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The following is a list of quotes from the second season Ben 10: Omniverse.

Many Happy Returns [2.01]

(Ben wanted XLR8, but transformed into Rath)

Madison: My dolly, I dropped my dolly!
Rath: (deadpan) Of course you did. (Rath goes back inside)

Madison: Awww!
Rath: What's your problem?
Madison: I like the brain crab better!

Ben Tennyson: Like the new look, cuz. So how's college?
Gwen Tennyson: It's exactly like saving the universe. Just replace Vilgax with a pompous art history professor.

Looma Red Wind: I am Princess Looma Red Wind and I am here to claim my husband Kevin E. Levin.

Looma Red Wind: I will fight for our love, Kevin. Even if I have to break every bone in your little human body!
Gwen Tennyson: Aww, that's so sweet!
Kevin Levin: Not feeling it!

Kevin Levin: Gah! My ride! What is it about this town?

Ben Tennyson: Guys, this is Rook. I don't always get him, but he's cool.
Rook Blonko: The feeling is mutual.

Rook Blonko: Hang ten, Ben!
Kevin Levin: Hang tight?
Rook Blonko: Hang tight!

Kevin Levin: (about the Proto-TRUK) This is a sweet ride.
Rook Blonko: Yes. As you say, it is a treat not unlike candy.

Terraspin: Terraspin? Great, I’ll turtle her into submission!

Looma Red Wind: Why have you been hiding from me, Kevin?
Kevin Levin: I wasn't hiding! (Dodges punch) I was sick! My ship broke down! (Gets punched in the face) I needed a new suit! (Gets punched in the face) There was an earthquake! (Gets punched in the face) A flood! (Gets punched in the face) Vilgax attacked! (Gets knocked on the head) It wasn't my fault!
Looma Red Wind: Liar!

Undertown Alien: Hey! Ever heard of knocking?
Kevin Levin: Ever heard of locking the door?

Gwen Tennyson: Look, let's be grown-ups about this? It's probably just a misunderstanding. A... cultural relativism thing.
Looma Red Wind: Human insect! (Looma swings her hammer at Gwen)
Gwen Tennyson: (Blocks swing with her force field) I don't want to fight you.
Looma Red Wind: (laughs) As though I would ever lower myself to fight...a girl! (continues laughter)
Gwen Tennyson: (angered) What did you call me?
(Gwen transforms into her anodite form and pulses a small wave of mana around her, pushing back Looma. Looma, swings her hammer at Gwen once again, but Gwen ducks and dodges it. She brings both of her hands forward, repelling Looma back with a burst of mana, throwing her into a pile of large pipes)
Lucky Girl: (looks back at Kevin) And as for you!?

Kevin Levin: Come on, Ben! New alien! Turn into Way Big and step on her!
Argit: Wait, doesn't Benny know the rule about the-
(Kevin hits Argit on the head)
Gwen Tennyson: Is there a reason you just knocked out Argit?
Kevin Levin: Maybe.
Gwen Tennyson: Wait, why did Ben turn into Clockwork?
Clockwork: I swear I was going for Cannonbolt.

Ben Tennyson: This isn't over, Looma! Know why I always win? (Ben turns into Four Arms)
Four Arms: Because I don't give up.
Kevin Levin: Four Arms! Finally a fair fight!
Rook Blonko: Female Tetramands are traditionally stronger. The princess still has the advantage.
Kevin Levin: I take back every nice thing I ever said about you.

Gar Red Wind: Good battle, Ben.
Looma Red Wind: Good battle, love.
Ben Tennyson:... Good battle.

Gone Fishin' [2.02]

Ripjaws: Rock on!

Rath: Lemme tell ya' somethin' water--- Water?! Rath doesn't do water!

Ben Tennyson: Just enough room in here for Way Big. (becomes Crashhopper instead)
Crashhopper: Crashhopper? The next time I see Azmuth, I'm gonna step on him! Rook, give me a line.

Captain Kork: What have you done?!
Diamondhead: Nothing you didn't have coming.

Outbreak [2.03]

Psyphon: (to Liam) Please stop trying to think, bird-brain. You don't do it well.

Liam: Is that you Tennyson? I believe you've got some payback coming!"
Walkatrout: Too slow! Haha!
Liam: Gotcha, little fishy!
Walkatrout: I don't suppose this is one of those catch-and-release deals!?
Liam: No! Now I have you for a snack!

Walkatrout: Still think it could get any worse?
Rook Blonko: I thought you said not to say that.
Walkatrout: Ah! You made me say it! Maybe the universe didn't hear.
Rook Blonko: I really do not think we are talking cause and effect here.

Pesky Dust: I'm going!
Rook Blonko: You are not going.

Dr. Psychobos: (to Malware and Khyber) Try not to destroy each other before I return. Or do. That would be a p-pleasant surprise to come back to!

(Ben transforms into Mole-Stache)
Mole-Stache: Oh come on! What is the point of this guy?! He's totally useless! (Everyone stares at Jerry whose glaring at Ben) Oh. No offence dude.

(Ben transforms into The Worst)
The Worst: Aw. This guy's The Worst!

Rook Blonko: Station six and nine, mark.
The Worst: Dude. If you're gonna keep talking like that, I'm out.

(Liam Humungousaur punches The Worst. The Worst gets stuck in a broken hole in the wall. Blukic and Driba paste the last piece in the Omnitrix and close the dial. The Worst reverts and so does Liam along with every one else mutated because of the malfunction) (Ben comes out of the wall)
Liam: Uh-oh!
Ben Tennyson: "Uh-oh" is right, Chicken Little!
(Ben dials in the Omnitrix and transforms)
Kickin Hawk: Omnitrix is fixed! And thanks to you, I got me a new alien. (Liam attacks Kickin Hawk, who blocks the attack. Kickin Hawk kicks Liam flying to the ceiling, Liam then falls to the ground, unconscious) And that, my friends, is how you make the feathers fly! Whoo!
(Scene changes. Psyphon, Liam, Bubble Helmet are arrested by Plumbers)

Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's [2.04]

Trumbipulor: You think you an stop me? I'm Trumbipulor, the galaxy's biggest evil genius, in height and weight!

Rook Blonko: When you mentioned Ultimate power, I remember the Plumbers ship that was after Plutonium [Ben emerges from the water as Way Big]
Way Big: It was WAY obvious.

Blukic: You wanna piece of me? come and get a piece, plenty of Blukic for everybody, come on. (attacks mouse minions)
Driba: This is exactly what happened the last time you got out of an elephant's mouth.

Way Big: Peanuts? Coming to earth, rampaging through the city, robot minions, this was all about peanuts?
Trumbipulor: Is that what you call them? Peanuts? (Eats the Peanuts) Mmm, roasted, (laughs) They are ultimate power (jumps off boat and grows)

Rook Blonko: Ben, you need to take out the peanut boat!
Way Big: Are you kidding me? I'm allergic! I'll deal with the jumbo sized jumbo, You can handle the boat

Blukic: This is the second worst time I've ever been stuck in an elephant's mouth!
Driba: No it's not!
Goop: Blukic? Driba? is that you?
Driba: No.

Trumbipulor: Ahhh ... get away from me!
Echo Echo: Awww ... he's scared of things that look like mice. Can't believe any one could be scared of ... Ahhh (runs away from mouse minions)

Blukic: We got lucky!
Driba: If they knew that we were on an unauthorized Mr. Smoothie Run, we'd be demoted to LEVEL 1 SCIENCE TEAM!
Blukic: (shakes head) Mmmm-mmm! I'm not going back to telling simpletons how to turn their computers off... and then back on again!

Malefactor [2.05]

Malware: Ben Tennyson, the bane of my existence. I should have known you'd be here.
XLR8: What can I say? I get around.

Malware: You insolent brat!
Feedback: You... also-something-bad!

Bros in Space [2.06]

Rook Da: Blonko, without tradition, you are nothing. But without you, tradition itself could not have survived.
Rook Blonko: Then tradition and I are even.

Young One: (to Ben) Can you transform into something now? Slapstrike? Unitaur?
Ben Tennyson: The ones in that show? Um... I left those in my other Omnitrix.

Young One: What does it feel like to transform?
Ben Tennyson: Sort of like a... good stretch.

Shocksquatch: How did you get to Revonnah?
Fistrick: I know a guy!
Shocksquatch: How did you know about Amber Ogia?!
Fistrick: I know a guy who knows a guy!
Shocksquatch: And the harvesters? Oh, wait, wait, wait! Let me guess. You know a guy.
Fistrick: Knew a guy. In past tense!

Fistrick: Oh, you're gonna pay for that!
Ben Tennyson: Luckily, I know a guy! (transforms)
Kickin Hawk: Who's gonna kick your teeth in present tense!

Arrested Development [2.07]

Billy Billions: Who's more famous: The superhero, or the guy who destroys him?

Ben Tennyson: Seriously, dude, you have a tail.
Rook Blonko: A b'nthak, it falls off after puberty.

Omnitrix: Vocal pattern does not match Ben Tennyson. Please provide alternate identification.
Ben Tennyson: I'm Benjamin Kirby Tennyson! (Omnitrix beeps) I live in Bellwood! (Omnitrix beeps) My grandfather's name is Max Tennyson! (Omnitrix beeps) I like soccer, and chili fries, and... I'M SCARED OF PEACOCKS!
Omnitrix: Identity confirmed. Thank you.

Ben Tennyson: What was that thing you said back at the library?
Rook Blonko: How embarrassing?
Ben Tennyson: Bingo.

Ben Tennyson: The De-Aging Ray! Ready to say goodbye to that tail?
Rook Blonko: I do not know. I was just getting used to it again. (His tail whacks him in the face) I am over it.

Rules of Engagement [2.08]

Fistina: (about Looma) That is a very strange female.
Ben Tennyson: Can I pick 'em, or what?

Looma Red Wind: Ooh, something blue!
Rook Blonko: Princess, I am a Plumber, not a wedding favor.
Looma Red Wind: Now you can be both!

Fistina: Tennyson, Rook has been taken!
Ben Tennyson: I'd had a chance to catch her if some great big...If some dainty little Acrosian waif hasn't massacred Rook's truck!
Fistina: I massacre from love!
Ben Tennyson: Right... (transforms into Jury Rigg)

Looma Red Wind: I'm no longer worthy Ben Tennyson's hands, from this moments for, you are his "betrothed". (Hugs Ben) Tell your mother for me, Ben! I couldn't bear to see her disappointment!
Ben Tennyson: ...Sure thing!
Rook Blonko: The princess is taking defeat, better than I imagine.
Looma Red Wind: (Threaten to Julie) Next time I see you, I will crush your skull like an egg!

Fistina: Isn't this where we walk off together?
Rook Blonko: Fistina, there is something I have wanted to say to you since our eyes met this morning.
Fistina: Yes (expecting Rook to announce his unconditional love for her)
Rook Blonko: You are under arrest.


Part 1 [2.09]
Ben Tennyson: This patrol is a real yawnfest.
Rook Blonko: There are festivals for yawning?
Ben Tennyson: It means I'm bored.

Ben Tennyson: Oh, you want more personal stuff! Worst fear, first crush, distinctive body marks...
Rook Blonko: Peacocks, Patty Berkenfeld 3rd grade, scar on your lower backside in the shape of something called New Jersey.
Ben Tennyson: Huh?
Rook Blonko: I read your file.

Pakmar: (After seeing Heatblast absorb the fire from his truck) You there! Stop it! (He sees the Omnitrix symbol on Heatblast's chest) Ben Tennyson!? NOOOOOOO!!

Pakmar: No! Not flaming vehicle! Barbecue! Can't you read?
Heatblast: Uh, Rook?

Pakmar: Go away!! Leave Pakmar alone, or Pakmar call Plumbers on you!!
Heatblast: It's me, Ben Tennyson!
Pakmar: Pakmar knows Ben Tennyson. (spits) You ruin Pakmar's new business venture, AGAIN!!!

Pakmar: Ugh! Put Pakmar's truck down before you do any more damage!
Humungousaur: How could we possibly do any more damage? (gets teleported along with half of Pakmar's truck)
Pakmar: Ughhhh!

Ball Weevil: (To Tyrannopede) Eat exploding gummy ball thing!

Rook Blonko: Oh, right. I must stop the hunter who controlls the Nemetrix with his whistling.
Azmuth: Oh, is that all? (picks up one fossil) Cover me, I've got a plan.
Rook Blonko: What about Ben?
Azmuth: The kid can handle himself. (sees Rook's Proto-tool) Mind if I borrow this?

Azmuth: Gentleman, meet Vicetopus! The natural predator of all Cerebrocrustaceans! (Whistling to control the Vicetopus) As smart as you claimed to be, Psychobos, I'm sure you knew that already, but do you know how to defeat him?

Dr. Psychobos: This is no way to treat your intellectual superior!
Galvan Soldier: Get in, dummy.
Part 2 [2.10]
Azmuth: Malware. He's been scattered over half the planet by now.
NRG: Wonderful! It's raining psychopaths!

Malware: (about the Proto-Tool) What a clever device. It must have a million uses. (points it at Humungousaur) But I'm only interested in one!

Pakmar: Pakmar demands satisfaction!! Pakmar demands restitution!!! Pakmar demands . . . AN APOLOGY!!! YOU, colorful shirt man, you are related to that . . menace, that hooligan, that queezart in Pakmar's marflarb!!!
Grandpa Max: Uh, you must mean Ben.
Pakmar: The very one. You know what this scoundrel has did?
Grandpa Max: Now, Mr. Pakmar, I'm sure Ben had some reason--
Pakmar: Pakmar is but a simple merchant, trying to provide for his wife and...487 children, but Ben Tennyson makes this impossible!

Ben Tennyson: Seriously? You're the smartest guy in three galaxies?
Azmuth: Five, actually, but who's counting?

Azmuth: Sewing chaos doesn't take any special talent, Malware. If that's the best you can do, I'm not impressed.
Malware: No! Nothing I do could ever impress you could it, Father. In your eyes I am nothing but your failed experiment, your shame!

Ben Tennyson: You and me, together again, huh?
Kevin Levin: How come every time you say that, I end up getting shot at?

Kevin Levin: Hey, don't go and get any ideas about my girl.
Rook Blonko: Not to worry, Gwen is only attractive by Human standards.
Gwen Tennyson: Umm...(gets interrupted by Ben)
Ben Tennyson: It's true. I've seen Rook's homeworld, no comparison.
Gwen Tennyson: (gets annoyed) I'm sitting right here!
Kevin Levin: So to him, Gwen's like what, an Orangutan with glasses? (Ben laughs and Gwen shows her mana. The Proto-TRUK opens the door and Ben and Kevin are released from the ship)
Gwen Tennyson: Love ya! Bye! (The Proto-TRUK closes the door leaving Ben and Kevin sky falling)

Blukic: Would all the geniuses in the room kindly raise their hands? (Blukic and Driba raise their hands)

Malware: You return to face me again, after I nearly destroyed you? You are a fool, Ben Tennyson!
Way Big: Yeah, well, It takes one to know one! Aiyah!

Feedback: Hey everybody! Did ya miss me?
Malware: A Conductoid? Pathetic, I destroyed you once before and I am 100 times more powerful now.

Feedback: NOW I remember why I liked this guy! Feedback RULES!!

Feedback: I'm not making a dent in this creep! And sooner or later, I'm gonna run outta gas!

Malware: Curse you, Ben Tennyson!

(Ben, Gwen and Kevin stare at Max's boxers in confusion)
Grandpa Max: Don't ask.
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