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Full House was a television sitcom that ran on the American ABC network from 1987 until 1995

Nicky and Alex Turns 2 Years Old

Come Fly With Me [6.1]

Flight Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to flight 40, we should be arriving at our destination... Auckland, New Zealand, in 14 hours.
Stephanie: Auckland, New Zealand?
Michelle: 14 hours?
Stephanie & Michelle: Aaah!!

The Long Goodbye [6.2]

Mrs. Knotts: Michelle, very good printing, but is there something missing from your I's?
Michelle: I save the dots for last.
Mrs. Knotts: I do too.
Michelle: Teddy, wanna dot my I's?
Teddy: Oooh! That's my favorite thing!

Mrs. Knotts: Boys and girls if you thought dotting I's was fun, you're gonna love, crossing T's.
Denise: Excuse me.
Mrs. Knotts: Everyone, say hello to Denise.
Kids: Hello, Denise.
Mrs. Knotts: She's joining us from Mrs. Harris's class. (To Denise) Denise, why don't you take that empty seat there next to Michelle?
Denise: Hi, Michelle.
Michelle: Hi.
Denise: Do you wanna trade lunches?
Michelle: No thank you.
Denise: I've got a bologna sandwich.
Michelle: I have tuna. I don't think that goes with bologna.
Denise: I've got potato chips.
Michelle: What kind?
Denise: Sour cream and onion.
Michelle: Really?
Denise: Sure. Why would I lie about potato chips?
Michelle: Sour cream and onion is my favorite.
Denise: Me too.
Michelle: The taste stays on the tongue for a really long time.
Denise: Yeah. Sometimes when my mommy kisses me, she says, "Eww! What have you been eating?!"
Mrs. Knotts: Shh.
Denise & Michelle: Shh.
Michelle: I'm making T's wanna cross mine?
Denise: Cool.

The Play's The Thing [6.8]


A Very Tanner Christmas [6.12]

[Rebecca watches as her husband sprays the windows on the back door with snow-like spray paint]
Rebecca: Jesse, this is not snow. This is gunk from a can.

Kimmy: [attempts to get mistletoe kisses] Come on, don't be shy.
[Comet enters and licks her]
Kimmy: Miles, you animal!

Subterranean Graduation Blues [6.19]

Michelle: Excuse me sir, littering is bad for the Earth!

The House Meets The Mouse (1) [6.23]

D.J.: Stephanie, she's just a little kid.
Stephanie: Yeah, and Chucky was just a doll.

The House Meets The Mouse (2) [6.24]

Danny: Michelle, you know you're not supposed to wander off by yourself.
Michelle: But Daddy, I was so mad.
Danny: Now, that's no excuse. We're gonna have a long talk about this later.
Michelle: But Daddy, I'm the princess, and nobody would do what I told them.
Danny: Sounds like you were trying to be the boss.
Michelle: The princess is the boss.
Danny: Bruce Springsteen is the boss.
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