Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 21)

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present) is a long-running crime drama, part of the popular Law & Order franchise created by Dick Wolf. The show focuses on the Special Victims Unit, a special squad dealing with sex crimes and crimes against children.

I'm Going Make You a Star [21.01][edit]

Hadid: [after reading the case] Sir Tobias Moore? Mr. Carisi's first day, my first week? You couldn't have brought us a subway groper?

Moore: Special Investigations? An elegant woman like you, I bet you've got some stories, eh?
Benson: I have a few.
Moore: You ever thought about turning them into a series? You know who I am. I could foresee quite a second act for you.
Benson: I'm quite happy with my first act. Not ready for a second.
Moore: Well, sometimes it has a way of finding you.

Benson: [while arresting Moore] You find this funny?
Moore: I do, actually. There's nothing as funny as watching a beautiful woman make the biggest mistake of her life.

Chief Dodds: The powers that be have decided that I can't be trusted to work with the DA's office going forward.
Benson: What does that mean?
Chief Dodds: I'm being sent to Coventry. As of Monday morning, I'll be riding point for the Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Task Force... [grimaces] in Staten Island.
Benson: No, no, no, they can't do that!
Chief Dodds: Feathers were ruffled, so a head has to roll.
Benson: No, listen, I will call the press, I will call 1PP, I will call whoever I have to. This is ridiculous!
Chief Dodds: Liv, let it go. I've had a good run, and it is not time for you to stick your neck out.
Benson: I'll be the judge of that.
Chief Dodds: No. You've still got work to and gas in the tank. It would be a wasted sacrifice... Captain. [Benson looks stunned] I made it a condition of my exile. Don't worry about me. I'll be back.
Benson: You're a good man, William Dodds.
Chief Dodds: You are a class act, Olivia Benson. Long may you run.

The Darkest Journey Home [21.02][edit]

Raegan: Is this Special Victims?
Benson: It is. I'm Captain Benson. What's your name?
Raegan: Raegan.
Benson: Hey, Raegan. Did something happen to you?
Raegan: I have no idea.

Raegan: Life is boring, and my version is a lot more interesting.

Sonny: So this guy Julius gets into a car with a drunk girl, and he and the driver have two friends that they can call at one in the morning for a gang rape? What kind of animals are these guys?
Fin: Low-lives know low-lives.

Sonny: Mr. Marino, are you ready to talk?
Marino: I am. One word for you: lawyer.

Benson: Raegan, this is going to take time.
Raegan: How many times have you said that to someone?
Benson: Too many. Raegan, this is not going to be easy, but you survived the assault, and you're going to survive this.
Raegan: You've said that before too, haven't you?
Benson: I have, because it's true.
Raegan: How do you know?
Benson: [pause] Because I did. So, if you ever want or need to talk, I'm here.
Raegan: [pause] I know.
Benson: It's going to be okay.

Down Low in Hell's Kitchen [21.03][edit]

Fin: So what's this new chief's deal?
Benson: Well, he's methodical, he's thoughtful, and he's Ivy League educated.
Fin: So why is he a cop?

Thomas: Mathis is so deep in the closet, he went past Narnia.

Benson: You want me to shame a celebrity into coming out of the closet so you can publicize the case?
Garland: I wouldn't say shame. Motivate.

Benson: Okay, Ms. Hadid, you're new to SVU. We don't blame victims here. Human sexuality and criminal behavior are a hell of a lot different than securities fraud.
Hadid: Thank you, Captain. What I do know, the longer this stays in the news cycle, the longer we're standing here with our junk in our hands.
Benson: Excuse me?
Hadid: Oh, I'm sorry. Egg on our faces?
Benson: Ms. Hadid, you're the one who pushed Carisi in the first place.
Sonny: Listen, all due respect, but this feels like a circular firing squad. All Captain Benson is saying is that we have an obligation to make this case, and Ms. Hadid is just reminding us that the clock is ticking, quickly and loudly.
Hadid: The clock isn't ticking, counselor. It's blown up.

Sonny: Mr. Moran, here's your choice: Confess and you go into prison as a straight man who assaults gays. Or this goes to trial and everybody hears that you're a self-loathing homosexual who gets angry after he services black men in bars. As your attorney once said to me, "What's your preference?"

Murdered at a Bad Address [21.04][edit]

Sonny: [about Tamin] Kat doesn't miss a trick. Somebody must've stolen her lunch money once.
Benson: Or tried to.

Monte: Carisi, huh? You related to Tony "No Toes" Carisi up on Tower Hill?
Sonny: My mother says all Carisis are related.

Benson: D.A. Keane won't let this go?
Sonny: No, it was worse. He had no idea what I was asking him to do.
Benson: What does that mean?
Sonny: For years, Keane's deputies have covered up the fact that he suffered from dementia.
Benson: How bad is it? I mean, good days, bad days...?
Sonny: He thought Carlos Hernandez played first base for the '86 Mets, so...

[Carlos won't tell a jury where he was the night of the murders for fear of revealing that he's gay]
Sonny: Carlos, a lot of people have come out of the closet since then. Times have changed.
Carlos: Not in here. In here, out of the closet means into a casket. Other inmates finds out I'm gay, the gangs'll turn me into a Maytag - washing socks, spit-shinin'...
Fin: Yeah, we get it.

Holmes: Keane signed the vacate order.
Sonny: He did? That's great! How'd you get him to do that?
Holmes: He may have thought that he was graciously signing a letter of recommendation for my law school application.
Sonny: OK, I didn't hear that, and you didn't say that, but thank you.
Holmes: Welcome to Queens. Let's go do this before the ink dries or any his deputies find out.

Fin: You can walk like a man now, Carlos.
Sonny: A free man.

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