: This was all just a test?
Max: The "Ben being out of control and attacking me" scenario was a test.
Ben: But not "the satellite about to crash into London" part. We really knocked this thing out of orbit.
Manny: Cool! [gets hit by Helen by her elbow] What?
Max: You put the safety of others ahead of your own lives.
Ben: Next stop, Plumber's Academy.
Alan: [shocked with the others, questioning Helen] Did he just say Plumber's Academy?
Helen: We're gonna be real Plumbers!
Max: Make me proud.

Vendetta [3.18][edit]

Kevin: [to Ragnarok] My name is Kevin Ethan Levin, you killed my father, prepare to die.

Gwen: [to Kevin] We tracked you with your Plumber's badge.
Kevin: I told you to stay out of this!
Gwen: Since when have we ever listened to you?

Ben: Hey! Who died and made you boss?
Kevin: If you got a problem with it, you!

Gwen: He's going through a lot, Ben. He idolizes his father and...[whispers] We have to find Ragnarok before Kevin does. I'm afraid of what he might do.
Ben: Kevin? Come on. He talks all tough, but he would never-
Kevin: Guys. Quick, come here! [Ben and Gwen run towards him] This way, I found him! [Points to what appears to be a small room]
Ben: We have to be ready for any- [Realizes Ragnarok isn't there.] Hey! What is this? [Kevin seals Ben and Gwen in an escape pod]
Gwen: It's an escape pod!
Ben: This isn't funny, Levin. Let us out!!
Kevin: Just remember, Tennyson, I asked you to stay out of this! [launches the escape pod]
Gwen: Oh, Kevin, what have you done?
Ben: There's got to be a way for us to get back.
Gwen: It's on auto pilot to Earth. No controls. No space suits. Kevin is on his own.
Ben: [angry] Just like he planned it.

The Final Battle: Part 1 [3.19][edit]

[Albedo has just finished constructing his Ultimatrix]
Albedo: I've done it, I've recreated the power of the Omnitrix! No, I've exceeded it! After all this time, I'm but one transformation from escaping this cursed Human form and returning to my own. [starts cycling throught he Ultimatrix' active list] There's no Galvan in the active list, and the other lists are locked! There's nothing here but Tennyson's aliens!
Vilgax: Trouble?
Albedo: An unexpected setback. My new Omnitrix is still linked to the original's database. Ben's Human DNA is still the default.
Vilgax: And you're still trapped.
Albedo: Only until I get my hands on the original Omnitrix. I can use it to reset this one. Then, I'm cured.
Vilgax: You say it as if taking the Omnitrix is a simple task. Admit it, Albedo, we need each other.
Albedo: No, I need the Omnitrix, and you want it. That's a bad basis for an alliance.
Vilgax: I don't want the Omnitrix anymore. I just want to kill Ben Tennyson! [Albedo smiles]

Ben: [about Kraab] You guys saved him?
Kevin: In my defense, Gwen made me.

Kevin: I don't watch a lot of television.
Ben: This isn't the best one to start with. It's not "Sumo Slammers Classic", it's "Sumo Slammers: Hero Generation".
Kevin: Yeah, I don't really care.
Ben: It's a sequel to the original show, but they kinda messed it up. It's like five years later and the bad guy, Kenko, has teamed up with the hero, Ishiyama. [Kevin moans] It's not very realistic, is all I'm saying.
Kevin: Aha...
Ben: Anyway, there's only five more of these before they cycle back to the original show. You'll see, it's way better.

Albedo: Greetings, Ben Tennyson. Since your grandfather managed to escape me, you must already know that I'm after you. But did you know that I have your friends?
Ben: Albedo, let them go, or-
Grandpa Max: Easy, Ben. He wants you angry.
Ben: Then today's his lucky day!

[Albedo transforms into Ultimate Humungousaur]
Albedo Ultimate Humungousaur: Meet... Ultimate Humungousaur!
Humungousaur: I've beaten much bigger guys that you before!
Albedo Ultimate Humungosaur: Really, when?
Humungousaur: For starters... how about now! [punches Albedo]

The Final Battle: Part 2 [3.20][edit]

Vilgax: It's going to be glorious, Albedo!
Albedo: Pardon me if I don't break into applause.
Vilgax: Of all the worlds I've conquered, this one will be the sweetest.
[Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max and Kevin teleport onto the ship]
Grandpa Max: There's an old Earth expression about not counting your chickens before they're hatched.
Vilgax: The Tennyson family, and their pet juvenile delinquent.
Kevin: "Juvenile"? I'm gonna be eighteen a year from next Tuesday!
Gwen: Your birthday's next week and you didn't even tell me?
Kevin: It's no big deal.
Gwen: I don't have time to pick out a present!
Vilgax: I wouldn't worry about it, girl. None of you will live to see the day.
Ben: I think that's the longest I've been around you without hearing a death threat!

Ben: I'm going to let you go, but I'll be taking your Omnitrix.
Albedo: Ultimatrix.
Ben: Whatever. Do we have a deal?
Albedo: What's in it for me?
Ben: I don't have time for this. [Ben frees Albedo] Command Function Override Code 10.
Ultimatrix: Override accepted.
Ben: Hey! What do you know? It recognizes my voice.
Albedo: Wait! What are you doing?
Ben: Omnitrix Self-Destruct in 30 Seconds: Command code: 0, 0, 0, destruct, 0.
Ultimatrix: Destruct sequence completed and engaged. Detonation in T-30 seconds.
Albedo: You're bluffing.
Ben: [holds the destroyed Omnitrix] Ask Vilgax if I'm bluffing. [Albedo looks at the destroyed Omnitrix and gives the Ultimatrix to Ben, wo puts the Ultimatrix on his wrist] I like the old one better.
Albedo: Um...
Ben: Oh, Abort Self Destruct, Code 10.
Ultimatrix: Self-destruct sequence aborted.

[Vilgax punches Ben as Swampfire and sends him flying into a machine]
Vilgax: You're losing, Tennyson!
Swampfire: Maybe so, but the new rig comes with some extras. [Transforms into Ultimate Swampfire] Ultimate Swampfire!! [Vilgax charges at him, but he blasts Vilgax back] What're ya sayin', Vilgy? Round 2?

Vilgax: Fire's not so useful now that we're in my element!
Ultimate Swampfire: A sinking ship is your element? That explains sooo much.

Alien Swarm Movie[edit]

Elena: They're Plumbers.
Man: So they're gonna pay me by fixing my toilet?

Kevin: Who is that guy, Elena?
Elena: I don't know.
Big Chill: Well, let's find out.
[Big Chill gets rolled around and he blows ice at Victer Validus]
[Victer Validus jumps over the ice and shoots some microchips]

Kevin is drinking soda, it spills down his chin and onto a slice of pizza.
Ben: (to Gwen) I don't know what you see in him.

Kevin has just found the location of all the alien chips within a hundred-mile radius.
Gwen: Kevin, you did it! (kisses him on the cheek)
Kevin: The cheek? I find all the big bad alien chips, and all I get is a kiss on the cheek?

Kevin has just explained the purpose of a queen in a hive, much to the surprise of everyone else.
Ben looks at Gwen in confusion.
Gwen: The science channel.
Kevin looks pleased.

Ben: What? I'm small?!
[Suddenly, Ben transforms into Nanomech]
Kevin: What is that?
Gwen: He's turned into some kind of nanomechanical organism.
Nanomech: Nanomech. I like it.

[Nanomech is flying towards Validus]
Nanomech:Time to get small. *Shrinks to one inch tall* Even smaller.
[Nanomech shrinks to microscopic size and flys into Validus's nose]
Nanomech: Ugh, this is gross.
The Queen: Listen to my voice. You must obey.
Nanomech: Argh! Aargh!
The Queen: You're one of us now, Ben Tennyson.

[Gwen punches someone and holds her hand]
Gwen: Ow!

The Queen: You're different from these other drones. Stronger! Together, we can rule everything!
Nanomech: Sorry! I'm just not ready for a serious commitment.
The Queen: Then, you'll DIE! With the humans!

The Queen: You were a fool to transform into a drone. I can easily defeat a puny drone!
Nanomech: Well, I'm not just ANY drone! I'm half drone, half HUMAN! Drones can adapt... and humans never give up! (Electrocutes the Queen to death)

Victer Validus:Elena ???
[Nanomech is rolling on the floor]

Ben: What am I, chopped liver? I just saved the world again.
Kevin Don't look at me. I'm not giving you a hug. (Is hugging Gwen)
Elena: I'll hug you.
(they hug)
Ben I wouldn't hug me so tight if I were you. I flew through a lot of snot.
(Elena laughs, Gwen and Kevin make faces)

Ben 10: Alien Force: The Video Game[edit]

[Friends Giving Support]

  • Kevin: You're in a tough situation. Maybe you should just CHILL OUT.
  • Kevin: Stuck? Huh...! I thought you had this Omnitrix thing DOWN COLD!
  • Kevin: Why don't you just MONKEY around a while?
  • Kevin: If only you could change into a fast, red, alien form that could fly.

[Pick up Lines ]

  • Kevin: Kicking butt and taking names.
  • Kevin: Next time why don't you fight back?

[When playing as Kevin. When the player touches a solid object]

  • Kevin: You are what you touch...or at least I am.
  • Kevin: Try this on for size.
  • Kevin: Okay, now you're in trouble!

[as Big Chill]

  • Ben: Today's forecast...cold. With a chance of ice!
  • Ben: Is it me? Or did it get a little chilly? Oh, it is me.
  • Ben: Everybody freeze! I've always wanted to say that.

[as Spider Monkey]

  • Ben: Come into my parlor. *makes a monkey noise*
  • Ben: Don't you monkey with the monkey.

[As Swampfire]

  • Ben: Smell you later. *laughs*
  • Ben: Do your worst.
  • Ben: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the swamp.

[As Jetray]

  • Ben: May the best flying red alien win. Ha Ha

Knight-Mare On the Pier[edit]


  • Kevin: ...and that's just the beginning. After I upgraded that Kineceleran drive unit, I got a more than 50 percent increase in power. Yep...I bet this this car can give any car on the road a run for it's money.
  • Ben: And, yet it can't get us to the amusement pier before I'm bored to tears.
  • Kevin: I don't remember inviting you along. If you don't like the company, you can just slap that watch of yours and fly. ...or ooze, or whatever you want...I'm not stopping you.
  • Ben: Fine by me.
  • Kevin: Whoa! Wait! Not in the car!
  • Gwen: Ben, wait! Kevin--what is that? Your plumber's badge?
  • Kevin: No...but you're not far off. It's a tracking system. I installed it this last week. But it doesn't track Plumber's badges--it tracks an un-cataloged alien tech. Stuff that might be valuable. know. Valuable for research, in stuff. Yeah. Well. Whatever that is, it's powerful. And close!
  • Ben: I'd better check it out. You two go to the amusement pier. I'll meet you there.
  • Kevin: No need. Looks like whatever it is, it's not far from the pier. We can be there in no time.
  • Gwen: Yeah. Kevin and I can stay in the car and watch you on the tracker. We'll keep in touch and give you a heads up if anything comes your way.
  • Ben: Oh great...Forever Knights. And I bet they're after the same thing we are. We need to get down there. Fast!
  • Kevin: No problemo. Hang on!

[End of Level]

  • Kevin: Why don't you lead? We'll follow you. What? The shocks would be toast after a mile if I let that behemoth ride shotgun. I'm not wrecking my car for some alien I just met. He walked here, he can walk back.
  • Ben: Anybody tell you your priorities are a little out of whack?
  • Kevin: *retaliates* Anybody tell you that walking is good exercise?
  • Gwen: *retaliates* Anybody ever tell you that your constant arguing is getting old? Oh wait..that should be me. Every day.

Forest Medieval[edit]

[in the command room of a Plumber base]

  • Ben: Whoa, check it out.
  • Gwen: Cool!
  • Kevin: Yeah...nice place if you're a bat.
  • Gwen: This place is huge!
  • Fourarms: It was one of the Plumber bases in the area when it was active. This is just the main level. The structure extends deep into the caves below.
  • Ben: I could spend hours exploring this place!
  • Fourarms: Unfortunately, there is no time for that. I have been using this detector to locate the alien devices I've been sent to retrieve, and it has found another one. A Petropian focus array -- in a wooded area not far from here.
  • Gwen: That's Avalon Forest.
  • Kevin: Yeah. The Forever Knights have been using that place as a hideout for years.
  • Ben: [Smacks fist] No problem, I'll take care of it.
  • Kevin: I better go with you. I know the place really well. I brokered a deal in the forest a while back, and I know a thing or two with the security systems.
  • Kevin: Tennyson...I'm gonna head in the back way and scope out the place. I'll catch with you later.

[Avalon Forest]

  • Ben: Okay. Thanks for nothing.
  • Ben: Oh, don't you monkey with the monkey [makes monkey noise]

  • Kevin: We're in a hurry, so I'd usually say don't MONKEY around. But in this case...

Bombs Away[edit]

  • Ben: I thought your alien tech knowledge was limited to weapons and autoparts. What did you do? Brush up against a scientist and accidentally absorb his brain?
  • Kevin: Hey, it's not like you guys get to corner the market on geekiness. I know stuff too. Like...well, a lot of stuff.
  • Gwen: Gorvan, are you sure it's in the base?
  • Gorvan: Either inside or somewhere around the grounds, yes. And you need to hurry. I'm detecting lots of activity.
  • Ben: Alright, we're on it.
  • Gwen: Kevin, aren't you coming?
  • Kevin: Maybe we should stick to what we know. You go and fight the bad guys, and I'll just sit here and think about auto parts.

A Few Bad Eggs[edit]

  • Gorvan: While I was on my way back here, I believe I had a flash of brilliance.
  • Kevin: A legend in his own mind. *points*
  • Gwen: *hits Kevin*
  • Kevin: Ow!

Plumber Trouble[edit]

  • Ben: Where's Gorvan?
  • Kevin: Still hangin' with the bats downstairs, I guess.
  • Gwen: Yeah, and it's a good thing.

  • Gwen: I've been at this for hours, what did you type?
  • Ben: Flodderworms. Yeah. Grandpa Max considered them a delicacy.
  • Gwen: Especially live. Totally forgot about those things.
  • Ben: He never made you try them. Bleh!

  • Kevin: Friends? What friends? Oh, those friends. Right. Well, you must have loads to talk about, so! I'll just take off now.

[Mini boss; DNAlien Kevin]

  • Ben: Kevin? Where are you?
  • Kevin: Right behind you, Tennyson.
  • Ben: Oh no. Hey...Kevin. Don't worry, I can help you.
  • Kevin: I don't need your help! I've never felt better in my life. You know...I forgot how much fun it is to be the bad guy.

[Post fight]

  • Kevin: Uhhhhh...
  • Ben: Okay Kevin, let's try this again. That is SO not fun!
  • Kevin: head! What happened?
  • Ben: I found you in here. You were anti-social, angry, and a Xenocite stuck to you.
  • Kevin: And now I'm back to normal?!
  • Ben: Yep, no more Xenocite. Now you're just anti-social and angry.
  • Kevin: Nice. Well, while you've been messing around in here, Gorvan's getting away.
  • Ben: You're welcome.

Ben 10: Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks[edit]


  • Nobody messes with my planet!
  • [sarcastically] Ooh, I'm so scared.
  • [To Serena and Bellicus] We don't have time for your nonsense, you two! If you don't do what I say, the Omnitrix is going to be destroyed with YOU in it!
  • It's hero time!


  • And now, at long last, the earth will be mine!
  • Psyphon, power up the Null Void Projector!
  • Psyphon, go manage the ground battle!
  • Psyphon, take some backup with you!
  • And Psyphon, one more thing while you're down there. Bring me the head of Ben Tennyson!
  • Ah, why if it isn't Ben Tennyson, and his loyal lackies!
  • Psyphon, what are you doing?! Stop this at once!


  • Yes, Vilgax! Yes, Vilgax. Your magnificence! Your... your big and scariness.
  • Yes, sir!
  • [After crashing a spaceship] I meant to do that. You heard Vilgax! Spread out, find Ben Tennyson!
  • Earth as you know it will no longer exist. The new age of Vilgax... has begun!
  • Tut, tut, tut. Why do you even bother trying? You cannot win!
  • Surrender, Ben 10. And Vilgax may just spare your life.
  • Your days as a hero are over, Omnitrix-bearer!
  • You think you've won? He, he, he! Vilgax still reigns supreme!
  • Hmm, I wonder what happens when you blast unfiltered Null Void energy, directly at someone at close range? Kids, don't try this at home. I am a trained professional.
  • What the...?!

Giant Mr Smoothy[edit]

  • Ben 10, time for your just desserts!
  • Small, medium, OR LARGE?!
  • No free refills for you!
  • Want one scoop, or two?
  • [last words] Have a... nice... day.

Alien X[edit]

  • ALIEN X!
  • Motion denied! We will not be destroyed!
  • Seconded! Motion carried!

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