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Ice Age: The Meltdown is a 2006 CGI-animated comedy adventure film produced by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film is a sequel to the 2002 computer-animated film Ice Age. It stars Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, and Queen Latifah

Directed by Carlos Saldanha. Written by Gerry Swallow and Peter Gaulke.


  • [to Sid] I told you, Sid, you're not qualified to run a camp.
  • [when a male anteater asked him when it was the last time he saw another mammoth] Mammoths can't go extinct! They're the biggest things on Earth!
  • Fast Tony was right. Everything is melting.
  • Shut up, Sid.
  • Stop singing, Sid!
  • Sid, I'm gonna fall on you again, and this time, I will kill you.
  • [to his reflection] I guess it's just you and me now.
  • [referring to Ellie] Do you believe her? [imitating] "Bravery is just dumb. Maybe, you should run away more." She's infuriating and stubborn and narrow minded!
  • [after Crash gets knocked out by a tree when crash launches him] Uh-Oh.


  • We're gonna live! [Water rapidly rises around them] We're gonna die!
  • [Laid by Manny after a slid] I can't breathe! I think I just coughed up my spleen.
  • [Cholly the Chalicotherium farts on him] Phew! Well, don't that put the "stink" in "extinction"?
  • [singing] Stop, hey, what's that sound, all the mammoths are in the ground! (Parody of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth")
  • [singing] If your species will continue, clap your hands (clap clap) If your species-- (Parody of "If you're happy and you know it")
  • [Talking to Diego about his fear of water] Fine, but we're living in a melting world buddy! You're gonna have to face your fears, sooner, or later.
  • Hey, can you guys slow down a little? I'm dying here! [Vultures stare at him] It was just a figure of speech!
  • Not in front of the K-I-D-Z.
  • [after an elaborate dance sequence with the mini-sloths which ends in him getting tied up] This is either really good or really bad.
  • Yep, tomorrow's the day the scary vulture said we're all gonna die. [Immediately starts snoring]
  • [After dodo bird gets fried by geyser] I just did something involuntary, and messy.
  • [After Manny suggests that Ellie's "tree" doesn't go "all the way to the top branch"] Manny, brink of extinction is a bad time to be picky.
  • [After Manny threw him away while inside a tree; while referring to Manny] I think I'm starting to get through to him.
  • [last lines] I saved you, little buddy! [when Scrat attacks him] I-I saved you, little buddy! Remember, I.. Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!


  • [After he and Sid are humiliated by Crash and Eddie] If anyone asks, there were 50 of them. And uh, they were rattlesnakes.
  • Then the hungry tiger ate the pesky little kids. [he roars at the kids causing them to be scared and run away]
  • [To Sid] Congratulations. You're now an idiot in two languages.
  • [After Sid ate some blueberries and licked on his claws] Hey, if you ever master hygiene, try working on sensitivity.
  • (Referring to Ellie) She's not half bad. Crazy and confused but...sweet.
  • Possum, about 11 foot tall?

Fast Tony

  • It's all a part of my accu-weather forecast.
  • The five day outlook is calling for intense flooding, followed by the end of the world!
  • You, ma'am. You look like a fat, hairy beast! How would like to lose a ton or two?
  • [After Manny mentions he would sell his mother for a grape, due to his greediness] Are you making an offer? I mean no, I would not!

Crash and Eddie

Eddie: [To Diego] You want a piece of us? Let's go!
Crash: Banzai!
[As Diego is about to bite Crash's head] You know the best part? We're carrying diseases!

Eddie: Crash, Crash, don't leave me! Who's gonna watch my back? Who's gonna be my wingman of mayhem? Who's gonna roll in that dung patch with me?
Crash: [awakening] Dung patch?! Wait! My legs... I can stand.
Eddie: He can stand!
Crash: I can run!
Eddie: He can run! It's a miracle!


  • I'm not a mammoth. I'm a possum.
  • I thought fat guys are supposed to be jolly.
  • That was the bravest thing I've ever seen!
  • It's not a compliment. For a possum, bravery is just dumb.
  • [to Manny when he slingshot Crash from a tree] What's wrong with you?


Stu: Hey, I can smell the ocean!
James: Make me, sloth.
Cholly: Sorry. My stomach hates me.
Teratornis: Do not leave your children unattended. All unattended children will be eaten.
Layla Zee: Worth a shot.
Mini Sloth: Fire King.
Molehog Grandpa: Well, I'm not leaving! I was born in this hole and I'll die in this hole.


Sid: Look! I opened my camp, Campo del Sid. That means "Camp of Sid".
Diego: Congratulations, you're now an idiot in two languages.

Freaky Mammal: Look! Some idiot's going down the Eviscerator!
Manny: [to Diego; sighs] Please tell me it's not our idiot.
Sid: [on the top of a glacier] Okay! I'm gonna jump on the count of 3! 1...2...
Manny: Sid! Don't move a muscle. We're coming up!
Crowd of animals: Jump, jump, jump...!
Diego: [joining in] Jump, jump, jump! [Manny glares at him] Sorry.
Sid: [readies himself to jump off the Eviscerator] 2 and 3/1,000ths, 2 and 4/1,000ths…
Manny: Sid, what are you doing? Get down from there!
Sid: No way! I'm gonna be the first to jump off the Eviscerator, and then you guys are gonna have to start showing me some respect!
Manny: If you jump off this, the only respect you're gonna get is respect for the dead!
Diego: Come on, Manny, he's not that stupid. [Sid is about to jump off the Eviscerator] But I have been wrong before.
Sid: Geronimo! [Manny grabs Sid and throws him, they slide as Sid screams]
Diego: Hey, watch it! [they bumped into him, sliding]
Sid: [laid on by Manny] I can't breathe! [tries to get out] I think I just coughed up my spleen.
[Diego sees the ice breaking, and runs from the water, revealing his Aquaphobia, holding onto Manny]
Manny: Uh, Diego, retract the claws please.
Diego: Oh...Right. Sorry.
Sid: You know, if I didn't know you better, Diego, I'd think you’re afraid of the water. [chuckles until Diego grabs his throat] Okay, okay, good thing I know you better!
Manny: Guys, Fast Tony was right. Everything is melting. [the whole top of the ice glaciers is shown and is melted into water] It's all gonna flood. Come on, we gotta warn them.
Sid: Maybe we could rapidly evolve into water creatures.
Diego: That's genius, Sid.
Sid: Call me "Squid".

Dung Beetle Dad: [rolling a ball of dung] Do we have to bring this crap? I'm sure there's crap where we're going.
Dung Beetle Mom: Ugh! That was a gift from my mother!

Sid: ♪ Someday, when you've gone extinct. When you make a stink... ♪
Manny: Shut up, Sid.
Sid: Okay. [later at night] ♪ Stop, hey, what's that sound, all the mammoths are in the ground! ♪
Manny: [groans with shakes a head] Stop singing, Sid!
Sid: [the next morning] ♪ If your species will continue, clap your hands. [claps his hand twice] If your species will... ♪
Manny: Sid, I'm gonna fall on you again, and this time, I will kill you.
Sid: Okay. Someone doesn't like the classics.

[Sid and Diego are tangled up after trying catch Crash and Eddie]
Crash: Surrender?
Diego and Sid: Never!
Crash and Eddie: Cool!
[They shoot out of their holes in slow motion, and rapidly shoot pebbles out of the blow-dart shooters at Diego and Sid, who fell onto the ground]
Diego: [to Sid] If anyone asks, they were 50 of them and uh, they were...rattlesnakes.
[Crash and Eddie climb down a tree and taunt Diego]
Eddie: Here, kitty, kitty!
Diego: Big mistake, you miscreants!
Eddie: Miscreants? [starts laughing along with Crash]
Sid: Uh, Diego, they're possums.
[Crash and Eddie act like chickens until Diego roars and runs after them]
Crash: [hops into Eddie's arms] Retreat!
[Eddie runs away screaming as Diego chases them. We fade to the scene where Manny walk and felt alone and look at the pond water]
Manny: I guess it’s just you and me now. [looks around, and Ellie screaming and break tree branch] I knew it! I knew it was the only one.
Ellie: Me too. Everybody falls out of the tree every now and then, they just don't admit it!

[Sid realizes Manny has found another mammoth]
Ellie: Where? Wait a minute, I thought mammoths were extinct. [pauses] What are you looking at me for?
Manny: I don't know, maybe because you're a mammoth?
Ellie: Me?! Don't be ridiculous! I'm not a mammoth! I'm a possum!
Manny: Right, good one. I'm a newt. [points to Diego] This is my friend, the badger. [points to Sid] And my other friend, the platypus.
Sid: Why do I gotta be the platypus? Make him the platypus! [points to Diego]
Crash: [points to Manny] This guy givin' you trouble, sis?
Manny, Diego, and Sid: [shocked] "Sis"?!
Ellie: That's right. These are my brothers. Possum, possum, possum.
Manny: I don't think her tree goes all the way to the branch.

[Sid, Diego and the possum duo are fighting when they heard ice cracking and Diego spits him out]
Manny: Okay, thanks to Sid, we're now traveling together. And like it or not, we're gonna be one big happy family! I'll be the daddy, Ellie will be the mommy, and Diego will be the uncle who eats the kids who get on my nerves! Now let's move it before the ground fall out from under our feet! [walks away]
Ellie: I thought that fat guys are supposed to be jolly.
Manny: Hey, I'm not fat! It's this fur! It makes me look big! It's poofy!
Ellie: [chuckling] Oh, okay. [to Crash and Eddie] He's fat.

Manny: [referring to Ellie and her bizarre antics] So, you think she's the girl for me?
Sid: Oh, yeah. She's tons of fun, and you're no fun at all. She completes you.

Crash: Hey! Hey, Manny! Can you pull back the tree and shoot me into the pond?
Manny: No.
Crash: Aw, come on!
Sid: Now. How do you except to impress Ellie with that attitude?
Manny: I don't wanna impress her.
Sid: Then why're you trying so hard to, convince her that she's a mammoth?
Manny: Because that's what she is. I don't care if she thinks she's a possum, you can't be two things!
Sid: Au contrarie, My friend. Tell that to the bullfrog, chicken hawk or turtledove.
Diego: He's never gonna let up on you. It'll be easier on all of us if you just go with it.
Manny: [groans, and goes over to Crash, who's standing on a small tree] So, uh, what do you want me to do?
Crash: Pull back the tree and shoot me into the pond.
Manny: [looks from the tree to the pond] I don't know.
Crash: Well, if you're too lame to do it, we can get Ellie.
Manny: No, no. I can do it. I can do it. [pulls the tree back with his trunk]
Crash: Farther...farther...farther...
Manny: Have you done this before?
Crash: Ha! Only a million times. Farther...farther...farther... [Manny pulls it back so far that the end of the branch is resting on the ground] Perfect! FIRE! [Manny let go off the tree; he goes soaring through the air] Yeah! I can fly! [singing] ♪ I believe I can fly...! ♪ [rams headfirst into an oak tree, and falls to the ground, unconscious, leaving behind an impression of himself in the trunk]
Eddie: [screams] Crash!
Manny: Uh-oh.
Eddie: Crash! Crash! Crash, you okay?
Ellie: What happened?
Eddie: Manny shot him out of a tree!
Ellie: What's wrong with you?
Manny: He said he could do it!
Ellie: And you listened to him.
Eddie: Crash, whatever you do, don't go into the light!
Manny: Can I help in any way?
Ellie: You done enough?
Manny: [to Sid] Are you happy now?
Eddie: Crash, Crash, don't leave me! [crying] Who's gonna watch my back? Who's gonna be my Wingman of Mayhem? WHO'S GONNA ROLL IN THAT DUNG PATCH WITH ME?!?!
Crash: [wakes up] Dung patch? Wait, my legs! I can stand!

Ellie: [when she recognizes a familiar place] You know, deep down, I knew I was different. I was a little bigger than the other possum kids. Okay, a lot bigger. Oh. Now I understand why the possum boys didn't find me appealing.
Manny: Well, that's too bad. Because as far as mammoths go, you're know...
Ellie: What?
Manny: Well, uh...attractive.
Ellie: Really?
Manny: Sure!
Ellie: What about me is attractive?
Manny: Well, uh, I dunno. That's your...uh...butt.
Ellie: What about it?
Manny: It's...big? [Pauses]
Ellie: [sincerely] Oh, you're just saying that.
Manny: No really! It's huge! Biggest darn butt I've ever seen!
Ellie: Oh, that is really sweet! What a crazy day. This morning, I woke up a possum and now...I'm a mammoth.

Ellie: [storms into the campsite] Okay, let's go! We traveled with you all day, now you're coming with us at night.
Manny: But we can't see at night.
Ellie: Then enjoy the flood.
Eddie: I can't even look at him!
Crash: Pervert! [makes the 'I'm watching you' gesture towards Manny]
Sid: [sarcastically] Makin' friends. Everywhere you go, just makin' friends.

[The herd is trying to hold balance]
Diego: Stop moving! [the two mammoths do so and the rocky platforms stop] Thank you. [the rocks holding the platform break, making it move again and Sid loses his grip and falls down though he manages to hold onto another rocky platform, which Ellie is standing on starts to break underneath her] Manny! Ellie! Lock trunks! [Manny and Ellie glare at each other] Now! [the two wrap their trunks and walk up the rock, keeping it in balance] Crash, Eddie! Grab onto that ledge!
[The two possums see a ledge that could be their only chance of survival then look down to the abyss]
Crash: Ha! Funny.
Eddie: Now what's your real plan?
Diego: Just do it!
Crash: Bye, Eddie!
Eddie: Bye, Crash!
Crash: Bye, Ellie!
Diego: Go, now! [Crash stretch out and grab the ledge with Eddie holding on to his tail]
Manny: [to Ellie] Um, uh, I'm sorry if what I said before offended you.
Ellie: What do you mean if it offended me?!
Crash: That it offended her, that it offended her!
Manny: I meant that! That it offended you! (Diego: What?!) You just overreacted, that's all!
Ellie: What?!
Crash: Take it back!
Eddie: There are many lives at stake here!
Sid: Wait a minute! He's got a point!
Crash: He's got nothing!
Sid: It was a misunderstanding!
Eddie: It was insensitive!
Diego: Apologize!
Manny: Why me?! She overreacted!
Diego: Just apologize!
Manny: No!
Diego: Do it!
Ellie: Okay! I'm sorry!
All: What?!
Ellie: He's right, overreacted.
Manny: You mean you...?!
Diego: Not another word or I'll come down there and push you over myself!
Sid: I got it, I got it, I got it. [rocks tip over] Uh, oh. [Manny and Ellie lock trunks when the rocks collapsed]
Diego: Manny, Ellie! Run! RUN!!! [Manny, Ellie, Crash and Eddie all run from their lives, Diego runs fast as he can but misses until Manny and Ellie catch him with their trunks leaves him dangling off the cliff]
Ellie: I guess we finally did something right together. [she and Manny smiled at each other]
Diego: [interrupts]Hey, if you don't mind me, just hangin' out on the edge of a cliff here. Hoo. [Manny and Ellie pull him up on top]

Sloth: Fire King.

Sid: [tied up] This is either really good or really bad? [looks down and screams to see a lava pit underneath him] No, no, no. Me fire-king. Why kill fire-king? 1,000 years bad juju for killing fire king?!
Chief Sloth: Super-heated rock from the Earth's core is surging into the crust, melting ice built up over thousands of years.
Sid: You're a very advanced race. Together, we can look for a solution!
Chief Sloth: We have one: sacrifice the fire king!
Sid: That's not very advanced.
Chief Sloth: Worth a shot!

Sid: [singing] ♪ Food, Glorious Food-- ♪
Manny and Diego: Sid!
Sid: What? It's catchy!

Sid: Oh, it's just a little hot water and steam. How bad can it be? [one of the dodos was launched by the geyser and became roasted like a turkey] I just did something involuntary, and messy.
Manny: Okay, come on!
Diego: Manny, get back! It's a minefield out there!

[The herd is about to moves]
Eddie: What if we're the last creatures left alive? We'll have to repopulate the earth!
Crash: How? Everyone's either a dude or our sister.

Sid: Manny, who do you like better, me or Diego?
Manny: Diego. It's not even close.
Diego: [smug] Heh, told ya.
Ellie: Manny, you can't choose between your kids!
Manny: He's not my kid, he's not even my dog. If I had a dog, and my dog had a kid and that dog's kid had a pet, that would be Sid.
Sid: Can I have a dog, Manny?
Manny: No.
Sid: Ellie, can I have a dog?
Ellie: Of course, you can, sweetie.
Manny: Ellie, we have to be consistent with him.

About Ice Age: The Meltdown

  • I have done a lot of sequels, going all the way back to ICE AGE When I did the first ICE AGE a decade ago, we had no idea we would do a second one. The movie ended up being a huge success, and we had to say to ourselves: 'okay people want more, so let’s tell another story.' We had to really work hard on that sequel and it took a long time to get there, because we were caught off guard. After that, we learned our lesson (laughs). We understood that if the audience likes the story and characters and wants to see more, you have think early on about how to continue the story. Not that you plan a sequel, when I make a movie
    • Carlos Saldanda [1]


  • Kiss Your Ice Goodbye.
  • He Never Thaw It Coming.
  • Chill out with some friends!
  • The Pack Is Back
  • The Chill Is Gone


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