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Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001- 2011) is a criminal drama television series, part of the popular Law & Order franchise created by Dick Wolf. The show focuses on the Major Case Squad, an elite group of detectives specializing in cases of political sensitivity or public attention.

Rispetto [10.01] [G/E][edit]

[Goren and Eames return to the Major Case Squad to investigate the murder of a prostitute who is connected to an unstable, hedonistic fashion designer]

Nyle: [giving an interview while high] Let me tell you something: the key to success is speed. A synapse comes, pow! You gotta ride that thing! That's how the big dogs do it. Instinct! Instinct! You got it. That's how we do it. Not people like you, you know who you are, you son of a bitch. I'm Mick Jagger, you're the talentless, faceless zero backstage making sure I have enough water to drink, so deal with it!

Eames: [as Teddy is arrested] On the plus side, he'll get his moment in the sun - in the yard, an hour a day.

The Consoler [10.02] [G/E][edit]

[While Goren enters therapy, he and Eames investigate the death of a bank executive who was in charge of a trust fund for clergy sex abuse victims]

Eames: [looking at a Catholic dating site] "God's perfect match in 60 days, or your money back." I wonder if I'm too old for catechism class.

Dr. Gyson: [to Goren] You are exceptional at analyzing others. Exceptional. So what is it that you think will happen if you start looking at yourself?

Monsignor McTeal: Temptation is a test given to all of us, detective.
Goren: Well, it seems to be a test you're failing.

Boots on the Ground [10.03] [G/E][edit]

[After a hacker is killed, Goren and Eames uncover a rivalry between two defense contractors and a group of revolutionaries trying to take both of them down]

Goren: The tattoo on your wrist shows that you and Matt have the same ideals. You home-schooled him. You taught him Marx and Mao. You turned him into a revolutionary.
Elise: Beats being a cop.

Elise: Do you believe in anything beyond that badge? Anything?
Goren: I guess I believe that victims need an advocate.
Elise: And you put me in a cell? I spent my entire life fighting for the victims of racism, of imperialism, of the blind selfishness of capitalism.
Goren: Was it worth it? Did you bring down the warmongers, the bankers? Did your revolution crush the capitalist system? They're all still there, but your son is gone. Was your revolution worth his life?

The Last Street in Manhattan [10.04] [G/E][edit]

[The murder of a successful Wall Street CEO leads the Major Case Squad to his working-class ex-girlfriend]

Eames: I tried Proust in college. I gave up after the first million pages.
Goren: It picks up after the second million pages.

[The detectives are walking along Eames' old neighborhood.]
Eames: This place used to called "Mr. K's". Cherry popsicles were a quarter. And Danny Quinland dumped me right there in front of Moran's.
Goren: Not for being ordinary.
Eames: For kissing Nick Farrel at recess.
Goren: Ooo. Lucky Nicky.

Capt. Hannah: [about Driscoll] This guy breathes douchebag.

Eames: [about her father] He has Irish Alzheimer's. Forgets everything but the grudges.

Trophy Wine [10.05] [G/E][edit]

[A man is murdered after presenting a rare wine discovery to a group of potential investors, and Goren and Eames soon discover a long trail of deception and infidelity]

Eames: A millionaire's death is never simple.

Avery: [about murdering her husband] It was never about the money. I am not a whore.
Goren: No, no you're not. You're a murderer.

Cadaver [10.06] [G/E][edit]

[Goren and Eames try to discover which medical researcher killed a wealthy benefactor the night that he awarded his fellowship]

Kendall: You gotta get out of this lab more. I could help you with that.
Maya: I'd rather hang out with the rats.

Goren: You asked me if I'm lonely. You asked if I could ever have feelings for someone.
Dr. Gyson: Romantic feelings.
Goren: For someone I respect. But you didn't answer my question: is it too late?
Dr. Gyson: You're worried that you've missed the boat? I think as we start...
Goren: No, could we just... you know, we don't have a lot of sessions left. I'm a big boy, I'm a grown man. What was it you said, my emotional drawbridge is up. I can take it. Just tell me if you think I can have what other people have. you know, a home, a relationship.
Dr. Gyson: If you want to work toward those goals, then yeah, we can do that.
Goren: What does that mean, no? Is that couched in shrink-speak?
Dr. Gyson: I'm not the one saying no or it's too late. Where's this coming from?
Goren: I look in the mirror every day and I see what you see. It's not working. I ask you for your professional judgment and you turn it back on me. I mean, come on, you're smart. You're someone that I respect.
Dr. Gyson: [warily] And you want to know if I see you as someone capable of being in a relationship.
Goren: [flustered] You think that I'm hitting on you? Come on!
Dr. Gyson: No, that's not what I...
Goren: I know what you do, doctor. You seem open, empathic, and you listen... you're beautiful. So you get your patients to trust you, and then you pull back. You toy with them. And that's your game. Isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it?
Dr. Gyson: Detective, please. I know that I have inadvertently...
Goren: Look, this is not working for me. You know, you should call my captain, or 1PP, or whoever you report back to, and you should tell them that I am not a good candidate for therapy.
Dr. Gyson: I need you to help me understand what I did wrong.
Goren: You wanna take my badge away again.
Dr. Gyson: Right when you want to run...
Goren: This isn't working. It's not helping. [slams the door]

Icarus [10.07] [G/E][edit]

[Goren and Eames investigate the death of an actor in an expensive Broadway show]

Goren: [of Rollins] She's emotional.
Eames: Yeah, alcohol will do that.

Goren: [finding a pack of cloves under a mattress] Djarum Blacks. The same clove cigarettes Aaron Winters smokes.
Eames: Rock stars. Don't they know it's not safe to smoke in bed?

To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap [10.08] [G/E][edit]

[Goren and Eames investigate a case centered around a the intellectual property rights of a social networking site. Series finale.]

Dr. Rodgers: [to Goren] Even though I kick myself every time I say this, you were right.

Doss: Are you insane?
Goren: The jury's still out on that one.

Dr. Gyson: [to Goren] Right now, I think the job is vital to you. The job gives you structure, sense of purpose. But you're convinced that it's the only thing that defines you. You think without the puzzle, you don't matter. It's a lie, but it's the only one you've chosen to believe. Consider this: if everyone lies, by definition that has to include you. And if that's true, there's no way you can trust your own judgment. Not when you put the job before the man. There's so much more to you than that.

[last lines of series]
Eames: Call came in. D.O.A at a bank on West 44th Street. The Feds are on their way, but I thought we might want to...
Goren: [smiles] Get there first.
[Eames gets in the car. After a moment of reflection, Goren gets in too.]
Goren: Let's go.

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