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This is a collection of quotes about video games.


  • The combination of low culture and high technology is one of the most fascinating social features of the video game phenomenon. Computers were invented as super drones to do tasks no human in her or his right mind (much less left brain) would have the patience, or the perseverance, to manage. [...] Now our robot drones, the ones designed to take all the boring jobs, become the instrument for libidinal extravaganzas devoid of any socially productive component. Video games are computers neutered of purpose, liberated from functionality. The idea is intoxicating; like playing with the help on their night off.
  • It's tough to "buy American" when a video game sold by a U.S. company has been developed by Japanese software engineers and packaged in Mexico.
    • Barack Obama. About the worldwide video game market. Quoted in "The Audacity of Hope" - Page 175 - by Barack Obama
  • Show me your children’s games, and I will show you the next hundred years.
    • Smartbomb by Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby
  • In a way, trying to impress people with design or personality or whatever works to promote movies doesn't work with games because it takes the focus off the player who is supposed to be the star. The more the player is the star, the better a game you have.

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