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Full House was a television sitcom that ran on the American ABC network from 1987 until 1995.

Nicky and Alex Turns 4 Years Old

Comet's Excellent Adventure [8.1]

Danny: I've just been notified that our family dog Comet is missing.
Stephanie: (runs up to Danny) Dad, Comet is missing.
Danny: I've just been notified again.

Breaking Away [8.2]

Becky: Honey, look at this. Two little lunch-boxes with two little handles that they'll hold as they walk out of our lives. Jess, they're not ready for preschool. They're just little boys.
Jesse: Honey, they're not boys. They're men. They're Katsopolis men.

Making Out Is Hard To Do [8.3]

Danny: Do you have any idea what your daughter's been up to?
Claire: Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?
Danny: Yes, I have laryngitis.

Danny: When children seem the least lovable, it means they need love the most.
Claire: Do you always talk like a fortune cookie?
Danny: Actually, it was the Thought for the Day on my Ziggy desk calendar.

Danny: Steph, let me put it this way. Before it can soar like an eagle, the young baby bird must stumble and fall, and spend two whole weeks grounded in the nest with no TV.
Stephanie: Hey, is that from your Ziggy calendar?
Danny: No, but I'm thinking of submitting it.

I've Got a Secret [8.4]

Michelle: Daddy, can I have 39 dollars?
Danny: Absolutely not.
Michelle: Joey, can I have 39 dollars?
Joey: Absolutely. Danny, can I borrow 39 dollars?
Danny: Absolutely not.

On The Road Again [8.7]

D.J.: Dad, I'm seventeen, a senior in high school. You can't tell me who to date.
Danny: I'm not telling you who to date, I'm telling you who not to date.

Michelle: [to DJ] You're dating Viper?
Stephanie: We thought you were dating Mongo.
DJ: Me and Mongo? What are you, insane?
Stephanie: See, this is exactly what happens when you hide your diary.

Leap Of Faith [8.21]


All Stood Up [8.22]

Stephanie: Listen, we kind of got off on the wrong foot, actually, we didn't off on any foot. Do you think we could start over?
Ryan: I'd like that. I'm Ryan, want to go get some pizza?
Stephanie: Yeah, OK. But it's on me. Dad?
Danny: Here's twenty grand, your inheritance. Bye, have fun.
(Ryan and Stephanie leave, then Stephanie comes back in and hugs Danny)
Danny: What's this for?
Stephanie: For being an involved, loving father, who sticks up for his daughter.
Danny: Thanks, honey.
Stephanie: But don't ever do it again!

Michelle Rides Again (1) [8.23]


Michelle Rides Again (2) [8.24]

(final quotes of the series)
Michelle: How out of it was I?
Jesse: Oh, pretty out of it. I mean, you were here, sweetheart, but it was like part of you was missing. It sure was like part of all of us was missing. But, we stuck it out and we got through it .
Joey: Just like we always do.
Danny: Just like we always will.
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