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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present) is a long-running crime drama, part of the popular Law & Order franchise created by Dick Wolf. The show focuses on the Special Victims Unit, a special squad dealing with sex crimes and crimes against children.

Girls Disappeared [16.01][edit]

Benson: [to Joaquin] I promise you, you better start talking, or they're gonna find you hanging in your cell. I promise you that.

[just as Amaro is released, he walks up to Joaquin's cell]
Joaquin: What are you here for? A favor? You're goin' down. 'Cause I'm tellin' anyone who'll listen you took a bribe.
Amaro: UC's call that evidence. I'm not as dirty as I seem, Joaquin. I'm here with bad news. Everyone's cuttin' deals. They're linin' up to turn on Angel.
Joaquin: What about me?
Amaro: I'm afraid it's too late. They don't need you. You're lookin' at life without parole.
Joaquin: [vainly attempts to punch Amaro] This ain't over, Amaro!

Benson: [to Noah] I have good news. The man who hurt your mommy will never hurt anyone ever again. It's over. [hugs him] I love you.

American Disgrace [16.02][edit]

Calhoun: I'm sorry, who are we talking about, now?
Barba: Tiana Rayens, the Shark Wear Center girl.
Shakir: And she kept her panties?
Rollins: Yeah. They had semen on them, along with the dress.
Barba: Better than an autograph.

[Sonny brings in a pizza]
Rollins: That for all of us?
Sonny: Oh yeah. Goat cheese and sun dried tomato.
Fin: Figured you for a pepperoni guy.
Sonny: I'm full of surprises.

Producer's Backend [16.03][edit]

Sonny: Hey, Rollins, you see this? This time, she's accused of leaving the scene of an accident. What's with these girls? Child stars at nine, sexual icon at 15, flame-out by 20.
Rollins: Yeah, I know about this. Tensley Evans. Nick told me - he caught the case.
Sonny: Nick? That guy's a disaster magnet.
Rollins: I liked you better with the 'stache.

Rollins: I know you don't trust Tensley, but seriously, that guy...
Amaro: I hear you. You're asking me to let it go, I've let it go
Sonny: [walking into the squad room] There's no underage drinking, drugs, who knows... Sorry, am I interrupting?
Rollins: No, no, we were just leaving.
Sonny: Oh. It, uh.. just looked like something else.

Holden's Manifesto [16.04][edit]

Holden: I would know how to take care of you, worship you. But all of you beautiful girls throw yourselves at men who are mean and selfish. Sweating, grunting brutes. You reject me, a nice guy, smart, superb. I dress well, I take care of myself. I would have taken care of you, but those days are gone. You had your chance. You do not deserve me anymore. You don't deserve to live.

Amaro: After Eric Decker and the stop and frisk lawsuits, 1PP has been very clear: don't make a scene.
Chief Dodds: Then why are you opening your mouth right now?

Pornstar's Requiem [16.05][edit]

Barba: So, she made one "first-timer" pornographic video.
Rollins: In New Hampshire.
Fin: One of the few places you can still make porn without a condom.
Barba: Live free or die.

Benson: Let me guess, you got a call from Hudson.
Chief Dodds: I did. They want to know why an SVU sergeant is demanding they re-evaluate school policy.
Benson: Because they expelled Evie Barnes, which constitutes victim blaming. It's egregious behavior.
Chief Dodds: That may be your opinion, but it's their decision. It has nothing to do with you, SVU or NYPD. Stay out of the president's office.
Benson: Does your concern have anything to do with the fact that Hudson University is New York City's largest landlord?
Chief Dodds: Grow up, sergeant. You're good at your job - stick to that. If you wanna change policy, get into politics. But last time I checked, you're a cop.
Benson: [reluctantly] Yes, sir.

Glasgowman's Wrath [16.06][edit]

Charlie: Don't threaten me with medication. Just treat me like a man.

Perry: I was simply following orders.
Benson: Whose orders?
Perry: Glasgowman. He comes to me at night. We communicate. He gave me my mission. If I failed, he would take my breath away at midnight. I had to prove my loyalty.
Barbara: Perry, where are you getting this?
Schwartz: Barbara, let her talk. Perry, how did you prove your loyalty?
Perry: By taking innocent blood.

Chicago Crossover [16.07][edit]

Teddy: [to Halstead and Rollins] You two look like you're ready to party.
Halstead: Back up.
Teddy: You, me and her? Well, I can be the bread, the meat or the spread.

Voight: You call this an interrogation? Why don't you put on some music and dance with the guy?

Spousal Privilege [16.08][edit]

Fin: I've learned two things from my 15 years here at SVU. One, you can't take this job home with you.
Rollins: I'm working on that.
Fin: Two, you can't take anyone from this job home with you.

Benson: Paula, I've been doing this a long time. I've seen a lot of guys like A.J.
Paula: There's only one A.J. Best believe.
Benson: And I'm sure there are times that he makes you feel incredibly special, but that doesn't make up for the times that he lays hands on you.

Pattern Seventeen [16.09][edit]

Dodds: [to Benson] You're in the hot seat, Sergeant.
Fin: You see that, that's why I never took the Sergeant's exam.

Benson: Rollins, word of advice: when you're coming up with an excuse, don't oversell.
Rollins: Copy that.

Forgiving Rollins [16.10][edit]

Rollins: Guys are gonna talk, whether we sleep with them or not. You think Sam Reynolds wanted everyone to know that I turned him down? You think you're Chief Patton's first "good girl"?
Det. Taymor: So everything they said about you and why you left, none of that is true?
Rollins: No.

Reynolds: I'm not gonna pass any judgment here, Amanda. You slept with the Chief to get ahead, and it backfired. That's on you.
Rollins: Patton's a liar.
Reynolds: He's a man I know and trust. Look, I know how ambitious a girl you are. Reese too. But take my advice and let sleeping dogs lie.
Rollins: Get the hell off my street.
Reynolds: All these years, you've been giving me the good girl act. You were just keeping yourself wide-eyed and wet for the big boss. No piece for your old friend Sam?
[she knees him]
Reynolds: You bitch! I'm reporting you!
Rollins: Yeah, you do that. And make sure you tell your wife I said hello.

Agent Provocateur [16.11][edit]

Barba: [about Simmons] Don't forget, before he became a vulture, he was a lawyer.
Benson: Yeah, a distinction without a difference.

Barba: Guess who didn't show? I just spent two hours with 23 grand jurors playing Sudoku.
Benson: It's Friday. How about we pick him up at the end of the day?
Barba: So he can't get processed 'til Monday and has to spend the weekend in the Tombs. Motherhood has really changed you, Liv. It's brought out your sweet side. it.
Benson: [sing-song] Thank you!

Padre Sandungera [16.12][edit]

Nicolas: [to his son] You know why you hate me? Because I'm your flesh and blood, Nicky.

Barba: I know what it's like to have to face down your old man. Mine's dead 15 years, and my hand still curls into a fist whenever I think of him.

Decaying Morality [16.13][edit]

Sonny: Who wants to call the sergeant?
Fin: The new guy.
Sonny: Still?

Barba: [to Sonny] Boo-ya, Fordham Law.

Intimidation Game [16.14][edit]

[Fin, Rollins and Sonny are at a video game convention]
Rollins: A bunch of overgrown boys staring at a screen, pressing buttons. Isn't there a basketball game on or something?
Fin: You seen the Knicks lately?

Fin: They are not noobs.
Rollins: Noobs?
Fin: Short for newbies.
Sonny: [rolling his eyes] Yeah, that's much shorter.

Rollins: This security footage, it's like trying to find a geek in a geek-stack.

Undercover Mother [16.15][edit]

Lt. Murphy: I hand the reins over to you, you gotta bollocks everything up?
Benson: I missed you too, Declan.

Benson: If you kill her, you die too. Is she really worth it?

December Solstice [16.16][edit]

Barba: Rectal-probe electro-ejaculation? That sounds like a sex crime in and of itself.

Sonny: [to Barba] Am I right, Counselor?
Barba: Seldom.

Parole Violations [16.17][edit]

Barba: Donna Marshall can't deny sex, so she admits consensual. Classic "she said he said", in reverse.

[After a brutal cross-examination]
Bella: This isn't fair. They're making Tommy out to be the bad guy.
Sonny: Welcome to my life.

Donna: You don't know what it's like. You cops, you lock these animals up, and you never have to deal with them again.
D'Angelo: Donna...
Donna: I'm supposed to rehabilitate them. I gave up my life, my marriage for this job. And then Tommy Sullivan comes in all buzzing about his pregnant girlfriend and his wonderful new life.
Benson: That doesn't give you the right to do what you did to him.
Donna: I tried to help him! I tried to help all of them! And then, you know what they do? They take your hand and they drag you down to their level! They don't want to change. They will never change.

Devastating Story [16.18][edit]

Rollins: [to Sonny] When's the last time a car-jacking victim was asked, "Are you sure you didn't want your car to get stolen?"

Benson: They thought this would be the case to change rape culture and it did. It set the clock back 30 years.

Granting Immunity [16.19][edit]

Amaro: Did I miss an episode of "Girls?" Remind me what a "rainbow party" is?

Carisi: I think I feel warm. Hey Rollins, feel my forehead.
Rollins: I am not feeling your forehead.
Carisi: C'mon.
Rollins: Oh wait, you got a little something here. And there.
Carisi: Seriously!?
Rollins: Another one here. (gasps)
Carisi: Okay, that's not funny!

Benson: [to a mother who refused to immunize her child for measles] You may want to think about shutting your mouth. My son wouldn't have pneumonia if it wasn't for you.

Daydream Believer [16.20][edit]

Nadia: Let me go.
Dr. Yates: Oh, all the girls say that. "Please don't kill me, I'll do whatever you want." Pretty soon, you'll beg for your life. And, little secret? Towards the end, you'll cry for your mama.
Nadia: Not me.
Dr. Yates: Oh, you will.
Nadia: You know what's gonna happen to you?
Dr. Yates: [chuckles] You're a funny girl.
Nadia: If you kill me, Hank Voight is gonna track you down and make you wish you'd never been born. [spits in his face]
Dr. Yates: [while gagging her] That's enough small talk for now.

[Dr. Yates examines photographs of Nadia's death]
Dr. Yates: Doctor, could Miss Decotis' injuries have been caused by her prostitution?
Dr. Warner: It's unlikely. She was savaged.
Dr. Yates: Savaged, you say? How so?
Dr. Warner: In addition to the blunt trauma and strangulation, there were cuts on her nipples and external genitalia.
Dr. Yates: And her anal sphincter, was that torn?
Dr. Warner: Yes, it was.
Dr. Yates: And these injuries, though not fatal, they would've been painful?
Dr. Warner: Very. She died a slow death.
Dr. Yates: How long did she survive after the first attack started?
Dr. Warner: 30 minutes. Maybe longer.
Dr. Yates: And she would've been in agony all through it?
Judge Barth: Mr. Barba, not to put words in your mouth, but I'm willing to entertain an objection if you have one.
Barba: I'm fine, your honor.
Dr. Yates: Doctor, was she in a lot of pain?
Dr. Warner: Yes. I'm sure she was.
Dr. Yates: Were there signs of struggle?
Dr. Warner: Yes. The skin was torn around the ligature marks.
Dr. Yates: What goes through a victim's head in their final moments?
Crane: Your honor, may I please speak with my client?
Dr. Yates: No, I'm not done here.
Crane: Short recess.
Dr. Yates: Sit down!
[Crane takes her seat]
Dr. Yates: [to Dr. Warner] Back to Nadia. Would the terror, the fear, have flooded her with adrenaline?
Dr. Warner: I can't answer that.
Dr. Yates: Would she have awareness of what was going on? Would she understand that these were the final moments of her life?
[Dr. Warner remains silent]
Dr. Yates: Come on! Doctor, we are both medical people! Use your knowledge!
[he suddenly looks around and sees that the entire courtroom is staring at him]
Dr. Yates: [nervously] Or... Or don't.

Perverted Justice [16.21][edit]

Sonny: Justice delayed does not have to mean justice denied.
Ellis: So... you're new here.

Derek: It's the truth that's supposed to set you free, not a lie.

Parent's Nightmare [16.22][edit]

Benson: Tucker. To what do I owe the pleasure?
Tucker: What, I can't just pop in?
Benson: No.

Benson: The court gave you custody, but the question is, Dana, can you take care of him?
Dana: Look, I love Owen, but I am afraid to do this by myself. And Sam is a really good father, and I think that Owen needs him. Can you tell the DA?
Benson: That's not your decision. The DA will plead this down to unlawful imprisonment. It's a misdemeanor, but Sam could get 6 months.
Dana: 6 months? How will I support myself?
Benson: You'll have to figure it out. Get a job. There are a lot of working mothers.
Dana: It's been so long. I wouldn't even know where to start.
Benson: So learn. You have a child, Dana. It's not about you anymore. You need to be the parent, not Owen.

Surrendering Noah [16.23][edit]

Sonny: Hey, anybody heard from Sarge? She's late.
Fin: She's dealin' with a lot right now.
Benson: [enters] Oh, good. You're all here. So, I just met with Barba. The judge threw out Johnny D's motion, so it looks like we'll be goin' to trial in a few days.
Amaro: Well, you're not gonna testify, are you?
Benson: I have to. I was the first one on scene.
Sonny: Yeah. If Barba doesn't call you, the defense definitely will. They're gonna try and cast shade on you.
Fin: Still say we should've shot him.
Rollins: [exasperatedly] Okay, Fin.

Ariel: Johnny D treated me, treated all of us, like we were nothing. Like we were worthless. Just a body to own, to beat, to rape, to kill, so he could make money. I lived in fear. I cried every day, until I couldn't cry anymore. Then I just became numb. Like all of you. But we're free now, and Johnny D doesn't own us. He doesn't control us. We don't have to be afraid anymore.
Benson: And testifying is the only way to prove that. So promise yourselves, promise each other, that you will get on that stand tomorrow, and that you'll tell the truth.

[Amaro has decided to leave SVU]
Amaro: I know I wasn't what your last partner was for you...
Benson: No, you weren't. I grew more in 4 years with you than I did in the 12 years I was with him. That relationship, whatever it was, didn't allow for anything else. With you, with your support, I have a family.
Amaro: Yes, you do.
Benson: You helped me grow.
Amaro: I appreciate you saying that.
Benson: So whatever happens, Nick Amaro: friends for life.
Amaro: Friends for life.
[they embrace; Fin makes a toast]
Fin: To family.
All: To family.

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