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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present) is a long-running crime drama, part of the popular Law & Order franchise created by Dick Wolf. The show focuses on the Special Victims Unit, a special squad dealing with sex crimes and crimes against children.

Locum [12.01][edit]

Captain Cragen: Hold up. Liv, I'm gonna have to pull you.
Benson: Why?
Captain Cragen: You're gonna have to finish interviewing Mackenzie. Her mom is demanding a penis-free environment.

Benson: Am I to understand that Mackenzie had a nose job?
Pamela: She broke it years ago in a skateboarding accident. Her foster parents didn't even take her to the hospital.
Kevin: It caused a deviated septum. We got it fixed for her. Why is that a problem?
Benson: It was an unnecessary cosmetic surgery.
Kevin: Excuse me. If giving a child a nose job is a crime, you'd have to arrest half the parents on the Upper West Side.

Bullseye [12.02][edit]

[Benson and Stabler unplug Jeff's video game as he is playing it]
Jeff: WHOA! Where the hell'd you come from?
Stabler: The real world. Join us.

[Stabler shows Amber a picture of her daughter, Rose]
Amber: Not my daughter.
Stabler: Now, you just said that you have a daughter named Rose.
Amber: I do. Somewhere.
Stabler: That's not her?
Amber: It looks like her, and this girl's been living in our apartment. But she's an imposter.

Behave [12.03][edit]

Benson: [about Vicki's 2000 rape kit] Why'd it take so long to test it?
Winters: 'Cause we have thousands of kits sitting in the freezer. How bad's your backlog?
Benson: We don't have one. Every kit is tested after an assault, and the results are forwarded back to us and to the D.A.
Winters: [gets a phone call] That was the lab. The DNA from Vicki's rape kit is degraded.
Benson: Oh, I can't catch a break!
Winters: But the tech's willing to testify he's got enough matching alleles to ID.
Benson: I'm gonna collar this guy's ass, and then I'm gonna send it to you on a silver platter.
Winters: It's yours. California has a 10-year statute. The clock ran out on Vicki's rape three weeks ago.
Benson: You knew all along that you couldn't prosecute?
Winters: But I knew you could. Go get the prick.

Vicki: [to Harris] Now I'll always know where you are. Be a good boy. [slams the cell door shut] Behave yourself.

Merchandise [12.04][edit]

[Benson and Stabler observe child prostitutes during a stakeout]
Benson: They're not your kids, El.
Stabler: I know.
Benson: We can't save them all.
Stabler: I'd settle for just one.
Benson: As long as we keep criminalizing victims instead of going after their perps, it's never gonna happen. We should at least arrest their johns.
Stabler: So what? It's a slap on the wrist. I mean, Spitzer walked; he was a former prosecutor.
Benson: Guy gets caught with an under-aged hooker, the charge should be rape!
Stabler: Hard time isn't a deterrent.
Benson: Neither is the death penalty. It's just the price of doing business. It's time to treat these bastards like the scum they really are.

Fin: [to the pimps] Fact: you are all now my bitches!

Wet [12.05][edit]

Dr. Huang: Lindsay Elding was poisoned. [shows mushrooms on the media screen]
Munch: By who? The Smurfs?

Mikka: [walking out of the courthouse with Stabler] I think we're gonna make a great team
Stabler: Me too. [sees Cragen walking up the courthouse steps] Captain. How's the old place?
Captain Cragen: It's all getting squared away.
Mikka: Captain Cragen. I've been looking forward to meeting you. Mikka Von, your new ADA.
Captain Cragen: Yeah, well, nice knowing you. Your boss called. He's tied up. Asked me to deliver a message. Pack your bags. Go back to Chicago.
Mikka: [scoffs] I'm being fired by proxy?
Stabler: What's going on?
Captain Cragen: Apparently, you sent a defense attorney on vacation, sub rosa. D.A. doesn't like dirty tricks.
Stabler: Unless he's the one doing them.
Captain Cragen: I'm sorry.
Mikka: [to Stabler] Well, I guess I gotta go take my loft off the market.
Stabler: [shakes hands with Mikka] Been nice working with you.
Mikka: Back at you. [walks away]
Captain Cragen: She one of the good ones?
Stabler: Yeah.

Branded [12.06][edit]

Benson: Are you proud of yourself? You trashed her.
Hardwicke: My job's to win the case.
Benson: No, your job is to make sure that justice is done! Convicting Camille isn't justice.
Hardwicke: That's for the jury to decide.
Benson: The jury is going to throw the book at her because you turned her into some crazy slut. Congratulations!

[detectives find evidence linking Gammon to several rapes]
Gammon: What happens now?
Stabler: Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Stabler: [looking at a picture of Camille] Her with her dad before he was sent away to Bellevue?
Benson: We're all branded, I guess. By our parents, our childhoods.
Stabler: Think you turned out all right.
Benson: Makes one of us.

Trophy [12.07][edit]

Stabler: [Discussing the victim, who was found in a load of commercial laundry] We know where the load came from?
Dr. Warner: Mercy Hospital.
Benson: This was no mercy killing.

Stabler: When you get the itch you call your bitch!

Penetration [12.08][edit]

Agent Lewis: I need you to run this rape kit as a Jane Doe.
Benson: Who's the victim?
Agent Lewis: Me.

Agent Lewis: The PAT's plan was to spark a revolution by killing a cop. And you guys served up that state trooper on a silver platter. Then, after all of New York's finest would attend the funeral, they would just blow everybody else up. [tosses a grenade towards Stabler and he catches it]
Stabler: Hey, hey. I don't have a good track record with you and explosives. [Nervously hands grenade back to her]
Agent Lewis: Oh relax, Nancy. The pin is in it.

Agent Lewis: [to the man who ordered her rape] I'm going to get past this. Unlike you, I'm going to have a life.

Gray [12.09][edit]

Benson: Who you calling?
Stabler: Hardwicke. Seeing what we should do with Chuckles here.
Fin: I'm ahead of you. Hardwicke's in Albany meetin' with the AG. The temp ADA's on the way.
Stabler: Well, hopefully, it's somebody who knows how to sort through this mess.
Paxton: How 'bout me, hon? Messes are my specialty. [enters the squad room] Hey, Stabler. Miss me?
Benson: [surprised] Sonya, what are you doin' here?
Paxton: You mean, how did I escape the drunk tank?
Stabler: No, she means, why us?

[Chuck opens the door to his room, expecting to see Carla]
Chuck: Carla, baby? Daddy's here. [drops his pants] You called, Chuck-a-luck delivers, big time! [suddenly, the lamp turns on; on Chuck's bed is Paxton] Whoa! [puts his pants back on]
Paxton: Doesn't look that big to me.
Chuck: Who the hell are you?
Paxton: Sonya Paxton. I'm from the District Attorney's office. I heard you had something that could really rock my world, but...
[Benson, Stabler, and Carla enter]
Benson: Hey. Funny. You never told us you had a girlfriend.

Stabler: Chuck Mills, you're under arrest for abortion in the second degree.
Chuck: I want a lawyer!
Paxton: Get a good one, 'cause I'm gonna kick your ass.
Chuck: There's nothin' in that tube but lube!

[Stabler tells Paxton about what Kathleen had done]
Paxton: Your daughter?! You didn't have the balls to do your own dirty work, so you sent your kid to break the law for you?!
Stabler: Nobody broke the law!
Paxton: What is wrong with you people?! GOD! How many Brady violations do you have to get slapped with?! You can't keep screwin' up like this!
Stabler: If you would just shut...! Just shut up for one second. I can explain.
Paxton: No, no, you shut up! I'll explain to you. Okay?! You just handed Chuck Mills a get-out-of-jail-free card!
Stabler: Chuck Mills isn't going anywhere, because I didn't tell my daughter to take the file.
Paxton: Oh! Right! Right! And I should believe you, because you have a reputation for playing by the book, and it's beyond reproach!
Stabler: You know somethin'?! I hope you're not on the sauce right now, 'cause I got a policy against strangling drunks. Go have a drink.

Rescue [12.10][edit]

Stabler: A bar graph of penis size?
Munch: You were expecting a pie chart?

Calvin: I made this for you in art class. It's you.
Benson: Calvin, it's beautiful!
Calvin: I signed it.
Benson: "Calvin Benson". [pause]
Calvin: Because you rescued me.
Benson: [choked up] Go to school.

Hardwicke: [of Vivian and Sarah] Codependent and drug-dependent. It's like Sid and Nancy, except they're both Nancy.

Pop [12.11][edit]

Clerk: Docket ending 419. People vs. Henry Shaw Roberts. One count each: Assault in the second degree, criminally negligent homicide, endangering the welfare of a child.
Judge Preston: Busy man, Mr. Roberts. How do you plead?
Hank: Not guilty.
Hunter: On all counts, your honor. And the homicide charge is a stretch.
Hardwicke: The defendant forced his stepson to fight a 10-year-old and bet on the winner. What would you call the death of that child?
Judge Preston: I'll let the grand jury decide. Bail, Miss Hardwicke?
Hardwicke: Remand, your honor. When he's not promoting kiddie fights, the defendant spends his spare time beating up his wife and stepson.
Hunter: My client has never been arrested. He has a steady job and strong ties to the community.
Judge Preston: First offense, Miss Hardwicke. Can you live with 50,000 bail?
Hardwicke: If it's cash only and comes with an order of protection for Mrs. Roberts.
Judge Preston: So ordered. Mr. Roberts, you are not to come within 200 feet of your wife, your stepson, or your home.
Hank: Then where the hell am I gonna stay?
Judge Preston: Rikers Island, if you violate the order. Unless you'd rather go now.
Hunter: That won't be necessary. Mr. Roberts will abide by your ruling.
Judge Preston: Then we're done, aren't we? 10-minute recess. [bangs gavel]

Hank: No broad in a black robe is gonna keep me from what's mine.
Stabler: If she doesn't, I will.

Fin: How'd it go?
Stabler: Sandra's the queen of denial, and Hank is a human hand grenade ready to explode.
Fin: If Cragen hadn't stepped in yesterday, he would've blown. Too bad. [Stabler smirks at him] I got a son too, remember?

Possessed [12.12][edit]

Stabler: I hope you die a slow, painful death! Have a nice day.

Hardwicke: The guy's not dumb. He went to law school.
Fin: Since when was that mutually exclusive?

Mask [12.13][edit]

Protester: When God makes you pregnant, stay pregnant; when God make you barren, stay barren.
Stabler: When God gives you a uterus, maybe we'll listen to your sermon.

Dr. Huang: [about a rapist who wears a god mask] He's a narcissist.
Stabler: Well, yeah, he thinks he's a god!

Dirty [12.14][edit]

Rivera: This a conjugal visit?
Danielson: You're never gonna have sex ever again. At least not the consenting kind.

Sunny: So what, I took the money? I earned it!
Benson: Let me ask you something: was it worth it?
Sunny: Talk to me in 10 years when you have nothing: no family, no future and a dead career. How's that sound?
Benson: I'm not you Sunny, I'm nothing like you.
Sunny: Then why are you so scared?

Flight [12.15][edit]

[Benson and Stabler approach a billionaire rapist's private jet]
Stabler: Hayes has a female pilot. That's interesting.
Benson: Something tells me his glass ceiling is the mirror over his bed.

Benson: Jordy is no different from any other predator. He's just better dressed.

Spectacle [12.16][edit]

Stabler: It's called the bystander effect. No one does anything because they think someone else will.

Stabler: I get that Engels was traumatized, but why kidnap an innocent girl?
Dr. Huang: Control. His parents' deaths and his brother's kidnapping took it from him; this is his way of getting it back.
Fin: A-hole couldn't get a hobby?

Pursuit [12.17][edit]

Stabler: Want me to cut my vacation short?
Benson: No, I'm covered. I'm good.
Stabler: Well, Fin may have your 6, but he's definitely not me.
Fin: No, I'm better. I actually watch her back, and not her backside.

Alicia: I don't have the stomach for it anymore. 25 years looking for this piece of garbage, and he gets a gym membership and cable while his victims rot in the ground or bleed out a bathroom floor.

Bully [12.18][edit]

Benson: So she brings home a date, opens something from the company cellar, and he attacks her.
Stabler: So much for romance.

Fin: I screwed up my shoulder busting in your back door - don't make me break my fist on your face.

Bombshell [12.19][edit]

Benson: You sure this guy's out here? The only thing I've seen in the last half hour is a five pound rat.
Stabler: Yeah, you've got it bad? I just saw a transvestite that looks like Munch.

[during Doug and Cassandra's arraignment]
Judge Andrews: Lot of charges here, Miss Hardwicke. I hope you aren't trying to substitute quantity for quality.
Hardwicke: Your honor, the defendants are serial con artists who've defrauded countless victims.
Seaver: Then why isn't the gallery overflowing with 'em?
Hardwicke: [turns to Jerry in the gallery] One is seated right there. Jerry Bullard.
Seaver: You mean the man who's willingly paying for my client's defense.
Hardwicke: That's irrelevant.
Judge Andrews: Mr. Shankman, wanna pipe in here on behalf of your client?
Shankman: Yes. Yes. My client would like to plead not guilty, your honor.
Seaver: As does mine.
Hardwicke: And the People request remand for both defendants, who have displayed quite a talent for trickery, coercion, and threats. Both use aliases, both lack community ties, and both are an extreme flight risk.
Seaver: Your honor, I don't know about this other suspect, but my client has no history of violence and has never been charged with a crime.
Doug: Uh, me, neither. I've never even been fingerprinted.
Judge Andrews: Sir, if you have something to say, you need to say it through counsel.
Doug: [about his attorney] But he's not sayin' anything.
Hardwicke: Your honor, in addition to the charges before you, the defendants are also suspects in an out-of-state murder. It would be irresponsible to allow them to go...
Judge Andrews: Are you asking for an extradition hold?
Hardwicke: Well, no. Special Victims collected the defendants' DNA and sent it to Miami PD. But we're still awaiting confirmation.
Judge Andrews: Then you're tap-dancing while I should be at lunch. Bail will be set for each defendant at $250,000. Both will surrender their passports. [bangs gavel]

Cassandra: Doug is my twin. Do you even know that means? We share a soul. Ever since we came to be in our mother's womb, we've been together. We always will be.
Benson: It's still incest.
Stabler: Twin-cest.

Totem [12.20][edit]

Professor: I was at work. Ask any of my students.
Benson: Students? You were caught feeling up a 10-year-old.
Professor: But I wasn't convicted.
Benson: Still, I'm pretty shocked that Hudson University didn't fire you.
Professor: They can't. I have tenure.

Stabler: Welcome to the perv parade that leads to nowhere.

June: I let my whole family be destroyed. How can I forgive myself?
Cap: You can start by letting me help you try.

Reparations [12.21][edit]

Fin: Hardwicke's in Miami at a Bar conference. Any idea who's our temporary ADA?
Novak: How 'bout one back from the dead?
[Casey Novak herself enters the squad room, to Stabler and Fin's surprise]
Stabler: Casey Novak!
Novak: Alive, and fairly well.

[Novak tries to get the victim of a 47-year-old rape to testify]
Novak: I know that reliving the rape is painful...
Lorna: You don't know the meaning of the word! Have you ever been looked upon as something less than human? Denied service? Spit on? Beaten? Raped repeatedly?

Bang [12.22][edit]

Ken: Why do you have such a hard-on for me?
Stabler: 'Cause you can't keep yours out of unsuspecting women.

Ken: C'mon, admit it, detective. You know you want to bang your partner. Watch her grow swollen with your child. And why not, man? She'd give you beautiful babies.

Delinquent [12.23][edit]

[Hunter Mazelon has falsely accused Stabler of molesting him]
Stabler: I don't touch children. I protect them.

Captain Cragen: Do you need a remedial English course, Elliot? How do I make you understand the words "Stay away from Hunter Mazelon"?
Stabler: Look, I thought he was stalking a new victim.
Captain Cragen: Well, that might have helped your case if you hadn't been so ass-reamingly wrong.

Hunter: Hey, speaking of family, do you have a sister who teaches here?
Munch: No, why?
Hunter: There's a calculus teacher who looks a lot like you. [menacing] Maybe I'll have her next year.
Fin: Not where you're going. [loads him into a police car] Watch your head.
Munch: Did he just threaten my hypothetical sister?

Smoked [12.24][edit]

[The detectives arrest Ronson as he's cutting a customer's hair]
Customer: But, he's not finished. When can I reschedule?
Stabler: About 25 years.

Greer: You're just going to let them arrest me?
Greer's Boss: Oh, yes, and shake their hands when they're finished.

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