Ice Age: Continental Drift

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You know, my mother once told me that bad news was just good news in disguise.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (also known as Ice Age 4: Continental Drift) is a 2012 American 3D computer-animated adventure/comedy film in which Manny, Diego, Sid and Granny go on another adventure after their continent is set adrift. Using an iceberg as a ship, they encounter sea creatures and battle pirates as they explore a new world. The film stars Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Keke Palmer, Wanda Sykes, with Jennifer Lopez and Queen Latifah.

Directed by Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier. Written by Michael Berg and Jason Fuchs.
When the Earth falls apart, history's greatest heroes will keep it together.(taglines)


  • [referring to Peaches] Peaches! You alright? Where is she? No teenager is ever up early.
  • [to Crash and Eddie] You two were supposed to be responsible uncles!
  • First, it's the falls, then, she's piercing her trunk and the next thing you know, she's addicted to berries!
  • [as the ice shelf breaks off] Stay alive! No matter how long it takes, I will find you!
  • How big is this ocean?!
  • [kind of dryly; to Gutt] Look: as much as I'm tempted to join a monkey, the Easter Bunny and a giant bag of pudding... I'll pass. No one is gonna stop me from getting back to my family!
  • [to Sid, Diego and Granny] No! They may look real, but they're not. They're going to destroy the ship!
  • You know, sometimes, it pays to weigh 11 tons! [catapults Captain Gutt towards him] Bon voyage, Monkey-boy! [strikes Gutt with a log, sending him flying away]
  • Huh?! No, no. They're not real. [to Sid, Diego and Granny] They're monsters, they're sirens! Don't listen to them! [singing] Who can take the sunrise? Sprinkle it with dew…


  • Deep down I knew I wasn't abandoned.
  • But, we fought dinosaurs in the Ice Age! It didn't make sense, but it sure was exciting!
  • If I don't make it, find me a wife and tell her I love her!
  • Hey! There really is a rainbow around every corner!
  • Did somebody hail a whale?


  • [to Sid's family; after the log-sled ride] That was fun. Now, who should I eat first?
  • [After Granny jumps in the water, spreading oil all around and killing nearby fishes and a shark] There's your proof.
  • I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't eat, I can't sleep. I think I'm coming down with something.
  • [After saving Shira] You're welcome. So, care to join our "scurvy crew"?
  • [After Manny turns the ship around from sirens] Why are we kissing? [Sid: Um, because cruises are romantic?]


  • Whoa! Easy, warden! She's not on lockdown!
  • [After Granny mysteriously disappeared] Wow! For an old girl, she moves fast!
  • She's just upset, honey. [to her daughter] Peaches, it's not the end of the world.
  • Hey! Your father is the toughest, most stubborn mammoth I've ever met. He'll come back for us. [hugs Peaches] That's a promise.


  • Louis! Would you get your head out of the ground for once and try to have a little fun?
  • Ethan's not cute, he's hot! Besides, you know you can't spend your life playing it safe!
  • Okay, so tell me, when exactly will I be allowed to hang out with boys?
  • How could you embarrass me in front of my friends?
  • Well, I wish you weren't my father!
  • Bad enough?! There's nothing bad about being part of my family! I like hanging by my tail, and if you geniuses are normal, the species is going to end up extinct!
  • Our home is gone. Where do we go now?


  • Has anyone seen Precious? It's her feeding time.
  • [angrily] I'll bury y'all and dance on your graves!
  • This is my first bath in decades! [a few dead fish and a shark come up to the surface]
  • Nah, I slept through the comet that killed the unicorns.
  • [referring to her and Sid] They think we're screw-ups and we can't do anything right.
  • [seeing the narwhals] Y'all got some ugly goldfish.
  • Don't worry! It'll be easy since we don't have to guard Shira anymore.
  • So long, banana breath! Thanks for the ship!
  • [Referring to Sid, to Manny] I'll push him overboard, you guys say it was an accident.
  • You waitin' for a formal invitation, fancy pants? Get in!
  • Precious, set your flippers forty-five degrees north. Granny's done runnin'!
  • Ha! Who says old ladies can't drive?

Captain Gutt

  • I need warriors, and all I have are kitty cats and bunny rabbits!
  • Grab your weapons, mates! [as his crew raises their weapons; Flynn raises a spoon] Not the spoon, Flynn! [Flynn chips off the blunt part of the spoon, making it into a dagger]
  • Now, get this chunk of ice seaworthy by sundown... or I will keelhaul THE LOT OF YOU!
  • Oh, no! It's been a diversion! [Flynn: I know! I'm having a blast!] No, pinhead! THEY'RE STEALING MY SHIP!
  • Shore leave's over! Get your sorry carcasses on board now!
  • When this ends, I'll have a tiger's skin hanging on my wall! I don't care whose! That mammoth has taken my ship, my bounty, and now the loyalty of my crew! I will destroy him! And everything he loves!
  • Sacrificing yourself for your daughter. How touching. And predictable.
  • I don't think so. You destroyed everything I had! I'm just returning the favor.
  • Told ya, tubby! You shouldn't have messed with the master of the seas!
  • NO! AAAAH!
  • That's me.
  • Aye aye.
  • [last words] Huh? AAAAAAAAH OW OW OW OW OW!


  • [first lines; sees Manny, Sid and Diego] Hey, they look fluffy.
  • [[the fruit from Flynn's plate is missing] Where's my booty,(Lifts up his stomach) has anyone seen it?
  • [[before Captain Gutt sings "Master of the Seas"] Oh! Captain's going to sing a shanty!
  • [panicking] They sank our battleship, what are we gonna do? We're all gonna drown!
  • And a seal and a kangaroo.
  • I know! I'm having a blast!
  • Oh, no, he's gone forever! [Captain Gutt returns with the new ship] Oh! There he is.
  • [to Manny] You remember us? We're the bad guys!
  • [last word before his defeat; to Precious] Ooh! This feels so good! Thank you, Mr. Whale.


  • Don't call me kitty!
  • [Referring to Gutt] You know you won't beat him.
  • You're pretty soft for a saber.
  • Your little bunny nose wiggles in the cutest way when you're mad!
  • Diego I wanted to come with you.
  • Come on Tiger swim with me.


  • [to Peaches] I'm a molehog! My head's supposed to be underground. And my idea of "fun" isn't risking death just so that you can meet some cute mammoth.
  • We're all gonna survive this.
  • [standing up to Gutt] Let… the mammoth… go!
  • Someone once told me no matter what, you never leave your friend behind.


  • Buck: [first and only lines of the film, riding Rudy] YEE-HAW!!
  • Steffie: [after Peaches lands on Ethan] Gross. It's that weirdo who chills with possums!
  • Raz: G'day, Mate.
  • Ariscratle: Stop, brother! Rise above this base desire, be more than a rodent!
  • Milton: [about Granny] And warn the community. She tends to wander!
  • Gupta: [to Captain Gutt] Should I fly the white, Captain?
  • Silas: It's a huge bounty, Mon Capitaine. Four passengers, ripe for the taking.


Peaches: Okay, so tell me, when exactly will I be allowed to hang out with boys?
Manny: When I'm dead… plus 3 days, just to make sure I'm dead.

Sid: Oh, my whole familia!
Manny: See? He still hugs his parents.
Eunice: I never thought I'd see my little baby again. We've been searching everywhere for you.
Sid: You have? [grabs Marshall and hugs him] I knew it, I knew it! Deep down, I knew I wasn't abandoned!
Marshall: [chuckles] Oh, that's incorrect. We totally abandoned you.
Eunice: But... [bumps Marshall away] We always missed you. [slaps Milton] Right?!
Milton: Oh, uh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And we just knew Sid would want to see his.. poor, dear Granny before... her time is up.
Granny: I'll bury y'all and dance on your graves!
Milton: So frail!
Eunice: And she can't wait to spend time with you, Sid.
Milton: Oh, yeah. Uh, Granny? Granny?
[Marshall is burning ants with a magnifying piece of ice while Granny is burning his head with one of her own]
Milton: Granny...
Granny: I never get to have any fun.
Milton: Why don't you show her your cave, hmm? Yeah, she could use a nap.
Sid: Boy, there's so much to tell you. You know, a lot has happened since the last time I saw you.
Granny: Not interested.
Sid: But we fought dinosaurs in the Ice Age! It didn't make sense, but it sure was exciting!
[As soon as Sid and Granny leave, the family cheer and board the toboggan]
Milton: We got rid of the crazy bat! Let's go!
Manny: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You can't just leave. Sid'll be crushed!
Eunice: Sorry, cookie. Things are breaking apart back home.
Milton: Nope, we're headed inland, and Granny is just dead weight.
Eunice: See ya!
Milton: Mush! Mush! And warn the community: she tends to wander!
[Sid's family rides off in their toboggan]
Diego: Well, that explains a lot about Sid.
Sid: Mom, Dad, do you have Granny's teeth? She can't find 'em.
Granny: [tries to chew an apple, but can't without teeth] Hey, can you chew this thing for me?
Sid: Ew. Guys? Where is everyone?
Diego: I'll handle this. Sid, uh... your family was wiped out by an asteroid. Sorry!
Sid: WHAT?!
Manny: Ahem! What Diego is trying to say is... they left. They only wanted to find you so you could take care of Granny.
Sid: Oh, come on! What kinda sick family would ditch their own Granny on someone? That's just crazy. That's just... that's just... my family.
Diego: Well, at least you still have Granny. Right, buddy?
Sid: Yeah, Granny. Granny? Granny!
[Granny's gone]
Ellie: Wow. For an old girl, she moves fast.

[Manny, Sid and Diego are looking for Granny.]
Sid: Granny?
Diego: Granny!
Manny: Granny?
Sid: Come out, come out wherever you are!
Manny: Come on, Granny.
Sid: Here, Granny, Granny. I have prunes for you! Just the way you like them! [pukes]
Manny: [disgusted] I don't want to see that. Huh? [notices Peaches and Louis heading for the falls] Oh, no.

Peaches: Oh, no, Ethan I am so sorry. I...Wow, you're even better-looking up close. Phenomenal. I mean...
Ethan: Ugh. You have a twin sister?
Manny: [after catching Peaches hanging out with Ethan when she isn't allowed to] Am I interrupting something?
Peaches: Dad! Hold on! [nervously tries unclamping her tusks from Ethan]
Ethan: Oh, boy. Okay...Uh.
Peaches: Sorry, if I just...Wait, no, you go left.
Ethan: Just move back a bit.
Manny: [steps between Ethan and Peaches and forcefully unlocks their tusks] You! Keep away from my daughter! [glaring at his daughter] And you! You're grounded!
Peaches: [tries to protest] But I didn't do-
Manny: Grounded!
Buddy: Loser alert.
Katie: Ouch, that's her dad.
Steffie: Seriously, that's embarrassin'.
Meghan: What a freak!
[Peaches walks away]
Manny: Peaches! Wait, Peaches! Wait! Peaches, come on, let's talk about this!
Peaches: How could you embarrass me in front of my friends?!
Manny: You deliberately went where you weren't supposed to!
Peaches: [scoffs angrily] You can't control my life!
Manny: I'm trying to protect you! That's what fathers do!
Peaches: Well...I wish you weren't my father!
[Manny is stunned and hurt by her words]
Ellie: [to Manny] She's just upset, honey. [to her daughter] Peaches, it's not the end of the world.
[Suddenly, the ground shook]
Sid: Whoa, excuse me.
Diego: I don't think that was you.
[The ice starts to crack]
Ellie: Uh...what was that?
Manny: I don't know. Stay there. I'll come to you.
[Manny moves toward Ellie, but the closer he got, the ice began to break]

Peaches: Daddy!
Manny: Stay alive! No matter how long it takes, I WILL FIND YOU!!!!
Peaches: [sobbing as she watches her father drift away] Mom, this is all my fault! If I had just-
Ellie: Peaches! This is not your fault, okay?
Peaches: What if I never see him again? And the last thing we did was fight!
Ellie: Hey, your father is the toughest, most stubborn mammoth I've ever met! He'll come back for us. [hugs Peaches] That's a promise.

Sid: Ya know, my mother once told me that bad news was just good news in disguise.
Diego: Was this before she abandoned you?
Sid: Yes, it was! And even though, things look bad, there's a rainbow around every corner. [the wind begins to blow] And nothing but smooth sailing ahead!
[A storm comes in]
Manny: Smooth sailing, Sid?

Diatryma bird chick: When you drink water through your trunk, does it taste like boogers?
Ellie: Uh, no. Well… sometimes. Now, let's move!

Manny: Just keep your eyes on the horizon!
Diego: I can't find the horizon!
Sid: Holy crab! Hold me. If I don't make it, find me a wife, and tell her I love her!

Manny: I can't believe this! You slept through that storm?
Granny: Nah. I slept through the comet that killed the unicorns. [jumps into the ocean] Thanks for drawing my bath, Sidney.
Sid: Granny, grab my paw!
Granny: No way. This is my first bath in decades. [oil-rainbow stain appears around her as fish and a shark float up dead]
Diego: There's your proof.
Sid: Quick! Somebody do something! [Manny throws Sid in the water] I got you, Granny.
Granny: [fighting Sid off with her stick] Get off of me!
Sid: [as he gets her back on the ice berg] Ow, ow, ow, ow! Granny!
Granny: [to Manny and Diego] What are you peeping toms all looking at? [Manny and Diego turn around] A lady can't take a bath in peace? Eyeballing me like a rump roast.
Diego: What's the life expectancy for a female sloth?
Manny: She'll outlive us all, you know that, right? Yeah, the spiteful ones live the longest.

Sid: [slides to the side] Water, water, everywhere. Nor any drop to drink. Well, except maybe that drop. [drinks the saltwater] Mmm, that's a little... [his face shrinks] salty.
Granny: [looking for Precious] Precious! Mommy's calling you! Precious! Come here, sweetie. [to Diego] Hey, lady, have you seen Precious?
Diego: If you mean the imaginary, or perhaps deceased, pet... that you keep searching for, no. I haven't.
Manny: [hears a seagull cry] Guys, look. Where there's birds, there's land, right?
Diego: Hey, buddy! Come here!
[A seagull flies away.]
Manny: No, wait, wait! Come back! Come back!

Capt. Gutt: [to Manny and his herd] Ahoy, down there! How lucky are you? You know these waters are infested with pirates. Right, boys?
Pirates: ARGH!
Gutt: Glad we found you before they did: Captain Gutt, here to help.
Granny: You know, that's a nice monkey!
[One of the rats pretend to be a monkey. But Gutt throws it off]
Manny: Look. We don't want any trouble. We just need to get back to the continent.
Gutt: The continent? That pile of rubble?
[The pirates are in hysterical laughter]
Manny: My family's if you could just-
Gutt: Oh! Your family? That is so sweet. I hope you said goodbye, 'cause there's no way back.
Flynn: Yes, there is. [Gutt sighs] Don't you remember, Captain? You can sail to Switchback Cove and catch a current back from there. Like a steel trap this noggin is.
Gutt: [laughs] Thank you, Mr. Flynn! [steps on Flynn's tail flipper]
Flynn: Ow!
Manny: See? I knew there was a way home.
Gutt: There is no home! There is only here. And here...your ship belongs to me. BATTLE STATIONS! Fly the colors! [Gupta climbs up the pole and flags Gutt's ship] Now surrender your ship or face my fury!
Sid: Or face your furry what?!
Gutt: Not "furry", "FURY"! [to his crew] FIRE!

Gutt: Morning, sunshine! Let me be the first to give you the Hand of Friendship.
Manny: That's your foot. [it's revealed that Gutt is standing on his hands]
Gutt: Oh, nothing goes by you, does it?

Shira: Two sloths, a mammoth and a saber? You guys are like the start of a bad joke.
Diego: And we...saved you, so that makes you the punchline, Kitty.
Shira: [pins him down; angrily] Don't call me "Kitty".
Diego: Okay, I won't... [pins her down] ...Kitty.
Granny: If they kiss, I'm gonna puke!

[Captain Gutt and his crew are ordering the enslaved hyraxes in building his new ship]
Gutt: You call this a ship, you miserable runts?
Squint: Yeah, you little runts! Get to work!
Gutt: Faster, you worthless wormy sons of sorry excuses for shark-bait weevils!
Flynn: What did he say?
Silas: I don't know.
Gutt: ...Now, get this chunk of ice seaworthy by sundown...or I will keelhaul THE LOT OF YOU!

[Shira is alone in her prison; a rustle is heard and she growls]
Diego: Easy, kitty. [pushes a bowl of water to Shira] Water. You need it.
Shira: [pushes the bowl away] I don't need anything from you.
Diego: Fine. Die of thirst. That'll really show me.
Shira: Wait, I'll take it. [Diego pushes the bowl to her again] Thank you.
Diego: You know, you have a way of saying "thank you" that makes it sound like "drop dead".
Shira: It's a gift. Well, you're pretty soft for a saber.
Diego: Excuse me, I am not soft, okay? I happen to be remorseless assassin.
Sid: Diego-poo! Hey, I made you another coral necklace. [to Shira] He keeps losing them. Hee-hee! [skips away]
Shira: Yeah. I think I'm starting to get why you're not in a pack...
Diego: Listen, I chose to leave my pack, alright?
Shira: [sarcastically] Congratulations, warrior princess! [sternly] So did I.
Diego: Really?
Shira: What?
Diego: Nothing. I just... I know hard that is. Walking away from everything you know.
Shira: Oh, great. What, are we gonna braid each other's fur now?
Diego: Funny. Really funny. Can I tell you difference between you and me?
Shira: I wouldn't still be wearing that necklace?
Diego: Huh? Ugh [takes off the necklace] No. We both might have wanted out of a pack life, but at least I didn't trade one pack for another. I got something more.
Shira: Oh yeah? What's that?
Diego: A herd.
Shira: What's the difference?
Diego: We have each other's backs.
Shira: Gutt has my back! I'm his first mate!
Diego: Really? 'Cause I don't see Gutt sending out any search parties for ya.
Shira: You know, you won't beat him. Your big furry friend over there? [motions to Manny] He has no idea what he's up against.
Diego: Yeah, but neither does Gutt.

Shira: The mammoth...he washed ashore with me!
Gutt: What? He's here?! Did you sink your fangs into him? Did he beg for his life?
Shira: [ashamed] No. The saber took me down.
Gutt: You're a failure. I need warriors, and all I have are kitty cats and bunny rabbits!
Flynn: And a seal and a kangaroo!
Gutt: You take the sabe down, or you die excuses.
Shira: Yes, captain.

Louis: [after Crash and Eddie fling themselves from trees onto the ground] Can I ask you guys something? How are you both so happy? Doesn't it weigh on you that the world might be ending?
Crash: [to Eddie] Can I tell him our secret? [Eddie nods; to Louis] Come here, come here... [Louis leans closer to them] We're very, very...stupid!
Louis: [glares at Crash and Eddie quizzically] But still, you're not a teensy bit concerned about...I don't know, say, imminent death?
Crash: [grabs Louis' nose] Beep.
Louis: [sighs] I'm gonna go find Peaches.

Ethan: [after the gang escapes the collapsed tunnel] Yo, that was insane! Hey, Peach, loosen up, have some fun.
Peaches: [disgusted] Fun?! You call that fun? I'm outta here!
Steffie: Come on, I mean, do you really want to go back to hanging out with a weird molehog freak and give all of this up?
Ethan: I mean, it's bad enough that your family's half possum...
Peaches: [incensed] Bad enough?! There's nothing bad about being part of my family! I like hanging by my tail, and if you geniuses are normal, the species is going to end up extinct! [leaves]
Katie: Yeah, well, your species is going to be extinct first!
Dumb Mammoth: Burn!
Ethan: We're the same species, genius.
Dumb Mammoth: What?! Double burn!

Sid: [recovering from a lotus berry] I can wiggle my toe again! The little piggy who went to market! W-wait! I'm talking again! I had so many things trapped in me that I couldn't "Hey! I'm not dead!", and "Why does a hurricane have an eye but not an ear?"
[Manny and Granny groan as Sid babbles on and on]
Granny: I'll push him overboard. You guys say it was an accident.
Manny: I'm in. How 'bout you, Diego? Diego? [sees Diego pacing back and forth] Hey, relax, buddy! Captain Crazy and his floating petting zoo are history! C'mon, we're finally heading home!
Diego: I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't eat, can't sleep. Maybe I'm comin' down with something.
Manny: [chuckles] Ohhoho! I know what you've got...the "L word".
Sid: Yeah! Leprosy.
Manny: No, Sid, no. It's four letters. Starts with L, ends with E.
Sid: Aha! Lice!
Manny: No! Diego, my friend, is in love.
Sid: Oh, yeah! Love!
Diego: You mean with the pirate? No.
Sid: Oh, Shira's gotten under your skin! Come on, admit it!
Manny: A rugged saber like you...
Sid: A more rugged saber like her. [laughs]
Diego: No, no, no. You guys are dead wrong! [leaves]
Manny: [he and Sid stare at each other, then burst out laughing] Denial is the clincher! You're in love, pussy cat!
Both: ♪ Diego and Shira, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Diego: Real mature, guys, real mature... [sighs]
Shira: Diego...
Diego: Shira?
Shira: I wanted to come to you.
Sid: She's beautiful.
Sloth Siren: Sid, I adore a sloth who cares nothing about personal hygiene...
Sid: Well, that's me, baby.
Hunky Sloth: Granny! Come to me, Granny!
Granny: Well, hello!
Hunky Sloth: The wrinklier the raisin, the sweeter the fruit.
Granny: Oh, Granny likey. Granny likey very much!

Granny: Here, girl! Here, Precious!
Sid: She thinks she finally found her pet. [chuckles with Diego]
Granny: Good girl! Here you go...
Manny: Look, Granny, can't you throw imaginary food to your imaginary pet? [Granny throws a mango] Ugh. Enough already! We need to keep a lookout for home.
Granny: Ignore them, Precious! I do.
Manny: You can't take your eyes off of her for one minute!
Diego: Nope. It's like having a child. Only without any of the joy.
Granny: Hey, brain trust! Brace for impact.

Manny: ELLIE, PEACHES! I'M HERE! PLEASE! She's gotta be here! [no response, Sid, Diego and Granny slump sadly; Manny closes his eyes in despair]
Peaches: [in distance] Dad!
Manny: Wait! Did you hear that?
Diego: Manny.
Manny: No, I heard something! I heard it!
[As they draw closer, a shadow is shown in the fog]
Diego: Is that—?
Manny: Peaches? THERE SHE IS!
Peaches: Dad!
Manny: We're coming, sweetie! Don't move!
Peaches: Daddy!
Manny: Peaches!
[Suddenly, Captain Gutt emerges out of the fog, holding a dagger at Peaches' neck]
Gutt: Welcome home, Daddy!
Peaches: LET GO OF ME!
[Manny gasps]
Gutt: What are the odds? We were just talking about you! You like the new ship? I call her Sweet Revenge!

Ellie: Back off!
Shira: It's OK, I'm on your side.
[Squint throws starfishes at Ellie and Shira]
Squint: I knew you were a traitor!
Shira: Your little bunny nose wiggles in the cutest way when you're mad!
Squint: WHAT?! [Squint prepares one last attack] Your 9 lives are over, kitty!
[Ellie stomps on Squint]
Ellie: Silly rabbit... piracy doesn't pay!
Squint: Hey, that's not cool. Come on, now.

[Manny and Captain Gutt battle on top of the ice mass as a landmass carries them upwards]
Gutt: There's nowhere to run, Manny! [flings the mammoth by his tusks and laughs evilly. As the ice hunk they fight on slides towards the sea, Gutt attacks with his bone sword. Manny defends himself with a spear held in his trunk] You know, this ocean isn't big enough for the both of us! [knocks the spear out of Manny's trunk, then swings his sword at the mammoth, barely missing his eye]
Manny: Don't worry! You won't take up much space once I flatten you! [tries to stomp on Gutt, but Gutt pushes him off. Manny charges, but Gutt jumps upwards and swings from vine overhead. Jumping down, he kicks Manny to the edge. The mammoth eyes the nearing ocean]
Gutt: [holding a log to finish him off] Told ya, tubby! You shouldn't have messed with the Master of the Seas!
Manny: You know, sometimes, it pays to weigh 11 TONS! [leaps on the end of the ice, catapulting Gutt into the air]
Gutt: NO!
Manny: [catching the log] Bon voyage, Monkey-boy! [bats Gutt, sending him flying into the distance]

"Female Gigantopithecus": Oh, Captain Gutt...
Gutt: [happily] That's me!
"Female Gigantopithecus": Let's rule the seas together.
Gutt: [last words before his death] Aye, aye... [The female Gigantopithecus revealed as a siren.] Huh? (What the…?)
[The siren grabs and eats Captain Gutt alive]

Ending Song: We Are Family

Manny, Sid, Diego, Shira and Ellie: We are, we are not your ordinary fami-mily, but we can all agree that…
Peaches, Ethan and Stefie: ...We are, we are close as close can be
Granny: Not too close!
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Stefie: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Peaches: We are
Ethan: Family!
Shira: So, it's don't matter when it looks like we look perfect to me!
We got every kind of love.
I feel so lucky indeed!
Ellie: They can keep on talking.
It don't matter on me cause we are, we are
Ethan: Family
Stefie: Family!
Shira: We are, we are–
Granny: Ham and cheese!
Sid: No, it's "we are family"!
Granny: Nah! (That's what I said!)
Peaches: OK, so the links in our chain makes us strain
Ellie: But really, they make us stronger
Peaches: And no one would replace not a thing
Manny: Or father!
Sid: Go, Manny!
Peaches: Cause we…
Stefie: Cause we come from everywhere
Shira: Whoa, whoa
Stefie: Searching for ones to care
Shira: Somehow we found it here!
We found us a home!
Ellie: We are, we are not your ordinary fami-mily, but we can all agree that
Peaches: We are, we are
Ethan and Stefie: Close as close can be
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Stefie: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Katie: We are, we are
Ellie: Family!
Shira: Family!
Ethan: Family!
Peaches: We are, we are
Granny: Ham and cheese! [laughs]


  • When the Earth falls apart, history's greatest heroes will keep it together.
  • Wild and thief.
  • Sweet and sour.
  • Irritable and clueless.
  • Stingy and naughty.
  • This summer, the end of the world, is just a tip of the iceberg.








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