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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present) is a long-running crime drama, part of the popular Law & Order franchise created by Dick Wolf. The show focuses on the Special Victims Unit, a special squad dealing with sex crimes and crimes against children.

Surrender Benson [15.01][edit]

Benson: [to Lewis] My partner, my squad, the entire department will hunt you down. You think that you've put people through hell. It will rain back down on you.
Lewis: You know what? Let it rain.

Lewis: Are you feeling sad? Thinking about someone you’re never gonna see again? Mom? Dad? Boyfriend? No, huh? Someone else, someone you would give anything too see just one more time. You’re gonna cry out his name at some point. They always do.

Benson: My old partner, he'd know what to do. He wouldn't question himself after what you've done. He would kick your teeth in, break your legs, break your arms, break your back, break your face.

Imprisoned Lives [15.02][edit]

Captain Cragen: I knew it was too soon for you to come back to SVU.
Benson: If you can't trust me, then I'm done.

Benson: You know, what I've seen is that people who have gone through unfair, horrific experiences is that they have this will. And when they get support; a chance, they cannot only survive, they can thrive.

American Tragedy [15.03][edit]

Barba: On the night that you saw Mehcad Carter, did you see a "field hand", a "jungle animal"... or simply a boy trying to make his way home?
Cohen: Objection.
Jolene: No, I want to answer that. I saw a hooded man following me. I told him to back off, and he came through my gate.
Barba: So, if it had been a white man walking behind you, would you have told him to get back, would you have pulled your gun?
Cohen: Objection!
Jolene: If it had been a white boy, I wouldn't have been afraid.
Barba: So let's be clear. Mehcad Carter didn't have to do anything. He didn't have to say anything. He just had to be a black boy standing on your sidewalk, and that gave you the right to shoot him.
Jolene: That's not what I said.
Barba: Isn't it?

[Jolene has been acquitted of Carter's death]
Benson: What happened?
Munch: Fear won out.
Barba: I'm sorry.
Fin: It's not on you. It's just the way it is.

Internal Affairs [15.04][edit]

Captain Cragen: Munch put in his papers.
Benson: What?! No, he didn't.
Captain Cragen: Yeah. The Mehcad Carter case hit him pretty hard. Liv. It's okay, Liv. Nothing changes, except what has to.

Cassidy: Liv, you do believe me about the escorts?
Benson: Stop talking.
Cassidy: I swear, I didn't...
Benson: [seductively] Has anyone ever told you to just stop talking?
Cassidy: [smiles] Yeah, everyone, all the time.

Wonderland Story [15.05][edit]

[Benson gets called into a case during Munch's retirement party]
Munch: Ladies and gentlemen, Olivia Benson, the Mother Teresa of SVU. Was it something I said?
Benson: [laughs] No, John, it was everything you said.

[last line; Munch gets one last phone call]
Munch: [picks up] Homicide. [pause] I mean, SVU. Hold on. I'll get you a detective.
[he puts the phone on hold, grabs his box, and leaves the office]

October Surprise [15.06][edit]

Amaro: [about Lindsay Anderson] Last night I friended her on Facebook.
Fin: Tell me she poked you.

Fin: Hey, Muñoz sends out some selfies, that's not a sex crime. All I know is I don't wanna see any more of 'em.
Amaro: It's more than that. This clown wants to be mayor. He opened himself up to blackmail. This could just be the tip of the iceberg.
Rollins: I think we saw more than just the tip.

Dissonant Voices [15.07][edit]

Zara: Daddy, how do I get on "American Diva"?
Amaro: The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: practice.
Zara: What? You're weird, daddy.

[The squad finds out too late that Jackie was falsely accused of child molestation]
Benson: I keep going over it in my head... those kids did not sound coached.
Amaro: We had the DNA. We were just doing our jobs.
Barba: People lie, people make mistakes... this comes with the territory.
Rollins: You guys tell yourselves whatever you want. This didn't have to happen.

Military Justice [15.08][edit]

Rollins: Does Maria still work for the Pentagon?
Amaro: She's Public Affairs for the DoD. It's two separate departments.
Rollins: Yeah, but D.C. is such a small town. Everybody knows everybody. Has Maria given you any reason for dropping Zara off tonight?
Amaro: No.
Rollins: Good, because if she's hiding something, it'll give her more reason to do you a favor.
Amaro: Is that really how women think?
Rollins: [smiles] No, just one woman.

Admiral Albers: [after Amelia's rapists are convicted] Amelia, I'm proud of you. Coming forward, you had more guts than any of them.

Rapist Anonymous [15.09][edit]

[The squad trades work horror stories over dinner]
Dr. Warner: So, it turns out she's a lesbian. He's transgender. And we found the murder weapon lodged in his anal canal.
Benson: Hey, try the hot soppressata.
Fin: My favorite is still that Sherling guy we found humping that passed out vic. [the others laugh] And he tells me, "I thought she was dead." Turns out it just a little co-fetish.
Benson: Hey guys, uhm, maybe we don't talk shop?

Dr. Warner: After sex, most men feel the urge to urinate, which clears the urethra. He didn't get the chance. And the amount of fluid is consistent with his having ejaculated very recently.
Fin: Melinda, English?
Dr. Warner: He came, and then he went.

Psycho/Therapist [15.10][edit]

Bemson: What? He wants to plead to rape?
Barba: Multiple counts of rape in the first, multiple counts of sodomy. He will also plead guilty with an allocution. There will be specific...
Benson: He wants to stand up in open court and give graphic testimony about the things he did not do to me?
Barba: It's 25 to life. He'll die in prison. Olivia, you will avoid a trial and having to testify.
Benson: No, no, no! He does not get to do that to me. He did not rape me. He did not sodomize me. You look at that rape kit. After 4 days, he did not have the balls to rape me. And now he wants to stand up in open court... Now? No. No!

Benson: Lewis knew that I had it in me. He goaded me into beating him, and you know what? Once I started I couldn't stop. He got me to turn into exactly what he is.

Amaro's One-Eighty [15.11][edit]

Captain Cragen: I didn't want to announce this until Nick's situation got resolved, but it's done, and so am I. I'm leavin'.
Rollins: What? Now?!
Amaro: Hey, is this part of the deal? Was this their pound of flesh? Because if it is...
Captain Cragen: No, no, no. No. This is my call.
Fin: Where you gonna go, Cap'n?
Captain Cragen: Around the world, actually. Eileen has 2 tickets for a 6-month cruise, and I have enough accrued leave to take me through my mandatory retirement date. If I stay, I make less than if I leave.
Rollins: Cap, cruise. Okay. If anyone's earned it.
Captain Cragen: I'm proud of my time here. And I'm honored and grateful to have worked with the finest unit of detectives I've ever known. Nick, you're gonna get through all this. You're too good a cop and too good a man not to. Amanda, I was never sorry that I brought you up from Atlanta. I would do it again. And, Fin, what can I say? For a guy who never should've been an SVU detective, you're okay.
Fin: Right back at you, Captain. Nobody could ever take your place.
Captain Cragen: Well, for the meantime, Detective Benson will. She's ready. Now, it's not easy going from player to coach, so don't bust her chops. [to Benson] But if they do, you bust 'em right back.
[everyone else in the squad room applauds]

[Cragen clears out his office; Benson enters]
Benson: We should throw you a party.
Cragen: I don't like parties. This is good. Um, word of advice?
Benson: Oh, please! [laughs]
Cragen: I gave my whole life to NYPD, and I forgot to live my own. Me and Eileen, it's a Hail Mary. It's a shot at happiness. You know, people used to say this to me all the time, and I never understood what they meant. But take care of yourself. You deserve it.
[he and Benson share an embrace]
Cragen: Oh, and, Olivia,... Do somethin' with the place, will ya?

Jersey Breakdown [15.12][edit]

Barba: Sergeant, you up for a trip to the Garden State?
Benson: I'm acting squad commander.
Barba: Heavy lies the crown. Detective Rollins?
[Rollins nods; Benson gives her a concerned look]
Rollins: Don't worry, I'll stay away from Atlantic City.

Moscone: So it's true what they say about SVU.
Amaro: Yeah, what's that?
Moscone: Everyone's a victim to you guys.
Benson: And it's true what they say about New Jersey prosecutors. There are no victims, there are no prosecutors, only meal tickets.

Betrayal's Climax [15.13][edit]

Rollins: Rebellious teenagers, forbidden love...
Fin: West Side Romeo and Juliet.
Rollins: We know how well that turned out.

Benson: You threatening me? I got the biggest gang in the city. You think your guys are loyal? Go ahead. Test the NYPD. I dare ya.

Wednesday's Child [15.14][edit]

Abraham: Some street guy with a diabetic kid with an attachment disorder out in the freezing cold? Tell me there's a happy ending.

Rollins: [reads adoption records] Charles and Alexa Smith, One East 161st Street, Bronx, New York.
Fin: Really? I didn't know anyone lived at Yankee Stadium.

Comic Perversion [15.15][edit]

Galloway: [during standup routine] You're right, you're right. Rape isn't funny. [pause] Now gang rape - that's hilarious!

Galloway: I'd like to dedicate my arrest to Lennie Bruce!

Gridiron Soldier [15.16][edit]

Fin: You ask me, the only difference between a football team and a gang is that gangs don't wear helmets and knee-pads.

Fin: You're under arrest.
Becker: Arrest? For what?
Fin: Rape.
Becker: Of that boy? He's as queer as a $9 bill. Whatever he got, he wanted.
Rollins: Not him - of Eddie Thorpe.
Becker: You can't just come in here and start making accusations.
Fin: We're not. Eddie is.
Becker: Eddie? You think he's got the balls to testify with me staring right at him?
Rollins: Not when he first got here, but you spent a few years toughening him up. Stand up. Let's go, coach. [Fin handcuffs him] Take it like a man.

Gambler's Fallacy [15.17][edit]

Benson: [of Amaro and Rollins] Those two, I wish they'd just get a room already.
Fin: I'll pretend I didn't hear you say that!

Fin: [to Rollins] Whatever you're doing, I want you to stop now; I am not ready for another partner!

Criminal Stories [15.18][edit]

Jimmy: You want my source's name? I'll give it to you. Write this down, it's a funny name: G-O-space-F-U...
Benson: I got it, Jimmy, I got it.

Jimmy: Tutuola? Two T's. Two U's.
Fin: One ola.

Jimmy: Don't ever cry for Jimmy Mac. I always land on my feet. I'm 55 years old, my profession is dying, my ex-wives all hate me, my credit cards are maxed out because I've got three kids in college, and I've never felt better in my life.

Downloaded Child [15.19][edit]

Amaro: [after he hears what Jenny's husband has done to her] All right, two choices: I go beat the crap out of this guy, or we call Barba.

Benson: You're smiling, Barba. Why is that freakin' me out?

Beast's Obsession [15.20][edit]

Lt. Murphy: You can't be in charge of a man hunt when you are the target of the man you are hunting!

Lewis: You seeing a therapist? Please, promise me you'll do that. He probably sits there with you, tells you that you're working through it, right? "You can be whole again, Olivia." Well, he's lying. What I do, and I've seen this in the victim impact statements, nobody ever recovers from.

Lewis: This is the last thing you're going to think about before you die. The last thing you're going to see.

Post-Mortem Blues [15.21][edit]

Strauss: Lt. Murphy, what is the important thing you want the grand jury to hear?
Lt. Murphy: I know for a fact that Sergeant Benson's televised confession was not true. I know, because I ordered her to make the so-called confession. She did not commit police brutality, nor did she perjure herself. It was a gambit. A police tactic to lure the weasel out just enough so we could get him.
Strauss: Thank you, Lt. Murphy.
Lt. Murphy: I don't even know why we're here! Sergeant Benson performed an act of extraordinary bravery. She singlehandedly confronted a career sociopath who raped and tortured elderly women, little girls. He killed cops and innocent civilians. You've heard days of testimony regarding the sergeant's actions, but has the prosecutor discussed Lewis' conduct at all?
Strauss: Lt. Murphy!
Lt. Murphy: His history of barbarism? Lewis spent his entire life sadistically inflicting his power over people! Thanks to Sergeant Benson, he's where he should be! William Lewis will never hurt anyone ever again, unless you allow him to exert his power over you.

[Benson has been cleared]
Lt. Murphy: It was the truth that will set you free.
Benson: That's not what I heard.
Lt. Murphy: Well, there are little truths, and there is the larger truth. I told the larger one.

Reasonable Doubt [15.22][edit]

Maddox: Kathryn is just trying to get back at me for my decision to uncouple.
Lt. Murphy: Was that before or after she caught you in bed with her little sister?

[Maddox's maid has gone back on her testimony]
Fin: Dohna was crystal clear when I talked to her. Frank must have gotten to her.
Benson: How?
Barba: She's Tibetan; for all we know, he called the Dalai Lama.

Benson: If Frank is a pedophile, at least he's out of their lives.
Amaro: And if he's telling the truth, she gets to grow up with a full-blown narcissist who convinced her to lie.
Benson: Either way, God help that child.

Thought Criminal [15.23][edit]

Montlieff: That... that girl and I were just talking.
Rollins: About sex! With a 14-year old!
Montlieff: No, I saw her, she's... she's not 14!
Rollins: That doesn't matter, you thought she was.
Montlieff: Wait, so... so I am arrested for thinking?

Efron: There is not one shred of forensic evidence of criminal behavior.
Barba: A grenade with the pin pulled has not blown up yet, but it's still a danger to those around it.

Spring Awakening [15.24][edit]

Munch: Seriously, Nick. I'm gone for, like, half a year and you were already arrested twice? Talk about a cry for help.

[Munch walks up to Benson just as Lt. Murphy leaves]
Munch: I knew that guy. Who the hell is he?
Benson: Mary Poppins.
Munch: What?
Benson: Never mind.

Rollins: [about Langan] He's tall.
Benson: Yeah, like that's a skill set.
Rollins: You two have history?
Benson: I don't date lawyers.
Rollins: Since when?

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