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Chiang Kai-shek (October 31, 1887April 5, 1975) was a political and military leader of 20th century China

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  • As long as we have Taiwan, the Communists can never win.
    • As quoted in Gallery: The Battle That Saved Taiwan, historynet
  • Mao is a strange man whose personality is like the Tao, sometimes In sometime Young; he has a soft-as-cotton outer layer, but at the same time has sharp needles hiding inside... I do not think he could achieve anything, at the end he will be crushed inside my palm.
    • Diary entry (陰陽怪氣,綿裏藏針....吾料其不能成事,終難逃余之一握也)
  • If and when the war starts(WW2), no matter where or whoever you are or if you are young or old, Northner or Southner, you all have the responsibility of protecting our home and repelling the enemy, you all must have the will to achieve ultimate sacrifice.
    • 如果戰端一開,就是地無分南北,年無分老幼,無論何人,皆有守土抗戰之責任,皆應抱定犧牲一切之決心!
    • 蔣介石廬山《應戰宣言》
  • 和平未到根本絕望時期,決不放棄和平,犧牲未到最後關頭,決不輕言犧牲
  • 吋山河一寸血,十萬青年十萬軍
    • ___對於蘆溝橋事件之嚴正表示 中華民國二十六年七月十七日 出席廬山第二次談話會講___
  • We must use every inch of our blood to take back every inch of our land, you ten thousand youths and soldiers.
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