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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season of the 2005 series Ben 10.

Season 4[edit]

The Secret of the Omnitrix[edit]

Perfect Day [4.1][edit]

Ben Tennyson: [examining a cartridge spilled from a truck] Whoa, "Sumo Slammer Space Wars." This game isn't supposed to be out for, like, a year. I probably should return these, shouldn't I?
Grandpa Max: Nah, that truck's long gone. I say play away.
Ben Tennyson: Could this day get any better?

Ben Tennyson: [zipping through an on-screen test] It's multiple choice. Just choose C for every answer and you'll pass.
Gwen Tennyson: That won't work.
Ben Tennyson: How do you think I got through the third grade?

Divided We Stand [4.2][edit]

Gwen Tennyson: It's so nice to finally get a little peace and quiet so I can catch up on my summer reading.
Grandpa Max: Although I can't help feeling it's a little too quiet.
Gwen & Max: Where's Ben?

Grandpa Max: [after Ditto #2 makes him spill a hot dog] Benjamin Tennysons!
Ditto 1: Okay. We're sorry.
Ditto 2: Yeah. "We" won't both Gwen anymore. [Ditto #3 tosses a water balloon at Gwen]
Ditto 1: But we didn't say anything about him! [Ditto #3 multiplies]
Ditto 3: Or him!
Ditto 2: Play you guys two on two? [Ditto #4 nods and all of the Dittos run to the basketball court]
Ditto 1: [after Ditto #4 makes a slam dunk] T. You fouled me!
Ditto 4: Did not!
Ditto 3: Liar! I felt it too.
Ditto 4: How could I foul you, nimrod? We're on the same team.

Don't Drink the Water [4.3][edit]

Gwen Tennyson: The one thing about old people is they don't want to be reminded they're old.
Ben Tennyson: Eh, I wouldn't worry about Grandpa gettin' mad at me saying stuff like that.
Gwen Tennyson: And why's that?
Ben Tennyson: 'Cause he can't hear me over your nagging. [fills his water gun and points it at Gwen] I got ya beat.
Grandpa Max: I heard that. What do you mean I have lead feet?
Ben Tennyson: Told you. [squirts Gwen and runs]

Hector: [brings Ben and Gwen to a halt] You all must go, now!
Ben Tennyson: Dude, it's three strikes and you're out, not two. [throws ball at the target directly, causing Max to land into the dunk tank]

Gwen Tennyson: We have to turn you back. I'm getting my spellbook.
Young Max: Wait. No aches, no pains - I want to enjoy this for a while.
Gwen Tennyson: Hello, Hex is on the loose, and he's after something that sounds mega-important!
Young Max: Never realized she was such a spoil sport.
Ben Tennyson: Tell me about it.
Young Ben: This is not funny.
Gwen: I always knew I was more mature than you.
Young Ben: My feet hurt. I don't want to walk anymore. I'm tired!
Gwen: Stop being a baby. Whoops! You can't.
Young Ben: Going hewo, uh, hero.
Gwen: Great. Just what we need- Wildpup. What are you gonna do to it, lick it to death?

Big Fat Alien Wedding [4.4][edit]

Cannonbolt: Oh, yeah, it's scary being this good. Uh-oh. This isn't working. I need water- lots and lots of... [looks at the lake and he jumps in it] Cannonbolt cannonball! [hits the water and forms rain due to it hitting the sky to extinguish the fire. He emerges from the lake to find Joel's parents aiming weapons at him] Boy, the lifeguards around here are really strict.

[Gordon and Betty Jean Tennyson walk over to Camille]
Gordon Tennyson: We're sorry that we've been so tough on you, Camille.
Betty Jean Tennyson: Can you ever forgive us?
Camille Mann: [looking at the two] Of course, that's what families are for. [looks ahead at the bodyguard as she pushes them aside] LOOK OUT!

Ben 4 Good Buddy [4.5][edit]

Ben Tennyson: This thing can go three hundred miles an hour but it takes three people to flush?
Grandpa Max: Hey, our old gal's got character.

Ben Tennyson: Forget "comin' 'ROUND the mountain." We're goin' DOWN it!

Ben Tennyson: Time for me to hitch a ride. [transforms into Upgrade]
Upgrade: Or become it.

Ready to Rumble [4.6][edit]

Gwen Tennyson: Uh, hello? What do you think you're doing?
Ben Tennyson: Hmm, is this some kind of trick question? I need to go online and check out the new Sumo Slammer blog.
Gwen Tennyson: Not without asking me first. That's my brand-new XT-9000.
Ben Tennyson: Okay. May I please use your computer?
Gwen Tennyson: No way!
Ben Tennyson: See? That's why I didn't ask first.

Ben Tennyson: This is pretty sweet! Heh, yeah! I could get used to being a wrestling superstar.

Ken 10 [4.7][edit]

Future Fourarms: [about Vulkanus] I do not have time for this. I'm not going to miss another one of his birthdays, so I'd appreciate it if you just chill out in the Null-Void. [changes back into human form and sends Vulkanus to the Null Void]
Ben 10,000: Some scum just can't take a hint. [changes into XLR8]
[XLR8 runs to his HQ and reverts to his human form]
Ben 10,000: Told you I wouldn't miss your birthday.
[Ken sees him and hugs him]
Ken Tennyson: Thanks, Dad.
Ben 10,000: You only turn 10 once.
Ken's Friends: Happy birthday, Kenny!

Devlin Levin: You gonna put me in the Null Void, aren't you?
[Ken gasps and runs in front of Devlin]
Ben 10,000: We could...
Future Grandpa Max: Or... you could stay here with us and be part of our family.
Ben 10,000: That is, if that works for YOU guys.
Ken & Devlin: Totally! Sweet! [punch each other, knuckles to knuckles]

Ben 10 vs. Negative 10 [4.8-9][edit]

Part 1[edit]

Grandpa Max: Hi guys, this is Cooper, the grandson of an old Plumber buddy of mine, and...
[Gwen and Ben were fighting over the hand-phone]
Gwen Tennyson: Doofus! Give me it! You're wasting time!
Ben Tennyson: I heard it first, I get to call!

Cooper Daniels: And I've always been pretty good with computers and stuff like that.
Gwen Tennyson: [presenting her laptop to Cooper] hen you'll love this. It's the new XT9000 with satellite up link. Use it whenever you like.
Ben Tennyson: [slamming down the laptop] No fair, that's bribery!
Gwen Tennyson: [pulling out a whole bucket of stuff] Oh, and what do you call this?
Ben Tennyson: Gwen, we're not all as selfish as you are, some of us enjoy sharing.
Gwen Tennyson: I'm telling Grandpa!
Ben Tennyson: That what? You're a big doofus?
Grandpa Max: Ben, get up here.
Gwen Tennyson: Ooh, busted!
Grandpa Max: You too, Gwen.
[Gwen gasps]

Part 2[edit]

Cooper Daniels: Sometimes, if I concentrate real hard, I-I can sort of see inside machines and junk like that. It's kind of like a Wi-Fi in my head.
Gwen Tennyson: That is so cool.
Cooper Daniels: Not really. It gives me a major headache.

Ben Tennyson: We all know that Animo's next in charge.
Gwen Tennyson: But, Charmcaster is the one with all the potential.
[the Negative 10 looked confused at each other]
Rojo: Hey, what about me?! I'm tougher than all of you!
Acid Breath: You? Get real!
Grandpa Max: [to Ben] Ben, stop the Forever King!
Driscoll: There is no place left to run, Tennysons.
Eye Guy: Who's running, metal mouth? Bring it on!

Goodbye and Good Riddance [4.10][edit]

Sandra Tennyson: Now, I know you and Ben have had your differences, but I hope his personality grew on you this summer.
Gwen Tennyson: I suppose one... or two of them weren't so disgusting.

Vilgax: So much suffering. Are you prepared for more, Tennyson?
Ben, Max & Carl: You talking to me, ugly?
[Gwen casts a nonverbal earth-related spell that causes Vilgax to fall in the road]
Vilgax: Heh heh heh.
Ben Tennyson: Grandpa?
Grandpa Max: Do it.
[Ben drops weapon]
Ben Tennyson: Goin' hero! [turns into XLR8]
Cash & J.T.: Tennyson, you're..
XLR8: ...every single one of those heroes.
[Vigax's robots attack and everyone dodges the attack]
Grandpa Max: [to Carl] Remember when I first taught you to drive?
Carl Tennyson: Yeah, kept crashing into stuff.
Grandpa Max: My point exactly.
[a big fight against Vilgax's robots start, Ben and the team beat the robots]
Vilgax: Prepare to suffer... my full wrath. [cylinders enter his body and XLR8 tries to attack him two times but fails]
XLR8: We gotta stop him once and for all!
Grandpa Max: Ben he's too strong!
Carl Tennyson: Maybe not. Remember when I asked you if you wanted to come to work with me?
[XLR8 stares at him, and everyone runs away. XLR8 runs to Vilgax]
XLR8: Fine! Destroy the town, but you'll never see me or the Omnitrix again. [runs away, but Vilgax chases]
Vilgax: No one escapes me that easily! [jumps down to gas pipe and walks in it, XLR8 jumps off]
XLR8: Knew you'd play follow the leader, loser. Dad!
Carl Tennyson: So much for all my hard work. [XLR8 picks up Carl and runs. They both survive]
XLR8: You did it!
Carl Tennyson: We did it
[J.T. and Cash looked surprised]
XLR8: I have one more thing to do. I'll be right back. [J.T. and Cash are hung by their underwear] I figured, since my secret's out...

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