Dragon Ball: Piccolo Jr. Saga

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Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime that originally aired in Japan from February 26, 1986 - April 12, 1989 on Fuji TV. It is based on the original manga series established by Akira Toriyama. The English dub started in 1995 by FUNimation, which has partnered up with Trimark, for the first 13 episodes, then redubbed in August 20, 2001, along with the other 140 episodes, for a total of 153 episodes.

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Lost and Found

Yamcha: That's great! So Goku won the battle?
Tien: Yeah, you should have seen him. I've got so much to tell you!
Bulma: Hi, TV Central?
TV Broadcaster (via radio): Uh-huh?
Bulma: I just want to let you know that the battle's over and everyone's all right!
TV Broadcaster: Are you serious? It's really over?
Bulma: That's right! He's been defeated! Piccolo is dead!
TV Broadcaster: But how can that be? Who in the world is powerful to do that?
Bulma: Let's just say that good has won out over evil once again!
TV Broadcaster: That's great, but I need a name to tell the people!
Bulma: Bye! [hangs up]
TV Broadcaster: Wait, hello?

Goku: (weakly): Master, I need your help. Please... help me!
Korin: Hey, kiddo, don't worry about it. I'll take care of all your wounds til you're as good as new!
Goku: It's not that. I'm hungry!

[after finding Piccolo's last egg]
Old Man: Is it a dinosaur egg?
Old Woman: Yeah, might be.
Old Man: Or maybe it could be a child. You know, like a gift from the heavens or something?
Old Woman (deadpan): You're kidding.
Old Man: I'd almost bet on it, my dear!
Old Woman: Hmm. Then crack it open.
Old Man: Then go get my club! Hurry up!
[the egg begins hatching; the couple trembles]

Yajirobe: Master Korin, didn't you let Piccolo go because you were afraid you'd lose to him if you fought him yourself?
Korin: Uh... I.... well, to be completely honest, I thought the odds would be better if Goku fought Piccolo instead of me. I'm glad things turned out the way they did though; you fought an impressive battle and you really should be happy to be alive!
Yajirobe: Wow.
Korin: What else could I do? Goku was our only hope, and if he lost the fight that would mean it would be up to me to take care of things.
Goku: Hmm?
Korin: It was all part of my plan. Someone had to be around to collect all the Dragon Balls. My boy, had you have lost I would have revived you as well as everyone else killed by Piccolo.
Goku: So Master Korin, you knew about the Dragon Balls the whole time?
Korin: Hmph, of course I did! You see, I know everything!
Goku: Then I guess it's not big secret if I told you the Eternal Dragon was killed by Piccolo?
Korin: (shocked) What did you say?

Korin: No, really? The Eternal Dragon is no more!
Goku: Mm-hmm.
Korin: Oh no! I never thought Piccolo was strong enough to do something like that!
Goku: It's not fair! If the Eternal Dragon was alive today, he could bring everyone back to life!
Yajirobe: There's nothing you can do about it, Goku, just let it go. People are always getting into trouble all the time, and it can't be stopped; that's just the way it is.
Korin: Mm, yes, it's quite correct, but don't forget, those people wjp were attacked by Piccolo must spend eternity all alone and will never be able to rest in peace.
Goku: Huh?
Korin: It's true. There's no way for them to go the Other World because their lifeless bodies float in limbo. The poor souls will be lost forever unless they're revived by the Dragon Balls!
Goku: That's terrible! My friends are going to be miserable forever and there's nothing we can do?
Korin: That's right.. There's nothing we can do now that the Dragon's gone.
Goku: Hmm.
Korin: No, hold on! I think we have a chance left!
Goku: Are you sure?
Korin: I can't believe I could forget such an important thing. Yes, this might just work!
Goku: Great, so what do we do?
Korin: It's simple -- you just have to meet wth the one who created the Dragon Balls and ask him to bring the Eternal Dragon back to life!
Goku: You mean a person actually created the Dragon Balls?
Yajirobe: Of course, silly! It's not like they just appeared out of thin air on their own!
Goku: So who is it?
Korin: You mean you don't know who made them? It was Kami, of course!
Yajirobe: Hey, what's the deal? Is this some kind of joke? I thought you really wanted to help us! Instead you make some crazy story... [walks away]
Goku: So all I have to do is meet this Kami guy and he'll revive my friends?
Yajirobe: Hey, Goku, come on, you know this Kami guy doesn't exist! He's just make-believe. Korin's just pulling your leg, that's all!
Korin: Oh, he exists all right, but if you wanna meet him you must be strong and pure of heart. Only a chosen few are proven worthy enough to have a personal meeting with Kami! [pause] Hello!
Goku: Yeah?
Korin: Goku, you have earned this right to meet Kami... where as Yajirobe has not!
Yajirobe (scornfully): Who cares?
Goku: That's great! So when do I get to go and meet him?
Korin: Kami is here, on top of this temple!
Yajirobe: No way, he's up here? Come on, this is the top of the temple!
Korin: Well Kami is floating high above the tower, and when I say 'floating high up in the sky', I mean really high, smarty-pants!
Yajirobe: Is this another one of your practical jokes, Korin? You're not fooling me -- there's nobody floating up there!
Goku: Yeah, I don't see anything!
Korin: You'll just have to trust me!
Goku: Good! All I have to do is fly up there!
Korin: That's impossible -- you can't go any higher than this.
Yajirobe: Heh, I bet he could get up there pretty fast on the back of a rocket ship!
Korin: Oh no, that won't work either. Even if you took a rocket up there, I know Kami would just send it right back. He doesn't like to be disturbed.
Goku: Okay, so I'm stuck here, unless there's another way up to the top...
Korin: Okay, Goku, you already have a way to get there and you don't even know it, do you? You remember you have that very special Power Pole of yours? Use it, and it'll take you to Kami!
Goku: Use my Power Pole?
Korin: The Power Pole was originally created to get the owner from Earth to this temple! You see, a long time ago, Master Roshi begged me to lend it to him, so I let him have it. I thought he'd be the last; I didn't think anyone else would be qualified to carry it until you came along!
Goku: I see. I never realized it was that important, but it was a big help when I fought Piccolo! I'd better hold onto it! [reaches for it and finds nothing] Hey, it's gone!
Yajirobe: I know what happened to it! You dropped it when you fought Piccolo!
Goku: Aah! You're right! Flying Nimbus! [the Flying Nimbus arrives and Goku jumps on board]
Korin: Find that Power Pole, Goku. It's the only way to get Kami -- I'm counting on you!
Goku: Don't worry! I'm going to find it, Master Korin, no matter what it takes! [takes off]

[at Fortuneteller Baba's]
Goku: ...so that's what happened! Can you help me find my Power Pole, Baba? Please, I'll do anything to get it back! You just gotta help me!
Fortuneteller Baba: So I see. You want me to help you find this Power Pole that helped you defeat Piccolo is that right?
Goku: Yeah, can you do it?
[Baba takes out her crystal ball]
Fortuneteller Baba: Don't get your hopes up, I just got this out of the shop. Right. I'm getting a vision... it's getting clearer and clear...
[the vision is of Kame House]
Fortuneteller Baba: Oh, it's his house. That's where you'll find your Power Pole.

Fortuneteller Baba: I still can't believe it. A kid like that saved the world. And now he gets to meet Kami face to face. I guess it's true. Some people are born lucky.
Ghost: I know what you mean. That explains how I ended up working for you.

Goku: (holding his power pole) Now I can use this to meet Kami and if all goes well, Master Roshi and Krillin will come back!
Bulma: Uh?
Yamcha: Uh?
Goku: Thanks everybody! I'll see you later! And I'll be back with Krillin and Master Roshi!
Bulma: What did he say?
Yamcha: He's going to bring them back to life?
Tien: He's going to meet Kami?

[after burning down the elderly couple's house]
Piccolo Junior: This is just the start. I'll get Goku. He's all mine. I'll have my revenge!

Temple Above the Clouds

[Goku is taking the Power Pole elevator up to Kami's Lookout]
Goku (thinking): Master Roshi, Krillin, Chiaotzu, this is for you! I'll be seeing you again soon, I just know it!

Launch: That does it -- you're back in one piece again. It's a good thing you're in excellent shape, Tien. You should heal fast!
Tien: Thanks, but your kindness helps a lot!
Launch: Stop. There's no need to flatter me.
Oolong: Hey, what about me?
Tien, Launch: Huh?
Oolong: I sure wish I had a girl who looked like you and wanted to take care of me all day.
[Tien and Launch blush]
Tien: Oh my, I made you guys blush!
Launch: Pig, shut it! Don't make me get tough! [trains a gun on him]

News Reader: Now, a special announcement from our King to the boy who defeated Piccolo and saved the world! You are to receive the Blue Star Medal for your bravery!
Bulma: Hey, he's talking about Goku!
News Reader: If you're out there, young man, please come and collect your medal at your earliest convenience for what you have done. The citizens of Eastern City owe you our deepest gratitude.
Bulma': Wow, the Blue Star Medal!
Oolong: Hey, isn't that it the highest honor in the whole world?
Puar: I hope that he shows up to get it!
Turtle: I just hope that wherever he he is, he's not in trouble!
Yamcha: I remember he said something about meeting Kami -- if that's true I wonder how he's going to do it...

Yajirobe: I wonder how Goku is doing. I hope he's okay. [pause] Hey, what kind of guy is this Kami anyway? Come on, spit it out!
Korin: Well, let's put it this way -- I'm sure Goku will be quite surprised when he sees his face!
Yajirobe: You mean that he's a really scary-looking person!
Korin: That's right! But Goku has seen him before...
Yajirobe: Huh?
Korin: Mmhmm, and when he meets Kami he'll be surprised! There's no doubt about that!

Goku: Hey, hi!
Mr. Popo: Hi!
Goku: Hi, I'm Goku. I'm looking for someone named Kami.
Mr. Popo: Ah, yes. I know Kami, but my name is Mr. Popo. Kami told me all about you. You beat Piccolo, didn't you?
Goku: What? How did he find out about that?
Mr. Popo: Kami knows about everything, my friend! Kami is great!
Goku: So... is that Kami's house over there?
Mr. Popo: Yes.
Goku: Can I meet him now?
Mr. Popo: Do you have proof that Korin has approved your being here?
Goku: You mean this bell? Korin gave it to me!
Mr. Popo: Good. It's clear to me that you have been approved, then. Are you ready for the


Goku: Uh... what test?
Mr. Popo: The test! You must fight me, Mr. Popo, and if you win the match you will then be able to meet Kami!
Goku: Sure, that sounds like an easy enough thing to do. Okay, let's have a match!
Mr. Popo: You're the first challenger I've had in centuries. This is exciting.
Goku: Great, so we'll fight until one of us gives in, okay?
Mr. Popo: Sounds great!
Goku: Hah, have I got a surprise for you!

[after Mr. Popo gets the advantage]
Mr. Popo: Oh, got you again! You're not very strong. Please, are you actually the same guy who defeated Piccolo?
Goku (angrily): I am strong, so you take that back!
Mr. Popo: You're weak!
Goku: This time I'll get you!
Mr. Popo: Yes, please, come on!
[Goku growls; Mr. Popo's birds fly away]
Mr. Popo: You won't beat me! Look what you did, you frightened the birds with your bad attitude.
Goku: Don't make fun of me! [attacks]

Mr. Popo: It's a shame that you have such great power and make such poor use of it. You need to learn control, because only then will you be able to pass this test and meet with Kami!

Earth's Guardian Emerges

Mr. Popo: Looking after the guardian of the Earth keeps me pleasantly busy, little Goku. While I do enjoy your company, it is time for you to leave.

Goku: (after Mr. Popo easily overcomes him) I can't believe it! That hurt even more than Piccolo's punches!
Mr. Popo: Yes. You beat him and so you assumed you were the toughest in the world. But learn this now. No matter how strong you are, there will always be someone stronger who comes along. To stay on top, you must keep pushing past what you think is strength.
Goku: Uhuh. I feel pretty weak now.
Mr. Popo: I'm glad we had this little chat. Now go on home, please.
Goku: What? No! I have to see the Guardian so my friends aren't dead any longer than they have to be. You wouldn't like it if you were dead and your friends just gave up on you, right? Well, I won't do it!
Mr. Popo: I'm sure they have great board games to play. Besides, you're not strong enough to beat me!
Goku: Ah, then I can stay here and train!
Mr. Popo: Train? For what?
Goku: You know, until I'm strong enough to beat you!
Mr. Popo: Ah, yes. Well, I guess so. But don't leave skid marks on the tiles.
Goku: Thanks a lot, Mr. Popo! See you soon! [takes off]
Mr. Popo: Huh! What a good-hearted boy he is!

Bulma: I hope Goku's doing okay, wherever he is.. He said he was going to see some sort of 'Guardian of the Earth'..
Yamcha: Yeah, poor kid. He really thinks he can do something to bring Krillin and Master Roshi back.
Bulma: If anyone could do it, I guess a mystical planet protector would be the one.
Puar: You really think the Guardian exists, Yamcha? What would he look like?
Yamcha: I don't know. Tall, gray hair, really big muscles, I guess?
'Oolong: Who really cares? It's not like we'll ever see it.
Launch: Oh, can it, pig! We've already seen the world's most evil person -- maybe we'll see the purest one too!
Bulma: Yeah, there's no telling what to expect at ths point. All I know is, if there is a Guardian, Goku will find it!
Yamcha: Hmph, that's right.
Oolong: Well, if it does exist, two things are certain -- it's got the face of a pig and it sure ain't a lady!
[Launch hits him]
Launch: Why don't I take you to a men's club -- I'm sure they like pork chops!

Mr. Popo: You must be more tranquil than the sky yet quicker than lightning.
Goku: But the sky doesn't move. And when I see lightning, it's really quick. Aha ha ha ha! Sounds pretty tricky to me.

Mr. Popo: (while his back is turned to Goku) I can see you're puzzled. You're scratching your right cheek.

Mr. Popo: Tell you what... I'll assist you.
Goku: Yay! I was hoping you'd teach me how! My brain hurts when I think too much!
Mr. Popo: You must decide. Will you commit to years of training that could end in vain?
Goku: You bet! I'll do whatever it takes to bring my friends back!
Kami: That's good to hear!
Goku: Hey, who's there? Is that you, Mr. Guardian?
Mr. Popo: Exactly.
Goku: And he's talking to me?
Kami: I will meet with you now.
Mr. Popo: You're a fortunate boy, Goku. This is rare!
Goku: Thanks, Mr. Guardian!

[when Kami appears]
Goku: Piccolo! I should have known you were still alive, you big monster! [Goku attacks Kami]
Mr. Popo: Goku, wait! No!
Goku: Give me back my friends!
[Kami knocks Goku back into Mr. Popo's arms]

Let go of me! You don't understand -- he's the bad guy I told you about!

Mr. Popo: It is you who fails to understand. This is not Piccolo.
Kami: I should have known Korin wouldn't explain it to you.
Goku: Whoa! Did you say 'Korin'?
Kami: He thinks he's very funny. There's a good reason you mistook me for Piccolo, my boy. Ages ago, we two beings were one. A single coin with two opposing sides. My name is Kami, and I am indeed the Guardian of this planet. But it wasn't always that way.
Goku: What do you mean?
Kami: Guardians are mortal lot, just like you. There was a Guardian before me, and I sensed that his end was approaching. I made the same trek you did, up to this lookout, hoping to become his successor. But he turned his back on me... I strongly believed that I was destined to replace him, but in his great wisdom he saw in me a side that I was too pride to admit. You see, a Guardian's motives must be pure, but in me was a selfish desire for its power and control, a side that thrived on bitterness and hate! For many brutal years I meditated and trained, until I was finally able to separate my impure desire and drive it out of my body! That evil became Piccolo. While in my purified form I remained in the lookout and became the next Guardian, Piccolo went down to the Earth to incite disorder. It's been a great source of guilt for me, but you Goku have stopped him in his boldest assault, and in gratitude I will give ear to your request.. but on one condition: you must remain here and train under me for as long as my own motives require.
Goku: Of course, I wanted to do that anyway! Now I can tell you which friends to bring back, right?
Kami: I know. Krillin, Chiaotzu, Master Roshi, Nam, all the other fighters... unfortunately, my powers as Guardian will not bring them back. The one being that has that ability is Shenron, the Dragon. I guess I'll simply have to recreate him and let the Earthlings use the Dragon Balls again.
Goku: You can really do that, Kami?
Kami: Yes, but I do so begrudgingly. From now on, you must take greater care to protect your friends, and secure the power of the Dragon.
Goku: I promise to!
Kami: Good. I will hold you to that. Now, Mr. Popo, I would like to begin recreating the Eternal Dragon immediately.

Eternal Dragon Resurrected

[after Shenron takes off from Kami's Lookout]
Goku: Wait, where is he going?
Kami: He is searching for the Dragon Balls. Typically, they must remain in their stone form for a full year before the Dragon can be summoned to grant a wish, but this year I've decided to make an exception for you and your friends, Goku.
Goku: Really? Do you think I could go and watch my friends come back to your life?
Kami: Don't tell me you've already forgotten your promise to remain here at the lookout and train?
Goku: Oh, that's right!
Kami: You'll stay here for three years, then you'll be able to see your friends again at the next tournament.
Goku: You know about the tournament? Are you a psychic or something?
Kami: There's something you should know, Goku: Piccolo will be coming to the tournament to challenge you, so you must be prepared.
Goku: Piccolo? I thought I killed him! Are you sure he's alive?
Kami: Unfortunately, I am. Moments before Piccolo died, he created an egg that contained a child -- a virtually identical replica of Piccolo, possessing his powers, his brain, and his tendencies for evil. The child is growing as speak. In three years time he will be strong enough to face you again.
Goku: I don't believe it!
Kami: As long as you're here, Piccolo won't be able to attack you. That way, you can train for the next three years without any disturbances. Then you'll be strong enough to defeat him. Perhaps... I am prevented from destroying Piccolo myself, in light of that minor technicality. The fate of the world rests in your hands because you are the only one capable of defeating him. Understand?
Goku: I.. understand!
Kami: Can you promise me that, Goku?
Goku: I won't let you down Kami! Let's get started! I'm totally focused now! [pause] Um... but first I have to pee. Where's the bathroom!

Mr. Popo: Uh, Kami... you and Piccolo are one entity, right? So if Goku kills him, he will um... I guess... kill you as well?
Kami: That is correct. I have brought all this on myself. I must now answer for it.
Mr. Popo: Oh...
Kami: No entity can strangle himself with his own hand, but I've finally found a way to rid the world of the horrors I have caused. I know this won't be easy, Mr. Popo, but you must carry on without me until another guardian can be found.
Mr. Popo: I'm feeling very... perplexed.

[when Shenron appears]
Bulma: He's really here! I can't believe it -- he actually came!
Tien: S-say something!
Bulma: We thought you'd been destroyed, Mr. Dragon!
Shenron: Kami saw that Goku's purpose was noble and so he chose to resurrect me.
Oolong: If I faint, catch me.
Bulma: Where is Goku?
Shenron: Kami has chosen Goku for an important task, and he is now training at the lookout. You will see him again at the next tournament.
Tien: Who is Goku training with?
Shenron: Wait. You'll know soon enough. Now your wish.
Bulma: We wish for you to bring back to life all of our friends who were killed by Piccolo and his monsters!
Oolong: Krillin, Master Roshi, and Chiaotzu!
Yamcha: Wait a minute, what about all the other innocent people that Piccolo killed? You should help them too!
Oolong: Oh, that's a lot of people!
[Shenron growls]
Shenron: Very well. All of the people who were killed by Piccolo shall be brought back to life.

Krillin: (after being revived) I can't believe Goku did this for us! I could marry that guy!

Master Roshi: If this Dragon is correct, and Goku is training at the lookout with Kami, well, I guess it would help if you knew Kami's other name... Guardian of the Earth!
[everyone is shocked]
Tien: Uh, well, I sort of remember something like that being said...
Krillin: That's... that's impossible, Master Roshi. You're joking with us, right? That can't really be the truth!
Master Roshi: Mm-hmm, it's true. Goku's something very different from you and I, and Kami's obviously recognized it. To be honest, I'm chopped liver in comparison to that monkey-tailed boy!
Yamcha: He's a kid, and he's already surpassing us in strength. Now that he's training with Kami, we'll never catch up with him!
Tien: Well, then, I'll just have to train twice as hard, twice as fast, and twice as long for the next three years, that's all!
Yamcha: Yeah, me too!
Krillin: Me three!
Master Roshi: Well said!

Master Roshi: That reminds me, Bulma. I have a question. Eheh heh heh heh.
Bulma: What?
Master Roshi: I was wondering if you... if you were to give me a welcome-back smoochie kissy?
[Bulma growls]
Master Roshi: Uh! How 'bout a handshake?

Quicker than Lightning

Goku: Mr. Popo, are you sure this will make me stronger?
Mr. Popo: Even you asking is wasteful. Countless unnecessary moves. Like the wings of a fledgling bird. They can flap, but they cannot fly.
Goku: Uh... okay.
Mr. Popo: You must be like a stone.
Goku: A stone?
Mr. Popo: Calm and still, so the rain and wind cannot move you. You see?

Mr. Popo: One cannot describe sight to the blind. You'll have to stumble upon it yourself.

Kami: You risk a pain far worse than death.
Goku: It doesn't matter.

Goku: Struck by lightning... that's just bad luck.

Goku: I'm calm as the sky and still as a stone.

Secret of the Woods

Mousse: (to Goku) Sorry about that. I've been trapping rabbits and wild boars for years but this was the first time I've caught a human.

Krillin: You guys are actin' like big shots. But don't forget about me. I've already died once. That makes me unstoppable.

Master Roshi: I was brash and confident. And I had a full head of hair. I was even better looking then than I am now.

Krillin: Master, how can a...
Master Roshi: Huh?
Krillin: ... Young bald guy... ever meet beautiful girls?
Master Roshi: Well... heh... that skill just comes naturally.

Yao Chun: I don't believe it. I've been beat by a kid. But I'm... uh... faster than lightning.
Goku: Huh?
Yao Chun: Ah... you're strong...
Goku: Are you serious? Are you really faster than lightning?
Yao Chun: Of course not. I just say that to scare people.

The Time Room

Goku: You can do anything, Popo!
Mr. Popo: Something we have in common.

Oolong: I wonder how Yamcha and the others are doing out there.
Bulma: I hope they don't overexert themselves and get injured or something.
Master Roshi: Heh heh. They're young. They can take it. I was lifting boulders when I was five!

Bulma: I know it's silly, and I mean no disrespect master, but I just can't picture you as a young man.
Master Roshi: Well, try!

Mutaito: You have the eyes of a warrior. I must admit, I'm curious to learn if your spirit is as strong as your stare.

Mutaito: (after Crane Hermit Shen kneels for his errors) He's my pupil so this is my fault. Forgive me.
Goku: I think he became rotten on his own.

Goku's Doll

Mr. Popo: Given the proper stimulus, anything can flourish.

Mr. Popo: You should never allow outside influences to distract from a fight.

Mr. Popo: A warrior's strength is always important in a battle but it's not enough. The mind is also a powerful weapon and must be developed just like your muscles.

Mr. Popo: Don't be hasty. You'll only waste valuable energy. Just calm down.

Goku: I did it! I mastered my mind training and defeated the doll!
Mr. Popo: Not exactly.
Goku: Huh?
Mr. Popo: It was just good timing. The doll's energy ran out.

Walking Their Own Ways

Chiaotzu: It's something bad. Horrible.
Tien: Uh?
Krillin: Hey, stop trying to scare us, would ya? It's not like this place isn't creepy enough on its own. Let's all go back to sleep.

Goku: How are you going to find me with that blindfold on?
Mr. Popo: How 'bout you hide and find out what happens.

Mr. Popo: I'm trying to pick up the spiritual energy emanating from your body.

Krillin: I hope we find a village somewhere soon so we could have a hot meal and sleep in a soft bed again. Heh heh. And if we're lucky, we'll meet some pretty girls.
Yamcha: Yeah, in your dreams.

Mr. Popo: You see? I can control my spiritual energy but you cannot.
Goku: Uh?
Mr. Popo: Most everyone generates an aura when they move. You should be able to see it if you concentrate.

Hotter than Lava

Mr. Popo: If you focus your mind, you will discover that you don't always need your eyes to see things that are right in front of you.

Mr. Popo: It is only when you're in touch with your own spiritual energy that you'll be able to sense anyone else's.

Tien: (after Krillin falls down a pit and Chiaotzu saves him) Krillin, maybe the time has come for you to think about mastering your flying technique.

Yamcha: (about Krillin) Great. He thinks he can save the village by himself.
Tien: Then we'll let him think that.

Krillin: Well it looks like we saved the village guys! Way to go!
Pao: Ha! You didn't save anything! The lava stopped because the mountain spirit heard the elder. You and your friends ran off and hid in the woods. So don't try and take credit for something you didn't do! Now, I think it's time for all of you to be on your way.
Krillin: Thanks a lot...


Bulma: What do you think of my new dress?
Launch: It's absolutely stunning!
Master Roshi: It certainly fits in all the right places! Is that cashmere? Let me feel. (Master Roshi tries to grab Bulma's buttocks)

Goku: (takes off his curled turban) Now do you recognize me? Who else but me has hair like this?

Goku: Bulma, what happened? I-It looks like your lips are bleeding!
Bulma: No, it's called lipstick you moron!

Tien: (whispering) Master Roshi, aren't you going to participate in the tournament this time?
Master Roshi: (whispering) I think I'll stand down this time and give you boys a fighting chance.

Bulma: Oolong, don't you just love Yamcha's ponytail?
Oolong: Huh? Uhh... Why? What do I look like? A hairdresser?

Preliminary Peril

King Chappa: I have fought the one called Tambourine and survived. Hmm... Goku, I have waited a long time to get back in the ring with you. You and I have some unfinished business. Long before your lucky victory during out last encounter, I was champion of this tournament. Now, I will have my revenge.

Piccolo: How easily the crowd is entertained. Goku hasn't begun to unleash his full power. Heh. However, with moves that elementary, he hardly stands a chance. I'll rip 'im into pieces in front of his friends! Heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Mercenary Tao: (after defeating Chiaotzu) I didn't kill him though he should've died. However, I didn't want to be expelled.

Tien: But... Mercenary Tao died!? How is this possible?
Mercenary Tao: With a good imagination and a lot of zenny, there is life after death, but it's not cheap. It took a while for me to get my parts in order but here I am... the world's first fully functioning cyborg assassin.
Referee: Uh... excuse me. I'm sorry but you'll have to leave the stage. The next match is about to commence.
Mercenary Tao: Eh... You seem to enjoy your life... it would be a shame if I had to take it away.

Mercenary Tao: I'm here to fight but it's not the title I'm after. Heh Heh heh.
Goku: Then what do you want?
Mercenary Tao: Revenge. An eye for an eye if you get my meaning. I can take your life now or crush you in the ring. After that, I will deal with you, Tien Shinhan. Once my brother's star pupil... now a... what's the word... a traitor!
Tien: I did not betray Master Shen. I was loyal to his house. Until... I discovered I did not share his ideals.
Mercenary Tao: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Your fate has been sealed.

Battle of the Eight

Krillin: Speaking of bad news, it looks like Mercenary Tao will advance as well.

Yajirobe: I didn't wanna fight in this boring tournament anyway. There are better opponents in the forest. Besides, when you win in that fight, you get to eat 'em.

Krillin: Hello again. Nice moustache. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Eheh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
Announcer: (Surprised to see Krillin is alive after witnessing his death years ago) Uh? Ah! It's impossible! You can't be here! Uh...uh...uh...uh...I saw you die! Ahhh! Oh, please spirit from the after world...!
Krillin: Oh, stop it. I'm not a ghost. I just came back to life again.

Krillin: Even though it might be hard for you to understand, we respect our master.
Oolong: Heh heh heh heh.
Master Shen: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That only proves that you're dumb enough to follow an inferior leader.
Yamcha: Hey! (Yamcha steps forward but Goku holds him back)
Master Shen: My brother's cybernetic implants not only gave him a body but increased strength beyond human potential. Tien Shinhan nor any of you fools can stand a chance against him! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The fight was over before it began!
Bulma: Some things never change. That guy's still a jerk!
Goku: The real monster in that family isn't General Tao.

Mercenary Tao: Relax. Enjoy yourself, Tien Shinhan. I won't kill you in this match, only wound you. I'll take care of both you and Goku after I've won the championship. For now, enjoy the crowd's adulation.

Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao

Hero: It's uh... strangely quiet... uh... don't you think?
Chi-Chi: (pause) Hmm. I hear many sounds that invade the silence.

Tien: Wait a minute. There's something I need to say.
Mercenary Tao: Huh?
Goku: Uh?
Krillin: Huh?
Yamcha: Huh?
Master Shen: Uh?
Mercenary Tao: It's too late to beg for mercy, weakling.
Tien: I'll forgive what you did to Chiaotzu. Stop this madness.
Mercenary Tao: Heh heh ha ha ha. You fool. Don't talk as if you're in control of this situation. You're just scared. (Tien appears behind Tao) Uh?
Tien: You're mistaken.
Mercenary Tao: Uh?
Tien: I've grown much stronger than you realize.
Mercenary Tao: Uh! Don't talk behind my back, coward! You think you're stronger than me!? I'll enjoy taking you down, Tien!
Tien: Sir, I didn't ask for any of this. I take little pleasure in fighting you.
Mercenary Tao: Hmph. Heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Very funny, Tien. Hilarious. Your arrogance has just sealed your fate. Now die!

Tien: Try to understand. What I say to you is out of concern, not disrespect. You and your brother taught me how to fight. I'm grateful for your guidance. I do not wish to see you lose in disgrace. Leave the ring now.
Mercenary Tao: Grrr! I'll rip your eyes out!

Tien: What respect I had for you has now turned to pity. You have no honor!
Mercenary Tao: Hmm. You're mistaken. I have plenty of honor. The honor of killing you. That's it. Keep your silence. My blade will finish this conversation!

Tien: (after defeating Tao, gives him to Shen) He'll be asleep like this for a few days. Please take him home and never show yourselves around me again, thank you, Master.
Master Shen: (growls in anger) YOU TRAITOR!!! (flies off carrying Tao) You will not die peacefully, I assure you of that!
Master Roshi: It's you who won't die peacefully, old Crane!

Krillin: (about Chi-Chi) I'd be excited too if I was fighting a pretty girl.
Goku: If she fights as well as she yells, I'm in trouble.

Anonymous Proposal

Yamcha: (He and everyone else is shocked apart from Goku) SAY WHAT?
Chi-Chi: I thik even you could remember that one.
Goku: (after Chi-Chi tells him he promised her to be his bride) Hey, Krillin. What's a bride? (Krillin and Yamcha fell over)
Chi-Chi: Uh!
Goku: Please, tell me!
Krillin: A bride!? Roughly translated, it means your life is over!
Yamcha: Goku, a bride is a woman who's about to be married.
Krillin: I think my definition is more accurate. It's the woman that you live with for the rest o' your life!
Goku: Live together? With you? When I said that, was I conscious?
Chi-Chi:  !
Goku: How can I marry someone if I don't even know their name?
Chi-Chi: Hm. I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but I'll be happy to tell you my name... if you beat me!
Goku: Eh... ah... perfect. Besides, if we're going to be spending the rest of our lives together, it might be a good idea if I knew what to call you.

Piccolo: (about Goku) How strange. His powers are similar to those of my own family.

Goku: I remember! I did say it! It was back... back when we were children that I told you I wanted a bride!
Chi-Chi: I remember. I was there.
Goku: But I... I don't think you understand. I thought "bride" meant something to eat.
Chi-Chi: Uh... Something to eat? Then the promise you made was a mistake?
Goku: Sometimes, my brain doesn't know what my mouth is saying. Good thing my heart does. Will you marry me?
Chi-Chi: Yes.

Chi-Chi: I'm in love with you, Goku.
Goku: Uh... Love? What do you mean by that?
Chi-Chi: I'll show you. (Chi-Chi kisses Goku on his cheek)

Yamcha: (after encountering with Chi-Chi) Listen, this is all just a misunderstanding! (laughs nervously)
Bulma: (glares at him) Enlighten us!
Yamcha: Bulma, please! It's not what you're thinking! When I met her, she was just a little girl. (Bulma boils up lividly) She was cute in a sisterly sort of way! She looked nothing like the beautiful woman she is today, honest! (seeing Bulma is totally livid) Oops, I shouldn't have said that.

Piccolo: I must admit, you've surprised me. Your moves and techniques are adequate, for such a limited mind. I congratulate you. Forgive my bias. I see now that I could afford to show you a little.
Krillin: What do you mean? A little of what?
Piccolo: Ha! My real power! Unrestrained!
Krillin: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Real power!? Okay, let's see it!

The Mysterious Hero

Piccolo: This is gonna hurt a little bit, but rest assured, I won't kill you. (to himself) Not yet. But sooner or later, you will interfere with my plans for world domination. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And that's when I'll strike and you will cease to exist.

Piccolo: (about Krillin) How disappointing. I didn't want to kill him. Not before breaking every bone in his body.

Goku: Krillin, that was a fantastic match. You've made great progress. I'm really amazed by your technique.
Krillin: Yeah, the only thing missing was a win.

Hero: I'm an optimist.
Yamcha: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Optimism is great. But to defeat me, you need nothing short of a miracle.
Hero: Miracles happen every day.

Hero: You were paying so much attention to my theatrics, you never realized the subtle moves I was making. Didn't your master ever teach you that you should never judge power by appearance?
Yamcha: Uh...uh...uh...
Hero: If you take nothing else from this fight, remember the golden rule. Perception is a great defense.


Hero: What good are fists without feet? The wolf is left licking his wounds.

Yamcha: Save your words of pity for someone else, old man. Because I don't need 'em.
Hero: You're absolutely right. What you need is some good coaching.

Yamcha: I've defeated opponents from many species. Wherever it is you call home, be it here or outer space, it has no bearing on the outcome of this match. Yeah, I know your kind. Mister X is your weapon of choice. They say the most brutal weapons are the ones we can't see. Those forged from within. Fortunately, I have quite an arsenal to pull from. Please, allow me to show you a demonstration. I'm not sure there are words to describe the damage one can do with raw spirit energy.
Hero: Ooh... looks dangerous.
Yamcha: For you... only the best.

Master Roshi: I think it's safe to say... without exaggeration that those four men are the world's strongest fighters.
Bulma: Roshi, you sound like a commercial. Maybe you should do the announcements. They certainly couldn't get any worse.

Chi-Chi: (while watching Goku and Tien fighting at a heightened speed) Is this a normal occurence around here? This is crazy.

Goku Gains Speed

Tien: The best weapons are those your opponent least expects.

Piccolo: The crowd seems entertained. But they wouldn't know a good fight if it kicked 'em in the head. If this is Goku's best, I'll bury him.

Goku: I could tell you're not going to make this one easy on me.
Tien: Would you really want me to? I doubt it. I don't envy your position. Anyone who hopes to defeat me had better first ask for a miracle.

Tien: The crowd's expecting greatness from you. Don't hold back because I won't!

Tien: I was wrong. I allowed my arrogance to blind me. I have never known a man or beast that can move as swift as you. But if you think that gift alone will aid you, you are mistaken. Tien Shinhan will fall before no man.

The Four Faces of Tien

Tien: (after splitting into four halves) Right now, you must be thinking, "how am I going to handle four Tiens?" The answer is... you're not!

Krillin: (after Tien blasts Goku down from the sky) Tien's perception must be superhuman!
Yamcha: (as Goku's falling) Let's hope the same could be said for Goku's bones. He's gonna be hittin' the stage pretty hard.

Goku: (after recovering from Tien's blasts) Ehee hee hee. That was a good one, Tien. I'm a little sore.
Tien: A... A little? Remarkable. I get the feeling we could drop an entire city on top of him, and all he'd get is a headache.

Master Roshi: (after Goku sees Tien's attacks behind him without even looking) I wasn't aware of some eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head-technique. I'd better take some night classes.

Tien: I won't pretend I'm not wounded. But it's only my pride. You did a good job, Goku. Congratulations.
Yamcha: That's it? Congratulations!? Thanks for piling me up like a stack o' pancakes? Come on, Tien! Don't you wanna know how he did it? I sure do.
Krillin: Yeah, me too. Nice speech but how did he figure it all out. It's unbelievable. I guess that's why he's the big hero and I'm... uh... uh... not.
Chi-Chi: There are no small heroes. Only sidekicks. Eheh.
Krillin: Thanks.

Kami vs. Piccolo

Hero: (Hero is really Kami in disguise) As Popo told you, Junior and I are bound by the same fate. Even if you could destroy Junior, you would not for fear of killing me. Popo... he should not have told you this.
Goku: He was trying to protect you. I'm glad I know the truth.
Hero: Now that you know, can you honestly say that you will destroy him when the time comes? If you do not commit one hundred percent, you will fail and your race will die.
Goku: I can stop Junior without ending his life.
Hero: You cannot betray who you are. Junior knows this and he will use it against you. Your honor will be his greatest weapon. There is more at stake here than just two lives. If you can't see that, then you have already lost.

Hero: (Hero is really Kami in disguise) I'll tell you a secret. Death is a very scary proposition, even for Kami.
Goku: Uh?
Hero: Have no fear. I will do what I must and nothing more.

Piccolo: For a moment I thought you developed a brain and threw in the towel.
Hero: (Hero is really Kami in disguise) Oh. Heh heh. Heh. Sorry. This is a big arena. I got lost on my way here.

Hero: Your skills have improved but you're as deluded as ever. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. You're right. Whatever befalls you, happens to me. And I'm just fine with that.
Piccolo: Huh!? You're insane! You'd commit suicide!?

Piccolo: What will you do, boy? The evil containment wave is the only thing that could've stopped me, and it failed. Nothing will stand in my way. This world is mine!

Battle for the Future

Piccolo: (to Goku) Hope you're prepared... for lots of pain! I'm assuming Kami covered that in your training.

Piccolo: (to Goku) Keep up the brave facade. Once I've dispatched you from this world, it and all your friends will be mine. And there's nothing you can do about it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. The intermission is over. Come. It is time I fulfilled my destiny.

Piccolo: Don't look so sad, Goku. You won't have to say goodbye to your friends. I'll send them to oblivion to meet you!

Chi-Chi: Goku, you better not get yourself hurt! I don't wanna become a widow before I'm even married, okay!?

Piccolo: You should feel honored.
Goku: Why is that?
Piccolo: Because... I am your executioner!

Super Kamehameha

Piccolo: (about Goku) Heh heh. Here lies... humanity's hero. Not very impressive. He was hardly a challenge.

Goku: Your ego is so bloated, I'm surprised it even fits in the ring. I'm going to enjoy taking you down a notch or two.

Piccolo: Come on. Look into the eyes of your killer.

Piccolo: I know that you will try your best, Goku. That's why I'll enjoy watching you fail. Be honest, at times like this, you wish you were the bad guy.

Piccolo: (Piccolo has swallowed the bottle containing Kami) Aw, too bad. But I'm sure Kami thanks you... from the bottom of my heart!

Junior No More

Piccolo: Silence, you worms! I am King Piccolo, reincarnated!
Krillin: Ahhh...
Piccolo: Let it be known throughout the world. Once I've disposed of Goku, I will be your king once again! Not only has King Piccolo been reborn, but his reign of terror as well!

Launch: (after Piccolo grows to giant height) Hey! Isn't that against the rules!?
Announcer: I'm afraid there's no rule against getting bigger.
Bulma: We left the rules a long time ago.

Tien: (about fighting against Piccolo) Goku, let me help you!
Piccolo: Huh!?
Goku: Don't.
Tien: Uh! Why!?
Piccolo: r...
Goku: I can't accept your help. Not without forfeiting the match.
Tien: Uh!?
Master Roshi: Eh...?
Piccolo: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You'll forfeit more than that, puny human, by the time I'm through with you!

Goku: (to Piccolo) I told you your size didn't matter. It won't help you win the match. All it really does is make you a bigger target.

Yamcha: Goku! Come on! It's over!
Piccolo: (to Goku) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Your friend is right!

Goku's Trap

Kami: Goku, join me. Together we will stop this fool.
Goku: No, Kami! Don't interfere! You can't!
Kami: Uh!? What are you saying? I'm here to help you!
Goku: The tournament's not over yet. He's still my opponent. I can't win unless I defeat him by myself!
Kami: Is that so...?

Master Roshi: A true warrior does not contemplate the fate of the world, only the strength of his enemy. For him, nothing exists beyond the battlefield. He only knows victory or defeat.

Krillin: (after Goku gets punched through a wall by Piccolo) Only Goku could smile after that.
Master Roshi: He's nothing if not honest.

Piccolo: Should we ask for a time out so you can catch your breath?
Goku: No. But feel free if you're tired. It looks like... It looks like your antennae are drooping.

Piccolo: (to Goku) I am invincible. You will be the first to witness my destiny.

Goku Hangs On

Piccolo: (to Goku) Idiot. You can't fathom the power you're up against. If you had any brains, you'd be on your knees begging for mercy.

Piccolo: (to Goku) Conceited punk. I will enjoy breaking you.

Piccolo: Your time is up. End of game. You made a good run of it, but now it's over.

Piccolo: For the crimes committed against King Piccolo, it's my honor to serve justice.

Goku: Good thing you aim as bad as you fight. You missed my vital organs.
Piccolo: All of them!?

Piccolo: Uh-oh, I really think this is gonna hurt.
Goku: A lot

The Victor

Piccolo: (Goku is bleeding heavily during his fight against Piccolo) After all the hard work I put into renovating this place, the least you can do is stop leaking on the floor.

Piccolo: I'd just like to thank you. Seeing you lying in the dirt, writhing in pain means more to me than you can possibly imagine. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. (while blasting Goku with his finger) My father lost much during his last battle, including his left arm.
Yamcha: Goku!
Kami: Oh! Ahhh!
Piccolo: Allow me to extend you the same courtesy you gave him.

Piccolo: (to Goku) Relax and enjoy your death. You have nowhere else to go.

Piccolo: It's too bad you were obliterated. I would like to have kept some of you as a souvenir.

Piccolo: There's no need to grieve for your fallen companion. You'll be joining him shortly.
Puar: Ahhh!
Oolong: Waah!
Yamcha: Monster!
Piccolo: You can all keep Goku company in the afterlife.

Dress in Flames

Ox-King: It's good to have you home again, Chi-Chi. As the Ox-King, I'm fearless. But as a father, I'm entitled to worry.

Oonon: (Oonon and Jasmine are pigs like Oolong) Oolong? Oh, you remember him, don't you? He was the kid who got kicked out of the southern kindergarten for stealing a teacher. He was the only one of us who ever got expelled.
Jasmine: Oh, right. I remember. What a loser.
Goku: You mean you really aren't Oolong?
Oonon: You catch on quick. Your parents must be very proud.

Goku: What's wrong, Baba?
Fortuneteller Baba: I caught my first cold in two hundred years. I can find anything with this crystal ball except for a good doctor.
Goku: Anything? So where's the Bansho fan?
Fortuneteller Baba: Fortunetelling isn't a science. It's an art.

Jasmine: (Oonon and Jasmine want to spy on Chi-Chi in the spa) We're true to our word. That shack will give her complete privacy.
Oonon: But to be certain, we'll have to keep an eye on her.

Fortuneteller Baba: (to Chi-Chi) You can worry yourself to death. It won't help Goku find the fan any faster. Try the spa a few minutes.

The Fire-Eater

Mai: Can you see anything?
Shu: (looking with his binoculars) I see three rocks that look like a face. Neat.
Mai: Shu!

Turtle: Who are you?
Goku: Goku!
Turtle: Uh...?
Goku: Don't you recognize me? Eheh. Eheh heh heh heh. Eheh heh heh.
Turtle: Uh...uh... Oh! Goku! It's really you!
Goku: I have changed a little.
Turtle: That's an understatement.

Mai: (about Goku and Chi-Chi) We have uninvited guests.
Shu: Do you think they're also looking for the bird?
Mai: No, they're sightseeing. Of course they're looking for the bird!

Shu: Allow me to introduce the genius responsible for our bold mission.
Mai: His majesty is the most feared man in the underworld.
Shu: A true titan of terror. The man I call sire.
Mai: It is an honor and privilege to serve...
Shu: The one. The only. Emperor Pilaf.
Emperor Pilaf: Ahh...
Goku: Oh... you again?
Chi-Chi: (to Goku) You know him?

Master Roshi: (to Turtle, after Goku and Chi-Chi are sent to locate the Fire-Eater's feathers on instructions from Roshi's book) Nothing in this book works! I couldn't decipher that crazy code. I only wrote the book to impress some girl!

Outrageous Octagon

Shu: What's the big deal about this Bansho Fan anyway?
Emperor Pilaf: Given the effort they're expending to find it, this Bansho Fan may be even more valuable than the Dragon Balls.
Shu: That would be great. Every time we go after the Dragon Balls, something bad happens.

Emperor Pilaf: We have to salvage that ship. My skin dries out in cold weather.

Emperor Pilaf: (after seeing Goku on an icy mountain) A reunion. I'm so happy.
Goku: You didn't seem happy inside the volcano.
Emperor Pilaf: Uh... You didn't catch me at my best. But here I'm in my element.

Emperor Pilaf: (after failing to hit Goku with missiles) It's time for plan R. Comrades, on my mark, run!

Chi-Chi: Who are you!?
Emperor Pilaf: Eheh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! The person who always... gets the last laugh! Aha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mystery of the Dark World

Chi-Chi: Oh no. I think we're in trouble. Shadowy figures in mist can't be good.

Goku: You haven't changed at all!
Grandpa Gohan: I should hope not. After all... I'm dead.

Chi-Chi: Pleased to meet you.
Grandpa Gohan: It is an honor. This has turned into a family reunion. Actually, I knew you when you were just a baby. I was good friends with your father. How's he doing anyway?
Goku: Horrible! His castle's on fire!

Annin: Gohan... my noodles... they're soggy. I fear there may be a malfunction with the magical furnace's temperature regulators. Didn't you replace them last week?

Annin: In theory, if the magical fire were extinguished, the planes of existence would be thrown into utter chaos. Actually, that sounds like a lot of fun.

The End, the Beginning

Annin: (to Grandpa Gohan) You would have me sacrifice this entire world to save but one life?

Annin: (to Goku) Your gums are showing. Are you this rude to everyone or just to the people from whom you're seeking help?

Chi-Chi: What if the furnace were only turned off for a short time? Long enough to put out the fire around my father's castle but without dissipating the fog completely?
Annin: Won't work.
Chi-Chi: What do you mean?
Annin: Because if the magical fire goes out just once, it would take two hundred years to re-ignite. In the meantime, this world would grow cold and dark. Evil would take hold and I can promise you it won't give up its stranglehold for tender mercy.

Grandpa Gohan: She has been the caretaker of the magical furnace for over ten thousand years.
Goku: Uh! Ten thousand years!? (to Annin) You're not old, you're ancient!
Annin:  ! Child! How dare you insult me? You're in my world now!

Fortuneteller Baba: (Fortuneteller Baba finds Ox King's castle already burnt down) I'd hate to be on the clean-up crew. (She flies up to the top floor and finds Ox-King on the ground, charred and seemingly hurt) Huh!? (Horrified) Oh no, Ox-King! Uuuuuh!
Ox-King: (Gets up smiling) Uhh... Heh heh heh heh heh... Hee hee hee... (Reveals Chi-Chi's wedding dress which he shielded with his body) I saved it! The dress didn't get a scratch! Hee hee hee hee hee. Hee hee hee hee hee. Heh heh heh heh heh. Heh heh.
Fortuneteller Baba: (Pauses shortly, and then takes a mallet out and hits Ox-King on the head with it) You scared me!

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