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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season of the 2005 series Ben 10.

Season Four (Episodes 40-52)[edit]

The Secret of the Omnitrix[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Part 2[edit]

Part 3[edit]

Perfect Day[edit]

Ben Tennyson: (examining a cartridge spilled from a truck) Whoa, "Sumo Slammer Space Wars." This game isn't supposed to be out for, like, a year. I probably should return these, shouldn't I?
Grandpa Max: Nah, that truck's long gone. I say play away.
Ben Tennyson: Could this day get any better?

Ben Tennyson: (zipping through an on-screen test) It's multiple choice. Just choose C for every answer and you'll pass.
Gwen Tennyson: That won't work.
Ben Tennyson: How do you think I got through the third grade?

Divided We Stand[edit]

Gwen Tennyson: It's so nice to finally get a little peace and quiet so I can catch up on my summer reading.
Grandpa Max: Although I can't help feeling it's a little too quiet.
Gwen & Max: Where's Ben?

Grandpa Max: (after Ditto #2 makes him spill a hot dog) Benjamin Tennysons!
Ditto 1: Okay. We're sorry.
Ditto 2: Yeah. "We" won't both Gwen anymore. (Ditto #3 tosses a water balloon at Gwen)
Ditto 1: But we didn't say anything about him! (Ditto #3 multiplies)
Ditto 3: Or him!
Ditto 2: Play you guys two on two? (Ditto #4 nods and all of the Dittos run to the basketball court)
Ditto 1: (after Ditto #4 makes a slam dunk) T. You fouled me!
Ditto 4: Did not!
Ditto 3: Liar! I felt it too.
Ditto 4: How could I foul you, nimrod? We're on the same team.

Don't Drink the Water[edit]

Gwen Tennyson: The one thing about old people is they don't want to be reminded they're old.
Ben Tennyson: Eh, I wouldn't worry about Grandpa gettin' mad at me saying stuff like that.
Gwen Tennyson: And why's that?
Ben Tennyson: 'Cause he can't hear me over your nagging. (fills his water gun and points it at Gwen) I got ya beat.
Grandpa Max: I heard that. What do you mean I have lead feet?
Ben Tennyson: Told you. (squirts Gwen and runs)

Hector: (brings Ben and Gwen to a halt) You all must go, now!
Ben Tennyson: Dude, it's three strikes and you're out, not two. (throws ball at the target directly, causing Max to land into the dunk tank)

Gwen Tennyson: We have to turn you back. I'm getting my spellbook.
Young Max: Wait. No aches, no pains - I want to enjoy this for a while.
Gwen Tennyson: Hello, Hex is on the loose, and he's after something that sounds mega-important!
Young Max: Never realized she was such a spoil sport.
Ben Tennyson: Tell me about it.
Young Ben: This is not funny.
Gwen: I always knew I was more mature than you.
Young Ben: My feet hurt. I don't want to walk anymore. I'm tired!
Gwen: Stop being a baby. Whoops! You can't.
Young Ben: Going hewo, uh, hero.
Gwen: Great. Just what we need -- Wildpup. What are you gonna do to it, lick it to death?

Big Fat Alien Wedding[edit]

Cannonbolt: Oh, yeah, it's scary being this good. Uh-oh. This isn't working. I need water -- lots and lots of... (looks at the lake and he jumps in it) Cannonbolt cannonball! (hits the water and forms rain due to it hitting the sky to extinguish the fire. He emerges from the lake to find Joel's parents aiming weapons at him) Boy, the lifeguards around here are really strict.

(Gordon and Betty Jean Tennyson walk over to Camille)
Gordon Tennyson: We're sorry that we've been so tough on you, Camille.
Betty Jean Tennyson: Can you ever forgive us?
Camille Mann: (looking at the two) Of course, that's what families are for. (looks ahead at the bodyguard as she pushes them aside) LOOK OUT!

Ben 4 Good Buddy[edit]

Ben Tennyson: This thing can go three hundred miles an hour but it takes three people to flush?
Grandpa Max: Hey, our old gal's got character.

Ben Tennyson: Forget "comin' 'ROUND the mountain." We're goin' DOWN it!

Ready to Rumble[edit]

Gwen Tennyson: Uh, hello? What do you think you're doing?
Ben Tennyson: Hmm, is this some kind of trick question? I need to go online and check out the new "Sumo Slammer" blog.
Gwen Tennyson: Not without asking me first. That's my brand-new XT-9000.
Ben Tennyson: Okay. May I please use your computer?
Gwen Tennyson: No way!
Ben Tennyson: See? That's why I didn't ask first.

Ben Tennyson: This is pretty sweet! Heh, yeah! I could get used to being a wrestling superstar.

Ken 10[edit]

Future Fourarms: (about Vulkanus) I do not have time for this. I'm not going to miss another one of his birthdays, so I'd appreciate it if you just chill out in the Null-Void. (changes back into human form and sends Vulkanus to the Null Void)
Ben 10,000: Some scum just can't take a hint. (changes into XLR8)
(XLR8 runs to his HQ and reverts to his human form)
Ben 10,000: Told you I wouldn't miss your birthday.
(Ken sees him and hugs him)
Ken Tennyson: Thanks, Dad.
Ben 10,000: You only turn 10 once.
Ken's Friends: Happy birthday, Kenny!

Devlin Levin: You gonna put me in the Null Void, aren't you?
(Ken gasps and runs in front of Devlin)
Ben 10,000: We could...
Future Grandpa Max: Or... you could stay here with us and be part of our family.
Ben 10,000: That is, if that works for YOU guys.
Ken & Devlin: Totally! Sweet! (punch each other, knuckles to knuckles)

Goodbye and Good Riddance[edit]

Sandra Tennyson: Now, I know you and Ben have had your differences, but I hope his personality grew on you this summer.
Gwen Tennyson: I suppose one... or two of them weren't so disgusting.

Vilgax: So much suffering. Are you prepared for more, Tennyson?
Ben, Max & Carl: You talking to me, ugly?
(Gwen casts a nonverbal earth-related spell that causes Vilgax to fall in the road)
Vilgax: Heh heh heh.
Ben Tennyson: Grandpa?
Grandpa Max: Do it.
(Ben drops weapon)
Ben Tennyson: Goin' hero! (turns into XLR8)
Cash & J.T.: Tennyson, you're..
XLR8: ...every single one of those heroes.
(Vigax's robots attack and everyone dodges the attack)
Grandpa Max: (to Carl) Remember when I first taught you to drive?
Carl Tennyson: Yeah, kept crashing into stuff.
Grandpa Max: My point exactly.
(a big fight against Vilgax's robots start, Ben and the team beat the robots)
Vilgax: Prepare to suffer... my full wrath. (cylinders enter his body and XLR8 tries to attack him two times but fails)
XLR8: We gotta stop him once and for all!
Grandpa Max: Ben he's too strong!
Carl Tennyson: Maybe not. Remember when I asked you if you wanted to come to work with me?
(XLR8 stares at him, and everyone runs away. XLR8 runs to Vilgax)
XLR8: Fine! Destroy the town, but you'll never see me or the Omnitrix again. (runs away, but Vilgax chases)
Vilgax: No one escapes me that easily! (jumps down to gas pipe and walks in it, XLR8 jumps off)
XLR8: Knew you'd play follow the leader, loser. Dad!
Carl Tennyson: So much for all my hard work. (XLR8 picks up Carl and runs. They both survive)
XLR8: You did it!
Carl Tennyson: We did it
(J.T. and Cash looked surprised)
XLR8: I have one more thing to do. I'll be right back. (J.T. and Cash are hung by their underwear) I figured, since my secret's out...

Ben 10 vs. Negative 10[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Grandpa Max: Hi guys, this is Cooper, the grandson of an old Plumber buddy of mine, and...
(Gwen and Ben were fighting over the hand-phone)
Gwen Tennyson: Doofus! Give me it! You're wasting time!
Ben Tennyson: I heard it first, I get to call!

Cooper Daniels: And I've always been pretty good with computers and stuff like that.
Gwen Tennyson: (presenting her laptop to Cooper) hen you'll love this. It's the new XT9000 with satellite up link. Use it whenever you like.
Ben Tennyson: (slamming down the laptop) No fair, that's bribery!
Gwen Tennyson: (pulling out a whole bucket of stuff) Oh, and what do you call this?
Ben Tennyson: Gwen, we're not all as selfish as you are, some of us enjoy sharing.
Gwen Tennyson: I'm telling Grandpa!
Ben Tennyson: That what? You're a big doofus?
Grandpa Max: Ben, get up here.
Gwen Tennyson: Ooh, busted!
Grandpa Max: You too, Gwen.
(Gwen gasps)

Part 2[edit]

Cooper Daniels: Sometimes, if I concentrate real hard, I-I can sort of see inside machines and junk like that. It's kind of like a Wi-Fi in my head.
Gwen Tennyson: That is so cool.
Cooper Daniels: Not really. It gives me a major headache.

Ben Tennyson: We all know that Animo's next in charge.
Gwen Tennyson: But, Charmcaster is the one with all the potential.
(the Negative 10 looked confused at each other)
Rojo: Hey, what about me?! I'm tougher than all of you!
Acid Breath: You? Get real!
Grandpa Max: (to Ben) Ben, stop the Forever King!
Driscoll: There is no place left to run, Tennysons.
Eye Guy: Who's running, metal mouth? Bring it on!

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