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Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas is a 2011 computer-animated Christmas television special, based on the Ice Age (film series).

The entire voice cast came back, with new actors Ciara Bravo (the voice of young Peaches), Billy Gardell (the voice of Santa Claus), T. J. Miller (the voice of Prancer), and Judah Friedlander (the voice of the Head Mini-Sloth) coming out.

It's unknown when Blue Sky Studios will make another segment with Peaches as a kid again.


Diego: [to Manny, who's singing "O Christmas Rock"] You know you're singing to a rock, right?
Manny: Don't sabers have Christmas traditions?

Sid: Ho, ho, ho!

[after Peaches tells Manny off]
Ellie: She sure told you, didn't she?
Manny: Well, too bad. I'm a grown-up.
[Ellie raises her eyebrow]
Manny: Grown-ups don't believe in the naughty list.
[Ellie rolls her eyes]

Sid: [sniffles] Why am I on Santa's naughty list?! Why, why?!
Diego: My guess - because it doesn't have a loser list.

Sid: I have an excellent sense of direction. [almost falls off a cliff] WAIT! [Peaches, Crash, and Eddie all stop; he lets out a huge sneeze]
Peaches: [smiling] Bless you!
Sid: Thank you! [walks off the cliff, sending him and the others falling to their apparent deaths, screaming; but then they're all pulled back up by Prancer]

Peaches: [sighs frustratedly] Maybe we should just follow the northern lights! [points at the lights with her trunk] North. Get it?

Peaches: [to Prancer, who's flying through the air with her, Sid, and Crash and Eddie] I'm not too heavy, am I?
Prancer: No, you're as light as a feather. [mumbling to himself] A 780-pound feather!

[Manny and Ellie have found Peaches in the North Pole]
Manny: Peaches, you... [suddenly mad] ...Are so grounded!
Peaches: Sorry, Daddy.
Manny: I was talkin' to Sid!
Sid: [cowering behind Peaches] Sorry, Daddy.

Peaches: [slides over to an elf sloth] Hit it!
Elf Sloth: Hi-ya! [hits Peaches' butt with one of the drumsticks]
Peaches: Ow! Not me! [The elf sloth starts playing the drums with a scared look while she stares angrily]

Peaches: Santa has a naughty list?
Manny: Yeah. And if you're not good, then he puts your name on it.
Crash: We're never good!
Eddie: Then why start now?
[Eddie hits Crash's crotch]
Manny: And if your name's on the naughty list, you don't get Christmas.


Peaches: [having a snowball fight with Crash and Eddie] You guys need to chill out! [sucks up a big snowball with her trunk and shoots it out at Crash and Eddie, who gasp and get run over by it; Peaches then blows the end of her trunk]

Manny: [picking Sid up by the collar with his trunk and putting him away from the Christmas rock] Step away from the stone!
Sid: Why? [runs back over to the rock, only for Manny to take him away from it again]
Manny: You'll break it!
Ellie: [laughing] Sid can't break a rock!
Diego: Don't tempt him.

Peaches: [grabbing Sid by the neck with her trunk before he falls off the cliff again; referring to Prancer] The reindeer comes with us.

Peaches: [after accidentally knocking over her parents while having a snowball fight with Crash and Eddie] Sorry, Dad!

Peaches: [to Manny; angrily] If anyone deserves to be on the naughty list, Dad, it's you! [walks off in a huff]

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