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Hey Arnold!: The Movie is a 2002 animated film based on the Hey Arnold! television series. Arnold, Gerald, Helga, the three protagonists as in the series, set out on a quest to save their neighborhood from a greedy, sinister developer who wants to tear it down and put up a enormous mall. Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie was released as a TV sequel in 2017.

Directed by Tuck Tucker. Written by Craig Bartlett and Steve Viksten.


  • It's not flat. It's just a little low on air. [The ball pops and deflates]
  • We can refuse to sell our houses.
  • That went well.
  • [stepping on to the roof] Deep Voice!

Helga Geraldine Pataki[edit]

  • If only I could find the guts to tell you. If only I weren't such a coward. If only I had your strength.
  • [watching from a roof] Blockapalooza, hah! Please.
  • I was walking, until you knocked me down, football head.
  • So? What's your point?

Eugene Horowitz[edit]

  • This is our neighborhood!
  • How can they tear it down!?
  • How can they turn our smile into a frown!?
  • We may be just a few, but if me and you and you
  • But I thought the occasion called for it. [singing] We may be just a few


[First lines; The movie begins with we see the city's locations and Harold, Iggy and Lorenzo are playing baseball before Willie drives with his ice cream truck; A kid is giving money to Willie, having his ice cream and Willie reads the newspaper; Harold throws a baseball to Park; Park strikes out and the woman is at the window looks up to a baseball while putting clothes in the basket; we see Brainy and Harvey are at the market; Sid and Stinky are splashing water; the construction workers look up at the helicopter with a black wrecking ball; as the wrecking ball hits the apartments and pouring liquid on the family photo]
Gerald Johanssen: I'm telling you, Arnold, your ball is flat.
Arnold: It's not flat. It's just a little low on air. [The ball pops and deflates]
Gerald Johanssen: Like I said, your ball is flat. Hey, I still can't believe we let those fifth graders beat us.
Arnold: Well, the important thing is we tried our best.
Gerald Johanssen: The important thing is we got our buns whooped.
Arnold: Come on Gerald, we had fun. And we almost beat 'em.
Gerald Johanssen: Why do you do that Arnold? Why do you always have to look on the bright side?
Arnold: Somebody has to. [Arnold and Gerald notice FTi helicopters, and a crowd of citizens] Mr. Green, what's going on?
Mr. Green: It's Scheck. He wants to buy up the whole neighborhood so he can knock it down and put up a fancy mall.
Arnold: Who's Scheck? [The crowd is watching TV]
Reporter: [on TV] The plan, which was approved by the mayor just moments ago, would allow Future Tech Industries to redevelop a six-square-block area between 33rd and 39th Streets. Oh, I understand the president and CEO of Future Tech Industries, Mr. Scheck, is about to make a statement.
Mr. Scheck: [on TV; To the mayor] Thank you. I just want to say I'm delighted at the mayor's support of our renewal plan.
Gerald Johanssen: Nice suit.
[A man with a white mustache shushes him]
Mayor Dixie: [on TV] I am behind Mr. Scheck's project one hundred percent. [camera flashes]
Mr. Scheck: [on TV] Although some of you in the affected area may have concerns about how this plan will impact your homes and businesses, let me assure you; change is good. This plan represents the end of urban decay, the end of your broken-down shops and apartment buildings, the end of antiquated and dilapidated storefronts. It's time for a new world. Out with the old, in with the new.
Arnold: What's wrong with old things? Some old things are great.
Harold Berman: Yeah, like Mrs. Vitello.
Mrs. Vitello: [hits Harold over the head with flowers] Whippersnapper.
Harold Berman: Ow!
Mr. Green: This has been goin' on for months. The city council recommended against it, but the mayor's lettin' him do it anyway. I never figured he could pull it off.
Gerald Johanssen: What does it mean?
Mr. Green: It means they want us to sell out, move away so this Scheck character and his big corporation can move in.
Crowd: No!
Harold Berman: No way!
Mr. Scheck: [on TV] It's time to put the past behind us. I have seen the future, and it's Future Tech Industries.
Phoebe Heyerdahl: But this is our neighborhood!
Rhonda Lloyd: They can't just tear it down.
Eugene Horowitz: [singing] This is our neighborhood! / How can they tear it down!? / How can they turn our smile into a frown!? / We may be just a few, but if me and you and you. [Arnold switches off the stereo]
Arnold: Stop! Stop singing, Eugene. This is serious. [A truck carrying a bulldozer is speeding down the street]
Crowd: Oh, my gosh.
Mr. Green: We can't take this lying down. We should do something!
Harold Berman: Yeah, but what can we do?
Arnold: We can refuse to sell our houses.
Gerald Johanssen: Well, I'll sign a petition!
Arnold: Yeah. Let everybody know this is our neighborhood and we're not giving it up without a fight!
Helga Pataki: [watching from a roof] Hah! Arnold! What an annoying little goody two-shoes. What a dopey little dreamer. What a corny little cornball. Always going around trying to get everyone to look on the bright side and do the right thing. How I despise him. And yet... I love him! I love him! I love his unerring sense of right and wrong. I love his unfailing insistence on the needs of the many over the needs of the few. But most of all I love the way his hair smells when I get real close behind him and he doesn't know I'm there, but then he turns and looks at me funny and I scowl at him and make an excuse for being so close, and then I insult him just to cover up the secret, adoring feelings for which I have so long and painfully harbored. Oh, Arnold!
Arnold: Mr. Green can write the petition.
Mr. Green: Say no more, Arnold. I'm already working on it.
Helga Pataki: If only I could find the guts to tell you. If only I weren't such a coward. If only I had your strength.
Arnold: We'll take it around the neighborhood and get everybody to sign it.
Helga Pataki: But what if you lose? What if the neighborhood is torn down, and you have to move away, and we are separated, and we never see each other again, and I never, ever seize the chance to tell you how I really feel about you? Oh, Arnold, how I love you.
[Brainy appears from a chimney, dressed up as a chimney sweep. Helga smacks him]

[Helga comes home]
Helga Pataki: Dad! [To Miriam sleeping on a table] How's it going, Miriam?
Miriam Pataki: Oh. Molasses, it's you. [Helga hears voices and comes to see what's going on]
Big Bob Pataki: Okay, great, but where's the store go?
Nick Vermicelli: [Big Bob, Nick Vermicelli, and three other guys are seen gathered around a model of the neighborhood on a table] Alright. Right here. Big Bob's Beeper Emporium. Big sign, can't miss it from the freeway, and the overpass drops you big-bang-boom right in the parkin' lot.
Big Bob Pataki: That's good. Yeah, right in the stinkin' lot.
Helga Pataki: Dad?
Big Bob Pataki: What do you want, Olga?
Helga Pataki: It's Helga, Dad.
Big Bob Pataki: Right, Helga. That's what I said.
Helga Pataki: Could I talk to you?
Nick Vermicelli: We gotta split anyway, Bob. We'll talk.
Big Bob Pataki: Right, we'll talk. And send me the paperwork, I can't wait to get started. Hey, can I keep this pop-up thing? [He points at the model]
Nick Vermicelli: You got it. [Nick and the other men leave the room]
Big Bob Pataki: Alright. [to Helga] You know what this is? It's our future. See, here's where my new Super Beeper Emporium is gonna go up, right after we rip down the flower shop, and Green Meats and the rest of the block.
Helga Pataki: Uh yeah, well, uh, about all that, Dad... I mean a lot of people are gonna have to move away and sell their businesses.
Big Bob Pataki: Yeah, what's your point?
Helga Pataki: Well, I was just wondering if this whole tear-down-the-neighborhood Future Tech thing is really necessary.
Big Bob Pataki: Of course, it's necessary. It's more than necessary. It's progress. You can't have progress without a little pain. No pain, no gain.
Helga Pataki: But what's wrong with leaving things the way they are?
Big Bob Pataki: I'll tell you what's wrong with it, missy. Leave things the way they are and Big Bob's Super Beeper Emporium doesn't happen.
Helga Pataki: But, Dad...
Big Bob Pataki: Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey! I'll say this once, and I want you to hear it, little lady. Change is good. When the new Big Bob's Super Beeper Emporium goes up, the cash is gonna roll in and you'll forget all about the old neighborhood. And do you know why? Because we'll be rich. And that means you'll be rich. You can have that pony you've been wantin'.
Helga Pataki: Dad, I wanted a pony when I was five.
Big Bob Pataki: Uh. Well, what do you want now?
Helga Pataki: I don't know.
Big Bob Pataki: Well, make up your mind, 'cause once this neighborhood goes down and my store goes up, you can have anything you want. And I mean anything.
Helga Pataki: [looks at fashion magazine] Anything?
Big Bob Pataki: That's what I said. We're gonna be stinkin' rich, girl. Rich. What's more important than that, huh?

[Arnold comes home, FTi truck passes by]
Arnold: Grandpa?
Grandpa Phil: That's my name. Don't wear it out. (shark jaws fall down)
Arnold: Grandpa, I'm worried.
Grandpa Phil: Oh, don't worry, Arnold. We won't sell the boarding house. We're behind you all the way. Right, Pookie?
Grandma Gertie: [in cheerleader outfit] Home team, home team, woo!
Arnold: But what if Scheck gets everyone else to sell?
Grandpa Phil: Then I guess they'll bulldoze down the neighborhood, short man. Pookie and I will have to move to an old folks' home and who knows what'll happen to you. You'll probably be sent to a foster home in some Midwestern state like Manitoba or... wait, no, that's not a state, that's a province. Oh, no, Arnold! You'll be a Canadian!
Arnold: Grandpa, I'm serious.
Grandpa Phil: I know, Arnold, but we're not cooked yet. Whatever happens, we'll all be OK, even if we have to become Canadians. You know, they have very good bacon there. Canadian. Bacon. This thing on? Come on, Arnold. Work with me.
Arnold: Goodnight, Grandpa. Goodnight, Grandma.
Grandma Gertie: Go, team! [Grandpa sits on the shark jaws]

[The next morning. FTi helicopters and a group of workers install huge Scheckvision TV screen on a roof. A crowd is watching at it]
Crowd: Awesome!
Worker: Release.
[The workers unroll a huge sheet with "SCHECKVISION MALL-PLEX — INFORMATION HEADQUARTERS" written on it, and hang it below the screen]
Arnold: What's going on?
Stinky Peterson: You must be a sound sleeper, Arnold. They've been hammering on it all mornin'.
Sid: Look!
[On the Scheckvision screen it's written "30 DAYS UNTIL CONSTRUCTION BEGINS"]
Stinky Peterson: Willikers!
Sid: It's so wicked awesome.
Arnold: You guys! It's not awesome. It's terrible! Read it. We've got thirty days left to save the neighborhood.
Stinky Peterson: Look, it's that Scheck feller.
Mr. Scheck: [on the Scheckvision screen] It's time for a new world. Out with the old, in with the new. I have seen the future and it's Future Tech Industries.
Stinky Peterson: He sure gives me the willies.
Gerald Johanssen: But you gotta admit, he looks good in a suit.
Arnold: [annoyed] Gerald.
Gerald Johanssen: I know, I know. I'm just saying.
Arnold: Come on! [The boys run away]

[Arnold, and other citizens of the neighborhood are trying to organize protests against tearing down the neighborhood. Helga is not sympathetic to them. The days on the Scheckvision screen are cointing down]
Monkeyman: [after receiving a leaflet from Arnold] Monkeyman!
[The Scheckvision screen shows: "6 DAYS UNTIL CONSTRUCTION BEGINS"]
Jolly Olly Man: Yeah, six days to go, and then sayonara, suckers!
Arnold: Six days. Enough time to try maybe one last big... thing. But... but what?
Rhonda Lloyd: How about a party? You always throw the most outré parties, Arnold.
Arnold: Yeah, a party. A block party. With music and food.
Rhonda Lloyd: And finger sandwiches. Ooh!
Harold Berman: Yeah, and food!
Arnold: We'll have a concert! The music will be so loud that we'd end up on the news. And then people will get excited about it, and the mayor will have to change her mind. And she'll stop the bulldozers.
Friends: Yeah!
Stinky Peterson: What do we call it?
Rhonda Lloyd: How about the "Save the Neighborhood Debutante Ball".
Kids: Nah...
Gerald Johanssen: Block Power, baby.
Stinky Peterson: Blockenanny.
Eugene Horowitz: Block Till You Drop. [Falls down] Ow.
Gerald Johanssen: It's a Block Thing. I would know.
Sid: A Block Party... Party?
Arnold: How about... Blockapalooza?
Kids: Yeah!

[Arnold and Gerald are giving away passerbys leaflets with "SAVE THE NEIGHBORHOOD — BLOCKAPALOOZA !MUSIC - FOOD - FUN! This Saturday!" writtin on them]
Arnold: Blockapalooza.
Gerald Johanssen: This Saturday is the day.
Arnold: Blockapalooza!
Gerald Johanssen: Don't forget to get your tickets while they're hot!
Nick Vermicelli: [getting a leaflet] "Save the neighborhood"? "Blockapalooza"? This we don't need. [Pulls out a cell phone and calls somebody] Yeah it's me Nick. I think we got a problem.

[Ernie Potts plays accordion; Oskar Kokoshka and Mailman Harvey play saxophone; Grandpa (wearing a rasta wig) is on drums; Mr. Hyunh plays guitar; Suzie Kokoshka is a DJ; Grandma is tap dancing. Arnold and Gerald are at controls. They all play some kind of strange pokla rock music, and Grandpa smashes one of Suzie's records, annoyed by her DJ techniques. The crowd is cheering]
Helga Pataki: [watching from a roof] Blockapalooza, hah! Please.
Reporter: [for TV] It's called Blockapalooza, a last-ditch effort to save a forgotten neighborhood from the wrecking ball. A classic story of the little guy pitted against the corporate giant.
[Nick Vermicelli and Big Bob are watching TV at Big Bob's house]
Big Bob Pataki: What the heck are they doing? They'll mess up the whole deal!
Nick Vermicelli: Forget about it. It's all taken care of.
Arnold: [on TV] You know what this is about. It's our last chance to stand up and tell Future Tech Industries that we won't sell. We won't let 'em tear down our neighborhood.
[The crowd on TV screen is cheering]
Nick Vermicelli: One of our guys intercepted their permit, thereby making the whole assemblage illegal.
[Police cars suddenly appear at the party]
Officer: Go, go, go!
[The crowd is panicking. Police breaks up the party. People are running away]
Gerald Johanssen: [to the officer] Hey, what's going on?
Riot Cop: Never got any permit.
[Nick Vermicelli and Big Bob are laughing at the TV screen]
Voice: Please disperse from this area at once!
Arnold: Grandma?
Grandma Gertie: Bring on your worst. We shall not be moved. [She chains herself to the door of the Sunset Arms]
Officer: Come on. Nice and easy. [Grandma almost bites him]
Grandpa Phil: Hey! Stop, that's a frail old lady!
Grandma Gertie: [while she and the door she's chained to are carried into the S.P.A.T. car] Never give up Arnold. Never give in. Save the neighborhood. One if by land, two if by sea. Put the lime in the coconut. Mix it all up. [The car speeds away while she laughs]

Arnold: [returns home] Grandma?
Ernie Potts: [carrying his things downstairs] She's still in jail.
Arnold: But I thought they were just gonna keep her for one night.
Ernie Potts: She keeps trying to escape. Thinks it's a game. Fourth time they had to put her back.
[We see Grandma trying different ways to escape, only to be thwarted every time]
Arnold: Hi, Mr. Hyunh. Have you seen Grandpa?
Mr. Hyunh: Oh, Arnold. We may never see each other again. [Runs away sobbing]
Oskar Kokoshka: Hey, Mr. Hyunh, can I help you clean out your refrigerator?
[Arnold comes up to his room]

Arnold: Von Scheck?
Grandpa Phil: I wonder if he's related...? [Telling about the Tomato Incident] Anyway, Von Scheck's men attacked the neighborhood, but the locals used guerrilla warfare. They made a barricade of turned vegetable carts and fought with whatever they had. They had lots of tomatoes. They were British tomatoes, which were small and hard and really hurt if you got hit with one. That did it. The redcoats were in full, ignominious retreat. That's why we eat American tomatoes, Arnold. Although I had one recently from Chile. Very juicy.
Arnold: Grandpa, did that actually happen?
Grandpa Phil Of course. I sliced it up and put it in a sandwich.
Arnold: No. Don't you see? This is our answer.
Grandpa Phil Yes. Yes, Arnold! Juicy tomatoes from Chile! Why didn't I think of that?
Arnold: No, the Tomato Incident. If that battle took place right in the boarding house, this whole neighborhood should be a national landmark.

Arnold: [to the bus driver] You're going up to the peninsula?
Murray: Don't talk to the driver while the bus is in motion.
Gerald Johanssen: But the bus isn't in motion.
Murray: [starts the bus] Now it is. Get behind the yellow line.

Mr. Scheck: "Sir. Sir. Yes, sir. Sir." Is that all you can say?
Guard: No, sir. I mean, yes, sir. Sir!

Bridget: Who'd touched my button? [Arnold and Gerald are smiling in a slightly perverse way]
Arnold and Gerald Johanssen [in unison]: Me!

Gerald Johanssen: [choosing spy equipment] Do these belts come in any other color?
Bridget: Black or pink?
Gerald Johanssen: Uh, we'll take black.

[Trying to think up a way to save the neighborhood.]
Oskar Kokoshka: Maybe we could paint the house with vanishing cream. Then it would be invisible.
Ernie Potts: That is the stupidest idea I ever heard. What if it rains? Ding-dong! You ever think about that, Kokoshka? It'll wash the vanishing cream off, and then everyone'll see us.
Oskar Kokoshka: Oh boy, you're right.
Ernie Potts: What we gotta do is build a dummy neighborhood one block over.

Ernie Potts: Yeah? Just one little detail, Gramps. Where you gonna get the explosives?
Grandpa Phil: From you, of course. Just go down to your job site and lift a couple hundred pounds of explosives when no one's looking. Huh?
Ernie Potts: That's the craziest thing I ever heard, especially considering I got twice that much under my bed. [The rest of the boarders look at him incredulously] What? Hey, we all got our little peccadilloes.

Murray [continuous quote]: I drive 25 miles per hour. No exceptions, no discussion.
Gerald Johanssen: [about the bus driver] I wonder what bee got in his boxers.
Murray: Hey, you'd have a bee in your boxers too if you were in my moccasins. My girlfriend left me two weeks ago. Her name is Mona she said she wanted a whole man.
Gerald Johanssen: "A whole man"? What's that mean?
Murray: [shows them his prosthetic leg] I lost the real one in the war.

[They run away to the street. A street phone rings. Gerald picks up]
Gerald Johannsen: Hello?
Deep Voice: [on the phone] Good job getting the key.
Arnold: Wait. Deep Voice. Where are you?
Deep Voice: Don't worry about that. I'm watching all your movements.
[We see the figure of the Deep Voice standing on the other side of the street]
Deep Voice: I'm everywhere and I'm nowhere, but mostly I'm... everywhere.
Gerald Johannsen: Come on, Deep Voice, cut the voodoo dolly mumbo jumbo, okay?
Arnold: Yeah, why do you have to be so mysterious?
Deep Voice: You two seem confused about who's calling the shots here. I am. Without me, you'll never get the document, you'll never save your neighborhood. You've got to get into Scheck's office. His safe deposit boxes are in a room behind his desk.
Arnold: We have to get back into his office?
Deep Voice: Right. Only this time, don't get caught. You've got to find a way to distract security away from the main entrance. Now, it's exactly two A.M. The bulldozers roll at seven. What are you waiting for? [Hangs up]
Gerald Johannsen: Man, that Deep Voice is a pain in the... [He's cut by a bus passing by with its brakes hissing]
Arnold: Come on. [The boys run to the bus]
Gerald Johanssen: [to the bus driver] Hi, it's us. How you been?
Murray: Oh, so it's the two juvenile delinquents who busted my door.

[Grandma finally escapes through the sewer. Gerald points out at security cameras]
Gerald Johannsen: Those cameras detect any motion. If we even move, they'll see us. [Arnold pulls out the remote-control car] Arnold, this is no time for playing with a toy car.
Arnold: I'm not playing, Gerald. [The car speeds down the hall, and camera turns to watch it]
Head of Security: [seeing something on the screen] What was that?
Guard: Come on, let's check it out. [Two guards run away]
Arnold: We can get to Scheck's office this way. Come on. [The boys get into Scheck's office] Deep Voice said to look in the room behind his desk. [Gerald pulls a book from a shelf, and it opens a secret door]
Gerald Johanssen: What are you waiting for? [The boys see a huge number of safe deposite boxes. They sigh] Well, we'd better get started.

[The men move TNT boxes from above into the tunnels]
Ernie Potts: That's the last of it, Gramps.
Grandpa Phil: Now all we have to do is run this wire up to the street and wait for the bulldozers to come. Then, we blow a huge hole, and they fall right in.
Oskar Kokoshka: Sounds great, Grandpa. Now let's get out of here.
Mr. Hyunh: Yes! It is still very creepy.

[Somebody bangs the door, waking Nick up. He wearily gets to his feet, turns on the light and opens the door. It's Big Bob and he is furious]
Nick Vermicelli: I don't know what are you talking about, Bob.
Nick Vermicelli: Okay, okay, so it's true. But you signed a contract, so there's nothing you can do about it. The ink's dry.
Nick Vermicelli: Yeah, so what if I did? It's a free country.
Nick Vermicelli: Now, Bob, don't get crazy!
Big Bob Pataki: TOO LATE!!
[Bob grabs Nick by the throat; Nick grabs a trophy and strikes it against Bob's head. Once they get in the kitchen, Nick pulls out an egg mixer that he uses for self-defense. Bob in turn uses a spatula. The two continue fighting each other until Nick splashes pickle juice on Bob, and he rips off his shirt, now looking and acting like the Incredible Hulk. Hulk-Bob lunges at Nick, but slips on the pickle juice and crashes against the fridge]
Nick Vermicelli: Uh, Bob? [Nick slams the fridge door in Hulk-Bob's face, knocking him out. As Nick goes to the sink to wash himself, he looks in the mirror and finally notices that the key is gone] The key. What happened? Oh, no. That dream I had, that angel... That wasn't no angel, it was that football-headed kid! It was really happening! He must've stole the stinkin' key! [phones to Scheck] Yeah, Mr. Scheck, it's me, Nick. Listen, I got bad news. I think I lost the key. Yeah, the key. I think that football-headed kid took it. I don't know, I was asleep. I think he snuck in and stole it. Yeah, I know. I'm stupid! Stupid!

[The boys are checking the boxes]
Gerald Johanssen: [tiredly] 997.
Arnold: Aah.
Gerald Johanssen: 998.
Arnold: Nope.
Gerald Johanssen: 999. [The key finally matches the box. Arnold opens it]
Both: Empty?
Arnold: Where's the document?
Mr. Scheck: [from behind their backs] Looking for something? [Arnold and Gerald are startled] Well, here you are, back again. After I patiently explained that your mission is completely hopeless, it still is. Though I'm less inclined to entertain you after you broke into my building for the second time. Did you think you could get away with this? There are cameras everywhere. I record everything that goes on, day and night. Did you think I'd let you win, let you save your little neighborhood? Don't you realize who I am? I am Alphonse Perrier Du Von Scheck. [Scheck turns on the light revealing historical art] I can trace my ancestry back to the founding fathers. [Scheck angrily turns to a framed painting] You know when we lost control of this city? When that ridiculous Tomato Incident took place in your pathetic little neighborhood. [Scheck takes the painting from the wall, breaks it in half, and flings to the floor] Tearing it down and putting my name upon its place will be revenge of the sweetest kind. [Grins evilly]
Arnold: But the document. Where's the document?
Mr. Scheck: [laughs evilly, reaches into his jacket, and pulls out the document and a lighter] Unfortunately, like your little plan, it's about to go up in smoke.

[Arnold runs. The phone on the wall rings, and he picks up]
Deep Voice: [on the phone] Don't go out in the hall yet. It's swarming with guards.
Arnold: Wait, how do you know I'm here? Where are you?
Deep Voice: Don't worry about me. The point is you've got the evidence you need to save the neighborhood. Now we've got to get you safely out of the building. [Arnold notices the figure of the Deep Voice, and comes closer to it] If you're caught now, all is lost.
Arnold: [looking at the cloaked figure] Huh, Deep Voice. Tell me how I can get out of here? [Drops the phone receiver and comes to the figure of Deep Voice]
Deep Voice: Okay, Arnold, listen. You've got to wait until the guards have gone to the other side of the building. I have a plan to distract them, but it'll only buy you a few minutes.
Arnold: [steps on to the roof] Deep Voice! [thunder booms]
Deep Voice: [hiding the face] Don't come another step closer. Pay no attention to that man with the Voice Box.
Arnold: Who are you?
Deep Voice: Uh-uh, n-no one in particular. [we can see a bit of Pink Clothes underneath the trench-coat]
Arnold: [approches while Deep Voice moves back to the edge of the roof] No more games, Deep Voice, I'm not doing anything until I know who you are.
[A stilt breaks, Deep Voice stumbles and falls on to the ground, reveals it was only Helga in Disguise]
Arnold: Helga?! You? You're Deep Voice?
Helga Pataki: [still in voice box] Heh, heh. [normal voice] Looks like it.
Arnold: But I don't get it. How come, how come you couldn't just tell me what you knew? Why'd you have to make up all this crazy secret identity?
Helga Pataki: [nervously] No reason.
Arnold: But Helga, you just risked everything to help me save the neighborhood.
Helga Pataki: So, what's your point?
Arnold: That's a pretty amazing thing to do for someone you claim to hate.
Helga Pataki: Yeah, well, I'm a pretty amazing person, Football Head.
Arnold: But, I thought you were on your dad`s side. I thought you were gonna get rich off the whole deal.
Helga Pataki: Money isn't everything.
Arnold: Helga, why'd you do it?
Helga Pataki: [nervously] It's my Civic Duty.
Arnold: Helga.
Helga Pataki: 'Cause I love a good mystery?

Arnold: I think I need to go lie down.
Helga Pataki: I'll go with you!

Arnold: [to Murray driving really fast] Is there anything we can do?
Murray: Yeah, you can get on your knees and pray this hunk of junk holds together long enough to get us uptown in one piece!

Arnold: Don't you wanna save all those people's homes?
Murray: Not my problem, kid.
Arnold: Don't you care that every building from 33rd to 39th street is going to be demolished?
Murray: [eyes widen] 33rd to 39th Street?
Arnold: That's right.
Murray: Hey, that's where Mona lives. [yanks a lever switching the bus from "Uptown" to "Express" mode, then pulls the gear shift] Hang on to your goodies, kids! We've got a neighborhood to save!

Grandpa Phil: [As he and the boarders prepare for the bulldozers] Hey, where's Arnold?

Mr. Scheck: Is the overpass wired?
Nick Vermicelli: Yes.
Mr. Scheck: Blow it.
Nick Vermicelli: Ehm, just so it would have been straight, boss, this is pretty serious.
Mr. Scheck: Serious?
Nick Vermicelli: Yeah, you know, as in 15 to life.
Mr. Scheck: [angrily] Just do it, you incompentent morons!

Bob: [discovering the trench the boarders have made] Hey, what's goin' on? 286-DX plunger, high-gauge wire, C-47 tubing. I know what you're up to - you're planning to blow the street up, make a hole big enough to stop the bulldozers from knocking down the neighborhood. You could do serious jail time for that.
Grandpa: Well, I...
Bob: You need any help?

Arnold: [sees Gerald praying in Hebrew] I didn't know you were so religious.
Gerald: Neither did I.

Scheck: [last words as he gets arrested] I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for that meddling football-head, the kid with the weird stack of hair and that brat with the 1 eyebrow.
Helga: [slams the door of the prison truck] Tell it to the judge, you big donut hole!
Bob: Yeah, tell it to your cellmate in Holsom!

Arnold: You didn't really mean all that, did you? You don't really love me, right?
Helga: Right.
Arnold: You were caught up in the heat of the moment, right.
Helga: Right!
Arnold: You actually hate me, don't you?
Helga: Of course I hate you, you stupid football head, and don't you ever forget it! Ever!

[at the end of the movie]
Arnold: Now you're looking on the bright side.
Gerald: Somebody has to.


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