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The following is a list of quotes from the first season Ben 10: Omniverse.

The More Things Change


Part 1 [1.01]

Malware: Any last pithy quips or clever observations before I destroy you, Ben Tennyson?
Ben Tennyson (11 years old): Okay. If you're gonna stand there blabbing at me, Malware, at least pop a breath mint, will ya?

Gwen Tennyson: Take care of yourself, doofus.
Ben Tennyson: You too, dweeb.

Kevin Levin: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Ben Tennyson: Count on it.
Kevin Levin: Come to think of it, don't do anything you'd usually do either.

Zombozo: Oh! What a touching moment... Too bad you would never have caught me all by you're lonesome.
Ben Tennyson: Watch it, Zombozo! I don't need a team to get the job done! I'm a superhero. I can do this... Why am I saying this to a psycho monster clown? Time to put my money where my mouth is! (Stomach growls) But first, time to put food where my mouth is.

Grandpa Max: Wait for back-up... I'll send alpha team.
Ben Tennyson: I don't need a team, I'm me!

(Ben turns into Spidermonkey instead of Humungousaur and is pinned to the wall by Kyhber's beast)
Spidermonkey: Why do you hate me new Omnitrix? (Tries to spray webbing in beast's mouth, but it just rams him harder into the wall) (sarcastically) Well, that was a big help...

Khyber: The stories are true that Tennyson is worthy prey.

Ben Tennyson: Woah... Bye bye building. (Ben sees the building during the explosion) What could have done this?

Pakmar: This is my place... Was my place Pakmar's place!!

Cannonbolt: That was me, my bad. Hey, how's it going, fellow aliens? Nice weather we're having here on Earth, huh?
Mr. Baumann: Ben, you're not fooling anybody.
Cannonbolt: Oh, yeah, right. (picks up tin cans and approaches Mr. Baumann)

Mr. Baumann: I knew this was gonna happen the second he walked into my store.

Bubble Helmet: Pay up, Baumann.
Liam: You heard about Pakmar, hmm?
Cannonbolt: I heard he has great deals in toilets.
Mr. Baumann: Take it easy now, I don't want any trouble. (gives Tayden)
(Bubble Helmet takes the whole box, leaving one shard for Mr. Baumann)

Ben Tennyson: (Discussing protection racketeers) Mr. Baumann, I can stop them!
Mr. Baumann: No! (Rubs face miserably) Every time you're in my shop you ruin it!
Ben Tennyson: (Incredulous) You think I'm gonna mess up your shop more thenthey will? (Baumann gives him a flat expression) Okay, that was one time!

Ben Tennyson: You okay?
Rook Blonko: Proto-tech armor. Very nice of you to try and save me, though. Thanks, partner.
Ben Tennyson: Don't mention it.
Rook Blonko: But I just did.
Ben Tennyson: And we're not partners. I work alone now.
Rook Blonko: Yes, sir.
Ben Tennyson: Call me Ben, dude.
Rook Blonko: Okay, Ben-Dude.

Rook Blonko: (to Ben as Bloxx carrying the bomb) Wait! (proceeds to scan the area for humans or aliens)
Ben Tennyson: Its OK! Take your time... (sees the bomb ticking) ...Okay, now I was just kidding!

Bloxx: I got it! ... I don't got it.

Part 2 [1.02]

Ben Tennyson: XLR8 can catch those scumbuckets! (transforms into NRG)
NRG: NRG? Really?
Rook Blonko: What happened?
NRG: Ugh, New Omnitrix, Im still figuring out the controls.

NRG: Nice going Rook, eh for a newbie I mean. (walks over to Liam) Now talk. Who's behind these alien shakedowns?
Liam: Bawk bawk, behind you!
Rook Blonko: I wouldn't fall for that and this is my first day on earth.
NRG: Rook quick!!!
Alien Tour-Guide: Hey you took out my brakes!
NRG: Well you ran us over!

ML-E: Hey mommy, I got a bloody nose.
ML-E's Mom: Well, did you expect me to cook it for you here?

(shop owner packs up and leaves)
Ben Tennyson: What about my tentacle?

Water Hazard: Ohh... Water Hazard? Why can't I ever get Humungousaur?

Ben Tennyson: Whoever sent the monster to kill me, he's the big bad.

Rook Blonko: Appendages in the air.
Terraspin: Would you cool it with the badge? We are not cops... (sucks up the poisonous gas, aliens coughing) Well.., You might be a cop, I'm a superhero (winks)

Psyphon: You led Ben Tennyson right to me. I don't know whether to thank you or eviscerate you.
Bubble Helmet: Thank me?
Psyphon: (Zaps Bubble Helmet) Thank you.

Rook Blonko: Forgive me. I haven't any witty remarks.
Armodrillo: Don't force it, Rook. Let the wisecrack come to you.

Armodrillo: Break it up, people. Better yet, I'll break up for you!

Grandpa Max: So what do you think of your new partner?
Ben Tennyson: He's fights okay, kind of a doughnut-hole though.
Rook Blonko: Is that good?
Ben Tennyson: Oh sure... See?
Grandpa Max: Well you've been doing this for a while, maybe it's time for somebody else to be the doughnut-hole.
Ben Tennyson: Huh?
Rook Blonko: I know you haven't eaten yet, Magister Tennyson says you prefer these "chili fries", Care to join me?
Ben Tennyson: (smiles, shakes Rook's hand) Partner!

A Jolt from the Past [1.03]

Ben Tennyson (11 years old): Ugh, smoothies? Who'd ever want to drink something like that?

Rook Blonko: The Tennyson legends end with some kind of blended beverage.
Ben Tennyson: Smoothies? They're more of a daytime thing. At night, it's chili fries.
Rook Blonko: (makes a disgusted look) Ugh, Okay.
Ben Tennyson: And by the way, Alien X is real.
Rook Blonko: Why can't I see it?
Ben Tennyson: Dude, there are some things you're just gonna have to trust me on.

Ben Tennyson: Big Chill will let me cut right through these buildings! (transforms into Heatblast and crashes into a building)
Heatblast: Heatblast? Seriously?! (gets up) Time to improvise!

Rook Blonko: I never faced a Nosedeenian, Any advice? (Nosedeenians jump at Rook and start zapping his armor)
Ben Tennyson: Try not to let them zap you.
Rook Blonko: Duly noted...

Fistrick: You just made a big mistake, bro.
Ben Tennyson: I make a lot of mistakes. Shutting you down isn't one of them!

Clockwork: Ugh, (tires and stops at pole) I lost them... (looks up) Wait what?!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies [1.04]

Grandpa Max: Now remember, Ben. We don't know anything about that ship or what's onboard, so be careful.
Ben Tennyson: Come on Grandpa, you know me.
Grandpa Max: Uh-huh. That's why I said it.

Ben Tennyson: That is one big honking ship.
Rook Blonko: (turning up the volume knob) I cannot hear any honking.
Ben Tennyson: Rook, it's an expression.
Rook Blonko: Ah, right. That honking ship has anchored itself to Earth!

Ben Tennyson: The Vreedle Brothers
Octagon Vreedle: Ben Tennyson and... associate.
Rhomboid Vreedle: 'Sup?
Rook Blonko: The two lowest beings in the universe.
Rhomboid Vreedle: Oh see, now you've done hurt my fragile feelings.
Octagon Vreedle: Boid, remember our recent musings about the inadvisability of surrender being as we is now fugitives and such?
Rhomboid Vreedle: I do indeed recollect such a discussion Octagon. Why?
Octagon Vreedle: (Sighs) Light'em up, Boid. (Vreedles pull out lasers)
Ben Tennyson: Look out!

Rook Blonko: You two are beneath contempt: The worst villains in the galaxy.
Rhomboid Vreedle: Aww, thank you kindly!

Argit: I've got the Anihilaarg! And I ain't afraid to use it!
Rook Blonko: The Anihilaarg!
Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle: The Anihilarg!
Ben Tennyson: The what-ahaarg?

Emperor Milleous: I haven't got all day, well actually I do.

Rook Blonko: (After taking out the frog troopers) Now, what would Ben say?! Aah. Laying down on the job are we? I rather like that.

NRG: NRG? Ha ha. NRG is G-O-O-D!

Argit: Why are you all standing around? Somebody has to stop this from happening! TH-THE UNIVERSE IS WHERE I KEEP ALL MY STUFF!!! (grabs Ben's hand and starts slapping the Omnitrix with it)
Ben Tennyson: (Slapping Argit) Dude! Not helpful. Alright listen Omnitrix, I don't want Goop, I don't want Stinkfly. Just give me something I can use to defuse this thing so we can all get out all with our lives! (transforms into Alien X)
Rook Blonko: (Gasps) Alien X! It is real!
Argit: (walks up to Alien X) So, this is Alien X, huh? (taps Alien X twice) Great, we're toast! (The Anihilaarg is activated, destroying the Universe)

Ben Tennyson: Disappointed? That's the Universe, it's everything I know, it's everything there is!
Bellicus: Was.
Serena: Definitely.
Ben Tennyson: But Alien X can fix this, right? Right?
Serena: Alien X can do many things, we just both have to agree to it. Bellicus?
Bellicus: Serena? Fine! But the next time the universe is destroyed, don't come crying to me!

It Was Them [1.05]

Ben Tennyson: Let's make this quick, slimy. (Turns into Diamondhead)
Diamondhead: There's a triple cheeseburger with my name on it.

Echo Echo: Echo Echo? Why am I not surprised?

Ben Tennyson: (to Rook after battling worm creature) Couldn't you have given me a little help out there?
Rook Blonko: You should have said something
Ben Tennyson: Like what?
Rook Blonko: Like, "Rook, Help Me?"

(Ben and Rook step into Animo's Cell to see it filled up with mismatched body part animals)
Ben Tennyson: What'd I tell you, Rook? (Holds up crab-walrus to Rook) The Crazy is right here in front of us!
Rook Blonko: Conversly, the prisoner himself is Not.

Rook Blonko: Aloysius James Animo!
Ben Tennyson: Oh! He middle-named you! You are SO busted!
Dr. Animo: Noooo...

Ben Tennyson: Seems like lately I'm getting attacked by more monsters then Tokyo.

Rath: Let me tell you something new Omnitrix that keeps turning me into the wrong thing: You keep turning me into the wrong thing!

Rath: Lemme tell ya somethin' new Omnitrix, RATH IS GONNA-! (Omnitrix times out)

Rook Blonko: I can set this power core to detonate.
Crashhopper: Great plan!
Rook Blonko: It will destroy this anthill, the ants, us, and several populated areas.
Crashhopper: Bad plan!
Rook Blonko: What if I adjust the power core frequency to atomise just the ants?
Crashhopper: Better plan!

Dr. Animo: Curse you Ben Tennyson! Curse you and your meddling ways!
Crashhopper: See? Told you he talks like that!

Trouble Helix [1.06]

XLR8: This place is awesome! Did you see that hula-hoop thing? It makes lightning!

Grandpa Max: This is what I have been dealing with. The Omnitrix is malfunctioning, Ben has been trapped in different alien every week!
Azmuth: Not my concern.
Grandpa Max: I haven't slept in a month. (something blows up)
Azmuth: Hey!
XLR8: Oops... uh... sorry.
Grandpa Max: Not so funny when he's messing your stuff, isn't it?
Azmuth: Hmm... very well. (walking to XLR8 and climb up to Omnitrix and fixes it)
Ben Tennyson (11 years old): Aw man, fun is over!  :Grandpa Max: Thank goodness. :Gwen Tennyson (11 years old): S'been so long I almost forgot how you look like, doofus.  :Ben Tennyson (11 years old):NEHHHHH!(Sticks his tongue out).  :Gwen Tennyson (11 years old): Ohh now I recognize ya.

Grandpa Max: Stop where you are, son. You can't go in half-cocked. We need a plan.
Ben Tennyson (11 years old): Oh, I've got a plan. It's called "hero time!"

Malware: Azmuth! I am coming for you! (Throws a boulder at Feedback, but Feedback destroys it)
Feedback: You are so not.

Malware: The Omnitrix. I want it!
Feedback: You and everybody else. Take a number!

Diamondhead: (to Malware) Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

Malware: You haven't won. I will be free again, and when I am, all the Galvan System, all of the Universe...! (Diamondhead finishes encasing him in crystal then transforms back to Ben)
Ben Tennyson (11 years old): ... Will thank me for shutting you up!

Ben Tennyson (11 years old): We rule! We totally rule!
Grandpa Max: We got lucky.
Ben Tennyson (11 years old): What luck? Me plus the Omnitrix times crazy super villain equals total smackdown!
Albedo: (clears throat) Actually, I was the one that defeated him. By managing the power cycle of the two Helixes, I caused an overload just as the Mechamorph touched the control rods. Solve that, Omnitrix boy.
Ben Tennyson (11 years old): You're really getting on my nerves now.

Driba: (Groans) It's still not working right, Blukic. Set it on "stun", we get blast, set it on "blast", we get a low battery warning.
Blukic: The knob is on upside-down, Driba.
Driba: And whose job was that?
Blukic: Mmmmm, yours.
Driba: Was not.
Blukic: Was to.
Ben Tennyson: Come on, guys. Are we done here? I thought Galvans were supposed to be the smartest beings in the universe- smart as in "figure out stuff quickly so Ben Tennyson can go home" smart.
Blukic: Har har, Ben Tennyson, we may not look it...
Driba: But we're still smarter than any human! (prepares to fire gun)
Ben Tennyson: I have yet to see any indication of that. (Transforms into Cannonbolt)
Cannonbolt: Why did we hire you guys again?

Hot Stretch [1.07]

Ben Tennyson: I'm warning you!
Ester: Yes?
Ben Tennyson: (tries and fails to activate the Omnitrix) ...I got nothin'.

Ester: You turned human!
Ben Tennyson: I do that.

Seebik: Alright Lackno....but first finish him off.
Ester: Seebik, That's Ben Tennyson!
Ben Tennyson: Don't forget Rook! Better off him too! I totally let you guys go, but this guy never gives up!

Rook Blonko: She likes you Ben-Dude!
Ben Tennyson: Everybody likes me, I'm a hero!

(The Kraaho pins NRG to the ground is trying to open his containment suit)
NRG: No whatever you do, keep the suit close. Don't open me up! That will end NRG. (The Kraaho succeeds in opening the suit which releases his true form) Suckers ha ha.

Have I Got a Deal for You [1.08]

Sunder: Just hand over your new Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson, and this can all be over.
Shocksquatch: Well sure, since you're asked so nicely.

Shocksquatch: Last chance for you to quit where you're ahead!
Sunder: Last chance for you to keep your head.
Shocksquatch: Ho ho. That was like a joke, but smaller. (shocks Sunder)

Rook Blonko: It's not just rare, it's incredibly dangerous!
Ben Tennyson: You don't say?

Pax: Where is the Screegit ?!
Ben Tennyson: First start by telling me what happened to it!
Pax: I have no idea, I mean Screegits usually only react like this in a nitrogen filled environment, but you earthlings breath oxygen.
Ben Tennyson: Surprise! Earth's atmosphere has nitrogen in it too pal!
Pax: Well, why didn't you tell me?
Ben Tennyson: Why didn't you ask? It's not that sort of thing that just comes up in conversation. Oh, hi! My name is Ben. My atmosphere is rich in nitrogen, how's yours?

Rook Blonko: The Professor's motives, I can understand. That Pax fellow? Not so much.
Ben Tennyson: He means well. ...Which makes him even more dangerous.

Pax: What kind of fools do you take us for?
Blarney T. Hokestar: What are my options?

Ben Tennyson: Alright Omnitrix, I need something BIG to stop that train. You hear me? (Ben slaps the Omnitrix Core down and transforms into Jury Rigg)
Jury Rigg: Jury Rigg? How does this help anybody? (Jury Rigg slaps the Omnitrix symbol on his belt and changes to Grey Matter)
Grey Matter: Grey Matter? Seriously? (Grey Matter bends his right arm backwards over his right shoulder, slaps the Omnitrix symbol on his back, and turns into Nanomech)
Nanomech: Oh...come on already!

Bloxx: Oh this is gonna hurt! (Train passes over him) YEOOOOOOOW!

Of Predators and Prey

Ben Tennyson: (to Rook) You wanna start something? Is that what this is about?
Rook Blonko: No, I'm going to end something!

Ben Tennyson: How do you lure a vicious alien dog out? Baco-treats? Rawhide chew toys? A giant tennis ball?

Ben Tennyson: I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Ben Tennyson, the kid who's about to kick your sorry butt. And you are?
Khyber: The last thing you'll ever see.

Khyber: So, any last words?
Ben Tennyson: (looks at Omnitrix, which has recharged) How about "bye-bye"! (transforms into Crashhopper and jumps)

Khyber: Fight back all you want. There is a predator for every kind of prey.

Heatblast: I defeated Vilgax the conqueror, Diagon the destroyer, what makes you think you're any better?
Khyber: Experience. (Crabdozer attacks Heatblast)

Heatblast: Come on new Omnitrix would it kill you if you give me Humungousaur just this once. (transforms to Ball Weevil)
Ball Weevil: Whoa! This is a new one.Uh, ah...What can I do? I gotta have something going from me other than the power of cuteness.
Khyber: (Laughs) Far too easy.

Ball Weevil: What's the matter, can't finish what you started?
Khyber: You would do well to show respect to the greatest huntsman in the galaxy.
Ben Tennyson: If you're so great, how come it took you five years to capture me, huh? It took Vilgax like, five minutes!

Ben Tennyson: Get ready to throw down with... Humongousaur! (changes into Rath)
Rath: Lemme tell ya' somethin', self-proclaimed greatest huntsman in the galaxy: Rath is not Humungousaur. But Rath... is gonna make you... HUMUNGOU-SORRY!

Ben Tennyson: So, uh, Khyber, is it? Love what you've done with the place. Who knew alien skulls had so many uses?

Khyber: Excellent work, old friend.
Rook Blonko: (destroys the door) (to Khyber) It would appear, Khyber, that the hunter has become the hunted! (to Ben) That is not a bad entrance line, is it?

Rook Blonko: (after electrocuting Khyber) Surprise!
Ben Tennyson: Took you long enough! I had this guy tell me his whole life story trying to buy time till you decided to waltz in!
Rook Blonko: (handcuffing Khyber) I do not know how to waltz. However, my Earth's culture text did make mention of a dance called...
Ben Tennyson: Skip it!
Rook Blonko: I do not know how to skip either. Oh! Earth expression.
Ben Tennyson: (touches his nose) Bingo! (Rook also touches his nose, confused) Also an expression.

Crashhopper: Crashhopper? I'll take it! (Jumps, but falls down) Aaah! Bad idea!

Ben Tennyson: Forget the ship, find the whistle! (Mucilator runs toward Ben) You know what, Omnitrix. I give up. Surprise me. (hits Omnitrix)
Humungousaur: (punches Mucilator) Humungousaur! For real! Yeah!! Who's the predator now, Tiny?! (Humungousaur begins fighting Mucilator)

Big Chill: That's two times I've saved your butt today, Rook. But who's counting? Oh, that's right: I am! One, two!

Big Chill: (Flying away with Rook) This should finally prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Ben Tennyson can survive JUST FINE without anyone's help! (Omnitrix times out, Ben and Rook fall out of the sky)
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