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Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001- 2011) is a criminal drama television series, part of the popular Law & Order franchise created by Dick Wolf. The show focuses on the Major Case Squad, an elite group of detectives specializing in cases of political sensitivity or public attention.

Loyalty [G/E][edit]

Pt. 1 [9.01][edit]

[When Capt. Ross is murdered, Goren and Eames risk their jobs to find the killer]

Goren: So he died covering for your little covert operation?
Agent Stahl: Look, no one regrets more than we do that...
Goren: Oh come on, with the regrets! You can't keep us from him! We do what our boss tells us, and you're not our boss, [points to Ross' body] our boss is over there. You're not gonna stop us!

Nichols: [about Dekker] I see a little boy in a soldier suit. A narcissist. Desperate, craving self-aggrandizement.
Goren: You puff him up.
Nichols: No problem. I'm a Hemingway fan.

Pt. 2 [9.02][edit]

Eames: You think he's the money trail?
Goren: I am going to try and find out.
Eames: I really feel I should try to talk you out of this.
Goren: But that's always been a wasted effort.
Eames: Yeah. [pause] Right.

Eames: [to Nichols] Making deals that are painful, doing things we hate... sometimes it's part of our job.

[Nichols is forced to make a deal with the FBI to let Hassan go]
Nichols: You've been told.
Hassan: Your evidence is flawed. I'm to be released.
Nichols: Yeah, you've skated on this. So, someday, I'm gonna be watching CNN or pick up a paper, and there you'll be.
Hassan: Being praised for the wisdom of my rule.
Nichols: More likely because somebody you've trusted, as your father trusted you, will have done to you as you did to your father. Will it come as a gunshot fired by a loyal chauffeur? Poison from your favorite wife? Hanged in a basement like Saddam Hussein? It's hard to say. But you know it's coming. You just don't know when.

Broad Channel [9.03] [N/S][edit]

[A police officer is killed on the island community of Broad Channel, and Nichols matches wits with an Irtish crime boss to find the killer]

Capt. Callas: [to Galloway] You wanna make it to City Hall? Let me give you a tip. Don't ever look reluctant to help me investigate a cop killing.

[Nichols has turned Moira and Dooley against each other]
Nichols: Listen, I don't know what she knows, but I imagine it's a lot. Jackie, you're gonna get in there right now and give me a deposition incriminating Atwater, because if you don't, I'm going to keep you in a jail cell or a courtroom for the rest of your life because, you know what, I don't think she loves ya anymore.
Dooley: [smiles] Well played, sir. Old Captain Ross would be proud of you today.

[Nichols and Stevens arrive to arrest Atwater]
Nichols: There's something I've wanted to say to you since I met you.
Atwater: What are you doing?
Nichols: You have the right to remain silent... sport.

Delicate [9.04] [N/S][edit]

[The death of a dance student leads detectives to an unstable classmate who is in an obsessive relationship with one of the victim's rivals]

Nichols: Sometimes we hate the innocent and like the guilty.

Paulette: It feels so lonely when you walk into a room and no one turns around.

Gods and Insects [9.05] [N/S][edit]

[The murder if a prostitute's boyfriend leads to an investigation of a shady corporation and war crimes]

Stevens: You don't spend much time online.
Nichols: Only work-related.
Stevens: No kids to help with their homework.
Nichols: Fortunately... for their sake.

Stevens: David, you're going to jail. Would you like it to be for a long time, or a very long time?

Abel & Willing [9.06] [N/S][edit]

[A tormented social scientist haunted by his family's Holocaust past performs twisted social experiments on couples to test the limits of human kindness]

Vorsichtiger: Under certain circumstances, there can be no shame.

Hazard: I have proven that selfless behavior is a myth. None of us has a choice.
Nichols: [to Stevens] Tell him about his choices.
Stevens: [handcuffing Hazard] You may choose to remain silent.

Love Sick [9.07] [N/S][edit]

[Nichols and Stevens investigate a nurse's aide and her firefighter boyfriend who are attacking and killing young women]

Capt. Callas: There's an old saying in my family: A man only cries when his mother or his dog dies, but for sure over the dog.
Nichols: Tough family.
Capt. Callas: Just Greek.

Maya: [of her victims] They liked me. I saw the trust in their eyes. It was like the deer.
Nichols: When it was over, did you whisper in their ear the words that your father that your father told you to say?
Maya: [with relish] "Now you know who killed you!"

Love on Ice [9.08] [N/S][edit]

[Nichols and Stevens investigate the murder of a former baseball star]

Capt. Callas: I'm gonna go with the statistics and say that if this wasn't a robbery it was probably family.
Stevens: I doubt it was the wife. The guy topped 200 pounds. He was an athlete. Plus, he had facial bruises consistent with an actual brawl.
Nichols: Also, there seems to be no indication that she gained from his death financially.
Capt. Callas: It's a marriage. Maybe she just got sick of him. [leaves]
Nichols: What goes on in her house?

Stevens: Did he still owe you money?
Denardi: To misquote our former president, it depends on what your definition of "owe" is.

Nichols: Manhattan has the Empire State Building, the Bronx has Yankee Stadium, Brooklyn, the Bridge, Queens has the U.S. Open, and Staten Island has a gigantic landfill. Can't you smell it yet?

Traffic [9.09] [N/S][edit]

[The murder of a magazine editor involves the Russian mob and the relationship between the victim and the daughter of the editor who replaced him]

Nichols: My father read Inset. I remember there was this picture of Ursula Andress. She had a brassiere that shot bullets.
Stevens: [wryly] Your father read it?
Nichols: It was, uh, shared. We fought over the crossword puzzles.

Stevens: You should have been a shrink, like your father wanted.
Nichols: Serena, I don't care about complaining husbands and cheating wives, and treating people with nervous acne. But I am driven to understand why some people are so different they disrupt our sense of all behavior and logic.

Disciple [9.10] [N/S][edit]

[Nichols and Stevens investigate a copycat serial killer whose crimes have a special meaning for Stevens]

Stevens: [examining a body] Her panties are probably down.
Nichols: So, raped, but then he dressed her again.
Stevens: Modest. The righteous are always the worst.

Rev. Reading: [of Howell] He taught me how to plant a garden. I taught him how to die.

Lost Children of the Blood [9.11] [N/S][edit]

[Detectives explore vampire culture to find as murderer who drained a young woman's body of blood]

Caroline: Sarah hated dad's world - the campaigning, telling the media everything was perfect. She longed to escape, find something new.
Congressman Price: Whatever she found killed her.

Nichols: We would be remiss in our professional obligations if we didn't mention a plea.
Virgil: A plea?
Stevens: We have evidence, witness testimony, all that's needed for a murder conviction. If you allocute, avoid a trial, it saves the state a lot of money.
Nichols: You might do better than life in SuperMax.
Virgil: I want a trial.
Stevens: Still desperate.
Nichols: Your act means that much to you, huh?
Virgil: It's not an act. That I am eternal means I have nothing to fear.
Nichols: Well, I think you might be wrong about that, Jonathon. Locked in an 8 by 10 cell, no human contact, no hope of parole. And there you'll sit... being eternal.

True Legacy [9.12] [N/S][edit]

[While investigating the murder of a catering business owner, Nichols and Stevens uncover evidence of an affair and a possible larger scandal involving a New York senator]

Capt. Callas: We need to know what Rick knew and when he knew it.
Stevens: That creates a problem for me. I led Angela to believe we wouldn't contact him.
Capt. Callas: Our investigation outweighs her concerns.
Stevens: And mine? I sort of gave my word.
Capt. Callas: First of all, you don't cheat. And if you do, don't trust a cop.

Marta: Is it so wrong to want a child to honor the Castilla-Caldera name?
Stevens: The crime isn't wanting a son. The crime is lying and killing to get one.

The Mobster Will See You Now [9.13] [N/S][edit]

[The murder of a Health and Human Resources employee trying to shake down the owners of a hospital leads to the investigation of a notorious mobster's son]

Nichols: "Engaged to be engaged". The last refuge of the commitment-challenged.

Nichols: How does the Web always find out everything before we do?

Palimpsest [9.14] [N/S][edit]

[The investigation into the murder of a rare book dealer reunites Nichols with a troubled old flame.]

Bernard: We're antiquarians. We choose to live in the past. But Lenore, she had no choice.
Regina: She keeps living the same day over and over. But it's such a lovely day.

Lenore: This wine goes poorly with my medication... You know, Zachary, I have another secret.
Nichols: I imagine you have several.

Inhumane Society [9.15] [N/S][edit]

[Detectives investigate a murder related to a dog-fighting ring]

Nichols: My parents are atheists. If they ever found out I'd gone to a church, they'd set up an intervention.

Sal: It doesn't matter what I did. I trained a champ! Nothing can change that!

3-in-1 [9.16][edit]

[Nichols consults with his estranged father to catch a killer who has dissociative identity disorder]

Nichols: Was it just me, or was there something creepy about that guy?
Stevens: You mean, "chop up a woman" creepy?

Theodore: You know, in therapy, when we've had a really good session, we jokingly say, "Today, we've been to Lourdes".
Nichols: Meaning you've achieved a miracle cure?
Theodore: No, just meaning that it was a very good session. But I believe that, maybe... you and I have been to Lourdes.
Nichols: Should I take that as approval?
Theodore: [smiles] Don't presume. Don't presume.

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